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WELCOME TO Shey's Works

Shey's Works 2

don't worry, there is more to come. lol


The Sufferings Remain:

Lonely soldiers out n the field.
Killer instincts never to yeild.
Crawling their way through the mud,
Under the crossfire, over the blood.
Using their skills to stay alive.
Dodging bullets, struggling to survive.
Grenades exploding just yards away.
Shrapnal killing whoever it may.

An open field no longer green.
No longer peaceful or serene.
Dead bodies spread all over the ground,
And live ones scurrying all around.
Fighting for country or what they believe.
Families on both sides mourn and grieve.
All for a little political gain,
No matter the results, the sufferings remain.

Shey DragonStar
12*48pm 6*12*05
The Starting Way:

Dew-chilled grass
On Bare feet
With painted toes;
The color, only God knows.
The bright morning sun
Lights my paths.
This is the starting way
Of a beautiful August day.

Squirrels scurry off,
Seeing me draw near.
A bird chirps and sings,
Fluttering his wings.
Life is all around me.
I can feel it with each step.
Haven't you ever felt power,
By simply holding s flower?

The trees are abundant,
Tall, and beautiful beings.
Unique in how they're bent.
Each having their own scent.
Evergreen fill my nostrils,
As I walk a little further.
I see a nest in a tree;
High atop a Hickory.

Insects help to pollenate
The beauty that has grown.
Flowers are all about me
They're Nature's potpourri.
Multitudes of color,
A bright and contrasting bunch.
It's like an entire rainbow,
On the ground, does grow.

As my Nature's walk
Comes to a close,
The sun says good-bye
Covered by clouds so high.
A sigh of content
With Nature as a whole.
This was the starting way
Of a beautiful August day.

Shey DragonStar
7*12*2004 10:20 AM
Vamp Life

i live my life
under moon's sky
night by night
my life drifts by
i cannot walk
in the bright sun
if i ever,
my life is done
i thrist for blood
from human veins
in taking lives
my power gains
my life goes on
without an end
shadows are home
and darkness friend
always having
an empty heart
being lonely
tears me apart
i'll live by night
and sleep by day
till death finds me
and ends my play

Shey DragonStar
Your Problems

Don't give me your problems.
I've got enough of my own.
I try to keep a happy face
So my distress isn't shown.
I've got bills, but no job,
And now my credit is blown.
I guess it could've been stopped.
I guess I should've known.

But don't give me your problems.
I don't need your's too.
I'm just hoping the people
From my wreck, don't sue.
And so much is coming at once.
I just don't know what to do.
Bankruptcy is all that will fix it.
But for the rest, I wish I knew.

So don't give me your problems.
They don't compare to mine.
You are crying over love.
Your tears make your cheeks shine.
You have things you regret?
Well, so do I, get in line.
Cause you've got problems
That don't compare to mine.

Shey DragonStar

no one ever sees
the majestic power
help within
i am honestly
too complex
to even begin
and no one tries
to understand
i can't keep from my sin
of non-conformity
with society
i simply just can't win
i try to be
so originginal
especially with my pen
but i can't show all
of who i am
i have to hold some in
maybe you'll see
some more of me
after i've had some gin.

Shey DragonStar
9:14AM 7*24*04
The Storm:

The wind howls at my window.
My window where I see.
I see the storm raging onward.
Onward through out this dreary night.
This dreary night makes me long for him.
For him and me in his arms.
His arms, so strong is his embrace.
His embrace that calms my fear.
My fear of how violent this storm is.
This storm is fast with lots of thunder.
Thunder so quick after the flash.
The flash of lightning so bright.
So bright and well defined.
Defined by striking twice.
Twice now so close to the house.
The house in which I'm hiding.
I'm hiding away from the window.
The window that the wind howls at.

Shey DragonStar
My Creed As A PUNK!

To dress how I want to:
without care of others' opinions,
with style in which I feel comfortable,
with individuality,
and with representation of my true self.

To have a wide range of friends:
with discrimination only to those who discriminate first,
with the ability to get along with all,
and with open acceptance to other outsiders.

To be myself:
with acting how I want to act,
with dressing how I want to dress,
with my own mind and decisions,
and with a presence not easily forgotten.

This is my creed as a PUNK;
not only in style,
but in attitude and personality;
and this is how I will remain.

Shey DragonStar
11:20 am~9*8*04
My Narrow Road:

There is a narrow road
that my mind walks alone.
I never would have started
if I had only known.
Shrouded in this darkness
that saturates my every cell;
No one's on this lonely path
to even wish me well.
The desolate solitude
is almost to much to take,
and being alone for so long
has caused my heart to ache.
To be myself, no matter what,
this was the road I took.
Now no one understands me.
They don't even try to look
through the rules of society
and their ideals of the norm.
Dependent of first immpressions
and concentrated on one's form.
I'm confused of how I feel.
Cheerfully morbid to say it right..
Lover of the day's warm sun;
yet a child of the night.
I'm proud of who I am,
but I'm lonely, just the same.
To walk this narrow road alone,
was truely not my aim.

