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2010-05-17 10:57:29
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Welcome to my TaCesRoh W.I.P. wiki

Here you will see the WIP of TaCesRoh: The ride of Umi.
As you have seen here, I was quite busy with an 3D animation of Umi the Little Elf. And now I decided to give Umi an animal he can ride on. So first I create some anatomy and concept sketches of TaCesRoh, which basically is a combination between a Horse and a (Big) Cat.

(Pictures of Umi are to be found in Urmando's 3D Art)


First impression of TaCesRoh's Skeleton


Muscle Study of TaCesRoh

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2010-05-27 [Hendercrazy]: Real nice work thus far Urmando! :)*now watching* :D

By the way... feel free to put any of your art wikis on the wiki index listing over at Art Wikis of Elftown! :)

2010-06-01 [Urmando The Elfling]: ThanX Hendercrazy, Been busy with several projects now, The next concept art of TaCesRoh will follow soon....

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