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summer rising

Nearly a month had passed since Serian had last been with anyone, Murakai to be exact. His life seemed to be draining from him. He no longer could figure out why he remained alive. Several times, he attempted to take his own life, but something stopped him. A night came where he couldn't even take to sleep. He sat upon the edge of his bed, wearing his night robes. His head rest on his hands, elbows on his knees. A small sigh escaped him. He had never felt so worthles in his life.

It was at this time that Amori, as well a victim of Murakai had been stumbling along to find help. He had too much pride to go back to his brother. He was too ashamed, his brother had been right about Murakai..but he never thought it true. He had not intent to listen because he believed Murakai was somone he could love. He did indeed love him for a short least one sidedly. And now he found himself tired, sore, cold, hungry and weekended miserably with a luggage of the clothes on his back and tears that occassionaly fell from his eyes, and even they were running out. He flet dirty and used and just wanted to curl up and let everything go. He had nothing to live for...why keep going? And with that decision made is when he fell to the ground uncerimoniously to fall into death's blackened and cold grip.

Serian sighed again and pulled himself to his feet at the sound of the soft thud from his lawn. he was tired of these damn humans comming to mess with him... He pulled open the door and frowned at the sight of the small figure on the ground. He moved closer and saw that it was a boy-an unconcious one... Standing over him, he noted that the boy was on the brink of starvation. His heart seemed to soften at the sight. He reached down and carefully picked him up, cradelling him in his arms. He carried him back to the house and into the bathroom where he began to fill the tub with warm water. Moving with careful fingers, he began to strip the boy of his clothes.

Amori moaned unconciously, trying to wake up, his body tempeature fevered and his mind filled with hope."M-Murakai...h-have you come...back? W-why did you use me like that?"he said in a faint whimper of a voice.

"Murakai...?" Serian muttered, realizing this must've been the other used, "No darling," he said, "this is not Murakai."

Amori couldn't see very well, his vision blury but he could softly make out Serian's image." Mnn then you must be an angel.."He said before slipping into unconciousness.

Serian was quite taken aback. He had never heard that before... Devil, maybe. Yet never angel. He finished undressing the younger male and picked him up once again to place him in the tub where he proceded to wash his body. He couldn't help but admire his form.

Amori snapped his eyes open though his vision was still quite unclear." Wha-what are you d-doing!? I..where am I!?"He asked, his heart beating hard and he was blushing due to his naked-ness.

Serian found himself blushing slightly as well, but kept his composure. "You're in my home," he told him, "I took you in because you fell unconcious on my lawn... starving to death."

Amori calmed down a little before panicking again"Y-Youre not like him are you!? Please! I don't want ot be used anymore!"

"I have no desire to do anything to you that you don't ask for dear," Serian told him gently, "and you need not fear Murakai anymore... he used me as well, and he now is dead."

Amori smiled at this" H-how did he die..he...was my frist you know..I..can't do you know of him? Did he harm you as well?"

"He... did take advantage of me.. in a way..." he said, staring down at the water, "I'll tell you of his death when you have regained strength."

"Thank you." Amori said, hugging the other man' Thank you so much for taking me in and...taking care of him."He said, starting to cry more, his head throbbing in pain.

Serian carressed the other's head in his hand, "rest," he advised, "you need it..." he began to wash him again, "my name is Serian.." he added.

"I'm Amori..."He said, closing his eyes tight as his headache washed over him."I..think I am ...going to be sick.."

Serian wasn't sure of what to say to this, so he remained silent as he ran the cloth over his front, barely hesitating and he went past his stomach and to his crotch.

Amori did moan from this and blushed for doing so..but those feelings would have to hide as his hidden strgenth urged him to literaly jump out of the tub and find the toilet, emptying his stomache into it.

Serian, surprized at this change of actions, stood, draining the water before doing so. "Perhaps you should lay down while I prepare your food..."

Amori nodded, whiping his mouth"Thank you sir. It is realy kind of you." He said, falling back.

Serian went to his side and helped him to his feet, "here..." he said, easing a bathrobe onto him.

Amori held tightly to Serian."Thank you." He said, letting himself hug onto the man even tighter.

Serian found himself hugging him back, before smiling gently and wrapping an arm about him for support, "just lean on me," he said, "I lead you to the couch..."

Amori nodded, doing as told, leaning on him completely, feeling very safe.

Serian led him to the sofa as planned and instructed him to lay him on it while he got something for him to eat. "What would you like to eat by the way?" he asked, walking off towards the kitchen.

"Anything that wont kill mystomache." He said, sad that the other had left him.

