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Sephiroth looked over the troops. To be honest he had never seen a sadder performed bunch of cadets enter the building. And their clothing and everything was completely off. He was surprised they weren't forced to change at the front of the building like he had been... of course he didn't really have a choice, Hojo had been watching him like a hawk. Sephiroth eyed them all, a particularly scrawny boy with spikey golden hair was chatting with his second in comand, Zackary Fair. Why was Zack conversing with this cadet so friend-like? He sighed and rolled his eyes, the rolling turning into narrowing as he saw the Turk division of ShinRa enter after the cadets.

A red haired turk named Reno Sinclair had been one in particular to give Sephiroth trouble. Stealing files. Being a smart ass. And his greatest anger was that he really couldn't do anything unless it was violent because Rufus protected the obnoxious red-haired man.

Reno grinned. "Ohh loook at all these new soldiers... you guys should join us turks.. we have way better food and believe me.. in a few months you guys are either going to commit suicide or be as tight assed as the general.." Reno said, laughing at his own joke.

Sephiroth glared daggers at the other and the red haired man turned towards him, smirk in place. "Yo! How's it going General!?"

Zack had been watching the exchange and feared for the red haired man's life. "By the way, just because Reno can get away with NOT taunt Sephiroth.. you will be skewered alive..." He said, warningly.

A certain turk with black hair, Vincent Valentine, watched Reno dangerously poke fun at the general and tried to suppress an amused smirk.

"Oh! Uhhh...right," Cloud responded, only half paying attention to his friend. The general's intimidating figure had his attention, and he didn't think he would ever be crazy enough to make fun of General Sephiroth.

Sephiroth sighed and looked over his group before standing at the podium. "Zackary Fair, I suggest you get up here now."

Zack blinked and sighed. "Sorry Spiky, my turn to shine." He said, running off to the General's call.

Reno snorted and casually laid back ."YO! SEPH! Are you going to give the same speech as last year??? seriously man you need new material! And Zack you can do so much better than to become his lackey!"

Zack frowned. "Turks are not allowed to comment." He said loudly.

Reno huffed indignantly. "Excuse me yo! Rufus told our asses to come down here. Do you think we want to listen to this psychopath speak about his accomplishments and about how how will have our asses if we mess up?"

Vincent crossed his arms and glanced at Reno with one eyebrow raised. He wondered why the turk spent so much time antagonizing the general. It didn't get him anywhere. Must have been fun for him or something.

Cloud listened to everything Reno said quietly, wondering if the accusation of Sephiroth as a psychopath was true. He couldn't see whether or not he was crazy by looking at him. He just looked strong and commanding and...handsome. The blonde cadet couldn't stop staring.

Sephiroth glared at the red head and began his speech. "I am noticing that you lot seem to be a bit lazy. Not a one of you are even presented to me here in uniform. I will change that. You will come to love these walls, depend on them, protect them. You will soon enough be able to defend yourselfs against the worst. But for my guidance I ask for only one price and that is your respect. If I do not get it not only will you fail but you will spend your lifes worshipping everyone else on your knees. You will be nothing more then mere grains of sand on which everyone is to walk on. Some of you come here thinking ShinRa is a joke. It isn't. ShinRa will put you to your limits like no other. I will be sure that you have the worst time you have ever had. And what will you gain of it? Knowledge, understanding, strength, uses of magic, a long list that I can not even name the possibilities too. And if you fail.. then you will not be remembered. Thos of you who want to be by my side will have to try harder, surge above the rest. And one more little note. I own you. Training will begin in a day's time, failure to show up will have you as lab experiments or simply have you disgraced, humiliated or dismissed from ShinRa." Sephiroth stepped away from the podium to let Zack take over.

"If you're a cadet you need to report to the turk to get your rooms. I need to see Cadet Strife immediately. And I will inform you that anything you need just come to me or General Sephiroth." Zack smiled easily at the other soldiers and went to stand by Sephiroth.

Reno had so many things he could of said to the other to anger him, but he had to hold him back because the cadet's listings were forced into his hands so that he could read out the room numbers. "Why the fuck can't they take care of it? I am not even in SOLDIER. HEY GUYS IF ANY OF YOU FAIL THEN COME JOIN US TURKS." Reno suddenly shouted.


Reno huffed. "Yeah but we have cookies! Besides we specialize in better skills then being assholes. Or killing off whole villages like Sephiroth there did to the city of Midgar."

The room froze. Sephiroth twitched in anger, lightening speed carrying him over to the redhaired turk, grabbing him by his throat. "Do NOT think I will hesitate to kill you." He warned, throwing him to the ground before re-joining Zack. "LET THAT BE A WARNING, ANY OF YOU WHO CROSS ME WILL BE EITHER KILLED OR SEVERALY PUNISHED!"

Reno coughed and righted himself, even though the act had stirred fear in him, he found himself not having lost one ounce of dignaty.

Vincent's expression flattened at being called a 'failed SOLDIER'. Then his eyebrows were raised in a new expression of surprise when Reno mouthed off and got thrown to the ground. He knew Sephiroth wasn't someone to be trifled with, but apparently, even though he'd been through this before, Reno hadn't learned.

Poor Cloud didn't quite comprehend what had just happened. He knew Reno had just said something dumb again, but apparently it was something very dumb because he had been choked and thrown down for it. He was very sure that he wouldn't be crossing Sephiroth; he'd probably end up broken in half. Cloud wasn't a very large person. Still, the display of violent anger wasn't enough to deter Cloud's attention from the silver-haired general.

Zack pulled Cloud aside. "Didn't you hear me calling you? You look.. like you've been daydreaming.." He said, raising an amused eyebrow. "What's wrong did Seph's speach scare you? Awe come on Spiky, I needed to tell you that you will be rooming with me."

Sephiroth walked over to Zack, looking the blonde over. "Zackary, I will tell you this once, if you plan to take a cadet under your wing, you may wish to pick one that looks as though he wont break in two."

Zack snorted. "Believe me, Seph, this one beat Angeal in an arm wrestling match, he's stronger than he looks."

Sephiroth reguarded this with interest, looking down at Cloud. "Perhaps, what's your name, Cadet." He asked, thinking to look the boy's name up to see if he had had any other family in the ShinRa program.

Reno had finished giving out rooms. He was tired and bored, and he gathered half of his branch of the service together. "WHO WANTS TO GO DRINKING!?"

Vincent wondered if that invitation to go drinking included him as well. Alcohol didn't sound too bad at the moment.

Cloud didn't have a chance to respond to Zack's information about them sharing a room, or his question as to whether or not the speech scared him. He blushed slightly at Sephiroth insulting his size, but spit out his name quickly for the general. "Cloud Strife, Sir!" He saluted stiffly.

Reno grinned and looked up to where he saw Vincent. "YO! Red riding hood! You should come out with us!" He said, heading towards the door.

Sephiroth Eyed Cloud, a bearly nticeable smirk playing on his lips. "Cloud. I expect much from you because Zackary here tells me that you have potential. Do not dissapoint me. I may have to assign you for additional training, but you will not fail. Is that understood?"

Zack winced as this was sentenced to his friend. His telling Sephiroth that the other could do anything may have been a mistake. Cloud would be extremely worked above the other students.. but that also meant he got more resting time. Who knew? Maybe the young cadet could take it. He didn't fail to notice that Cloud couldn't take his eyes off Sephirroth and with that notion another possibility played in his mind.

Red riding hood...? Vincent thought, indignantly. He had never earned himself a nickname before and he wasn't sure if he liked it much. But nonetheless he followed silently behind Reno and some others that had also decided that drinking sounded good.

"Understood, Sir!" The cadet saluted again, attempting to keep eye contact with the general, though his nerves wavered slightly after only a few seconds. Being this near the general made him almost nervous, and his heart was beating rather loudly in his chest cavity.

Reno grinned as his little group made it to the bar. "Drinks for everyone! Courtest of Rufus ShinRa!!!" He grinned and looked over to Vincent. "You need to lighten up. One might think your in soldier."

Zack grinned. "Ohhh Cloudy.. I think I know something about you." He said, draping an arm mischieviously over the blonde's shoulder. "I think you like Seph."

Sephiroth narrowed his eyes. He had walked away from the two, but that didn't mean he couldn't hear them. He looked at them out of the corner of his eyes, now intrigued at the conversation.

" soldier, huh?" Vincent smirked and looked over at the other turk with a level gaze. Personally, he thought he had enough of a sense of humor not to be a tightass, but maybe he did need to laugh more.

Cloud blushed brightly. "What?! No...! can tell?" He looked up at Zack, concerned that he was being so transparent. "Does it really seem like I like General Sephiroth?" He wanted to pay respect to the general, even though he wasn't aware that the man was within ear shot.

Reno grinned. "Here you go man. Drink it and be like me! I am the best damned role model out of anyone! They should nominate me as the fucking general!"

Zack grinned. "It's written all over your face." Zack said, grinning. "You know.. I am his right hand man.. I could just mention you a bit.. not that I know whether or not Seph likes boys.. but I bet you he might. Come to think of it I haven't ever seen him in a relationship."

Sephiroth snorted at his comments and bussied himself tomake it seem as though he wasn't eavesdropping.

Vincent let himself laugh a little. "You? General? I don't know about that..." In his opinion, anyone that said 'fucking general' probably wasn't a great candidate to be a general. Though Reno's proclamations were pretty entertaining.

Cloud blushed more, if it was possible. "You can't be serious! Are you suggesting that...No! No!" He shook his head to rid himself of the thought. It was embarrassing that he was so easy to read, and if Zack could read him that well, it would mean that the general could probably read him even better. "Why would you want to set me up with General Sephiroth?"

Sephiroth grinned. He would have fun with this one. As soon as the smile had appeared he dismissed it, not needing any of the cadets to thin he actualy did something as human as smiling.

Zack grinned. "Just leave it to me spiky." He said, patting the other on the head. "Well anyways, go find the room and set your stuff down on the other bed. I need to help Seph get things ready for your guys's first day."

Reno grinned. "Oh come on yo. I would be the best! Every Friday I would let everyone get smashed! And then they could do whatever they wanted... I mean.. we would be badasses though you know? Everyone would be trained well and then like.. we would be the best so we wouldn't have to fight very much which means time for more partying.." He rambled on and on, eyes blurry with pleasure of thinking up his vision.

"Don't tell me you get drunk this I going to have to carry you to your room or something? Anyway, there are logistical things wrong with your plan..." Vincent pointed that out and then took a drink of the malt liquor in the bottle in front of him.

"Er...uh...right! Okay!" Cloud hurried away toward his and Zack's room, flustered and a little disoriented from meeting Sephiroth and listening to what his friend had suggested. What would I do if...and why would the General even consider me...? He tried to push the thought out of his mind so he could think about what he was supposed to be doing. When he reached the room and set his things down, he realized he hadn't been given any other orders.

Reno grinned. "Oh? And just what are they?" He questioned, the alcohol making his cheeks flush red.

Zack walked up to Sephiroth who was studying his refelction. "What am I, Zack?" He asked, sighing miserably.

"Your a man?" Zack replied, puzzled.

"No, Reno was right. I am a monster. What you and the rest of you soldiers see before you is but a guise to a man that is nothing but hate and cold."

Zack placed a consouling hand on his friend's shoulder. "Not to a certain blond friend of mine." He stated, grinning.

Sephiroth raised an eyebrow as he looked at the other. "Are you so certain?"

Zack nodded. "Yeah, follow me, you'll recognize him." He drug the general to his rooms where Cloud was to be.

"Not to be rude," Vincent paused to smirk, "but you'd be the leader of a bunch of drunken fools. What kind of army would that be?"

Cloud had been sitting on the edge of his bed, daydreaming, and he looked up when the door opened, abruptly jumping to his feet when he noticed that the General was with Zack. He wanted to say something to adress his respect for the General as he saluted for about the 6th time that day, but words wouldn't come out.

Reno pouted. "But that is the idea! Us Turks fight better when intoxicated." He argued, downing another beer.

Zack snorted. "This be the one Seph."

Sephiroth found hismelf smirking and nodded. "So I See. You know, Cadet Strife, you don't have to salute me right now."

Zack grinned and sat lazily on a bed, motioning for Sephiroth to do the same. Sephiroth took residence on Cloud's bed, smiling at the young boy.

"Zack tells me you have much potential." He said, grinning.

"Speak for yourself. Personally, I think I fight better when my reaction time matches what I think it is. How could you fight better with delayed judgement?"

"I...yes, Sir," he responded, dropping his arm to his side, but not moving from his position at attention. When Sephiroth took a seat on the side of his bed, he blanched and was apprehensively wondering if he would be permitted to sit next to the man. He wasn't sure what to say as to how much potential he might have had.

Reno grinned. "You don't care as much when your drunk." Reno decided to change topics,"I like your hair by the way." He said, running his fingers along a few whispy strands.

Zack grinned, watching the two. "Lighten up Cloud, Seph dosen't bite."

Sephiroth gained a mischievious glint in his eyes before he said, "Hard..." and patted the bed for the other to sit beside him. "I think you should get to know me more Cloud. I may seem all scary, but I am not so bad." He said, his voice seeming laced with threat when he meant only for councelling and truth with the other.

"You're drunk, by the way," Vincent replied jokingly, raising an eyebrow and smiling. "And your statement sounds like it has a double meaning. How many things do you not care about when you're drunk?"

The cadet blushed slightly at the implication of what Sephiroth had said. Sitting tentatively next to the much taller man, he looked toward him and said, "I don't think you're scary. I think you have to seem like you're scary so that everyone will listen to you...!" He immediately shut his mouth, realizing that what he said hadn't exactly sounded like a compliment.

Reno grinned. "Double meaning huh? Perhaps it does havea double meaning, what are you going to do about it?" He asked, twisting his hands into the other's hair, planning to kiss him.

Zack grinned at Sephiroth.

Sephiroth smiled slightly at Cloud. "We may have to change that you don't think I am scary/ Not being scared of me and thinking of me as scary are two different things." He said, looking the other over before glancing to Zack. "Right Zackary?"

Zack nodded. "Damn right."

Vincent's expression turned serious, and he stared intently into Reno's green eyes. "I thought I would just...wait and see how it played out..." he breathed.

", w-which one should it be? Should I be afraid of you? Or should I think you look scary...?" Cloud stuttered a little, he was confused and nervous. That Sephiroth had smiled didn't seem to calm him at all.

Reno smirked, gripping the other's hair a little tighter. "Hm, how's this for play?" He asked, planting his lips over the other's.

Sephiroth felt his eye twitch at the innocent but obvious question. "Surely you can figure that out on your own?" He questioned.

The dark-haired turk closed his eyes, leaning into the kiss (as though he had a choice), surprised that Reno could kiss so well even though he seemed drunk.

Cloud looked up at the General, confusion written across his face. "But...I'm...not afraid and I don't think you're scary! I think you're--" He trailed off, blushing, afraid that he would say something out of line.

Reno hadn't expected this of the other but he continued on the kiss, trying to not smirk in victory.

Sephiroth raised an eyebrow as he slightly glared down at the other. "Go ahead and say it Cadet." He said dangerously.

Vincent slyly broke the kiss by tilting his head down, then looked back up at the other turk. "You know...we can't exactly continue this right now. We're in a bar." Swiftly, he broke away from Reno and walked to the door. He turned to look over his shoulder, smirking, then left.

"I...I're very...handsome..." Cloud stared at his own lap, blushing.

Reno blushed darkly, completely embarassed by what had occoured. "Well.. fine then.. red riding hood. I'll just have to own your ass later."

Sephiroth blinked, looking down at the other. He hadn't felt that Cloud would actually confess this to him. He smiled very slightly. "Hm, and your rather.. small and cute." Sephiroth said, standing. "Well, Zackary, Cloud, I will see the two of you later." Sephiroth said, giving an extra predatory look to Cloud before turning to leave.

Zack was surprised by Sephiroth's actions and the admittance that seemed little but truly went a long way in speaking for the general. He smiled and looked to Cloud and grinned wider, waiting for the general to leave before he jumped on his friend's case about the other.

Vincent walked slowly, somewhat deep in thought, back to his room. Soon after reaching his room, he layed back tiredly on his bed, smirking as he thought over what had just happened in the bar. "Reno...hmmm..."

On looking up at Zack and seeing his grin, Cloud's blush faded a little, though he wasn't any less embarrassed about what had just happened. "I'm...small and cute?" he repeated, a tiny smile showing on his face.

Reno sighed, rounding the other turks up after a while, druenkenly stumbling down the hall to his room. "Hmn, stupid riding hood." He said, not knowing if he even knew the other's name.

Sephiroth was uite pelased with himself. He walked to his apartment and cooked himself a small bit of whatever was in the fridge before laying on his couch and going through files.

Zack grinned broadly. "OHHHHH CLOUDY! Sephy likes you!!" He stated, ruffling his friend's hair. "I mean he really likes you. And yes you are small and cute. So I think you should go and sleep in his room.." He stated, wondering how Sephiroth would take to something like that.

Vincent slowly drifted to sleep, still wearing all of his clothes, with a small smirk on his face.

"What?! Sleep in his room? Are you crazy?!" He gaped at Zack. It sounded like a strange and reckless idea. It wasn't as though he was close to the General, and just because Zack said that Sephiroth liked him didn't mean that was absolutely certain.

Reno was soon asleep as he found his room, a drunken hangover would be waiting for him the next day. And to him it would be all Vincent's fault.

Zack grinned and picked Cloud up, throwing the other over his shoulder and grabbing him a pair of boxers as pajamas as well as clothing for the next day before carrying the other to Sephiroth's room, walking in un-announced, laying him down on top of Sephiroth and the files Sephiroth had been working on.

Sephiroth blinked confused at Zackary as this happened. "Zack??"

"Keep this tonight." He said grinning. "I need to christen my room before he can stay in it. And I thought you might need a playtoy."

Sephiroth smirked. "Lock the door on your way out." He said, looking after Zack as he left.

Cloud blushed so brightly he could have passed out. He was absolutely mortified at being dumped unceremoniously into the General's lap, and then blushed even more, if possible, at the words that were exchanged between Sephiroth and Zack.

Zack went back to his room carefree, knowing his friend would be..'taken care of'.

Sephiroth looked down at the spiky haired man in his lap. "Hmn. Nice to see you again. Cloud." He said, his lips curling into a sadistic smile.

"It's uhh...nice to see you again too...s-Sir..." he said, glancing down at Sephiroth momentarily before staring up at the ceiling. He was sure he was probably shaking a little. Now he was scared...or something like it.

"Don't be afraid of me, cadet." Sephiroth warned him. "Hmn, if you would get up momentarily then I could finish filing my papers.. and then we could.. chat a little." He said, looking into Cloud's eyes.

For a moment, he was lost in Sephiroth's eyes. Then he snapped out of his reverie. "Oh! Right, sorry!" He jumped off the General's lap quickly, still blushing. He stood very near the couch, staring at the ceiling to keep himself from staring at the other man in the room, his hands clasped behind his back.

Sephiroth smiled and continued to work, slightly delighting in the other's nervos state. "You can have a seat.." He said, motioning to a leather love seat in the room. "It wont bite." He said, almost done filing."Some conversation would be nice. I like my.. 'playtoys' to be at least optimistic about what could possibly happen to them." He said, smirking as he used Zack's words.

"The word...uhh...'playtoy' is making me nervous, Sir...I'm sorry. I can't think of anything to talk about..." He fidgeted after he sat down on the love seat, glancing around the room, though his eyes always seemed to land on Sephiroth. "Wouldn't it...ummm...seem like I was...eager if I was optimistic?"

Sephiroth let his smirk slip from his lips to his eyes as he spoke. "Eager for what, Cloud? Playtoy should make you feel nervous, you are afterall, in my presence..I give you credit most would have been on their knees by now. But then. From what I have gathered from both you and Zackary, you would be more than pleased to do such." His eyes sparkled with mischief as he looked the other over, filing the last bit of papers. "Make yourself comfortable.You may have the bed and I will take the couch." He said, referring to their sleeping spots.

"Are...are you sure? I mean...Zack just kind of brought me here. You shouldn't have to give up your bed..." He trailed off, seeing that he was babbling a little. He chose not to answer the question of what one might be eager for.

Sephiroth lazily looked at the other. "Are you defying my orders, cadet?" He asked, standing and going to a kitchen part of his apartment. "If I tell you to do something you will do it." He added, pouring himself a cup of tea.

The sudden show of authority caught Cloud off guard. "Y-yes Sir!" He was at attention in a second flat. Maybe he had been lying to himself when he had said he wasn't afraid of Sephiroth.

Sephiroth smiled. "Come and get some tea when you are all tucked in." He said, leaning in the kitchen doorway.

Cloud found the clothes that Zack had brought when he carried him into Sephiroth's room. "Is there somewhere where I can change...?" he asked almost timidly. He knew it was silly to ask something like that. A soldier shouldn't be embarrassed about changing clothes in front of someone.

Sephiroth smiled and watched him. "You can change in front of me." he said, smirking and looking at him. "I wouldn't mind seeing you change."

Cloud wasn't entirely surprised, but still blushed a little, murmuring, "Okay..." Slowly and guardedly, he removed his clothing, glancing up at Sephiroth every once in a while. He wondered in the back of his mind if he was supposed to try to be sexy or something. It was a little late for that, since he was already in his boxers.

Sephiroth let his eyes look over the other, wanting to ravish him. "Hmn, very fit. I thought you were scrawny." He said, smirking. "Hmn, get into bed cadet."

Again, the cadet blushed, whispered, "Yes Sir," and then shuffled quickly to Sephiroth's bed, dropping his recently-shed clothes on the floor next to it in a heap. Then he climbed on top of it without getting under the sheets and sat there, waiting for another order. Just a few seconds ago, he had given up on his idea that the General wasn't scary in any way.

Sephiroth grinned. "Get under the covers." He stated, walking over to the bedside.

Cloud slid under the covers as he was told. Sephiroth's grin was unnerving. He was aware of the blush that stained his face, judging that it was there by the heat he felt in his cheeks. He wasn't any less nervous than he had been when he was dropped into General Sephiroth's lap, though maybe he should have been more nervous since said General was now near him and he was in his bed.

Sephiroth smirked, leaning over the other and kissing his forehead in a very unlike himself gesture before leaving the room, flipping off the light switch. "Goodnight Cloud. If you need anything you know where I will be." He said, turning, closing the door gently and laying on his couch after grabbing a blanket. He wanted Cloud to trust him, not fear him.

"Uh...goodnight General Sephiroth..." Cloud said quietly to the darkness. He was fairly certain he wouldn't be falling asleep quickly, considering the man he found most handsome had just kissed his forehead. As he lay, fantisizing quietly, he heard the faint rumble of thunder in the distance. "Oh no..." he whispered nearly silently. The cadet didn't do so well with thunderstorms.

Sephiroth bearly heard the small whimper, slightly stirring him from his sleep. He ignored it for the most part, people talked in their sleep all the time.

The last thing Cloud wanted was to embarrass himself with his fear of thunder in front of Sephiroth. He curled into a ball and shut his eyes, trying to pretend he didn't hear the ever-advancing thunder outside. When a particularly large clap of thunder crashed and the lightning that caused it showed across the sky, he made a small noise of distress and quietly slipped out of bed, seeking the comfort of the man on the couch.

Sephiroth sat up quickly, looking the confused cadet over. "What is the matter, Cloud?" He asked, looking at the other's scared form.

Cloud looked at the floor sheepishly. He didn't want to admit it to this person. But he didn't feel like he'd be laughed at by Sephiroth. "I...the thunderstorm...I don't like thunder..." he mumbled, unable to meet his superior's concerned gaze.

Sephiroth smiled bearly. "Well then, I will just have to remedy that, wont I?" He asked, geting up and taking off the couch cushions to pull out a pull-out bed. He grabbed an extra blanket from a closet in the hallway and some extra pillows. "Lay down, cadet." He said, stripping off his own coat that he had fallen asleep in, putting on its place a black button down shirt while he left to change into a pair of cotton sweat pants before comming back to lay on the bed.

He's wearing all that and I have to sleep in so little...? That's a little unfair... Cloud thought to himself, momentarily distracted from the thunder. He was brought back to reality by more thunder, which made him jump a little, and he climbed into bed hastily, instinctively curling against Sephiroth.

Sephiroth smirked a little and pulled the cadet close to himself. He knew what it was like to be afraid of something so seemingly small as thunder. He closed his eyes. "Stop worrying and sleep, Cadet." He said, running his fingers through Cloud's hair.

It was nice, a little soothing, to feel the General's touch. He knew it would be impossible to honor the man's request to sleep through the storm. He'd never been able to. He flinched when the thunder crashed again, whimpering piteously and scrunching his eyes shut. In the back of his mind, he knew a soldier afraid of thunder must have looked pretty pathetic.

Sephiroth smiled and looked down at Cloud. "Cadet, what scares you so much about it?" He asked, all intentions of being a 'good boy' leaving his thoughts as he let his fingers slide under Cloud's chin to tilt the other's face to his so he could study the fear.

