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The carriage sped up the road, only minutes after the party ended. The man in side was tipsy, and was having trouble thinking straight. He had been invited by the Count of Medina to attend his son's 16th birthday party, drinking alot of wine throughout the evening.
As the horses rushed through the dark, the driver yelled back to the carrriage. "Sir Clarion, there is someone waving at us on the side of the road, what should I do?" The man, seeing that it was about to rain, said, "Pull over, ofcourse, it will rain soon!"

Adel da Naori look around his surroundings having as well come from a party. He clothing was soaked from having earlier that evening falling in a river and by the sounds of thunder above it wasn't going to matter because it was about to rain. He grimaced and hid himself to the cover of the treelin upon the road, before seeing a carriage and flagging it down, hoing to get a ride to his home rather then walk home in this vial mess.

As the carriage came to a stop, Joseph Clarion cleaned himself up. Although drunk, he was still a very fashionable, and respected person. He opened the door for the man, and noticed he was already soaking wet. "Oh, you poor soul, let me get you some warmer clothes." he said, taking off his over coat to give the man,"May I have the pleasure of a name?", said Josef, sitting back down again.

Adel shivered from the warmth of the carriage. "Thank you kind sir, my name is Adel. Adel da Naori. And you are?"Adel asked politely after introducing himself, happy to be out of the cold and happy to have this man's coat around him.

"I am Count Joseph Clarion, of Marseille, France. I am here in Paris on acount of my friend, the Count of Medina." He said, offering his hand to Adel. After their greeting, he sat back in his chair, and crossed his legs,"So what brings a young man such as your self out into this neck of the country? Paris isn't for miles, and the nearest city is atleast 2 miles away, don't you have a horse?"

"Ah! Funny story realy, I had indeed a horse but I ran across the unfortunate event of running across bandits..damn them. They took my horse and everything on it. But even then I went to where I was headed which was a simple part of friends and now I am finding myself in good company yet again!" Adel said, smiling softly.

The count thought for a minute, he pondered, and decided what to say. "Well, I do think that it would very ungentalmanly of me to leave you with nothing. If it suites you, I will take you home with me for the night, and furnish you with proper clothes, a rapier, a pistol and a horse in the morning. I only live a few hours down the road, and my guest rooms are quite available."

Adel smiled brightly"Oh would that be too much trouble? I do promise to repay you though! I simply have to return home to do such. Or...what would you like in return?"Adel asked, greatfull for the hospitality.

"Oh, nothing. It is the least I can do. That is, unless you would accompany me on my yacht, I am sailing with a few friends to Portugal in 2 weeks, you are more than welcome to join us." Joseph thought about what he had said, then realized that maybe he was a little too friendly, "That is unless you are uncomfortable with that?" He said to cover up his drunken blabing.

Adel thought a moment. "I will think on that, present the question to me again when we are both sobre...then perhaps I can give you an awnser.."Adel said with a small laugh.

"That seems like a-" Joseph burped in mid sentence. He face turned cherry red, "I am deeply sorry, like i was saying, that is probably a good idea. We will talk about it in the morning.
The carriage sped into the night, for almost two and a half hours the two men carried on light conversation and joked about their lives. Eventually the driver stopped the carriage and got out. "We are here, Count Clarion." he said. With that, Joseph jumped up, and stepped out of the carriage, ofering Adel a hand when he reached pavement.

Adel took the hand and staggered about for a second and smiled"Ah..good..Mnn I do not know of you but I am greatly tired."he said, stretching and yawning widely, his form a little slouched."So.....yes tomorrow we will discuss about my going with you."

"Great, I as well am very tired." He took the lantern from his waiting servant and turned to Adel, "Follow me, my friend, and I will show you to your room." They walked down a in to the manor, inside it was dark, with only a few torches on the walls. As they walked down the dark hallways, paintings shining in the minimal light given off by the lantern, Joseph didn't feel lonely anymore. Finally they reached a door, "This, Adel, will be your room, I will have your attendant, Francois, bring you some clothes for bed, and in the morning, he will be at your door with a suit for breakfast. If you need anything, just ring your bell, or my room is just down at the end of the hall, it's the one with the golden lion knocker." And with that, Joseph bowed and walked away, leaving only Francois and Adel alone in the door way.