Serian took out a pot and began to make a meat and vegetable soup. He usually was a good cook, but didn't find much use for the skill as he didn't often need to eat. He ladelled some out into a bowl and brought it back to the other, sitting beside him, "here you go," he said, "would you like me to feed you..?"

Amori nodded, unable to realy move much as his body shook from a bit of cold from getting out of the bath and how weak he had become."Yes, please.."

Serian, seeing that he was cold, pulled off his own robes so that he wore only a pair of black pants. He took his robes and drapped them over Amori before pulling him into his lap and taking up the bowl again to begin feeding him as desired.

Amori snuggled into him, slowly taking in what Serian fed him, gradualy warming up and feeling comfortable."Thank you so much."

"It's no problem..." Serian spoke softly still, "as long as you're happy..."

Amori blushed happily and sighed" Mnn no more food.." He said, nuzzling into Serian's chest, curled up into a ball on his lap.

Serian felt a warmth within him that he could only tell himself was the feeling of doing a good deed, "as you wish..." he said, stroking the other's side with his hand.

Amori snuggled into him more. starting to drift off to sleep.

Serian's hand ceased movement as Amori started to sleep. He ran his fingers through his hair instead.

Amori turned his head and nuzzld his hand in his sleep.

Serian watched him for a moment before carrying him back to his bed and clmbing in beside him, holding him close all the while as he began to follow him to sleep. Before sleep took ahold of him, however, he leaned foreward and planted a kiss upon the soft skin of the boy's forehead. It was in that moment that he decided not to take his own life...

Amori woke up the next night, snuggled close to the other man as last night came crashing back into his thoughts. He smiled softly, content and snuggled closer.

Serian awoke after a moment and gazed down at the other, "rest well...?" he asked.

Amori nodded and looked up at the other man."Thank you for taking me in..I think I would have died."He said softly, hugging Serian tight, nuzzling his neck.

"It's no problem...." Serian told him with a smile, "you've already returned the favor more than you can imagine."

"How so?" Amori asked, not wanting to move from his spot.

"You've.... made me feel different," Serian said, "needed... right before you came, I had just considered again taking my own life..."

Amori shivered" No...please don't do that..."

"Why shouldn't I..?" Serian asked, "once you're back on your feet, I have no reason to draw another stolen breath..."

" I ..don't want you to! Please don't!" Amori said, clutching to Serian tightly.

"I-" Serian was touched deeply at this display, "I wont then..." he promised, taking the thin hands in his own and kissing them with soft lips.

Amori blushed and nuzzled Serian's own hands." Thank you...I don't..want to...lose you...I mean..we just met and all have helped me and.." He was making a fool of himself so Amori decided to just be quiet,letting the other give him affections.

"And...?" Serian asked, moving his lips to the other's cheek, pressing against it.

Amori blushed and looked into the other's eyes." I can't say.." He said, grinning softly and hiding his blushing face against Serian's chest.

"Why is that my dear...?" Serian asked, arms wrapped about the other.

Amroi blushed and squealed happily and squirmed away from the other." Umm do you want breakfast?"

"S-sure..." he said, pulling himself to his feet and stretching slightly as he smiled down at the other, "you dont really need to do anything more for me though..."

Amori smiled and grinned mischieviously before pouncing in serian,almost catlike, pinning him to the bed and kissing him.

Serian blushed rappidly at the foreward "attack". He pulled back, smiling slightly, "um... wow..." he said, placing the back of his hand on the other's forehead, "you ok..??"

"Yep!" Amori said, kissing him again." Now I shall make breakfast!"

Serian grabbed for Amori's arms, pulling him back towards himself and deeply kissing him, "no..." he spoke softly, "now you can make breakfast."

Amori blushed darkly. "I..I...mnn can I have another one before?" He asked, blushing even more.

"If it'll inspire you to cook..." Serian smiled, taking Amori's head in his hands and pulling it to himself, his own lips meshing with the other's in a kiss of deep emotion.

Amori kissed him back happily, wrapping his arms about the other"Mnn I don't know about inspiring me to cook...." He said with a giggle."I should pull away now..yes?"

"Only if you wish to..." Serian told him, not having removed his hands from the other's face, "or.. you could just keep me company..."

Amori blushed" I...I...dont know!"

"Ah..." Serian made to get up, "well.. it is as you wish... I suppose you wish to cook now, hein?" he said, "I wont get in your way..."

"N-no!" Amori said, pushing him back and stradling him." Please don't..."

Serian gazed at him, confused, "I... don't understand Amori..."