"I-I've always been afraid of it. Ever since I was little...I don't know what makes me afraid of it..." Cloud had no choice but to look into Sephiroth's eyes and was unable to disguise the fear in his own eyes. He wasn't able to avoid flinching again when he heard more thunder, either.

Sephiroth smirked, unable to stop himself from licking the Cadet's lips. "Hm, your fear. It tastes good to me." He whispered, nibbling on the lower lip of the Cadet. "However, I think passion would taste so much better."

Cloud's breath caught in his throat, and his fear was forgotten for a moment. He felt the heat flare in his face, Sephiroth's words obvious in their suggestion. "Sir...?" he breathed. He wasn't afraid, only anxious and slightly nervous.

Sephiroth pressed his lips to the other's in answering to the question that Cloud posed, holding the Cadet close as he did so. He pulled away after a mere second. "Yes, Cloud?"

"Is this...permissable...?" He realized it wasn't really a relevant question. Who could oppose Sephiroth? "N-nevermind..." he whispered. He was beginning to forget that there was a storm going on.

Sephiroth lightly slipped his fingers through the boy's hair, kissing him more firm then before. "If you have a problem with this cadet, then you need to speak up." He said, kissing him again so as to not hear such words were they to occour.

Cloud had no protest to offer. He made a sort of airy sound of pleasure, tentatively placing his palms against Sephiroth's chest, feeling the wonderful muscles beneath the fabric of his shirt.

Sephiroth deepened the kiss, sliding his hands down the Cadet's back, moving his lips from Cloud's to his neck. He didn't say anything to the other as he did this. Cloud was his. No one could touch him, and he would be certain of this.

The cadence of Cloud's breathing quickened; he didn't want to make too much noise, afraid he would sound like a girl if he kept gasping and sighing at every touch. Hoping he wasn't getting ahead of himself, he moved the hands on Sephiroth's chest to the middle of his shirt, beginning to undo a few of the buttons.

Sephiroth smirked as he stroked the other's bared chest,letting the other unbutton his shirt as he bit on Cloud's neck. He let the hand slide down, pushing Cloud's boxers off of his hips.

Cloud was unable to suppress a gasp as the air hit his now-bare body. He concentrated on unbuttoning Sephiroth's shirt the rest of the way, releasing a small whimpering noise at being bitten, though this whimper had nothing to do with fear of thunder.

Sephiroth slowly curled his fingers around Cloud's shaft, letting the other stop him if needed. He licked his neck, comming up to kiss him as he moved to where Cloud was more on his back.

The cadet gasped, cried out something that sounded like a word though it was unintelligeable, and his hips bucked toward Sephiroth's touch. He mentally berated himself for acting like a delicate virgin and reacting so enthusiastically, but at the same time didn't try to stop himself from reacting as he was. He gripped the blanket underneath him. "Mmmnnn..."

Sephiroth was highly pleased with Cloud's actions. He wanted the other to be as loud as he pleased. "Go ahead Cloud, scream for me." He said, kissing his neck, stroking his shaft harder as he used his other hand to move out of his own pants, guiding Cloud's hand to his aching arousal.

"Ahhhnnn...!" He moaned, more than happy to do as Sephiroth said. However, a new idea came into his head, shivering as he touched the General's heated skin. "I want to...ummm..." He placed his unoccupied hand on Sephiroth's arm in a gesture meant to stop him from moving his hand. He pulled his own hand boldly away from the organ that his fingertips had barely touched. "Can I...with my mouth...?" Cloud asked, looking into the larger man's eyes.

Sephiroth flushed slightly, nodding. "If you think you can, by all means." He said, positioning himself to better let the cadet pleasure him.

Cloud shivered again, ignoring any shyness he might have had, and moved downwards of the General, slowly and as sensually as he could taking the head of Sephiroth's member into his mouth.

Sephiroth groaned, eyebrows knitting together in ecstasy. He fitted his hands through the other's hair, letting himself feel of the silky tresses. He gripped the hair tightly, somewhat pushing the other down on his length. "Very good, Cloud." He whispered heatedly.

"Mmmm..." Cloud moaned in answer. He was glad that he was doing well, and he hoped to do even better by massaging with his tongue as best he could. He relaxed his throat to receive as much of Sephiroth as he could, since he really wasn't in control of his own head motion anymore.

Sephiroth's breath hitched in pleasure as the other excpeted more of him. "Hmn, Cloud, more." He urged, not remembering the last time he felt this good.

Cloud wasn't about to protest Sephiroth's request. He continued to take in as much of the General as possible when he descended on him, making sure to suck when he moved back upwards. He made audible moans, deeper ones that came from his throat, purposefully causing vibrations.

Sephiroth smirked and let the other pleasure him even more before lightly placing his hands on his cadet's shoulders, pushing him off. "Hmn, lay down, soldier."

The cadet looked up at the General with glazed eyes, slightly confused at being interrupted, but complied and laid down. He wasn't sure whether Sephiroth meant for him to lay on his back or his stomach, so he simply chose to lay on his back.

Sephiroth smirked and kissed the cadet hard, wrapping his thin but strong fingers around his length before he nibbled on the younger one's neck and placed himseld at his entrance. "This may hurt.."

Cloud made a small affirmative noise. He wasn't a virgin, but it didn't seem smart to underestimate Sephiroth. 

Sephiroth kissed the other to silent any screams that might emerge as he pushed into the younger boy.

Cloud winced and groaned a little, trying to stay relaxed. The kiss was a good distraction, an appreciated one, and he offered his own bit of effort in the kiss, adding his tongue.

Sephiroth sucked on the other's tongue, pushing into him harder. He didn't want to hurt the boy but the sooner he got moving the better it would feel. He thrust hard so that he was completely in, holding still to wait for a sign that the other stated it was okay to move again.

"Mmmnn..." Cloud moaned into the kiss, and he began to squirm a little after Sephiroth had sheathed himself inside; that was his sign that it was alright to move. On impulse, he threaded his fingers into Sephiroth's silver hair, gaining leverage to deepen their kiss.

Sephiroth moaned and thrust into him harder, pulling out before slamming just back in. He kissed the other as deep as he knew how, sliding his tongue in and out like they were moving, stroking the younger man in time with their love making.

Cloud arched when Sephiroth thrust into him, moaning loud enough that the kiss hardly muffled it, and moved his hands from the older man's hair to his shoulders, digging in slightly with his fingernails.

Sephiroth's thrusts became stronger and more focoused as he was consumed in pleasure. "Mn, Cloud.." He mumbled, biting the cadet's neck lightly, trying to focous on not finishing early.

"Nnn...ahh..." Cloud tipped his head back, arching slightly off the bed. He was moving closer and closer to release, trying to meet Sephiroth's thrusts with his hips.

Sephiroth smirked as he thrust deeper into the other, he would't be able to hold much longer, but he would be damned if he came first. He stroked the cadet harder, almost pounding him into the bed.

Cloud's moans gained in volume at the hard pace which Sephiroth set. It was too much for him, and his back arched a final time as he came. "S-Sephiroth...!" he cried, forgetting about titles and rankings in his pleasure.

Sephiroth finally let himself finish, comming hard inside the other, such intense love making he hadn't had in so long. He kissed him lovingly. "Hmn, Are you alright Cadet?" He asked, noting the that thunder and lightening were no more as he pulled out of the other. He slickened back strangs of hair as he kissed the other's forehead.

"I'm...just fine...Sir," he answered. Cloud was elated, but tired, after such activities. He realized after a moment that Sephiroth had made him forget completely about the storm. Suddenly, he blushed and sat up, whispering embarrassedly, "Sir, I-I...I called you by your name...!" He was worried that he had done something wrong by forgetting that the General was the General.

Sephiroth chuckled darkly. "So you did.. are you wanting me to punish you or something Cadet? I do not expect you to keep to formalities during such an intimate situation." Sephiroth reassured the other, kissing his cheek.

"Well, no, I didn't mean that I wanted to be punished...Thank you, Sir. I have to call you Sir right now?" Cloud slid down under the blankets and snuggled against Sephiroth.

Sephiroth smirked. "No, Cadet, how's this, when you and I are alone or even near Zackary you don't have to be formal. Anyone else steps through and you should." He said, holding the boy close.

Cloud smiled. "I like that idea...Sephiroth..." He said his name again because he liked the sound of it. "Then...can you just call me Cloud instead of Cadet...?" he asked hopefully.

"Of course, Cloud." He said, smiling gently, kissing his forehead. "How about you try to sleep? The thundering and lightening have stopped." He said, hugging the other.

"I forgot about the storm altogether..." he whispered, smiling. He curled up against the General's strong body, closed his eyes, and prepared to sleep.

Sephiroth smiled, closing his eyes, seeming to find momentary peace within himself. "When you see Zack tomorrow.. you may tell him of this, but please don't let anyone else hear.. not yet." He said, knowing he would have to talk to his superiors.

"Okay..." the blonde answered, on the edge of sleep. The thought occurred to him, just before he fell asleep, that it might not be a bad idea to just keep this information to himself unless Zack really prodded it out of him. And then sleep claimed him.

Sephiroth fell asleep next to him, hugging him tightly and kissing him soft. "Goodnight, Cloud." He whispered, letting sleep finally take him.


At some hour in the morning, Vincent woke from a rather unfulfilling sleep, realizing that he had fallen asleep with his clothes on. "Reno..." he said to himself, remembering suddenly what had happened the night before. He smirked and stood up out of bed, determining to get something to eat or drink that would make him a little more alert. Coffee sounded like a good idea.

Cloud awoke next to a warm body and smiled slightly. "Sephiroth..." He whispered the General's name and kissed him on the cheek. He wasn't really sure how to wake this man, but he didn't want to do anything rude.

Reno stumbled along the lounge room in the Turk's parts of the building. He had a warm coffee in hand, trying to stop the pounding in his head that was a hangover. Oh well. He bearly remembered last night, he .. thought he had kissed Vincent.. but he doubted that, the man was more up tight then Sephiroth. He sighed, running a hand through his messy half put up hair, slouching in a chair.

Sephiroth stirred a little, sititng up and smiling down at Cloud. "Why don't I go yell at the other cadets, we get breakfast and then I let Zack take you over until later in which then I will train you?" He asked, kissing the cadet on the cheek.

Vincent entered the lounge and took in Reno's slightly disheveled form, smirking. He got his own coffee, then turned to look at the man again. "How's your head?" he asked sarcastically. He relaxed, leaning against a wall opposite of the chair Reno was sitting in so he could look at him.

Cloud nodded and smiled, sliding out from under the sheets and walking to Sephiroth's bedside where he had put his clothes the night before. Quickly, he threw on his clean clothes and walked back over to the older man. "I'll be going back to my and Zack's room so that I can get my uniform and a shower," he told him. "I'll see you soon."

Reno grinned. "How's your lips? If they aren't bruised by my kissing then I think I need to work on that some." He said, eaqual amounts of srcasm dripping from his words.

Sephiroth nodded, grinning. "Beacareful of those around you." Sephiroth warned.

"How confident. Can you really be sure that happened? Maybe it was just a fantasy you had and the alcohol twisted your brain." Vincent returned coolly, taking a drink of his coffee.

"Yes Sir," Cloud answered, smiling as he left Sephiroth's quarters, addressing him with the respect he would be expected to show around the general populace of soldiers.

Reno snorted and stood, walking over to the other, moving gracefully, stopping only when he had the other to the wall."Well, let's see, if I kiss you it might help me remember." He said smoothly, a smug look on his features.

Sephiroth huffed, grabbing the boy and kissing him before he left, shooing him out the door. He cleaned his apartment, righting his bed before storming out to bother the cadet first years.

"If that's what it takes..." Vincent answered smartly, smirking. He wasn't going to protest Reno kissing him, especially since the first one hadn't been half bad in the first place.

Cloud shed the clothes he had just put on as soon as he got to his and Zack's room. There were definite perks to rooming with someone as high-ranking as Zack - you didn't have to take communal showers. And speaking of his roommate...he hadn't been in the room when Cloud had returned in the morning. The blonde cadet wondered where he might be as he stepped into the hot water of his shower.

Reno grinned and kissed the other, he wasn't sloppy like last night. Of course that was because he wasn't drunk. He only kissed the other lightly in a test to see how he would react to it.

Zack came in, carrying biscuits to nibble on and an orange juice in the other. "Hey Cloud, you back yet?" He called out, wondering if his blonde haired friend was around.

", I have to say that was better than last night. But more force would have been nice." Vincent smirked. He was almost prepared to take the kiss into his own hands, but he waited for Reno to make another move.

"In the shower, Zack!" Cloud called back, but he wasn't sure if he had been loud enough for Zack to hear. He shrugged it off, figuring that Zack would find out that he was there in some way or another.

Reno huffed. "Now your just mocking me." He said, kissing him more surely.

Zack grinned. "Hey! I brought some food spikey.. but then, are we eating with Sephiroth?"

"And what are you going to do about it if I am...?" Vincent replied. He placed his hands on either side of Reno's face, kissing him forcefully, distracting him so that he could turn the tables and pin Reno to the wall instead.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Cloud asked, turning off the water and towel-drying his hair. He wrapped the towel around his waist and walked out of the bathroom to talk to Zack.

Reno swooned, falling into the other's kiss, blushing as he did so. "Oh hell.. nothing apparantly."

Zack grinned. "Oh don't give me that, Spikey, I hand delivered you to Sephiroth's lap, are you trying to tell me you didn't do anything last night?"

Vincent mumbled, "Mmhm..." in reply, into the kiss, then abruptly broke the kiss, smiled, and took a step away from Reno. "Sorry, Reno, we're in the lounge. Don't want to get into that here." He smirked and walked toward the door, throwing a glance over his shoulder to see if Reno would follow him.

"Oh, I...yeah, that..." Cloud blushed, smiling sheepishly and running a hand through his hair nervously. Suddenly, he wished he was in more than a towel so that he would feel more secure.

Reno smirked, following after the other, jumping on his back. "Then take me somewhere more appropriate." He said, nipping the other's ear.

Zack grinned. "Sorry Spikey, why don't you get dressed and then we can talk about it."

Vincent was caught off guard slightly by the sudden addition of weight, but adjusted so that he could carry Reno. He didn't reply to Reno's request, but kept walking until he reached the door to his own room. "How's this?" He opened the door, a serious look etched into his face, and gestured for Reno to go inside.

Cloud nodded and grabbed up his uniform, dressing quickly, then walked to the side of his bed and sat down. "What do you want to know?" he asked innocently.

Reno entered the room, heart beating thousand times a minute. He didn't know what would happen. Was Vincent being serious?

"Did you two.. make love?" Zack asked, not helping the grin on his face.

As soon as Reno was all the way in the room, Vincent shut the door quietly, leaning against it and smirking at the other turk. He thought the red-head looked a little nervous. "Something wrong, Reno? I thought you wanted to go somewhere more appropriate."

Cloud blushed and answered hesitantly, "...yes..." He looked at the floor because he knew if he looked at Zack, he wouldn't be able to help it and he'd smile. He was actually quite proud that he had slept with the great General. He felt special.

Reno grinned slightly. "How do I know that you aren't playing with me?" He asked, walking over to the other as confidentally as he could.

Zack laughed. "I so knew it! Your like.. perfect for eachother!"

Vincent smirked and chuckled somewhat darkly, intercepting Reno as soon as he got close enough. He placed his hands on the other man's rather slim hips, leaning forward to whisper silkily in his ear, "That's a very good question...but what reason would I have for playing with you...?"

Could looked up and laughed a little. "You really think so? Well, in any case, he said I'm supposed to train with him today."

A spike of excitement filtered through Reno and he shivered before comming up with a simple but very true answer. "Your a Turk, we aren't to be trusted." He said, licking the other's cheek.

Zack raised an eyebrow. "Damn, you really made an impression on him if he said that.." He said, blinkign in surprise. "Mind you, you are so going to have to work your ass off..."

"Hmmm...if you don't trust me, then why did you jump on my back?" Was Vincent's reply as he kissed Reno's neck, pulling him closer and pressing their hips together.

"I didn't really expect to be training with Sephiroth when I came here. It's kind of...surreal. I'll work as hard as I can, I guess..." Cloud wrinkled his brow and looked at the ground, suddenly becoming serious.

Reno groaned satisfactorily at the pressure on his lower regions. "You facsinate me." He said, tilting his head to let the other have more access, moving his hips with eaqual force to the other. "I do trust you then."

"You'll be fine, Spikey, just keep your head high and follow Seph like a little lost puppy, everything will be great." He said, clapping the other on the back.

Vincent chuckled again and whispered against Reno's skin, "How very unlike a you always trust people so easily...?" He said it only to taunt the red-headed man a little. He deftly unbuttoned the uniformal white shirt Reno was wearing and kissed and licked along his collarbone and chest.

"Lost puppy...?" Cloud wondered aloud and raised an eyebrow. It was a little insulting, but he supposed he was already doing a pretty good job of behaving like the little lost puppy Zack suggested he should be. "So...until I go train with Sephiroth, what are we going to do?"

Reno grinned but the grin was quickly turned into a moan, making him shiver and writhe in pleasure. "No, not always, just the kind that have long black hair, a red cape and are incredibly sexy." Reno mumbled, wrapping his arms about the other, trying to engage him in another kiss.

Zack shrugged. "You should get into uniform, he'll like that. And then you need to... mn, I don't know. But get ready." He said, it appeared Zack's mind wasn't with it all this morning. He was still a bit tired, and normally his routiene was simply to get up, dress and go to breakfast, but since he had Cloud under Sephiroth's orders, he wasn't sure what the man wanted.

"Hmmm..." Vincent acknowledged Reno's compliment and granted him the kiss that he was searching for, deeply and thoroughly, as he nudged him inconspicuously away from the door that they had still been standing in front of. Eventually, he backed Reno away from the door so far that if he moved him just a few more inches backwards, the frame of his bed would cause his knees to buckle and he would fall backwards.

"You know, if you have some other things you need to do, I'm capable of entertaining myself..." Cloud offered, though he wasn't exactly sure what he would do. Walking around the compound might get pretty boring, and he didn't want to do anything that would waste his energy before training.

Reno felt the bedside at the back of his knees and allowed them to buckle, his hands tangled in the other's shirt, pulling him down along on top of him, giving a satisfied moan at the feeling of the other's weight on his own.

Zack snorted. "Trying to get rid of me, Spikey? I understand if you and the general need your alone time, but don't be shy about it." He teased, wondering if his friend was alright.

Vincent smiled in mild surprise at having been pulled down, whispering, "Well played..." before kissing Reno hard enough that he hoped he would bruise and sliding a hand down the side of his torso, letting it rest on his hip.

"N-no! That's not it!" Cloud blushed. He hadn't been trying to do that. He just thought maybe Zack was going to be busy today or something and wanted to leave him alone if he was. "Besides, are you going with me when I train with him later?"

Reno kissed him back, his hands sliding under the other Turk's shirt, pulling it up to try and remove the clothing that distracted him from getting the other. He bit the other's lip as their kiss continued.

Zack laughed. "Calm down, Spikey. No I wont be there unless Seph gives me orders to be, besides, I have other cadets I have to look after and corrupt.. speaking of which I think I should be getting you back to Seph here shortly, it is getting kind of late in the day.. he is a nazi about being on time."

"Mmm..." Vincent responded to the touch and to being bitten as they kissed, threading his fingers into the red spikes on top of Reno's head. He slipped his other hand between them and fiddled with the other Turk's belt, trying to unbuckled it. He was successful, and so he moved on to unbuttoning the semi-formal black slacks that all Turks wore.

"Oh, I didn't know it was getting that late..." Cloud commented. He stood up from the side of the bed, looking at Zack for a second before raising and eyebrow and asking, "What do you mean you're going to corrupt other cadets? What do you do to them...?"

Reno copied the other turk's actions, kissing him hard as he finally had the other's pants undone. What was with all the buckles? He pushed the clothing off the other's hips, suckling Vincent's lower lip as he did so.

Zack grinned. "I make them just like me. And I turn them into rutheless killing machines." Zack said proudly, pointing suddenly to Cloud. "You just got saved from that but you will end up being soo much worse."

Vincent moaned quietly, wondering to himself that it seemed as though this was going to be a battle for taking charge. The air in his room was cooler than he had originally thought and he shivered slightly. He broke the kiss to move downwards of Reno's body and take advantage of his unzipped pants, smirking before licking along the side of his shaft.

"Worse? A ruthless killing machine doesn't really sound great. So what does that mean I'm going to be?" Cloud wondered if Zack was going to tell him that he was Sephiroth's sex toy now or something. He didn't understand how something like that would be worse. Maybe there was really something bad that he didn't know about?

Reno shuddered breathlessly and slipped his hands into the other turk's long black hair, a strangled moan escaping him. "Oh..."

Zack smirked. "You'll have to ask him. I don't own you. He does." He said easily, gathering his things. "I will escort you to Seph but then you are on your own."

Vincent took as much of Reno into his mouth as he could, sucking and massaging with his tongue. At the same time, he placed his hands on Reno's hips, massaging the hollows there with his thumbs.

"Okay. Well, you know, you make it sound like being owned by Sephiroth is a bad thing..." Cloud smiled slightly, wondering how hard the training session with Sephiroth was going to be.

Reno sighed in pleasure, suddenly grabbing the other's head gently but firm, removing it from his lower regions to kiss him. He wanted more. He didn't want to be pleasured, he wanted to pleasure the other.

Zack snorted. "Depends on how you look at it, Spikey. To you it may not be a bad thing.. to just about everyone else.. it could be hell."

Vincent broke the kiss and gave Reno a slightly perplexed look. "Why did you stop me...?"

"I don't really know what to make of that...Since I'm not in the shoes of 'just about everyone else,' I don't really understand how it could be hell." Cloud smiled, thinking that it wouldn't be hell for others if they got the same treatment that he did. But he didn't want that to happen. And he didn't dare say that out loud - it would sound terrible.

Reno grinned, playfully pushing the other onto his back. "I did it because I want you to be the one getting pleasured."

Zack snorted. "Okay." He said, smiling. "Don't get addicted to too much special treatment though. Now go find Seph, I just realized I have to see Hojo for mako doses."

The dark-haired Turk smirked. "Okay, I'm not going to protest."

Cloud nodded in the affirmative, and headed out of his and Zack's room toward Sephiroth's. He wasn't really sure where he was supposed to find him, but his bedroom didn't seem like an entirely illogical place to start looking.

Zack sighed, resigned to his fate as he was induced with another mako treatment. He hoped his friends were being in love together while he was in pain.

Reno grinned, nipping a trail down Vincent's chest, planning to treat him with what the other had tried to treat him with earlier.

Sephiroth had turned the corner, having left his role sheet in his room. He sighed but stopped as he saw Cloud. "Cadet, you're a bit late. Did Zack molest you or something?"

Vincent shivered, his long eyelashes fluttering as he closed his eyes, eliminating a sense so that he could feel every touch more intensely.

Cloud laughed a little. "No, we were just talking. I didn't know I was late, I'm sorry." It sounded a little silly to apologize to a superior.

Reno smiled, teasing the other's length with his tongue. He liked the feeling of Vincent along him. Liked his taste. Everything about him seemed intoxicating as he took the apendage into his mouth, sucking lightly around the tip.

Sephiroth smiled faintly. "It is fine, Cadet. Hmn, now what to do. Have you eaten your breakfast yet?" He asked, looking around to be sure no one was looking before giving the younger man a kiss on the lips.

Vincent shivered again, this time breaking any silence there might have been with a low moan. "Nnnn..." He had the urge to open his eyes and watch Reno do as he was doing, but kept his eyes closed so as to feel it all the better. He twisted his hands into the bedclothes beneath him.

Cloud blushed slightly at the hidden yet public display of affection, quickly answering, "No, Sir...I wasn't really hungry..." He realized it probably would have been a smart idea to have eaten something for energy before training.

Reno moaned around the other's length, finding a slight power trip in being able to hear moans from the other.. moans that he had made the other make. He sucked harder, doing the best he could.

Sephiroth smiled. "Well, you will need it later,but I suppose that is why doctors and such recomend three meals a day." Sephiroth smiled lightly. "Come along." He said, making sure yet again that no one was looking before grabbing Cloud's hand in his own, walking with him down the hall to a training room. "By the way, after you shower in the Cadet's bathrooms you are to report to my room for rest and sleeping." He said. "And yes, that does leave Zackary without a room mate, but we can find another for him. He should be used to it by now really.

The noise that came from Reno had caused slight vibrations, making Vincent moan once more. Normally, he was a rather quiet person, but something about Reno made him unconcerned about anything he did.

"So then...I'm going to be your room mate instead? Won't anyone be suspicious of that?" He hadn't really thought about whether or not Sephiroth trained other cadets very often. Actually, he hadn't really thought about how old Sephiroth was, either.

Reno grinned in his mind, knowing that just about every dorm on the hall could hear him pleasuring Vincent. He pulled away gently, licking the tip of the other teasingly.

Sephiroth laughed. "Serious Cloud? No, I am the highest ranking officer in the building.. no one will even think about questioning me." He said. "Unless you wish to bunk with Zackary still?"

