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Welcome to the most Diverse Tavern anywhere! If you wish to kick back with a drink, make new friends, or fight the good fight, you've found the Tavern. If you decide to stay, please speak to [Fuu], [Elwyne], or [Thaylian]. Please, come on in and take a look around!


1: EVERYONE IS WELCOME, even Newbies. We were all new to RP once. Just let me know if you plan for your character to be around for a while and that you will be posting for that character. Ok?

2: NO FREAKING GOD MODS! Just because your character happens to be a healer does not mean that heads and hearts can be regenerated. Please, PLEASE for the love of wiki, don't even attempt to pass you character off as invincible! If you are new, don't do this or I will and I repeat, WILL chop your character's head in half, ok? Of course, you will be warned once, after that, your head will roll.

3: YOU MAY NOT KILL OFF ANOTHER PERSON'S CHARACTER WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM THAT PLAYER! Instant death. That's all I'm saying. Unless done by [Fuu], [Elwyne], or [Thaylian].

4:NO POWER PLAYING! There are a few exceptions to this rule, but if you are new to the Tavern, you MUST NOT power play. This is because when a power play is made, it is an agreement between two players! (Power plays are when you write an action and you do not wait for someone to react.)

5:IF YOU CAN'T PARTICIPATE IN THE WIKI FOR A WHILE, TELL [Fuu], [Elwyne], or [Thaylian]! If you don't tell me, I might just delete you from existance.... it's happened.Of course... I am VERY guilty of this one... OOPS!

6:POST CHARACTER INFORMATION! Post your character stats here: Character Page 2 If you don't, I have no way to reach you when something important happens. 

Thanks and have fun!

Please continue at Tavern of the Lost Continued Thank you ^__^

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2009-09-21 [Thaylian]: It is ok. I want peoples opinions here.Should I wipe out the tavern an start fresh?

2009-09-21 [hammersmashface]: wipe out the tavern and characters?? or just the tavern??

2009-09-22 [Elwyne]: hrmm... I'll always be here for you, but maybe you should find out how many people are still around... and maybe see if you can attract some more players somehow? (just a suggestion I know it's not easy)

2009-09-22 [hammersmashface]: lol there are no players! the moonster ate them all :@ yum!

2009-09-22 [Elwyne]: (giggles) oh no!

2009-09-22 [hammersmashface]: <spits out a random shoe>

2009-09-22 [Elwyne]: wasn't mine... I don't wear shoes!

2009-09-22 [hammersmashface]: O.o <spits out random chewed up blue cape>

2009-09-22 [hammersmashface]: <offers it as a gift>

2009-09-22 [Elwyne]: (cries) I'm a ghost!

2009-09-22 [hammersmashface]: <puts cape around you> *cape falls right thru you <picks cape up and trys it several more times>

2009-09-22 [Elwyne]: I've been eaten! (glares) you better not have digested me yet! (sticks head into stomach to check) Darn!

2009-09-22 [hammersmashface]: <looks at you hungrly>

2009-09-22 [Elwyne]: (glares back) you already ate me so you can't eat me again!

2009-09-22 [hammersmashface]: <sad face>

2009-09-22 [Elwyne]: I could always find you some mushrooms

2009-09-22 [hammersmashface]: <sad face turns into> >.< <-----what ever face this is called :P

2009-09-22 [Elwyne]: ouchie face?

2009-09-22 [Thaylian]: I think that is the "doh!" face. And I was thinking of hitting the perverbial reset button. Wiping the tavern clean.

2009-09-23 [hammersmashface]: go for it...i say put everthing in a wiki point in loosing all those good times

2009-09-24 [Thaylian]: Now, there would be some structure changes cause I started this thing as a newbie and I know some things now. lol

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