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by~ [Mrs Vicious.]

Welcome one and all to Momma V's cookie house. Home of cookies and tea parties and everything in between. Hopefully oneday it could possibly become a RP? Ideas as to how are very welcome. If you would all like to sign your name below under "Momma V's members." it would be much appriciated.


1)[Mrs Vicious.]~(Momma V)
3)[La Luna]
4)[another brick in the wall]
8)[Gypsy Mystik]
9)[Talos Cyrion]
11)[Evolution X]
13)[Ghost the Hybrid]
15)[Yume Youki] ~(I love cookies! <3)
About the valued members


Cookie crumbles Recipes~ SHARE RECIPES!
Cookie crumbles RP's~ where you can link to your fave RP's
Cookie crumbles Hobbies~ Talk about your hobbies and interests
Cookie crumbles Poem's post poetry and/or get help with writing something.
Cookie crumbles Stories~ Stories of all kinds.
Cookie crumbles Photo's/Art~ Art and photo's
Cookie crumbles RP ideas~ for help with making RP's and general brain storming.
Thats the way the cookie crumbles RP~ (TOTALLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

The Poem, sotries and art/photo wikies are subject to demand. (basically if no one wants them, Im getting rid of them. which would be a shame.)

Though if you do want them, we could have compotitions and votes, the prize? a cookie crumble badge!! (need to make one... and logo's and verious other things for this place.)

Thats the way the cookie's banners

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2011-02-07 [Mrs Vicious.]: ahh, okies, what's up?

2011-02-07 [Ghost the Hybrid]: allot of things

2011-02-07 [Mrs Vicious.]: okies.

2011-02-07 [Ghost the Hybrid]: *sighs* life is evil at times

2011-02-07 [Mrs Vicious.]: Oh it's boring and uneventful most of the time. good shit happens, bad shit happens and we all just get on.

2011-02-07 [Ghost the Hybrid]: trust me i have a hard time atm

2011-02-07 [Mrs Vicious.]: Lol point me to someone who isnt having a hard time hun.

2011-02-07 [Ghost the Hybrid]: i didn't mean it like that

2011-02-07 [Mrs Vicious.]: *Shrugs*

2011-02-07 [Ghost the Hybrid]: *tilts her head*

2011-02-07 [Mrs Vicious.]: Anywaaayyy. This place needs perking up again.

2011-02-07 [Ghost the Hybrid]: i agree

2011-02-09 [Eyden13]: hellos everyone. How are you all doing?

2011-02-09 [Ghost the Hybrid]: a bit meh but i'll be fine

2011-11-03 [Eyden13]: aww this place died

2011-11-03 [KnightAngel]: To bad really, it was and still is a fun place ^^

2011-11-04 [Eyden13]: agreed!

2012-01-19 [Ghost the Hybrid]: omg was so long time since anyone was active here:O

2012-04-08 [timmyT]: is she ok dos any1 no

2012-04-08 [KnightAngel]: Meaning vicious? She's pretty much hunky-dory or how you want to call it ^^ For the most part, with consideration of life's inevitable knack for throwing us curveballs

2012-05-27 [timmyT]: she hasint been on in soooo long iv been wereyd sik..... any1 no how i can contact her?

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