Vincent finally opened his eyes when Reno pulled away, slightly disappointed, and suddenly he pushed Reno back onto the bed and straddled his hips. He leaned forward and kissed the man hard, then broke the kiss and sat up again, grinding against him and giving him a smoldering look.

"No, I didn't mean that I still wanted to bunk with Zack. I just feel like I'm getting special treatment or something..." As they walked to the training room, Cloud wondered how exactly he would be training and what with.

Reno called out, grinding harder into the other, panting almost with the amount of energy he was using to keep it at a steady rythm.

Sephiroth smiled more. "You're my cadet. The only way to not get special treatment is to die." Sephiroth replied, drawing massamune. "Let's see how you are with a blade.."

"Ahhnnn..." Vincent responded rather loudly, tipping his head back. It was almost surprising how much Reno seemed to be enjoying just this, but he had plans to keep progressing this activity, and he felt the need to be inside the man beneath him. Though it wouldn't have bothered him if it was the other way around.

"Oh, well, death wasn't on my agenda...and I hope you don't mind that I don't have a whole lot of experience with a sword." He eyed the sword that Sephiroth had in his hand somewhat warily.

Reno groaned, wanting the other inside him. His entire body ached with need and lust. "Please.. inside." He moaned in want, stroking Vincent as he slipped his hand between their grinding.

Sephiroth's eyes darkened mischieviously. "Cloud, I know for certain you didn't just defy your superior officer?" He asked dangerously, looking the younger and small man over menacing.

Vincent slid off of Reno's hips with a final breathy moan and pushed the red-headed turk's legs up so that his knees were bent. Silently, he hoped he wasn't a virgin, because he didn't really feel like being patient. Gently, nonetheless, he began to press into him.

Cloud's expression turned to one of slight confusion. What kind of game was this? He hadn't really thought he was saying anything defiant. He replied, "No, Sir..." And looked around the room for any sword that might catch his eye. His gaze landed on a rather wide blade, much like the one that Zack used, and he picked it up.

Reno groaned, his face turning red as he felt the other. He raised his hips, hoping to help the other push into him."Oh yeah, Come on Vince, push it in." he groaned, half saying such things out of curiosity as to whether or not it would be a turn on to the other, and half so that everyone on he building would know who he belonged to in a sense.

Sephiroth smiled again, the mischivieousness fading but not completely gone. "Good boy." He said, taking stance. "Show me your fighting stance." He said, looking the boy over.

Vincent's face flushed a little at the blunt encouragement, but pushed in the rest of the way, shivering and sighing a little in appreciation of the tight space. Without waiting much for Reno to adjust, he began to pump in and out of him in a steady rhythm.

Cloud thought for a moment before spreading his legs a little more than shoulder width apart and leaning forward slightly, his hands evenly spaced on the hilt of the sword, the blade itself held at an angle in front of him. "How is this, Sir?"

Reno wrappes his legs tight about the other man's wasit, calling out and letting him push in as deep as he could. "Oh yeah! Vincent!" He panted out, meeting the other's thrusts.

Sephiroth smiled. "Good. Now, block this." He said, making a side step and a swing at Cloud to see if he could block his massamune. He wouldn't let the other get hurt but he would at least test him to his absolute limits.

Vincent panted heavily, once in a while accenting his thrusts with a low moan. He practically slammed against and into Reno, glad that he was deepen

ing the thrusts by meeting them. "Nnn...Reno..." he said a little more loudly than he had meant to.

Cloud reacted as quickly as he could, shifting the heavy blade to a different angle to meet the other blade coming at him, and slid one foot back to brace himself against the impact. The sword he had was hard to handle, heavier than he was used to, and it made him move slowly.

Reno tightened around the other, calling out as he met his thrusts with the same hardness and furious passion. "Oh god! Vincent harder! im so close!"

Sephiroth smiled. "Very good. you had better get used to that sword. Think of it as only another appendage. Don't think of it as a weight." He said, making anotehr move to him.

Vincent cried out as Reno tightened around him, reaching between them both to stroke his lover roughly, trying to bring him to his finish sooner. He wasn't going to last much longer himself, but it would be embarrassing if he finished first. "Reno..." he moaned.

Cloud nodded and instinctively tightened his grip on the hilt. He narrowed his eyes and braced himself once more for impact, this time planning to take the initiative and attack when Sephiroth let off for his next attack.

Reno couldn't hold it any longer, tightening around the other as he came hard. "Vincent!"

Sephiroth smiled. He parried Cloud's attack, leaning in to push the cadet back and swing again.

The stimulation of Reno tightening around him finally brought him to his finish, and Vincent came inside the other turk, calling his name as he did so. "Reno...!"

The cadet knew he probably wouldn't make it through his first training session without an injury. There was no way he could beat Sephiroth. But he didn't quit. Regaining his balance from Sephiroth's defense, he lunged forward and thrust his balde straight at the General.

Reno smiled and hugged Vincent tight to him and kissed him on the lips. "Thank's Red Riding Hood."

Sephiroth parried it even easier the the first one, going around and grabbing Cloud by the waist and grabbing his sword. "Hmn, your vulnerable."

Vincent sighed and smirked. "You're welcome. But I don't have a nickname for you."

Cloud's concentration was more or less dissolved as Sephiroth caught him, the closeness making his adrenaline from the mock-battle melt away. "I..." He couldn't even wriggle out of the taller man's grasp.

Reno thought a moment. "Well.. just call me Reno." He said, snuggling up to him.

Sephiroth felt himself smirk slightly, he pressed his lips to the side of Cloud's neck. "Very vulnerable.." He whispered, lightly nipping the skin.

Vincent chuckled lightly, "Well, that isn't really a nickname. But I think I will just call you Reno..." He closed his eyes and draped an arm over the red-head.

The blonde gasped quietly, closing his eyes for a second. This isn't making me any less vulnerable...and this isn't training... Cloud thought. It wasn't a complaint, just an assessment of the situation.

Reno smiled and closed his eyes as well. "So, how many people do you think heard us?" He asked curiously.

Sephiroth smirked, holding massamune to his young lover's throat. "Cloud.. one major rule in battle is to not get distracted.."

"Hmmm...I'm not sure. Whoever might have been in the neighboring rooms for sure. Maybe some people down the hallway?"

Cloud swallowed in an instinctive reaction to the blade being near his throat. "That's...not fair..." he asserted. It wasn't likely he would be distracted by this man or in this way during a real battle. He smiled slightly and closed his eyes. "I guess this means I lose."

Reno grinned. "Good." He said, licking the other's cheek. I wanted them to know who i belong to."

Sephiroth lowered his sword, sheathing it. "Yes, it does, but you can redeem yourself, Cadet." He said, grinning mischieviously beofre pulling the cadet tighter against him. He kissed him hard, wondering what he would do to 'punish' the cadet.

Vincent smirked. "And I'm sure they know now. You're very vocal. Moreso than I am, anyway."

Cloud responded to the kiss, almost relieved when he heard the sword click into its sheath. "How...?" he asked, wondering what sort of thing would be considered redemption for losing a battle in training.

Reno grinned. "That'll change next time." He promised menacingly, wrapping himslef tight to the othe. "For now, sleeping time."

Sephiroth's eyes lit up in mischief. "Drop..." He paused, looking the cadet over sensually. "And give me twenty." He said, really just wanting to see his lover sprawled about the ground.

Vincent smirked at the mischevious warning, settling against his new lover and suppressing a yawn. Slowly, he drifted to sleep.

Cloud's brow wrinkled in disapproval, but nonetheless, he obeyed and dropped to the floor on his stomach. He began to push himself up and then down again, feeling the burn in his muscles.

Reno followed in the slumber. maybe now he could get some damned rest.

Sephiroth ordered his lover up. He kissed him on the lips. "Now. I want you to run around this compound and return back to me. If you do it quickly we can stop early for the day and I will .. take you to our room for a while."

"Yes, Sir," Cloud answered and blushed a little at the implications in Sephiroth's words. Soon enough, he was outside and running, pacing himself and conserving energy like he knew to do as basic Soldier knowledge.

Sephiroth waited for the other to return, taping his foor impatiently, he knew the other would make it and therefore was eager for the prize.

In as little time as he could manage, Cloud was back, and he entered the room where they had been training, panting a little and trying to catch his breath. "How...was that...?"

Sephiroth grinned. "Strip, we will hit the showers." he said, walking off in the direction of said showers.

Cloud raised an eyebrow, but complied and followed the General in the same direction, unbuckling the armor of his uniform as he walked.

Sephiroth smiled and stripped himself slowly, casually walking to the stalls and turning on the warm water. He glanced at Cloud. "Hmn, why are you still dressed cadet?"

Cloud had been slightly preoccupied since it seemed as though Sephiroth had deliberately stripped slowly. The cadet smirked in his head and decided to strip just as slowly. He dropped his armor on the floor and slowly pulled his shirt over his head. He removed most articles of his clothing as sensually as that, glancing at the General once in a while.

Sephiroth watched the other hungrily, stepping under the shower, soaking up the water, letting his now string-like soft hair wetly fall over his shoulders and back as he grew a little hard at the other's display. "Come here, Cloud." The general said huskily, motioning the other come closer, looking up at him with smokey looking eyes.

Cloud walked forward and stepped under the water, shivering slightly at the temperature change. His own eyes glazed a little at the sensual appearance of the General. He looked wonderful, dripping wet and partially aroused. He was very tempted to reach out and touch the sculpted chest in front of him.

Sephiroth smiled in his most sexy way, kissing Cloud on the lips, tracing his jaw with his thumb. "Hmn, soldier, on your knees." He said hotly, biting Cloud's lower lip in an almost pleading fashion.

The cadet smiled and looked up at Sephiroth seductively, as he drug his short fingernails down the man's chest, kneeling in front of him. He could more or less assume what it was that he wanted, and he teasingly laid his head against his lower abdomen, exhaling purposefully.

Sephiroth closed his eyes, shuddering in pleasure that he couldn't quite get ahold of. He gripped the cadet's spiky hair that seemed resilient to the water. He didn't grip it hard, just enough to let him know to not tease him like he was working on doing. Hebit his lower lip in lust, trying to not be pushy.

Cloud wrapped one hand around Sephiroth's arousal and took the head into his mouth, licking and sucking gently, then removed his hand and licked up and down the length a couple of times, before taking as much into his mouth as he could.

Sephiroth's breath hitched in his throat and he ran his fingers through Cloud's hair, letting out a throaty groan at the feeling as the warm wetness of Cloud's mouth encased him. He restrained himself from thrusting inside the tightness but couldn't help but make smaler movements, wondering just how much the cadet would be able to fit.

Cloud moved his head back and forth, slowly, trying to take more into his mouth each time. Sephiroth's fingers in his hair felt nice, and he was rather glad that the man had not attempted to thrust yet. "Mmm..." He moaned, the sound muffled by the object in his mouth.

Sephiroth shivered in pleasure, trying to keep himself from finishing. "Hmn, stand, Cloud. I will not finish before you." he stated, so very close to an orgasm. He wanted to be inside the other when he did finally come.

Cloud complied, releasing him from his mouth, and standing up to face Sephiroth once again. He stared at the taller man with glazed and smoldering eyes, waiting for him to tell him what to do next.

Sephiroth smiled and kissed him gently, turning the cadet around so that he faced the wall, pressing against the other, sliding his errection along Cloud's entrance, teasing him as he didn't push in.

Cloud shivered and moaned at the teasing, leaning against the wall of the shower with his arms in front of him, and resting his head there. He spread his legs a bit to give Sephiroth better access.

Sephiroth pushed himself in gently, but with as much force as he would need to sheeth himself. He groaned at the tightness of his lover. That is one of the things he loved about Cloud. He was all his, no one else touched him, leaving him as pure and tight as the first time they had done anything. He kissed Cloud's back, hoping the other boy was alright with their positioning and hoping that if he wasn't that he would mention something about it.

The younger boy groaned in satisfaction as he was penetrated. "Ahhnn..." He didn't mind that they were both standing, though he had never done it this way before. He hoped he wouldn't lose his footing in the water.

Sephiroth thrust harder into the other, his kisses along the boy's back became more feverish and lusted as he set a steady rythm.

"Nnngg...ahh..." Cloud moaned, shivering at the kisses and as the drops of water from the shower hit him randomly, half blocked by Sephiroth's form.

Sephiroth groaned, moving faster into cloud, reaching dorn to grant his lover even more pleasure by stroking over him.

Cloud gasped at the touch and moaned a little louder than maybe was intelligent in a place like a shower, where it might echo. In such a case, he didn't dare say his lover's name. "Mmmnnn..."

Sephiroth wanted the cadet to be even louder. He liked knowing that he made the other feel so good that it just had to be heard. He bit lightly on Cloud's neck, leaning over him, sheathing himself inside the other completely.

"Nn...oh, Sephiroth..." Cloud groaned. He was incredibly close to orgasm, feeling the muscles burn and tighten. "Ahh...I'm going to...mmn..S-Sephiroth..!" He called out the General's name as he came.

Sephiroth gave his own cry of pleasure as he came as well, feeling only pleasureful bliss as he came inside the other. "Cloud!" He growled posessivly, giving the other a couple of more thrusts before stopping.

Cloud panted, trying to regain his breath, still leaning against the wall. He liked how it had sounded when the General called his name. He liked knowing that he belonged to the beautiful man.

Sephiroth slumped aganist the bathroom wall, holding the cadet to him. "Hmn, thank you cloud." He said, kissing the boy's lips.

Cloud kissed him back and smiled. Sephiroth didn't have to thank him. It wasn't as though he was doing this because he was obligated to. "I love you..." he whispered with his eyes closed.

Sephiroth smiled. "I love you too." He said quietly, what astounded him was that he had never said those words to anyone.

"I'm not sure that this shower got us very clean..." Cloud commented. He opened his eyes; he was feeling a little drowsy and thought it might be a bit awkward if he fell asleep right then and there. When he opened his eyes, he saw Sephiroth's smile and he liked how it looked on him.

Sephiroth smiled. "Then, let us wash up and we can continue with cuddling."

Cloud nodded in agreement, wondering if it would be more productive if he went to wash in another stall. It might be faster, anyway. But he didn't move from where he was, clinging to the taller man under the water.

Sephiroth held him close, washing away any indicator not only of their actions but of the boy ever even needing a shower. He kissed him gently before washing himself off, then turned to the water and switched it off, grabbing their towels.

Cloud shivered in the air that was cooler than the water, wrapping himself in a towel, but letting the water run out of his hair and down his shoulders. He didn't think it was a smart idea to put on the uniform he had had on for training - it was probably sweaty - now that he was clean, and so he was debating whether or not to walk back to his and Sephiroth's room in a towel.

Sephiroth kissed his lover on the cheek, moving to the lockers in another room to grab them both a robe, handing one to Cloud. "Come on, back to my room, you did bring some clothing changes in there right? Or do we have to stop by Zackary's room?" He asked, not sure what they had situated.

"Uhh...well, we'll have to stop by Zack's room. I didn't bring any clothes with me other than what I was wearing." He answered and took the robe that Sephiroth offered him, grateful that he didn't have to walk back to the room half naked. Of course, it would look somewhat strange when he walked into Zack's room in just a robe.

Sephiroth nodded, leading the other into Zackary's room, standing by the door.

Zack had heard a knock and opened it. "Oh hey guys! What you been up to?" He asked, letting them in.

" And we came back to get my clothes," Cloud answered, slipping past Zack and gathering his clothing, throwing a change of clothes onto the bed that had been his, intending to put on those garments once he gathered the rest of his clothing. He wasn't sure if he was supposed to tell Zack that he would be moving in with Sephiroth, or if Sephiroth himself would be doing that.

Zack grinned. "you two just came form the showes.. so you two.. were doing bad things.." He said, giggling.

Sephiroth snorted, hitting Zack upside the head. "Seriously, Fair, get laid. And I will be stealing your Cloud from you, we will find you another cadet or otherwise to move in with you so you can molest them instead. I own that one." He said, pointing to Cloud that showed he was owned.

Zack only grinned. "Alright man, but Strife's still my cadet and you can't stop him from hanging with me once in a while."

"I wouldn't dream of it." Sephiroth said, rolling his eyes. "Come along now Cloud.."

Cloud was about to protest that just because they were at the showers didn't mean that they had been doing something bad. Though it was true, Zack didn't have to know. Instead, Cloud grinned, following Sephiroth now that he was dressed, holding a bundle of clothes to him.

Zack nodded. "What are you waiting for Cloudy boy? Shoo." Zack said, pushing the younger boy out of the room, Sephiroth as well.

Sephiroth smiled. "Well he took that mervelously." He said, leading Cloud back to his room. "There is another closet on that side of the room.. or you can use mine I guess." He said, shrugging and laying on the couch, yawning widely.

"I'll use the other closet." Cloud trekked to said closet and out his clothes away quickly, closing the door and leaning against it, not quite sure what to do now.

Sephiroth noticed the other semed to be having trouble as he could see him from the angle that he sat in. He stood and walked to him, helping him put his clothing up. "So, what are you hungry for?" He asked, wondering if he should perhaps attempt to cook something for the cadet.

Cloud hadn't really been paying any attention to his stomach before, but now he realized he was actually hungry. "I'm...not really sure. What are you hungry for?" He returned the question in the hopes that there might be a suggestion he could go off of.

Sephiroth smiled. "I am not sure.. there is food in teh cupboards I could make for you.. I am sure there are other things as well. or to make life simple we could even order a pizza." He said, smiling and hugging him.

"I don't want you to have to cook for me. Let's just order pizza." He already felt like Sephiroth was doing more than enough with having him move in. It really felt like a privilege.

Sephiroth smiled very faintly and called in the pizza, getting Cloud to write down what he wanted on it, looking his younger lover over. "It will be on it's way." He said after hanging up.He went back out into the living room, once again reclinging on the couch.

Cloud smiled, but was again at a loss as to what to do. He shrugged and sighed, deciding to perch on the arm of the couch that Sephiroth was occupying.

Sephiroth casually reached up and grabbed the boy, holding him against his chest. "I hope your first day of trianing wasn't so bad.." He said, running his fingers through the cadet's hair.

"Oh, no, it wasn't really bad. I didn't mind it. And it's training. So I can't expect it to be too easy..." Cloud answered and snuggled against Sephiroth's chest. The fingers in his hair felt nice. They were soothing.

Sephiroth smiled and held the cadet slightly closer. "Good, tomorrow it will be tougher." He said, wanting Cloud to be the strongest. He kissed the young cadet atop his head, wondeirng when the pizza would arrive, he himself was rather famished.

Again, Cloud wasn't thinking about his stomach. He was too comfortable against Sephiroth's warm and firm body. He wondered what would happen after training tomorrow if the session was going to be tougher, but then pushed the thought out of his head. He shouldn't think about sex all the time. It would ruin his conversation and he would probably lose the mock battle in training again.

"Ah. I think the pizza has arrived." He said, after hearing a knock on the door, he got up carefully, trying to not disturb his young lover. He answered the door, paid for the pizza and set it on the livingroom coffee table. "Eat up, Cadet." He said, sitting next to him, grabbing sodas out of his refrigerator for Cloud and for himself a beer.

Cloud opened a can, wincing at the loud hiss and crack, then opened the pizza box and took out one piece. He wasn't overly hungry, but he could use nourishment. After taking a bite a swallowing, he said, "Thank you."

Sephiroth smiled and kissed the boy on the lips before sitting again lazily on the couch. 'Quite welcome." He realized how lazy he felt and wondered for an instant if he had any papers to fill out or sign. "Say Cloud, what should we do for Zackary? His birthday is comming up." He said, scooting a bit closer to the cadet.

"Well, you did say he needed to get laid. So...maybe we should find him a date or something? Or...we could buy him a prostitute. we want to get him love or just sex?" Cloud pondered.

"Well.. we will have to find him love. Zackary isn't in to one night stands." Sephiroth said matter of factly, holding the blond close to himself. "Hmn, we will find someone I am sure. Now. Since there aren't any thinderstorms, let's try sleeping in the bed this night."

Cloud smiled and nodded in agreement. He was rather tired after training and the other activities of the day and he snuggled against Sephiroth again. "This time you don't have to sleep on the couch for my sake, either."

Sephiroth grinned. "Indeed not." He said, kissing him. "But this time as well there isn't any thunderstorms.. let us hope I can still distract you."

Cloud smiled, but blushed slightly, replying, "I'm sure you can." He laughed lightly and kissed Sephiroth back.

Sephiroth smiled a little more, kissing Cloud's neck. " I already know I can.. I just.. want to see you try and resist.." He said, running his hand between Cloud's legs, caressing him as he reached where his length should be.

Cloud inhaled sharply but quietly, closing his eyes and biting his lip. He doubted that he would be able to resist for long. He would end up making his lip bleed. "Probably not...very long..." he answered.

Sephiroth laughed against Cloud's neck as he kissed it lightly. "Hmn, I can tell cadet." He said, biting the skin very lightly as he continued to slowly rub the other through his pants.

Cloud sighed, still biting his lip, writhing beneath the General's touch, already hard from the little bit of attention he had received so far. "Nnnn..." He moaned quietly, enjoying the teasing.

"Hmmm, why don't we take this to bed, cadet?"Sephiroth asked huskily, sucking on Cloud's earlobe. He wondered if he would even be able to get a straight answer out of him or if he would have to stop his ministrations which he really wasn't willing to do. He slipped his hand under the waist band and down further into Cloud's pants gripping him flesh on flesh as he waited.

Cloud gasped audibly and tried to answer. "I...nnng...y-yes..." He didn't want Sephiroth to stop either, but there was even more fun to be had if he stopped for a few seconds so that they could go to the bedroom.

Sephiroth smiled and picked the boy up, carrying him to the bed in which he layed him down upon, crawling atop of him and pinning him down with strong arms, kissing him hard. He let his hands slide down and pull the cadet's shirt up and off before reaching down and tugging off his pants and starting on his own clothing.

Cloud reacted to the kiss, groaning and arching off the bed against Sephiroth's restraint, at the same time helping his own pants to be removed. He wasn't cold in the temperature difference in the air - he was warmed by Sephiroth's closeness and an inner fire that the man had lit.

Sephiroth undressed himself to his pants only, kissing and biting on the cadet's neck, running his hands down his lover's chest. He stopped them at his legs, running them along the inside of his lover's thighs.

Cloud shivered and groaned, twisting his hands in the sheets and closing his eyes. "Ahhnnn...more..." he whimpered, panting. If the teasing continued for too much longer, he might end up reaching his peak even without sex.

Sephiroth granted his lover's wish, kissing him more and removing the rest of his own clothing, slipping his hand low to press a finger into his lover to prepare him.

The younger man sighed, still panting, opening his eyes but really looking at nothing with his glazed blue orbs. There was a dark flush on his cheeks, which only seemed to darken further as Sephiroth prepared him for even more. "Mmnn..."

Sephiroth shivered at his young lover's expression and warmth. He kissed the boy's neck, adding another finger, moving them inside him. He couldn't wait to replace them with his length, to fill the boy to be pleasured by the tight heat, but most of all be able to pleasure the other just as much. He removed the fingers, biting into Cloud's neck before pushing into him.

Cloud released a deep and husky moan, closing his eyes once again, and moving his hips to help Sephiroth push into him more quickly. If he had been thinking coherently, he would have been careful not to seem impatient, but he couldn't care less at the moment. The teasing had melted his brain. "Nnngg..."

Sephiroth once sheathed completely inside the other now pulled out a little, slowly so before snapping his hips forward, driving himself back in and setting a slow but hard pace with his lover, stroking him with his movements, panting against his skin as he kissed his neck and lips feverishly.

Cloud shivered at the breath against his skin and at the kisses, moaning loudly as Sephiroth pumped into him rhythmically. He offered the movement of his hips to meet his lover's thrusts, crying the name, "Sephiroth..." and charging the word with heat and lust and love.

Sephiroth thrust harder into him, kissing Cloud's lips, loving the sound of his name as it was whispered. "Oh Cloud.." He mumbled bearly, stroking the boy tighter.

"Ahhhnnn...mmmmnnn..." Cloud panted and whimpered, finding that he was closer to release than he wanted to be. He wanted this delicious pleasure to last longer, but he couldn't contain himself any longer. With a final cry of the General's name, he climaxed, arching his back off the bed.

Sephiroth was slightly amused that his lover finished already. He thrust into him a few more times before he finally got close and reached his own, the tighter heat of his lover's orgasm helping him along much more than he had thought it would. He kissed him hard as he came, holding him tight as the waves of orgasm rocked through him.

Cloud sighed once more, calming and evening his breathing, settling against the matress as his whole body tingled after his orgasm. "Mmm...I love you..." he whispered. He was becoming accustomed to saying these words to this man, and he hoped that Sephiroth was getting used to hearing them.

Sephiroth nodded in acceptance of the words and held the other close. "I love you too." He said gently, whispering the words, half hoping the other wouldn't hear them. He did love Cloud, but commitment was something he was very afraid of at the moment. He hugged the boy back tighter and kissed him gently. He closed his eyes, bringing the blanket about them that had gotten kicked to the edge of the bed during their passionate movements.

