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Trier was a tall man, beautifull yes, but also somewhat snobbish and had the tendancy to take whatever he wanted whether he was allowed to or not. He also knew that his lover that he currently had was not exactly what he wanted. Well he was but Trier wanted someone he could dominate and make fall in love with him if not to break them later. He liked having that sort of power at his fingertips.

Christian seemed to be your average young man. He attended college, liked to spend time with his friends, and had a job. There were quite a few things that were strange about Christian but the first being his unique job. He didn't like to call himself a stripper - he preferred the phrase "exotic dancer." But that was what he was essentially. It was a quick and easy way for him to make money to support his schooling. He didn't like the men who came onto him, but he put up with it because he knew the money they threw at him would result in him getting a master's degree in psychology.
It was a funny thing, for him to study psychology. Since he had to take medication to take care of his own psychological problems. But that was something that no one could see on the outside. He could pass as normal for the most part. That was, until, you did something to hurt him...

Trier was walking around in a certain district or two in look for something to have on a menu before going back home to his real lover. His real lover was boring these nights anyways. ell for all he knew his real lover would have already gone somewhere else for the night. It wasn't like he completely cared anyhow. He told himself often he loved him but he doubted that now. He decided to go for some.. fun at the nearest local bar/strip club. When he got there he ordered a scotch and watched the show, smirking at the naieve dancers on the stage.

He sat backstage, waiting for the guy before him to get off the stage so he could start his routine. He rolled his eyes as the other continued dancing, even though his set had been over five minutes ago. 'The longer he stays up there, the less money I'm going to get! he thought. Finally, the young man took the money that had been tossed on the stage and headed off. Taking a breath, Christian walked up onto the stage to many catcalls and whistles. He'd become so used to it, it was almost like music to him. A type of music that he loathed. When the real music started, he started to sway his hips from side to side, wrapping his leg around the pole that stood in the middle of the stage.

Trier swallowed at the sight of the new boy. He hadn't been to this particular club very often but he would now be making a point to stop there as much as he could. He looked the boy over. He was so very different from the others. So much more lyth.. and with him wrapping around that pole he pictured those eyes lookign into his own with lips wrapping around something a bit more.. suitable then the metal. "That one is mine." He said to himself, sipping his drink, already thinking about how much he would pay for the boy.

He climbed up on the pole, hanging himself upside down on it. He was very flexible, which was something that definitely helped in this sort of job. Soon, he got down from the pole and walked into the crowd, choosing who he'd give a lapdance to by the amount of money they held up in the air. A couple guys near the front were holding up hundred dollar bills. He started to make his way to the better-looking of them, even though they were all rather unattractive, until he saw the man at the bar. He was new. He'd never seen him at this club before. Most of the people here were regulars. But this new man certainly intrigued him. He made his way over to him, a confident smile on his face. "Hey there," he said, taking a seat on his lap.

Trier grinned seductively. "Well hello to you too." He said, slipping his arms about the boy's waist. "Come here often?" He joked, giving a small lick to the younger man's cheek. "I would pay just about any amount of money to take you out of here." He said in a whisper, gently sucking on teh boy's earlobe.

He smirked. A shutter ran through his body when he felt the man lick him. But he kept his composure. His customers often hit on him so it was something he'd gotten used to. "Well, I'm not for sale, honey. Not in that way. I'll give you a lapdance, but nothing more than that. If you want that, there's some prostitutes just down the road."

Trier gave an sadistic laugh. "Those prstitutes are a joke. How does a thousand sound, hm?" He asked, nibbling the boy's neck, running a hand along his leg."How about you name the price?"

He laughed. 'Damn, this guy's persistant,' he thought. "I'm afraid that even if I had a price, you still couldn't afford me, baby." He kissed Trier on the cheek. "That's about all you're gonna get from me."

"Darling.. perhaps your not understanding me so well." He said, not about to get rough with him, just stern. "I want you... I want to do more then justrecieve a lap dance, even if i is rather nice." He said, kissing the boy on the lips. "how much?"

"And what part of it don't you understand? I can't be bought. Not in that way." He got off of Trier's lap, feeling slightly annoyed about him. "Well, if that's what you're interested in I can't help you. But I have customers who are actually interested in what I'm selling so I can't waste anymore time with you." He turned his back to him, starting to walk off.

Trier growled and left the place furiously. He had never been turned down for anything. And this little boy had done just that!He was beyond angry. Oh well if the boy couldn't be bought with money he would be bought with flowers. He found the local florist and ordered practically the whole store and in the card he wrote: Hows this He hoped the boy would recognize hwo it was from. He enclosed the card in an envelope and had them sent to the strip club to the boy.

Once he got done with his set, he got offstage and went back to the dressing room to change back into his clothes and leave. He was surprised to see when he got there a bunch of flowers. One of the boys said to him, "Someone must really love you." But that was the strange thing. He didn't have anyone special. A secret admirer maybe? He found the letter in the flowers and read the note. "How's this?" He blinked confusedly, then it came to him. "It's that guy..."

Trier went back home in one hell of a bad mood. He should have written his number on the card. Oh well, he would go again tomorrow to see the boy. His own lover was already out somewhere, probably actually working hard on his writing somewhere. He didn't exactly cared, he just liked to know where his posessions were at times.

He stared at the card confusedly. There was nothing to say who it was from but he didn't need that to tell him. He knew exactly where these had come from. He looked at the flowers, not exactly sure what to do with them. His mind wandered, wondering if the man would come back and visit him tomorrow night...

The next night Trier came out of his house and found himself getting dressed as quick as he could. He ignored his lover as he went out the door, immediately getting in the car and driving off.

Dominus stared after Trier with a scowl. "I am going to have to teach that boy a lesson when he returns." He said bitterly, truth be told he was the dominate one in the relation. None of this seemed to matter to Trier sometimes and he knew something was bothering him but he didn't know what.

Trier pulled into the parking lot and went into the club, taking the same seat he had the night before with a girn on his face. He watched the stage eagerly.

He was first to perform that night, so he was really excited. He normally performed at the middle or end of the show, so this was his first chance. Apparently, he was very popular. But that was alright with him. It just meant more money. He took his usual place on the pole, slithering around it like a snake.

Trier felt his lips curl into a smile, watching the other with a hungry gaze. "If only you know just how much you affect people." He said aloud in a whisper to himself.

He ran a hand through his hair, twirling around on the pole. He made eye contact with the customers nearest to him. But, that's when he felt something very strange. He looked out into the crowd for a moment and was surprised to see the man from last night, yet again. He tried not to pay him attention, but looked back up at him every so often.

Trier smiled as he looked at him, blowing him a kiss. He mouthed the words "Did you get your flowers?"

As he did during the middle of his show, he made his way off the stage and into the people waving money in the air. He winked at Trier in response to his question, before heading over to another man and grinding his hips against him.

Trier glared at the boy, but then stopped the glare knwoing that it was the boy's job to be a tease. He sighed, wishing he was in the position of the other man.

When he was finished with the other man, he made eye contact with Trier. He wanted the man to give him a reason to come over. If a customer didn't have money in his hand, his boss would get upset at him for ignoring customers who were willing to pay. But seeing that he wasn't holding up any money, he sighed and headed over to another man, dancing for him.

Trier looked at everyone else and smirked, pulling out his wallet. He had finally caught on to what everyone else was doing. He waved his wallet in teh air invitingly.

He looked over, happy that Trier finally seemed to get the hint. He abruptly left his other customer and headed over to him, stradling his hips. "Well, hello there. Fancy seeing you here again."

"Did you like the flowers?" Trier asked, grabbing the other's hips gently. He smiled that he finally had the other in his grasp. He kissed his lips once, sliding his hands along the other's back.

"Yes, they were beautiful." He grabbed Trier's hands, pulling them away from his body. "You can look, baby, but you can't touch."

Trier smiled and kissed his cheek. "What a shme. When do you get off work?" He asked, doing as he was told, but raking the boy over with his gaze.

"I can leave after this show, actually," he said, grinding up against him. "That doesn't mean I'm leaving with you though. I don't mess with customers."

"How rude. Why not?" He asked, holding back a moan as the other ground him. "Not even for a little ice cream or something?"

He raised an eyebrow. "If that's all I thought you were interested in I might. But I don't trust you."

"Well it is hard for me to not be interested in anything else when you are grinding on me.." Trier said, sighing. "Your not going to make this easy, are you?" He asked, sighing and gently removing the other from him. "Here's your money, I am going to go home, maybe I will send you some more flowers or something." He said with a shrug, taking al the money out of his wallet and setting it on the counter.

He looked at the money confusedly, then back at Trier. "What's your name?" he asked suddenly. He had stopped dancing but was still sitting on his lap, looking utterly baffled.

"Trier." He said, giving the other a kind smile.. which was rare with Trier, not that he smiled, but that it was kind.

He smiled in return. "My name's Christian." He got off his lap, taking the money the man had set down. "Well, you're welcome to leave since that's what it seems you wanted to do."