"Thank you sir!"Adel called out to Joseph before turning to Francois."So...are you staying in here with me tonight then sir?"He asked, practicly tripping onto the bed where he closed his eyes, immediately starting to drift off.

"No, no, here are your clothes, I will be here in the morning" said Francois, leaving a pile of bed clothes on a chair and vacating the room. "Good Evening, Sir."

Adel nodded"Niiiight."He called out before falling asleep.

It was about 8 o'clock when Joseph got out of bed. The sun had just risen, it was still winter, longer nights, and the birds were already the loudest alarm in the manor. When he finally got to his closet, after 15 minutes of crawling, walking, stumbling, and trying to shake off sleep, he took 30 minutes just to put on his pants. Content with only his pants, he decided to have breakfast.

Adel woke in much the same fashion, litteraly falling out of bed because of the way his hair felt on him he thought somone was touching his neck and he jumped, having fallen and scrambled for his sword"BACK FOUL CREATURE!!"

"Is everything alright", said Joseph, having heard him yell. He peeked in side the room and saw Adel wresling with his blankets, "Um, how about some clothes and breakfast? FRANCOIS!!!!! CLOTHES FOR MASTER ADEL PLEASE!!!!" yelled at the top of his lungs down the hall. Francois came running with a pair of pants and a shirt and tail coat, flung them at Adel, and ran back down the hall. "Breakfast duty" said Joseph explaining this event.

Adel nodded"Yeah..spider....I thought somone...maybe...I don't know.."Adel said, a red tint to his face as he became highly embarrassed"I am sorry sir..I thought somthing was crawling on me."Adel said, staying in his blanket in a cuddly looking heap on the floor.

"Its fine," said Joseph, laughing. "Just come down for breakfast, it should be in about 25 minutes. I promise you wont want to miss it." he made another deep bow, like he did the night before, and turned, walking down the hallway.

Adel smiled before getting dressed and walking down the hallway in the direction he had seen Joseph go"Umm sir!? Which everything?"He asked hesitantly, looking around in awe at the size of the home he was in. It reminded him of his own..just a bit larger.

"Hmph, lets see, the foyer is just down this hall, from there is it easy, sleeping quarters on the left, down the middle is the dinning room and the grand ball room, and to the right is the library and my study. Also the servants' quarters are past the ball room. The rest are just gallaries or formal rooms." He said with a restless smile on his face, he was ready for breakfast.

Adel took a mental note to this and remembered it all as best as he could"Ah good...makes more sense now."He said smiling."Ah yes and I have yet to ask on how I am to repay you for the shelter and now breakfast this morning."

"I may have been drunk last night", he said as he sat down at the breakfast table, "But I dont make stupid decisions, even then. You have no need to repay me, this was an act of kindness." He said stirring his tea. He looked out the window and thought, eventually he started to speak, "Have you considered my proposal?"

Adel nodded"You were indeed drunken, but then I was a bit...out of sorts as well. I have considered your proposal, and seeing as how I have absolutely nothing to do when I return home, I agree togo with you." Adel said, sipping at a goblet of water, hoping to rid himself of a headache he was slowly recieving.

Delighted by the answer, Joseph sat up, "Well then, that sounds great! I will have to tell you all about the people we will be with, they are great friends of mine. But for now, let us eat!" He said this and clapped his hands, and 10 servants walked in, each carrying trays of hot and cold foods, the laid everything before them and departed, but not before filling up the tea kettle and the water pitcher.

Adel smiled"Yes yes how are they all..I hope they wont mind me being there, I would hate to be abother."Adel said thoughtfuly, putting this here and there on his plate to eat them slowly, smiling to himself.He was having the best time he has ever had in a long while.

Joseph thougth about who all was attending and gave this answer, "You and me, and two other friends. James and Joachim. I have known them for sometime, im sure they will enjoy your company."

Adel nodded"That will be fine. I cannot wait to join you!"Adel said, smiling.

"I cannot wait for you to come!" said Joseph, finishing his meal. "When you are ready, we will suit you up, and send you home. Take your time with your leaving, there is no hurry." Joseph said, giving another elongated bow. "Have Francois find me when you are ready, I have matters to attend to." He said this and patted Adel on the shoulder as he walked down towards his study.