The cadet smiled and closed his eyes, settling into Sephiroth's embrace under the covers, and slowly drifting off to sleep.

Sephiroth was asleep just after Cloud, smiling to himself.


Zack decided that since it was ten o clock in the morning and he hadn't seen neither Sephiroth or Cloud that it would be wise to check in on them. He skipped almost joyfully to their room, knocking on the door. When he got no answer he stepped in, walking around carefully. "Cloud? Seph?" He called. Upon not getting an answer he traveled a little further until he noticed the bedroom door was open. He went in to see the pair cuddled under the blankets. He walked up to shake them awake but he stopped himself. He felt a small blush rise in his cheeks as he saw the covered but very naked form of the general and the equallly covered but naked form of Cloud. But Cloud wasn't all that caught his attention really, and he felt guilty for it, but it was Sephiroth. The man's long silvery hair lay about him in an almost helpless but neat way. Those green eyes were shut and his lips that normally formed a sarcastic smirk were relaxed and even slightly opened in their sleep. He looked.. innocent and at peace that he almost feared waking him. What was he feeling for the general? Feelings of love that he had long hidden. He didn't think now was the time to show them. He hid them as well as he could, looking down at Cloud with slight jealousy once more before shaking them awake. "YO SEPH CLOUD WAKE THE HELL UP."

Sephiroth opened his eyes and sighed. "What the hell.. Oh hello Zackary.. why are you here?"

Cloud had jolted awake at the shouting, opening his eyes wide before the lids slackened and he sighed, realizing it was only Zack, and curled into a ball under the blankets. "Hnnn..." he groaned sleepily.

Zack sighed sadly, forgetting to hide his emotions for a second before his mask fell right back into place. "Yeah about that.. it is ten o clock.. aren't you guys getting up for training?"

Sephiroth's eyes widened. "TEN?! Oh hel! Thank you Zackary, um.. yes let me and Cloud get dressed and I will join you for training."

"Do you want me to train with you guys?" Zack asked

Sephiroth nodded. "Yeah, Cloud needs your support I believe in sword training." He said, recallign yesterday's events."Or at least with a gun, we haven't gotten to that yet."

Zack nodded, heading out of the room. "Alright, I will be out here." He said, sighing and feeling left out. He felt that he should be the one next to the general not Cloud. But then.. he shouldn't feel that way right? There was sure to be someone out there for him too..he hoped.

Sephiroth smiled and looked to Cloud. "Did he seem a bit off to you?" He asked aloud to his younger lover as he headed over to his dresser to put on clothing and then his armour.

"It seemed like he had something on his mind. Something depressing." Cloud sighed and stretched his arms above his head, then slid out of the bed and retrieved clothing. "What do you think could have been bothering him?" He shook his head to free any spikes that might have been smashed, then slid on his armour over his uniform.

"I don't know.. you talk to him more than I do Cloud." He said, sighing and grabbing massamune. "Why don't you talk to him later after showers." He said, kissing Cloud's forhead.

Zack waited rather impatiently for the couple to come out. He replayed a few scenarios in his mind that could have been happening and it only angered him more.

"Alright, I'll do that," Cloud replied, smiling. He walked with Sephiroth to the door and opened it, sighing inaudibly when he saw Zack standing outside with a seemingly angry expression on his face. "Zack, are you okay?" He asked automatically.

Zack looked up at Cloud, hiding his anger suddenly. "Yeah spiky! You guys ready yet?" He asked, his usual smile in place though it was a little less bright then usual.

Cloud frowned slightly to show his disbelief, but answered in the affirmative to Zack's question. Now he could see clearly that something was bothering Zack. He hoped it would not interfere with his behavior during training, or the blonde might be in some trouble.

Sephiroth stepped out of the room suddenly. He was completely ready for training. "Alright, captain, cadet, let us go." he said, leading them out of the room.

Zack did his best to ignore Cloud and walked up besides Sephiroth, sudenly seeming brighter beside the other.

Sephiroth looked over to Zack and narrowed his eyes trying to figure out what the matter was with him. He smiled and offered for Cloud to walk closer so that they could be together. "I am tempted to let you and Cloud spar.. "

Zack's eyes narrowed this time. "Yeah I suppose we could.." He drifted off, not trusting himself. He smiled wholeheartedly after it. They would have to get along.. and besides it would please Seph. "Yeah.. I don't mind that at all Seph."

Sephiroth smiled and lead them to the training room, grabbing Cloud a sword. "Here you go."

Cloud took the sword in one hand, then shifted it back and forth between his hands a couple of times to get the feel of it. He closed his eyes and exhaled, then moved into a stance and narrowed his eyes, gripping his sword tightly. "Okay, I'm ready."

Zack didn't smile, didn't really even make an expression, merely unsheathed his buster sword, standing across from Cloud. He figured the cadet wouldn't be the one to make the first move so he snapped foreward, moving almost faster than Sephiroth, making a right slash at the younger male.

Sephiroth smiled. "I will get water.." He said, feeling tension in the air that meant that this training session would be brutal and water would be much needed, he retreated to stock up on needed item and let the others fight.

Cloud furrowed his brow, realizing that this training session wasn't going to be quite as fun as the last one. Zack was tough. He blocked the attack as quickly as he could, shifting his feet to brace himself, before slashing at Zack in much the same manner he had been attacked, anticipating that it should at least cause him to counterattack as he drew away to attack again.

Zack smirked in a very unlike himself fashion, going at the cadet in a series of slashes and jabs that he was sure he wouldn't be able to dodge them all. He would be pleased in the younger male getting cut once or twice.. but he wasn't going to seriously injure him.. just scratch him up a bit. He could pass it off as training mode. He sighed at himself as he succesfully landed a small cut on Cloud's cheek. He didn't know what had gotten into him. SO what if Cloud had Sephiroth. Zack like Sephiroth too but he shouldn't hurt his only friend for having taken the man from him, right? He calmed down a little and went easier on the younger male, making his slashes and slight hits lighter as well.

Cloud winced as the blade sliced his cheek slightly, trying not to lose his concentration, and he dodged and blocked a couple of attacks. Then he realized that all he was doing was defending and he needed to attack. He backed away from his opponent at least a yard and then lunged forward with his sword raised. Of course he was slower than Zack, so it was unlikely that he would be able to land the hit.

Having been caught off guard from his thoughts Zack was almost cut as well. He growled in anger, knocking the cadet back, dismounting the cadet from his sword and pinning him to the ground. "I win." He said coldly, glaring into Cloud's eyes.

Cloud grimaced, noting Zack's expression. There was definitely something on his mind. He'd never had a reason to push him this hard in training before, and the tone of Zack's voice as he pronounced his victory was something he had never heard in words spoken to him.

Zack noticed how easily he could overpower his young friend he smiled playfully as he hoped to not hurt him and got up. He held out his hand to help the other up as Sephiroth came back.

"I trust you two are behaving?" Sephiroth querried, handing them each a water bottle.

Zack took his, blushing as his and Sephiroth's fingers touched. "Yeah we're good. I .. think I am forgetting how to pull my skills though.. I keep about killing him.." He said, feeling bad. He clapped Cloud on the back in a friendly gesture. He felt bad for having hurt his friend and hugged him ."It's all good though, right Spikey?" He asked, ruffling Cloud's hair, seemingly back to normal old cheery Zack.

Sephiroth raised an eyebrow. "Cloud.. you were cut...How did that happen?" He asked, examinging said wound.

"Ah, like Zack said, he didn't quite have his skills in check. But I'm fine." He smiled at Sephiroth, then looked toward Zack in concern. He wanted to talk to him right now, but it wasn't quite the time to. He was afraid that if they had to spar again, he might lose his nose or a finger or something.

Zack sighed and yawned. "Well I guess all in all I am just tired. Hey you guys want to go out later or something?" He asked, stretching for another sparring round with Cloud.

Sephiroth eyed Zack and narrowed his eyes. "Perhaps if you don't murder my cadet in the process.." He said, leaning down to kiss Cloud.

Zack glared at the couple. He hated that Sephiroth was being so protective over Cloud. He sure as hell hadn't ever gotten that treatment. He shrugged and suddenly wasn't wanting to go. "Actually after this I think Rufus needed me for something.. and then I am going to sleep in." He said, ready for the next round of training.

Cloud frowned again at the suspicious change in plans that Zack had made. As soon as this round was over, he wanted to talk to Zack alone...and maybe without swords. He didn't feel like being killed just because Zack was in a bad mood. He shook his head and readjusted his grip on his sword, standing in stance to begin again.

Zack sighed, making a move at the cadet, slashing as close as he could without actually hitting him, trying to get his mind and anger off of their training so as to not hurt the other.

Sephiroth left the room in a flourish, letting the two fight. He was going to go and ready the showers for them after their training. He figured as well that it wasn't himself that Zack was angry with but the cadet.

Cloud poured all of his concentration into the mock battle, trying to attack and defend as best he could. He refused to think about what he would say to Zack when he finally decided to ask what was wrong. Then his concentration would be marred by concern.

Zack sighed into his attacks, he came at Cloud in a fury and his slashes were still powerful but he wasn't really paying attention which could be a disaster to the cadet as he wasn't paying attention to the other.

Cloud saw his chance to win this session, noticing that Zack wasn't paying the best attention as he slashed. He ducked under the blade as it came near him and moved behind the man as quickly as he could, jabbing at the backs of his knees with the hilt of his sword. He hoped it would be enough to at least make him lose his balance.

Cloud got his wish as Zack toppled over. "Oh hell.. " He whimpered, in slight pain as his knees hit the hard ground. "Hmn, good one spikey.." He growled.

Cloud smirked triumphantly, but then offered his hand to Zack. Whether the man was behaving well toward him or not, he was still his friend. "Thanks. That was the first session I've won so far."

Zack grinned sheepishly. "Don't expect to win next time, Spikey.. I wasn't thinking clearly." He said, shrugging, not taking Cloud's hand and standing on his own. He wouldn't make eye contact with the cadet. Too much on his mind. He didn't want his friend to feel bad, but at the same time he didn't want him to be around either.

The cadet sighed and ran his hand through his hair, starting to become irritated with his friend's bad mood. He swallowed any ill words that threatened to spill out toward Zack, instead opting to smile gently and suggest that they go to the showers. "What do you say? You think we could stop training for now?"

"Your lover isn't back yet." Zack said acidicly. "He was going to get something for you guys I don't remember, but we have to wait for him. Anyways, I am done with you for today." He said, shrugging and drinking from his water bottle.

"Alright, fine. I was going to wait to talk to you after we had had showers and had calmed down a bit, but since you're talking to me like that, I'll just cut to the chase. What the hell is your problem? What did I do to piss you off?" He glared at Zack, not caring if this caused a greater conflict than had already begun.

Zack glowered at Cloud. "You have everything Cloud." He said simply, turning his back on the other, not wanting to get into the conversation. "You have everything. You have him" Zack said to himself as quietly as he could, not wanting Cloud to heat that much.

He was almost shocked. "That's what this is about? You're jealous?" He answered almost as quietly as Zack had said it. Cloud couldn't think of anything else to say. It was believeable that someone would be jealous that he had Sephiroth, but it seemed somehow wrong that Zack should be mad when he was the one that set them up in the first place.

Zack sighed. "Look, Cloud. I realize that this is unfair to you to have me acting like this. I.. want you to be happy with Sephiroth.. it is just.. I went in there and saw you guys .. all cuddled up this morning.. and.. I realized how alone I was. I also realized just how beautiful Seph is. I never really thought I liked him before, I had my suspicions, but I hadn't ever completely expected anything. But as I saw him laying there.. he looked peaceful and vulnerable.. so natural. It scared me. It's like.. a whole different person and it made me realize.. well.. don't worry about it Spiky. I will find my own eventually." He said, shrugging and sighing harshly. "I .. am used to this."

Cloud sighed sadly, making the expression that had been common to him for the last couple of hours - a frown and creased eyebrows, accompanied by concerned eyes. He wanted to apologize to Zack, but he really didn't have a reason to say he was sorry, and it might just seem like a cruel word of dismissal. He left the room wordlessly, heading to the showers on his own so that he could think.

Zack sighed and sat down, figuring to wait unti lCloud was gone before he himself headed to the showers. He decided that he would have to ignore Cloud until these feelings of wanting the general passed.

Sephiroth came back to the training room and noticed Cloud's absence. "Zackary, where is my cadet?"

Zack narrowed his eyes lightly. "The showers."

Sephiroth nodded. "Thank you." He said, noticing that Zack seemed to be blushing. He didn't want to call the other out on the blush instead made his way to the shower room, setting out towels. "Cloud, how did you do?" Sephiroth asked, looking about until he smirked at seeing blonde spikes sticking out above the shower stalls.

Cloud smiled to himself, though he was slightly startled since Sephiroth had interrupted his thoughts. "Ah, I won my battle with Zack," he answered as cheerily as he could. He felt like telling Sephiroth what he had learned from Zack, but it was probably best to wait until they were somewhere more private, like their room.

Sephiroth raised an eyebrow. "Ohhh, really now? That is great ... considering as well that you are a beginner... was is sheer luck or did you actually win out of skill?" He asked, skeptical as he sat in a chair and waited for the other, deciding to catch his shower later when they were in the apartment because he hadn't done anything physical.

Zack sighed, not wanting to be around the couple right now and left the training room, going to his own rooms and laying there on his bed, staring at the ceiling.

"I ducked behind him and hit the backs of his knees. So it wasn't luck, but it was kind of sneaky..." Cloud answered, thinking it was probably better if he actually improved his sword skill at some point, rather than using conniving tactics against his opponents. He shut off the water and exited the stall, grabbing the towel that Sephiroth had gotten out and wrapping it around his waist.

Sephiroth smiled. "That sounds more like a Turk move to me." He said jokingly to tease his lover. "Hmn, Is Zackary okay then? He didn't hurt you or anything with his foul mood I hope?" He asked, looking his lover over for any injuries.

"Only the scratch he gave me from our first battle. I'm fine." Cloud wrapped himself in a robe and left the towel in the bathroom, heading toward the door. "I...I know why he was in such a bad mood now. But I don't want to talk about it here. Let's talk about it in our room," he said, finally opening the subject.

Sephiroth raised an eyebrow and nodded, very curious to what Cloud had found out. "Let us go then." He said, kissing Cloud and gripping his hand lovingly as he lead the way back to their room. Once in said room he stripped off his jacket and slipped on an long sleeved black shirt that was soft but form fitting and slipped into casual black pants that were slightly roomy on him. "Hmn, why don't you get dressed and tell me about it while I make us some drinks.. tea or coacoa?" He asked, watching his lover.

"Tea, please," Cloud decided, then darted to the bedroom to get dressed, reappearing where he had started. "Zack was in a bad mood today...because he's jealous. Of us. He...he wants you." He sighed. "That would be why I seemed to be the target of his anger." He waited almost anxiously to see how Sephiroth would react to the news.

Sephiroth snorted as he made the tea. "Cloud.. are you sure he meant that? I have been working with him for years.. before I even became general. He never has shown me any signs of more then friendly relationships. He may have been mistaken. Is it possible you misunderstood him? If I am correct and my memory is not tampered.. did he not deliever you directly to my lap one night?"

Cloud made a small affirmative noise. "He said that he didn't really realize it till now. He realized that he's lonely, and you're beautiful, and so now he's jealous of what I have with you..." He sighed and looked at the floor, perplexed as far as what to do about the situation.

Sephiroth sighed. "Well... what do you want to do about it? I am not leaving you for him. He can get over it." Sephiroth said cooly, handing Cloud his tea. "Is there no one that would take the man?"

"I really don't know..." Cloud took a drink of his tea, then switched the cup to his other hand, casting his eyes upon the floor so that he could concentrate on his thoughts. "What if..." He began to propose an idea, but held his tongue, wondering if it was smart to even mention it.

Sephiroth eyed his lover curiously. "What is it, Cloud?" He asked, wondering what his lover was troubled over. He could clearly see that something he had to say was plaguing him a little more than he would have like it too.

"I was thinking...what if Zack and I...shared you? I don't know if that's the best idea, but it might keep Zack from being angry all the time. It's...nevermind. It was kind of a crazy idea anyway." Cloud sighed and shook his head. He felt like it was a bad idea to have even said anything.

Sephiroth thought a moment. "Cloud.. I know you care about your friend but do you know what you're asking? I could act like a lover to him, but I wont ever love him like I do you.. I think you should think this over before you are completely sure that you want to tell me to do this.."

Now it was Cloud's turn to think some more. "I guess...when you put it that would be cruel to Zack, wouldn't it?" He frowned once again. "I don't know what to do."

Sephiroth frowned in unknowing of what to do. "Well Cloud... just think about it. If you want we can summon Zackary and we can all talk of this in a civalized manner.." He said, smiling.

"It would be great if he would agree to have the conversation. But I'm not sure if he would. I think he would be more willing to talk if you asked him though," Cloud answered. He felt somewhat alienated from his friend at the moment and he didn't feel much like talking to him by himself.

Sephiroth nodded, deciding to summon Zack an easier way. He grabbed his phone, calling the other.

Zack blinked and answer his phone. "Hello.. Zackary here, what can I do for ya?"

Sephiroth snorted. "You can stop being a melodramatic fool for one. And you can come over. There are some.. things that need to be discussed."

Zack huffed. "I'll.. be over there in a moment, okay?" He asked, getting up and changing into regular pants and a tank top while he was still on the phone.

"That's an order, failure to follow it will result in punishment." Sephiroth added before hanging up. Sephiroth smiled and looked to Cloud. "He will be here in a moment."

"Oh, good," Cloud answered, offering a wry smile. He wasn't thrilled about seeing Zack. There was something that seemed awkward between them now. Cloud sat on the couch, suddenly remembering his tea and drinking quite a bit of it all at once. "I hope he's actually willing to talk."

Zack came into the room after a light knock. "You needed to see me?" Upon seeing Cloud he knew he was probably not going to like his reason for being summoned.

Sephiroth stared at him curious. "Sit down." He ordered. When Zack had seated he sighed. "Cloud, why don't you begin, this is your discovery."

"I'm not really sure where to start. Ummm...I shared the information with Sephiroth that you shared with me, Zack. I felt that he needed to know what you had told me. And I...I had an idea." Cloud practically held his breath, waiting for Zack's response.

Zack blinked and a faint blush tinted his cheeks. "Oh?"

Sephiroth snorted. "He said that he wanted to share me with you.."

Zack felt his eyes widen. He couldn't believe it. He looked to Cloud. "But Cloud, why? After how I have been with you? After how much you are in love with him. why?"

"I was thinking...that you're my friend. And I guess I felt bad that I had what you wanted. And you were around him first. I don't want to give him up...but I'd be willing to share. But...I guess the real decision is in Sephiroth's hands." He looked toward the taller man in earnest, awaiting his input.

Sephiroth felt his expression faulter. "You don't want that left up to me, Cloud. I would say no. I am only one lover. I am not two. Unless you slept with Zack, I may sondier you both to be the same person after that, but I don't share. So until the day you come to me telling me that you and Zack are a couple, then do not leave this up to me."

Zack look sadly to the ground as these words were exchanged.

Cloud also looked at the ground for a moment, sad that he couldn't help his friend as he would have liked to. Then he looked up again and smirked. "If I slept with Zack, would this have any negative reprocussions on our relationship?"

Sephiroth narrowed his eyes lightly in thought. "No I would count him like you.. why?" He asked, watching him. This was one time he wished he was able to lie to his lover. He feared he knew what he was going to say.

"Zack...I think we should date." Cloud said this seriously, but his eyes lit up mischeviously as he looked at his friend. "What do you think?"

Sephiroth smirked to himself. "Very good Cloud."

Zack blinked, looking up at Cloud. "Are.. you sure?" He asked, not wanting Cloud. It wasn't that his friend wasn't cute.. because he was, but he didn't like him like that.

"I guess so. But now it's up to you..." Cloud could see in Zack's expression that he didn't want to do it. His resolve kind of died at that point and he sighed and shrugged.

Zack sighed. "I can't." He said, getting up and leaving in a huff.

Sephiroth blinked as he heard the door shut a little harder than it should have. "Well.. that went well.."

"Actually, it went better than I had expected in the first place..." Cloud was silently relieved that Zack had refused. Deep down inside, he hadn't really wanted to share Sephiroth. He sighed and put his head in his hand, frowning. "Now what could there be to do for him?"

Sephiroth smiled. "Well.. I am unsure."He shrugged. "Oh we get to join the other troops tomorrow...
He said, grinning. "Maybe he can find one of them to flirt with."

"As long as it improves his mood..." Cloud added, smiling. He sighed and leaned against Sephiroth, repressing a yawn. He was tired and drained from the training and the emotional issues of his friend. "How soon can we go to bed?" Cloud asked jokingly.

Sephiroth kissed him and nodded. "Now if you would like." He said. "You will need your rest, tomorrow is no piece of cake."

"Oh, joy..." Cloud sighed sarcastically, smiling so as not to seem too discontented. He was too tired to be anxious or worried about tomorrow. He yawned and stood slowly, walking to their bedroom and through the door before peeking around the edge of the doorway and asking, "Are you coming?"

Sephiroth smiled. "Of course. But you . could make me come quicker." He said, smirking at the ambiguousness of his statement. He crawled into bed. "Come along, Cloud."

Cloud smiled at the little joke, deciding to sleep without his shirt and shedding it onto the floor. He climbed into bed next to Sephiroth, curling close to him and sighing. His warmth was soothing and the firmness of his body was comforting.

Sephiroth smiled as well, pulling his cadet next to him and falling into sleep.

The next morning Sephiroth woke two hours before dawn. "Cloud, it is time to awaken."He said, running his hands along the cadet.

Elsewhere Reno Sinclair woke next to his lover and blinked. "we man, I forgot that we had special training today.." He said yawning.

Zackary Fair made his way to the weapon bunk and retrieved his other favorite sword aside the one that was strapped to his back as well as healing materia. He grinned to himself. "Ah well. Better that today goes smooth." He said, walking to Sephiroth's and Cloud's room and knocking on the door. "We have to leave in fifteen minutes!" He yelled through the door.

Cloud smiled sleepily, his eyes opening slowly as he heard Sephiroth's voice. "Good morning..." he whispered, sitting up and stretching his arms above his head. At hearing Zack's voice outside the door, he yawned and shook his head, trying to clear himself of sleep as he stepped out of bed and began to retrieve his uniform and armor.

Vincent was awake and out of bed quite quickly. He had forgotten too, and now he was in a little bit of a hurry as he grabbed up all the pieces of his clothing and slipped them on. "Yes. And it starts very soon." He looked toward the red-haired man in his bed and smiled. "You better hurry," he added as he moved the last buckle into place on his red cloak.

Sephiroth kissed him. "Ready?' He asked, grabbing massamune.

Reno grinned, kissing Vincent hard. "Hey man, don't leave me out there to end for myself all alone." He begged, biting him on the neck.

Zackary had already been waiting for everyone, leaning on one of the walls in the main hall. They would have to depart from shinra in ten minute.

Cloud nodded, realizing as he watched Sephiroth grab his sword that he really didn't have a sword of his own. He always used whatever there was in the training rooms.

Vincent shivered and smirked at Reno. "I think you're capable of fending for yourself. And it's too early in the day for foreplay."

Reno pouted but shrugged and left, kissing Vincent on the lips and joining Zack. "Hey there sexy soldier boy, what's up?" He asked, poking Zack in the forehead.

Zack snorted. "Everything that shouldn't be." He said sarcastically.

Sephiroth seemed to read Cloud's mind and handed him the buster sword from training. "Come on, they wil leave without us if we don't hurry." He walked out calmly.

Cloud followed him out quickly, strapping the sword to his back to make it easier to carry.

Vincent smirked at Reno's flirting and at what Zack had said. He didn't really mind what Reno said to anyone. The man had always been like that and he wasn't about to make him change. "Hello, Zack," he greeted solemnly.

Sephiroth and Cloud reached the others, Sephiroth was smiling slightly and he looked upon everyone with boredness. "Alright, anyone have enemy stats?"

Zack nodded to Vincent. "Hello Vincent."

Reno grinned. "Sure do Sephy, there's like.. all these monsters right? Well at the center of them is this big guy that kinda looks like you in the eyes... anyhow he's got like this weird as shit blue hair but he like.. isn't human. Not completely."

Sephiroth raised an eyebrw. "How intelligant, what is the man?"

"Hell yo. I don't know. We have'nt ever seen anything like him."

Zack was slightly worried for Cloud on this. Cloud hadn't ever fought anything before. "Hey Cloud, stay by me and Seph at all times."

Vincent raised an eyebrow at Reno's description of the enemy, wondering if they were all going to die because of Reno's bad communication skills. However, the slight amount of description on the man's appearance had given him a clue. "To me, it sounds as though he is one of the Guado. That's very strange."

Cloud nodded in affirmative at Zack, looking between him and Sephiroth to acknowledge that he understood. The weight of the sword on his back reminded him that he had little experience with it and it was probably going to be a bit of a hinderance.

