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2007-09-08 14:12:27
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All the poems are © Chrysilla



Tell me, why should I still believe in love
When everybody lies
(even me)
When love itself became a big lie?
Why should you still hope
That somewhere in the world
There`s someone waiting for you
To make you the goddess he`ll worship?
Why should I still try to build something
When nothing lasts anymore
Cause the others ruin it?
Why would I still want to live
When love is touched with lies?
Why sould I still love you?
Why shouldn`t i lie to you too?
Why should I?
Tell me…


Song for the beautiful lier

I like to listen to you
When you tell me beautiful words while kissing me,
I like to think you love me,
I like when you smile looking at me
And telling me that everything is alright.
I know you lie to me and you know I lie to you,
But lies are so beautiful…
Let`s hide together of truth
Cause its light is so cold and blinding,
Let`s create a new world, ours
Warm and full of love,
A world that is beautiful through its lies.
Why shouldn`t we lie, if that makes us feel so good…
Believe i love you, and i`ll pretend I believe it too,
Tell me you love me and pretend to believe it,
Because truth is so painful
And lie is so peaceful for an wounded soul.


Autumn wishes

I wish you were by my side, talking to me,
And when our mouths stop talking,
Shall our eyes do,
And let our lips speak another language,
The language of kissed under the falling leaves.
I wish you were by my side, watching me,
And when our eyes stop watching,
Shall our hands speak with caresses,
And our eyes shall close under the light.
I wish you were by my side for me to love you all
Eyes and hands and maybe-liing lips
And arms that hold me tight
I wish I told you thousand words
And caressed you a thousand ways,
Stopping your beautiful lies with a kiss
And telling each other “I love you”.



I saw you in my dreams last night.
We were walking along the seaside,
Watching the gulls floating in the sunset,
We were sitting on the sand
Listening to the waves that sang our longing.
I dreamt we were both dreaming,
Flowing in time
Runnaways from the world into our world.
I have been seeking for you all night long in my dreams
And between meaningless pieces of dreams
And I found you waiting for me
In another dream, dreaming about me.
And I dreamt that in our dream
On the seaside
We fell asleep, holding each other
Lost in time, in dreams, facing eternity.
And the sea was singing under the sunset.



-about the girl that seeked her lover for seven years, seven months, seven weeks and seven days-

Since when haven`t I seen you? It`s been an eternity
Since I`ve been erring along the path of my soul,
Searching again and again,
Searching for my hidden love,
Searching for you, my beloved,
On the beach of my thoughts
On the sea of my body
On the sky of my soul.
I searched for you inside me, I searched for you in whispers,
In thoughts, in stars, in flowers and in darkness,
I searched for you in roses` dew
And their thorns wounded my palms
And finaly I saw you – The One.
I looked into the mirrors deep waters
And I stepped closer and I was stunned
Seeing the only thing I haven`t thought about:
Looking into the mirror, instead of me,
My long time lost beloved 
I saw there… you.
And then I understood that you have always been there.
The search stopped here.
“And so they lived happily ever after.”


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2008-11-08 [Tarkis Nethermoon]: Admirably written.


2008-11-08 [Chrysilla]: Thank you <img:44166_1164145197.gif>

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