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2004-04-29 22:17:46
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Structure of Celtic Religion and Society

Now before we begin, I must state that I am now encouraging the practice of the old religion, this is strictly an information base. My studies have showed me that Druidism, the Celts priests and priestess, was passed down by authority from a Master to an appentice. It was passed on when a pupil had gone through years of vigorous testing and training, and was done completely oral. Since there was no written record, and all the Druids were killed when the Christians took over, the Celtic religion is dead. There have been some people who try to "revive" the old ways, but the are simply forming a new branch based on an old. I know some people may get upset at me for this. But it is my conculsion from hour upon hours of study. I do not condem those who wish to revive it, I just do not believe that they are the same.

Please do not feel any obligation to adopt my belief, you can do your own studies and come to your own conclusion. Now on to the lessons.

Myths of the Celts

Roots Within the Underworld

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