"Of course, I will go home and spend my evening alone as always. " He said somewhat bitterly, stretching as he went to leave.

He frowned. "Don't say it that way. It makes me feel bad for you."

"As if you care. I am just another customer, right?" Trier asked sarcastically before leaving and sighing. He prided himself, he wasnt completely angry, alot of that was made up.

He sighed, watching the other leave. His manager yelled at him, "I'm not paying you to stand around! Get your ass back on the stage!" Christian hurriedly returned to his place, finishing up his show before going back to the dressing room, hurrying to put on his regular clothes, and leaving. He hoped that he would be able to catch up with Trier in time.

Trier was walking as slow as he could, hoping the other would fall into his tap. He chekced his watch and sighed."Hmm better hurry little one." He said aloud to himself.

He walked out of the back of the club, looking around for him. He sighed, not being able to see in the darkness. He walked around, hoping to catch sight of him soon.

Trier double sighed, waiting for the other, in only a few minutes he would merely leave. He knew this time what he would send him, not exactly flowers, he was thinking more along the lines of a puppy...

His eyes continued searching through the darkness until finally he caught sight of him. "Trier!" he called, heading towards him.

Trier looked up with a faint smile. "Well well.. what's this? Get off early?"He asked, playing innocent.

He frowned. "No. I'm done for the night and I...I just decided that I wanted to go home. There's no need for me to stick around, right?"

"Actually the offer for ice cream still stands." Trier said, holding out his arm for the other to take if he wanted. "It really would please me if you would join me. It is only ice cream."

Christian looked down at his arm, still unsure. But he was very interested in this man. So, not listening to his better nature, he walked closer to Trier and linked arms with him. "Alright. But you better not try anything funny."

Trier smiled. "I would never." He said, leading the other to the ice cream shop like he had promised. "What is your favorite?"

"Well...probably chocolate chip cookie dough," he said. He decided to throw everything out the window that night. After all, he was getting free ice cream out of it. No need to be rude...unless he tried to talk him into spending the night at his place or anything of the sort.

"So, do you do anything on the weekends?" Trier asked conversationaly, hoping to get another date with the other on the weekend. It wasn't as though he did anything himself.

"Um...not really," he said, trying to think what it was he did on the weekend. "Most times I become reaquainted with the inside of my eyelids. I'm usually really busy during the week and the weekend's my only time to sleep."

Trier gave a small pout. "Really? Well hell I was going to ask you to come with me perhaps to the beach or something."

His eyes widened at this. He hadn't been to the beach in such a long time. He missed just being out in the sun and splashing around in the water. "No, I...I think I'd like that..." he said, sounding surprised at himself.

Trier smiled and gave the other's hand a gentle squeez. "Good, Satuday or Sunday?" He asked, ordering a chocolate sundae for himself as they were seated into the ice cream shop. He ordered the other a cookie dough cup.

"Well...I dunno. Um...I guess Saturday's just fine." He looked down at the hand holding his, blushing. It was very strange to be touched in such a manner. He shook his head. 'Don't fall for it. You're just out for ice cream. This is nothing. Don't get attached. He's nothing. This is nothing. It all means...nothing.'

He saw the other was getting uncomfortable. He let go of the other's hand and smiled. "Your cute when you blush, but I apologize for making you uneasy." He said, handing the other his spoon.

He blinked, then shook his head. "No no, it's fine! I'm...okay." He took the spoon, digging into his ice cream so he wouldn't have to talk anymore.

Trier held back a laugh at the other's behavior. "So, do you need a ride home this night?" He asked, as well taking licks at his ice cream.

" is pretty dark..." He looked outside. He'd never been afraid to walk home in the dark before, but he wanted to get to know him better. "Yeah, sure. Why not."

Trier smiled. "Oh good! Hmm so what do you do for fun?"

"Oh...well...I guess that I really like to draw. I mean, I don't get a lot of time off with school and work but drawing is really relaxing to me." He smiled.

"I would like to see some of your drawings." Trier said, smiling sweetly, leaning a little on their table.

He looked at Trier as he moved closer. He shook his head. "Um...I guess you can see them when we go out Saturday."

"Oh I would love that. Hm I can not wait to go with you. It will be so much fun!" He said, sighing content.

"...You're awfully excited. I mean, we just met. It's not a big deal, really," he said harshly. Even though he said this, he knew that inside he was very happy that the man seemed interested in him.

Trier sighed, suddenly feeling cold. "True." He looked out the window sadly. He wanted to be happy with this boy, but it seems that was proving difficult.

He continued eating his ice cream, looking down at the cup. "So...what time Saturday are you going to come pick me up? I just want to know so I can be ready."

"Probably around noon." Trier said, standing. "Bring sunscreen." He said, tossing his ice cream. "Are you ready to go now?"

He finished up his own ice cream and nodded. "Yeah, I'm ready. Let's get out of here."

Trier held out his hand, curious if the other would take it. "Well I have had fun this evening at least." He said with a kind smile.

He looked down at the hand, grabbing hold of it and standing up. "Yes. I guess I did. Not to mention I got free ice cream out of it."

Trier kissed the other's hand politely and helped him gather his things. "Alright then, let me take you home." He said, leading the other to his car.

He followed Trier. For some reason, he didn't completely feel comfortable with the other driving him home, but he wasn't going to argue. He was tired and didn't feel like walking at night anyway.

Trier sighed and got into the car after being sure the other was situated. "Tell me where." He said, smiling.

He nodded. "Um...just follow this road until I say when."

Trier nodded and did as he was told, driving a little under the speed limit to keep the other with him as much as he could.

"So, tell me about yourself," Christian said suddenly. He figured if he was going to be meeting him again, it would be best to know more about him. Up until now, he'd only spoken of himself and not learned anything about the other.

Trier thought a moment. "I don't know what all there is to know. I live with a friend and I am pretty much filthy rich, I like boys like you and I happen to have a fetish for ice cream?"

Christian raised an eyebrow. "That's all? You don't have any hobbies? What do you do for fun? You can't watch boys and eat ice cream all the time. You'd get fat, which you obviously aren't."

Trier smirked. "I know I am not fat. For fun I actually lamely like watching the beach."

He smirked. "You're one of those types that likes to take long, romantic strolls on the beach?" he said jokingly.

Trier blushed and nodded. "Actually I am, thank you much." He said, trying to keep his dignity in place.

He smiled. "There's nothing wrong with that. I like those too."

Trier twitched. "I don't believe you." He said with a pout.

He frowned. "Why would I lie?"

Trier laughed. "I was teasing you." He said. "Do you normally walk all this way?"

"Hm? Yeah, normally. I like walking." Christian smiled.

Trier raised an eyebrow, they had been on the road for quite sometime. "I .. didn't pass your house or anything I hope?" He asked, knowing that this would mean the other next to him would have had to of walked miles.

He blinked, looking at the street signs they passed. None of them looked familiar at all. "Um...I'm afraid so. I'm sorry." He smiled sheepishly, scratching the back of his head.

Trier smiled with a shrug. "It's okay. If we pass it again you can just stay at my place." He said, knowing full well to take him to his apartment he kept rather then his actual home.. he didn't want to run into his lover.

"Um...okay..." he said, feeling uncomfortable again. Just the thought of going to the other's house was very unsettling.

Trier doubled back at the nearest turning and went the actual speed limit this time. "Well.. thank you for comming with me to the ice cream parlor tonight."

"Oh, it's no problem. I mean, I should be thanking you. You're the one who paid for the ice cream after all." He smiled. He didn't know why he was being so much kinder all of a sudden.

"It's no problem.. don't forget to tell me the street." Trier said, reminding him with a carefree wave of his hand.

"Okay. It's the next street you're about to come up on," he said, pointing to the road.

Trier sighed, not wanting to take the other home, he turned down the street. "Tell me which house.'

"It's an apartment building. It's the white one coming up on the left," he said, looking out the window.

Trier pulled into it, parking the car. "Well, thank you again for comming with me. See you on Saturday?" He asked, looking into the other's eyes.

He blushed and nodded. "Yes. On Saturday." He got out of the car. "Well...goodbye," he whispered before shutting the door and heading to his apartment building.

Trier sighed. "No kiss for me.. oh well." He said, watching the other walk away to be sure he was in the building safely.

He looked back at the car, opening the door to the building. For some reason, it didn't feel final, the way he'd left so abruptly so he waved but that still didn't feel right. Blushing, he looked at his hand before bringing it to his lips and blowing him a kiss. Feeling foolish, he quickly ran in the building, shutting the door behind him.

Trier grinned and blew one back, knowing the other probably didn't see it. He went back to his empty house, knowing his lover was probably either working late or simply out probably cheating on him like he was just doing.It didn't matter, they were appearantly just together for a place to stay. He missed his lover though.. only a little. He wrote his lover a quick note before climbing into bed.

