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Song Magic

Level 2 Song Magic

Chant of Guarding
Effect - Provides an extra 50% Magic power against Blood magic for d4 + intelligence turns in an area of 3 squares all around the caster.
Cost - 10 MP
(Magic Circle Against Fire + Magic Circle Against Earth)
(Silence + Mirage)

Mirror Image
Effect - Creates a number of copies of yourself equal to your intelligence, the copies cannot attack or cast spells, but they can dodge, block and even talk. The copies are dispelled when they take 1 HP damage or after d4 + Intelligence turns.
Cost - 8 MP
(Imposed Voice + Mirage)
(Howl + Mirage)
(Imposed Voice + Create Water)

Inspire Competence
Effect - Increases the party's attack, defense, speed, intelligence and charisma by 1 for d4 + level turns.
Cost - 7 MP
(Haste + Purify)
(Howl + Waterwalk)

Effect - Creates a great amount of screeches and disturbing noises over the whole area. Creating a disturbing screech in all enemies ears which deals 1 damage every turn unless the target doeas a succesful magic roll and gives a -5 penalty to any concentration rolls.
Magic Power - 9
Cost - 6 MP
(Screech + Fog)
(Howl + Fog)
(Screech + Underwater Breath)

Sound Burst
Effect - Deafens an enemy character, dealing d6 + intelligence, giving him a 20% chance of missing every attack and a -5 to concentration rolls for d4 + level turns. However, the character becomes inmune to all song spells and sonic spells.
Magic Power - 7
Cost - 10 MP
(Underwater Breath + Silence)
(Howl + De-freeze

Silent Noise
Effect - Once silent noise has been cast, a group of characters becomes inmune to all sonic spells and song spells.
Magic Power - 10
Cost - 6 MP
(Fog + Wind Wall)
(Purify + Silence)
(Underwater Breath + Sleep)

Effect - Creates a resonating wave of sound that can shatter someone's armor. When someone is struck by resonance and looses his resistance roll, there is a 50% chance that his armor will shatter, a 30% chance that his weapon will shatter, and a 10% chance all of his accesories will shatter.
Magic Power - 6
Cost - 10 MP
(Screech + Chill Metal)
(Chill Metal + Wind Blow)
(Hail + Sonic Blast)
(Steam Jet + Sonic Blast)

Storm Arrows
Effect - Enchants d4 + level arrows so that when they strike, the enemy has a 75% chance of being paralized when struck.
Cost - 8 MP
(Chill Metal + Lightning Touch)
(Hail + Wind Blow)
(Frost Beam + Wind Slash)

Effect - Rain falls on everyone in the party, healing d4 damage to all blue or yellow elementals and doubling the effetiveness of all thunder and ice magic and halving the effectiveness of fire magic.
Cost - 6 MP
(Wind Blow + Purify)
(Steam Jet + Wind Wall)
(Sleep + Purify)

Level 3 Song Magic

War Symphony
Effect - War Symphony increases the attack and defense of all allies in the area by d4 points during d4 + charisma turns.
Cost - 15 MP
(Mass Haste + Geiser)
(Lullaby + Frost Arrows)

Storm Hammer
Effect - Creates a storm Hammer (5 Atk, 2 Def, Has a 15% chance of stunning the enemy when it strikes)
Cost - 15 MP
(Frost Arrow + Thunder Arrow)
(Ice Fang + Lightning Shield)

Sonic Shield
Effect - Creates a shield of sonic energy around the caster. The sonic shield lasts for 1d6+level turns, enhances defense by 25% against melee attacks and prevents ranged damage completely, it also nullifies the effects of song and wind (not thunder) magic in the area. When the shield expires, it produces a Sonic Blast affecting everyone around the caster.
Magic Power - 15
Cost - 10 MP
(Frost Shield + Lightning Shield)
(Dissipate Earth + Dissipate Fire)
(Lightning Bolt + Acid)

Pain Concerto
Effect - During the first round of the pain concerto, all enemies adjacent to the caster take d4 damage, the second round, all enemies 2 squares from the caster takes d4 damage as well, and so on. The caster cannot take any actions or move while the Pain Concerto is active. The Pain Concerto will expand during d8 + Charisma turns unless the character fails a concentration roll and the spell is interrupted.
Magic Power - 10
Cost - 12 MP
(Lullaby + Acid Fog)
(Lullaby + Fire Resistant)
(Lullaby + Acid Pond)

Moonlight Serenade
Effect - The moonlight serenade complete hypnotizes a target with a charisma roll. A hypnotized character can be ordered to perform actions by the caster, the caster, however, cannot take any action or the spell is interrupted. Each round, the caster must roll charisma in order to remain in control, if the caster fails a concentration roll against an attack, the spell is interrupted. In adition to this a yellow or blue elemental can be asked by the caster to heal himself for as d6 + caster's charisma HP.
Magic Power - 10
Cost - 13 MP
(Lullaby + Disipate Fire)
(Lullaby + Frost Shield)
(Lullaby + Geiser)

Hurricane Speed
Effect - Grants the caster or an ally an extra d4 points to speed, and the ability to use the lightning speed, flurry of blows and wind slash without usage limit during d8 turns.
Cost - 14 MP
(Flight + Frost Arrow)
(Accelerate + Ice Fang)
(Lightning Bolt + Fire Resistant)

Level 4 Song Magic

Effect - A great storm envelops the area, including torrential rain and lightning. The monzoon lasts for d4 + level turns, the whole area is under the effect of the torrent spell during that time and a lightning bolt strikes a random target every turn, dealing 2d8 + level damage.
Cost - 15 MP
(White Wind + Deluge))
(Rain Dance + Lightning Wall)
(Deluge + Thunder Bow)

Sonic Storm
Effect - During the first round of the sonic storm, all characters adjacent to the caster take d20 + intelligence damage and have a 60% chance of being stunned for d4 + charisma turns. During the following rounds the spell's range increasses.
Turn 2 - d12 + intelligence - 50% chance
Turn 3 - d10 + intelligence - 40% chance
Turn 4 - d8 + intelligence - 30% chance
Turn 5 - d6 + intelligence - 20% chance
Turn 6 - d4 + intelligence - 10% chance
After casting the spell, the caster is free to move and perform other actions, the spell cannot be interrupted.
Magic Power - 15
Cost - 18 MP
(Shriek + Freeze)
(Choke + Freeze)

Summon Song Guardian
Effect - Summons a creature made from sonic energy.
Cost - 20 MP
(Summon Water Elemental + Summon Air Elemental)
(Shriek + Control Water)
(Thunder Bow + Water Spear)

The Realms of Lemire
Lemirian Magic

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2005-06-26 [Roma]: Oh geez - this makes me so happy. As a musician, it speaks to me...KOALA IT, I MUST! *koalas the magic, and the Dur!* Happy, you have made this music geek! XD

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