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Support our Soldiers


We are The Soldiers’ Charity. We’re here to support the men and women who put everything on the line to defend us, and our country.

We’re here for them with lifetime support whether they are serving soldiers or veterans.

We offer our hand to them as individuals and, when they need help, for their families. We stand by them in conflict and in peacetime, throughout their lives

The immediate help we offer is a lifeline. But we look to the future too, keeping ahead of the game, finding the best ways to give medical, technical and financial support to give the best possible outlook for the men and women who sacrifice so much for us.

The aim of Support Our Soldiers is to provide support for our serving men and women, and their families at home. This is done in every practical way possible including writing to deployed personnel, sending welfare packages (throughout the year as well as at Christmas), helping those recovering from injuries, raising welfare issues and providing support and guidance to family members.

[I support our Soldiers, they die for us and I would die for them, please fan this page, and get your friends to as well, we want to see how many Elftowners support our soldiers of the world, so please support us by putting your name down here and becoming a fan.]

Our supporters are:

1: [kians mummy]

2:[American Revolutionary]- currently taking boot camp for army national gaurd

3:[XxTsomexX]- It's not their fault our government is run by monkies.

4: [kians mummy] - My fiance is thinking about going into the army but as we have a young one, we don't think it will be suitable.

5:[The Crimsonwolf of the Hidden Leaf] My father is a retired drill sargent from the U.S Army reserves. I support our troops

6:[Vessel_4_Christ] My high school friend is in the army and her husband as well. Support them and all the other soldiers fighting for our freedom.

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2012-05-30 [American Revolutionary]: i finally got my cert as a tank mechanic!!! awesomeness!!!

2012-06-01 [kians mummy]: Good for you x

2012-06-01 [American Revolutionary]: ^_^

2012-06-02 [kians mummy]: We need more fans

2012-06-18 [Koho Ai]: You should locate a local FRG group for soldiers if you want to get more information on supporting soldiers.

2012-06-29 [kians mummy]: true x

2012-09-23 [The Black Goat]: Just for soldiers, no airman allowed? ;)

2012-09-23 [Diiwica]: Generally the term soldiers is used as a broad term used for all service members.

2012-09-23 [The Black Goat]: we usually just say armed forces if including the other branches

2012-09-23 [kians mummy]: But not all forces are armed, nor are all soldiers, so soldiers is the better term

2012-09-23 [The Crimsonwolf of the Hidden Leaf]: thats true my father was in the army reserves as a drill sargent and had to retire last year

2012-09-24 [Susie-Q]: We're referred to as the armed forces because no matter what your position n the military you are trained to fire weapons and neutralize the threat. Defense through armed combat. The general term if you prefer based on that many military personal don't usually carry or operate weaponry would simply be the military.

2012-09-28 [The Black Goat]: That works too

2012-09-28 [Susie-Q]: Soldiers is a term primarily used by th army though is commonly used for marines which are simply referred too as marines, airmen for the air force and sailors for the navy. Any further into the branches and it starts getting alot more specific, like infantry, cavalry, pilots, engineers, ordinance and so on. military is Hella simpler

2012-10-10 [American Revolutionary]: this is true susie

2012-10-14 [Susie-Q]: Or you could just say service men/women if you really want to avoid promoting any one branch over any others

2013-05-09 [Vessel_4_Christ]: may I join this wiki? and if its possible the banner on my profile if there is one? Please? Thanks. :)

2013-05-10 [kians mummy]: Yes, I will add you when I can and you have permission to use the banner shown above. :)

2013-05-10 [Susie-Q]: Deploying 2015! Afghanistan or bust. Or Africa, or maybe Texas for border patrol. Who knows. But still. Deployment hoo-ah!

2013-05-11 [kians mummy]: My friend is going to Africa (Mala), with the french royal legion soon to fight a terrorist group.

So scared if something will happen to him.

2013-05-12 [Susie-Q]: We're likely going to Afghanistan, but the fall back is a humanitarian mission to Africa

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