Syphax walked into the house, looking around in the darkness. He'd wondered if Trier was back yet, but for some reason he couldn't seem to care that much. He was tired from work and all he wanted was to go to sleep. Trier could be dead for all he knew and he couldn't have cared less. He just wanted to sleep. He walked into the bedroom and saw the lump that was Trier in his bed. "Oi. Is that you?" He shook Trier's shoulder.

Trier woke to his lover's voice. "No it's the damn boogieman.. of course it is me." He said, turning over so as to face completely away from the other and sigh irritably.

"Hm." Seeing his lover so irritable made a smile cross his face. He crawled on top of him, wrapping his arms around him. "Aww, I'm sorry, sweetie. I just thought you were a burglar or something. You can never be too careful these days, right?"

"Yep." Trier said somewhat shortly, rolling his eyes. He didn't mind the other's embrace, but he didn't see a point in it either. He allowed himself to be held, but didn't bother holding him back.

"Why are you being so grumpy?" his voice, changing from playful to disgruntled. He didn't know why but something was suspicious about his lover. What made him think this he couldn't quite put his finger on.

Trier sighed and held the other. "I am sorry, today has been tough, traffic sucked and so did work." He said, kissing him on the lips. It seemd that kissing with them was nothing mroe then a friendly way to greet one another anymore. "I am not going to be here tomorrow.. I am going to go to the beach and everything with a friend."

He frowned. So this is what he'd been unable to detect in his lover's actions. "A friend, huh?" his voice now sounded angry. "And who's this friend? I've never heard about any friends."

"Just because you haven't heard of them dosen't mean I don't have them." Trier said defensively. And it wasn't really a lie, he wasn't with Christian.. yet, but he was planning on that. He sighed. "Why so angry? It isn't like we ever do anything." He said, shrugging before turning back around.

He frowned. Just because they didn't do anything didn't mean that he wanted Trier doing things with someone else. He was extremely suspicious of this boy, especially since he'd never heard of him. "I don't care if we don't do anything. Besides, I expect you to tell me about your friends since I am your lover after all. Don't just keep me in the dark."

Trier growled, standing from the bed, grabbing his pillow and a blanket from the closet. "I don't ever make you tell me about your friends! What the fuck is so wrong with wanting to go out with someone other then your ass who's idea of a fun time is sitting here watching tv!? Or you know the other idea of ditching your lover to go hang out with your own damn friends? For fuck's sake I don't understand you!" Trier yelled as he stomaped out of the room. He hadn't meant to flip but his lover angered him.

The way Trier was yelling at him, he became even angrier than he was before. He got off the bed, following him into the other room. He refused to let his lover win this argument. "But I tell you who my friends are! I try not to seem suspicious. But you just go out whenever the fuck you feel like it, not even bothering to tell me where you're going or who you're with! So don't even get a fucking attitude with me! Especially since I only act this way because I care about you!"

"His name is Christian, what the fuck else do you WANT me to tell you? I dont fucking tell you because you don't fucking care! We haven't been romantic in years. It's like we woke up one day and just fucking stopped! If you fucking cared about me you would know that I need you to stop fucking yelling at me and acting like an asshole every time I say I want to do something, yet another reason why I never tell you! Your too fucking posessive!" Trier said, growling and standing. "In fact I doubt you have ever fucking cared." He went to the bedroom and grabbed his keys, heading for the door.

Normally, Trier's rants didn't mean this much. But when he talked about someone else...making it seem as if he wanted to leave him. He couldn't take it. He didn't want to be alone. Syphax ran to him, grabbing his wrist. "Stop! I do fucking care! If I didn't care, would I be this upset with you?!" he screamed, tears coming to his eyes. "I'm possessive because I don't want to lose you to someone else. Can't you fucking understand that?!"

"You do want to lose me to someone else! You never do care! I come home from work and I don't even get a 'How was your day' I just get a small wave and then you go and hang out with your friends." Trier said, tears down his cheek as he wrenched his arm from the other's grasp, leaving and slamming the door as he did, trying to unlock his car door with shaky fingers, tears blurring his vision.

"Trier!" he yelled, running after him to his car. He stepped in front of him, making it impossible for him to get into the car. "Stop it! Don't do this! I know I'm guilty of doing all those things to you and I'm sorry! I love you so much! Please don't leave me for someone else! I need you! Please don't..." He held onto the front of Trier's shirt, the tears falling rapidly now.

Trier was crying harder now too but he didn't want to keep doing this. He didn't want to come home to be ignored. "No! You know why!? Because we have fought about this before! And you say that you will fucking change but you never will! I don't fucking want this!" He pushed the other out of the way, finally getting the car to unlock, trying to open the door, finding it terribley difficult with tear wetted fingers.

"I LOVE YOU! DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?!" he screamed, falling to the ground beside the car. "I don't want you to leave me! Please don't do this to me! What am I without you? I'm nothing! Don't do this! If you leave now, you'll be taking away what's left of my heart with you! Please...just don't..." He crumpled to the ground, his head resting on the asphalt. He didn't care who saw him anymore, he just wanted his lover to come back to him. For things to be the way they had when they first started dating.

Trier did his best to ignore the other, getting into the car and starting it up. He as well felt that his heart was breaking as he drove out of the drive way but he just didn't care. Besides, he would rather be with soeone who showed emotion and didn't act as dull as a tree stump all the time. He choked back tears, almost debating on going to Christian's apartment if he could even find it himself. He just wanted to get some well needed rest. He turned his phone to silent and pulled into his apartment that he kept hidden from his lover for times such as these and went in, going straight to the bedroom to cry silently.

He laid on the ground, not getting up for about twenty minutes. He couldn't believe that this was it... It was over. Slowly, he lifted himself up off the ground, stumbling up to his now empty apartment. Everything seemed so bare and lonely now. Not bothering to take off his work clothes, he climbed onto the couch and started to sob, wrapping himself up in Trier's favorite blanket.

Trier woke groggily the next morning as he always did, turning his phone off before jumping in the shower to get ready for work. He felt lonely not waking up beside Syphax, but there wasn't anything he could do about that. Besides, the other was better off without him. He looked at his reflection in the mirror, glaring at his slightly puffy and reddened eyes. "Damn you." He whispered, wanting to tear up again but stopping himself. He showered lazily, getting out after enarly a half an hour, getting dressed and heading out to his car to go to work. He locked his apartment and drove , parking in his usual spot, sighing as he walked in a zombie-ish way to his office, checking his phone for any messages.

Syphax woke up the next day, staring at his phone. He'd left so many messages on Trier's cell phone and he'd never returned one. Not even one. It upset him so much. He closed his eyes, tears starting to fall again. He wanted him back so badly. He picked up his cell phone, dialing his number once more. He didn't expect him to pick up but he left him a message. "Hi, sweetie, it's me. I would really like you me back. I...I miss you," he sniffled. "Would you call me...maybe? I want us to go out to lunch together. Please? Um...alright. I'll talk to you later. Goodbye." He hung up, his tears falling once again.

Trier was finally on his lunch break and he looked at his phone. He sighed. When had all of these gotten there? he was annoyed but sad as he flipped through them. He couldn't help but feel that he needed the other.. at least until he coaxed Christian into being his own. He sighed and dialed the number to the other,knowing he wouldn't have to wait long for him to answer.

When he heard the phone ring, he dropped the food that he'd been fixing for himself in the kitchen. He ran to the phone, answering it as quickly as he could. "Hello? Trier? Baby, is that you?!"

"Yeah babe.. I.. I'm sorry.. and yes.. we.. can go to lunch.." he said, wincing at how it all seemed to him. Just a lie. But sometimes he needed lies to get foreward. "I still have an hour's lunch break if you want me to come and get you or something."

He sighed in relief. "I'm so glad. Um...we can go to that Japanese restaurant that you love so much. It's pretty close to where you work, right?" he said, a smile spreading across his face. "I'll pay for everything. Whatever you want."

"Sure babe. Give me just a minute and I will get you." He said sighing."Love you." He said as he hung up the phone, grabbing his keys and going out to his car. He drove to their place, getting out and knocking on the door, hoping the other was ready, he didn't want to wait around all day.

He sighed, smiling when he heard the knock at the door. He ran to it, opening it and hugging Trier tightly. "I'm so glad you're here!" he said, kissing his lover passionately.

Trier kissed him back, hugging him tightly. "Mnn I love you too!" He said, kissing him again. "I'm sorry baby we shouldn't have fought like that."

Syphax nodded, kissing him in return. "Let's never fight again! I love you too much to do that!"

Trier nodded in an empty promise. "Alright well.. let's go then." He said, hugging him tightly.

He nodded. He ran off to get his wallet then returned to Trier, smiling. He held onto his lover's hand. "Yeah, let's get out of here. I'm starving."

Trier kissed him on the cheek, getting into the driver's seat. "I never answered your messages because we arent allowed to have our phones on in the office."

Syphax felt like he was lying, but he merely nodded. "Anyway, I'm really glad we're getting this chance to talk. There's definitely some stuff we need to work out."