Adel smiled and continued slowly eating his meal"Uhnn when is it?"He asked, following after him after a few minutes.

"What, the trip? on Tuesday, the 21st of September, 2 weeks from now." he replied, continuing to walk towards his study. "We will all meet here and ride in my carriage to the port. I will have a messenger send with you all the information you need." He said with a smile on his face.

Adel smiled"Sounds good..bye!!"He said, smiling to himsef, feeling as though somthing was a bit missing as he left and started to make his way home.

Joseph sat in his study, only a few hours had gone by since Adel left. He was lonely again. Francois entered the room with a tray of tea, "Master, he was a nice boy. Not like any of the others you hang around with, besides James and Joachim. I hope he comes back." said Francois as he left Joseph alone. As he sat there he thought the exact same thing.

Adel felt lonely as he made his way home and as he entered his house he sat lazily in his favorite chair."This should be interesting."He said to himself, thinking into the future.

It wasn't long until the day arrived. Joseph had carriages sent out to pick up his friends. The first to arrive were Joachim and James, followed by Adel. "Welcome friends, to my home. You all know where your rooms are, I have taken the liberty of having your things brought there. Tomorrow morning, after breakfast, we will leave for the port, but as for today, do as you wish, go into town, what ever you please. If you need anything, ask me or Francois. You know the drill, now if you dont mind, I have a few last minute matters to attend to." He said this and left, without even introducing Joachim and James to Adel.

Adel tilted his head a little"Is it me...or did he seem...maybe a bit tense?"He asked the other two.

"Your right, he always gets like this right before we sail. He lost his lov-", James was cut off by Joachim.
"Never mind about him. My name is Joachim, or Jojo, for short." he said extending his hand in greeting," And this is my... counterpart, James." James also extended a hand. "You are?" He said, studing Adel vigorously.

Adel was worried for Joseph but set his worries aside and smiled at the other two."I am Adel da Naori, pleased to meet you."He said, shaking Their hands.

"A pleasure" said James,"Well, excuse us, we have some... work to do be for we leave. If you need us, we shall be in our room." At this the they shook hands again, and left Adel in the foyer.

Adel wondered what they meant by work but ignored it as he went wandering aimlessly about the manor before heading back to his room about ready to fall asleep..a little nap should be all that was needed for him to be up and about.

"Sir, would you like some dinner?" said Francois, "Master Adel, are you awake? Sir Clarion sent me to see if you wanted some supper?"

Adel woke and nodded"Yes, thank you Francois." Adel said, yawning and sitting up on his bed, stretching"Now where is that dinning room again?"He asked to himself, standing and starighteneing his clothing and his long white hair, pulling it back before making his way out of his room.

As Adel walked through the hallway, giggles and laughter came from the room across the way. "James, stop! that tickles!! James, we have to go get some food. James no, what did I, AHA HAHH AHAHHAHAAA JA JA AHAAHHAH, JAMES!!!! YOU ASS, Not here James!!! oh, oh, get off me..." Joachim walked out of the room with his shirt unbuttoned and no shoes or socks on. "Um, hello, Adel was it? pleasant evening, eh?"

Adel giggled and blushed a little"It would ummm...appear so...well I will..see you gentlemen at supper."Adel replied giving them a shy litle wave and walking to the dinning room finaly finding out where it was.

Joseph was already waiting for them when the 3 men arrived at dinner. The food was preped and the wine was poured, all that was left was to eat.

Adel didn't make any conversation not knowing what to say and he instead nibbled here and there on little bits of food.

Dinner was weird at first. No one spoke. But then Joseph ordered more wine, and then things got interesting. James was drunk with in the matter of 2 hours. He was sluring and laughing, and everyone was laughing at him. Joseph kept his cool, and didn't drink to much, and Joachim was allergic to the wine.

Adel stayed away from the wine. He always spoke his mind..and withthe thoughts he had been toying with lately that would not have been a good idea."So...when are we leaving again? Because ...I would hope we have a sober person navigating our route."He said, a smile on his face as he watched the drunken James.

