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Shopping for food

Welcome to Shopping for food!

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The average household with 2.5 children and 3/4 of a dog can spend up to 10% of their total expenses on groceries. Fortunately, if you are a smart shopper, the supermarket is a great place to save.

1. Never shop hungry. You may find out that when you get home your cart was full of junk items that you would not normally buy.

2. Shop once a week with a list. Shoppers who run to the store frequently buy more impulse items. Make it a weekly chore and fit it into your schedule.

3. Shop only when you are rested and alert. You'll be better equipped to calculate bargains and watch for errors at the checkout counter.

4. Bring a pocket calculator. Use it to keep a running total of what your spending. Use it to check unit prices for the best bargain.

5. Shop at one place. Unless the bargains elsewhere are great, stick to one store. Running around all over town costs dollars, gas and minutes.

6. Shop in the middle of the week and if possible shop alone. Sale items are in stock and the store is not crowded. You can concentrate on getting what you need without distractions.

7. Look for specials, but be careful because the middle of the shelf is used for the high priced items. Remember to look up to the top of the shelf and down at the bottom of the shelf for those bargains.

8. Compare UNIT price, not price. The unit price is the price divided by weight or volume.

9. Be willing to try house and generic brands and sizes. It may be worth the difference in price if the item tastes exactly the same or very close to it.

10. Pick up quantities of staples when the price is low. But do not get more than you can store or will use in a reasonable amount of time.

11. Coupons, Coupons, Coupons. Or a preferred customer card. You can easily save 10% or more by using your coupons or customer card.

12. For best nutrition shop around the edges of the store. Fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy and meats. The inner aisles have the processed and prepared foods and they offer less nutrition for your money.

13. Grocery‚Äôs do not include such things like soap, toilet paper and aspirin. Plan another list for those staples and shop accordingly.


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