Trier nodded with a pout. "Yeah there is." He said, sighing. He pulled into the parkinglot of the resturaunt and got out, yawning as he walked up to the door whetherhis lover would follow him or not.

Syphax followed quickly behind him, frowning at how distant his lover seemed after their warm embrace. He'd hoped his lover would be more willing to work things out after a night apart, but it seemed that nothing was going to fix their situation. "'m really sorry about how I acted last night. I'm just always afraid that someone's going to take you from me.

Trier fought hard to not snap at his lover. "Yeah, obviosuly no one has done it yet I don't think that is going to happen." He said, sitting down. "I have an issue with your posessiveness though.."

His eyes looked down sadly as he took a seat across from Trier. "I know. I'm sorry. It's just hard for me. I'm really insecure and I... When I care about someone, I don't want anyone to take that person from me. I'll try harder not to be so protective's apart of who I am."

"I know honey its just.. I feel like I can't even go anywhere without upsetting you. But then you dont even seem to care... until I mention I am going with someone else... " Trier sighd, he didn't want to bring up the issue of how they never had sec, but he had a feelign that would be brought up too. Hell, there was so much they just didn't do.

He sighed sadly, shaking his head. "I don't mean to seem that way. Because I obviously do care. I wouldn't fight for you if I didn't." He shut his eyes. "I will try to show you how much I love you all the time, not just when you're with someone else. I promise."

"Honey you don't ever show me love. You show me posession...I mean the last time we really kissed or were even slightly intimate was our one year anniversary and its been three."

Syphax nodded. He reached his hand out to Trier's, resting it on top of his. "I'm sorry. Just give me this one last chance to try... Please?"

Trier nodded. "Yeah but I still get to go to the beach..." He felt his eyes widen. "SHIT that's later today! I forgot all about it." He said, not even sure why he came into work.. it was such a habbit and no one told him not to.. oh well he would get overtime hours. "Look can we talk about this when I get home? Let me drop you off and then we can talk later." Trier said, standing and picking up the check for their food.

Staring in surprise, he shook his head. His hnd held on tightly to his lover. "Trier, no! We need to talk about this now! This is important!" he yelled, feeling as if he was going to cry again.

"Honey.. we're fine.. there isn't anything that can;t just wait.." Hedidn't hold his lover back and was completely confused. Generaly his lover would have been all for letting him go off on his own. "Look, we're still together right?"He asked, wondering if that would be enouh to please him.

"Well...I hope we are," he said sadly. "But we're having problems, love. I know that and you know that. We need to work things out. I don't think this can wait."

"We're only having problems if you let us have problems." He said, still protesting. "Just please, let me go, it will make me so much more easier to tolerate when I come back..please?"

Tears ran down his face as he slowly released him. "I feel like you don't even want to try... Like you've just given up on us. Fine, go do what you want. But I'd appreciate it...if you didn't want to be with me...that you didn't keep giving me false hope."

"Your the one that wanted me to stay with you!" Trier said, sighing annoyed. "Just get in the fucking car and I will take you home."

Syphax sniffled, wiping away some of his tears. "...I do want to stay with you...but you don't even want to try anymore. So...if you really want to, I'll let you go," he whispered, looking down at the table. He wanted Trier to stay but with the way he'd been behaving lately he doubted it would happen.

Trier growled in frustration. "Heres money for a cab.. since you obviously dont fucking listen to me." He said, putting the money on the table. "I will be home okay? And we can tal this out." He said, leaving swiftly, getting in the car and anrgily driving away only to show up at Christian's apartment.

He sighed. The way his lover spoke, he knew he'd lost him forever. Holding back his tears until he got home, he caught a cab to take him back to their home.

Trier went up and knocked on Christian's door, hoping the other wasnt angry with him for being late.

Christian, who'd been waiting for Trier for quite some time now, was sitting on his couch nearly asleep. When he heard the knock at the door, he instantly knew who it was and answered it. "Well, it's about time you showed up," he said, hand on his hip.

Trier smiled. "Sorry had some family issues." He said, rolling his eyes." Well are you ready to go?" He asked, looking the other over.

He nodded, grabbing the bag of things he planned to take with him. "Family issues? Is someone in your family sick?" he questioned.

"No, just fighting." He said, sighing. "Used to it." He said, smiling suddenly. "I can't wait to see you in that suit." He said, grinning.

Christian stared at the other, wondering why type of issues he was having. But it seemed he didn't really want to talk about it so he didn't bother to bring it up again. "Well, you've seen me in less at work."

"I know but I just thought I would try to get a bit of a show." He said with a teasing wink. He opened the door for him. "Thank you though. for comming with me."

"Um...I don't perform when I'm not onstage." He got in the car, holding his bag close to him. "Yeah, it's no big deal. I wanted to go out anyway. I need something to do."

Trier pouted. "Awe, not fair. Oh well." He said, shrugging, driving them to the beach. "Did you bring sunscreen?"

He shook his head. "No, I didn't. I never do when I go to the beach."

Trier nodded. "You are lucky that I have some with me always." He said, rolling his eyes and pulling into the sandy covered parkinglot that was the beach. He kissed the other's cheek as he got out, grabbing things from the trunk of the car so that he could change into his own swim trunks which he did just there.

Christian got out of the car, following behind Trier. He smiled, looking up at the sun and stretching out his arms. "I'm so glad it's a nice day. The weather's just perfect."

Trier smiled. "Isn't it?" He asked, setting their stuff down at an apropriate spot. He grabbed the sunscreen. "Come here." He said, wanting to rub the screen into the other.

He looked at the other, stepping over to him. He set his bag down beside his. He wanted to just lay out in the sun but it seemed that Trier had other ideas.

Trier set to work, rubbing the sunscreen into the other's shoulder's and back.

He hadn't expected the other to start doing this, but he said nothing. He stared down at the ground, trying his hardest not to enjoy the feel of another's hands on him. It had been so long since he'd been touched this way it was difficult for Christian to keep himself under control.

"Hmm you have strong shoulders." He said, caressing the boy's shoulders and back.

He shuttered at his touch, shaking his head. "It's...because I have to lift myself up on the pole. Gives you great upper body strength." He laughed weakly, finding it difficult to keep his body under control.

Trier smiled, blowing air on the other's neck trying to make it unnoticable. "Well. your all lotioned.

Goosebumps formed on his skin, making him shutter and a small moan come from his mouth. He looked back at Trier, a light blush coming to his face. "Um...t-thanks."

Trier leaned forehward and blushed his lips against the other's cheek . "Alright, let's get in the water." hesaid, grinning as he stood.

"Um...I have to get my swim trunks on," he said quickly, running away from Trier.

Trier blinked. "Umm.. okay..." He said, raising an eyebrow and waiting for the other.

He went into one of the changing rooms along the beach, trying to calm himself down. He undressed, putting on his swim trunks. Then, once he was calmed down, he headed back out to Trier.

Trier grinned at the other. "Beautiful." He said, blowing him a kiss.

He shook his head, blushing. "Um...anyway, why don't we go in the water. It looks really nice, doesn't it?"

Trier nodded, grabbing the other by the hand and dragging him to said water. "Hmm ohh its nice." He said, closing his eyes as the warm water splshed over him.

He smiled, sitting down in the water and staring up at the sun shining down on them. "So beautiful..." he whispered.

Trier grinned and pulled the other into the water with him, playfully splashing him.

Christian laughed, shaking his head. "Hey! That's not fair! I wasn't ready!" he pouted.

Trier blinked and immediately began apologizing. "I am sorry dear.."

With this moment to strike, Christian tackled Trier, making him fall back into the water. "Ha! Never give your opponent an opening!" he giggled, playfully splashing water in his face.

Trier laughed and grinned, pulling the other against him, tickling his sides."Same to you!"

"Nooooo!" he squealed, trying to get away.

Trier grinned and tickled him more. "Yeeeesss!!!!"

"Get away!" he screamed out, kicking his legs about furiously.

Trier let him go alarmed. "Are you okay?"

"I'm free!" he proclaimed, running away from Trier before he could stop him.

Trier laughed. "you win!" He shouted, finding the other's actions cute. He wanted to run after him and kiss him, but he doubted the other would take to it well.

Christian looked back at him, laughing. "Aww, you give up too easily."

Trier grinned and tackled him, holding him tight.

"Agh! I should've seen that coming," he laughed, not trying to get away from Trier this time.

Trier kissed the other's neck, hoping he would be able to get away with it.. hoping the other would return his affections.

He blinked confusedly, not expecting the other to kiss him. Though he didn't protest, he made no movement to return it. Christian was still very unsure of whether he could trust this man or not.

Trier held the other little more light and kissed the outer shell of his ear. "You can move away if you want."

He looked down silently, shaking his head as if in deep thought. "I don't...know..." he whispered.

Trier let him go, not about to force him into anything. "Well.. I will let you make the choices then. How about we go get a sno cone?"

He smiled, nodding. "I'd love some. But I really need to be careful. If you keep buying me all these sweets I'm gonna gain weight."

