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PLEASE read these before you message me to ask me something. Your answer is probably going to be here.



Q: Are you doing commissions/art requests/art trades?
A: No. Not right now. I'm working on my own stuff at the moment because I just want to. If you ask me to do one for you, I will refuse. No "freebies."

Q: Are you selling prints of your work?
A: Also no. I do want to eventually, but it takes a while to get everything organized and it also takes money, which I don't have much of at the moment. Hopefully I'll have prints available sometime next year.

Q: Can you read my story/poetry/literary work and tell me what you think?
A: Please don't send me anything or ask me to read your stuff. I'm not a big reader, thus I wouldn't concentrate hard enough on reading it to give you decent feedback. And don't just send me a big page of stuff. I won't read it. Not that they're bad, I just don't like to read. :P Also, I'm an artist, not a writer/literary critic, so yeah..

Q: Can you read my story/poetry/literary work and draw one of my characters?
A: Well, if I'm not up for reading it, I don't think I'll be up for drawing your character. Sorry.

Q: May I use your art for banners/badges/etc.?
A: Not really, but I may make one for you out of my art if you really, really require my art for it. 

Q: May I use your art as a desktop for my computer screen?
A: Yes. I've always allowed people to use my images as desktops and such. Most times I'll allow folks to use my images for their personal use, just as long as they don't try and make a profit off my work or make an online gallery of sorts.

Q: May I post some of your art on my house, with a link back to your house?
A: No. Under the current circumstances if I catch you using my art without my permission, it won't be pretty. :)

Q: May I use your Anthro Pirates in my story/RP/own artwork/as my RP character?
A: No. Due to the workings of an art thief, I'm being very stingey with my pirates and I don't want them to be anywhere but on Elftown.

Q: Can you look at some of my art and tell me what you think/give me pointers?
A: Well, I really don't like to, because I give my honest opinion when people ask me this, and usually they don't like what I have to say. Some people just don't know how to take constructive criticism. *shakes head*

Q: Can you explain how to use *insert a feature of an art program here*?
A: Dood. Message me and I'll see if I can help you. If it's questions about Photoshop, I prolly can't help you seeing as though I rarely use it... ever. o_o

Q: Will you draw me porn or other risque artwork?
A: That falls under art requests/commissions. Either way, no. I'd have to know you to draw you stuff like that. I'm not a smut dispenser for the masses dammit! >P

Q: Will you make a banner/graphics for my wiki/house?
A: That depends completely on how complicated it is. If you want a word banner, I can do that, but if it involves me drawing anything, the answer would be no. Sorry.

Q: Do you come up with everything you draw on your own? Do you use references at all?
A: Most everything I do, that isn't fanart, I come up with on my own. Most of the ideas for the big breasted anthros can be credited to Glenn. He's also contributed ideas to a lot of my other works too. I use references rarely, only to see body structure and small, unmemorizable details... like... the number of buttons on Vash's coat n' crap like that.

Q: Do you do tutorials or do you know of any good ones?
A: Not really. I never learned that way, so I never needed them. I might eventually do a tutorial on anthros, since I've yet to see any, but that might be a while from now.

Q: Do you write any stories/fanfiction/original fiction?
A: Hm... Not really. I don't write creatively very often. I write about logical things in rants every so often, but as far as fantasical fabrications or fictional formulations... no. :)



Q: How long have you been drawing?
A: I've been doodling since I was 5 years old, but I became serious about art when I was about 10 or 11. I've been practicing steadily ever since.

Q: How long have you been drawing anthros/anime?
A: I began drawing anime first and that was about 7 years ago. I suppose I started drawing anthros somewheres around 4 years ago. :)

Q: How did you develop your style?
A: I developed my own personal style from learning from other great artists. I learned how to do different things by imitating them, but after I get the hang of it, I do things my own way. My style is always changing because I'm always trying to improve my skills.

Q: What art programs do you use?
A: I use a combination of programs for each picture. I'd say about 90% of the work on my digital art is done in a program called CG Illustrator DELETER. The other 10% is usually Paint Shop Pro 7. I have Photoshop 6, but I rarely, meaning barely ever, use it.

Q: Do you use a mouse when you color and draw digitally?
A: I used to many many years ago, but now I use my trusty Wacom tablet. It's a Graphire 2, 4x5 inch I believe. It's getting kind of ratty so I might spring for an upgrade sometime in the future. :) And people... tablets are THE way to go with digital coloring, but if you can do it with a mouse, you have my utmost admiration. o_o

Q: Where do you live?
A: I live in North Carolina. I'll never ever ever tell anyone online what town I live in. Mostly because I'm a paranoid sonofabitch. ;o

Q: How old are you/when is your birthday?
A: I was born June 27th, 1985 on a Tuesday at about 1:00 am. X3 So right now I'm 19. ^_^

Q: Do you want to go out with me/marry me?
A: I'm flattered, but sorry, I'm taken. :3 Go by and see [G-Virus], he's my fiancee. The love of my life. My one true love. The.. I'll stop now. :x

Q: Do u wnat to cyber w/me?

Q: What are your likes and dislikes?
A: Well, if you must know. XP Go here to find out: The AJay's Favorites | AJay's Anti-Favorites



Q: GAWD. Your female anthros have HUGE boobs. Are you a dirty dirty smut queen?
A: No. >P No I'm not. I just draw big boobs. And I'm not lesbian either, for those who also tacked on that question. >_-;...

Q: Is that broom in that mouse's butt, or what?!?!?111!?
A: YES. It's IN her ASS. Happy? Look what you made me do. You made me curse. Bad you.

Q: Girls can draw???
A: Yes, Mr. West. Yes they can. ;3

Q: Jebus! Who is this art thief that keeps stealing all your stuff?!?
A: Well, she's a very sad little person from Maryland that goes by many many names (since she can't pick one personality and stick with it), but I refer to her as Paine. You can find more information on her here: Paine

Q: Are you on Gaia? Site:
A: Yes! I'm Adnama Lavode there and that's my main account. I also took the screen names Dismal Chocobo and Zee AJay. If you're on Gaia too, drop me a line. :3 Here's my main account's current avatar so there's no mistake:


If I'm asked something a lot, I'll put it up here, so this FAQ is to be continued...

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