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Light glittered as it caught among silver highlights of an obsidian pupil. Warm sunlit rays casted a contradiction to a very faint chilled wind of fall. A curtain of red and silver slipped in front of the eyes resembling night to shiled them from the brightness of shining leaves as tired feet, sore from their working of the day, walked on through a leaf strewn wooded path, making much noise as they sought their way to home and recess from toil. The body was tense but stronger for it's wear as it proceeded onward, paying no attention at all to it's surroundings other than to watch for anything that could slow progress to return to the owner's home. Soft lips were licked eagerly in attempts to moisten them as they chapped over in a painful slight cracking of skin. A nice hot bath and all this pain would be over with and peace would again bestill itself. But he only had to get there, for Iria was much tired and a nap would surely do him well.

Pressing his hand to the wound in his side Elrond clenched his teeth in pain as he watched his enemies crest the hill. He was alone, wounded and outnumbered and with his last ounce of strength he muttered the incantation and closed his eyes. There was a great rush of wind and the elf felt as if he was falling for the longest time then suddenly the wind was knocked out of his as he arrived, where ever he was he had sent himself. Dizzy from blood loss, he opened his eyes and found himself in a very different world. He was lying on cold, damp cerment with brick buildings rising up around him. The smell or rotting food and vomit assalted his nose and just when he thought it could not get any worse he felt a sharp pain in the small of his back. Elrond was bing kicked and harsh words were being barked at him in a language he did not recognize. Weak as he was he put up no fight as his gold armbands and jeweled rings were stripped from him and the agrssers left. Deciding he would not die is such a vile place he dragged himself to the feet and using the delapated buildings to support himself he staggered off. Elrond was not sure how much time passed but the buildings thinned until eventually he was
walking among trees and greenery. He sunk to his knees then fell forward lying where he fell, sure his life would end sooner rather than later. Saying his goodbyes to the world the elf's eyes closed and darkness embraced him.

Something was happening. The thought assailed Iria quickly and it made him look around on edge. And then he saw a peculiar lump in his pathway. He frowned and approached calmly, looking in shock then as he saw it was a person. "Oh no.... please don't be a dead person.. don't feel like explaining that to the cops..." He said, sighing as he recalled all ready having to try and explain the bodies of his aunt and his uncle as they did one day after the other for unknown causes outside of mental illness that had finally gripped them. He'd found them both and the police still hadn't left him alone about it. He knelt down and saw this particular body was still alive, but wounded. "Must have gotten beat.." With sigh Iria checked for a pulse and pleased at finding one he decided to turn the person on their back, upon doing so he was more than surprised to see pointed ears. "Must be why he was mugged... I've never seen anything like that before..well... home isn't so far away..let's get going." He huffed and decided to get a better look at the being when he reached his home which after taking a path going deeper into the woods he would be there in no time, he half carried and half dragged the person home with him and fought to lay him carefully on the couch.

Taking a better study at his newly found guest Iria was more than curious. The clothing he wore was so terribly strange but nice and seemed that he would not like anything else on the person. Long black hair had him captivated with it's softness even as it was in tangles and those ears he'd seen earlier. What exaclty was this being? He examined his hands and fond them long and thin fingered, making him smile a little. The other's clothing needed washing as did the other himself. He decided to take that matter into his own hands. He carefully pealed away clothing but to his unfortunate finding he found a cut in the person's side. "Oh no..." He grabbed peroxide and bandages and set to work on cleaning the other up, also taking a bowl of warm water with him to clean the other's dirty face and hands. He stripped the form, blushing mildly as he saw the toned chest and stomach of him. "Mmm mmm mmm I might have to get you to stay a little when you waken. Very hot." He said, shivering and ignoring the felings of lust he had. He grabbed a robe and wrapped it around the other, then taking off the rest of his clothing to wash it as well. "As I said, delicious..." Iiria mumbled when he saw the rest of him. "Well, let's put these in the wash.. I wonder what you would like to eat..." He knew the other was much knocked out, but he couldn't help but wonder. He dropped the clothing in the washer and sat n the floor next to is guest, wondering when he'd waken.

Through fever dreams Elrond relived his last battle, he felt the sting of the blade in his side, a dark blade forged from evil and malice. The destruction of everything and everyone he held dear made him cry out in his sleep until he suddenly opened his eyes. It took him a moment to realize that he was not on the battle field, nor was he in the stinking city he had transported himself too or the woods he was sure would be his grave. His throat was dry and as he spoke his words were nothing more than a breathy crackle.
"Water..." He asked in elven as his eyes finally focused and he noticed the boy sitting on the floor beside him. He also became aware he was clean and his wound was dressed. "Water.... please..." He asked again in his native tongue.

Iria blinked several times at the beautiful voice that he heard come from this other's lips. He didn't understand what it was saying but he knew what most wanted when they just woke from a long sleep and it was water. He went tothe frigerator and was glad he had bottled water rather than tap water and he came back with it. "This?" he asked, handing him a twenty ounce bottle of which he screwed off the cap.

Reaching out to take the offered drink Elrond groaned in pain but gave the boy a smile and his thanks. He would have to do something about the language barrier, perhaps if he was strong enough he could cast a sell so he could understand and speak with his savior. Sitting up a little he propped himself up against the arm of the couch and drank deeply from the bottle. The water was cold and it tingled a little but he was too thirsty to care, even when he spilled some of it down his front in his haste. The wound in his side began to bleed again at the movement and Elrond noted he would have to stitch it. It seemed that he would live, thanks to the the kindness of a complete stranger.

Iria saw that the wound began to bleed again and he rushed for more bandages, getting a long one that would better keep the bleeding from happening. "What happened to you?" He asked, gesturing to the wound. He began to dab at the cut again and dried it, wrapping it to stop it from opening again. He hated to see the other in so much damaging, this beautful creature that was marred with this ugly cut on his side.

Frowning Elrond listened to the boy and when he was sure he did not recognize the language he muttered a spell and waved his hand in an encompassing gesture. It was a translation spell that allowed him to understand his saviour's words and let him learn the language so he could reply.
"I was in a battle... one my people lost..." The words sounded strange and the movements of his lips odd but the elf decided it was a pleasant enough language. "Thank you." He added studying the boy.

A faint blush covered Iria's cheeks at the other's voice. "I am sorry that you lost. But, where are you from? I've never seen anyone like you. " He said, gesturing to him. "Your ears are pointed and your build is strong.. your clothing was certainly strange as can be."

The way the boy blushed made the elf smile, it was truly a sweet thing. It was then Elrond remembered his clothes had been removed and that his young rescuer had beheld him naked. With a friendly smile he spoke in the new and strange language of the boy.
"How rude of me. My name is Elrond, I am an Elven Lord form Middle Earth...." Realizing this probably made no sense he explained a little better. "My race are eternal we live for thousands of years but war came to out land and my kin fell.... I am all that was left. As my enemy advanced upon me I cast a spell... a door way of sorts. I did not know where the portal lead, I was in rather a rush at the time. It bought me here to your world..." Realizing this was a lot for the boy to take in he stopped for a moment letting his words sink in. "I am lucky you found me when you did good Sir." He added smiling as he looked at the boys heavenly eyes.

"An.. elf?" Iria recalled books and things describing such creatures and he for some reason believed the strange being in front of him. "I've never met an elf. You're the only elf in existence here I think. Well, your clothing is by the way being cleaned I will have it returned to you soon, perhaps I can find you more clothing, we're a bit different in stature I will have to buy you some. Have you any money or residence? Probably not..."

Shaking his head Elrond frowned as he remembered his first encounter with beings of this strange world.
"I had gold jewelery but it was taken from me when I arrived..." He thought for a moment wondering how he could pay his way. "If you would do me the honor of allowing me to remain here until I am healed then I will pay you back in some way? Do you have chores that need attending? I am skilled at several things and my cooking is always well received." Not entierly sure what he could do in his current state, Elrond was open to suggestions.

""I have an extra room so you may very much remain. I can support myself so you don't need to worry about all of that. All I want is a friend and someone to talk to when I return home from a hard day's work. I have savings in which I could buy you clothing and we should get your wound stitched." He said, going to the dryer and retrieveing the other's clothing. "Here's your clothing, let's get you dressed and then we can get you stitched up and then to the store." Iria said, finding any way to keep the other at his home. Such a handsome house guest was more than welcome. He found he wanted to seduce the other but decided he would be nice. "Although, cooking does sound nice if you feel like cooking once in a while. You have no charge to live here, I've been needing company." He said, smiling.

The invertation to stay was more than Elrond had expected and once again he found himself smiling at his savior.
"Once again I must thank you..." He paused realizing he was not sure how to address the boy. "I would be more than happy to offer you conversation and prepare your meals." Very slowly Elrond got up so he could dress himself. He let his coverings drop and stood naked in front of Iria until he shrugged into his clothes careful of his side. "Do you have needle and thread?" The elf asked. "I can stitch it myself if you would prefer?"

Iria blushed darkly at seeing the other naked even if for only a split second. "Yes I have needle and thread... are you ure you knoww hat you're doing with it though?" He asked, fearing that the other was being a tad silly to try and stitch himself up.

Elrond smiled at the boy.
"Yes I know what I am doing." He had been in many battles and had his wound be made by an ordenary blade he would have been able to simply heal it but the dark magic acted like a poison and it would need the stitches to keep it closed and care so it did not become infected. "Though it is not in the easiest of places to reach." The elf suddenly realized that because it was more towards the back he would need help it was also rather long and the angle made it almost impossible to reach the bottom properly. "On second thoughts I will need assistance." The Elven Lord had not wanted to put the boy out further but there was no way around it.

Iria blinked. "Okay..." He grabbed the needle and thread. "Just instruct me and I will do my best." He said, gingerly looking at the cut. "It looks painful." He said, threading the needle through. "Tell me how and where to start." He looked up at the other, surprised the other put so much trust into him.

Not being familure with this new world he was in Elrond was not aware that most people did not know how to stitch wounds.
"Have you not done this before?" He asked suddenly feeling bad for asking such a thing. "I can talk you through it if you like?" Tilting his head slightly Elrond once again studied Iria's reaction. He wondered what the boy had meant when he spoke earlier of getting the wound stitched if he had not intended to do it himself. Battle by necessity had taught warriors to tend to their own and their companions wounds, and this wold had seemed violent enough when he first arrived.

"Well no I haven't had such a woun that needed to be stitched and if I had I would have gone to a doctor. But please, talk me through it, sit back down." He said, wanting to have better access to the other in that sense. He was aware of their closeness, aware that the other was allowing him to do this and that it was potentially intimate.

Nodding the elf lifted his shirt.
"You will have to unwrap it first." That was obvious but as he was not sure of Iria's level of knolege on the matter so he started with the very basics. "As you have already cleaned it out very well you can start from the bottom. Knot the bottom of the thread and it is easier with a arched needle, if you heat it then careful not to burn yourself gently bend the needle like a...." Elrond struggled to find the right world. " hook. Starting at the bottom of the cut gently pinch the skin together and push the needle in from the outside about a..." Again he had difficulty explaining the measurement so he ended up holding holding up his thumb and finger showing a space of about 5mm. "This far from the edge of the skin and then keep pushing it through until it comes out the other side. It is better to pull the thread tight then leave it loose. As if you were stitching a blanket you start from the bottom again and push the needle through and out the other side. Keep doing this pinching the skin together as you go. It does not matter if the skin puckers slightly after being stitched that will help it heal quicker and once the thread is removed the scare should be even." Hoping he had explained himself properly Elrond gave Iria an encouraging smile.

It was all quite much for Iria to digest for the other to say all of this at once but he did his best to remember everything he'd been told. He grabbed a lighter and heated the needle, bending it as suggested with only a minor burn and then he pinched the skin together. "You know this is sooo going to hurt." He said, pushing it through as he was instructed. "I wish I had something to numb your pain.." He said, stitching up to forty something stitches or more, he'd lost count. He felt he'd done well with his handiwork. "Okay.. now how to you keep it from coming out?" He asked, looking up at the other, trying to meet his eyes and not let his gaze roam over the sexually delicious body in front of him.

The Elven Lord's brow was furrowed and his teeth clenched in pain and he had to take a few deep breaths before he could tell Iria how to tie off the thread. There was perspiration on his brow and he was pale. "You have done well, thank you. It is very neat so the scar will not be big." Leaning back the elf closed his eyes for a moment and much to his shame his stomach grumbled.

After tying off the thread, Iria pressed a small kiss to the wound. "May you heal quickly he said." As he heard the other's stomach growl he smiled. "Come on, we'll get you food while we are out getting you clothing." He shot one last longing glance at the elf-king's body and had to force himself to look away, grabbing a coat. "It's a little cold so this should help you from that and it wont draw too much attention. Follow me." He said, grabbing his wallet and wanting to hold the other's hand or take him by the arm or something of that nature. He felt more than lucky. He'd found a fallen stranger who was absolutely beautiful.

Standing up Elrond took the offered coat and when he found the sleeves were far too short he just hung it around his shoulder like a cape.
"Thank you again." It seemed he was saying that a lot to his young savior. Following Iria the elf winced slightly as he stepped down the small step of the doorway and reached out to grab the boy's shoulder. Steadying himself Elrond took in a deep breath, determined not to stumble again.

"Are you sure you're going to be all right?" Iria asked, wishing he had some way to numb the pain. He took hold of the other's arm to steady him. "I don't want you to go unless you're absolutely sure you will be all right." He said in wondering what to do with the other.

Being the proud creature he was Elrond nodded.
"Yes dear Iria I will be fine, if it is not too much trouble, may I take your arm to steady myself?" The truth was Elrond rather liked the way the boy held him and he really did need a little help.

"Yes, please do." Iria said, holding to the other. "Although, soon we'll be in my car and you wont have to, you just sit and it transports us. I don't know what kind of technology you have back where you come from." He only used his car when he needed to go places more than a mile away and it saved him tremendously on gas. He opened his garage and led the other in, opening the door to the car and setting him inside before going to the driver's side. He grabbed keys from his pocket and placed them in the ignition. "Okay... let's see here.." He reahced across the other, blushing as he did to put the seatbelt on him before doing his own and backing out.

Frasinated by the metal contraption he was sitting in Elrond raised an eyebrow as Iria buckled his seatbet. The roar of the moter gave the elf a bit of a start and when they started moving backwards he tried to turn around and once again cringed as his side hurt.
"What was it you called this thing again?" Elrond asked amazed by the verhicle. "There is nothing like this in Middle Earth, not even the Wizards possess such contraptions." The seatbelt worried him a little and once they began to move forward the elf felt much happier seeing where they were going.

Witha large grin Iria explained the car to him. "It's caled a car, well an automobile, anyhow, that's weird. I would of thought you had these.. you're in for a big surprise, almost everyone here has one..." He said, proving his point as they exited the driveway tothe street that lead to the highway. "It's a quick and efficient mode for transportation."

Staring wide eyed out the windows Elrond found everything very strange and he was amazed by the shere number of cars and people around him. He had been in a dazed state when he first arived and had used all his strength and concentration to stagger towards the woods. Paying attention to the sights around him had not been one of the elf's priorities.
"We have carts, wagons and horses. There are a few other animals we can ride but the horse is our main mode of transport."

"Wow.. we used to be like that in like.. the eighteen hundreds and before... " He said, pulling into a crowded mall parking lot. "Okay you, press that button to release your belt and we'll get shopping he said, getting out of the car, demonstrating undoing the belt to the other nd then walking to his side to take his arm.

The seatbelt springing back startled Elrond and the door proved a little troublesome until he figured out that he had accidently locked it while trying to open it. Taking the offered arm he smiled down at Iria. The mall was noisy and strange, people coming and going and bright lights that made him squint at first. He had never seen anything like it, there were also strange smells as well, some of them were deligtful while others made his crinkle his nose in disgust. The fashon was another things that shocked the tall elegant elf.
"Are there many places such as this in your world?" Elrond asked looking slightly displeased with the bustle that was a stark contrast from the peace and beauty of Rivendell.

"Yes, I know it's not like my home and happy and peaceful, but the world is FULL of these places. It irritates me too. We wont be long, just long enough to get you some clothing and then we'll go to the grocery to get you some food." Iria replied, his eyes sparkling as he looked up at the other. He lead him into a more eccentric clothing store. "There are things you would like more in here, modern day style doesn't suit you at all."