Trier laughed. "You wont gain any weight, besides, snocones dont have many calories, and if there are any it isn't anything you can't work off in a second."

He smiled. "Alright, alright. You've convinced me." He moved away from Trier and headed out of the water.

Trier followed after him, eyes firmly where they perhaps shouldn't of been. He wanted the other to be happy.. but he was also growing tired. He wondered what else they could do. He sure as hell didn't want to go home yet.

Going over to where he'd left his things, Christian pulled out his wallet. "Well, since you paid for me last time, I'd like to pay for the sno cones. It'll be my way of paying you back."

Trier wouldn't let him. "How about you pay me back with a kiss?" He asked in the other's ear.

Christian pulled away from him, frowning. He knew that the man had an ulterior motive. "...No, I don't think so." He started to walk off, not really caring if Trier followed him or not.

Trier almost screamed in aggrivation, running after him. "Hey.. you didn't have to run away, all you had to say was no, thats fine and I wouldn't have pressed it.. I don't get it." He said, sighing.

He frowned, looking at Trier over his shoulder. "What don't you get? That I don't want to be treated like a common slut? You think just because you buy me a few things that gives you the right to do whatever you want to me? Well, it isn't!"

Trier raised an eyebrow. "I don't think your a slut.. I think your the most beautiful thing to me. If I wanted a slut I would find someone else. I give you those things because I want more then just a friendship with you. But whatever.. look I will take you home and you wont have to see me ever again." He said, sighing and rubbing the back of his neck in an angry fashion.

He frowned slightly, feeling bad suddenly? It was just that he'd become so used to people trying to use him for sex it was hard to trust others. Sighing, he looked at Trier and shook his head. "I'm sorry. I guess I...overreacted a little."

Trier looked up at the other sadly. "If I was going to do that I would have tried it already." he said, sighing evermore. "How about I take you home? I have obviously upset you."

"No! Really, it's fine." He sighed, running a hand through his hair. 'Good going, Christian. Now you've got him mad at you.' he thought. "Well, I dunno if this'll make sense to you but...since I'm a dancer it's hard for me to trust people, you see. It has nothing to do with you. I didn't mean to upset you, honestly. It was just me being overly defensive."

Trier nodded. "I know. I just.. don't know what to do anymore. I admit.. I brought you out here to try to be in a relationship with you.. but not to use you or anything. If you don't want one then.. I don't know .. we can stay friends of course."

He nodded, sighing. "I'm sorry. A friend is all I can really handle right now. With work and school, I don't really have time to have a relationship."

Trier nodded in defeat. "Yeah.. alright then. Well let's go then. I.. kind of want to go home and think." He said, feeling empty inside.

He frowned, seeing how upset the other was. "I...I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I..." he trailed off, not knowing how to console him.

"It's fine. I understand where you are comming from as well." He said, sighing sadly. "Well.. come on, I will drop you off and see you another time okay?"

"Atleast...let me buy you a sno cone before we leave?" he said innocently, grabbing hold of Trier's hand. He was truthfully sorry that he'd hurt him and felt he needed to make it up to him in some way.

Trier nodded sadly, sitting on the stool. "Thank you." He muttered, bearly able to even hear himself as he said it.

He sighed, shaking his head. Christian went to buy them both sno cones and when he returned, he handed Trier's to him. "I wasn't sure what flavor you wanted so I got cherry. I hope that's okay."

Trier smiled whoely at him. "thank you." e said, tasting it. "It's perfect."

He grinned, sitting beside Trier, hoping that he'd forgotten all about leaving. He had to admit, he really needed a day off.

Trier smiled a little more easily, licking at his cone. "So.. what were our plans for tomorrow?"

"Um...I still have the day off so nothing really," he said, looking up at the sky as he licked at his sno cone.

Trier nodded. "Well if you want to do anything then give me a call."

"Well...where would you want to go? I'd be more than happy to hang out again," he said.

"Maybe we can go out to eat or to the mall or something or to a movie."

"Hm. A movie sounds nice. I haven't been in a long time." He smiled, nibbling on his sno cone.

"Then a movie it is." Trier said happily, finally feeling better again. "So, I'm kind of tired.." He said, yawning.

"Oh... that mean you want to go back home?" he questioned.

"Well I have obviously not accomplished my goal for the day which was a kiss from you.. and we have been here a while.. swimming and having sno cones.. did you have somewhere else in mind?" Trier asked, drinking some of the juice from the cone.

"Um...I'm not really sure," he said, blushing as he thought about the little episode they'd had not too long ago. "I guess we could go clothes shopping. I need some new outfits."

"Oh, that would be good." He said, smiling. "Well then..what kind of clothing do you like exactly?"

"Um...I like a lot of different styles. I normally just go shopping and buy things I like. It doesn't matter what style it is, as long as I like it." He grinned.

Trier nodded in agreeance. "I know. I love wearing shorts.. I feel free in them."

Christian giggled, shaking his head. "I have to admit that I'm quite partial to skirts myself. I dunno. They're just so cute!"

Trier laughed. "You'd be adorable in a skirt.. I like some of that stuff you wear at work really.."

Christian frowned. "I don't wear that sort of stuff outside of work..."

Trier pouted. "You should wear some of those lace up shiny leather shirts.."

"Um...I'd wear a corset maybe," he said, thinking. "Oh, that'd look really cute with a short, plaid skirt with some bobby pins in it and a pair of boots!"

Trier grinned, blushing. "Yeah it would."

"Well, do you want to get out of here then? You don't seem to like it here too much," he said.

"And go where?" Trier asked, finishing his cone.

He smiled, giving Trier a wink. "To the mall, of course. So I can get some new clothes."

Trier felt a sudden guilty stab as his Syphax entered his thoughts. "Umm actually I was kind of wanting to get home.. you want to go tomorrow instead?"

Christian frowned, but nodded. He was afraid he'd put the other off in some way. "Um...yeah. Okay then," he said softly.

Trier smiled and kissed the other on the cheek. "Well, come on then.. I can't wait to go shopping with you tomorrow."

He nodded, getting up from the bench they sat on and finished his sno cone. "Okay then. Let's get out of here."

Trier lead him to the car and sighed as he put their things in the trunk. "Well, I had fun today.. and I really hope you did to." He said, buckling up and smilng faintly.

He nodded, smiling. "Yes, I had fun. And I'm looking forward to tomorrow as well."

Trier smiled and drove the other home. "Give me a call tomorrow when your ready." He said, pausing, hoping to not mess up his chances with the other.

Christian nodded, looking down. "Hey, I just realized, I don't actually have your number. Do you have a pen and some paper?"

Trier nodded, grabbign a notebook from his work case and tearing out a paper, putting his name on it with his number. "Here." He said, looking into the other's eyes as he held it out.

He took the paper, smiling as he looked down at the number written on it. "Do you want mine?" he asked.

Trier nodded, smiling gently. "Yes please, that would be appreciated."

He took another piece of paper and scribbled his number down with the pen Trier had used. "Here you go," he said, grinning.

Trier accepted it, putting it into his wallet. "So I will see you tomorrow?" He asked, not wanting the other to leave.

Christian nodded. "That's right. I'll be looking forward to it." Blushing, he leaned forward and gave Trier a quick kiss on the cheek before hopping out of the car and heading to his apartment, waving to him before going inside.

Trier blew him a kiss and sighed happily, driving home. As soon as he pulled into his driveway his good mood vanished as he got out, yawning and going in, wondering what Syphax was up to.

Syphax, who had been sitting alone on the couch while Trier was gone, looked up when he heard the door open. His eyes were puffy and bloodshot when he saw his lover. He was beginning to wonder if he could even call him his lover anyway. He had run off to play with some new boy after all. He did not say anything, just looked down at the book that sat in his lap and pretended to read it, biting back his tears.

Trier sighed at the state of the other. "Hey.." He said, kissing his cheek. "See? I wasn't gone so long." He sighed irritably and sat across from the other. "So tell me.. what else do we need to talk about again?" He asked, laying back on his chair.

He shook his head, fearing that if he spoke his tears would be set free. Syphax saw no reason to try and fix things anymore. It was all over after all. Trier didn't want him anymore.

Trier sighed and shruggged. "Fine you want to be difficult then be fucking difficult." He said, getting up and going to the bathroom to shower, slamming the door behind him as he did. He looked at himself in the mirror , hating his very reflection.

At Trier's hateful behavior, he felt the tears begin to flow. He shuttered, shoulders shaking as he began to sob. "Trier..." he whispered softly, getting up and heading to the bathroom. He knocked on the door. "Trier.... Do you hate me now?" he called, his hand resting on the door.

"I don't fucking know, your the one that wanted to talk, I tried to talk and you wouldn't so I would think you're the one who hates me." He yelled through the bathroom door, sighing. "If I open the door can we talk?"

Syphax nodded, but then realized that Trier couldn't see him. "Um...y-yes," he replied quietly, backing away from the door. His lover's harsh tone had frightened him.