"Dont worry about him. I navigate and pilot." said Joachim, clumslily toying with his water glass. Joseph laughed at Adel's joke, and flung a grape at James, just to see what he would do. Of course he went crazy, trying to find out where it came from, and he convinced him self it was an act of god.

"Oh well that is good...ummm soo if that was good...then I suppose I am god too then."He said as well, throwing another grape at James, smiling.

James got really infurated at this, and he started yelling at his dinner. "WHY DO YOU PUNISH ME SO? YOU UNGRATEFULL FOOD!!! WHAT IS THE PURPOSE!!!" And as he finished his sentence he passed out, he face landing in a pile of potatoes.
Joachim stood up," I'll deal with him", he walked over to James, wiped the food off of his face and carried him out of the room.

Adel raised an eyebrow and looked to Joseph"Oh he going to be okay?"He asked, staring after the two.

"He always gets like this before we go on a trip, so he doesn't have to be responible for anything the next morning. So we cause trouble for him while he is drunk. It is a tradition." Joseph said this with a happy, yet regretful tone, he was missing something.

"Are you okay Joseph?"Adel asked, eyebrows knotted in concern.

"Oh, it's nothing. Just, one time we went sailing and I lost someone very important to me, it's in the past, dont worry about it." Joseph stood from his chair and started to walk, "I am going to bed now, if you see Joachim, tell him for me?" He walked towards the door, but he turned around, " I know I seem weird today, I will be better tomorrow, I promise. Sleep well, we are leaving very early." He turned and walked out of the room, and down the hall to his bedroom.

Amori nodded"Alright..goodnight sir.."He said, almost feeling he should accompany Joseph but he instead rose and walked down the hallway to go to his own room.

Joseph lay awake for hours, he didn't sleep at all that night. He got out of bed almost three hours before the sun was up. Francois was already awake, packing the equipment for the trip, and Joseph went to wake his friends up. He peeked into James and Joachims' room, closing his eyes, knowing that they did not come back to dinner the night before. "Hey, love birds, get up, we have to leave soon." He walked across the hallway to Adel door, but he didnt say anything, he sat in a chair next to the bed, and just watched him sleep.

Adel woke softly, sensing another presence in the room and he looked to his side seeing Joseph there"Oh, I haven't slept too long have I?"he questioned, sitting up and stretching.

"Oh, no, you were just sleeping so peacefully I couldn't bring myself to wake you. Breakfast will be in the carriage this morning, we have to leave soon, so bathe and get ready. We are meeting in the foyer in about two hours." With that, Joseph left Adel alone in his room.

Adel was sad suddenly for Joseph to leave his room."Ohh...poor thing."He muttered to himself, following his instructions and bathing before getting dressed, pulling on his pants and starting on his shirts and making sure his weapons were in proper order.

Outside Adels room came a familar giggle, and all of a sudden, Joachim burst into his room. "Shhhhh! He is after me!" said Joachim, ducking behind one of the chairs in Adel's room.
"Where is he!! I saw him come this way!" yelled James in a cheerful manner. " I know your here, give me back my trousers!" James was almost naked, with only a towel covering himself. "I want my pants Joachim, I know your in here, come out Now!!!"

Adel blushed, pulling his own clthes on the rest of the way, tying his pants and raising an eyebrow"He....went that way!"He said, pointing to out the room and to the right, smiling to himself and finsishing getting dresed.

James ran out, nearly knocking Joseph over in the hall. Joseph walked into Adel's room and was again almost knocked over by the jumpy Joachim, who had, by this time, put James' pants on his head and run away. Joseph sat down and laughed with Adel for a minute. Then he pulled out a necklace with a little cross on it. "This was my best friends necklace. He gave it to me just before he died. He told me that he loved me and then he... he shot himself out on the deck of the boat."

Adel looked at it curiously." sorry to hear that. Why did that to himself? To you for that matter?"He asked quietly, studying the cross carefully with his eyes.

"I am not sure, but before he did it he gave me the necklace, and told me to remember him always. But I can keep it anylonger, so i want you to have it." He handed the necklace to Adel, and let his hand linger in the air.

Adel looked at him curiously, carressing the cross as it lay in his hand"Why me? I am greatful..but we hardly know each simply seems odd that you would entrust this to a stranger."He said, confusedly, staring down at the cross with a protective gaze.