Looking around at what the other adult males were wearing Elrond had to agree with Iria. The clothing in this store was much more suited to the elf and as he inspected a few items the clerk came and asked if they needed any help.
"I wish to purchase some garments." Elrond answered in his rich seductive voice with the musical accent of his native tongue. The clerk raised an eyebrow for a moment but then he nodded.
"What size are you Sir? I can show you what we have in stock in your size. Do you have anything in particular in mind?" Knowing nothing of the customs or clothing sizing the elf looked to Iria for help.

"Well he'd... good question. Let's see.. do you have a measuring tape?" When one was brought to him he wrote down the measurements on a clip-board provided to him. "There, that's what we need." He said, smiling up at the elfen lord. "We need anything elegant and yet.... anything that looks like it came from a fantasy movie."

With a broad smile the clerk nodded.
"Well he definatly has the figure for it." The man noticed Elrond's pointed ears but did not say anything, he thought just assumed they were LARPing or something.

"What is a fantasy movie?" The elven Lord asked Iria, tilting his head slightly. There was so much Elrond did not understand even if he understood the words people were saying.

The clerk returned with a pile of clothes and ushered them towards a dressing room.
"Well I did as you said and this is what I found... This pile here is pure silk, these are some very nice loose fitting shirts and pants and a couple of long robes. Oh and this cloak." There were browns, olive greens and browns, embroided clothes and velvets. Basicly it looked like the wardrobe from a movie about dragons and brave Kings.

Iria huffed. "Yeah he does." He said, pouting that the other had noticed his figure. As far as Iria was concerned,that figure was 'his'. He lead Elrond into the dressing room and took the pile. "Okay you, let's get you out of these and see how these look." He said, smiling at how perfect the first outfit was to him. "It looks like it belongs on you." He said, tugging at the bell sleeves.

Smiling the elf had to admit he enjoyed being fussed over by this young mortal. looking in the large mirror in the fitting room Elrond nodded.
"Yes this will do nicely." He purred in his rich velvety voice. As Iria ran his hands over the material the Elven Lord had to stop himself form moaning, the boy's touch felt so very nice.

"How are you goin in there? Do you need a hand?" The clerk was very egar to see what the tall, graceful man looked like in the things he had picked out for him.

Iria huffed at the other's presistence. "No, the choices you picked were absolutely perfect, but we need not a hand." He said, sighing and gathering all of the toufits. "Let's get these purchased and go to the grocery store."

Reaching out to grab hold of the young mortal's shoulder Elrond smirked.
"Why Iria, are you jealous because the clerk was admiring me?" The Elven Lord knew the answer was yes but he wanted to hear it from you savior's lips and see the look in the boy's eyes. The more he got to know Iria the more he decided he liked him.

Iria lookd the elven lord in the eyes shyly. "What if I was?" He asked in barely a whisper, blushing a little and bringing the clothing to the register to check out. After his things were bagged he left the man who served them a five dollar tip for doing well and led his elven king out and to the car again. "Okay what kind of food do you like to eat?"

The boy's body language and tone told Elrond everything he needed to know about his feelings. The Elf was not blind to the effect he had on men or women for that matter and he smiled sweetly at Iria. When he was asked about what kind of food he liked Elrond wondered if the food in this world was like that in his own or if it was all competely different.
"What is in season? Have the crops been harvested yet? I am not sure what season it is here, back home the fields would be turning gold and the grain ripens."

"Um, it's almost winter but we have all kinds of fruits and stuff." He said, pulling into the grocery store parking lot and helping the other out again. "I mean we can chose what you like, I will let you pick the stuff out." He said, grabbing a cart on their way in.

The entire shopping experience had been a strange one to the elf and the viarity of food avaliable to them was somewhat impressive. There were many things he recognized and others that were a forign to him as he was to this world. Elrond gathered many different fruit and veg and was delighted by the cheese section. He also marvled at the thing called ice-cream and the different flavours it came in. The frozen dinners made the Elven King screw his nose up in disgust though. The fresh breads also met Elrond's aproval and the biscuits or cookies as some of them were called fasinated him. All the different types of cakes and sweets had the elf rubbing his temples as he tried to decide if he wanted some or not.
"This world is plentyful with food Iria, it does not surprise me there are so many large people around." Among the elves there were no over wieght people and even the realms of men did not have many who were over fed so the sheer number and size of the people around him was a wonder.

Iria reigned in his laughter as the abruptness of his elven companion's statement. "Yes there are, they like there food too much and some simply can not help their wieght. Well, now that you've found everything, let's buy it, what would you like for dinner? I think a beef stew would be appropriate considering the weather." He said, smiling. "And then on the side you can have fruit and bread with cheese, how does that sound?" He asked, lifting the other's shirt momentarily to check the stitches. "And I need to grab ointment for that." He blushed a little and grabbed some antibacterial spreaded stuff and lead the other to check out.

Elrond had enjoyed the fact that Iria lifted his shirt and the boy's thoughgfulness was touching.
"I hope all this is not too much of an impossition on you or too costly?" The elf asked rather seductivly. It seemed he was indeed blessed to have come across this young mortal who was so very kind to him. "You have no idea how much I appreciate everything you have done for me. I can make the stew if you like? He wanted to do something to repay Iria.

"You're allready repaying me by giving me company." Iria said, smiling and leading his companion back out to the car. Upon arriving home he helped the other inside and on the couch before taking his groceries to the kitchen where he put them away except what he needed for supper. "You may come out here and sit in the kitchen with me while I cook if you'd like." Iria said, seasoning the meat he wanted in the stew.

As soon as he sat down Elrond realized just how tired he was. The trip had taken a lot out of him and his side was a little sore from all that moving around. Again he noted what luck it was that Iria had found him in the woods. Watching the boy cook the Elven Lord realized just how attractive Iria really was. He had this kind of sad innocents that seemed to radiate from him and his movements were graceful in their own way. Letting his eyes wander down to the boy's hips and thighs Elrond caught himself wondering what it would be like to slide between those thighs and wrap his strong hands around those narrow hips.

Iria decided to give the other a roll and a little array of fruit to hold him over until supper. "Give it about an hour and then we can have some, as for now, let's eat this and watch a movie together if you'd like.. wait you've probably never ha da movie.." He grinned and put on a random movie portraying zombies and sat beside his companion. "How are you feeling?" He asked, turning the volume to a reasonable level.

"Surprizingly good thank you." Elrond answered honestly but frowned at the movie. "This is for entertainment and not real?" He asked not entierly sure he understood the point of the gorey movie. This new world was so very different and at times confusing but it did have Iria and that was a very big positive as far as he was concerned. As he bit into an apple the Elven King smiled at how crisp and fresh it tasted. "These are good, abble was it?" He asked getting the name wrong but he had never said the word before and could not quite remember how it was spelled on the sign at the market.

Iria smiled at the other. "It's an 'apple', but close enough and yes it's entertainment. These kind of things are meant for people to be afraid and have fun with." He said, wishing to lean on the other but minding his own space. "If you want to watch a different one I can change it."

Elrond shook his head.
"No, it's fine just a little unsettling." The idea of these highly contagious living dead and decaying creatures roaming around was not a pleasant one and when one of the zombies suddenly attacked from the shadows the elf even cringed and found his own hand in Iria's. Not being used to showing such emotion and weakness Elrond appologized. "Sorry Iria." He said pulling his hand back and trying not to blush. Holding the boy's hand felt too good and the movie was making him realize that he, just like the small group of survivers was very alone in this strange new world. Everything he knew was gone, everyone he had loved was gone and he would never see his home again. Sighing he played with a bunch of grapes trying not to think of such things.

"It's okay." Iria said with a red tinge to his cheeks. "I mean they are scary. I don't think you've ever seen this kind of thing where you come from." He said as he managed to smile a little.He gently took the other's hand back in his and held it in a loving fashion, surprised at himself for being so bold.

Finding Iria's touch a great comfort the Elven King smiled and moved a little closer to the boy.
"We have many scary and real horrors in my world but yes the ease and speed with wich these Zombies transform their prey is alarming to say the least." Perhaps Elrond was not as completley alone as he felt? He did have Iria after all and thuse far the boy had been very helpful and able to lif his spirits well enough. Perhaps he should rethink his lonelyness?

Intrigued Iria looked up at the other. "What sort of things do you have in your world?" He asked, yawning a little and laying his head back on the heading of the couch while looking up at the other.

Sighing the Elven Lord thought about the other beings of his world.
"There are other kinds of elves, ones who have different strengths, and hobbits. They are short in stature and cheerful things for the most part, they love to drink mead and smoke pipe weed and grow things. Some of my dearest friends were hobbits." Thinking of Bilbo and Frodo and the others bought a slight pain, they were friends who had passed on in the great war. Continuing so he did not get misty eyes again the elf spoke of Dwarfs and the different clans of men. He told of wizards and the now extinct tree gardens the Ents and of the evil trolls and the Euriki and creatures who were once, long ago Elves but became twisted and deformed in their greed and illdoing. He spoke for so long that by the time he finished it was time for dinner. "So many friends and wonderful beings never to be seen again in Middle Earth. It is now a place of darkness and rot, evil and cruelty." That truth pained Elrond greatly but he was here now, in this world and he had Iria.

Feeling heartwrenched at the other's tale Iria respectfully kissed the other on the back of the hand."You're brave for facing it all. I hope I can help gain your friendship and maybe one day your world will be a bit brighter." He said, standing. "I need to check on the stew" He explained. He wiped away a stray tear that had formed when learning how much the other had lost. He owed to be the best to this elf he could be. "Elrond, dinner's ready." He shouted from the kitchen, blushing at the way the words sounded as though they were a couple. He sighed in wishing and grabbed two bowls for the stew, pouring a generous amount in each and setting them at the table.

The boy's concern and the small tear seemed to bring Elrond undone emotionally and as soon as Iria left for the kitchen he cried a little himself. The fact the boy cared enough to feel sorry for him was touching. Wiping his eyes and swallowing the lump in his throat the Elven King carefully stood up, favoring his side and went into the kitchen.
"It smells wonderful Iria, thank you again for everything you have done." There really were no words to describe just how much better the other made his life by simply being there. "I would truely be lost without you." He added as he gently lowered himself into the chair at the table holding his stitches as he did so. "Mmmmm... I am famished." He said as he waited for Iria to sit and eat also.

Iria stayed as strong as he could, seeing that the other had begun to cry as well made him want to break into long sobbing and hold one another. "Yes, as am I!" He said, smiling as well as he could, taking a seat right across from the other. He began to dip his roll into the stew, delighted with how well he seemed ot have made it. "Mn, it actually turned out kinda good."

Agreeing Elrond replied.
"Very good." As he had amouthful of it after blowing on it to cool it down a little. Finding he could not say anything more for fear he would cry again the elf tried to think of more pleasant things that home and lost loved ones. Reality was setting in and soon the Elven King would have to greive but he did not want to do it now, not in front of Iria who had been so very kind and generous to him. Despite all that, Elrond found himself suddenly talking as tears ran down his cheeks. "I had two sons and a daughter...." He stated then put down his spoon and covered his face with a napkin as he tried not to sob.

Iria stared wide eyed and went to the other's side, holding him close. "Oh, I am sorry dear." He said, stroking his hair. "I can imagine you had a nice family and friends. That's what war does to people, but you survived, you can live out your days and remember them and start a new life here. Maybe we can somehow get you back to your own time and we can find a way to restablish your kingdom and have you aroung things you enjoy." He knew the other could survive in the modern world , but he also knew he would hate it eventually. He wondered if all of the other elves were truly dead and wondered if there was no way to get back and help the other regain his life and kingdom.

The boy's touch was a great comfort but Elrond did not have the strength to speak. All the elf could do was sob and lean into Iria's embrace. It was too early for him to hope such a thing was possible, his memories of his kin falling to orks were too fresh in his mind. Finally he took in a deep breath and wiped his eyes.
"Sorry about that Iria, now you beautiful dinner is cold." The Elven King could not even begin to tell his host how thankful he was for the comfort he had been given."

"It's only been a moment or two, it shouldn't be too cold. Let's finish eating and then I will make up the guest room for you. Unless you would rather sleep in my room with me, that way you would not feel so odd if you had a horrible dream or something, I would be right there to help you."

Unable to hide the pleasure at the tought of sharing Iria's bed the elf smiled openly.
"I think then I will spend the night with you, I do not think I can face an empty room just now, not after everything I have lost this day." He had felt a slight pain when the boy had broken physical contact with him a moment ago and found himself craving it's return. His loss and lonelyness were not the complete reason for Elrond's wanting to be close to his hoset either, althought it was still to early to know for sure the elf was convinced he had feelings for Iria.

"Certainly. Now finish your supper before it gets cold." Iria said, smiling brightly at him while he returned to his own meal. He was dead hungry and after this he would prepare the bath for the other. "Do you know how to use faucets and things?"

Raising an eyebrow again, Elrond shook his head. At Rivendell they had used aquaducts and small flood gates to control the flow of water and while he assumed that faucets would work on a similar principal he was not familure with their workings.
"No but I am a fast learner." He smiled, trying to cheer himself up a little. Finnishing the las of his stew the Elven King once again thanked Iria and complemented the boy on how much he enjoyed it.

Iria smiled and set both plates in the sink. "Okay, follow me." He said, pulling the other out of his chair and leading him to the master-bathroom. "Okay the towels are in this closet here and the soaps and things are here. You seem clean enough so I am guessing your kind have shampoos and things to cleanse your hair, I have smoe of those here as well I will be more than happy to aid you or inform you on whatever you may need." He said, gathering a small bundle of things. "Now, watch closely. This is for hot water, you twist it to the left to turn it on, and the one on the right is the cold, you twist it the same way and blend them until the water temperature is right for you. If you want a bath of water you plug the drain hole with this and for a shower like.. a .. waterfall so to speak, you pull this little thing up here."

Elrond watched closely and nodded that he understood.
"Yes we do have lotions and things we use to bathe and I think a bath would be eiaser...." He pasued for a moment not really sure how to ask for help. "I ca nott get my stitches wet, the skin gets too soft and the threads might tare it... also it is a little difficult to reach up to wash my hair... are you able to help me with my back and hair Iria?" The boy had already done so much for him and the Elven King was feeling a little helpless which bruised his pride a little but he was just not able to bath himself properly.

Iria had not thought about that and blushed at the thought. "Yes, but a shower would be best then. That way we can both fit in and we can manipulate the water rather than you having to sit in a pool of it." He said, grabbing out another set of towels for himself. "Okay, now, let's get you out of these clothes." He stripped the other down, trying to be casual about it and grabbed a soft sponge, setting it on the tub's edge. He turned the water on and adjsted it to a warm temperature. "Is this okay?"

It was not Elrond's turn to be rahter uncomfortable, standing naked with the boy awoke a certin part of his anatomy making it semi hard. Choosing not to draw attention to his half aroused state he declared that the water was fine. Iria was attractive, a little thin perhaps but he was toned and strong beneath his clothing which delighted the elf.
"This is an ingenious idea this detatachable nozzle thing." The Elven King remarked as he moved the shower head around to wet himself down but left his injured side dry. Focusing the how strange things were in this new world of his was the best way to keep his mind off how good looking his host was.

"Yeah, we do have some nice things in this world." Iria agreed, taking the sponge and filling it with peach scented soap and rubbing gently along the other's back. "You must have been a warrior for sure, you're very strong, I wish I was a little more toned. You've got the perfect body." He said in compliment, aweing over the musclar but yet lean stature of the other. The other spoke not only of strength but of grace as well and that attracted him. "I wish I could see your home. I bet it's beautiful." He said, wishing to be out of the pollution that was the city and country. He scrubbed down the other's buttocks and his legs, smiling "Alll clean there." And then he scrubbed back up them and began to wash the other's hair, sudding the long inky strands and handing the other the sponge so that Elrond could wash his front himself without being embarrassed.

As the boy spoke Elrond got an image of Iria amongst the lacy waterfalls and arched corridors of Rivendell and he smiled. The beautiful boy would not look out of place amongst the intricate carvings and marble statues.
"It is very beautiful... or at least it was." The elf was not even sure if his home still stood, he had seen plooms of black smoke rising from that direction as he fled his attackers. "Perhaps if you allow me I will draw it for you." Suddenly very home sick Elrond thought that he would love having a likness of it and his family close by.

"I would love for you to draw it!" Iria said, wanting excitedly to see the home the other talked so much of. "I love hearing about it as it is. I feel so out of place here. The woods here are my only solace, but even they are thick with digusting poulltants." He pouted and began to wash his own body and rinsed away. "Will you wash my hair for me?" He asked, nt feeling like trying to clean the whole length of it.