"I..Ernn nnnn how to say..I like you!"He says squeaking and rolling off him into a ball on the corner of the bed.

Serian sat, shocked. Face tinted with red. He made his way over to the other and placed a hand on his back, " me...?" he said, quietly, "sweety, I am touched. Yet, confused... how could you come to like a monster as myself??"

"You are an angel...not a monster." Amori said with a blush.

"Well..." a gentle smile spead over Serian's face, "this angel likes you as well..." he leaned towards him, kissing his forehead.

"Your leave me like..Murakai did..are you?" Amori said, fear in his eyes.

"That...bastard..." Serian said, realization filling him, "he wasn't worthy of calling you his own... no, I never would. As long as you wish, longer in fact, I shall remain loyal to you, beautiful Amori...."

Amori nodded" Yeah...I hope not.." He said, pressing his lips shyly to Serian's.

Serian returned the kiss, lacing his fingers through the other's hair.

Amori made to deepen the kiss before his eyes widened and he fell uncerimoniusly off the bed" DAMMIT!!! OWWWWWW!!" He whinned, tears comming to his eyes.

Serian laughed softly, and took the chance to sit upon the other, "you ok??"

"Mhn." Amori said with a blush, still pouting." My butt hurts though."

Serian lowered his hands to rub them over the said injured body part of the Amori, "I'm so sorry hun..."

Amori blushed and kissed him again.

Serian returned the kiss, tounge sliding into the other's mouth.

Amori suckled on Serian's tounge, kissing him softly.

Serian, turned on by the sickling, moaned and ran a hand down the other's chest.

Amori blushed darker and moaned into the other's mouth, sliding his legs up to wrap around him.

Serian continued his trek down th eother, hand now carressing the bulk that formed in the other's pants.

Amori moaned out softly, almost a whimper and ground softly into the other's hand" Ohh."

"mnn... stop..." Serian pulled back, "I..."

Amori looked up heatedly and confused" Wh-what is it Serian?" He asked, looking concerned.

"i.. don't know..." Serian blushed, moving to stand.

"Umm if you don't want to..then we don;t have to do anything." He said softly, sititng up.

"No," Serian said, grabbing his arm, "no, I really want this... I just...." He faltered for words.

"What is it?" Amori asked, hugging the other boy.

Serian hugged him back, arms aroun the other's waist and he stared down at him, eyes confused and filled with hope and lust, "I... have never felt love before... it's a new feeling to me... strange, but I like it..."

Amori blushed" Y-you love me? I love you too." He said, smiling, tears in his eyes.

Serian nodded and began kissing the tears as they fell, "yes darling," he murred, "I'm glad then..."

Amori cuddled in tight to his love." Thank you so much,.,, promise to never leave me?"

"Of course I promise..." He said, "I couldn't possibly even think of doing so..."

Amori smiled, happy to hear this." Thank you." He said, smiling softly, nuzzling into Serian's chest.

Serian placed a soft kiss to the other's forehead, taking in his scent and warmth.

"I ...this is soooo weird...First I get taken advatage of and then....I ....fall for you all in not even....I don;t even think a week."

"yes... I understand... because I feel the same way... Except," he sighed regretfully, "I dont believe I was as taken advantage of as you were..."

"What do you mean?" Amori asked shyly, hating this subject

"I.. never fully let myself believe that he actually wanted me... at one point, I felt sorry for him, and I hated that... I hated feeling vunerable... I feel vunerable now," he admitted, "but... I like it this time..."

"Well, that is good." Amori said, refering to liking the vulnerable ness this time. He smiled and kissed his love.

Serian returned the kiss, holding onto him. A bitterness of his past slowly slipping away.

Amori held onto Serian tightly, afraid to let go, wondering if it was all a dream.

Serian smiled down at him, "love," he said gently, "I'm afraid you haven't got your things with you... how ar eyou to stay here with me withought your clothes and essentials?"

Amori paled." brother...they are at my home..I can't go back there! He was right to not turst Murakai! ashamed for not listening to him!"

"Ah..." Serian nodded understanding, "well then... I'll just have to make you an outfut before we go shopping for more..." he said, eyes roaming over the other's body which was adorned in his own bathrobe from last night...

Amori blushed."Yeah...mnnnnn am I pretty?"

"you are," Serian told him, "the most beautiful thing in my eyes..."

Amori grinned happily"Thank you." He said with a blush."He smiled again to himseld and kissed Serian, sliding his hand down his chest.

Serian moaned and nearly grasped the other's hand in a feeling of overwhelming happiness, but he stopped himself.