"I don't know, but something told me to give it to you, and I followed my instict."Joseph looked at him and closed Adel's hand around the cross, "I guess I am hoping that we become as good friends as I was with that necklaces' previous owner." Joseph stood up and gave Adel a hand, "Come on, we are leaving soon."

Adel smiled and put the necklace on."Of course, I am sure we will be so great together."He said, grabbing the other's hand, giving him a quick but meaningfull embrace ."Let us go then.."He stated, letting the other lead him out.

Francois was waiting outside with the carriage when the four men came out side, "Sirs we are late, if you hurry I can get you to Paris in 4 hours, but you might not get there in time enough to sail today, unless you like seting sail at night." Said Francois, clearly annoyed at his master. They all hopped into to the carriage, and Francois sped them off into the sun.

Adel smiled"So this should be fun.."He said , smiling fondly at Joseph."How often do you three go out to do this?"

"Oh, hell, at least once a month, wouldn't you say?" said James snuggling up with Joachim. "I think you should come with us all the time, your fun." said a still slightly drunk James.

"Are you just saying that because you are drunk?"He asked, his hand absentmindedly stroking over the cross on his neck, his gaze drifting over to the cuddling pair with a slight smile on his face.

"..." James had already fallen asleep on Joachim's arm.
"I think he likes you, he tends to say what he means when he is like this." chuckled Joachim
"Yeah, that is how that happened" said Joseph, pointing at the couple, "He said, I quote, 'I like you, your fun', and then *BANG*, it happened, they were together." Joseph laughed at James, he was drooling on Joachim's shoulder.

Adel smiled happily"Awe that's cute, you two seem happy together."He said somewhat withdrawn. He often wondered when he was going to find love like that. How would he know when he felt it."What does that whole liking thing feel like?"He asked,eyes drifting over the couple in a saddened way.

"Im not sure I understand the question, you mean what is love like?" asked Joachim with a confused look on his face.

Adel nodded, looking up at the ceiling of the carriage then to Joseph."Not sure I felt that emotion before."He said, eyes on Joseph as he said this.

"Well, it is a feeling of... warmth. You never want to leave the person you feel it towards, and if you have to, when you come back it is like you have been rekindled." said Joachim, spinning his fingers in James' hair. He looked at Adel, and then at Joseph, and then back to Adel. He thought he caught a glimpse of heat between the two, but it quickly faded away, "And that I guess is the definition of love."

Adel nodded, sighing helplessly. He still wasn't sure what he felt around anyone anymore.He kept in silence, laying his head back in his seat, the as an experiment to test a feeling recently developed in his chest he let his hand 'accidently' fall extremely close to Joseph's seeing perhaps if he would take his hand. Curious if the warm feeling he felt around him was the same in which Joachim had described.

Joseph felt something near his resting arm and, steathily, looked to see what it was. He saw Adel's hand and realized. He moved his hand over just a little and touched pinky to pinky, just to see if it was an accident or if Adel felt the way he did.
Joachim noticed it too and he laid back and closed his eyes, leaning into James, and the two of them leaned off into a land of sleep.

Adel's heart sped up a little at this. The warm feeling in his chest seemed to want to consume him. He gently stroked Joseph's pinky with his own, not daring to look at him as he did so, nervously biting on his lower lip.

Joseph took the hint and leaned in a little, fully grasping Adel's hand now, and he enjoyed every second of it.

Adel couldn't help but softly smile, squeezing Joseph's hand affectionately, resting his head on Joseph's shoulder.

Joseph opened up for Adel, he let him slide from his shoulder under his arm. He loved holding him there, they sat together, embracing for some time, and eventually Joseph started to drift off, his eyes tired from the sleepless night he had had yesterday.

Adel did the same, falling asleep rather quickly, feeling content and safe for once in his life as he snuggled into Joseph's arms.

"AHA! I KNEW IT!!!" yelled James, waking everyone up, "I knew it, i knew it, I knew it!!!!" James fell on the floor laughing uncontrollably, and it made Joseph quite red in the face.
"Stop it, James" said Joachim, helping him back on the seat, "Shut up and go back to sleep, we still have at least another hour of this boring trip"
"I still knew it" He wispered under his voice, sticking his tounge out at Joseph and chuckling.