Sephiroth gave an encouraging nodd to their group. "Cloud, stick right besides me. We will finish the monsters off with Vincent and Reno. Zack do you think you can handle the Guado?"

Zack blinked and paled slightly. "I don't know man. I heard those are hell.. but I will do my best."

"Maybe get Vince to cover you." Reno said, smiling.

Sephiroth nodded. "Alright, Soldier and Turk division, fall out!" Sephiroth commanded, motioning them all to get into the truck.

Reno sat there reloading and checking his gun and momentarily glanced at Vincent. "Hey Vince.. now I get to see you in action eh?" He asked, winking.

Zack sighed. He could very easily be killed tonight. He forgot to tell them that this wasn't just training.

"Yes, Sir," Cloud answered seriously. Something about this being training seemed a little off to him. It sounded much more important than that. " this really just training?"

Vincent smirked as he looked back at Reno. "You've already seen me in action. Now you get to see me fight." He wasn't usually one for jokes, but he just couldn't leave that one alone.

Sephiroth stood and watched their surroundings carefully. The air was very tense. He knew as well now that it was more than just your average cadet training. "Cloud, do not part with me under any circumstances, got it?" He asked sternly.

Zack sighed. "No, Cloud.. it's.. we're under attack.." He said quietly.

Reno grinned and gave an appreciative groan. "Oh hell Vincent.. just wait until I get you back in bed..and no this isn't training.. too tense for training."

Cloud's face lost color considerably. "Yes, Sir," he answered Sephiroth once again, his voice wavering slightly. The news that they were under attack and that he was being thrown into battle this soon was, at the very least, unsettling.

Vincent smirked again and chuckled, musing at how inappropriate a time it was to talk about sex that was going to happen later. He slipped his Cerberus out of a hidden holster at his waist and checked it to make sure there was a bullet in every chamber.

The source of the tension in the air smirked darkly to himself as he watched the group draw nearer, his long fingers flexing intensively around the handle of his staff. How out of place it seemed that the day was relatively nice and the breeze blew locks of blue hair around him. Yes, what a lovely day for battle.

Their truck stopped and Sephiroth jumped out of the truck, massamune unsheathed and ready for battle.

Zack sighed and unsheathed his own sword that was much like Cloud's standing next to Cloud and Sephiroth. "Spiky.. be on guard always." He warned before dodging several already made attacks. "Oh hell.. fight hard!" He said, trying to make his way to where he supposed the center of the fighting would be taking place, slashing at some ranom regular field monsters, things that wouldn't have been much of a problem for even Cloud to take care of but were un godly fast. He was attacked by a much larger shaddow monster, side stepping and slashing in graceful and easy moves. He had to get to the center. He felt frightened. He knew all too well that whatever was at the ceter was probably going to throw him up and away.

Reno was almost giddy with the battle. He grabbed his weapon as well, hopping out. He blew a kiss to Vincent before attacking a rather large shaddow monster like Zack before him had.

Sephiroth dispatched these monsters with ease, and almost annoyed smirk in his eyes at the easy-ness of it all. He knew the battle was far from over, but that didn't stop him from being so very at ease.

Cloud stayed near to Sephiroth, Buster sword in hand, trying his best to dodge and guard himself so that Sephiroth would not have to do more work than was necessary to keep himself safe. He successfully slashed at a shadowy monster, it's broken body dissolving into the air.

Vincent nodded silently to his lover before hopping out the side of the truck and beginning his assault on the creatures, dispensing bullets quickly and efficiently.

Seymour stood at the center of the multitude of shadow creatures, solemnly surveying the scenes of insuing battle. He waited a few more moments before deciding to summon an Aeon. It wouldn't be too long before one of those warriors made it to where he stood. And now a dark horse known as Ixion stood before him.

Sephiroth protected Cloud easily, the monsters kept comming and he easily killed them all. He smiled to himself, thinking he finally had something to fight for, and it wasn't Shinra.

Reno was lucky enough to bearly dodge a fatal attack and inched his way towards Vincent, watching the red cloaked man as they fought.

Zack ran through to a rather clear part of the battlefield. He wasn't ready to see the horse or the Guado that awaited him. The dark horse reared somewhat menacingly and Zack feared almost that he was most certain to lose. He looked to the Guado and felt the slightest of heat rise in his face as he realized Reno was right, it did have Sephiroth-like eyes. He stood guard. He didn't think it would understand him if he spoke. He sighed and eyed it wearily. "What is your buissiness here?" He asked, thinking that maybe it was all just a big misunderstanding.

Cloud's attacks came easily as he finally got used to the heavy sword. The adrenaline rush from battle must have caused an instinctive reaction to fight, the blonde's sword dealing damage he wouldn't have been able to do in a training session.

Vincent glanced at the red-head out of the corner of his eye, wondering momentarily why he was trying to be closer to him. Deftly, he aimed past Reno's head and shot down one of the beasts as it advanced upon his lover.

Seymour raised his eyebrows and looked around with deliberate slowness. "My business here? I thought for certain you would understand that I am invading, Soldier of ShinRa. And as I see it, someone was informed of my intentions because you and those other men are here." He paused to study Zack's face for a moment or two. "You seem surprised that I understand your language. I ask of you, please do not underestimate me." He narrowed his indigo eyes and directed Ixion to charge forward at Zack.

Sephiroth watched Cloud carefully, even helping him kil off some of the monsters as they jumped them from behind. He would protect his cadet at all costs.

Reno blinked and paled before blushing and went back to fighting, but not losing distance between him and Vincent. "Hey Vincent, let's fight together.."

Zack shivered at the voice of the other. It was silky and even more intoxicating than Sephiroth's. He caught hold of his wits, blushing slightly as he made an attack at the Ixion.
It was a hit but as he hit he was struck by lightening from the creature, almost blacking out. A quick use of the heal materia had him back on his feet, slashing painfully at the other creature until it 'died'. He healed again and glared at the guado. "Why do you invade Shin-ra!? What is your buissiness!?"He shouted at the blue haired Guado, ready for another attack.

Cloud was glad he was near Sephiroth, but something told him that they should be moving forward, toward the place where Zack had disappeared as he moved through the crowd of monsters. He slashed at the creatures, steadily placing one foot in front of the other.

"We are fighting together. We're on the same team. And as long as we're lovers, we're together," Vincent replied, resting his gaze on Reno for a few seconds before turning back to the battle and shooting several creatures at a distance. "We should be moving that way." He nodded to where there seemed to be a gap in the number of creatures, obviously leading to something central, most likely the person in charge of this assault.

"You're so angry. Why shouldn't I invade Shin-ra? Have you taken an inward look at this corrupt organization you serve? It does not much matter whether you know why I'm here or not, though. I doubt I could give you an excuse that would satisfy you or end this battle." Seymour gracefully summoned another Aeon, this one large and menacing, seeming to have come from Hell itself. Ifrit.

Sephiroth sensed this and gave forth a somewhat insane laugh before pulling a random materia from his coat. He dropped it and it lit up, the light expanding until it exploded, killing off a good ninety percent of the monster about, even slightly damaging ifrit as he was summoned.

Reno blinked. "Hell man! He could have hurt us with that shit!" He shouted, running more to the center where he could see Zack. "Hey! He's over there!" He shouted, running towards him.

Zack blinked. "YOU GUYS ATTACK THIS THING, I'M GOING AFTER HIM!" He shouted, dodging an attack from the aeon and running at Seymour. "You will not win this!"

Cloud looked shocked at the materia's power, figuring that he could lessen his guard for the moment, considering how few of the monsters were left. He wondered why he had waited until now to use such an awesome and efficient weapon.

Vincent smiled and chuckled at Reno's complaining. "At least there are few creatures left now," he offered, running smoothly in the direction that Reno had indicated with his shouting. It was the same direction he had figured Zack would be.

Seymour's face darkened in anger and he shifted his staff to one hand so that he could cast Fire. He willed the Black Magic flames to burn his opponent, but his anger only increased as he realized that the attack was going to miss the dark-haired man.

Sephiroth smirked and used another materia like he had, shielding Cloud and threw it down, having it do the same thing as it greatly wounded ifrit.

Reno blinked and killed off near the last of the monsters. "Almost there yo!"

Zack pales slightly as he felt the heat of the flames graze past him and he elbowed the other hard in the stomach, twisting to knock his feet from him, trying to hold the other down. "GUYS I NEED SHACKLES NOW!" He shouted, hoping that one of the others would hear him, he would have to wrestle with the blue-haired man in the mean time, pinning him down as well as he could.

Cloud felt the force of the explosion, glad for the human shield and Sephiroth's closeness on the battlefield. The battle felt like it was nearing it's end.

Vincent shifted close to Reno, slipping his hand in his back pocket without warning and producing the shackles that Zack seemed to require desperately. As he sprinted away from Reno and toward Zack and their blue-haired opponent, he looked over his shoulder and winked.

Seymour coughed as the wind was knocked out of him and he was wrestled to the ground. As soon as he regained his breath, he began to twist violently beneath his captor, though the style of his clothing - loose and flowing - made it difficult for him to get anywhere in his opposition.

Sephiroth lead Cloud to where the rest of the monsters were. He leaned down to Cloud. "Kill them Cloud.. find that part in you to kill them, they are the last ones." He stated, pushing the cadet forward as he finished off Ifrit.

Reno blushed and moaned. "Hey now.. you'll get it for that later." He said, returning the wink, killing off the last monster on his side of the field.

Zack was thankful for the shackles and cuffed the blue haired man, laying on him a moment to catch his breath. "Caught you, didn't I, you bastard?" He breathed out, still weary of the holds. He looked up to Vincent. "Help me get him up." He said, doubting the Guado would cooporate with him.

Cloud narrowed his eyes and charged forward with the little push from Sephiroth, opening a dark place inside of him and releasing a sort of battle cry as he slashed through the last of the creatures at a furious pace. After they were killed, he stabbed his sword into the ground and leaned forward on it to catch his breath.

Vincent crouched down on the other side of the blue-haired man, grabbing his wrist and his upper arm to give him leverage. He tugged upward as Zack did, locking his grip on the man and putting forth enough strength to keep him restrained.

Seymour gave an angry cry as he was shackled, panting indignantly from the effort of fighting back, his breathing shallowing when Zack rested his weight on him. The knot from his own obi was pushing uncomfortably into his stomach and he was almost grateful as he was pulled off the ground, though his anger did not subside in the least and he tried to wrench the two captors off of him once in a while.

Sephiroth came over to Cloud and put his hands on the cadet's shoulders, kissing him on the cheek. "Very good, Cloud." He said silkily, gathering his lover into his arms.

Reno smiled happily."YAY! WE WON!" He shouted, skipping happily around Zack, Seymour and Vincent. "Oh yeah we kicked yo ass!"

Zack rolled his eyes at Reno and wrapped an arm around Seymour to give somewhat support and to keep the man from trying to fall back to escape. He liked this closeness, even though the man had justabout killed them all, there was something about him that drew Zack to him. "You will be taken to our prison and you will be kept there until further notice..."

Sephiroth had carried Cloud to the rest of them. "No can do, Zackary. The prisons are full. You have space in your room.. right?"

Zack nodded, blushing lightly. "I do.. but who says he wont kill me in the mean time?"

" Keep him chained up." Sephiroth said with a shrug. "It's just until we have more room."

Zack nodded, sighing. "Alright Seph, but if I die, I am comming back to haunt your ass." He resigned to his fate a little easier than he normally would. "Hey Cloud, you did good today, Spikey, I am really proud of you."

Cloud looked around almost sleepily, smiling for the praise and for the warmth of Sephiroth's embrace. He smiled especially at Zack, glad that the man did not seem particularly angry with him anymore.

Vincent kept his grip on Seymour's arm, even though Zack seemed to have it under control for the moment. He raised an eyebrow and smirked at his lover as he danced like a little elf in triumph.

The captured man struggled futilely a little longer, glaring at Reno's gleeful display, before sighing and resigning himself to the two men at his sides. The one in the red cloak seemed completely indifferent to him, but the one with dark and spikey hair seemed to have an issue or two, noticing that he kept blushing when certain things were mentioned. And so he began to formulate a plan.

"Come along then, soldiers and turks, let us get back to Shinra." Sephiroth said, leading the way, carrying a tired Cloud with him. Upon reaching the compound he noticed that no one had seemed to notice they had been gone outside of the president himself. Rufus Shinra congradulated them and told them to do what they would. Sephiroth smiled and looked to Zaxk. "I will bring food up in a minute, I need to get this one a bath ready." He said, smiling.

Reno grinned. "Hey Vincent, after you are done helping Zack tye him up.. you have to come to my room." He said,pouting.

Zack huffed and nodded. "Alright guys, but hurry up I am famished. And I will need someone to watch him while I shower." He said, thinking thoughts about Seymour and showering that shouldn't have gone together.

Sephiroth nodded and took Cloud to their room, running for him nice hot bath water. "I suggest you will be okay until I get back." He said, kissing his forhead and leaving the room to help Zack and to let the other man take a shower before he went back to his Cloud.

Reno smiled up and hugged Vincent as Sephiroth tyed Seymour down. "Hmm...can we go play now?"

Zack huffed. "Yeah I wont be long." He said, heading out to get the showers. He glanced at Seymour once, blushing lightly before walking out slowly.

"I'll be fine," Cloud answered, sliding into the bath water up to his chin. The water felt good and he sighed, letting it wash away the sweat and heat of battle.

Vincent nodded solemnly at Reno, wrapping his arm around his waist and leading him away.

Seymour narrowed his eyes as Zack walked away, smirking inwardly to himself as he studied Zack's blush. He sighed, not even bothering to test his restraints. This was going to be boring until Zack came back. The silver-haired man that was there to watch him was menacing, but held no intrigue for him. "His name is Zack?" Seymour inquired innocently of the other man.

Sephiroth looked down at the other. "Yes, Zackary Fair, SOLDIER 1st Class. My second in command." Sephiroth said, tilting his head in thought. "Why do you care?"

Reno almost giggled under his lover's embrace. "Oh, by the way.. you looked hot out there.." He said, licking his ear.

Zack hurried in the shower, getting clean and washing any of the battle reminder off of him. He sighed to himself. He wondered vaguley what it was the guado wore as a perfume because it intoxicated him to no end. He got out, wrapping a towel around his waist and drying off as he dressed back in the more casual shirt and pants. He felt ten times better. He walked out, heading towards his room after brushing his teeth and re-spiking his hair.

"I was only curious. If I'm stuck in his room, why can't I know his name?" Seymour returned the question coolly, keeping his gaze level and calculating.

"Mmm...I didn't know you could actually fight. And you fight quite well," Vincent answered, leaning in and nipping his lover's neck playfully.

Reno grinned and kissed him hard. "Hmmm well I had to go through soldier to get to the turks.."

Sephiroth smirked. "Be nice to him." He said, rolling his eyes. "And don't think I will hesitate to kill you. I will bring up food when Zackary returns."

Zack returned , his hair still slightly wet. "Back Seph."

Sephiroth smiled. "I will be back with your food." He said, walking out and retrieving said items.

Zack smiled. "Umm.. sorry about the shackles, but we can't exactly free you..." He said, feeling slightly bad, "Do you have any bad injuries?" He asked, stepping close to him.

"Good point..." Vincent chuckled and kissed him back, sliding his hands under Reno's shirt and dragging his fingernails lightly down the man's chest.

Seymour smirked. "If you're so concerned about whether or not I am injured, why don't you check, Zackary Fair?" He was slightly confused as to why Zack was apologizing to him about his confinement conditions. He was a prisoner of war, after all.

Reno shivered and kissed him hard. "Hmm let's stop talking and make love?"

Zackary blushed and stepped closer. "well.. es but you have reasons,but I am sure that deep down you are not so bad." He said, kneeling and checking him over. Upon finding nothing serious he stood back. He liked the way the other's skin felt against his fingers.

Sephiroth came in again, platter of meat and vegetables in hand. "Here you are Zackary." He said, handing him the platter. "There is two forks and have fun." He said, smiling and walking out without winking at Zack.

Zack glared at Sephiroth. He went to grab his fork and dropped it, sighing. "Well errr I have to fee dyou with my hands I guess.." He said, getting a piece of meet and holding it up to the guado's lips.

Sephiroth made his way back to his and Cloud's room.
"I am back love.. I think I know something interesting about our Zackary."

"Hmmm...? And what is that?" Cloud asked, still sitting in the bathtub. The water felt too good to get out of it at the moment, even though he was sure it would be getting cold soon.

Vincent groaned quietly in agreement, looping his thumbs under the waistband of Reno's pants, letting his hands stay there for a moment before sliding them across the heat of the bare skin under his shirt again.

Seymour parted his lips to allow the food to pass through them, at the same time placing his tongue strategically against his teeth so that it would slide against Zack's fingers as he fed him. He closed his eyes as if he were being fed strawberries, rather than food for a prisoner.

"I think he and his prisoner might just be having fun later.."Sephiroth said, stripping and climbing in next to him.

Reno bit him lightly, suckling the skin and nibbling. "Hmn, strip.." He begged, stripping himself as well.

Zack blushed darkly. "How is it?" He asked, grabbing another piece, wondering how much longer he would be able to hold off before he began to molest the other.

Cloud laughed, sliding closer to Sephiroth under the water. "Oh really? That's funny. I hope everything works out for him, or he'll be in a worse mood than he was before."

Vincent smirked at the commanding comment, quickly unbuckling the garments he wore and letting them drop to the floor. He was must faster at it than Reno had been the first time, considering he wore the same thing everyday.

"Good, but not what I am used to," Seymour answered, opening his eyes and sliding his gaze toward where Zack stood at the side of the bed. When Zack offered him another piece, he repeated the process he had used the first time, but this time opened his eyes just enough so that he could see the expression on his captor's face. "'re blushing..." he commented.

Sephiroth snorted in agreement. "Yes, and that would mean he would be good at persuading the enemy to join us.."

Reno grinned, pulling the other atop of him and immediately wrapping his legs about his waist, kissing him hard.

Zack blushed even darker if possible and found himself leaning forward a little, he didn't catch this action but he wasn't feeding the other either. "I am?" He asked, reaching a hand out to touch a delicate scratch on the other's face, half way hoping that the guado would not open his eyes.

Cloud leaned his head against Sephiroth's arm, sighing and smiling slightly. "The water is going to get cold soon..." he commented, changing the subject.

Vincent groaned quietly, grinding against the turk beneath him and kissing him back, fighting for dominance with his tongue in his lover's mouth.

Seymour's eyelashes fluttered, but he did not open his eyes. " are. I can practically feel the heat from your face..." Zack's touch was surprisingly gentle for a conditioned soldier.

Sephiroth shrugged."We can put more warm in it, I have bearly gotten clean."

Reno did what he could to not let his lover win, biting his lip and grinding them together as they kissed heatedly.

Zack closed his eyes, letting mere instinct take over. He leaned forward completely and just bearly brushed his lips against the others. He held it for a second, curious to see if the other would kiss him back.

"If we take a bath together, I'm not sure how clean either of us are going to get..." Cloud lazily slid his hand down Sephiroth's chest, still leaning against his arm.

"Nnn..." Vincent shifted his head, breaking the kiss to trail nips and licks down Reno's neck and collarbone, while sliding his hand along his side.

Seymour resisted the urge to smirk, almost surprised that Zack had given into instinct this easily, and instead leaned forward just enough to make it seem like a real kiss. He would have liked to have placed his hands on him and deepened the kiss, but alas, his hands were tied.

Sephiroth snorted and kissed his lover. "It's your own fault." He said seductively, nipping Cloud's neck.

Reno shivered and gripped tight to Vincent, pulling him tighter against him.

Zack let out bearly a moan. He slipped his hands to unshackle and unchain the other, knowing full well that he could get into serious trouble if Seymour escaped. He hoped he wouldn't. He hoped he wasn't just being toyed with. He kissed the other again, wondering if he would be in trouble or just kissed back more.

"Why is it my fault...?" Cloud giggled and tipped his head back to allow Sephiroth more access.

Vincent bit slightly harder than he had been on the soft flesh between Reno's neck and shoulder, sucking lightly, intending to leave a mark. He slipped his hand between their bodies and wrapped his fingers around his lover's arousal.

Seymour really had no intention of escape. Once released from his bonds, he threaded his long thin fingers into Zack's dark hair, deepening the kiss that they now shared. When they paused and broke the kiss, he stood from the bed and pinned Zack between himself and the wall, smirking before kissing him yet again.

"Because you are what drives me crazy..." Sephiroth replied, biting and suckling Cloud's neck more.

Reno groaned in pained pleasure. "Oh yeah.. Vince..." He wrapped an arm about his lover, using the other to stroke him.

Zack moaned and kissed him back, feeling so happy that he was finally getting what he wanted. He could finally not be so jealous of everyone else. He kissed him harder, hoping to the hells that Sephiroth or Cloud or any of the others would not come in to interrupt them.

"Mmmnnn...good..." Cloud answered, running his fingers through Sephiroth's beautiful silver hair. The ends of it had touched the water and they were stringy and wet.

Vincent let out a low and breathy moan. "'re always so vocal..." he commented as he released Reno's skin from between his teeth. He traced the marks his teeth had left with his tongue.

Seymour broke the kiss and stared directly into Zack's eyes, smiling as a thought occurred to him. "Zackary Fair...I wonder, does it bother you that we're kissing and you don't even know my name?" He didn't feel like delaying their contact for much longer, but the fact that they at least needed to be acquaited with each other seemed important.

Sephiroth smiled and ran his fingers along the inside of Cloud's thighs. "I think tomorrow I will promote you.. soldier.. 3rd class.."

Reno huffed. "Does it bother you?" He asked huskily, stroking his lover tighter.

Zack looked into the other's eyes and nodded. "Yes it bothers me greatly.. I just.. had to." He said, hoping the other would understand, kissing his neck as he waited the other's name.

Cloud shivered and sighed in pleasure. "Do I...really...deserve that...?" he questioned in between shallow breaths.

Vincent groaned, answering, "" before kissing Reno forcefully.

"To most, I am Maester Seymour. But you may simply call me Seymour..." he answered as he tipped his head slightly to the side. He slid his hands down Zack's sides to rest on his hips.

Sephiroth nodded. "Oh yes.." He nipped the cadet's ear and whispered hotly the next line. "Zack said you had potential and you proved it.. hmn, that's right SOLDIER... now you just have to get up to Zack's level." He said, gliding his hands up and stroking his lover, biting his neck.

Reno kissed him back, fighting to gain dominance, becomming slightly out of control with the kiss. He wanted his lover.

Zack smiled slightly. "So.. where do you come from?" He asked, resting his head on the other's strong chest, finding himself wanting to nip the skin that was unveiled in the clothing. "And.. I know I unshackled you.. but please don't try to escape. I wouldn't like having to kill you." Zack pleaded, sighing out on the other, taking in his sort of wood-land smell and cool visage. Something was so completely foreign about the guado that had Zack intoxicated to levels he doubted Sephiroth had achieved with Cloud.

Cloud moaned quietly, but the sound echoed in the tiled surroundings. Without thinking, he spread his legs apart to allow him better access. After being randomly thrown into today's battle, he didn't really want to think about what he would have to do to get to Zack's level.

Vincent removed his hand from Reno's cock and licked his fingers before sliding them between the two of them again, this time pressing one finger into Reno.

"I come from Guadosalam, but I don't expect you to know where that is. It's not a very large town. And I had no intention of escaping," Seymour replied, sliding his fingertips under Zack's chin and tipping up his face to kiss him gently.

Sephiroth curled his long and thin fingers around the cadet, stroking him slowly so as to not splash water. He wanted to place himself inside the cadet but doubted that he would be able to from this angle.

Reno calld out, whimpering in pleasure, almost panting as he felt the stretching. "Oh gods... more please!"

Zack kissed him confused. "Are you sure... that you wont escape? We.. took you prisoner.. and.. you invaded originally..." He said, worried that the other would leave him.

"Ahhnnn..." Cloud moaned breathily, the pace at which Sephiroth was stroking him almost teasingly slow. "Wait..." he requested, shivering in the cooler temperature of the air as he leaned over the side of the bathtub, presenting himself to Sephiroth. He wanted the man inside him.

Vincent groaned in response to all the noise that Reno was making, honoring his request by adding a second finger, slowly moving the digits in and out.

"I assure you I do not wish to escape. You intrigue me. I want to stay because of you." Seymour let his hands slip under Zack's shirt, sliding along his skin as he kissed along the man's jawline and neck.

Sephiroth slide himself inside the other slowly, letting Cloud adjust as he pushed in. He had to admit the air outside the water was rather chill. He didn't mind. He began a slow rythm, stroking Cloud as he moved inside him. "Oh Cloud.."

Reno hissed in pleasure, closing his eyes and arching his back ."Dammit Vince.. please.. I need it.."

Zack blushed. "You mean this?" He asked, breath hitching at the contact of the other's lips on his skin. He slid his own hands into the man's fabrics of clothing, not really sure what to do with everything. Were they really about to make love? He stradled the other's lap, wondering what next to do.

