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The Age of Dragons is a new roleplay idea that I, [*Phoenix*], came up with the other night while I was trying to get some ZZzzz's. I hope you enjoy!


Simple plot:
King (King Edwyrd Flardryn) owns a dragon (Dhaerow). Dragon turns evil and rampages on the kingdom. King and survivors flee. They come across a good dragon. They befriend it, come back to the city, overtake the evil dragon, and regain the kingdom. They all live happily ever after...or maybe not?

I want to keep the plot simple. It's overwhelming to get into big complicated roleplays and after a while it loses all its fun. So the plot here is simple and full of openings for creativity! Have fun!

Name of Kingdom: Fhaor (which mean Transformation)
It's a modestly sized kingdom located in a hilly region.


1. No Swearing or I will wash you mouth out with soap.
This is number 1 for a reason!
2. Don't make your character uber strong so that it's unbeatable.
3. Use common sense. No one can jump off a 50 foot building and live.
If you character can please make sure to make the scene description so we can understand why your character didn't die.
4. Use readable English. No slang. Period.
~ Want to be bloody and nasty and horrifying?
Go somewhere else. Some bloodshed is fine, but don't be too detailed and over do it.
~ Is this just dragons?
No. Be whatever you want! Thus creativity!
~ Can I jump in at any time?
Yes, but it must go with the flow of the story! No adding page breaks into a totally different part of the roleplay and cutting people off. It's not nice, and it makes the roleplay confusing. Plus it's a pet-peeve of mine...

!! Anything you're not sure on what you can/can't do, just ask. I won't bite too hard. !!


This RP is OPEN!


AoD Characters
~~Add you characters here!

The Age of Dragons-1
~~Chapter 1!

The Age of Dragons-2
~~Chapter 2!


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2010-07-25 [*Phoenix*]: :] Feel free to join in whenever you like.

2010-07-26 [Rising Death Dragon]: cool thanks

2010-07-26 [*Phoenix*]: Welcomes. :]

2010-09-02 [Mrs Vicious.]: I waaannnnaaaa join!! *jumps up and down*

2010-09-02 [Darkness Wrath]: *gets evil idea and puts a rake under your feet and walks away all innocent like* Dodododododododo

2010-09-02 [*Phoenix*]: Go ahead and join! ^^
But watch out for that rake! *grabs rake and scolds DW* That's no way to invite new guests. Shame on you! *shakes finger at you*

2010-09-02 [*Phoenix*]: OH! We could use an evil person to intercept our scouts. Would you be up for it? I doesn't come in for a little while, but I'm thinking of a time jump or something to get things moving.

2010-09-02 [Mrs Vicious.]: Me... up for being evil?! lol youve come to the right woman. *picks up and apple and throws it, fast ball style at DW, calling mutch later* catch.

2010-09-02 [*Phoenix*]: *tackles DW to get out of the way of fast flying apple* *warns* Hey, hey, play nice everyone.

:P lol.

2010-09-02 [Mrs Vicious.]: *shrugs* I did say catch.... *grins* so, you need someone evil you say?

2010-09-02 [*Phoenix*]: Sure. Seems like the most needed person. We only have one evil dragon and there's a war coming up in the near future.

2010-09-02 [Mrs Vicious.]: Oohhh!!! Ill get mah ass to work then. hmmmmm what kinda eveil person you need? like asassin, evil queen thingy or just a spy or something?

2010-09-02 [*Phoenix*]: I don't care! ^_^ I'm open to any possibilities.

2010-09-02 [Mrs Vicious.]: Brilliant, Assassin meglamaniac queen spy it is then! *thumbs up*

2010-09-02 [*Phoenix*]: Awesomeness! :]

2010-09-02 [Mrs Vicious.]: Indeeds.

2010-10-06 [Mrs Vicious.]: Oohh the RP is actually open!??! why did I not reallise this, erm, where should I post?

2010-10-06 [*Phoenix*]: Haven't you posted already?

2010-10-06 [*Phoenix*]: If not, we're on Ch. 2.

2010-10-06 [Mrs Vicious.]: nope, I havent.

2010-10-07 [*Phoenix*]: Okay. I couldn't remember...

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