"I will do the best I can." Elrond replied trying not to sound too egar to touch the boy. "You have beautiful hair Iria." He said as he moved the shower head up and down it making sure it was all wet before he lifted the shampoo bottle. "Is this the one I use first?" He worked it through Iria's hair massarging the boy's scalp with long graceful but strong fingers. Elrond liked tending to the other far to much and he forced himself to work the lather into the full length of the hair moving away from the scalp. "And do I rinse this out now before I use the other?" The Elven Lord enquired.

Iria was practically drooling as the other's delightful fingers worked through his hair. "Yes, rinse this out and then use the other...thank you, your fingers feel soo nice in my hair." He said, his eyes hazed in delight.

Elrond had to bite his tongue so he did not tell Iria that he felt very nice beneath his fingers. A little concerned that his attraction to the boy was a reaction to his current situation the Elven King promised himself he would not act on his urges until he had a chance to make sure they were real. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt the boy by loving him then abandoning him later if his feelings faded. Rinsing the other's hair out he concentrated on the slight pain in his side so he did not get lost in the sight and wonderful smells of Iria.

Iria was glad to be cleaned and he stepped out of the shower, handing out a towel to the other. Now we can go figure out which of your clothing will be appropriate for you to sleep in." He said wrapping himself up in his towel.

Taking the offered towel Elrond was once again faced with the problem of drying his hair and back. The wound on his side would need to be dressed and bandaged again too.
"Iria, could you please help me again?" Feeling feeble again and telling himself he could endure the others touch without getting aroused the Elven King sighed. "I am sorry I am so dependent on your help."

"Certainly." Iria replied, patting the other's body down "Don't worry about a thing, you're injured and a little dazed yet, I am more than happy to help you." He said, then he began towel drying the other's hair. "Now, let me get those tangles out." He said, running his brush through the elven lord's hair until it was free of tangles. "There."

"Iria...?" Elrond had been going to ask the boy if he could kiss him before he caught himself self so instead he changed tactics. "Thank you again.... for everything. There is now way I could ever repay your kindness." The Elven Lord even managed to blush slightly at what he had been about to ask.

A small sparkle flitted into Iria's eyes. "You're all ready repaying me more than you know." He said, blushing at how close they were. It would only take him to lean up on his toes to kiss him, which he found himself subconsciously doing until he caught himself. "Oh! I uh.. you... I thought I missed a snarl.." He said, brushing the other's hair from his face and then turning around to calm his beating heart, berating himself for what he'd almost done.

There was no mistaking what had almost happened between them and Elrond decided he could not hold back any longer. Reaching out the Elven Lord caught Iria by the hand and turned him back around so they were face to face. For what seemed like the longest time he looked down into the boy's stary eyes then without a word he bowed his head and every so geantly kissed his savior on the lips. Eyes closed as Elrond allowed the sweetness of the other's lips to wash over him then finally he opened his eyes.
"Sorry...." The elf whispered with a small smile hoping he was not out of line.

Iria blushed slightly as such a sweetly soft kiss was placed on his lips. "There's nothing to apologize about, but do you know what you're doing and everything?" He asked, hoping the other wasn't just having some relapses from his physical state. He was getting excited at the thought of possibly having someone to spend his time with, to love with and to be intimate with. He'd been alone for so very long it was time he was accepted in such a manner.

"The kiss was not a result of a fever if that is what you are asking young Iria." Elrond was a little embarrassed and found it sad that this beautiful and caring boy would think he was only kissing him because he was not in his right mind. "I find you very attractive and you have been so very good to me..." The elf allowed himself to reach out and tuck a loose strand of hair behind the other's ear but stopped short of pulling Iria close for another kiss.

"I don't want you to feel obligated to kiss me." He said, looking up into the other's eyes which he was currently entranced with, noticing for the first time that they were so clear and very bright, brighter than any human's for sure. "I help you because I want to and I expect no payment. If you kiss me again I want it to be because you wish for it and that you would have me as your love."

Giving Iria a smile the Elven Lord caressed his cheek.
"Worry not little one, I kissed you because I am attracted to you." His voice was strong and rich as he admitted his feelings and Elrond hoped he did not make his savior uncomfortable. "I can not say I love you yet Iria but I would like to persue these feelings and see where they lead.... if that is alright with you of course?" He added smiling warmly.

"Yes, please!" Iria said breathlessly. "I would love for that. It's been so long since I have been kissed. I am attractd to you as well. Incredibly attracted. I understand about love for I do not love you yet either, but I do like you, you certainly make my breath catch and my heart speed up." Iria admitted, blushing slightly.

Hearing the others admition of intrest Elrond decided not to hold back. Pulling the boy closer the Elven Lord kissed him again but this time it was more passionate and more demanding. His soft, moist tongue gently brushed against Iria's lips then he gently nipped the bottom one, suckling on it after. His eyes had closed as he tasted the sweet inocence that was his young saviour and as they fluttered open he looked down at the other.
"Mmmmm" He muttered and waited to see Iria's reaction.

Iria was eager as he returned the kiss, doing his best to match the other's passion, swooning with desire as he felt the nibbling and suckling that was attentioned to his lip. When he heard the other's voice in what was obviously a sound of enjoyment he blushed a little before leaning up to kiss him again, this time he lead the kiss.

Sure now that the boy really wanted his affection Elrond gathered him in his arms. He was used to being in charge in both the bedroom and the battlefield as well as his household and that trait was not easy to surpress. Not wanting to scare the boy or be too forceful he pulled back a little.
"Have you...." The Elven Lord concidered the correct way to phrase his question. "Have you laid with another before?"

"Yes, I have." Iria admitted softly. "I am sure you have as well?
" He asked, surprised the other meant to go that far with him so early. "Were you just curious or is this something you're wanting to do with me?"

A soft smile curled the corners of Elrond's lips.
"I just wanted to be sure you understood fully where these feelings might lead." He had been curious as well but the truth was the Elven Lord felt much better about kissing the boy knowing that he was not currupting him.

"I just didn't want us to go somewhere too fast and then have our chances at something beautiful ruined. My body is singing with desire right now though and everything known wishes me to be taken by you, I want us to last." Iria whispered, pressing kisses to the elf lord's chest.

Not knowing how long he would be in this strange world and having lost everyone and everything he cared for Elrond found the boy's words comforting. Iria wanted anything that arose between them to last. He was not after physical satisfatcion without emotional connection and the fact his savior felt the same way only made him more attractive.
"We can go as slowly as you like Iria, I would never do anything to hurt you."

"If you ever find a way back to your realm, honestly, would you take me with you?" Iria asked, hoping with all of him the answer was yes, for if it was no then he would be saddened beyond belief and the dissapointment would surely shine in his eyes.

The boy's question took him by surprise and he blinked for a moment before he answered.
"You would really want to come with me?" That Iria had even concidered such a thing was a good sign as far as the others feelings for him went. If he did fall in love there was no way Elrond would leave his lover behind. "If we do end up as lovers I would wish you to be at my side no matter where I am. I could not bare losing one more person I care for..." Meaning every word the Elven Lord pulled Iria closer to him, hugging him tight and kissing the top of his head affectionatly.

Resting his head on the other's chest, Iria was more than happy to hear this. "Thank you." He said, kissing his chest over and over. "I am getting attached to you and I don't want us to part ever for any reason." He said, kissing his lips.

Iria tasted too good and Elrond found himself lost int he other's kisses. His long graceful hands gently roamed the boy's back and shoulders as he kissed him more deeply. Running his fingers through his young lover's hair the Elven Lord found himself hardening and that his length was pressed against Iria's stomach because of their hight difference. Hoping he was not moving too fast Elrond broke off his kiss to look down into the boy's beautiful eyes.
"It is as if all the beauty and stars of the heavens have been captured in your eyes... Iria, you are truly the most beautiful sight I have ever beheld." Voice rich with wonder, Elrond purred in his young lover's ear. "To find such beauty in this harsh and ugly world is truly a mericle.

"I am glad you think so, you do know I feel much the same? When I look into your eyes I see a forest.. though your eyes are blue they behold waterfalls and little streams amongst streams and blooming flowers in colonies of peaceful beings... carefully made paths through the woods.. white wooded structures that practically glow, the whole place is untouched by man-kind's destructive ways, even if it's touched by the evil of others it refuses to lose its beauty.." Iria blinked several times. "I don't know where that al came from, but that's what I see when I look within you, it comforts me" Iria was not at all bothered by the hardened state of the other, if anything it was doing well to harden himself, the now heavier length pressed into the elf-lord's thigh.

Taking in a deep breath, Elrond stared in wonder at his young lover.
"You really see all of that?" He asked already knowing the answer. "You have described my home as if you were born there...." Not sure what all of this meant the Elven Lord kissed Iria again then held the boy close to him as if he would die the moment he let go.
"I think I love you..." He whispered hoping he did not frighten the boy.

"I think I love you as well. If that's not what I feel then it's very close. Could we sleep in the same bed tonight? I need to be sleeping soon for work tomorrow, and it would comfort I think both of us if you joined me in sleep." Iria said, soft voiced as he spoke, toying with his elven lord's hair.

"Of course Iria." Elrond loved the idea of sleeping with the boy in his arms. His wound was still a little sore but the elation he felt at having Iria return his feelings was a good pain killer. "I would like that very much." Kissing the boy gently he let him go so they could get ready for bed.

Iria returned the other's kiss before he slipped out of his shirt and pants, left in only a pair of dark green boxers. "Which side of the bed do you want? The one closest to the wall or otherwise?" He smiled at the question, sitting on the edge of the said bed after having pulled back his blankets.

"Either is fine... which side do you usually sleep on?" Not wanting to be an inconvenience the Elven Lord decided to let his lover choose. "Although it would probebly be better if you lie on my good side." He added as an afterthought. The idea of being elbowed in his stitches did not delight Elrond.

"I'll let you have the outside then in case you need easier access to get up and about." Iria said, scooting in towards the wall, yawning. "What do you want to do tomorrow?" He asked, patting the bed for the other to join him.

Tilting his head as he thought for a moment the Elven Lord concidered all of his options.
"What do you usually do during the day Iria? What kind of entertainment does this world of yours offer?" Elrond loved curling up with one of the many tomes of history in his libruary or riding his horse, either option was not currently available to him.

"Well first I have to go to work, which is never exactly fun, but it's necessary if I want to keep living in my home. I have to pay for the electricity and stuff I use. Um but after that we could go to see a movie at the theater or go to a resaurant where they cook food for us or.. well we could take a walk in the park. It's up to you really. There's not much to do that's considered fun around here."

Curious Elrond climbed into bed.
"What is a movie?" He enquired. There were many things about this world he did not understand, electricity was most vexing as was the motorcar. The air was polluted and tasted foul and much of what he had seen and experienced was not pleasant. Iria was the one sparkling jewel within this strange place he had found himself.

"A movie is that thing we watched earlier." Iria informed him, smiling. He cuddled up to the other's unhurt side and rested his head on his shoulder. "Mnn I am sooo tired." Iria yawned and closed his eyes,kissing the other on the chest while he rested next to him.

Still confused as to what a theater was and how he would be able to watch a movie in it Elrond sighed happily as he too closed his eyes. It felt so good to have Iria snuggled against him, he no longer felt alone and sleep took him far more quickly then he had expected. That night the Elven Lord dreamed of his young savior wearing one of his over sized robes at the railing outside Elrond's own chambers. He pitcured the boy smiling as he looked out over one of the many waterfalls at Rivendell, the soft roar of the water comforting him.
"You look so happy my love." He said to his dream lover and walked out to stand beside Iria and gather the boy in his arms kissing him passionatly. The dream was the first pleasant one he had experienced in almost a full year.

Iria's own dreams were that of him and his elven lord walking among a wooded path in peace and stopping on the way back to make love in a flowered meadow with only the plants and trees to witness them. This dream was so sweet and so real that he was almost angry when his alarm clock practically slapped him out of sleep again. He huffed and turned the thing off and hopped out of bed, careful to not hurt his lover as he crawled over him.

Stirring Elrond opened his eyes and smiled up at the boy.
"Good morning Iria. Did you sleep well my darling?" The Elf groaned as he shifted, finding his side a little stiff and sore. "I was having the most wonderful dream." He licked his lips, almost tasting the other on them. "Is there anything I can do to assist you with your work?" Sitting up Elrond stretched as well as he could without hurting himself and swung his legs out off the bed. The Elven Lord did not understand that he could not really help Iria at work, he somehow pitcured the boy tilling a field or stoaking a furnis for a blacksmith.

"I had a pleasant dream about us as well." Iria replied, blushing a little. "It involved us making love in a meadow, anyhow, ummnn there's not really any way to bring you to work with me. I just file papers for my boss. I will be done soon enough probably in about four hours. I just want you to sit here and relax so you can get better. And apply this cream, it will disinfect your cut for a while." He said while getting dress in button up shirt and black dress slacks.

Unable to hide the delight on his face as he watched the boy dress Elrond imagined how wonderful it would be to undress Iria again.
"Those clothes fall nicely on you." The Elf complemented him then frowned as he wondered what he could possibly do for four hours. There was that movie thing but Elrond was not sure he knew how to make the machiene work again. Or he could tidy the place, but looking around he realized it was very neat and tidy already. "Do wild flowers grow near here?" He finally asked wondering if he could pick some flowers for his lover.

"Yes, you'll have to travel into the woods a little though. But please be careful, I don't want somethng bad to happen to you again. If the phone rings, you may answer it, just be sure to take a message." Iria said, point to the phone. "You just lift this part up and talk into it. Talk at a normal level of course. Umnn if you want any food there is always somethig in the refirgerator." He pointed to said item. "And if you need anything I am only a phone call away." He wrote down his telephone number and described how to dial it. He kissed him on the lips as he grabbed his work bag. "Do you need anything else?"

It was a lot to take in but Elrond shook his head.
"No I think that covers everything.... " He kissed Iria back. "Be prosperous in your endevers and return safely." The Elven Lord added reciting a formal fairwell. "I will be waiting to greet you again dear one."

Iria pouted at having to leave his lover. "All right love, I will be waiting to see you again." Iria looked into the other's eyes and was a little afraid that it had all been a dream. He frowned and kissed the other one last time, being sure to put all of his caring and delight into the kiss, trying ot inch out the door, but finding he didn't want to stop his kiss right away.

Enjoying kissing the boy far too much Elrond suddenly scooped Iria into his arms kissing him passionatly and ignoring the twinge of pain in his side. The boy tasted far too good. Eventually he pulled away and sighed.
"I wish you did not have to go but I know you must." He said smiling brightly.

"I know, I know." Iria as well sighed and kissed him again once more before turning. "And don't irritate your cut! Put some of that cream I showed you on it." He said, caring for his lover. He went to the car and started it up, sighing once more before he backed out of the driveway, wishing he could stay home that day.

Elrond watched the other leave then took in a deep breath to settle himself. He felt a great sense of loss with Iria's departure, the strength of it scared him a little. If he had become this attached to the boy after such a short time his feelings must have been much stronger then he first thought. Sighing he turned around and returned to the bedroom so he could dress his wound and put the cream on it. Every little thing around him reminded him of Iria and once he was dressed he headed out into the forrest. It felt good to be amongst the plants and creatures of the woods, the peace and tranquility a stark contrast to the noisy concrete buildings and toxin spewing motorcars.

Iria spent his day at work in sufferable silence. There wasn't much to do and while he was sitting there doing nothing he felt he would be better off suited at home with his lovely Elf. However, life was cruel to him at he moment and he had no choice but to sit there and wait as the hours ticked by.

After he had wandered through the woods for a while Elrond picked the wild flowers, none of which he recognized then headed bac towards Iria's dwelling. He found himself humming happily as he thought about the boy. It was not just his saviours kindness that pleased him it was everything about Iria. The other was an excpetional being through and through. Eventually though he ran out of things to occupy his time and sat on the couch in the lounge room to await Iria's return.

Around four hours went by and Iria was finally free from his work duties. He grinned and began the walk to his car but the sound of things toppling over caught his ears. He looked curiously on the other side of the building, hearing the gunshots before he seen what was going on, he gasped as he saw someone fall dead to the ground. His gasp caught the eye of the shooter and the next thing he knew he was sprinting away, running from whoever chased him, is heart in a panic. "Ohhh not now!"

As he waited Elrond got hungry and helped himself to some friut in the fridge. Drumming his slender fingers on the table the Elven Lord sighed and stood up to pace back and forth in the kitchen.
"He should have been back my now, I am sure he sould have been back by now." He muttered as he looked at the ticking clock again. Worried now Elrond picked up the phone and after one failed attempt he rang Iria's mobile phone.