Cloud gasped and shivered, adjusting quickly, bracing himself outside the bathtub with his arms. "Nnnn...ahhh..." He moaned wantonly at the pleasureful attention from Sephiroth.

Vincent slid his fingers out and replaced them with his erection, groaning as he sheathed himself completely inside Reno. "Nnng...god, Reno..."

"I do," he answered, a slight shiver registering as he felt Zack's hands on his skin. He wanted him almost badly, but remained calm and collected, taking everything slowly. "Well, Zackary, I am your prisoner. What are you going to do to punish me...?" he whispered hotly into Zack's ear.

Sephiroth groaned at his lover's warmed tightness, thrusting in and out of him faster, biting on his neck as he did so, stroking him to the movements.

Reno wrapped his legs tight around the other's waist, trying to make him in deeper."Vincent! Harder!"

Zack blushed. "Well.. you .. did try to invade my military base..."He said kissing the other on the lips as a respond. He looked along the other's strange clothing as their kiss stopped, looking for a way to remove it from the other man. "Hmn, we can get you in the showers tomorrow.. after I explain to Seph that you wont cause anyone here harm..."

"Hhhhnnn...Sephiroth..." Cloud whimpered, moving his hips back to meet his thrusts. His body shuddered almost violently with all of the different stimuli being given to him at the same time.

Vincent panted and groaned quietly, thrusting into Reno harder, as he had commanded, his eyes glazing over in lust at seeing his lover's expression. It was positively wanton, much like the person that was wearing the expression.

"I hope you don't mean that we have to wait until tomorrow to take this further..." Seymour whispered, kissing him lightly as his hand ghosted across the front of Zack's pants, implying his intentions.

Sephiroth moved harder and faster into Cloud, making him call out in a quiet and almost desperate fashion.

Reno tightened instinctively around Vincent, shivering and moaning louder as his pleasure seemed to deepen. "Vincent!" He all about screamed out, nearing his climax.

Zack blushed and shook his head. "Mnnn no. We.. can do this now." He said huskily, kissing Seymour hard, finally figuring out how to remove the other of his shirt and doing so.

Cloud moaned loudly, still meeting Sephiroth's thrusts. He was so close to orgasm it was almost painful. Finally, he came, crying, "Sephiroth...!"

Vincent almost lost his rhythm as Reno tightened around him, but he found it quickly, and he only needed it for a few more moments. He wrapped his slim fingers around Reno's arousal, trying to bring him more quickly to his finish.

"Mmm..." Seymour groaned quietly into the kiss, pleased with Zack's eagerness and the fact the he had finally figured out how to rid him of his garments. He gripped Zack's hips and pulled him as close as possible, grinding their hips together languidly.

Sephiroth came as Cloud's orgasm tightened around him. He called out and shivered. "Cloud.." His voice came out whispy.

Reno finished hard. "Oh vincent!" He screamed out, shivering and practically collapsing under the other.

Zack smiled and kissed his neck, trying to undo his own clothing as he continued to stradle the other.

Cloud panted as he tried to catch his breath and smiled, reaching his arms around Sephiroth's shoulders and kissing him on the cheek.

Vincent came only seconds after, throwing his head back and crying out, "Nnnnaaah...Reno!" Breathing heavily, he pulled out and laid next to his lover.

Seymour sighed contentedly, not really sure how to help Zack out of his clothing.

Sephiroth kissed him back, holding his lover close and kissing him lightly on the lips. "Cloud.. how about.. we get rinsed off and then go to bed?"

Reno curled up next to the other, catching his breath before stretching out almost cat-like and kissing Vincent sweetly.

Zack had finally accomplished said task and pushed the other back, grinding their hips together as he layed atop him and kissed him hard.

Cloud nodded silently. He was getting sleepy now and it wouldn't be a good idea to fall asleep in a bathtub, even though he wasn't alone and most definitely wouldn't drown.

Vincent smiled and draped his arm over Reno, closing his eyes to sleep.

Seymour hissed in pleasure at the delicious friction, groaning deeply into their kiss. He slid his long, slim fingers into Zack's hair, trying to dominate the kiss with his tongue.

Sephiroth smiled, rinsing his lover clean, kissing him lightly. "Come along." He said, running his fingers through Cloud's spikey hair.

Reno fell asleep next to the other as well, kissing him before he as well went to sleep.

Zack groaned in heated pleasure, sitting up just a little and placing the other at his entrance, beginning to slide down him slowly so as to not hurt himself. He kissed the other's neck as he did this, sucking and biting the skin.

Cloud smiled sleepily and stepped out of the bathtub, drying off and walking toward his and Sephiroth's room.

Seymour gasped in pleasure and in surprise, not expecting the heat and tightness so quickly, but not objecting. He tipped his head back, giving Zack access to his flesh, releasing a small gasp and quiet breathy moan every time he felt Zack's teeth on his skin.

Sephiroth didn't even bother to get dressed, instead he climbed onto the bed, yawning and making sure his silver hair wasn't in the way as it dampened the sheets.

Zack sucked the other's skin more, biting it harder as he found a slow rythm with the other. "Uh.. hmmm... Seymour!"

Cloud climbed into bed, also not bothering to get dressed, and curled up against Sephiroth with one hand in a fist against his chest.

Seymour groaned in pain and pleasure, placing his hands on Zack's hips, but not to guide him or his pace. He simply wanted to feel him move. "Mmmnnn...Zack..."

Sephiroth grabbed the now third class soldier close and kissed him lightly, closing his eyes. "Goodnight, Soldier."

Zack breathed heavily upon the other's neck, unable to keep biting as he moaned somewhat loudly as he had somehow angled the other perfectly on his pleasure spot, making him move faster and harder along the other. "Seymour! Uhn!"

Cloud sighed and closed his eyes. "Goodnight, General."

Seymour responded to the noises Zack made, his own moans growing slightly in volume. He couldn't stop himself from bucking his hips upward a little, adding his own bit of effort.

Zack was so close, his pleasure was almost blinding as he slid himself along the other, whimpering and moaning continuously. "Seymour!" He shouted as he just about tipped over the edge.

Seymour reached forward and gave Zack a few quick strokes to bring him to climax, at the same time feeling a tightening in his own abdomen, moaning with his lover and thrusting upward.

Zack gave one final yell of pleasure before climaxing, shivering and kissing the other's neck as he did so, breathing heavily. "Oh.. seymour.." He groaned sensually, highly thankful for the release.

Seymour climaxed at almost the same time, gasping and throwing his head back, then kissing on Zack on the cheek. He lifted his hand and pet the back of Zack's head once. "Zackary..."

Zack smiled and looked up into the other's eyes. "Thank you." He said, still husky and breathless in his speech. He kissed the other's lips. He felt that they should probably get a shower. But he wasn't sure if he had permission to take the other out of the room yet. He figured Sephiroth and Cloud would probably be asleep and he knew somehow that Vincent and Reno were. "Will you be fine without a shower just until day? I don't want to get you imprisoned.."

"I will be fine. I don't feel too dirty." Seymour smiled at Zack. "Perhaps it is time to sleep?" He wrapped his arms around his lover and kissed his forehead.

Zack nodded and motioned to the bed. "I wont tye you up.. but you can not escape.." He said sternly, getting dressed in only his pants and removing himself from the other and laying on his bed.

"I already said I would not attempt to escape." He smiled up at Zack, not moving from his place on the bed. He could have put his pants on, but he did not feel the need to.

Zack smiled. "It isn't every day I get to keep a prisoner and in my own room you know.. so you can see why i am nervous."Zack said, cuddling next to the other.

"It isn't everyday that someone would say 'get to keep a prisoner in my room' either. Apparently, it isn't so bad. I promise that I will not be making my escape." Seymour assured.

Zack nodded and cuddled up to the other even more, inhaling that odd but familiar scent.. that foreign but completely nice hint of something that seemed to draw him to the other. "Hmmm sleeping time." He said, closing his eyes "I wonder.. what scent that is.." He mumbled before sleep took him.

Seymour smirked to himself at the question Zack posed as he mumbled, closing his eyes to sleep.

The next morning Zack seemed to sleep in as little rays of sunshine danced across him through his bedroom window, not stirring him one inch because of the sensational pleasure he had from the night before. He was finally content and felt loved, and not a thing was going to waken him.

Sephiroth woke from his slumber, happy to know that the building was still in tact and he didn't have to kill Zackary's prisoner that he was sure was no longer such. He rose from the bed, intending to check on Zack but not before kissing Cloud gently.

Reno snored loudly next to Vincent, not having a care in the world as he sprawled out next to his boyfriend.

Whether the sunlight roused Zack or not, it did wake Seymour, though he did not move from his spot. He didn't want to disturb Zack's sleep, so he lay still and waited for him to wake up.

Cloud opened his eyes groggily at the contact, smiling as he gained his bearings and realized it was Sephiroth that had awoken him. "Good morning."

As expected, Vincent could not sleep through Reno's racket, but didn't bother to wake him. Eventually, his own snoring would be sufficient enough to wake him up. He yawned and stared at the ceiling, waiting for Reno to wake.

Zack woke a little, making a soft noise of knowing as he turned more into the other's embrace.

"Good morning, Cloud. I will be back in a moment, I need to check on Zackary."

Reno woke to his own snoring as was expected and blinked. "Hello sexy man.." He said, grinning and sitting up on his lover.

Seymour smiled and hugged Zack to him. "Good morning, my captor," he whispered jokingly.

Cloud nodded and snuggled into the blankets, not quite ready to get out of bed yet.

"Hello yourself. You snore loudly." Vincent replied and smiled, placing his hands on Reno's hips as the man sat atop him.

Zack laughed softly. "And the same to you my prisoner." He said before a knock interrupted the kiss he planted on his lover's lips.

Sephiroth had knocked on Zack's door, walking in after he didn't recieve an answer, raising an eyebrow. "Well then.. I knew this might happen." He wasn't sure what to say, no one was dead.. the man hadn't tried to escape.. he may just drop all charges so long as it gave Zack someone to be with.

Reno snorted. "Sorry yo, you had me knocked out." He said, kissing his boyfriend before getting off of him. "Hmn, I willl try to not snore.."

Seymour looked at the man that walked through the door somewhat coldly. He was, after all, the cause of his imprisonment since he was in charge.

Cloud yawned and slid out of the blankets, walking slowly to the closet to get his clothes. He decided he would take a shower while Sephiroth was gone.

"You don't have to. I was only joking." Vincent slipped off the side of the bed and stood and stretched, groaning in satisfaction and deciding he needed coffee.

Zck pouted, clinging to Seymour. "Seph please let me keep him?"

Sephiroth rolled his eyes. "Just.. keep an eye on him Zackary." He said, sighing. "For now the charges will be dropped." He stated, glaring at Seymour. "Zack, leave the room I wish to talk to him.

Zack lef after kissing seymour.

Sephiroth approached the Guado. "If you hurt him I wont fail to kill you."

Reno grinned and kissed Vincent, biting him lovingly. "Well.. your jokes are mean."

"Then I shall live a long and healthy life," Seymour replied, smirking and gazing at Sephiroth icily. He really had no intentions of hurting Zack. "Do you think I have some ulterior motive?"

"You can take it." Vincent kissed Reno back, wrapping his arms around his waist to hold him close for a few moments.

Sephiroth nodded. "Can you blame me? You didn't exactly come in peace yesterday afternoon."

Reno grinned. "I know.. so.. please tell me you don't have to go on any missions today?"

"That is true. I apologize for my behavior yesterday. I believe my apology is appropriate considering that I am being granted amnesty. Thank you. I sincerely promise that I will do nothing to harm your friend and my lover." Seymour smiled.

Vincent smiled. "Hmmmm...I don't think I have anywhere to go today. Do you have plans for me then?"

Sephiroth rolled his eyes but nodded. "Yes, but for saftey precautions you are not to be off base for a week. So, Zackary, I leave him in your charge, he messes up you will pay."

Zack nodded his agreement. "Of course."

Reno grinned. "Well.. maybe we could go shopping or something.." Reno said, feeling somewhat girlish which was rare for him.

Seymour nodded to show that he understood Sephiroth's words, then looked toward Zack. He was almost anxious for Sephiroth to leave.

" doesn't sound too bad. What should we go shopping for?" Vincent kissed Reno on the forehead.

Sephiroth bowed to them respectfully and left, marching back to Cloud. "Well, Zack seems to be pretty happy.."

Zackary let out a sigh. "He dosen't mind us then. Hmn, how about that shower?" He asked, knowing he couldn't be int eh greatest shape after the fighting yesterday.. as well as the other activities.

Reno grinned. "I don't know.. maybe some things for our room.. curtains and stuff.."

"That's good," Cloud answered as he came into the room from his shower, his hair dripping and his waist wrapped in a towel.

"A shower sounds nice. Is it a shower for two?" Seymour smirked, wrapping his arms around Zack's waist as he stood behind him.

"I think we should get dark curtains. That way we can sleep later into the day after our long nights. Don't you agree?" Vincent smirked.

Sephiroth looked Cloud over and actually gave him a wink. "Yes it is, you wont be killed during training."

Zack grinned."Of course!" He said happily, leading the other out of his room and to the showers.

Reno nodded. "I do.. but make them brightly dark. Its so.. dark in here as it is."

"I'm glad I'll get to live through that." Cloud smirked. "And quit checking me out. It's embarrassing." He laughed and put his hand on his hip.

Seymour followed Zack willingly, a smirk stuck on his face as they walked through the halls, his eyes wandering around and surveying things.

"It's only dark in here because we hardly ever have any reason to have the lights on. But we can try to find something 'brightly dark' anyway."

Sephiroth did a very unlike him thing and stuck his tongue out playfully at Cloud. "Yes, well I can do what I please, I am the general here, afterall."

Zack lead him into the showers, stripping and motioning his lover to do the same as he stepped under the relaxing shower."Mnn this is nice." He said as warm water cascaded down his skin.

Reno pouted. "Thank you lovely. And we need to get a comforter and some pillows.. I know we have pillows.. but these are shinra pillows."

Cloud smiled. "Do I have permission to punish you for sticking out your tongue, General?" He moved forward toward Sephiroth until he stood against him. "I think you should keep your tongue in your mouth unless you plan to use it."

Seymour agreed mentally, staring at Zack for a couple moments before slipping gracefully out of his clothes and joining him under the water.

"Do you think the bedclothes should match the curtains?" Vincent furrowed his brow and then looked off to the side, not sure if those words had really come out of him mouth. "So...our intent is to make a 'love nest' out of Shinra living quarters?"

Sephiroth smirked. " I don't know, soldier. Do you think I have done something enough to be punished?" He asked, rubbing his lover's arms as if trying to keep him warm.

Zack smiled and motioned Seymour to get under the shower spray too. He wanted the other to be clean but blushed as it was really the first time to seeing him completely naked and standing.. in a way.

"Yes." reno said grinning. "Our own personal love nests full of passionate nights.." He said huskily and nipping Vincent's ear to get his point across before abruptly pulling away. "We can have so much fun! It isn't like they can take our room.. your highly respected and Rufus owes me a few. So ha! Come along lover, let's go shopping!" He said, dressing in one of his best uniforms.

"I do think so. I should give me a kiss for sticking your tongue out at me." Cloud smiled and stood on the tips of his toes to kiss Sephiroth on the cheek. "You're so tall."

Seymour obeyed and joined Zack, smirking and letting the water soak his hair. He put his hands on either side of Zack's face and leaned forward to kiss him, slowly and thoroughly.

"No, I don't suppose they can actually take the room. But it is possible to get the decor taken away. It doesn't matter, though. I have status and you have leverage. Yes, let's go shopping." Vincent smiled, deciding to wear something different than he normally did, opting for a black button-down shirt and a pair of black slacks.

Sephiroth chuckled deeply and kissed the other lightly. "Hmn, is that good enough for you, soldier?" He asked, lightly tracing the outline of Cloud's face.

Zack blushed and closed his eyes, silence save a small whimper came about him and he kissed the other back, being sure to put all the love and passion into it again.. wait love? What was love doing showing itself to him so quickly. Really this odd man and he had just met, why was he thinking of love? He could feel his cheeks turn red from the thought. Rather than open his eyes and look at the other to see if he noticed he kissed him deeper, placing his hands on the other's shoulders.

Reno grinned and watched his boyfriend. "Damn.. your sexy in anything you wear.." He said, kissing him before winking. "Come on babe. Though.. it is strange to see you in something.. more.. like I would wear." He said,hooking arms with his lover before leading him out of the room and on their way to outside of the SHINRA building.

" Kiss me again." Cloud smirked mischieviously, leaning against Sephiroth, still in his towel.

Seymour slid his hands down to Zack's hips, pulling him closer as their kiss deepened. The kiss was electric and meaningful. He could feel all of Zack's emotions in it. He paused their kiss and looked at his lover seriously. "'re in love with me." Seymour smiled.

"Thanks for the compliment. And you look good in anything you wear too. But for the record, you look best without any of it." Vincent realized that many statements of that nature had begun to come out of his mouth since he had become Reno's lover. "So...what color should we be looking for to decorate the room with?"

Sephiroth chuckled deeper before suddenly becomming serious, pulling Cloud almost roughly to him and kissing him as passionately as he knew how before simply letting him go. "How's that?"

Zack blushed darker and looked into the other's eyes. "Why? How? How do you know?" He asked quietly, amazed at himself and amazed that he could feel such warmth and love for this person he had only met. He held the other's gaze as he awaited possible answers.

Reno snorted. "You look better." He said before thinking. "Well I know you like red.. we can do.. red black and silver.." He said thoughtfully.

Cloud was breathless and almost dizzy. "That was...very good." He blinked a few times and shook his head a little. "If you kissed like that all the time, I would forget to breathe."

"I can feel it. There is emotion behind your kisses, your embraces, your words. It is more obvious than you think." Seymour smiled a little wider and kissed Zack on the cheek. "You do not have to be so embarrassed that you are in love. I think you've been a battle-hardened soldier too long. And you have nothing to worry about, Zackary. I love you too."

Vincent nodded. "Hmmm...what about red and black and gold instead of silver?" The silver might brighten up the room, but the gold would make it feel warmer.

Sephiroth smirked. "Well, I don't want to kill you so I save those for special ocassions and to get me out of punishment." Sephiroth replied, grinning down in victory at the younger man.

Reno thought a moment before nodding. "Ohhh that would be really nice.. especially when it becomes winter again.." He said, grinning. "We can sit here, watch tv and cuddle and drink coa coa... which reminds me,. we need to buy a tv."

Zack blushed and smiled lovingly. "Thank you, Seymour, you haven't an idea how happy your words have made me. But.. you do know that in being a soldier I have things I have to do? I have to be a hardened soldier.. I have to go to war and fight. I don't think I will ever be free of shinra's clutches." He said, resting his head on the other's strong chest.

Cloud smiled. "That's good. Well, now I can't wait until my birthday. And I wasn't actually going to punish you. I was only kidding."

"Something makes me think that if we were cuddling, it would lead to much more and the television would become quite useless." Vincent chuckled. "But anyway, we agree on black, red, and gold then?"

Seymour slid his hand down the back of Zack's soaked hair, embracing him tightly. "I can't say I understand because I do not know what you have had to endure as a soldier of Shinra. But I have battled too, though in different ways, and I have my own ties to organizations. Did I tell you I am a priest, of sorts?" He chuckled lightly. "It is not important. You can be a soldier as long as you need be. I'll still love you."

Sephiroth laughed, "Well. I like your punishments.. though I have to admit I haven't gotten many of them."

Reno grinned. "Yes, red black and gold, and I bet you twenty gill that we could cuddle and not go further.. for ohh I say.. two hours."

"You.. are apart of something else.." Zack said to himself, looking up now into Seymour's eyes with fear. "Please tell me that you don't have to go back to them?" He asked, desperate suddenly.

"I doubt that I could actually punish you. This is more or less the extent of it. Just wait, there may be more punishments like this in the future." Cloud winked.

"Two whole hours? You're on. Twenty gill." Vincent held out his hand. "Shake on it?"

"I don't believe I have any obligation to return to that place. You have nothing to fear." Seymour smiled once again and placed a chaste kiss on Zack's lips.

Sephiroth nodded and hugged Cloud. "Hmn, little Cloud.. I remember not too long ago you were much afraid to really even talk to me..."

Reno grinned and shook Vincent's hand. "Sweet, you so know I am going to be able to win this. And you can tease me all you want too. BUt for two hours.. we can merely cuddle." He said, kissing his boyfriend. He grabbed his hand and lead him into a bedding store and looked around. "Hmmmmm.. I wonder ..does your room have one bed or two?"

Zack smiled and kissed him back, so happy that he merely hugged the other tight to him. He couldn't seem to find the nerve to let go and was so close to breaking into tears at how happy he was that he finally seemed to find someone.

Cloud smiled. "I can't be afraid of you anymore. You've seen everything about me. And I've realized that you're not as scary in the dark as you are on that platform, when you're putting everyone in line." He sighed. "Oh, Sephiroth..."

"I won't do anything to sabotage the bet. I want to see how long you last without my interference." Vincent smirked. "Originally, my room only has one bed. We could move your bed into my room. But do we need two beds?"

Seymour leaned his forehead against Zack's wet hair and smiled slightly. He wrapped his arms around his shoulders and whispered to him, "This is a lovely conversation we've had while in the shower, but I think we could get out now. We can talk much more, if you would like, in your room. Agreed?"

Sephiroth found himself blushing lightly. "Why do you understand that?" He asked, tipping Cloud's face to his own.

"I was thinking about putting them together and then.. like.. making one big bed." Reno said with a grin, kissing him.

Zack nodded, agreeing. "Of course." He said, kissing him gently. He pulled away and smiled at Seymour and lead him to the towels, happy to be feeling clean again.

"The closer you are to someone, the better you can see them. I didn't know you when I was just a scared little cadet, standing next to Zack and staring at you and blushing. I didn't know anything about you. But now...I've found out that there's not so much to be afraid of." Cloud blushed slightly as well, staring into Sephiroth's eyes.

"One big bed. That sounds fine. As long as we don't end up in the middle of it. We could end up pushing them apart." Vincent laughed lightly and kissed Reno back.

Seymour wrapped a towel around his waist, wondering if it would just be a waste of towels to try and dry his hair. For the meantime, he simply let it drip on the floor, though the water didn't have as far to fall as it would have if his hair was dry. He grabbed Zack's arm and pulled him close, kissing him deeply, though it was rather random.

Sephiroth blushed. "And you should have known what I thought of you." He said, grinning again, for some reason he was feeling incredibly mischievious.

Reno laughed and nodded. "I will weld them together." He said, shrugging as he felt a velevety material. "ohhh gods, feel this!"

Zack moaned and kissed him back, wrapping about him tightly, wondering what brought on the sudden kiss.

Cloud put his hands on his hips. "The first time I heard you speak to someone individually, you said I was small!" He smirked. "But that's just because you're so tall. But small and cute go together, which you told me I was later. And tall and handsome go together very well." He laughed lightly.

Vincent raised an eyebrow at Reno's vocal reaction to the fabric. He reached out his hand and slid it across a section of the material. "It's very soft." He smiled, wondering if it was maybe a better idea to buy bedding made of washable fabrics.

Seymour broke the kiss and looked into Zack's eyes, a serious expression complimented by a very small gentle smile on his face. "That was because I love you."

Sephiroth laughed. "But since we go together alone we go even better together. And that made since. I swear it." He said, capturing Cloud's lips in another kiss. "And you better be feeling priveledged. I don't become romantic for just anyone.

"Hmmmnnn can we put this material for the curtains?" Reno asked, not wanting to pass the material up.

Zack blushed and he fought hard with himself to say it back. He had already realized it.. what other step was there?"I love you too." He said softly, not believing he had admitted it.

"I feel very privileged. And I'm glad you're romantic for me." Cloud giggled as he realized something. "Do you think maybe I should get dressed sometime?" He had been in a towel this whole time.

"It would be fine for the curtains. What about something warm for the blankets and sheets? Maybe cotton or something. Satin is a nice material, but it's always cold when you first get into bed." Vincent glanced around to see if there were any other materials in the immediate area that could be useful for such a cause.

Seymour smiled wider and kissed Zack's forehead. "Shall we go back to your room, then?" He brushed the back of two of his fingers across the flush on Zack's face.

Sephiroth grinned and let his lover go. "Alright then. And maybe the captive and I can watch you and Zackary spar today." He said, wondering how that would turn out.

Reno looked around until finding an incredibly warm comforter. "Oh hell Vincent.." He said, climbing onto the model bed and curling up. "Come feel this with me."

Zack nodded, only blushing more at his lover's actions. "Of course." He said, leading the other back. Once back he let his towel drop as he looked for one of his uniforms to wear. He may have to train his companion oday and he wanted to be sure to not be too protected that the other couldn't get a hit in on him anywhere.

"The captive? That guy with blue hair? That's odd, I would have thought he was in the Shinra prisons..." Cloud talked as he walked away and toward the closet. He dressed quickly and walked back out to continue talking to Sephiroth. "I didn't think he was staying in Zack's room permanently."