Amori nipped along Serian's collar bone and slid his hand up and down his chest each time on the way down going further then the time before.

Serian let out a louder moan, "mnn... Amori..." he said, "I..." his hands grasped the shoulders of the other, "I wish to make you mine... so badly... please..." he said, pressing his lips to the other's neck.

Amori shivered, breathing hard"I...mnn yes ..I am yours.." he said almost scared at the passion the other had shown him. But he felt once more to trust himself and that he felt that Serian would not betray him as did Murakai and he let out a soft moan as he felt Serian's lips on his neck, slipping his fingers in his hair.

Serian pressed another kiss, this one lower than the last. His hands lowered to the loop that kept the bathrobe over his love.

Amori slipped his own hands along Serian's pants, pressing teasing nips to his shoulder, unbuttoning the top button, sliding the zipper down.

Serian quickly pulled down his own pants to rid himself of them.

Amori kissed Serian on the mouth with a firey passion and slipped his hand down further, slipping it inside Serian's underwear, sliding his hand along his length

Serian let out a gasp and pulled Amori down to the bed, caressing his hips in his own.

Amori called out, moaning softly, attempting to tug down Serian's undergarments as they ground together, clutching onto whatever he could find tightly.

Serian bit his lip to keep from crying out as well, a small drip of blood falling from it and onto his bedsheets. His hand went down to stroke the other's errection, he himself hard on.

Amori moaned, kissing Serian hard, licking at the blood that was upon his lip.

Serian returned the kiss gladly, his own tounge now against the other's. He relectantly broke away to move down him, lapping at the flesh of his stomach.

Amori giggled lightly at this."It tickles!" He said with a grin.

Serian smiled slightly. He ran his tounge around the other's length before taking him ito his mouth.

Amori called out in a strained whimper, moaning and clutching at the bed."SERIAN!"

Serian began to suck hard upon Amori, edged on by the crying of his name.

Amori thrust up into his lover's mouth, tears being brought to his eyes of pleasure."Ohh...nn serian!"He cried out, threading his fingers tightly into his lover's hair and shivering.

Serian carried on as though his life depended on that one moment of pleasing his new lover.

With this Amori came, releasing into his lover's mouth" Serian!" He mewled contently.

Serian took every bit into his mouth before releasing the organ from his lips, a trickle of cum on the side of his lips. He went to kiss the other again, slidding a hand underneath him to penitrate his flesh.

Amori moaned out, starting to slowly become hard again and clenched his eyes tight, happy that he knew it was Serian and not that traitor doing this to him. Happy to taste himself in a mix of fluid of his own seed and his lover's mouth. He moaned more soft, slowly adjusting to what was being done to him and kissed him deeper, drawing his lover's tounge into his mouth and suckling it lightly.

"mnn..." Serian muttered around Amori's lips, eager to fill him completely. He quickly removed his fingers from the other's body and pushed his own manhood into him as the kiss deepened.

Amori tensed up a little from a little bit of pain and discomfort but urged him in further, kissing him with everything he had, wrapping his legs around his waist.

Serian pushed further into him, holing onto Amori's hips.

Amori moaned out more, whimpering, holding tight to Serian with everything he had.

Serian held the position for a brief moment, enjoying the feel of filling his new lover completely. He then drew back before comming back into him.

Amori cried out, meeting his thrusts with hard thrusts of his own.

Serian moaned slightly as well, moving faster in and out of the other.

It was then that Amori neared his climax, calling out and shivering softly" I am so close!"He said, grasping on tight to his lover.

serian himself had already reached the point of his climax. He called out, coming to.

Amori pulled him down for a firey kiss, hanging onto him tightly.

Serian kissed him back, holding him just as closely. "Mnn... Amori... I love you so much...."

"I love you too Serian."

Serian smiled and pulled himself to his feet, "ah.. then I must start sewing now.."

Amori raised an eyebrow, "Nuuu can you cuddle?"

"...cuddle?" Serian blinked in confusion. He honestly had no idea what the other was talking about.

"Yeah, stay here and be ..lovabel."He said, shivering from cold that now assaulted him.

Seeing the other shiver, Serian instinctively moved foreward to pull him back into his arms, pressing his cheek against the other's.

Amori smield and hugged Serian close, nuzzling him and pullng the blanket up around them both."Yay, see? This is cuddling."

Serian smiled, face flushed, "I like it then..." he said, kissing his cheek.

Amori kissed Serian" I am glad to have beeen found by you."

Serian ran his hand through the other's hair, "I am glad as well my beloved..."

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