Iria grasped his phone, seeing it was his house one he answered immediately. "LOVE, someone's chasing me, I saw something, I heard gun shots, someone was killed and they are chasing me now! im trying to get away! I am going to try to run to the woods but they might kidnap me before I get there!" He said in a rush, Looking back constantly to see they only were closer and closer. "LOVE dial the emergency number on the fridge and tell the people on the line im being kidnapped!"

The flood of information was startling and at first Elrond did not understand what was happening. When he figured it out the Elven Lord was reluctant to hang up, he did not want to be seperated from Iria, especially in the boy's moment of need. After assuring the boy he would get help Elrond mad himself hang up, tears began to well in his eyes as he dialled the number on the fridge.
"Hello?" The elf called when a woman answered. "What is my emergency? My Love... Iria... he said to call you. He was being chased by some people." The woman went on to ask the details and Elrond relayed his lover's words to her, explaining how Iria had heard gunshots and saw the killer. He was painced when he realized he did not know his address or where it was the boy worked. Piecing things together as best he could he told the woman everything he could remember about Iria's work and when she said she could get the address from the number he had called from the elf calmed down a little. "I am going into the woods to see if I can find Iria." The Elven Lord informed the woman and ignored her warnings not to go and hung up the phone. There was no way he was going to sit by and do nothing when his lover was in danger. Looking around the house for a weapon he grabbed his dagger and a broom then ran outside clutching his side.
"I am coming my beloved Iria, I will protect you, I swear it." He growled through clenched teeth.

Iria struggled as the man chasing him finally caught up and captured him. He was thrown roughly to the ground and then his hands tied behind his back. Fear surged through him as the firm grip on him as tight. "LET ME GO! I WONT SAY ANYTHING!"

"SHUT UP!" His captor demanded, backhanding him across the face. "What did you see?!"

"I didn't see anything, I only heard gun shots!"

"That's more than enough! I'm going to wait until the boss gets here, we'll decide what to do with you then." The man pulled out his cell phone and dialed and began talking with someone on the other line "It's about the hit, yeah someone saw me, I have them retained. Yeah. You want me to do him in? How far should I go? We're about a mile from the highway. Alright. It's being taken care of." And with a finalizing click he pocketed his phone and pushed Iria in a direction that was deeper into the woods. "Sorry, boss says you saw too much."

Iria felt his blood run cold. "COME ON, I WONT SAY ANYHING!"

"Well, we have no way of knowing that. Keep moving."

Plunging onto the woods, Elrond was not sure what spurred him onwards but something deep down inside was guiding him.
"I am coming Iria..." He chanted like a mantra as he gripped his dager in a white nuckled fist. The Elven Lord had found someone to love again, someone to protect and give his life meaning and there was no way he was going to let anyone take that from him. Pushing the pain in his side to the back of his mind Elrond began to run, elves are sure footed and very swift and even injured he moved through the woods like an eagle swooping on it's prey. Suddenly he stopped and gazed at the sight before him. A man with a gun in his hand was pushing Iria in front of him. Elrond's lover stumbled forward, his hands tied behind his back and sheer terror in his eyes.

Iria tried to break out of the other's hold, slipping and falling, spraining one of his wrists as it was caught in his binds. He hissed in pain and did his best to twist about, trying to kick the gun out of his attackers hands. "LET ME GO."

The attacker backhanded Iria across th face, pointing his gun at him."I ought to do you in right now.."

Seeing his beloved being treated so harshly infuried Elrond, he burst through the bushes and attacked the gunman. It was an impulsive action and both the elf and gunman hit the ground, carried by Elrond's momentum.
"Iria run!" He yelled as he rolled onto the other man. Feeling some of his stitches burst the Elven Lord cried out. He had lifted his hand to thrust downward with his dagger but as he cringed in pain the gunman knocked the blade from his hand.

Iria scrambled to try and get ahold of the gun, knowing what it could do to his lover should it be fired at him and aim true. He hit the attacker in the face as hard as he could, upset as the said attacker was pretty much unphased by his hit. He growled and kicked him, practically clawing at him in attempts to remove the gun.

Horrorfied that his lover was not speeding towards safety Elrond kicked the gunman off, managing to burst a few more stitches as he did so.
"Iria please run." Even though he realised his lover would not leave him the Elven Lord begged anyway and tried to figure out another way of getting the boy away from the would be assassin. The gunman had him at a disadvantage because he was wounded so physical strength was not going to do it, Elrond's mind raced as he searched for a spell that would help him. Retreaving his gun the attacker turned and pointed it right at Iria. Fear chilled the elf's blood and in a moment of panic he called out forming a portal to his world. It was not the safest of destinations but at that moment anywhere was better than seeing his love die. With the last of his strength he dived towards Iria and sent them both crashing through the portal before it closed after them. The physical exwertion was too much form him and Elrond passed out as they hit the ground. They were deep inside a dark forest but which one he was not sure. Darkness closed in around him as he lost consiousness and the last thing the Elven Lord remembered was the fact he held Iria to him as tightly as possible.

The sensation of being pulled through the portal had Iria amazed. He glanced around, confused about his surroundings. "Where are we?" He looked down at his lover and turned pale at the sight he saw. "Love.. wakeup..." He whispered, noticing the wound on his lover's side was re-opened. "Well, it's bleeding, but not near as bad as it was.." He sighed and looked around, finding leaves that seemed big enough to press to it. He grabbed a couple of them and pressed on to Elrond's side, glad when it seemed to stop the bleeding right away. "Where are we?" The woods they were in were very dark but held their own unusual beauty around them. He looked around for a better clearing and attempted to drag his lover there, succeeding but slowly so. He listened for the sounds of anything that could have possibly followed them or that was waiting for them in the bushes but found nothing to reach his ears.

Being moved and hearing Iria's voice bought Elrond around. Frowning in pain the elf dragged himself to his feet and looked around.
"Are you alright Iria? You are not hurt are you?" He held his side but searched the boy with his free hand, looking for a wound or burise. "I was so worried my love..." Looking around Elrond tried to figure out where they were. His world was dangerous, or at least it had been when he left it and he thought the best thing would be to find shelter and get his barings. "We will have to restitch this..." He groaned annoyed that he was once again wounded and it fell to Iria to care for him.

"Oh, you're awake again. Yes, I am fine." Iria said, planting a kiss on his lips. "Are we in your world now?" He asked, looking to his lover's wound. He noticed his work bag had been flung away from him during the fight but luckily made it through the portal with them. He picked it up and reached his hand inside, fishing around until he found his bottle of water. "Here, we'll put this to cleanse your wound. I have another that we can drink out of." He looked around and noticed a cave in the side of a rock wall."Love, should we go hide there?" He asked, lifting his lover's tunic and sprinkling water over it, using his shirt to wipe it clean. He tugged the rest of the stitches out, knowing they would do no good in the state they were in. He searched around in his bag, looking for something if anything to keep the wound from opening and he found a bandage that was large enough to cover most of it. "This will do for now." He muttered, drying the wound well enough to place it tightly on.

Breathing deeply and being greeted with the familure scents of the woods of his home world Elrond nodded.
"Yes, this is my world. The cave should keep us dry and safe." Once the bandage was secure the Elven Lord took hold of Iria's hand and pulled him close enough to kiss him softly on the lips. "Thank you again. It seems you have once again saved me." Running his fingers throught he boy's hair Elrond smiled, glad they were both alive and for now at least, safe.

"I like saving you." Iria replied, kissng the other back. "How will we know if your kin are alive and about? How do we know what kind of enemies are around if any?" Iria asked, wishing he ahd a way to heal his lover. "I wish there was a way to heal that cut of yours." He sighed and kissed him again. "I don't know what we're going to do for food either."

Just being surounded by living things and not the harsh, cerment and steel and pollution of Iria's world invigerated Elrond.
"Just give me time my love and I will regain my strength. As for our enemies?" This was going to need a lot of thought. "We should not light a fire until I am sure there is no danger near by." His magic was returning to him with every breath and even the dark stain of evil on his world could not depress him.

"All right." Iria said, sighing and taking to playing with his lover's hair. He tugged many snarls out of it,as well as leaves and twigs. "We so need a bath." He said, sighing and resting his head on his lover's shoulder.

Laughing Elrond nodded.
"It will be getting dark soon so I will have to try and figure out where we are before the light fails." Gently setting Iria aside the Elven Lord cringed as he reached up and pulled himself into the nearest tall tree. With surprising speed and adgility he climbed up through the canopy favouring his wounded side as much as he could. They were on a mountin side just above a long vally, one that Elrond was familure with. It was about three days south of Rivendell and as fare as he could tell there were no enemy camps in the area. Scrambling back down he landed and groaned as the wound on his side ached.
"Well we the good knews is we are not lost." He said smiling brightly. "Do you know how to hunt?" He enquired hoping the answer was yes.

"Yeah, a little bit. I don't like the thought of killing something though. What didyou have in mind?" Iria asked, sighing as he realized he would proably have to go out with a spear to find food. He grabbed a sturdy looking stick that lay in a brush pile at the end of the cave and began to hack at it with a pocket knife he kept on his keychain. "I mean I don't want to hurt a poor bunny or something, you know?" He frowned at the thought.

Smiling at how sweet and kind his lover was Elrond reconcidered his menue ideas.
"Well ther are pleanty of roots and fruit we can eat if you prefer?" He began to describe all the edable things he could think of that Iria might find during his travles. He wanted to rest a little and hopefully begin to heal his wound if possible. Elrond did not like being so weak and dependant on his lover.

Iria decided that the roots his lover described sounded much more appealing then having to kill a rabbit or something. He pocketed his knife and kissed his beloved on the lips. "I'll be back soon." He whispered, kissing his lips again.He had the sudden urge to stay and 'help his lover heal' with some more rather physical techniques that would at least take his mind off of the pain he was in. "I'll be back soon." He whispered, darting out of the cave with his spear in hand, just in case.

He hadn't looked around but a few moments when he heard something sort of fall in a peculiar direction. He looked towards it and then upon finding it was nothing he turned to go back to his root harvesting to have a very long steel blade at his throat. He paled and hesitantly looked up into bright blue-green eyes of the assailant.

"What is your name?"

"I am Iria. Please, I am collecting roots to eat." He said, looking the other over. Upon noticing the other was also an elf he smiled. "Hey! You're an elf, maybe you could help, my lover is injured."

"What makes you think my being an elf could help you?" The elf asked, finding that the human was no threat to him.

"Well, he's an elf too."

"What's this elf's name?"

"His name is Elrond." And as soon as the name left Iria's lips the elf had the sword back under his chin.

"Elrond huh? You expect me to believe that your 'lover' is Elrond of Rivendell?"

"Well.. yes...why is that so hard to believe? But anyways, he's in a cave up ahead, we're nursing a wound he recieved before he was transported to my world and then recently we were brought back here..."

"Show me." The elf demanded, roughly spinning Iria around. "Lead the way." He said, sword at the poor boy's back.

Iria huffed but did as commanded, sad that people liked to rough house him these days. The journey back seemed longer than what had taken to get to the root gathering area, he just hoped he grabbed enough roots to make a good supper. He came upon the cave entrance. "Love, we have vsitors.."

The golden haired elf that had been following him frowned and then his eyes widened in surprise as the boy lead him no doubtedly to his king, to said king which the boy pressed a kiss to the lips!"My lord, we thought you'd fallen!"

Iria frowned and looked to the golden haired elf."What was your name again?" He asked.

"I am Glorfindel,basically marchwarden, general of Rivendell's armies."

Iria cuddled to his lover, wondering what he would take of this.

Looking down at his general kneeling before him Elrond swallowed hard and fought back the tears that treaterned to fall. Holding Iria to his good side the Elven Lord reached out to place his hand upon Glorfindel's golden hair.
"It is good to see you Glorfindel, I had feared you lost." Overjoyed Elrond gathered his strength and ordered his general to stand. "I see you have already met Iria. I managed to escape by creating a portal to another world but I was wounded and attacked by the inhabitants. I would have died if it were not for my young lover here, he saved me and took me in." Words were no longer possible as Elrond realized all was not lost and hope once again sprang into his heart. "Have others survived? My family? My Sons? Have you heard of them?"

Glorfindel nodded. "About all of us. Well.. that is to say, your daughter, sons, your advisor Erestor, and your first, second and third legions. Your fifteenth also. We are a small army, but we are able to protect ourselves. We think we might actually be able to best our enemy. Men have played an important role as well. We have been aided by not only them but dwarves as well. Things are finally starting to look up. I am glad you were transported. It saved you."

Iria smiled a little. "Do you know where we could get food? I can hunt but I would like not to." He said, feeling embarrassed.

"Yes, actually. I am due to arrive back at Rivendell. You'd be surprised how much of it's left." Glorfindel smiled. "That is of course if you're tired of sitting in this cave and are up for the journey?"

Iria smiled."I have always wanted to see your home love." He whispered to his lover, toying with his hair, curious of his conclusion.

News of his family filled Elrond with such joy he could not possibly voice it. All he could do was nod and wipe away the tears. He had been concerntrating on his wound trying to heal it when Glorfindel arrived so it was a little better and traveling would not be so dangerous. Still holding Iria tight, Elrond let out a relieved sigh.
"I am egar to return home."

"I am sure you are." Glorifndel replied, grinning. "Well, let's get the two of you on a horse." He whistled and two horses came, one was Glorfindel's and the other he'd summoned for his lord.

Iria grinned. He hadn't ridden a horse since he was a child. Glorfindel turned to tend the horses for a mment and Iria took that time to press an urgent and almost demanding kiss to his lord's lips. "This is all so very exciting."

With a grace only Elfs possessed, Elrond swung up onto the horses back then reached down to offer Iria a hand up. He chringed slightly at the pain in his side but was far too elated to be returning to his home and loved ones that the Elven Lord did not care. There was no saddle upon the animal, Elves did not need them and Elrond wrapped his arms around Iria so he could hold him tight, keeping him safe as they set off to Rivendell.

It was exciting to be on a horse with his lover, being lead off to his kingdom no less. How strange. How very strange it was that his life suddenly became a fairytale come true. He grinned at the thought, leaning back against his lover.

Glorfindel read on ahead to stop any possible attacks that may have assailed his lord from the front. He was more than glad to have Elrond back, more than glad to have their chances of winning upped this much farther.

The closer he got to his home the stronger Elrond felt. When he had left Middle Earth he had been sure all was lost but now he had hope and Iria. The boy may not have been as graceful as his kind or even as good at hunting and fighting as the men of Middle Earth but he to Elrond he was the most beautiful and kind hearted creature ever.
"I can not wait to show you the halls of my home my love, and introduce you to my children." He pressed in a little closer, breathing deeply the scent that was his lover.

"I can't wait to see them either." Iria informed him, practically buzzing with excitement at such a prospect. He couldn't wait. He was determined to see where his love rlived, even if it was mostly ruins it would still probably be beautiful.

After long hours of Riding Glorfindel stopped them, "Elrond, it might be best to set up a camp for the nght. We can make the rest of the journey tomorrow if we push it tonight, the only problem is that without rest we will be more than susceptible to attack. We have scouts within three hours of here that would be protection, they make rounds here as well that is why I thought this would be a good place. "

Iria smiled and looked up to his lover, wondering what he'd chose. Whatever the choice was it meant him becing snuggled to his lover, he'd already dosed off several times on their ride, and to finally sink into sleep would be a nice thing.

As eager as he was to be home and amongst his family Elrond nodded. Glorfindel was right, if they did push on they would be too tired to be alert and the chance of being attacked was much greater. Looking down at Iria he realized that his mortal lover needed proper rest.
"We will make camp here and take it in turns to watch for our enemies." If anything happened to the precious bundle in his arms the Elven Lord would never forgive himself. When you are immortal and can live for eternity, never is a very long time to be angry with yourself. Looking at his general Elrond took in a deep breath so his voice was firm and commanding. "Glorfindel, I want you to swear that you will guard Iria with you life as you would guard me. No matter what happens you must hold to that oath." Afraid that if something happened to him before they reached Rivendel or even after, his lover would be cast aside, Elrond was determined to ensure that would never happen.

Glorfindel gazed at Iria for a moment, surprised that such a boy had his lord's heart. "Of course, I had thought that the order when you announced him yours." He replied, for it was a true thought. "I did bring a seperate tent making in case I found survivors, it should be just big enough for the two of you." He said, dismounting his horse and unloading a pack from it. He began to set up their camp, starting with first Elrond's tent.