Adel woke startled"What the.."He asked himself, looking down at James"What is your problem?"Adel asked, an eyebrow raised.

"I knew that the only reason you are here is because he thinks you are like Grant." said James, still a little tipsy from the night before.

Adel narrowed his eyes"From what I was told this is my way of repaying him from giving me shelter one night due to rain and equal drunkeness."He said, feeling hurt that he was possibly only a rplacement for somone else, but he did well to hide it, even as he was now a bit further away from Joseph then he had been, disguising it as needing a bit more room.

Joseph stood up at this. He slaped James across the face and sat back down. "If you ever put him and Grant in the same sentence again, I will hurt you James. Joachim, I would do your best to keep that mouth of his shut, esspecially when he has had too much to drink!" Joseph sat back down, the anger in his eyes subsiding.

Adel sighed, his eyes saddened as he smiled softly at them all"Perhaps...a different subject is in order...if any of us plan to speak that is."He said quietly, hoping to have not made any enemies.

"No, I think silence is more appropriate" said Joachim.
"I am sorry for that...outburst. And I am sorry James that I hit you, its just, well you know why." Joseph apologized, and then he turned towards the door and put his head down. He started to sob a little, and tried to fall back to sleep.

Adel felt very out of place suddenly and didn't know what to do. So in conclusion he busied himself with looking out the carriage window, feeling more uncomfortable then he had in his entire life.

Finally the carriage stopped, and everyone got out. Joachim took James to the near by Hotel, it was too dark out to set sail. They decided to keep James and Joseph apart. The hotel was not the nicest thing they had lived in, but it was the only vacant hotel near the port so Joseph got 2 rooms, one for him and Adel, and the other for James and Joachim.

Adel set a small pack with his things in it on the bed and sighed. He sat next to his things and ran a hand through his long white hair. "Joseph..I want to ask you somthing..did you bring me on this trip just as a replacement?"He asked just loud enough for Joseph to hear, his voice quivering just a little.

Joseph was caught off gaurd, he was so lonely in that house by himself he let himself fall for the first person that invited him to. "At first I thought so too, but I really do like you." He moved towards Adel and put his arms around his waist, "James just thinks that, because of my friend and his death. You do look some what like him, and I guess he put two and two together. But I do love you." he said this, kissing Adel's neck, and smiling, hoping he would forgive him.

Adel's eyes widened at the sudden contact."How can you love me when we have just met?"He asked, leaning his head back to look up at Joseph."I don't understand all that has happened. We hardly know eachother and yet ...I feel all warm and fuzzy around you and I fell as though I have known you for much longer."Adel said confusedly.

"I feel the same way, just promise me you wont listen to James' crap?" he said holding Adel in his arms, and feeling alive for the first time in years. He just stood there holding Adel for a few minutes.

Adel nodded"Alright.."He said, sighing peacefully and leaning back into Joseph's embrace.

Joseph enjoyed every second they were together, but he realized that he had things to attend to. For once in his life he considered blowing something off, but he knew he had to go see the dock master and tell him they were staying. "Adel... I have something I must do. Get something to eat, I will be back..." He let go, hating it, hating to hurt Adel, and he walked towards the door, "You could come with me if you like?" he said giving off a weak smile.

Adel smiled in return" Sure, I would love to. I have not else to do."He said, getting up and stretching, making his way to Joseph.

They made there way to the stables arm in arm. When they got there, they saddled up a horse and got ready to ride. Joseph hoisted Adel up on to it, and then jumped behind him. "You dont mind if we share a horse do you?" said Joseph pressing up against Adel.

Adel shook his head with a light blush"N-no.."He said, trying to ignore the wave of heatthat enveloped him at the close contact."So where are we going?"He asked in a quavery voice.

"We have to tell the the dock administators that we aren't going to sail until tomorrow. Otherwise, they will put my yacht under government seige and sell it at an auction." Answered Joseph,"It should only take a few minutes." And they sped off into the city to find the Dock Masters' office.

Adel immediately hopped down off the horse when they got there, blushing a little still."So...what do you all usualy do when you get out to sea?"