Trier opened the door, scowling a little. "Now talk." He said, sighing. "What is the main problem?"

Syphax nodded, eyes refusing to meet Trier's. "The main problem is...that we just don't seem to be clicking the way we used to..."

"You think?" Trier asked with a snort. "If your trying to break up with me then you just better do it. Stop fucking leading me on."

He shook his head. "No. I'm not trying to lead you on. I want to try and fix things. I want us to go back to the way we used to be," he said, looking up at him with tears in his eyes. "I don't want us to be this way anymore. I promise I'll change. I'll do whatever it takes."

Trier smiled and kissed him gently. "Then the first thing you need to do is not worry about who I go out with."

"I...I'll try. But I can't help it. I'm jealous only because I care about you," he said, blushing.

"I know, but there's no reason I can't have friends." He said, hugging the other.

"That's true..." he said quietly, snuggling against his lover's chest. "I want us to be close again, Trier," he said softly.

"We can be.." He said kissing him on the lips."And I am sorry for all of this."

He nodded, returning the kiss and smiling. "It's okay. I forgive you. And I'm sorry for all the things I did too."

Trier smiled and kissed him. "I hope you don't mind I am haning out with Christian for a while tomorrow, I am going shopping."

Syphax held back the scowl that wanted to form. Instead, he said, " Do you mind if I come along? Maybe if I met your friends and got to know them better I wouldn't feel as uncomfortable when you hang out with them."

Trier knew that if he didn't then his lover would probably be angry with him so he nodded and sighed. "Sure."

Glad that he was getting his way, Syphax smiled and pressed a gentle kiss to his cheek. "Thank you so much! And I promise you can come and hang out with my friends next time," he said.

Trier nodded. "Thank you honey. Well I am going to get my shower." He said.

Feeling bold since it seemed that they'd made up, Syphax said. "Do you mind if I join you?" A coy smile crossed his lips.

Trier smirked as he realized that he hadn't had sexual release in ages. He shrugged. "Do what you will." He said, stripping down.

Blushing, he took off his clothes as he walked inside the bathroom. When he clothes were all gone, he looked up shyly at Trier, waiting for him to get in the shower first.

Trier did so, immediately lathering up in the shower, smilng as he did so. "Mnn this water is nice."

Syphax had to admit that he'd greatly missed being intimate with his lover. He climbed into the shower beside Trier, running his hand up and down his back. "Mm. You look so hot like this," he whispered, placing small kisses up and down his spine, remembering how much he liked to be touched there.

Trier arched into the other's touches, turning around to kiss him, moaning soft as he did. "I missed this." He said, but in the back of his mind he couldn't help but think of Christian.

Syphax sighed happily, glad that it seemed his lover had returned to the way he used to be. He kissed his lips, murmuring the words, "As did I." He held him close, wanting to feel skin against skin. Because of their lack of intimacy, he wanted to feel as if their bodies were conjoined to one another.

Trier kissed him hard and ground their lower halfs together. He felt so on fire and so needy for the other.

He ran his fingers through Trier's hair, kissing him as hard as he could. His tongue slid into the other's mouth, moaning loudly.

Trier kissed the other back, hands sliding down him and to his behind, pressing fingers to his entrance. It was ahrd to remember which of them was dominant anymore.

Syphax gasped, spreading his legs further apart. It felt so good to have his lover inside of him this way. He moaned into Trier's mouth, hands running up and down his arms.

Trier groaned as he pressed his fingers harder into the other. He couldn't help but want this physical attraction that they still had.

He shut his eyes, easing his hips back towards Trier's fingers. He dug his nails into his skin, wanting him to replace his fingers with something much larger.

Trier very much gave into the other's wanting, pushing into him and kissing his neck with a slight suckle as he did so.

"Oh God..." he moaned out, his eyes opening slightly to gaze up at Trier. It felt so good... He moved his hips, wanting to feel him deeper inside.

"Been.. so long." Trier said, groaning as he fit himself completely inside the other, kissing him hard on the lips.

He moaned out loudly, pushing Trier against the wall. He moved his hips faster, wanting to be brought to his climax soon.

Trier thrust hard and fast, knowing full well that neither of them were going to last long at all. He called out loudly as the tightness seemed to grip him ever tighter. "Oh.. close.."

Syphax reached between there bodies and started to stroke himself, groaning. The feeling of his hand on his aching erection only multiplied his pleasure.

Only a few more thrusts was needed before Trier spiralled over the edge, making himself cry out and come when deep inside the other. "Syphax!"

He captured his lover's lips in a passionate kiss as he too reached his climax. He moved his hand up and down his cock as the blinding passion took over him.

Trier held Syphax close, kissing him soundly. "So.. I missed you." He said, smiling as his orgasm slowly wore off, letting him feel all of the affects.

He smiled happily, kissing his warm, wet chest. "I missed you too, Trier... I love you," he whispered, feeling happier than he had in a long time.

"I love you too." Trier said even as he could tell there was a slight emptiness to his words.

Syphax noticed this, but decided not to say anything. They'd just made up, so there was no reason to make matters worse by arguing again. He moved away slowly from Trier, holding onto his hand. "Should we get out now?"

Trier nodded, hugging the other in a more loving embrace, kissing him. "So... we get to cuddle?"

He smiled, nodding in return. "Whatever you want, my love."

Trier held the other close. It was the least he could do. He was surpised though. Syphax used to be so.. powerfull.. controlling, that was why he had fallen in love with him. He didn't know what to make of this new version of his lover.

Syhax slowly pulled away from Trier's arms. Getting out of the shower, he got towels for them both and handed one to his lover. He started to dry himself off.

Trier dried and lead himself to their bedroom, dressing in only underwear and a pair of sweatpants. He yawned and stretched, wondering where his lover would want to go after the shower.

Once he was dry, he followed Trier into the bedroom and, not bothering to get dressed, laid down beside him. He wrapped his arms around him, smiling contentedly.

Trier snuggled against the other, happy that they were at least cuddling in bed again for once. It made him happy to know that. But he was also very much mising his old version of his lover. Not to mention he would have rather been with Christian at the moment.

Syphax could sense that there was something wrong with his lover.. Frowning, he looked up at him, thinking that it was his fault. "Is something the matter, sweetie?" he asked.

"Well yes.. but I don't want to get into another debate.. I just.. your not like you used to be."

He frowned, sighing. He was trying so hard to please Trier and yet...he still wasn't good enough. It made him feel insignificant. "...I'm trying, darling... I just want to make you happy..."

Trier smiled and kissed him. "I know its just.. I miss how you were when you were the dom ni the relation. We seem to have completely switched roles."

" don't like things being this way?" he said softly, looking down sadly. He felt tears about to come once more.

Trier sighed. "It isn't that I don't like it.. I just.. need domaination adn controll. it is odd you being like this.. I like it.. I just dont like being in controll."

"So you don't want me to be like this either?" he said softly. "I don't know, Trier. This is really hard. It's like, if I'm too dominant I push you away and if I'm not dominant enough you get turned off."

"That isn't the point! I just want you to be like you." Trier said with an aggrivated sigh.

He sighed, frustratedly running a hand through his hair. "I am being me, Trier. This is me when I'm scared of losing someone I care about."

"But your not going to lose me, so why are you afraid?" Trier asked eaqually, not wanting to argu anymore.

He shook his head. "I don't know. I told you, I'm just scared, Trier...." He closed his eyes, covering his head with the blankets.

Trier pulled the blankets down just enough to kiss his lover on the lips before holding him close. "You will see. You have nothing to fear."

He sighed, wrapping his arms around Trier. "I certainly hope not..."

"I love you." Trier whispered, kissing the other on the forehead. He wasn't sure if he meant it but he knew he wanted the other to at least cheer up. He held him tight.

"I love you too, Trier. You know that, right?" He looked up at him, the look in his eyes revealing his deepest emotions.

Trier smiled as sincere as he could, finding those old emotions to display to him as a mask. "I know. And I really do love you."

Somehow, Trier's words seemed forced to him, but he said nothing. "I suppose we should get some sleep..." he said, closing his eyes and snuggling up to the other man.

Trier smiled, playing with his lover's hair and he closed his eyes to do said action.

Syphax said nothing as he fell into a dreamless slumber.

Trier woke the next morning, yawning and leepily going to the bathroom to brush his teeth and comb out his hair. "Hmmm, Syph, love.. if we're going we need to get up. I have to call Christian.." He said, blindly looking for his cell.

He looked up, hearing his lover talking to him. When the name Christian was mentioned, he blinked confusedly. "Who?"

"The guy we are going shopping with." He said, yawning.

"Oh, yes... Your friend..." he murmured. He crawled out of bed, heading into the bathroom to get washed as well. Syphax was very worried about this. What if all of his presumptions about Trier and this "friend" were exactly as he'd thought?

Trier smiled and got dressed in nice clothing before fixing his hair and looking to find his lover. "Are you sure you want to go?"