Iria went about setting up a fireplace, knowing they would need such a thing, even if it turned out to be small. He grabbed many sticks and logs to last them through the night before he helped Glorfindel set up the tents. After that half of the work was done he knelt aside his lover. "How's your wound doing?"

There was something so very comforting about seeing his young lover working along side one of his kin. Iria fasinated him, this his boundless kindness and how simple things seemed to warm the boy's heart. Smiling brightly, Elrond removed his hand from his side. The Elf had been healing himself again and even if it was only a little improvment it was still much better than before.
"It is healing well my love." Gathering the boy to him Elrond cradled him in his arms the way a small child would clutch a much loved doll. "And you Iria, what do you make of my world thus far?" Curious, the Elven lord bowed his head so he could look into those enchanting eyes that reminded him so much of the splender of the heavens.

Glorfindel brought out cooking utensils so that he could make a meal for the two. He sensed the intimate moment between them and let it play, not interrupting for anything, simply gathering his ingredients to make a sort of soup and bringing out mugs to give them clean water and small plates for bread.

"So far it is absolutely beautiful. I can tell that it's not like my world in the least, it's not near as polluted, it's growing still. I can practically feel the life of it." Iria replied, meeting his lover's gaze. "I hope that we can re-establish your kingdom and re-build the life for all who were hurt by this war that mean no harm, and I hope I can live by your side for the reaminder of my years."

Those words bought tears to Elrond's eyes and he bowed down to kiss Iria passionatly.
"So do I my love, so do I." He whispered after kissing the boy. "It seems I have a lot of work ahead of me. I must protect and impassion my people my love and I would be honoured to have you by my side as I do that." It surprised Elrond a little that Iria felt so connected with the forest and the life force of his world. It was something he doubted many in the boy's world would feel and further showed him just how unique and beautifully rear a person his lover was. "We should eat." The Elven lord stated after becoming lost in Iria's eyes again.

After returning his lover's kiss, Iria wanted more from him in that sense. He smiled at his lover's words, lost in his ethereal beauty and his soft voice. "Yes, food sounds nice.." He replied, having completely forgotten that Glorfindel was not so far away. He wanted to whisper such sweet things to his lover, to tell him what he felt and believed in. What he loved.

If they had not had an audience Elrond would have taken Iria right there and then, providing the boy did not object that is. He felt this great need to express his feelings in more than words and kisses. So much had happened to him in the last few days and the Elven Lord could not believe how quickly Iria had become such an important part of his life. Cradling the boy's face in his long slender hands, Elrond looked deep into those sparkling eyes.
"Yes... nice..." He repeated but his mind could not have been further from food.

Glorfindel blinked a little. "My lord, do forgive me, but I did not spend a good fifteen minutes making food for you to let it get cold.. please control yourself." He said with an amused tone.

Iria blushed as he'd been more than caught up in his lover's gaze and the words of their companion made him feel slightly ashamed. He turned back to his food as it was given to them, vowing that as soon as they were alone in their tent that there would be much kissing to make up for the kiss they lost in that second.

Taking the offered food as well Elrond smoothed his features into a noble and wise mask.
"Forgive me Glrofindel, I am more that apprecitave of your efforts and I promise the food will not go to waste." It was hard not to smirk, the Elven Lord had behaved like an infatuated child which only proved how taken he was by Iria. He was famous for being calm and a wise stratagist, yet his mortal form another world had him all turned around. It was not like him to be so easily distracted form the task at hand. "What can you tell me of our enemy and their weakness? If we are to drive them back and even concore them then we must devise a plan. One that minimazes losses on our side." Being immortal the loss of a single elven life was a great tragedy, one Elrond mourned to his very soul.

Glorfindel took a sip of his dinner and nodded. "They are weak in armor, thankfully and lately their numbers have been lessened as more and more fight to vanquish their legions. If we can manage a good border somehow of an element, say a waterfall, we can protect our city absolutely from attack, they have that fear, however, none of us have been able to think of how to create a spell to do so. Not on a large scale, we have the ability, but we don't think enough power to keep it going."

Iria listened with interest, taking the bowl to his lips where he drank lightly of the liquid inside.

This made sense to Elrond, he knew of ways to conserve energy and to enhance one's natural abilities. There were elements in nature that also allowed a spell's power to be magnified and needed little energy to maintain. If there was a way he could apply that knowledge then they had a real chance of winning this war. They would have to pick the right place to mount their offensive, a place where the energies of the world converged. Points of great power that occured naturally. Taking a stick he began to draw a rough map of the area around Rivendel. There were many things to consider and several times he smoothed out a possible plan.
"If we are wise we can use this vally and the bluffs there as a natural border. This area could be reinforced by magic if we can tap into the magnetic energies of this moutain. The river here will serve to cut off a retreat and if we can flank them on this side their forces will be devided." Looking up at his general, Elrond waited for Glorfindel's opinion.

"What if we also simply dig a large moat around our borders? That would save a lot of the magic properties that would need to be put into a wall of water. We should actually inquire Lothlorien and Mirkwood as they are our allies and would benefit from this as well. I was actually confrencing with Celeborn about his realm and his only fear is the water resource. Is there any way to magically charge some kind of indestructible thing to be the base of a barrier?"

"The Dwarfs could tunnel this area and collaps them to create a mote or as pits lined with spikes our enemy could fall into as they advance. There is strong earth energy in this area here." Elrond drew a circle near the South stretch of river. "The dirt form the tunnels mixed with water and rushes from this area could be forged into blocks and with some earth spells they could be hardened enough to be the base of our barrier." The Elven Lord sat there with his arms crossed in front of him and his chin resting on the back of one hand. "That only leaves this area for them to attack by and because it bottle necks we can hold them off with a single leagen while the rest of the army attacks from here and here." Carving arrows into the dirt map Elrond studied his plan to see if there were ways to better it.

"But we really do need to try for no area to attack." Glorfindel responded, frowning. "We can talk more about it of course when we return. For tonight you need your rest." He said, wondering if his lord was awake enough to talk about plans.

Sighing the Elven Lord nodded and finished his meal. He was more exhausted then he had thought and the tent looked very inviting.
"Well my love shall we retire for the evening?" He asked turning to Iria. Just the sight of the boy beside him made Elrond smile and he could not help bowing down to kiss the other softly on the lips.
"Thank you Glorfindel for the meal and everything." He added not wanting to be rude and exclude his general. "Do you need some help clearing everything away?"

"No, Elrond, you go on and rest. I am going to clean these dishes by the river. Please, sleep tight, you're well protected here." He said, smiling encouragingly at the two.

Iria returned his lover's kiss and after being informed that the other elf did not need help he climbed into their tent and snuggled into the blankets there.He was strangely admitting that his heart was beginning to beat faster. Things had been only slightly different in his own time, but here with his lovely elven king, things were suddenly almost overwhelming.

Deciding it would be warmer if he were not so fully clothes, Elrond removed his robe then climbed under the blankets with Iria. There was something so very calming about seeing the other laying there beside him. It was as if he had been made whole, though he had not even realized he was incomplete until he met his lover. The bandage covering his would was the only clothing on his chest and as he wrapped Iria in his arms and felt him against his skin he smiled.
"Are you alright my love? Your heart is racing like a birds." He asked.

Iria giggled at the words his beloved one used. "Yes, I am quite fine my love. I'm just nervous is all. This is all terribly exciting in so many ways and ... and you're so beautiful, you're very fit to be a ruler." He said, meeting Elrond's eyes. He was completely red in the face, wondering why he would have such jittery feelings after he'd allready been so close with this one.

This actually made Elrond blush a little.
"That is very sweet of you to say Iria...." Deciding that words were not going to convey what he wanted, the Elven Lord kissed the boy, pulling him close. "You are the one how is beautiful my love..." He whispered in between passionate kisses and gentle caresses. "You sparkle more brightly than the greatest stars in the heavens..." Feeling the heat of passion sweep over him Elrond's length swelled as he let his hands wander over the planes of Iria's chest.

"I love you.." Iria said in full realization, it was all he could think to say in how to summon all of his thoughts on the other to put them to verbal form. feeling the other's arousal in turn aroused Iria as well, he blushed a little at the thought the other could probably feel him as well, and he wondered suddenly how far they would go. Earlier he'd mentioned slow, but now he wasn't so sure. Entwined passionately with his lover who was more than a great kisser and so very lovable, Iria was finding he wanted to give himself completely.

It was hard for Elrond to hold back, his desire to couple with Iria was so strong but he had promised himself that he would cherish the boy. Every touch and kiss was infused with all his lover and desire and when he felt the other harden as well his heart skipped a beat.
"Iria.... my love...." He muttered as he pressed himself against the boy. His long slender fingers were getting tangled in Iria's hair as his sensors drowned in everything that was his young lover. Without realizing what he was doing he had reached down to kneed Iria's length through his pants.

"Love.... I know we said we'd wait, but I want us to make love, so much." Iria whispered, panting practically as the other carressed him, pulling the other down to kiss him indulgently, moaning softly into the kiss, trying to not be loud in any sense so they did not bother Glorfindel.

"Are you sure my love?" Even as he spoke Elrond was removing his own pants. Pulling back a little he looked down at Iria to make sure there was no doubt in the boy's mind. He reminded himself that his lover was small compared to elfs so he would have to take care preparing him.

Nodding, Iria began to shimmy out of his own clothing, finding it a tangled mess or annoyance. "More sure than I have ever been about anything." He said, finding this whole scene between the two of them fitting somehow. Out in the woods, embraced with one another. He looked at the other heatedly, moaning at the thought of what should occur between them.

Not having prepared for this beforehand Elrond was forced to use saliva to slick his finger. Every so gently he rubbed against Iria's enterence while he continued to kiss his lover. He needed his other arm to prop himself up a little so he used the friction of their bodies rubbing against each other to please the boy and further arouse his length.
"I love you...." He wispered. "My Iria.... my love..." The boy's taste and smell were driving him wild and now that he was fully hard he pressed himself against Iria's length as he slowly pressed his wet finger inside him just a little.

Iria closed his eyes in pleasure and lost himself in the sensations his love gave to him. The feeling of the gentle request for his lover's finger to press into him was erotic in so many ways, Iria was quite beside himself with pleasure, even if it was a little strange feeling, but this was something he'd done to himself on more than one occasion so he accustomed it quickly. "I love you too, my Elrond." He whispered, openeing his eyes to look at the other with admiration and adoration.

Slowly the Elven Lord worked another finger into his lover as he continued to kiss and caress him. The friction created between their lengths rubbing together created a wonderful sensation and Elrond moaned softly. Although he was being cautious the Elf was still buzzing with delight and when he was sure his lover was ready for him he positioned himself at Iria's enterance and very softly bit the boy's neck.
"Are you ready my love?" He asked in a heated whisper, passion surging through his entire body.

"More than ready." Iria stated, his voice soft and husky with lust. He trailed his fingers through his lover's hair and tugged just a little, holding his breath as he thought with finality that his lover was going to enter him, he was waiting for it, ready for it, wishing for it.

With great care Elrond pressed in a little way then waited before he pulled back again only to press in a little further. He wanted Iria to feel the very limits of pleasure, he adored holding the slight boy in his arms and looking down at his flushed face.
"Oh Iria..." The Elven Lord gasped in his own pleasure. The boy was so tight and warm, his body welcoming him with a heated embrace. This time Elrond pushed in a little further and once again waited to make sure his lover adjusted to him before he moved again.

Iria groaned and held tight to his lover, adjustment was an interesting feeling to him. The strange sensation of stretching was at the very least intoxicating. "Elrond.." He whispered helplessly, lost among waves of pleasure and lust. He looked lovingly into his lover's eyes after opening them from having them closed.

Little by little Elrond pushed in until he was almost all in then he began to pull back. Knowing how pleasurable his movements could be for his lover the Elven Lord began slow, deep thrusts making sure he hit that spot deep within. He shivered and panted as he two experiences wonderful sensations.
"Iria... my beautiful Iria." Cradeling the boy to him, Elrond arched his back as he thrust in. His lover was so very tight and warm as he gripped his length.

Iria raised his hips to meet his lover's thrusts each time he moved in to make one. He was absolutely entranced with such feelings. Trailing a hand down, Iria began to stroke himself slowly in time with his lover's thrusts, moaning a little louder than was perhaps smart, but he couldn't contain his vocalized pleasure, he loved every second of it. Who knew that he and his elven lord would be so compatible as lovers.

The more noise his young lover made the more it encouraged Elrond. The elven Lord thrust harder and faster, losing himself in the extreme pleasure he felt. It was not just a physical thing for him, he felt as if his spirit was connected to Iria's in a most profound way.
"Iria..." He called out over and over, loving the way his lover's name sounded falling from his lips and accented with passion.

Moaning louder Iria felt himself tighten around his lover. He met his thrusts harder than what he was being thrusted into, shivering and gasping in his pleasure."Love.." He whispered, begging for release.

Iria's need caused ripples of pleasure to surge through Elrond. The Elven Lord could not possibly deny his beautiful love the exquisit extecy of climax so he shifted, pounding Iria's prostate mercerlessly.
"Cum with me my love... let us share this bliss..." He growled nearing his own end. He pulled at the boy's hips needing to get closer, to be as much one in mind and body as possible.

Iria could not, and would not denyhis lover this feeling. He tensed to the point he felt ready to explode and came hard,shouting out his lover's name, finding it terribly erotic that he had just made sweet passionate love with what was supposed to be a fictitious creature. He hoped his tightening further around the other would help Elrond reach his end as well.

There were no words to describe how magnificent Iria looked as he climaxed. All flushed and sweaty and crying out Elrond's name like that, the boy's effect on him was his own release. The Elven Lord had never expected hearing his name on Iria's lips as such a moment would be such a turn on. Filling the boy with his seed almost imediatly after feeling his muscles tighten around him almost to the point of pain, Elrond cried out in pleasure. No doubt he would have to appologize to Glorfindel later for the volume and passion of his words but just then he did not care. The pleasure temeprorly blinded him with white hot passion and when it finally ebbed and he could focus again Elrond looked down at Iria and lowered himself so he could hold him tight.
"My darling.... my bleoved...." The elf whispered breathlessly not wanting to ever let go of the boy.

Iria practically tanned himself in the warmth of their afterglow, clinging to the other while he caught his breat. "My love. How blissful we are." He whispered, having felt a strange sense of satisfaction as the other had filled him with his seed. He lay his head back, eyes closed as he hummed with happiness. "So exhausted." He said in a soft-spoken voice.

Shifting so he was more beside Iria and stroking the boy's cheek, Elrond smiled at him.
"Yes we are.... sleep my love, tomorrow I will show you your new home and your new family." He whispered back. Not wanting to let go or seperate from his lover just yet, the elf shifted until he was comfortable but still inside Iria and holding the boy close he too closed his eyes. At that moment everything in the world seemed to be in harmony and sleep quickly claimed him.

That brought another thing that made Iria nervous. How would elven kind view him? Would Elrond's family accept him? Would they shove him away? He assumed that for Elrond himself to be so sweet that he had nothing to worry from, but one could never be sure. He smiled despite his worry and closed his eyes to fall into sleep's path as his lover did.

In the middle of the night Elrond woke feeling happy and rested despite the shortness of his sleep. Very, very gently he unwrapped his arms from around Iria and as he had shifted and withdrawn from the boy during his slumber he managed to get up and sneak out of the tent. Stretching, the Elven Lord smiled over at his general.
"I will relieve you one watch, Glorfindel." His side felt a little sore and stiff but nothing could spoil the joy that filled him after making love to his sweet young lover. Although he regretted the fact he could not have Iria in his arms, Elrond liked the fact that he was watching over his beloved. He liked the role of protector.

Glorfindel looked up at his lord and nodded. "You're serious about him, aren't you? Obviously with all of that noise you two made. I am surprised you didn't attract enemies." He said, supressing a laugh. "I am happy for you, my lord, it is good to see you with the shine back in your eyes, but yes, sleep would be welcome. If you get tired just get me back up." He said, hurrying over to his own tent after a bow.

Watching his general disappear into the tent, Elrond smiled. He was serious about Iria, more serious than he had ever been about any one in his life including the mother of his children. The Elven Lord was head over heels in love and that seemed to amuse him greatly. The mighty Elven King was smitten for a mortal boy form another world, perhaps he was having a mid life crisis if it was possible for an immortal to have such a thing. He had learnt about this phenominom from one of the movies he and Iria had watched.