Vincent complied and climbed onto the bed, laying on the soft downy comforter. "Oh...this is really nice..." He closed his eyes and smiled. "Shinra beds have never felt as comfortable as this bed. I hope it's just the bedclothes. I doubt Rufus Shinra would allow us to drag a whole bed into our room."

Seymour stared at Zack for a second or two after he had dropped his towel, then dropped his own, gathering up the same clothes he had before. Swiftly, he slid into the layers and tied the obi in front on it's normal poofy bow.

Sephiroth nodded. "The very same. You see.. he and Zackary.. have gotten a bit close." He said, smiling lightly as he had watched his lover get dressed. "I hope those are your training clothes."

Reno grinned. "He might.. though it may take some favors from us.. he may even give us an apartment on one of the upper levels if we feel like paying rent.. though I like being on ground level." He said, cuddling next to Vincent.

Zack turned back around after getting dressed. "Hey.. we are so going to have to get you some more clothes.. not that I have anything against your outfit because I much like it.. but... you can't just wear that all the time. How would it get clean?" He asked, moving back toward the other.

"They can be, as long as I put my armor over them." Cloud grinned and did just that, grabbing the sword that now seemed to be his and strapping it to his back.

"I don't really like the idea of paying rent. And it is true that the ground floor has its conveniences." He hugged Reno and smiled. "Do you think we would get into alot of trouble for getting intimate on this bed in the middle of a store?" Vincent grinned mischieviously.

"I see your point. This will get dirty eventually. Well, I'm not supposed to leave the compound. What do you propose we do?" Seymour sat at the edge of the bed and look at Zack expectantly. It didn't bother him too much that he would have to wear the same outfit for a while. He wore all the time in the first place. But it didn't bother him that he might get new clothes either.

Sephiroth smiled. "Alright then, soldier. Let's go retrieve Zackary." He said, exiting the room, reverting to general mode as he made his way to Zack's room.

Reno grinned. "Wanna find out? We have to test it if we are going to buy it after all, right? Besides, there isn't many people around..." He said, opening his eyes to look at Vincent for signs of joking or trickery.

"I may be able to get Seph to let us go when he find out your not bad. And don't worry if he says no i will at least get your sizes and go get you things." Zack said simply, kissing him.

Cloud nodded and followed after Sephiroth as they left the room. He hoped nothing too awkward would be going on behind Zack's door. With the way things had been going for himself, he wasn't sure what to expect in anyone's room.

Vincent looked at the other for a few seconds, silent before answering, "Yeah, sure. It does need tested." He pushed himself up off the surface of the bed and leaned over Reno, kissing him.

Seymour smiled. "That would be alright. You might have some work cut out for you in convincing him that I am not bad. He doesn't seem to care for me very much. But that is not important."

Sephiroth knocked on Zack's door, waiting impatiently.

Zack opened the door with a grin. "Hiya Seph! Spikey!" He said, grinning before hugging his blond friend tight. "How have you two been?"

Reno moaned into the kiss, kissing him back. "Hell yeah, now that's more like it.. damn Vince.. fuck me hard." He pleaded, not giving a damn who was around him. If anything it would give them the bed. He didn't want to move from it. Besides.. he could do what he damned well pleased because he was a turk. They shouldn't get into too much trouble right?

Cloud was only slightly surprised that he had received a hug from Zack so unexpectedly. So it was true. He really had found someone. "Uhh...hey Zack," he replied, smiling.

Seymour watched the exchange silently, still sitting at the edge of Zack's bed.

"Mmmnnn..." was Vincent's only reply. He straddled Reno's hips and ground against him, only slightly conscious of the fact that there were other people in the store. They were most likely going to be arrested for this. But he couldn't be bothered to care at the moment.

Sephiroth as well was surprised, giving Seymour a smile for having made Zack so happy.

Zack grinned. "Heya chocobo head, hows about that training?" He asked, grabbing his ass playfully. "Race ya." He said, winking and running to the training room.

Reno moaned a little louder. He would try to keep his moans down as they were in public, but he wasn't sure how successful that would be. He slipped his hands under his boyfriend's shirt, biting his lower lip as they kissed, grinding back up against him.

Cloud looked past the door and into Zack's room, raising his eyebrows in slight surprise as he noticed that the man they had captured before was sitting, unrestrained, on the edge of Zack's bed. Obviously, something had happened. He smiled. He barely registered what Zack had said to him before he dashed off after him, laughing and idly threatening him for grabbing his ass.

Seymour nodded at Sephiroth and offered his own very small smile. Apparently, Sephiroth wasn't as hostile toward him anymore.

Vincent groaned, embarrassing himself slightly at the volume of their voices. It was almost impossible that they wouldn't have been seen by someone by now. The question was, would people be too embarrassed by what they had seen, or would they make a scene? Anyway, the bed was more or less officially their's. Who would buy it after seeing this?

Sephiroth bowed his head lightly to Seymour. "Come alone. I want you to watch them train." He said, motioning the other following before turning his backto him and following after them , he turned his back in a sign of trust, wondering if the other would catch onto it.

Zack grinned and pounced on Cloud. "Well well spikey. Got that sword ready?" He asked, grinning. He removed himself from the younger male and stood for battle.

Reno whimpered in his breathing, liking very much the feeling of the bed under them. He kissed the other harder, pushing his lover's pants down a little, slipping a hand inside them to stroke him.

Seymour smiled for the umpteenth time this evening and followed silently after Sephiroth, almost relieved that the man finally trustred him, and anxious to watch the blonde and Zack train.

Cloud smirked in determination and hopped to his feet, pulling the sword out of its sheath on his back and taking stance. "Ready."

Vincent gasped in surprise and groaned, his breath becoming more shallow and quick. "Nn...Reno..." Part of him absolutely could not believe that they were doing this in a public place. He kissed Reno back just as hard.

Sephiroth smiled to himself as he watched his lover and his top officer spar with one another. "Hmn, my lover has improved.."

Zack grinned the whole time, bening gentle but not too gentle as he attacked the blond in a fast series of hits. "Damn cloudy.. getting good.." he said trying some new moves on the blond, wondering if he could parry them.

Reno moaned into his mouth and whimpered, grabbing the other's hand, putting it into his own pants. "Do it Vincent, please." he said, stroking his lover tighter.

Cloud narrowed his eyes, trying his best to pay attention to the moves Zack made, smirking in surprise as he noticed Zack was using new moves. He defended almost feebly, though he still defended.

Seymour looked toward Sephiroth. "The blonde one is your lover? What is his name?" He was only curious and wanted to make a little polite conversation as they watched Zack and Cloud spar.

Vincent moaned in answer, complying and wrapping his fingers around Reno's shaft, beginning a steady rhythm up and down. By now, they were surely attracting some sort of crowd.

Zack made an even new move, tripping the cadet and bringing the sword down next to his head. "I win!" He said, grinning.

Sephiroth nodded. "His name is Cloud." He said, smiling. "Beautiful, isn't he? And you and Zack.. how is it that you.. romanced him?"

Reno groaned, moving his hand along his lover faster. "Vincent!" He called out as is own length was touched and stroked. "Oh gods, tighter..."

Cloud swore quietly before smiling and looking up at Zack. "Nice one. I'm glad you didn't really take off my head."

"Cloud...that's a pretty name. It does suit him well. I believe the relationship between Zack and I started when...his fingers got too close to my mouth while he was feeding me. My hands were quite out of service." Seymour smiled back at Sephiroth.

Honoring the request, Vincent tightened his grip, at the same time increasing his pace a bit. He was panting from the attention that he was receiving from Reno, and every few times he exhaled he moaned breathily.

Sephiroth snorted. "Leve it to Zack to get distracted by such." He said, rolling his eyes.

Zack grinned. "Your turn spikey, come on boy, attack!" He said gleefully.

Reno was getting close as he stroked his lover to the same pace. "Oh hell. Vincent! Yes! Im close!"

Seymour chuckled. "Honestly, I think he was distracted long before then. It simply seemed to claim him then." He looked toward the two that were beginning another match. Then he looked back at Sephiroth. "I wanted to thank you again. This time I am thanking you because I do not sense so much contempt from you anymore."

Cloud repressed laughter at Zack's over-excited behavior, though it really was something funny to see. He took a deep breath and narrowed his eyes, charging in his standard way toward Zack, but at the last second aiming downward as if he was going to take out his legs.

"Oh god...Reno...nnn..." Vincent was just as close, whimpering his lover's name and continuing to stroke him.

Sephiroth nodded. "I thank you for helping Zackary. He was lost... " He said smiling. "He needs you.. and if you ever hurt or leave him I will kill you." Sephiroth said seriously. It wasn't too long ago that he had the smallest love interest in Zack, thanks to Cloud it never developed, but that didn't mean he didn't protect Zack.

Zack grinned and jumped up, moving behind Cloud and hitting the back of his knees, grinning as he knew the cadet should fall.

Reno called out loudly as he came. "VINCENT! YES! GODS!" He screaemed, comming in his lover's hand, ultimately tightening his grip on his lover.

Seymour nodded in understanding of Sephiroth's warnings. They weren't so much threats. He knew there was feeling behind the words and so he wouldn't just say it to scare him.

Cloud fell, breaking his fall with the palms of his hands. "How the hell did you get me with that? That was my move!" He laughed and shook his head.

Vincent came only a moment after him, throwing his head back and calling, "Oh, Reno...!" There was no way the bed wasn't their's now.

Sephiroth smiled and was quite glad the other understood what he meant. He grinned even more as he watched the two sparring. "Come on Cloud, you can do better than that." He said, urging his lover on.

Zack grinned. "Exactly. I seem to be good at copying you cause your predictable."

Reno grinned and kissed him hard. "Hmnn how about we get.. re-organized and then go to the clerk.."

Cloud glanced at Sephiroth and nodded slightly, then turned his attention back to Zack and narrowed his eyes in concentration, trying to consider what his next move should be so that he would not be taken down so easily.

Vincent kissed him back and smiled. "I'm not sure the clerk is going to be thrilled to see us, but yes." He ran his fingers through his hair to keep it from looking messy, then pulled his pants back up where they belonged. "Okay, let's go buy this bed."

Sephiroth smirked as he watched them. "Cloud is about to have his ass handed to him.." He mumbled, as Zack readied for his ultimate move in sparring.

Zack grinned and gathered energy while his blonde companion thought of what to do. His next attack was going to be one to have Cloud defeated.. again.

Reno found the store clerk. "Hey.. uhh yeah we kinda would like to buy that bed..."

Seymour smiled and looked at Sephiroth out of the corner of his eye, amused by his play-by-play of the sparring match.

Cloud exhaled and closed his eyes for a second, then opened his eyes, as he seemed to do everytime he was readying himself for attack or defense.

Vincent snorted and chuckled a little as he stood behind Reno. He wondered if the clerk was aware of what had just transpired in the store.

Sephiroth grinned as he saw Zack's form start to sort of shimmer and waver. It wouldn't be noticeable to those who were fighting Zackary. But, he knew that as soon as Cluod went to make contact that Zack ould move fast enough to leave a mere afterimage of himself and attack Cloud from behind.

Zack stood, waiting for Cloud to make his move. "Come on, soldier, hurry up and attack."

The clerk glared at them ."Three hundred gill." He said through pursed lips, knowing very well what had happened. "And don't come back in the store."

Seymour looked slightly confused, turning his head and whispering to Sephiroth, "What is Zackary doing?"

Cloud sighed and made his move, though something made him think that there was really no point this time. Zack was a good fighter and he was not yet good enough to beat him. Especially if he was using advanced tactics.

Vincent couldn't completely repress his laughter this time, giggling a little and handing over part of the amount that was due for the bed. The information on this incident would probably get back to Rufus Shinra somehow, though they probably wouldn't be in for anything worse than a lecture.

Sephiroth smirked. "Just.. proving that Cloud has much to learn."

Zack made his move, using the afterimage effectively, stepping behind cloud and knocking him foreward and bringing him to the ground. "I win." He said, looking down into the younger man's eyes as the afterimage faded.

Reno smirked and they had the bed moved onto a loading truck and it would be delievered and set up in their apartment by the time they returned home. He smiled. "i guess we have to go elsewhere for materials?"

Seymour looked back toward the two fighting. " often do Zackary and Cloud spar?"

Cloud sighed and smiled. "For the third time today. Nice. I really need to improve." He sat up. "I'm glad you're not aiming to kill today."

"I suppose so. It's not as though this is the only store to shop at. We aren't in the middle of nowhere." Vincent smiled.

Sephiroth tilted his head in thought. "I am trying for everday. Well every other day. I train him too. He needs to get to Zack's level before he even gets close to mine."

Zack grinned. "Yeah but don't worry.. you will get there." He encouraged. "And.. I am sorry for .. basically murdering you. I .. don't know what got into me." He said, offering to help cloud up.

Reno smiled and lead his boyfriend to another store. "Hey.. they should have some things in here.."

"Ah, I see. That does make sense. I believe that Zack is a good fighter." Seymour found that it was easier to get along with Sephiroth than he had thought it would be.

Cloud took his hand and shook his head. "Don't think anything of it. It's fine. Someday, I'll get better. And I'll kick your ass." He grinned at his friend.

Vincent followed willingly, agreeing silently that there should be things in the store. Actually, it looked quite promising.

Sephiroth nodded. "He almost beat me one time.. but.. he has many flaws in his stance."

Zack grinned. "i dunno spikey.." He said doubtfuly in a playful voice. He rufled Cloud's hair. "Come on, lets hit the showers."

Reno smiled and nodded. "Look! Silky things!" He said, looking at beautiful fabrics.

"I wouldn't know. I've never really needed anything like that when I have had to fight. I fight in a completely different way," Seymour answered, almost cryptically.

Cloud nodded. "That sounds good." He looked toward Sephiroth and Seymour. "They seem to be getting along." It seemed a little out of place. "You know, they look a little alike."

Vincent chuckled at Reno's excitement, reaching out to touch the 'silky things' that Reno seemed to like so much. "Feels nice..."

Sephiroth blinkd. "I noticed.. and Zack won.."

Zack stared. "Woah... yeah man.. they have the same eyes... kind of.." He said, astonished. "Well.. what the hell?"

Reno grinned. "Too sexy.." He said, looking for something that wouldn't turn him on by mere touch.

"Yes, he did." Seymour smiled in slight pride at his lover's multiple victories.

Cloud shook his head. "Who would have thought that there could be two men that looked so good and so alike at the same time?" He smiled. "Zack, I'm really glad we're getting along again." And then changed the subject. "Let's go get those showers."

"What about this?" Vincent pointed to a darker red fabric. It wasn't silky, but it was soft and light. "I think this would be nice to sleep on."

Sephiroth smiled. "I think it would be nice ifthey.. got it on in those showers."

Zack grinned and slapped Cloud's butt. Anyhow.. let's go." he said, undressing."

Reno felt it and almost swooned. "Ohhh very nice."

"You know...I would have to agree. would be nicer if we could see it." Seymour looked at Sephiroth, smirking.

Cloud pouted and stuck his tongue out at Zack. "You keep touching my ass in some way. It's starting to make me wonder if you want me." He laughed.

"I'm afraid if we get any of this fabric, you'll be more apt to have sex with the sheets instead of me," Vincent said jokingly.

Sephiroth nodded and motioned the other to follow him. He looked into the showers cautiously as the two soldiers undressed. He tried to nto laugh. "Look."

Zack grinned. "Oh don't you just know it." He said, stripping. "Hmn, I don't know spikey I dont thin seph can own you al the time..."

Reno grinned. "But when your away on missions I think it will serve its purpose.."

"I don't know. I don't see any romance between them. They just look like they're fooling around," Seymour answered.

Cloud stripped off his clothing and answered, "Oh, so you think you're going to own me instead?" He grinned. "I'd like to see you try."

"Well...if you want something like that, I think we'd have to go to a completely different store than one that sells fabric." Vincent laughed. "Let's get this though, if you like it."

Sephiroth nodded. "Oh yes, but it is still cute.." He said.. though in truth he would be mortified if Cluod knew he had a vouyeristic streak in him.

Zack snorted and grabbed a wet cloth, snappng it on cloud's leg. "OWNED."

Reno nodded. "I do.. and it matches our colors.." He said, grinning.

Seymour nodded, simply watching the two boys interact. It wasn't very entertaining yet, but there was some thrill in simply watching someone without them knowing.

Cloud winced. "That hurt, you bastard!" He smiled and found his own wet cloth, attempting to snap it across the back of Zack's thighs.

Sephiroth smirked at the two. "Silly arent they?"

Zack grinned and hit him again. "HA! You like it! You can't tell me your not used to whipping from Seph.."

Seymour nodded again, wondering how long this was going to continue.

Cloud blushed. "No! I haven't been whipped!" He hit him back.

Vincent agreed, looking around for something either gold or black.

Sephiroth cleared his throat. "Zack,please do not hit my lover.."

Zack pouted. "Oh come on, he started it." He said, hugging cloud. "Besides he dont care."

Reno found soft black curtains and sheets and some gold material as well. "Hey.. what about this stuff?"

Seymour crossed his arms in front of his chest, slightly disappointed that Sephiroth had ended the fun.

"I did not start it! But I was hitting him back. It's okay." Cloud was somewhat surprised that Sephiroth had been watching, but was a little sad that he had intervened and stopped their playing.

"I like it," Vincent agreed simply. "You know, I wonder how long it will take Rufus to hear about what we did in that store."

Sephiroth grinned. "Well fine then, if that is the case, do play. I wont say I wasn't enjoying myself."

Zack laughed and tackled Cloud in a playful manner, continuing their fun.

Reno laughed. "Probably already knows.. but we shouldn't get into too much trouble...right?"

Seymour turned and looked at Sephiroth, smiling. The he turned to the boys again. "Yes, do continue."

Cloud laughed and then growled, attempting to throw his friend off of him.

"I don't think we should get into too much trouble. It's not like he can make us return the bed. I'm sure they don't want it back." Vincent chuckled.

Sephiroth leaned against the wall and watched them with a grin.

Zack grinned and tickled Cloud mercilessly.

Reno smirked. "I know right?" He said, grabbing his lover's hand. "Well, let's see about getting food for tonight."

Seymour smirked and crossed his arms in front of him, leaning against the wall near Sephiroth.

Cloud laughed, still trying to throw Zack off of him, though it was rather futile. He shoved against his chest, but it was useless.

"Yes, food. What would you like to eat?" Vincent laced his fingers with Reno's as they walked.

Sephiroth smirked at Seymour. "Well well.... they should be careful before they turn one another on."

Zack grinned, shoving Cloud against the wall, beginning to tickle his side, pressin against him as he did so.

Reno thought a moment. "Let's get something incredibly gross.. like.. fast food."

"Should they be? It's probably too late for them to be careful..." Seymour laughed lightly and continued being a spectator.

Cloud laughed and then blushed lightly. "Uhhnn...Zack..." He began to tell his friend what he thought was about to happen, but realized that what came out of his mouth almost sounded like a moan.

Vincent smiled. "Fast food isn't that terrible. It's just...greasy, and fatty, and altogether unhealthy." He laughed a little.

Sephiroth blinked, wondering if he should pull them apart from one another. "They are being a bit... odd.." he whispered. "Should I stop them?"

Zack blushed a little as he heard Cloud moan. That must be what Sephiroth gets to hear practically every night he said to himself before blushing darker. I can't be thinking about that! He thought again, but couldn't seem to move away. "Uhhh Cloud.. you okay?" He asked, sure he already knew whether his friend was alright by the fact the other had voiced himself in pleasure.

Reno grinned. "Yeah but we go through intensive training.. soooooo.. it shouldn't be that bad for us.. right?" He asked, looking up at his lover with 'puppy eyes'.

Seymour tilted his head to the side and narrowed his eyes. "I don't know. It seems like this could very interesting. Do you see the potential?"

Cloud's eyes widened and he blushed darker. "Y-yeah...I'm fine..." He chewed on his lower lip and looked to the side. He was sure that Zack had interpreted the sound he made in the way he had hoped he wouldn't. He didn't make any move to get away from his friend, though.

"You don't have to beg for it. I didn't say we weren't going to eat it. I was merely making an observation. We'll work it off, whether in training or not." Vincent kissed Reno on the cheek. "Let's go get fast food then."

Sephiroth thought a moment. "I do.." He said, smirking. He listened intently, finding the scene exciting but also very.. not right. He didn't think he should step in just yet.

Zack seemed heated as he watched Cloud chew his lip. "You're....cute." He said softly, leaning slightly forward not of his own accord. He was almost kissing the other before he realized his actions and blushed dark, pulling away and stepping backwards.

Reno grinned. "Ohhh good! And a really large soda.. and.. if we're not training just what else will help us work off these calories?"

Seymour raised his eyebrows as he noticed Zack move slightly closer to Cloud. "Oh my..." he said, as quietly as he could. He didn't want to say anything to interfere. This was just too...well, interesting.

"Zack..." Cloud said, grabbing his friend's wrist, really without thinking. "I..." He wasn't really sure what he was wanting to say, but he didn't want Zack to back off just yet. His blush became even darker and he pulled his friend closer to him by his wrist, kissing him lightly before letting go of him and looking surprised that he had actually kissed him.

"Sex. Didn't you know it burns calories?" It was Vincent's turn to grin.

Sephiroth's eyes were amused as he watched. "Hmn, I wonder if they would be doing this if they knew we were watching?" He whispered in question to Seymour.

Zack's eyes seemed slightly out of focus as he bent down and kissed the other back, lingering to see if the kiss would be returned.

Reno gawked at the other. "Hey now, I thought I was the sex driven person here? But I think your right.. I never thought of sex like that before.. does that mean we can corrupt it into our daily training as an excersize?" He asked, once more pleading with the other.

Seymour smiled as he answered. "No, I don't think they would be. Do you suppose we should ever let them know that we have seen this?"

Cloud closed his eyes and resigned himself to the kiss. It was with Zack, and it shouldn't have been happening, but it wasn't so bad.

"Sure, we can include it in our training. It can be...for endurance. It's good cardiovascular training, also. I believe it could pass for a legitimate exercise." Vincent smiled wider.

Sephiroth smirked. "No, we will use it against them if they ever get out of hand."

Zack closed his eyes as well before deepening the kiss, hands sliding to the other's sides.

Reno kissed Vincent. "You sound like you have been planning this."

"Ah, yes, that sounds perfectly conniving. Good idea." Seymour agreed and nodded slightly, smirking the same as Sephiroth.

Cloud moaned quietly, feeling heat spread throughout his body at Zack's touch. Tentatively, he slid his hands to Zack's shoulders.

"Planning? No, of course not. It is simply something I know. It's part of a bank of useless knowledge that I have." Vincent kissed Reno back.

Sephiroth grinned. "I wonder how much farther they will take it?"

Zack slid his tongue into Cloud's mouth, pressing against the other.

Reno pouted. "you mean that you have slept with others?" He asked, not that he really cared, but he merely wanted vincent all to himself.

"Are we going to be angry with them if they take it all the way? Or do you think they will?" Seymour wondered aloud.

Cloud's breathing became a little more shallow and he moved just a little against Zack, shivering at the friction.

"I never said that. Do you think I have? I merely meant that I learned this strange fact somewhere, somewhere that I can't remember at the moment. Don't pout." He ran his thumb over Reno's bottom lip and kissed him tenderly. "It doesn't matter if I've been with other people. I'm not with them now."

Sephiroth smirked. "Just watch." He whispered before walking up and leaning on the door in their vision which neither of them noticed as he had been quiet and they had their eyes closed he smiled. "Just how much farther can you fit your tongue down my lover's throat, Zackary?" He asked, crossing his arms.

Zack froze, pulling away from Cloud with a jolt. At the sight of the general he gasped. "I.. uhhhhhhhhhh... s-sory Seph.. I.. he.. we..." He couldn't find the words to say as he turned bright crimson.

Reno laughed. "I know.. I was teasing." He said, taking Vincent's thumb into his mouth and suckling upon it.

Seymour covered his mouth to reign in his laughter. He hadn't expected Sephiroth to say something like that. It was quite comical. But he wasn't about to show himself and embarrass Zack further.

Cloud's eyes widened and he turned an impossible shade of red. "S-Sephiroth..." He looked at the floor. He was embarrassed that he had been caught with Zackary and he was ashamed and he had more or less initiated the activity.

Vincent closed his eyes. "Let's not start that in public again. We don't want to be banned from walking the streets." He gently pulled his hand away from Reno and wiped the saliva from his thumb. "Besides, if you do that, we'll both forget that we ever wanted food."

Sephiroth smirked. "No, do go on.. I must say it was rather interesting. I didn't know there was an attraction here at all." He laughed softly before walking between them and taking Cloud into his own hands and kissing him with more passion than he had ever showed. "Just remember who's lover you truly are."

Zack bit his lower lip in shame. "I.. Seph.. I really am sorry.." At Sephiroth's grin he knew the other wasn't mad. "You don't seem too angry.."

Reno nodded. "I know man.. alright then, hambugers and fries and drinks it is!" He shouted gleefully, running into a resturant. He ordered said items, waiting for Vincent so he could pay for the two of them.