"Hm?" Syphax peeking his head out of the bathroom. "Of course I want to go. I told you I'm going to learn to be a better lover. I have to start somewhere, right?"

"Yeah."Trier said, smiling. "So, let us get going." He said, kissing him and calling Christian on the phone.

Syphax finished getting dressed before heading out into the living room and waiting for Trier to reach his friend.

Christian, who was nowhere near being ready, sleepily reached for his phone as it lay beside him on his bed. "Mmm. Hello?" he murmured, surpressing a yawn.

"Hey, are you ready to go?" He asked, grinning. "I hope you don't mind if I bring someone along with us."

He looked at the clock, surprised at how late it was. "Oh my God... I'm so sorry, Trier, I'm not even out of bed yet. Give me about half an hour to get ready?" he said, already climbing out of bed.

"Alright. But hurry because we will be over there soon." He said, smiing at the sound of the other's voice.

"Okay. I'll see you in about 30 minutes," Christian said, smiling, before hanging up.

"So, are we leaving now?" Syphax asked, taking his lover's hand in his.

"In a few minutes, he said to give him a half an hour." He said, kissing his lover. "Are you ready?"

Syphax nodded, smiling. "Yes, I'm ready. I'm a little hungry, but ready."

"We have time for breakfast if you want me to make you something."

"That sounds good," Syphax said, heading towards the kitchen. "What're you gonna make me?" He grinned.

"Well whatever you want." He said, smiling. "Eggs.. bagles.. anything."

"Um...bacon and eggs sounds good!" he said.

Trier smiled and began to cook the other the bacon. "What kind of eggs?" He asked, grabbing out the carton of them.

"Scrambled," he said, going to get some bread and putting it in the toaster.

Trier mixed the eggs together for his lover and put them in the pan, seasinging them with salt and pepper.

Syphax took a seat, waiting for his food to be finished. "Are you going to make anything for yourself?" he asked.

Trier nodded, scooping the eggs onto the plate. "Of course, I want to eat with you." He said, kissing his lover's cheek as the bacon and egs were done.

When the toast in the toaster was done, Syphax went to get it. He spread butter on his toast and then went to eat it.

Trier sat to the table. "Hmm this is nice.. we deffinately haven't eaten breakfast together for a while." He said, blushing. He really meant it. Even if he wished Christain was here, Having his lover here was just as fine with it.

He nodded. "Yes, I know. It's been quite a long time." He ate his eggs, reaching out and taking Trier's hand in his. "I think...I'd like to do this more often. Well, when we have time, that is."

Trier kissed his lover's hand. "Of course."

He grinned happily, looking at Trier. "I'm glad we were able to work things out, love," he said softly.

"I am as well." He said, going to the refrigerator." Do you want any milk?"

"No, but I would like some orange juice," he said.

Trier poured the other a tall glass of orange juice, re-taking his seat as well after pouring himself some. "How are the eggs?"

He grinned, nodding. "They were good. I'd forgotten that you were a pretty decent cook."

Trier laughed. "Glad that you know again." He said, sticking his tongue out at the other.

He chuckled, sticking his tongue out at the other in return. "Oh, leave me alone!" he said, pouting cutely.

Trier kissed him. "Hmnnnn.. well i am done, so hurry up slow poke"

He finished off his breakfast, putting his dirty silverware in the dishwasher. "Alright, let's get going then."

He lead the other into the car, starting it up and suddenly becomming excited.

Syphax sat beside his lover, smiling widely. "I'm looking forward to meeting this friend of yours."

Trier smiled. "You'll love him." He insisted, driving to Christian's house.

"Oh really?" Syphax raised an eyebrow. "What makes you say that?"

"You just will." He said, getting out of the car, going to the door and knocking.

Christian, who had just finished getting ready, came out and smiled at Trier. When he eyes rested on Syphax, he blinked confusedly. "Um...who is that?" he said, pointing to the unknown face.

Trier smiled. "i told you I would be bringing a friend along. That is Syphax." He said, not eleborating anymore.

Syphax frowned. Is that all he was? A friend?

Christian noticed the distressed looked on the other's face. Was Trier telling him the truth. "'s get going."

"Cool!" Trier said, cheering suddenly. He opened the door for the other. "Hmmnn so which store first?" He asked them.

"Well, if you don't mind me driving a know a place downtown. It'd be easier if I didn't have to give you directions the whole way," Christian said.

Trier shook his head. "No way man I want to drive." He said, pouting.

"Aww! No fair!" Christian said, clinging to Trier's arm. He'd completely forgotten about Syphax.

Syphax's eyes widened when he saw the way this boy clung to his lover. "Ahem!" he coughed, casting a glare at the both of them.

Trier raised and eyebrow at Syphax. "What?" He questioned, laughing. "Fine Syph, you can drive." He said, opening his door to get in the back with Christian.

Syphax stared in amazement. "I'm not your chauffeur," he hissed, but climbed into the driver's seat anyway. He slammed his door shut, seething with anger.

"Your the one who wanted to fucking drive." Trier said evenly, nto wanting to get into an argument.

"That's not what I- Nevermind..." he muttered, starting up the car and driving off. "Stupid fucker..." he said to himself.

Christian frowned, looking at Trier. "Um...are you okay?" he asked.

Trier nodded. "Yeah I am fine, this one and I don't ever not argu though." He said, smiling and kissing Syphax's cheek before sitting back in his seat. "So this shopping should be fun."

Christian frowned somewhat, wanting to ask Trier about what went on between them but decided to wait till later. "Hm? Oh, yeah. It should be." He smiled weakly.

Trier smiled and looked at Christian happily. "Hm so what exactly did you like to whear again?"

"Hm? Oh, I like a lot of different stop. But this particular shop we're going to specializes in...fetish clothes," he said, blushing slightly.

Syphax's grip on the wheel tightened. Needing to disrupt this conversation before it went any further, he said, "Where do I turn?"

"Oh, just keep going straight till I say so," Christian said, smiling.

Trier laughed. "Hmm I like fetish things. leather is soo fun!" He said, laughing to himself. Flahses of the boy beside him on the stripping pole ran through his mind.

Christian nodded. "Yeah, they are. Are you going to buy anything for yourself?"

"I may I don't know yet." Trier said with a shrug. "I don't think anyone wants to see me in leather."

Christian touched his arm gently. "Aww. Don't say that. I'm sure there's someone." He looked at the back of Syphax's head, wondering if he would say anything.

Syphax was far too focused on trying not to start a fight to even speak.

"Maybe." He smiled. "How far is it?" He asked, laying back in the seat and yawning.

"Not too much further. Oh, when you get up to this next street, make a left turn," Christian said.

"Of course, sir. Right away, sir," he said sarcastically.

Trier narrowed his eyes. "you know Syphax, I dont mind you talking to me like that, but you will not treat Christian in that way." He said, glaring at the other.

"Whatever," he grumbled, turning down the road that Christian had pointed out.

Christian sensed Syphax's hostility, his assumptions about the two of them seeming even more real. "No, it's okay, Trier. It's not a big deal."

Trier sighed. "If you say so." He siad, wanting them to be at the store already.

Christian looked out the window and pointed to a brick-covered store with black curtains in the window. "That's the place! You can park right in front."

Syphax said nothing, just parked the car and got out.

Trier got out as well. He knew he shouldn't of let his lover come with. He sighed and walked next to Christian. "Ohh bright pink eh?"

"Bright pink?" Christian looked at him confusedly. "What are you talking about?"

Trier laughed. "Oh nothing, just my dirty mind at play." He said, laughing. "You'd be adorable ni bright pink."

Syphax grabbed Trier's arm, pulling him aside. "What in God's name are you thinking?" he hissed.

Trier rolled his eyes. "Forgive me for complimenting my fucking friend. Your the one that's been pissy ever since we fucking picked him up!" He said, trying to not shout.

"That's because you've been acting really suspicious, Trier. You don't treat him like he's just a friend," he said, scowling.

Trier rolled his eyes."You just dont get it."He said, storming off to walk besides Christian.

Syphax shook his head. He stormed off to the car, locking himself inside.

" everything alright?" Christian asked.

"Yeah.. its fine. I suddenly don't want to shop anymore though. Do you think we could get into a cab and go to your place or somthing?"

"Um...what about your friend?" he questioned.

Trier shrugged. "He has the keys." He said, glaring at said person in the car.

He blinked, frowning. "Um...the two of you had a fight?" he questioned.

"Yep, and it isn't like it is anything new."

"I'm sorry... I feel like I caused it..." he said, looking at the other who still sat in the car.

"You didn't cause anything. He is just.. overly jealous at every little thing I do."

Yet again, Christian was suspicious. A frown formed on his face. "Why on Earth would he need to be jealous? Are the two of you seeing each other?"

Were seeing eachother." He coreected him. "Don't worry about that. It isn't lie you care anyhow." He said, turning around and walking the other way. "Follow if you want. I am probably just going to go get drunk somewhere and move back into my damned apartment." He said with a shrug.