"Sit around, fish, swim, and when we get to portugal, we party." He led Adel into the office of the Dock Master, and asked him to wait out side the door. "Ok, you can come in." The dock master was a very attractive young lady, and the three of them chatted for a few minutes, and finally they left. On the ride to the hotel, Joseph ran his hand down Adel's arm, and they held hands until they got to the hotel.

Adel was quite content when they arrived, hopping off the horse and smiling" long until we eat again?"he asked, his stomache protesting that he needed food.

"We can eat right now, if you like." he said, also hopping off of the horse. "I am sure we have some food in the hotel. They eat in Paris too, you know!" And they walked in the hotel together.

Adel laughed softly."Hnn I don't know what I am in the mood for..."He said, pondering, chewing on a carrot stick he found in a basket of vegetables on the way in.

They sat together at a table in the hotel bar. "I think I will have Filet Mignon... that sounds really delicious." The waiter looked at Adel,"And for you sir?" He asked.

"Whatever he is having."He said, smiling and laying his head on the table"And some water please"He added, smling softly.

"Now it is my turn to ask you, are you ok?" He asked with concern, placing his hand on Adel's head.

Adel nodded looking up at him"Oh yes...just been famished, seems forever since last I ate..and I am getting tired again."

"I understand, we will eat and go to bed. You need your strength for the morning." Joseph said with compassion."Here comes our food now." The waiter brought their steaks and food to them, and they ate it all up.

Adel smiled softly, leading the way back to their room before falling face-first onto the bed and mummbling about being sleepy.

Joseph fell on the bed, he looked right at Adel's face, his beautiful eyes were like diamonds in the sky. He leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. "Good night, sweet prince." And he snuggled up with Adel and fell asleep.

"I am not a prince."He muttered before falling asleep next to him.

When Joseph woke up, he was upside down on the floor. He was quite confused, and he had no idea where he was, or what he was doing there. "Francois! Where are you???? Francois!!!" But Francois was already home by then, and the only person who heard him yelling was Adel.

Adel woke and raised an eyebrow staring down at him"Why the hell are you on the floor?"He asked, tugging him back up by the hem of his pants.

"I dont know... wait... we didn't, did we?" he said in a confused sort of slur. He was so increabibly disoriented he could barely stand. He had fallen off the bed, and slept on his head all night, so all the blood rushed from his head when he stood up. When this happened he fell, over dramatically, on the bed and landed on top of Adel. He looked up and tried to see Adel's reaction.

Adel blushed and made a soft noise when he was landed on."A-are you okay?"He asked, looking into Joseph's eyes for a second before averting his gaze, blushing darker.

"Now I am." he said, caressing Adel's stomach with his soft head. He just laid there on Adel, not wanting to move, forgeting about the trip, about Joachim and James. He just laid there, happy.

Adel shivered a little"That is good to know you are okay."He said in a whisper, closing his eyes and running his fingers through Joseph's hair.

"I know this is sudden, but... I want you to move in with me when we return. I understand if you need sometime, but the offer stands." He said this less to Adel and more to Adel's belly button. He lifted his leg and started to play footsie with Adel.

Adel wrapped his leg around Joseph's in an attempt to win at the footsie game, blushing at the feeling of his breath on his stomach."I see no reason why we couldn't work somthing out."He said, keeping his eyes closed.

"I am glad" He said, pinning down both Adel's legs and winning the game. He kissed his stomach, he brought his kisses up until he reached Adel's lips, "I am very glad" He said kissing Adel quite passionately, forgetting everything around him.

Adel's eyes widened a moment before he kissed him back, closing his eyes again softly, slipping his hands to either side of his face, deepening the kiss to his own liking, making a small noise of approval in the back of his throat."Mnn."

Joseph heard the noise and it envigorated him even more. He pushed his hands down Adel's leg and started to corress him. He enjoyed every second of this, but he wasnt sure how far to go.

Adel's eyebrows knotted together in pleaure and he opened his eyes, gazing about hazily as his breathing became heavier and he gently thrust against Joseph's hand."H-hey what about...t-the t-trip. Are we leaving any time soon?"He asked, pausing here and there to try and silence small moans of pleasure as Joseph carressed him.

