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shey's works
Shey's Works

Asking Too Much

I never asked for much;
Maybe a friendly word or two
That wouldn't get twisted around
Behind my back after I left.
Guess Kindness is asking too much.

I never wanted to be fat.
Depression seeps in when you're lonely.
With no friends for support,
One goes to any comfort they can; including food.
Guess Friendship is asking too much.
I never deserved all those rumors.
People had to realize how absurd they were.
Someone must have really hated me,
To waste so much time on me.
Guess Compassion is asking too much.

I never wanted to be disliked.
I never asked for much.
I never wanted to be fat.
I never deserved all those rumors.
I guess I was asking too much.

Shey DragonStar
Child Of The Night

I was born into darkness,
but early in my life.
Now and forever too young
to ever become a wife.
My mind keeps on growing,
though my body never ages.
Learning so much more
than any book's pages.

In each new city,
I have a different name.
But on a rare occasion,
I'll keep it the same.
It really isn't that bad,
living life by the moon.
My pretty teenage appearance
makes the young men swoon.

Anything I could ever want
is simply provided for me.
Even though I manipulate men,
innocence is all that they see.
With my simple seduction,
I lure them to bed.
They never know what happened;
that while they slept I fed.

The world has grown so large,
I never get bored.
Each day the new blood
is another note in a chord.
I keep in the shadows,
and stay out of sight,
Keeping a close watch for,
any other child of the night.

Shey DragonStar
Hand In Hand

death and destruction
love and seduction
truth and honesty
rules and policy
lust and greed
faith and creed
thought and dreams
pain and screams
tears and sorrow
steal and borrow
hand in hand
the world comes together
only to understand it never

Shey DragonStar
He Turns Me

I fear I have fallen
a little too hard.
My heart keeps callin',
and it won't be barred.
I love how good
he makes me feel.
Treats me like he should,
think this feeling's real.
And he turns me a little bad.
Devious thoughts enter my head.
But don't think this makes me sad!
Don't misread what I've said.
He's mysteriously quiet and dark,
and he's turning me that way too.
Now don't go being a nark
or I'll send him after you!
I like it in his shadowy world.
He cradles me in the night.
Let's me know I'm his only girl.
And surely, believe what I write:
If dark I do turn,
Fret for me not
For it's from him that I learn
How not to conform with the lot.

Shey DragonStar
Hickory Tree

Why do you drop
sap on my car?
And spread your nuts
so very far?
My little white car
is no longer white,
once your sap
takes up flight.
Windows rolled up
won't keep it out.
It's everywhere!
It's all about!
My car is dingy
and brownish yellow,
except for the words,
"Wash Me" and "Hello".
So keep your sap
on the ground,
or I'll have no problem
with cutting you down!

Shey DragonStar
I Don't Know Where You Are

I don't know where you are;
But I know you have gone away.
Hope of seeing you soon
Fades more each day.

I don't know where you are;
Or if you are even alright.
I worry about your safety.
My tears I try to fight.

I don't know where you are;
Or if you ever think on me.
Do you sigh with longing
At little reminders you see?

I don't know where you are;
Asking God to give protection.
I know He will do his best
To guide you the right direction.

I know where you are;
You are deep within my heart.
You're fighting for our country;
Trying your hardest to do your part.

Shey DragonStar
Ode To Poetry

poetry, oh, poetry
how you ease my mind
I write my feelings
down on paper
and show whoever I want
some I hide
and keep just for me
but most I share
for others to enjoy
I know I'm not alone
in the way I feel sometimes
and it's a good talent
even if some don't think so
but without poetry
I think I would burst
I wouldn't be able to keep
bottling it up inside
so thank you for my release
and keeping my sanity.

Shey DragonStar

puddles of humanity
still waters run dry
i haven't rained for days
humidity is high
calm in my insanity
i'm not crazy, it is they
they who dwell in mud
deep in the puddle
they make the cracks in the dirt
yearning for rain
feeding off tears
that make a new puddle
what have i done
to make it evaporate
taunting is the heat
teasing are the cracks
but soon i get too much
i have to rain
the puddles reform
it begins again.

Shey DragonStar

Redneck! Hillbilly!
This is what we're called.
Country! White trash!
Now that one went too far.
So what if we live in a trailer.
So what if we say "y'all".
Yeah, we're lower class.
Yeah, we're not well off.
But we're not snobs.
And we're not stupid.
Why should we be teased?
Just cause we don't have designer clothes.
Just cause we don't have fancy cars.
We sure know how to have fun.
And we sure know what's important.
There's more to life than materialism.
It's how you treat one another.
So think on that for the next time you see us anywhere.
Don't say something you'll regret.
Cause this redneck doesn't forget.

Shey DragonStar
Love is a Rose

Love is a rose,
Planted by infatuation;
Growing with the help
Of happiness and affection.
Each day it grows
Stronger and more beautiful.
It blooms and gets picked
By a love for a love.

Shey DragonStar

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