Iria woke as he heard their voices and after he heard Glorfindel go to his tent he waited a moment before exiting his tent with a smile. "Hi." He said in a whisper, sitting aside his love. "You're too sweet you know." He whispered, pressing a kiss to his cheek and grasping the other's hand. "I'm so excited, it's hard to sleep."

Kissing the boy on the forehead, Elrond pulled him close and wrapped him in his arms. At that moment he felt so very happy and complete. It was a beautiful night and now that he was back in his own world, the elf could feel his power returning. He would be able to heal himself properly soon and as he looked up at the stars the Elven Lord sighed happily.
"To be here in the woods of my home world on such a perfect night with you in my arms, I could not wish for anything more." He hoped Iria realized that he was really saying he loved him again, and that he wanted to be like this forever.

"And one day it will be even better. One day there will be peace again among your kind and all kinds and we can do what we wish without fear or need to fight." Iria replied, his eyes shinning with the most happiness he'd ever had. He rest his head on the other's shoulder. "I love you, more than anything." He said, looking up form his spot of rest. "I am glad to have found you."

"I am glad you found me too my love. You have rescued me in every way a person can be rescued." He bend down to gently kiss Iria on the lips but lingered only a minuet because he had to be vigulent, his enemies could be anywhere. "I can not wait until that time comes my love." Elrond scanned the darkness and smiled when he found nothing.

Iria was pleased with the kiss and returned it to the other. "Mn, I think I am going to try and sleep some more my love." He said softly. "I am still very tired." He rose and looked about, inhaling deeply to get the scent of the woods and to intake its beauty. "Ah, I love it here."

Joy once again welled up inside the Elven King.
"I am so glad my love." Hearing that really did make Elrond happy. There was a part of him that was worried Iria would one day want to return home. Not only did he not want to be parted from his love but he was not even sure he could create a portal to that same world again. It was pure chance that me ended on in that exact world, he had something to concentrate on when he opened the one to return to Middle Earth, that and this land was part of his very being meaning he was connected to it. Deciding to leave such morbid thoughs for another time Elrond watched Iria walk away from him. He loved watching his lover and could not help it when his eyes settled on Iria's behind.

Iria drifted happily into sleep, wishing though that his lover was beside him.

Glorfindel woke not too long before dawn. "My lord, it's best we get going,I don't want to sit here any longer than we need to, besides, home is less than a day away." He said, grinning.

Home, that was a wonderful thing and Elrond's eyes sparkled at the mention of it. Nodding he crawled into the tent to wake his young lover.
"Iria." He whispered as he kissed the boy's cheek and brushed a wayward hair back behind his ear. "Iria, my love... you must wake now. We are going home." Just saying that word made the Elven Lord's heart soar. "Wake up lover, if we leave now we will be in Rivendell tonight." He whispered and kissed the boy's forehead as he traced his fingers down Iria's cheek to his chin. To the elf, the young mortal looked so very beautiful and peacful, like an angel. Angles were another thing Elrond had learned of in Iria's world.

Iria smiled softly and opened his eyes, looking up into his lover's. "Oh my love." He whispered, kissing his darling's hand. "I am so happy to be going home. Finally I have a place that I call home that I can be happy in, and I know I will be happy with you." He smiled and sat up, stretching and giving a yawn. "Come! Let's put camp up and go! I am so excited!"

Glorfindel outside was allready putting his own tent up and packing their camp, smiling as well. He was just waiting to sleep in Rivendell a night so that he would be able to see Elrond on the throne again the next day.

Humming happily Elrond found the camp was packed up in no time at all and after securing the saddle bags to his horse he swung up into the saddle and reached down to pull Iria up. His side did not hurt anywhere near as much this time and even the slight dampness of the fog could not dampen the Elven Lord's spirits. Pressing his chest against his young lover's back, Elrond pushed the horse into a gallop. He loved the feeling of the wind in his hair as all the scents of the forest greeted him. They darted in between the trees at a frightening pace though they were quite safe, both the elf and the horse were very skilled. Wooping in a very unkingly manner Elrond laughed and hugged Iria close. 

Iria fell into a fit of giggles, finding his lover's incredibly hyped up happy mood refreshing. He pressed a kiss to his chest and held on, a little afraid of falling off the horse, even though he knew he had nothing to worry about.

Glorfindel laughed a little at the sight of his lord being so free and rode on ahead of them, looking out for possible enemy sightings. Seeing none he smiled brightly, he was very pleased that their trip back to the city as going to be uninterrupted by horrid things.

By the time they stopped to rest the horses and have breakfast, Elrond was feeling so invigerated. His wound was healing, he could feel it mending and even though every now and then he sensed a darkness nearby he was overjoyed to be going home. As he walked down to the small stream that meandered it's way through the woods, the elf noticed the rotting body of an orck on the opposite side. It was off a little way so that it was no threat to the fresh water and he doubted if Iria's eyes could even make it out but still it wiped the smile off Elrond's face. The body was down wind so it's pugnant oder only just tickled his nose. It was a reminder that his homeland was currently torn by war and after snearing at it, the Elven Lord turned to face the others. Upon seeing his young lover the smile returned to Elrond's lips.
"You should fill your canteen here Iria, the water is cool and very refreshing." The voice in his head told the elf that the sight of the boy also regreshed his spirits. "I love you..." He suddenly announced as he reached out his hand to help Iria navigate the rocky bank.

Iria smiled and took his lover's hand. "I love you too." He said, kneeling to fill the bottle he had. "What's the matter love? One second you were all smiley and now you're kind of sad looking." He said, kissing him on the cheek.

Glorfindel stood beside the couple and crinkled his nose. "I think I know." He said cryptically and went to move the body well away. It must have been attacked by a human or a dwarf, elves would have burned or burried it in passage.

Unable to help himself Elrond followed Glorfindel and scowled down at the body as the other elf dragged it away. It looked like the orck had been mortally wounded and had managed to run off into the woods before he finally bleed out. The only tracks belonged to the dead creature and there were no signs of a strugle or anyone persuing it. As cruel and heartless as it might seem Elrond could not help thinking that the only good orck was a dead one.
"Well it does not look like there are others of his kind about." The Elven King stated and went back to fetch something to dig with. "Should we bury him or leave him as a meal for the creatures of the forest?" He asked casually.

"This time we will leave it my lord. We are going to loose time if we sit much longer, and no, there are no others in this area, my group cleared it out not even five days ago. We have scouts all alone the outer ridge, there is nothing to fear." Glorfindel replied.

Iria watched with his nose wrinkled in disgust. "Ugh, what is that thing?"

One of the races that inhabit this world and an enemy one at that." Elrond was not going to let this incident spoil his mood and he suddenly lifted Iria into his arms and carried the boy bridal style back towards the horses. "I am sorry you had to see that my love." The elf said meaning it. "This evening we will be at Rivendel and I will show you what beauty this world holds." Turning to Glorfindel, the Elven Lord smiled brightly.
"It seems you and your men have done a good job in my absence, the lack of enemy is a credit to you." The other elf had always been one of Elrond's most trusted allies and now more then ever he was make aware of just how lucky he was to have elves like him at his side.

Iria smiled and kissed his lord. "Well, I am ready to go when you two are." He said, humming and resting his head on his lover's shoulder, grinning at being held bridal style.

"Of course my lord. We do so to establish our kingdom again. So many are going to be so happy that you are back. " Glorfindel said with a smile. "And to see you finally have another by your side after so long, it will be a rjoiceful evening, my lord."

Elrond was in a rush to get home and he gently set Iria back on his feet so they could pack up and leave. The sooner they got going the sooner he could see his home and family again. Despite everything Glorfindel had said, the Elven Lord needed to see things with his own eyes before he could believe his home still stood. That day on the battlefield he was sure all was lost and though he hoped with every fibre in his being, Elrond needed to hold his loved ones again.
"I keep fearing I will wake and all of this will have been nothing more than a good dream." He said softly. "Once we are back I hope that fear will vanish." Lifting the boy's chin with a finger under it, the elf kissed him softly upon the lips. "You are everything I have ever wanted or needed Iria." He whispered and kissed his lover again before swinging up onto the horse's back and pulling the boy up onto his lap.

Glorfindel began to ride ahead, enlightened by the site he saw of his lord and the lovely Iria.

Iria tilted his head up so he could lightly kiss his lover's throat. "Believe me, I am expecting every second to waken and for all of this to have been nothing but a dream as well. But it's real. I refuse to believe anything else. I never want to go back to where I came from. I can't wait to spend my life with you at your side." He said in a whisper against the other's smooth flesh. He sighed contently, laying back fully against him.

Enjoying the feel of his lover against his chest as he rode Elrond smiled brightly. To have found one he could love after all this time was something wonderful. Being immortal he had nursed a broken heart for many lifetimes and now all of that felt like nothing more than a distant memory. Iria's warmth and the sound of his breathing was enough to make the Elven King's heart flutter with joy.
"I am glad you feel as I do my love." He whispered softly and smiled down at the boy. Full of hope and love, the elf felt as if he could achieve anything. Elrond was free from everything that had ever held him back, dizzy with that elation and swore he would never let go of his lover. Of course Iria being mortal might cause a problem but even though could be
overcome if he truely desired it.

The last few hours of their trip seemed to take forever in Iria's eyes. He huffed and then pouted as Glorfindel made them halt in their tracks. He couldn't believe his eyes, he must have been sleeping to have missed the wonderous structure that was no doubt the gates of Rivendell.

An elven archer made haste to signal the gates open and he bowed to Elrond. "My lord! Good to have you back!" He said, bowing lowly.

Iria stared wide eyed as he beheld what the beautiful silvery gates opened up to. Such a city was undoubtedly elven made, beautifully carved from trees and right into the mountain side and even to the left there was such lovely forest amongst cascaded waterfalls. He was astonished completely by its beauty and more so by how many elven kind were wandering about doing their everyday business that stopped to wish their king a few shouts of glee at his return. Curious eyes settled on Iria as well but he was so dumbfounded that he could not concentrate on them.

The signs of battle damage were minimal and Elrond noticed several places where his kin had either repaired or were in the process of repairing ballastraids and stairs. Tears of joy welled in his eyes as he beheld his home and his people. Lifting his hand he waved and nodded at those who called to him, his smile raising their spirits. The curious looks that were cast in Iria's direction did not go unnoticed by the elf and he tightened his grip on the boy. His entire body language clearly said that mortal in his lap was his and loved dearly.
"Oh my love.... it still stands and in such splender. I had feared it destroyed but here it stands like a beacon of hope." Elrond could barely finish his words as overwhelming joy flooded through him. "This is my home.... our home my beloved...." So many elves had gathered to line the streets leading to his palace higher up the mountain.

Hearing the cheering Arwen looked from the window down into the city and seeing Glorfindel and her father with what appeared to be a young mortal, she ran down the stairs and out the palace gate. Dark hair flowing behind her and skirts cracking with her swift movements the Elven Princess ran, her arms outstretched as she cried out.
"Father! Oh Father! You are alive!"

Elladan and Elrohir jumped down from over-hanging trees, halting the progress of their horses as the gates closed behind them. "Well! And we thought we would have to suffer the boring duties of ruler! Thank those who watch over us!" Elros said with a grin. He was teasing, but he knew his father would enjoy his sarcasm. "Yes, think on it, the kingdom left in our hands father, how horrible!" His twin, Elrohir responded in kind to the statement.

Glorfinel snorted and took their horses to the stable after giving Iria a hand down and letting his lord dismount.

Iria smiled shyly, unsure how to go about greeting the others. He settled for waving delicately.

Arwen threw herself at her father and hugged him as she wept into his chest.
"I thought I had lost you..." She sobbed before remembering they were in public and pulling herself together. Wiping the tears form her face she stepped back and forced a smile. "Welcome home My King." She said formally and gave Elrond a slight curtsy.

It felt so good to have his daughter in his arms again and when Arwen stepped back the had to resist the urge to pull her back into his arms. He suddenly feared if he let her go she would vanish into thin air. It also delighted him to see his sons again and know that they were as sarcastic and mischiface as possible. After briefly embracing both his sons Elrond pulled Iria to him and with a proud smile he introduced the boy.
"Children, this beautiful creature before me is Iria. He is from another world and he is my lover." His tone was serious as it often was when lecturing his children or prsiding over a council meeting. A tone that left no room for discussion on the fact.

At first Arwen was a little shocked but after regaining her composure she suddenly hugged Iria as she had hugged her father.
"I am pleased to meet you Lord Iria." With a broad smile she stepped back and holding the boy at arms length, the Elven Princes looked him up and down.
"Well father you have impecable taste as always." She said happily then hugged the boy again.

Iria grinned and hugged the maiden in turn. "I am pleased to meet you too." He was given along the same lines of treatment from the twins who poked at him in several directions as though to feel if his skin was supple or not. He playfully slapped their hands away.

Elrohir smirked. "e's a fiesty one, ada, seems fun to me." And his brother's nod helped to set this fact out, to make it noticeable. "Yes, he is fiesty. We should have a feast! Come! " Elladan said after his brother spoke, tugging his father's hand and Iria's to lead them into Elrond's palace home.

Iria was amazed at the inside of the structure. "Oh wow.. love it's beauitful." He said quietly, kissing the othe ron the lips.

It seemed like the entire household hand come out to meet Elrond. At least everyone seemed to like Iria and his lover and children were getting on.
"Ada, you must tell me all about how you met Iria." Arwen said excitedly and they all sat down at the banquet table. "You are looking so well ada." The Elven Princess could not believe how her father practically glowed with happiness and she assumed the pretty boy was the reason.

Motioning for Iria to sit beside him at the head of the table Elrond smiled at his daughter and sons.
"Well there is not really all that much to tell." He explained but delighted in the chance to explain just how kind and wonderful his young lover really was. He spoke of being trapped on the battlefield and fearing all was lost. He tired to describe how ugly, dirty and smelly the world he escaped to was and how the men there had no honour and attacked his while he was mortally wounded. "I managed to escape to a near by wooded area, if I was to die in this world I refused to do it surrounded by filth." It was obvious the Elven King detested what he had first seen of Iria's world. "It was then that Iria found me and due to his kindness and good nature he saved me."

Iria grinned. "I nursed him back to health as well as I could. He had to teach me how to sew." He said, pouting at the memory. "I'm not so great at it, but he's doing much better now." He said, grinning, resting his hea don the elven lord's shoulder.

Elladan nodded. "And, are you two planning to.. well you know.. are you taking him as a spouse, father?" He asked, inhaling as food was being placed before them.

Elrohir smiled. "Duh, you can tell they've made love, they glow like the morning rays of the sun when near one another. Oh look! breadsticks!" He said, hoping he hadn't embarrassed his father with his small talk.

Raising an eyebrow Elrond looked at Elrohir but decided his son did not mean any harm by his remark. The Elven King tended to be a little stoic at times but most of that vanished when he was around Iria.
"I have not asked Iria yet but yes, that was my intention." He smiled as he turned his attention to the boy beside him. "I know this is not the most romantic way to ask, but would you give me your hand in marriage?"

Looking form her father to Iria and back again Arwen had to bit her lip to stop herself from crying out. She wanted to tell Iria to accept but that would have been rude. Eyes sparkling, the Elven Princess stared at the mortal boy awaiting his answer with excitment and impatience.

Iria blushed. "Well, of course. I want this, I want to be with you. I want to be by your side always. I love you, of course I want to marry you." He said, grinning in a silly manner, trying to not fill with tears, not succeeding. He wrapped his arms about his lover and sobbed a little into his chest. "I am so happy!" He said, sniffling.

Elladan blinked as he heard Glorfindel begin to speak "Congradulations!" and then he grinned as well and with his brother, raised his goblt. "To the marriage of our king and his lovely mortal husband to be!"

Elrohir also raised his goblet and grinned. "Yes! To many happy and love filled nights!" He said mischievoulsy.

Clapping and offering congratulations of her own Arwen raised her glass with the others.

Trying to remain calm and stern looking Elrond just nodded and kissed Iria. He was far too happy to speak and more than a little surprised at how easily his lover could turn him from the serious, stern ruler to a loving partner. Finally the Elven King took in a few deep breaths and managed a few words.
"Thank you my love, you honour me by accepting." Running his fingers through Iria's hair he pulled the boy closer and kissed him demandingly, not caring that they were in public.

Iria returned his lover's kiss eagerly, his tears drying as the kiss wished them away. He was quickly lost against the lips of his lover, finding that he loved it very much to recieve such a nice feeling. He wanted him now, wanted to go to his lover's room, to make love with him, to celebrate in their own way the engagement.

Glorfindel took a seat, clearing his throat a little to try and stop the two from making love right at the dinner table.

