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Tale of a Friend
“Wait up Steve!” The voice ran through the forested area, as I ran along with it,

“Come on Jenn, you slowpoke” I laughed as I yelled back at her.

I was fifteen when I first met her she was only fourteen at the time, it had been almost a year since I saw Jenn, and I loved being able to be around her again. I was originally hoping that we would be able to meet each other again, back at the lake, the same place that we met the year before.

At first I was crushed when I heard that she wouldn’t be going back there, but over time it slowly faded. Months had passed and then I realized how much I missed her. There are no words to explain how much I missed her, and now I finally get to be with her again. I knew that if I didn’t see her again, then I wouldn’t make it through the next year. I convinced my father to take me to where she lived and let me stay there for a bit over the summer, I didn’t care what else happened, as long as I got to see her again.

“Steve, you going to fast” I forgot completely what I was doing, as I was stuck in my memories of the past year, “Sorry Jenn, here catch up” Coming to a complete halt I started to catch my breath. I had only been taking a breather for a second when Jenn ran past me.

“Hey that’s not fair” I started to run again, but from taking the breather I couldn’t catch up. The light at the end of the forest began to open up.

“Cheater, you ran past me, I was just letting you catch up.” I said while panting.

“Yea well, ha I beat you” She walked away while saying that, I was to busy catching my breath that I didn’t even notice where we were.

“Where are you going?” Before I got to finish even saying that, she was already gone and around the corner.

“Just wait” Jenn said as a shirt was thrown into my sight, followed closely by shoes, pants and socks.

Looking up I saw that we had made it to a small little beach, wasn’t that big, but it was the most beautiful site, I had ever seen, a small viewing of mountains in the distance, pine trees surrounding the large pond on each side, with a little clearing for the beach, and at the perfect time since it seemed the sun would be setting in not all to long, and right over top of the mountains.

“Wow this is…majestic” The words slowly pushed there way out of my mouth.

“Yea it really is, I can’t believe there isn’t always people here, but that’s all the better”

“What do you mean…?” I turned my head, as I did I saw a bra fly out from where she was. “umm, ahh” I tensed up completely when I saw that, before then it was fine, but I didn’t know what to do then.

Slowly Jenn walked out from around the corner, only wearing a black thong. “So can you think of a reason as to why it’s better without them here?”

“Umm, Jenn, umm” There was no words coming out of my mouth no matter what I did, I was surprised the Jenn managed to force itself out.

“Yea I thought you might” Gently Jenn strode over to where I was standing, she was standing less then a foot away from me, and still I was frozen solid, trying not to look down. Trying so hard not to fixate my eyes on those, the wonder of every man, eye candy, but no matter how hard I tried I always found my way back to looking at them, almost staring. Whether it was out of the corner of my eye, or just look directly at them completely, it couldn’t be helped.

Smoothly she leaned in closer. Her face now directly in front of mine, without turning away I couldn’t see anything besides her face. Her brown eyes seemed to stare into mine, waiting, she didn’t wear any eyeliner or mascara today. Those plush little cheeks just sitting here, also waiting, next her lips, the last thing my eyes caught a hold of. The small pink lips, they were the most anxious of all of her face.

“Don’t do it Steve, she is just a friend” The little voice inside my head kept reminding me. Because of that voice I was stuck in place unable to do anything, just standing there.

Then something happened, something I had been waiting for, the voice in my head stopped and my body took over, all in a split second.

Using my right hand I pulled her entire body just that little bit closer to me, my left hand ran through her hair, as our lips locked. It seemed as though I almost caught her by surprise, like she was thinking it would never happen, but right after that split second, she went with it.

Our tongues collided as I continued to kiss her, deepening the kiss more and more. My right hand now sat on her cheek and her chin, as my left continued to run through her hair.

Slowly the kiss died down as Jenn began to back away.

“Come on lets get you out of those clothes”

There it was again, the voice reminded me that we were friends. I was frozen once again, but that didn’t matter, before I even realized what was going on, Jenn was close to me again, and undoing my pants.

‘No, what if, I’m…’ I didn’t even bother to finish thinking the rest of that sentence as my pants were already off and on the ground

“There that’s better don’t you agree” Jenn said as she began to take off my shirt, unbuttoning it down the middle.

“Uh…yea” Luckily for me nothing was…showing.

My shirt fell to the ground shortly after, as I began to take off my own shoes and socks.

Jenn turned around, and began to walk towards the pond. “Come on lets go for a swim” she grabbed onto my boxers by a finger and dragged me along with her, stretching them a little bit.

“Sure, why not” Quickly I threw my bracelets off to the sand, as I didn’t want them getting wet.

Suddenly Jenn let go of my boxers and ran into the water, when she let go they almost dropped to the ground, if I didn’t catch them; they would have.

I ran in after Jenn, hoping my boxers wouldn’t fall; I didn’t want to have to feel the embarrassment. Either way there was a part of me knowing that I wouldn’t be that embarrassed.

We swam out a little bit, not that far since I could still touch, but it seemed like I may have been able to touch no matter where I was.

“Come closer Steve, hold me, I want to show you something” I did as she asked of me, and moved closer, holding her in my arms.

The voice inside of my head was now completely silent

As I moved closer I was gazing into her eyes, they seemed to entrap me in there beauty, her whole body had the same effect on me, she was the idol of my eyes, of my life, she was my idol. Then I had her in my arms still looking into her eyes, I wanted to kiss her again, so bad, but she didn’t want that; not right then.

“Watch the water, just for a second” Her voice was soft, seducing. She need not say it twice my eyes were watching the water to the left of me; hers were doing the same thing. Confused I went to turn back to look at Jenn, my Idol, but right before I did it happened, I saw what she was making me wait for.

All of the water suddenly turned a bright orange-red it was amazing, I didn’t think there was anything that could make this moment better. I was wrong, Jenn turned my head back so that I could see hers, she was all the more beautiful with the scenery behind her. It was as though she was an angel, my angel, sent down from the heavens.

Our lips locked again, as her hands moved around my neck, mine stayed behind her back. Again I deepened the kiss, she was amazing, and the best kiss I had ever had. My hands gracefully moved down her back onto her buttocks. As her hands glided down my body, down to my hips, I was unsure as to which way she was going to head after that, but it seemed she wasn’t going anywhere, they just sat there.

The kiss continued, neither of us wanted it to end, it was to perfect. One of those moments where you only wish you could take a picture. But then it ended, she backed away, and began to swim back to the shore.

‘Have I done something wrong?’ I thought to myself, ‘but what?’ Nothing could come to my mind.

“Come on Steve lets get out of here, and go back to my place.” The words came out of her soft, moist lips.

I slowly swam behind her, as we both left; the pond went back to its normal colour no more majestic pond to go along with the amazing scenery that it already was.

I gave her a slight kiss on the cheek, and we both put our clothes back on.

Quietly and slowly we walked back to her place, not a word was said on the entire walk. Normally I would think it awkward, but after what had just happened anything that was said couldn’t make it any better, and more then likely just make it less special.

We went back to her house, the night only got better from there, but no matter what; I would always remember that time, our first kiss, and with the best place to have it.

© Steve Stewart 2006

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2007-04-23 [{SaRcAsTiC *lOsS *oF* tHe *SuBcOnSiOuS*}]: ok... now i really have to say this... i've read all your stories and i loved them all... you are a really awsome writer!

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