Shey DragonStar
This was writen for a lady I met at a bar.
She was telling me about her runaway daughter
and asked if I could write her something.
In case you're wondering,
the daughter is home and safe now.
They are working things out.

To My Daughter:

At fifteen years of age,
You think you know it all.
Now I sit by the phone,
Waiting for the cops to call.
Maybe you've been arrested
Or maybe you've been found dead.
I pray that you're alive and well,
And not laying in a pool of red.

I thought you needed my help;
I thought you needed direction.
Everything I've done for you,
I've done for your protection.
I gave you all I never had.
I thought my love would be enough.
And knowing that you hate me,
Makes it so very rough.

The love that I have for you,
Is deeper than I've ever known.
And your words have hurt me,
More than I've ever shown.
You left with such harsh words
That greatly wounded me, your mother.
In all my life, this is the worst heartbreak,
When comparing it to any other.

I know I'm not the best,
But I'm also not the worst.
As soon as I can find you,
I'll be the one to hug you first.
I know I've disappointed you,
Because you went off like a bomb.
And I'll try do better, but after all,
I can only be what and who I am, your mom.

Shey DragonStar
Without You

Why do I feel so lonely
When you're not around?
I feel so empty inside;
Like standing on hollowed ground.
I feels like this place is empty,
Though there's people on all sides;
Like stranded on the side of the road,
And one's offering me any rides.

I look at the ring on my finger,
And my lips curl into a smile.
The stone sparkles like your eyes,
But it only comforts me for a while.
I yearn for your sweet kiss.
I long to be held in your arms.
Come rescue me, my prince,
And seduce me with your charms.

I know life with you will be a challenge
But loving you will be simple for me.
You, with your heart so huge,
With your awesome personality.
You have such an open mind,
It can barely be believed,
That you would love even me.
Guess because of how I'm normally perceived.

I want things to be done right,
And planning the future's a little fast.
I don't want things to go wrong,
I don't want to relive the past.
I know things are right with you.
I feel it deep inside my soul.
And my love for you exceeds
The limit of my heart as a whole.

You mean so much to me
That's why I'm so lonely now.
But I know I'll be with you soon.
So I will get by some how.
Untill that time, Darlin',
Ypu will remain in my heart
Know that I'm thinking of you.
And that our spirits will never part.

Shey DragonStar
12:33 am
I've Been Down This Road Before

I've been down this road before
And I know I'm goin' there now.
But I can't help myself
I don't know how
I keep lovin' the wrong kind of man
And I just don't understand
How I can do this once more
Why didn't I close the door
When I was down this road before.

You say the things I want to hear
And I love it when you call me dear
It's too good to be true
I should get rid of you
But I can't stop holdin' on
And I'm tryin' to be strong
We're too easily paired 
I think I am just scared
Of the things we haven't shared


The signs are ever present
I guess I am just reluctant
To let go of my dreams
Is this what it seems
Could I be throwin' away what is true
Lord, I don't know what to do
Should I trust what I feel
What if my doubt is real
A shattered heart is hard to heal.


People can see a difference in me
So I have got to believe
That I worry too much
I'm too fickle and such
I will stay a little longer
Maybe grow a little stronger
I must face my fear
For it to disappear
And we'll stand together in the clear

Cause I've been down this road before
And I know I'm goin' there now.
I don't wanna help myself
Anyway, I don't know how
I keep lovin' the wrong kind of man
But now I understand
I can do this once more
I don't wanna close that door
Cause I've learned a lot since the time before

Cause I've been down this road before
And I know I'm goin' there now.
I don't wanna help myself
Anyway, I don't know how
I keep lovin' the wrong kind of man
But now I understand
I can do this once more
I don't wanna close that door
Cause I've learned a lot since the time before
Yeah I've learned a lot since the time before

lyrics by Shey DragonStar
2/14/2005  7:34 AM
Be Still, My Heart

Be still, my heart, it is only the wind that holds you captive;
Nothing but the haunting memory of past whims.
My poor heart, you have become too adaptive,
And it is that quality that condemns.
Your openness and tolerance is so high,
That you are not very choosy.
While this is normally good, do sigh,
For it had turned me into a floozy.
Better your judgement and straighten up.
And do not dwell on your past.
Cease chasing love like a little pup,
Only then shall any of your loves last.
Heed these words, they are fair and just.
You will see that they prove true.
Batten down your hold on lust,
And your aches will become few.

Shey DragonStar
5/19/05 5:47 PM

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