Elrohir blinked. "Wow.." He shook his head and turned back to his meal, before smirking. "Well, now dad can't say anything about that mortal man you're with." He said to his sister, referring to her beloved Aragorn.

Elladan hid his own laugh at that notion. "He's quite right."

Glaring at her brother for bringing up Aragon, Arwen looked as if she was about to say something but then changed her mind. Elrohir had a good point and a smile blossomed on her lips.
"You are quite right brother dear." She aid smirking and glancing in Elrond and Iri's direction again.

When Glorfindel cleared his throat it had bought the Elven King back to reality and with a sigh he gently pulled away from Iria's lips.
"We should finish our meal my beloved then I will show you the quaters we will be sharing." There was a promise of much more kissing and love making in his eyes as he spoke. When his son mentioned Aragon, Elrond was temped to chastise Arwen again but found it impossible after Elrohir and Elladan had pointed out, he was also in love with a mortal. It had been his desire to protect his daughter form the heartache of Aragon's passing that made him so against the relationship. Now he understood that he would rather have a short time with Iria then none at all.

Iria couldn't wait for dinner to be over just so he could spend more time with his lover. He was in awe over everything that had happened to him. He supposed things like fate really did pay off in the end.

Glorfindel pretended to not hear the conversation in question. He'd already started to make a way to get both mortals as their kind are. It just took a bit of a blood ritual to do it. He smiled a little and decided he would search out Erestor to tell him of the plan. "My lord, if I may speak to you before you retire to your rooms.. in private?"

Elrohir yawned and leaned back in his chair. "Well, supper was great." He said, ignoring his father and his sitere's staring match of uncertainty.

Elladan winked at his brother. "That it was, Ro." There seemed to be some idden knowing between the twins that had most at the table on alert at their subtle flirting.

"Of course Glorfindel." Elrond's voice sounded very matter of fact but breaking physical contact with his young lover and leaving him at the table proved to be difficult for him. Immediately there was a sense of loss in their parting that clung to the Elven Lord as he walked out of earshot. "What is it my firend?" He asked putting his hand on his General's shoulder.

Jumping at the oppertunity to get to know her father's lover better Arwen ignored her curiosity about just how close her brothers had become and shifted into Elrond's vacant chair. Reaching out and brushing a wayward strand of hair behind the boy's ear she smiled at him.
"Iria, you know if there is ever anything you wish to ask or talk about I am more than willing to listen. I see that you make my father happy and that is all I have ever wanted for him." She closed her hands around one of Iri's hands. "You can tell me anything and I promise I will not judge you. We will be fast friends." The Princess meant everything she had said and was even hoping that Iria might be able to help her with her father on the subject of her mortal lover.

Glorfindel smiled a little. "Well.. I have to talk to Erestor about this really as well, but there are.. rituals that would have Iria share our life span.." He said, frowning. "I was going to present this to Arwen for when her birthdate comes around as well for her own lover."

Iris smiled in thanks. "Well, could you tell me some of your traditions? I'm completely in love with your father, but we really haven't gotten to know eachother's different things you know?" He asked, smiling kindly at her.

Elrohir rose, stretching. "Well at yours and Ada's wedding, don't drink our wine. It's been known to be wayyy to strong for humans, it would have you pass out before you consumated the ceremony."

Elladan nodded in agreement."Yes it would. Now, let's go to bed, ro, I am sure the little one will be here in the morn."

Laughing a silvery laugh Arwen nodded in agreement with her brothes.
"My beastly brothers know this because they gave my beloved Aragon some wine when he was younger. Even if he is half elven it was still too much for him." As she spoke she studied the twins, they had seemed a lot closer of late and the fact they retired together each night had not escaped her notice. "I am not sure what ceremonies you have in your world but here, when we pledge to be joined with another we do so in front of friends and family. The gather to witness our promise to one another and share in our joy." The Princess explained, his eyes sparkling as she imagined herself and Aragon doing just that against the backdrop of Rivendel's waterfalls.

Not knowing weather to be angry that his General would suggest such a thing for his daughter, or pleased that Glorfindel was thinking of his daughter's happiness in his absence. Elrond frowned slightly.
"You have given this some thought." He stated then shook his head. "Please forgive me dear friend, it seems I am an overprotective father. "Do you really think such a think is possible?" Excitment began to well up inside him as he invisaged Iria at his side for Eternity.

Elladan snorted. "Beastly!? I'll have you know, young mortal, our sister is as much a beast as we are." He said, his nose in the air while his brother smirked in amusement, leading th eother out of the chamber room.

Iria smiled at the princess. "That sounds a little like what we do, but we're overly formal really. Is there anything culturaly different? Obviously clothing... which I so don't have any of at the moment, but I mean... what sort of meals and such?"

Glorfindel smiled. "Yes, I do." He hit his lord on the shoulder in a playful manner. "You know damn well if Aragorn was an elf you wouldn't have a problem with him, so stop being prejudiced."

Tilting her head to the side Arwen thought or a moment.
"Well I guess to answer that I would have to know about your world and customs. I see my father has spelled you so you understand our language..." Conjuring up an image of Aragon in her mind Arwen concentrated on what he was wearing and how it was different to what Iria wore. "The men in this world do not dress as we do, but they do not dress like you either. We prefer fabrics that fall elegantly, clothing with shape that enhances our natural features. Silks for the hotter seasons and fur and velvet for the colder ones. Most of the colours ada wears are earth colours and forest tones. Our food is different form the food of the men of this world as well. We have a kind of bread that only a small amount will give you all the energy you need for a day...." Arwen tried to think of other things that might help Iria.

Laughing and taking hold of the General's forarm in a friendly embrace Elrond nodded.
"That is true my friend." He took in a deep breath and asked for the details of Glorfindel's plan hoping that it was indeed possible and did not in any
way put his lover in danger.

"I didn't even think about that,I do seem to understand all that's being said." Iria said with a small grin. "I love what your father wears. It truly suits him, he's so beautiful and elegant." Iria blushed a little. "Anyways, I wish my world had some of these things, we wouldn't be so polluted and annoying." He said, huffing. "Is the bread good?"

"Well, " Glorfindel began, pulling out a sheath of parchment. "It seems your father was also having a time figuring out how to have a mortal lover without losing the poor thing so very soon. He made a ritual. Aparently it's very simple, you could slip it into your marriage vows really, you merely promise eachother to be faithful and to live for the other always and then you both cut the other on the hand, only a small cut mind you and then press the wounds together in a clasp, you recite this incantation and if the wounds heal it will have been accepted as appropriate. No one has ever been rejected by it, I see no reason why either would be."

"It is to my liking but some have said it is plain. There are also son foul creatures of this world who can not eat it, most things of my kind are like poison to them." Giving Iria a warm and comforting smile, Arwen continued. "Do not worry young one, our food and magic will not harm you."

A sigh of relief excaped the Elven King as he realized the ceremony was very easy and absolutely not dangerous at all.
"Once we have discussed this with Erestor I will ask my Iria if he is willing to live for eternity." Although he was happy, Elrond knew that there were some among men who were not suited to a life of imortality. Sure Iria was not such a man he smiled brightly. "Thank you again dear friend, now if you will excuse me I wish to celebrate Iria's acceptance of my proposal, with him alone." The sparkle in his eyes left no doubt as to his intentions.

Glorfindel shook his head. "Have at him, my lord." He said, walking away with a smirk on his features to find Erestor.

Iria was more than happy to be eating the food of his hosts. "Well, actually it's all rather tasty." He said, smiling. "What kind of evil creatures are there? We saw the body of some gross thing or another earlier on our way over here... I think your father called it an 'orc' or whatever.."

At the mention of the orc Arwen screwed her nose up.
"Yes, they are foul, twisted creachers. There are also wraythes, balwrogs, and other things that slither and crawl. All are violent, with dark souls and intentions. The uraki are causing the most trouble at the moment and the winged creatures that the Witch King rides upon...." Before she could mention more dark creatures the Princess noticed her father approaching and smiled politely at him.

Sliding his arm around Iria's waist, Elrond's eyes sparkled as he purred.
"Shall we retire to our rooms now my love?"

Pushing her chair back and standing up Arwen planted a soft kiss on Iria's cheek then reached up to take her father's face in her desicate hands. Kissing Elrond on the forhead the Princess whispered.
"Goodnight ada, may your dreams be pleasant and you wake safely."

"Yours as well daughter." The Elven King replied and kissed Arwen's forhead in return.

Iria nodded and bowed to Arwen. "Goodnight milady." He said, yawning although he wasn't exactly tired, he wanted to get back and make love to his elven king. And how nice it would be to be in this place rather than his own world. He felt so much better suited for it.

Glorfindel hovered outside the doors to Erestor's room, knocking lightly. "Erestor.. are you in there?"

With a broard smile, Elrond scooped Iria up into his arms and kissed him deeply.
"I hope you are not too tired my darling." He purred in his rich velvety voice.

Hearing the knock on the door Erestor looked up form his pile of paperwork and called out.
"Yes... enter, it is unlocked." He had revieved word that his King had returned and had full intentions of going to greet him but he had once again lost track of time.

"Not at all my love. I am actually rather awake." Iria replied as he returned his lover's kiss. He wrapped his arms around his neck wondering what the other's room looked like, what they would be like with eachother in this new world, wondering what lay ahead of them.

"You did not greet our king. You know he's goin to be sad about that." Glorfindel replied upon entering. "He's brought a mortal boy with him that he retrieved from another plane, they plan to marry. Also, I think we may be able to give the boy and Aragorn an elven lifespan."

This delighted Elrond and he could not get to his rooms quick enough. He carried Iria up a beautiful staircase that was carved into the cliffside and up into the luxurious private chambers. He had the entire floor for his personal use and the bedroom had a balcony that wrappe around two sides allowing a view of the waterfalls and the city and vally below. Gently setting the boy on his feet after carrying him across the threshold, the Elven King waved his had at the large room and beautifully carved furnature.
"Well my love, what do you think of our room?" Although he was egar to bed his lover he took Iria by the hand and led him out onto the balcony. "That is an impressive view is it not?" Elrond found himself smiling as he noticed how beautiful his young lover looked with a spectacular background.

Raising an eyebrow the advisor studied Glorfindel for a moment. Once he had decided the general was not playing games with him he sighed.
"I am sorry I did not greet him but there was much to do and I lost track of the time.... our King really has a mortal love with himf?" That fact still shocked Erestor and until he got past the shock of it he could think of nohting else.

"Oh wow!" Iria said, in stupor at what he saw. "Everything's so beautiful..." He said, looking from his lover's room to the sight that was presented to him from outside of the balcony. He loved it. Loved every part of it. "Wow, this is so beautiful." He felt truly blessed to see such a sight and kissed his lover. "Thank you for bringing me with you. Thank you for falling in love with me as I fell in love with you."

"Yes, he really has a mortal love with him. The boy is truly a beauty. He's got the strnagest eyes. They look like the night sky." Glorfindel said, smliing at the other. "Now, why don't you set aside your work a while? Let me massage those shoulders of yours, you've been hunched over papers all day"

Elrond loved seeing Iria so happy and silently swore that he would do his best to keep him that way.
"I did not have a choice, you stole my heart the moment I saw you and not it firmly belongs to you and no other my darling Iria." The elf gently led the boy back inside and was pleased to see that the servants had bought clothing they thought would fit Iria. Most of the clothes were one worn by younger elfs and even then they were a little long but at least his lover would have something to wear until some clothes could be made especially for him. "Come my love.... the bathroom is this way." The King took Iria to a room that was carved out of solid rock. It was a cave and some of the natural formations remained, adding beauty to the pool carved in the rock. A natural hot water sorce fed the pool so that tiny whisps of steam floated up from the water's surface. "Shall we bathe first?" Elrond asked, wanting to caress every inch of Iria and washing the boy and his hair was the perfect excuse to do so.

Laughing Erestor nodded. He jumped at the chance to have the general's strong hands expertly working out the knots in his muscles.
"A rub would be wonderful." He said cheerfully. "I am curious about this mortal though, to have enchanted out King as you say he has, well he must be a very special person indeed. Now I regret not meeting him even more." He added tying to imagine Elrond in love again. It had been such a long time since the elven King had taken a lover, too long as fare as his advisor was concerned.

"Absolutely!" Iria said in excitement, stripping himself of clothing before he kissed his lover, feeling very happy with ihs lover's choice of words. "I really enjoy how you have this set up." He said, grinning and testing the water. He shivered in enjoyment. "This is going to be nice." He said, stepping carefully and giving an moan of enjoyment as the warmth of the water eased his muscles and accepted him. "Ohhhhh... so nice." He said with a small whine, closing his eyes and sinking against the side of the tub.

Glorfindel moved behind Erestor and slipped his hands beneath the collar of his shirt, being sure to graze them along his skin before gripping and massaging them firmly. "You will be able to see him tomorrow. But it has been a dreadfully long time for our king, as long as we can expand the boy's life so that it fits with our own we shouldn't have an issue with him being sad ever again. Their love is inspiring. You can see it with every glance they give one another. Our lord looked like a lost puppy when I pulled him aside to talk to him for but a moment." Glorfindel informed his long time friend, increasing his pressure a little, feeling around the knots. "Erestor! I told you to not work yourself into knots and here yet your back is full of them!" He let his hands slip to the other's pecs, finding there was also filled with knots. "And I wonder if I should baby you and remove all of these knots no matter where they might be."

Again Elrond got a rush form how enchanting his lover looked when happy. Laughing softly at Iria enthusiasm the elf stripped off slowly and gracefully then stepped into the hot spring beside the boy. Sinking into the water he too groaned in pleasure.
"This is one of the reasons I chose this place." He explained. "The hot water is fed to the other bathrooms as well but this is the only one situated in a natural cave. I feel I can be one with the land and the water here, it is very relaxing." Leanind back Elrond had to hold back on his urge to take his young lover there in the bath. Iria looked to be enjoying himself so much he did not want to spoil that, at least not yet anyway. The light that reflected off the water danced around the cave roof and walls in wonderful patterns and the elf King swirled his arm in the water setting off another ballett of bluish light.

The feel of the General's hand on him was far too arousing and Erestor found himself moaning in pleasure.
"Perhaps getting you to baby me was my plan all along?" Looking up into Glorfindel's radient eyes the King's advisor smirked and gently reached up to pull Glorfindel down towards him so he could kiss the other. Ever so softly he kissed the General's soft full lips, closing his eyes as he did.
"Mmmm so do my lips have knots that need undoing as well?" He asked in a rich purr.

Iria watched his lover undress with excitement, his eyes drinking in the sight of him with arousal. He also thought the water was so terribly pretty and when he looked back up at his lover he realized this was his life, and it was worth everything he had. He kissed the other on the lips, pressing a hand to his chest, the other hand cupping his cheek while he deepened the kiss, sighing content at the feelings he felt of comfort and desire as well of course love.

Glorfindel was rather pleased with the kiss bestowed upon him by erestor and kissed him back in turn."Well, you're rather tricky,but I do not mind doing these things for you." He said, kissing the other again to prove his point, "And yes, as far as I am concerned, your lips are very very knotted." He said sensually, kissing the other firmly.

Closing his eyes and moaning softly as if he were savouring his favourite desert, Elrond allowed himself to become lost in Iria's kiss. The rest of the world melted away, all his enemies, all the pain and heartache of his once proud civilazation almost being ahnialiated. There was nothing but the Elven King and his young lover.
"Iria..." He purred as he let his hand wander down the boy's back. He wanted to make love again, to join so he had no idea where he ended and his lover started. "I need you my darling Iria.... " He purred again.

Letting out a slight laugh, Elrond's advisor decided to give Glorfindel all of his attention.
"So my beautiful General who is to lead this passionate dance?" He asked sliding his arms around the blonde's waist. "Will you submit to me or do I have to fight you for that right?" Erestor was suddenly very aroused and being the King's advisor he was used to being the one in charge. Only Elrond himself and on occasion the stunning General had ever managed to dominate him.

"I need you too my sweet elven king." Iria stated softly, kissing the other fully, needingly, groaning in delight at the feel of thse silken firm lips against his own.He wanted to feel the other inside him again. They finally had this moment of pace to share with one another, and he wanted it, loudly did he want it.

"Fight for it, show me how bad you want me." Glorfindel said in a purr. He was willing to be fawned over at the moment, even if it meant being dominated, he truly didn't midn with this beautiful creature.