Seymour walked slowly into view and leaned against the frame of the door. He only stood and smirked. He wasn't angry or betrayed by Zack's actions at all. To the contrary. He thought there was something comical about the whole situation.

Cloud looked at Sephiroth for a few seconds. He felt like he was about to burst into tears. "I...I'm sorry...but...why don't you look angry?" Now he was confused.

Vincent followed, though he didn't run, and he stood next to Reno while they waited for their food.

Sephiroth smiled. "I wish I knew." He said, kissing him gently. "I just know that if anything the sight was not only arousing, but highly amusing."

Zack laughed nervously. "Arousing, amusing? Oh.. Hello Seymour." he said, rushing to his lover's side, basically bowing in submission.

Reno kissed the other as they waited, threading his fingers into the long black hair for all to see.

Seymour smiled and chuckled. "Hello Zackary. I must say, that was quite an interesting show. If Sephiroth hadn't interrupted it, I might have enjoyed the whole thing." He held Zack's face between his hands and kissed him lightly on the lips.

Cloud no longer felt like he was going to cry. "If that's the case, then why did you step in?" It wasn't as though he was angry with Sephiroth for doing so, he only wanted to know why.

Vincent smiled in satisfaction at Reno's public display of affection, kissing him back.

Sephiroth shrugged, "i wasn't entirely sure if you two knew what you were doing." He stated, smiling.

Zack blushed and kissed Seymour back. "you .... enjoyed it?"

Reno was going to kiss him harder but he was interrupted as their food arrived. "Oh, thanks yo!" He said to the person that presented it to him and took it to their table that he picked out away from most of the others.

" know, I'm not sure we did either," Cloud answered, sighing and smiling back at Sephiroth. "I'm glad you're not mad at me. And I love you." He kissed him on the cheek.

"Yes, I did. I never really knew I had a voyeuristic side, but apparently I do. It was as Sephiroth said, arousing and amusing." He smiled.

"You know, it's been quite a long time since I have had fast food," Vincent remarked as they sat down at the table.

Sephiroth smiled and kissed him back. "I love you too." He said soft, wondering if Cloud even heard it.

Zack laughed nervously. "Ummm great? Errr.. by the way Seph, Cloud's lips are soft.... anyhow. So.. I think I need to be getting my shower." He said, nervously inching away.

Reno blinked. "Like.. how long?" He asked, nibbling on a french fry.

Cloud smiled. He had heard Sephiroth. He blushed lightly at Zack's comment and touched his fingertips to his lips momentarily.

Seymour snorted and laughed a little at what Zack had said and allowed him to slip away to shower. He looked toward Sephiroth. "I wish to go back to Zackary's room. Do I need an escort?"

"Probably a little over a year. I wonder if I'll get sick from eating it since it's been so long." Vincent took a fry and ate the whole thing as he thought.

Sephiroth shook his head. "No, you are free." He said, smiling lightly. "Just.. don't leave the compound is all."

Zack smiled happily as he showered.

Reno blinked. "Did you.... just swallow that whole thing?" He asked, blinking.

Seymour nodded. "Thank you." He left the showers swiftly, his loose clothing fluttering in his wake. He went to Zack's room to wait for his lover to come back from his shower.

Cloud sighed. "I don't really feel like taking a shower now. Can we just go back to our room?"

Vincent looked at him, slightly confused, since he hadn't really paid any attention to how he was eating. "I suppose I did..."

Sephiroth raised an eyebrow. "Are you quite alright?" He asked, tilting his lover's face to his own.

Zack got clean as quick as he could, yawning as he re-wrapped the towel about him. He hugged Cloud, ruffling his head. "See ya later, Cloud." He said, kissing his forhead before walking out to dress in a clean uniform.

Reno grinned. "I just.. that thing had to be six inches is all..." He said mischieviously, running his foot up the other's leg from under the table.

"Yeah. I'm alright. I'm just a little confused about myself at the moment. That's all." He looked up at Sephiroth and smiled. When Zack left he answered absently. "Yeah...see ya, Zack."

Seymour simply sat at the end of the bed and stared at the ceiling, bored in such a short amount of time.

Vincent grinned as he caught on to Reno's joke, reaching under the table to intercept his foot. "Now, now, none of that. Some people might not be able to handle this sort of dinner theatre."

Sephiroth nodded knowingly."Well, come on then, let's go back to the room and you can tell me about it." He said, softly, kissing him light before leading him out and down the hall.

Zack had left before then and was already in his own room. "Hey..." he said, smiling at his lover. "I hope I didn't keep you waiting long." He added, sitting next to him.

Reno pouted for the near fifth time that evening and nibbled his burger. "But .... who cares what they see?? Oh, what else do we have to get?" He asked, looking forward to their bet later in the evening of being able to cuddle and not touch in any way sexual.

When they reached their room, Cloud sighed again as he put on clean clothes. "I'm just confused now. I know I don't have feelings like that for Zack. That's what is causing the problem. I have no idea why I initiated that kiss."

"No, not at all." Seymour put his arm around Zack's shoulders. "So...Cloud has soft lips? I think all seme think their uke have soft lips. I think that about you." He leaned in and kissed him gently.

"I don't know what else." Vincent ate rather quickly, and spent the rest of the time sitting at the table and watching Reno eat. "So...are you up for tonight's challenge?"

Sephiroth pulled him close. "It was spur of the moment.Sometimes you don't have to have feelings to be attracted to someone." He whispered lightly, kissing his lover's cheek.

Zack kissed Seymour, closing his eyes. "Yes, but so are yours." He said when they pulled away. "And again.. I apologize."

Reno nodded. "yeah, we have to go rent movies though.." He said, already smiling for their night ahead.

"I'm glad. And I'm also glad that our relationship wasn't spur of the moment." Cloud leaned against Sephiroth, smiling a little.

"You don't have to apologize. I am not mad. Not in the least." Seymour looked into Zack's eyes for a moment and then smiled. "I mean it. I know you are not cheating on me with your friend or something like that. I was watching."

"Hmmm...what movie do you think we should rent?" Vincent answered.

Sephiroth smiled. "I know.. I thank Zackary for bringing you to me." He said, before adding. "Litteraly." He chuckled deeply, kissing his lover.

Zack smiled and nuzzled to the other. "But I kissed him.. just what is considered cheating nowadays?"

Reno thought. "How about 50 first dates?" He asked, thinking the first thing that came to his mind. The movie was funny but cute and would be perfect for cuddling.

Cloud smiled into the kiss, happy that nothing serious had happened between him and Zack.

"You didn't have sex with him. Besides, I was waiting for something like that to happen. I learned today that I am a voyeur. But that is beside the point. Everything is fine." Seymour petted Zack's hair.

"That sounds good. Romantic comedies are always good to cuddle to." Vincent smirked. He was anticipating what was to happen. He had resolved not to sabotage Reno's chances, but he really didn't think he would last a whole two hours.

Sephiroth kissed him again before laying down. "Hmn, besides it was .. cute."

Zack snorted. "You would have soo gotten off on it if I had my way with him, wouldn't you?" He accused teasingly.

Reno grinned "Sooo how about we get that movie and head home?" He asked, knowing the other was doubting him.

"Really?" Cloud looked at his lover, smiling. "Well, I'm not sure it will ever happen again. Since it was just spontaneous."

"Is that a trick question? If I said yes, I have to add also that it would be solely because of you. I know nothing about little Cloud." Seymour smiled at Zack.

"That would be fine." Vincent grasped Reno's hand and lead him out of the restaurant.

Sephiroth smiled. "But don't worry about it Cloud. I wont ever wish for itwhen you wish not." He said, kissing him gently. "Hmn, kay with me." He said, patting the bed for the other to join him.

Zack kissed Seymour. "Not really.. but I like Cloud enough to give you some vouyerism time."

Reno smiled as they reached the movie store. Upon finding said movie he laughed and grabbed it and as well grabbed a bit of candy on the way as he went to pay for it. "Any others you want to get?" He asked Vincent, pulling out his wallet.

Cloud smiled again and laid next to Sephiroth. " was arousing, huh?" He looked up at him mischievously, snuggling against him, joking slightly about what he had said earlier in the showers.

"Do you now? That's interesting...I believe that would have to be discussed with Sephiroth, though. Something tells me he would be interested in such an event as well." Seymour kissed Zack on the forehead.

"No, I can't think of any. Were there any others you wanted to see?" Vincent was wondering if maybe they should rent a scary movie as well, but he couldn't really think of any in particular.

Sephiroth smirked. "I wont lie and say it wasn't." He said simply, kissing him and holding him close.

Zack smiled. "Yeah.. you could say i was interested.. Cloud.. is a sexy little thing. Don't tell me that you don't think he is at least cute?"

Reno shrugged. "I know, get 28 weeks later yo! That movie was creepy as hell!" He said, laughing.

" long as we're being honest here...Zack isn't a bad kisser. But you know you're still the best. Nothing could beat your kisses that melt my brain." Cloud giggled.

"Of course he is. I won't deny that. But I do like you more." Seymour smiled and stood and stretched his arms above his head. "I'm thinking about going to sleep. Care to join me?" Since he still had nothing else to wear, Seymour took off his clothes before sliding under the sheets.

"Alright. That will just give you more of a reason to cuddle." Vincent laughed and walked away from the counter to get the movie from the shelf. He returned and set the movie on the counter in front of Reno. "Here."

Sephiroth smiled. "No, Zack isn't a bad kisser." He said, remembering his birthday the year before. He kissed Cloud. "And the same goes to you."

Zack nodded, stripping the top half of his uniform off before climbing into bed with the other, happy to be clean.

Reno rented that one as well before they headed off to their rooms. When reaching them he noticed their bed was already there and set up and a note from the president Shinra warned them to not pull another stunt like that again or they would be in some trouble. He laughed and put in some popcorn and then set about making their room more homelike, even going so far as to light candles.

Cloud smiled. "Do I even need to comment on your kissing? You know it makes me forget to breath." He grinned and laughed a little.

Seymour snuggled against Zack and breathed in his scent, running his hands down his torso and then wrapping his arms around him. "You're, Zackary. I've never called anyone that before. But it's true."

"Candles, hmmm? How romantic. Are you trying to make this more difficult?" Vincent laughed. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't say things like that. It's only two hours, right?" He was glad their bed had been delivered, and the note from the President didn't bother him in the least. "Which movie should we watch first?"

Sephiroth smirked and kissed Cloud in said way. "How's the breathing, Cloud?" He asked.

Zack blushed. "Oh? Hey.. you are too.. and how did you get your hair like this?" He asked, slipping his fingers along the said oddly spiked hair.

Reno practically giggled at Vincent's comment. "It wont be harder, and I think we should watch the scary one first." He said, snuggling on the couch, motioning for Vincent to sit next to him before getting up and then deciding to make them cocoa and then re-motioning for them to sit and grabbing a blanket(a new one he randomly bought..) after putting on the movie and locking their door.

"Shallow..." Cloud answered, his eyes slightly glazed. "You're cruel..." he whispered, smiling and then kissing Sephiroth on the cheek.

"My hair...? just...grew this way? All of my people have hair similar to this. The color has the same story. It is not dyed." Seymour smiled. "And what of yours? Your hair is slightly spiky too."

"The scary one is a good choice." Vincent sat casually on the couch next to Reno, crossing his legs and draping his arm across the back of the couch.

Sephiroth laughed. "I am the most feared man in the world for a reason, cloud." He joked at his own expense, goodnaturedly teasing his lover.

Zack grinned. "I think mine is normal too.. I mean look at Cloud's. Maybe it has to do with mako.. but then no because cloud's hair was spiky before.." He blinked, now confused by this predicament.

Reno layed next to him, watching intently as the beginning of the movie didn't seem so bad.

"Well, I hope you don't kiss the fear into people," Cloud laughed a little. "I'm not afraid of your kisses. I like them."

"I wouldn't know. But it doesn't matter. I like your hair. And...I suppose I like Cloud's hair too." Seymour reached up and ruffled Zack's hair for emphasis.

Vincent wasn't one to be affected easily by scary movies, and he laid his head on Reno's shoulder, waiting for something creepy to happen.

Sephiroth laughed into a kiss as he kissed cloud. "Oh yes, my kisses are deadly." He said, kissing him again.

Zack grinned and kissed the other. "And I like yours.. so there." He said as if he had just won some important argument.

Reno sreamed as a zombie attacked these people in the movie and desperately clung to vincent girlishly.

"If I didn't have to breathe, I wouldn't," Cloud answered as they parted from the kiss. "But your deadly kisses are much too enjoyable for me to care."

"Alright, alright." Seymour held Zack close. "We should go to sleep now. Are you tired at all?"

Vincent held back a snort and he raised an eyebrow at Reno's reaction. He slid his arm from the back of the couch to around his lover's shoulders. "Are you alright?"

"You would die a happy man for sure." Sephiroth mumbled, licking his lover's lips before siezing them with his own yet again.

Zack shrugged. "Not really. I generally dont go to bed till later.." He said, yawning anyway. "But.. I don't mind being here."

Reno grinned sheepishly. " I can't help it yo.. zombies are scary as hell." He whimpered as more zombies were attacking people. "See!?"

Cloud would have answered 'yes', but he never had a chance. He submitted to the searing kiss, moaning quietly and wrapping his arms around Sephiroth's shoulders.

"Ah, well, whatever you prefer to do. I do not generally go to bed until later either, but I feel tired for some reason." Seymour kissed Zack's forehead.

Vincent couldn't hold back his laughter completely, only laughing lightly so as not to offend Reno. "You're so cute." He was tempted to kiss him, but restrained himself. Though, he wasn't bound by the terms of the bet.

Sephiroth smirked before pulling back. "Hmn, Cloud.. I believe that if I ever find the need to, that that is the best way to silence you."

Zack shrugged and layed his head on the other's chest, closing his eyes. "I suppose I can sleep."

Reno huffed and looked up at Vincent, recognizing the need to kiss the other as well, blushing and looking away but still clinging to the other.

"I think I might start talking more if that's what my punishment is going to be," Cloud replied, giggling.

"You don't have to force yourself to sleep. Just...lay with me. That is enough." Seymour ran his hands languidly through his lover's hair.

As Reno looked away, Vincent noticed the blush on his face and smirked, once again resisting the urge to laugh at him.

Sephiroth laughed gently, holding Cloud close. "Well.. I do like hearing your voice..."

Zack smiled. "I like laying next to you.. and those fingers and your voice are about to make me sleepy.. is your voice.. that accent from being what you are?"

Reno pouted as more zombies appeared on the screen. "NUUUUU"

"I bet you like to hear it more in situations other than talking. But anyway...I like your voice too. I like how deep it is." Cloud smiled.

"I suppose so. I've never really thought about my voice before. All of my people have the same accent. And my fingers, those too are because of what I am. But...I am only half guado," Seymour replied, smiling gently.

Vincent snorted and hugged Reno closer to him. "Don't worry. I would protect you from any zombies, should they ever attack outside of a movie." He smiled.

Sephiroth blushed. "Oh stop your flattery, we both know your prettier than me."

Zack blinked as this was said and looked to his lover's fingers noticing that they were longer than a normal humans, but they fit him. "Oh.. wow.. your people must be beautiful."

Reno pouted and nibbled on popcorn and clung to vincent absentmindedly.

Cloud laughed. "Thank you, but I don't think that's entirely true. I think you're beautiful." He blushed lightly at the tone of the word. It was so serious and it had such weight.

Seymour laughed a little. "Well, some of them are beautiful. The same as most races. Not all of us are pretty. But I suppose one could say that the guado are beautiful in their own way."

Vincent laid his head against Reno's again and watched the movie in silence. He wasn't having as much trouble keeping his hands off of him as he thought he would. He meant to uphold his decision that he wouldn't destroy his lover's chances of winning the bet.

Sephiroth blushed darker and kissed him gently. "And so are you." It was truly the first time anyone had called him such.

Zack smiled. "I guess I got lucky then.." He whispered, kissing him soft. "Tell me more about your people.. did you all have blue hair?"

Reno huffed and winced whenever he saw zombies. The movie was over quickly and he got up to stretch. "Ah it wasnt so bad."He said, putting the other movie in and taking a short bathroom break before seating himself back down.

Cloud blushed a little darker and mumbled, "Thank you..." He snuggled against Sephiroth's chest, playing with a lock of long silver hair.

"Hmmm...yes, I believe so. Unless there was an odd man out that I have never seen. Or perhaps another one that is only half guado, like me." He sighed. He didn't really miss Guadosalam, but it seemed strange to talk about it so much. He'd never had to explain it all to anyone.

Vincent never moved from the couch. He estimate that Reno had about 45 minutes or a half hour left before he would have to pay up on the bet. He didn't really feel like parting with that much gill and he didn't feel like resisting urges anymore. When the movie started, he slowly slid his hand downward from Reno's shoulder and rested it on his hip.

Sephiroth kissed the tips of Cloud's spikes, inhaling the scent of whatever shampoo he used. "You.. always smell so good."

Zack smiled. "Will you take me to see it one day?" He asked, laying on his lover's chest and looking into his eyes.

Reno did his best to ignore the hand. He watched as the couple on tv were going through hardships and he hoped it never happened to him.

"So do you," Cloud answered. He meant Sephiroth's hair smelled good, but he also noted that the man's leather attire also smelled rather nice.

"Of course, if that is what you wish. Truly, the world that I'm from does not look so different from this one. There are less tall buildings, and the architecture is slightly different." Seymour looked back into Zack's eyes.

Vincent stopped paying much attention to the most, concentrating on being stealthy as he slid his hand a little lower, letting it touch his thigh. He nuzzled through Reno's hair and licked the shell of his ear. How much more should he do to compromise this bet?

Sephiroth smiled. "So, soldier. Want to go with me on my next mission?" He asked, moonlight catching his mako green eyes, making them glow momentarily.

Zack smiled. "Well it could.. be a sort of honeymoon." He said, smiling wider at the thought of it.

Reno felt the touches and the lick. He ignored it though eyes fixed on the movie. "Hmn, this couple is cute."

Cloud saw how the light caught Sephiroth's eyes. It was almost enchanting. "I...guess so. I would like that, yes." He smiled.

"A honeymoon? Well, I guess that is what we could call it. I will take you there someday." Seymour smiled as well as he noticed how Zack seemed to be looking forward to the trip.

Vincent frowned momentarily, perplexed that Reno seemed to be impervious to his advances. He decided to try something else, and began licking a line down the side of his lover's neck, sliding his hand along the inside of one of his thighs.

Sephiroth smiled. "Good, but not until you are at Zack's level.. your only third class.. two more classes to go."

Zack grinned. "Thank you." He said soft, kissing his lover.

Reno groaned, doing his best to concentrate on the movie as his lover molested him. He was going crazy with need. "Viiinnnyyy be nice!"

"Aw, that was a trick question." Cloud giggled softly. "But that's fair enough. I understand. It will take me a long time to work up to Zack's level."

"You're very welcome," Seymour answered, kissing him back. " many cities would you like to see? Just Guadosalam? There are many places to visit. Ah, we could watch a blitzball game!" He was starting to get himself excited over the trip now.

Vincent chuckled. ", I don't think so..." he whispered. He continued to kiss and lick along Reno's neck and almost down to his collar bone, his hand sliding languidly up his thigh and his fingertips ghosting over what lay between Reno's thighs. He grinned. Was he being too mean?

Sephiroth grinned. "You will get there in time, Cloud. You almost won against him today... he just.. has a few tricks up his sleve."

Zack huffed. "What the hell is blitzball?"

Reno moaned and stradled the other. "Awe fuck it! I want you now!" He shouted, kissing the other hard.

"Yeah, he stole one of those tricks from me." Cloud pouted for a second, but he wasn't serious. "Zack is a great soldier. I really do hope to reach his level someday."

"Blitzball is a sport. Played with a ball, obviously. I'm...not really sure how to explain it, since I don't play it. You'll have to see it when we go." Seymour chuckled.

Vincent smiled into the kiss. He didn't care so much that he had won. He had spent so much time trying to behave himself that he had actually gotten horny thinking about what not to do to Reno.

Sephiroth smiled and kissed him gently. "You will.. one of these days."

Zack grinned. "I can't wait to see it then." He said, kissing him.

Reno grinned before pulling away. "Well . that quenched my thirst a little, back to the movie."

Cloud nodded in agreement, smiling after their kiss. After everything that had happened over the course of the day, the blonde found that he was rather tired. "Sephiroth...can we go to sleep?"

"Good. It's entertaining," Seymour replied, breaking their kiss. "Aren't you tired yet?" he asked, jokingly.

Vincent looked at him, smirking, trying to gauge whether or not he was joking. "Hm." He snorted and crossed his arms in front of his chest, allowing Reno to get back to the movie.

Sephiroth nodded and held his lover close before leading him to the bed.

Zack laughed. "No, not really, but you can sleep. Speaking of human needs, aren't you hungry?"

Reno felt bad for ignoring his lover and kissed him. "I'm sorry vinny, but you cheated." He said, forgetting the movie.

Cloud smiled up at Sephiroth, then crawled onto the bed and under the sheets, peeking over the top of the sheets at his lover.

"I enjoy laying here and talking to you. I'm not especially tired anymore." Seymour smirked. "Isn't laying in bed a strange time to ask if I am hungry?" He chuckled. "I am not."

Vincent raised an eyebrow and smirked. "I cheated? I don't believe my neutrality was a part of the bet. You never said that I had to behave myself."

Sephiroth held his lover close and smiled. "Your.. cute when you are playing like this."

Zack smiled and kissed him. "You.. are so sweet to me, and to think we were fighting.. would you.. have killed me if we hadn't kidnapped you?"

Reno kissed Vincent again. "Sooooo it was an unspoken rule."

Cloud smiled again and leaned up to kiss Sephiroth's jaw. He didn't know why, but he actually liked it when Sephiroth called him cute. Anyone else and it would have annoyed him to no end.

"I don't know. I suppose I would have attempted to. But I'm not sure I would have succeeded. You are a very good fighter." Seymour kissed Zack's forehead and smoothed back his hair. "But you don't have to worry about that at all. I am not even going to think of doing that now."

"Perhaps it was a rule that should have been spoken. You know, I really was trying not to do anything to 'cheat'. But I couldn't help it. You're just too irresistable." Vincent grinned and kissed Reno back.

Sephiroth hugged him tight and closed his eyes. "I love you, Cloud."

Zack nodded. "I am glad that we caught you then." He said, kissing him.

Reno sighed. "There is always another time.." he said huskily, biting Vincen'ts neck.

"I love you too, Sephiroth." Cloud felt a rush of happiness at hearing Sephiroth speak those words clearly and audibly.

"I'm glad you caught me too." Seymour kissed him back.

"Oh, good..." Vincent answered, tipping his head back as Reno bit him. He ran his hands down his sides, resting them on his hips.

Sephirtoh drifted into sleep, holding Cloud almost tighter in his sleep.

Zack grinned, nuzzling into the other. "Hmmm im getting sleepy now."

Reno groaned. "Vincent.. why do you make me so hot!?"

Cloud closed his eyes and slept with his head against Sephiroth's chest.

Seymour chuckled. "That's good." He petted Zack's hair some more, closing his eyes and continuing to pet him absently. The lazy movement just made him tired.

"'s because you let me get to you. And I'm glad you do." Vincent kissed Reno forcefully, threading his fingers into his hair and holding him close.

Zack began drifitng off, mumbling his thanks to Seymour and to how much he loved him.

Reno huffed, "I don't let you do a damn thing, your just too fucking sexy."

"I love you too, Zackary," Seymour whispered, slipping into sleep with his love in his arms.

"Well, I suppose that explanation works too. But it sounds better for you to say it rather than me." Vincent kissed him. "You're sexy too, you know that?"

Reno snorted. "I know right? Damn sexy, but sexy men like me, need sexy men like you, so fuck me Vincent Valentine." Reno said, smirking.

Vincent smirked and kissed him again in response, pushing him over on the couch and straddling his hips.

Reno grinned, pulling the other down for a violent kiss, grinding up against him.

Vincent groaned into the kiss, enjoying the friction and placing his hands on Reno's hips to increase it.

Reno groaned into the other's mouth. He ground harder into him, wishing that their clothing was very much gone. "Strip dammit."

Vincent broke their kiss and smirked. "Yes sir." He stood and unceremoniously rid himself of pants and shirt.

Reno smiled and kissed his lover hard as he stripped as well.

Without breaking the kiss this time, Vincent pushed Reno toward their new bed. He could have just pushed him onto the couch since it was closer, but the bed needed to be officially christened.

Reno was happy to be in the bed, it was comfortable and made him press into the other in a way, kissing him harder.

Vincent sat atop Reno's hips and ground against him once more as they kissed. Breaking their kiss, he slipped off his lover's hips and began nipping and kissing his neck and chest and stomach.

"Gods, Vincent, inside me, please!" Reno begged, wrapping his legs around his lover.

"If you insist," Vincent replied sarcastically, smoothly entering his lover as his legs were wrapped around him, immediately beginning his steady rhythm.

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