"We should probalby have already left..." said Joseph, caressing faster up and down Adel. He let go of any inhibition and started to run his tounge back down Adel's chest, past his nipples, to his stomach. He started to unbutton his pants...

Adel no longer spoke as he was reduced to moans as his eyes closed, shivering under Joseph's touches.

Joseph played with Adel's belly button for a moment, then he worked his way farther down. He licked around the base of Adel's shaft watching it get harder and harder. He took it all in at once and started to move his head back and forth, back and forth, not even stoping when he gagged.

"Uh-uhn!! "Adel cried out, his eyes shutting tight as he clutched at the bed sheets, moving restlessly"Hnn "

Joseph went faster, harder, the sweat from his forehead running down his face. He sucked so hard on Adel that he might have imploded himself if something didn't happen quick.

Adel called out louder, grasping Joseph's hair."Nn I am going to come! S-STOP!"He called out, not sure what to do..whether or not to come in his mouth or not.

Joseph pulled away, and just in time. He laid, exhausted, with his head between Adel's legs. He was very tired now, and he didnt know why.

Adel sat up and kissed Joseph."You look tired..."He said, kissing on his neck and nipping it lightly.

"It has been... a very long time since I have done that..." he chuckled, as he rubbed his finger over Adel's body and his face.

Adel blushed" basicly a first for me."He said, smiling softly and kissing Joseph."Allow me to attmpt at returning the favor?"He said shyly.

"You dont have to, but if you'd like to try." Joseph moved, and possitioned him self in a place a little better for Adel to reach. "Have at it..." He said.

Adel blushed and nodded"I havent ever done this so...if I mess up I am sorry."He said, positioning himself between his lover, kissing him and kissing down his neck and stomache before untying his pants. When he had them untied he pulled them off his hips a little and kissed lower"Ready?"He asked, looking up at him as he tugged down any undergarments enough to tounge at the tip of him.

"I believe I was ready the moment I met you." he said, putting his fingers through Adel's hair.

Adel blushed."Oh..."He said, kissing his love's hands before tounging down the legnth of his lover.

The touch of Adel made his spirit flutter. He loved the touch, and welcomed his love.

Adel licked eprerimentaly along the length of his lover, not sure exacty what to do still before taking him fully into his mouth, sucking a little, ignoring the feeling to release him from his mouth.

"Hmmphh" moaned Joseph, "that feels good", he said, wishing for complete absorbtion. He wanted to be inside Adel's mouth, he wanted them to become one.

Adel sucked him all the way in, tightly so, runnign his fingers along his stomach as he did so.

Joseph grasped his hand. He knew he would come soon, but, for some reason, he didn't say anything, he just let it happen.

Adel pulled back as he felt him tense and licked him clean before kissing him."Did I do okay?"He asked, snuggling his lover's neck.

"Great..." he said, the two of them snuggling up, naked. Joseph fell asleep with Adel in his arms.

Adel fell asleep as well, not bothering to fix either of their clothing.

When Joseph woke the next, it was dark out. He jumped up, nearly throwing Adel off the bed. "SHIT, we fell asleep!"
"Hey, it's ok, we already went to see Liz, dont worry about it." Joseph just realized that Joachim and James were in the room, watching his naked penis fling in the air. "... I hate you right now..." He grumbled at the two of them.

Adel woke and looked around confusedly "Huh...wha-whoa! Uhmmm hi guys?"He said, grabbing a pillow and putting it over his waist, blushing crimson.

"OuT!!" yelled Joseph, turning red because of anger more than embarrassment!!! "Im sorry Adel. It didn't mean for this to happen..." Joseph got quite and sat down, slowly pulling up his undergarments.

Adel laughed softly"Well..that was...embarrassing.."He said, doing the same, getting fully dressed."They didnt know though so don't be angry with them."

"Well, I... am still tired, good night." And he jumped back into bed and fell into a deep sleep.

Adel laughed and fellinto sleep with him.

When the morning came, James and Joachim were already gone to the peir. Joseph got up, dressed, and got ready to leave.

Adel did the same, smiling softly to himself, feeling finaly complete in his thoughts and life.

Joseph was waiting in the lobby for Adel. He had called up a carriage for the two of them to go the the boat. He sipped tea and waited for Adel to come from the room.

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