That was all Elrond needed to hear. He reached down to lift Iria's thighs a little so the boy could wrap his legs around the Elf's waist.
"Oh Iria..." He kissed his lover deeply, passionatly as he reached down with one hand and began to kneed the boy's length to relax him. The other hand was tangled in Iria's hair as they killed. "My beautiful love...." Elrond's rich, vevetly voice seemed to fill the entire cave and the slight echo only added to it's eatherial quality. When he was sure his lover was ready, the Elven King reached around and slowly began to circle his finger around Iria's enterence.

"A flicker of a spark shone in the advisor's eyes for a second as he suddenly pushed Glorfindel up against the wall. He pressed himself against the general's slender but perfectly toned body and nipped at his neck.
"You are my one true addiction sweet General. I need you like the fish needs water." Erestor's hardening length pressed against the other elf's hip as he tried to bring Glorfindel's wrists up over the blonde Elf's head.

Iria wrapped his legs around Elrond's waist as instructed and returned his kiss, adding his own arousal in it to fuel their pairing. He mimicked his lover's attentions to his length, more than happy to give him some of the same attention and pleasure as he moaned heatedly into the kiss.

"But I like watching you gasp for air my love." Glorfindel replied, keeping his hands firm to his side to make the other fight for his attentions, loving the game they played with one another. He pressed a teasing kiss to his lover's lips, wondering how to empassion him further.

It was almost torture for Elrond, having to take things slow enough so he could prepare his lover. As badly as he needed the boy there was no way the Elven King wanted to harm Iria or cause him discomfort. He pressed in one finger at a time, sure to stretch his lover slowly and kept him relaxed by continuing to kiss him. Elrond even whispered words of love and nibbled at the boy's earlobes as he worked at preparing Iria to accept him.

This was just the kind of challenge Erestor loved and with a smirk he once again pressed his body against Glorfindel's and kissed the General. He tried to press his tongue inside the other's mouth so he could probe the moist, hot corners of his lover. Delighting in the blonde's taste and resistance he pulled back a little to see if the General would lean towards him this time in an attempt to keep kissing.

Iria groaned, pressing himself against the other's fingers. "Love, Ineed you." He whispered with his eyes closed in pleasure, his hands trailing up into the other's hair, dampened with water, entangled into clinging wet strands. "Please.." He whispered softly against the other's ear where he nibbled gently.

Glorfindel came very close to following the other in the kiss, but he held his resolve, staing firml against the wall. "Mn, try harder lover." He whispered, his eyes hazed with lust and adoration. "I'm not so easy." The irony of the statement was that in the hands of this one, he was easy.

Heart pounding Elrond gave in to his urges and lifted Iria by the hips. Positioning himself under his young lover so he could slowly and gently pull the boy down onto his length. A moan of extacy escaped the Elven King as the tight warth of his lover wrapped around him.
"Iria... my beloved..." He gasped breathlessly.

The advisor laughed loudly, he indeed understood the irony of his lover's words. Regaining his composure Erestor stpped closer to the General and in an effortless action he tore Glorfindel's shirt open and bowed his head to flick the other's nipples with the tip of his tongue. As he did this Erestor also let his right hand slide down his lover's flat stomach and began to massarge the General's length throught his pants.
"It seems at least parts of you are enticed by my offer..." The Royal Advisor said smirking in delight at the reaction he got from both Glorfinde's nipples and length.

Iria was more than ecstatic to have the other inside him. He gasped in pain and pleasure, shivering and begging for more in a silent form of body language. He groaned, whimpering almost as theother pressed farther into him. "Oh, my love!"

"You're cheating." Glorfindel replied, kissing the other hard, pulling him tight against his body. "If you wish for me, take me, I will no longer fight tonight." He wanted the other too badly to fight him at the moment.

Stopping so his lover could ajust the Elven King tried to catch his breath. This was too wornderful, this fragile young mortal in his arms had stolen his heart and soul and given him such happiness and bliss in return.
"Iria..." He cried out over and over, lost in the boy's touch and taste. There was of course that now familure scent, a smell like nothing in this world but one that was the sweetest scent he had ever experienced. It was Iria himself and Elrond shivered as he plunged deeper inside his young lover.

"Am I?" Erestor asked, highly amused. "I thought all was fair in love and war my darling General?" It delighted the advisor how easily his lover had given in to him, filled him with pride he still had his magic touch. With a bright smile Erestor wondered Glorfindel was aware of the effect he had on his own body. His appatite had been wet and now he desired nothing more than the General's sweet crys of pleasure and warm embrace. Taking the other by the hand the advisor headed for the door. "My room tonight or yours my love?" He asked trying to think of something other than the toned skin he had exposed on the blonde's chest.

Iria met the other's thrusts well, enjoying the new feeling of the water being around them as they made their sweet love. "Elrond, I love you." He said, his fingers tightening in theo ther's hair as he held tight to him, pressing his forehead to the other's, leaning up once ina while to kiss him.

"How about mine?" Glorfindel suggested, walking close to the other, teasingly placing a hand on his rear. "Whichever is closest." He mentioned, following after with delight.

Guiding his young lover with hands on his hips the Elven King shivered in delight and panted as he thrust into the other. He was lost in the intense sensations of the other, drinking in each kiss as if it were the breath of life. The warm water splashed against the edge of the bath with a rhythmic beat that urged Elrond on. Thinking this had to be the most perfect feeling in existance the elf growled softly as he neared his end.
"Are you close my love?" He asked wondering if Iria was feeling the same way.

Erestor took in a deep breath and tried to remain calm when he felt his lover's hand on his rear.
"Your's it is then." He said chuckling softly. There was no way the advisor could wait any longer then was absolutly necessary. Pulling Glorfindel closer for a moment, he kissed him with a passion that surprised even him. "It has been too long..." He muttered breathlessly in between kisses. Once he started, Erestor could not stop.

"Yes, my love, so very very close!" Iria said in a huff of excitement, truly ready to finish for his darling lover. He loved this feeling, this second thing he'd felt with him. He was planning on counting all of the times they made love so he could remember each one while he wished to daydream when he wasn't busy. Such things deserved such measures.

"I agree! All of this war-mongering has taken its toll on us." Glorfindel replied, opening the door to his room where he fell back onto his bed, pulling the advisor atop of him. "Now, own me like I know you know how." He insisted, begged even.

Picking up his pace a little the Elven King clutched at Iria. He kissed the boy and held him tight as if he were the most precious thing in the wrold, which of course as fare as Elrond was concerned he was.
"Let us climax together my beloved..." He wispered in his velvety voice as he once again thrust faster and deeper.

Kissing the General hard Erestor tipped their remaining clothes off. He was far to empassioned to bother with removing them properly and he hoisted Glorfindel's legs up as he started to kiss his way down the other's neck.
"Mmm our energies are much better spent on eachother instead of enemies. The King's advisor was like a charging demon, his mind was on one thing only and that was molesting the impossibly beautiful elf in front of him. Biting and kissing the General he reached for some lubricant he knew was on his lover's bedside table and began to prepare Glorfindel. "My addiction to you is too strong my love, I can not even try to hold back anymore..." Erestor wanted to make sure he was not going too fast for his partner, as badly as he needed Glorfindel he also needed to bring him pleasure.

Iria gave into his lover's command and came with a loud scream of pleasure. "Oh! Elrond!" He called out, letting his voice ring off the walls of their bathing room.

"Then have me, I am not fragile, you've made sure of this, Erestor." Glorfindel said hotly while ht eother kisse dand bit him. He growled and let the other breech him with the lubricant, ready to feel him inside, not liking the wait they both had to suffer.

As he rode the waves of pleasure that shot through his body with every chench of his lover's muscles, Elrond held Iria close. He gently stroked the boy's back and kissed him everywhere he could reach.
"Iria my darling.... my beloved...." He wispered, never wanting to let go.

As quickly as he could the advisor pressed in two the three fingers and making sure his length was slick he positioned himself at his lover's enterence. Reaching down to take the other in hand Erestor gently pressed into his beloved General. Groaning in pleasure he stroked his hand up and down as he waited for the other to adjust to him.
"Oh Glorfindel.... you are exquisit."

Iria sighed content as he finished and rested his head on his lover's shoulder. "Oh my love, this is such a nice thing for us."He whispered. "
I can't wait until the war is over and your kingdom rebuilt. Then we can truly be with eahcother."

Glorfindel's adjusting didn't take long at all. In fact it was quite quickly accomplished. "So beautiful, aren't you?" He whispered to the other, kissing his lips. "I love you, Eestor.." He decided to whisper in a strangely romantic way.

Elrond contined to hold Iria for a while longer. He imagined how wonderful it would be to spend his days with him young lover without fear of attack or war. Now more than ever he wanted to defeat his enemies so that his people and his lover could live in peace. Finally with a large sigh the Elven King gently and slowly pulled out.
"Are you tired my love?" He asked as he began to bath Iria and wash his hair. The long trip home and all the excitment of escaping the would be assassin had cought up with him and Elrond was dreaming of his big soft bed.

The General's words fanned the flames of passion and Erestor began to thrust deep and hard. He wanted to smash himself against his lover until they were both dust and mingled together so they could never be seperated again. Groaning and crying out in pleasure the Advisor kissed and stroked Glorfindel, quicklyu becoming lost in the other.

"I am darling." Iria said, resting his head on his lover's chest. "I love you so much." He whispered as he rested on him. "Mn, we should get clean and rest together. I can't wait my love, being in your bed. It's going to be nice."

Glorfindel was a mere puppett at the hands of this other. He was in utter enjoyment. He let himself be pleasured while giving pleasure. "Oh yes.. Erestor, give me all you have. I want all of you, harder darling."He whispered, a mess of words and hasty breathes in attempts to keep sane with his pleasure.

Hurridly washing himself Elrond climbed out of the bath and then offered Iria a hand out. He dried himself down with a large, soft towel and dressed in loose silk pants and shirt that he usually wore in the evenings. There was a similar set of clothes for Iria and once they were both dressed the Elven King smiled down at his lover.
"You really are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen sweetheart." Once again the elf scooped the boy up into his arms so he could carry him back into the bedroom. It was impossible for Elrond to keep his hands off Iria and he hoped his lover did not mind being carried all the time.

Erestor growled and arched his back as he continued to thrust deep inside the General. His lover's words reached his ears as if from a distance, pleasure clouding his head and mind.
"Glorfindel!" He cried wanting release and not wanting it yet. His pleasure was so overwhelming it was almost painful and the rest of the room melted away so there was only the pleasure and his beloved General. At that moment the advisor was a shivering, moaning mess. "Oh My Love!" He shouted as he reached his own end.

Iria smiled and layed his head on his lover's chest as he was carried. "As are you my darling." He said, smiling up at him, feelig that he'd been sent some ethereal heavenly being that was to be his light forever.

Glorfindel was excited by his lover's release and stroked himself tight and fast to reach his own as well. He held tight to the other, happy to have this moment of peace and aftermath of ecstasy as he clutche to him. "I love you."

Not wanting to let go of Iria even for a moment Elrond reached down and pulled the blankets back then climbed under them still holding his young lover. It was not like him to be so clingy but there was something about Iria that made him want to love and hold and protect the boy forever.
"I love you my darling. Goodnight." He whispered as he curled up around his lover and kissed his hair and forehead.

Breathing heavily and quivering the advisor smiled as everything came back into focus.
"And I love you." He reached over and caressed Glorfinde's cheek. "You have enchanted me with your strength and beauty dear General. I am defenceless against you." Erestor looked deep into the other's eyes as he spoke, marveling at how lucky he was.

"I love you too, my elfen king." Iria replied, kissing the other on the lips. He held tight to the other, His eyes wanting to drift shut. "My my. I am so tired my love, let us sleep?" He asked, comforted in the strong arms of his beloved.

"And if you were only aware of what you do to me, I think I might have you beat my drling. For you have disarmed the general of Rivendell, surely that is a feat in itself. I think your defenses are rather good." He said, kissing the ohter fully n the lips. "Come, let us rest, you definitely need to."

For the first time in a very long time Elrond did not feel alone in his big bed. Though Iria was small in stature he was big enough to become the Elven King's entire world. Closing his eyes he drifted off to sleep, happy and at peace with his young lover wrapped in his arms.

Laughing Erestor leaned forward to kiss his lover's lips once more.
"Such sweet words General." The advisor's eyes sparkled at he looked at the other. "Do you suggest I need sleep because I work too hard or are you suggesting I am getting old?" He teased. "Throwing your enemy off balance works well in the battle field my darling, and in bed as well it seems." Erestor added as he snuggled into Glorfindel. He knew his lover was only worried about his well being but could not help teasing him a little.

"But you are not my enemy, my love." Glorfindel responded silkily. "In fact, you're very far from ever being such a thing, I love you for it all the more. You make me into this being.. an admirable one." He kissed the other on the lips and lead him under the blankets.

"And you are my reason for being. I do my part in the fight against evil so that I my have you to myself more often. Once the wars are done with I will still need Rivendales General in my bed and in my arms. I am nothing without you Glorfindel." Erestor purred as he snuggled up against his lover and closed his eyes.

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2010-01-19 [The Vampire Armand]: -nods- All right, you have to play arwen. I don't want to play as a girl. -grins- there is also Elros, Elrohir (they are his twin sons), Erestor (his advisor) and whoever else is there we should bring in. I don't know know how you want to split them.

2010-01-19 [kiradraco]: Ok I'll play Arwen. (LOL sometimes you can be very set in your ways) You can take the twins if you like, I feel that twins have such strong connections they should be written by the same person. I suppose I can play the advisor unless you wanted him? It has been years since I read Tolkin's books so I an not overly familure with the charecters. Did one of his twin sons end up getting his hand cut off after being chained to a rock or am I thinking of the wrong elf?

2010-01-19 [The Vampire Armand]: (That I can.) I have read the books but did not pay as much attention as I thought, not sure. -smiles- But yes I can play the twins... and I suppose the advisor.

2010-01-19 [kiradraco]: Well it really boils down to weather or not you want to control the storyline. Playing the advisor would give you more room to guide the characters but if you are happy with Glorfindel's influence then I can take Erestor. The choice is yours :)

2010-01-19 [The Vampire Armand]: I do like Glorfindel, all right you play with Erestor. I am sure we can bring in Legolas or something for me to play with to balance it out so we have the same amount of characters

2010-01-19 [kiradraco]: -smiles- You do like to challenge my writing and creative skills with multiple characters don't you? (Which is a good thing seeing as I want to grow as a writer) Nathie is online now so if my posts are slower that is the reason.

2010-01-19 [The Vampire Armand]: I am going to fight him over you. -smiles-

2010-01-19 [kiradraco]: LOL Nathie feels just as possessive as you and seems to think because he and I have been conversing for almost four years now you should come second. It is quite strange that two gay men would fight over a woman. I get this image of two alpha male dogs growling and circling each other. Of course this tends to get Dee's hackles up at times and he politely reminds me that I am his wife and that should take precedence over RPing. -laughs and shakes head- It is lucky you and Nathie are both gay because I have had to sever connections with hetrosexual men because of Dee's jealousy. He watches another friend of mine on here who is bi like a hawk, just to make sure he does not overstep his bounds. LOL

2010-01-19 [The Vampire Armand]: -laughs- Yes well, I could argue that I am rather new to you and therefore need more attention. -grins-

2010-01-19 [The Vampire Armand]: Ah! I got the names of the twins wrong! It was Elladan and Elrohir..

2010-01-20 [The Vampire Armand]: -laughs- I have to point this out, do re-read your first sentence before I post. It's a mistake I have hoped never to make when typing the word 'sit' .....

2010-01-20 [kiradraco]: LOL Woops! That has to be one of my worst typos. Oh don't forget to read the paragraph before that one as well. I wrote 2 this post.

2010-01-26 [The Vampire Armand]: I don't feel much like writing at the moment, I will get back to this soon.

2010-01-26 [kiradraco]: That's alright Armand. I am here if you need me :)

2010-01-27 [The Vampire Armand]: We need to brainstorm, im fastly losing it.

2010-01-27 [kiradraco]: Well there is a war we can wage if you fell like it? I don't really have any ideas at the moment. Do you still want to keep the RP light and loving? Most of my ideas are not overly pleasant for our characters. It tend to be sadistic in my writing.

2010-01-27 [The Vampire Armand]: Let me think on it for the evening.

2010-01-27 [kiradraco]: Ok Sweet dreams and be safe Armand :)

2010-01-28 [The Vampire Armand]: Al right back to brainstorming.

2010-01-29 [kiradraco]: Have you had any ideas?

2010-01-29 [The Vampire Armand]: nope -smiles-

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