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Stephanie Poetry

  Everytime i look into your eyes i get this indescribable feeling inside. Is surpassed only by my love for you and can accomplish anything i want to do. When i lay my head down for sleep the vision captured of your face in my dreams i keep. This undying emotion of euphoric happiness i never want to pass and i bid thee goodnight and forever in grace your heart will last.

  Ones feeling of love runs deep inside and hopes everlasting that love never dies. Whatever your pleasure or desire to tease, to know that trust is great and doing as i please means more to me and my faith in you will never cease. One heart, one soul, one beat as life takes its toll falling in love with you is the best thing i'll ever know. I love you stephanie and this i shall show to time indefinite and forever in hopes that my love will sow :)

  One more day one more night the darkness slowly turns to light. I awake and turn my head and realize how great it is to find you in my bed. To find you in my life and share these days with you i know there is noone else i'd rather "do" :) to hold, love, cherish, and kiss; feelings of joy, happiness, and bliss. Only a few words to offer the savior of my heart does not compare to the beauty inside of your heart but we both know neither one of us wants to be apart. At work or out with friends one way or another we will find time to put our separation at and end.

  I love you. My sun, moon, stars, the reason i wake in the morning. My love, devotion, compassion is all yours to have. Seeing your face is enough to just keep living. You're my ecstasy, heroin, and drug of choice. Without you my world would crash and burn. You're everything my heart yearns for.

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