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Sun Magic

Level 2 Sun Magic

Halo of Stasis
Effect - Provides an extra 50% Magic power against Bio magic for d4 + intelligence turns in an area of 3 squares all around the caster.
Cost - 10 MP
(Magic Circle Against Earth + Magic Circle Against Water)
(Wind Wall + Magic Circle Against Water)

Effect - Raises target's speed by d6+level points, but the target takes d4 + intelligence damage per turn.
Magic Power - 6
Cost - 8 MP
(Haste + Heat)
(Frenzy + Haste)

Heat Wave
Effect - Inflicts d4+ intelligence fire damage to all targets 3 squares away from the target.
Magic Power - 10
Cost - 7 MP
(Flame + Magic Circle Against Earth)
(Sonic Blast + Heat)
(Ignite + Wind Blow)

Sun Choir
Effect - Grants an extra d4 attack and speed to all Red or Yellow elementals for d4 + intelligence turns.
Cost - 8 MP
(Imposed Voice + Frenzy)
(Screech + Rage)
(Howl + Rage)

Effect - Heals d4 + Intelligence HP to all yellow or red elementals in the area.
Magic Power - 7
Cost - 9 MP
(Sleep + Light)
(Silence + Flash)
(Warmth + Sleep)

Effect - Cures everyone in the area of blindness, prevents all fog or sight obstructing spells from being cast and dispels all sorts of darkness.
Cost - 6 MP
(Light + Silence)
(Flash + Screech)

Laser Beam
Effect - A powerful concentrated beam of energy that deals d8 + level damage to the target.
Magic Power - 6
Cost - 9 MP
(Heat Beam + lightning touch)
(Flash + Wind Blow)

Sun Arrows
Effect - Enchants d4 + level arrows so that they deal d8 extra sun damage.
Cost - 8 MP
(Ignite + Lightning Touch)
(Flame + Wind Blow)

Laser Field
Effect - Creates a 9 square field of pure laser energy, anyone who steps into the field taked d4 sun damage.
Cost - 6 MP
(Ember + Lightning Touch)
(Lightning Touch + Magic Circle Against Water)

Level 3 Sun Magic

Flaming Sphere
Effect - A ball of fire rolls from the caster 9 squares ahead, dealing 1d20 damage to all it hits.
Magic Power - 13
Cost - 12 MP
(Flamethrower + Accelerate)
(Fire Shield + Accelerate)
(Fire Shield + Mass Haster)

Sun Bow
Effect - Creates a Sun Bow(4 Atk, 10 Rng)
Cost - 15 MP
(Thunder Arrow + Flaming Arrow)
(Thuder Arrow + Explosion)
(Flaming Arrow + Flight)

Laser Wall
Effect - Creates a barrier of sun power that inflicts 1d10 + level damage to whoever crosses it.
Magic Power - 16
Cost - 10 MP
(Water Resistant + Dissipate Earth)
(Earth Resistant + Dissipate Ice)
(Dissipate Earth + Flaming Shield)
(Dissipate Ice + Lightning Shield)

Summon Sun Guardian
Effect - Summons a guardian of the Sun
Cost - 15 MP
(Earth Resistant + Water Resistant)
(Ignean Spirit + Lightning Shield)

Heaven Strike
Effect - Stuns all enemy characters for d4 + level turns. After the stunning has passed, the characters will loose d4 points to their attack power and intelligence for d4+ Intelligence turns.
Magic Power - 10
Cost - 13 MP
(Lullaby + Suffocate)
(Flight + Suffocate)
(Lullaby + Explosion)

Effect - Hundreds of sun beams fall all over the battlefield, everyone in the area has a 75% chance of taking one beam, dealing d6 damage + Int, 50% chance of taking two beams and 25% chance of taking 3 beams.
Magic Power - 10
Cost - 15 MP
(Lightning Bolt + Flame Thrower)
(Thunder Arrow + Flaming Fist)
(Flaming Fist + Flight)

Level 4 Sun Magic

Avatar of the Sun
Effect - Summons a monstruous Avatar of the Sun, which destroys everything on its path for d4 + intelligence turns.
Cost - 18 MP
(Summon Air Elemental + Summon Fire Elemental)
(Summon Air Elemental + Flaming Axe)
(Summon Fire Elemental + Thunder Bow)

Effect - Dramatically increases the temperature in the area , decreasing all Green, Blue or Bio element magic by 50% for d4 turns. Then casts Ray and Heavenstrike on ALL characters.
Magic Power - 20
Cost - 20 MP
(Fireball + Choke)
(Shriek + Volcano)
(Flame Wall + Lightning Wall)

Life Giver
Effect - Resurrects a dead Yellow or Red element character with 10% of his HP
Cost - 15 MP
(White Wind + Melt Iron)

The Realms of Lemire
Lemirian Magic

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2005-06-24 [Veltzeh]: So, are the spells in brackets the ones the character has to know so they can cast the combination spell, or something like that? ...Whee! Laser Beam! I'm so going to have Tylien learn that X)

2005-06-24 [Grengo]: I'm definitely having Virul learn Sun Choir :p

2005-06-27 [Veltzeh]: So, can I have Tylien learn the Laser beam by just trying to cast Lightning touch and Heat beam at the same time?

2005-06-27 [Duredhel]: yep, but you have to do that outside of battle.

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