He glared, eyes staring at Trier's retreating back. "What are you saying? were leading me on! You flirted with me when you were with him!" he yelled.

"Like you fucking care." Trier said with a shrug. "Besides, if you ever said yes I was going to break up with him. It isn't like we had anything. He fucking hates me, it dosen't fucking matter. Go ahead, join the hate fest." He said, continuing to walk.

He glowered, grabbing a hold of Trier's wrist. "How do you know how I felt, hm? I'm a stripper for God's sake! You don't think it's hard for me to take down the wall I've built up?"

Trier smiled sadistcially. "I know you don't fucking care, you told me so yesterday. Hey look since you both fucking hate me, maybe you all should go out." He wrenched his arm from the other's grasp and continued walking.

He glared angrily, throwing himself at Trier and tackling him to the ground. "I fucking lied, alright? I like you, Trier. I like you...a lot..." he said quietly.

"Oh, but I am the bad guy considering I was still with someone when I persued you though, right?" He asked, narrowing his eyes as the other was atop of him.

He frowned, sighing. "Well, it certainly doesn't make me trust you anymore right now... But that doesn't change how I felt when I...thought you were single."

Trier allowed a soft smile to grace his lips."Well. Where do we go from here?" He asked quietly. "I wont have anything to do with him if you will be with me."

He looked up at him with concern and fear. "...Can I really trust you to mean that? I mean, after seeing the way you treated that guy..."

"Yes you can. I know you may not think that but you can. I treated him that way because I didn't want to be with him. I want to be with you though."

He sighed, shaking his head. "It's hard...for me to trust you... It's hard for me to trust anyone, in fact. I would like to see more of you, Trier. I'm just not...ready for a relationship. Maybe we could just date for now?"

Trier nodded. "Of course. Well. I think I need to be heading home though. At least get away from him. And.. you are more then welcome to come over once in a while you know? You have my cell number so call me and I can give you directions, right now I need to move out of his house." Trier said,sighing and getting up from under the other, hailing a cab.

"Um..." Christian looked at the place where the car had been parked, seeing that it was gone. "Well...alright then. Goodbye."

Trier smiled, kissing him on the cheek before getting in the cab. "Will you get home alright?" He asked, offering him the cab as well.

"Hm? Oh crap..." he grumbled, realizing that his ride had disappeared with the car. Running a hand through his hair, he contemplated walking. But he wanted to spend more time with Trier, and this was a perfect excuse. "Well, do you mind if I ride in the cab with you?"

"Of course not. Hop in." He said, sliding over. "I will have him drop you off first if you like." He said, smiling at the other.

"Yeah, I'd like that," he said quietly, climbing in beside Trier. He twiddled his fingers as the car started to pull away, not sure how to start conversation after all the drama that had just taken place.

Trier was just as nervous, he tried to slips his hand in the other's.

Christian jumped in surprise at the hand lightly touching his. But, relaxing somewhat, he looked over and intertwined their fingers.

Trier smiled, caressing the other's hand in his own and refraining from doing much more so as to not scare him away like he had countless times. "So, you'll call me later?" He asked as they pulled in front of Christian's house.

He grinned, nodding. He didn't want to let go of his hand just yet... "Yes, I will. So...I guess this is my stop..." He reached into his pocket with his free hand, getting out his cab fare.

Trier smiled. "I'll pay for it. You just go okay?" He said, looking into the other hopefully, wanting to kiss him."

Christian looked up at him, blushing. He put his money back in his pocket, nodding. "Um...okay then," he said softly, starting to get out of the car.

Trier tugged his hand. "I know.. this is sudden, but could I .. get a kiss?" He asked, blushing as well.

He blushed, eyes searching Trier's. Quietly, he nodded and leaned forward to give him a kiss on the lips.

Trier kissed him back , a quick and almost chaste kiss with merely a touch of intimacy. He smiled and let the other's hand go finally. "Call me okay?" He said, shutting the door.

"I will..." he said, watching Trier's cab pull away. He hated to admit it, but he really wanted the man to come inside with him..

Upon returning home Trier went to his room, immediately gathering clothing, putting everything into suit cases, going as fast as he could to avoid conflict with the other.

Syphax heard Trier's return and looked out at him from the bedroom. He came out, hugging the pillow Trier had slept on the night before to his chest. "...You're leaving?" he asked quietly.

Trier was going to ignore him but decided against it. "Yes." He said, gathering more things, not thinking about how the other held the pillow to his chest. He knew full well that it was the pillow he had used the night before but he didn't want to upset the other further.

Knowing that there was no way he could stop him this time, he sighed, shaking his head. "....I'm sorry...we couldn't work this out..." he said, tears coming to his eyes.

"There isn't anything I can do about that." Trier said, grabbing clothing from the dresser.

"I know," he said softly. "I'm not fighting you anymore, Trier. It's pointless. I just...want you to know that I love you...I do."

"Whatever." Trier said, ignoring the other. He smiled and went and got everything else. "Let's see.. I think Ihave everything... yep." He turned around and began loading his things into a different car they held in the garage. He came back in and looked around. "Alright, here's the other key." He said, setting it on the table.

He walked over to the table, picking up the key. "Please...don't be so cold..." he whispered. "Don't act like this morning never happened... Don't act like we weren't happy. It hurts enough already."

"How the hell am I supposed to act? We were happy once, but we obviously aren't anymore. I will see you around maybe..doubt it but you never know. You never cared either so stop pretending you did." He said, rolling his eyes and leaving the house, going out to the car to be sure everything was strapped in.

"I did care. You can't tell me how I-" he stopped, realizing that he was raising his voice. "No...nevermind. Goodbye, Trier. I do hope I see you around... And when we meet again, because we WILL meet again, that we can work things out and maybe get back together."

"What part of 'I am leaving you for Christain' do you not understand?" Trier asked, finding his lover was starting to scare him with the posession.

"I understand that. I'm letting you go, aren't I?" he said, backing away from him, the pillow still clutched to his chest. "But I don't have to just accept it. I love you...but apparently that doesn't mean a thing."

Trier sighed. "Lying isn't going to help a thing." He said, hugging the other and kissing him one last time on the cheek. "Goodbye." He said, getting into the car and driving to his hotel room.

Sighing, Syphax turned his back, biting back tears. He wanted his lover to turn around and pull him into his arms. But he was no longer his lover. Trier was nothing to him anymore...

Trier pulled into his apartment, feeling free for once. He unpacked as quickly as he could.

Syphax walked back into his lonely apartment, staring down at Trier's pillow that was still in his arms. He felt so empty and alone... Unable to hold back the tears anymore, he pressed his face into the cool pillow and cried.

Trier felt slightly sad but it was for the better, at least he was no longer cheating on anyone. He sighed and set everything up, relaxing on his bed, deabting on whether or not to call Christian. He pulled out his phone and looked at it.

Christian, at the same time, was staring at his phone, wondering whether he really wanted to call Trier. He didn't want to seem too needy or clingy...but he wanted to talk to him. It had been only a few hours since they'd last seen each other but he was already longing to meet him again.

Trier smiled and couldn't help it. Perhaps Christian would get his mind off the other man. He dialed the number, crossing his fingers in hope to reach the other.

When the phone rang, Christian nearly dropped his phone in surprise. He'd been staring at it so intently, but he hadn't actually expected the person he'd been thinking about to call him. He was still quite happy that he had though. Answering in a bright voice, he said, "Hello? Trier?"

"Hey. I am moved into my new apartment now. Um.. you want to maybe come over?" Trier asked, not sure if that would be out of line. "Or we could go out to eat or something."

"Um...that's sounds okay..." Christian looked down, somewhat disappointed. He really had wanted to go shopping. "Um...I guess going out to eat would be okay. Then I could swing by your place I suppose. I don't have work tonight."

"Sure, and then.. the next day off we can continue our shopping trip. Hell if we have time after dinner we can go then." Trier said, grinning, happy to hear the other.

"Yeah! I'd really been looking forward to going shopping," he said, smiling brightly. "So, when do you want to meet? And what type of place do you want to eat at?"

"Come over when you can and from here I will take you to eat and then shopping." Trier said, laughing softly at the other's enthusiasm.

He nodded, grinning broadly. When he realized the other couldn't see him, he said, "Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Would you like me to come over now?"

"As obsessive as that might sound.. yes." Trier said, smilnig even more. "And do hurry."

Christian laughed. "Thanks okay. Anyway, I need directions to this new apartment of yours."

"Thirteen thirty on thirty second street... lots of threes, you think you can find it with just that?"

Christian blinked, then giggled. "That's funny so I should have no trouble remembering it. Yeah, I'll be fine."

"Alright, see you soon." He samiled and made a kissy noise into the phone before hanging up, getting casually dressed in dressy dark blue jeans and a shirt.

Christian giggled at the kissy noises he made, then hung up. He wasn't exactly what he should wear, but he decided on a pair of tight blue jeans and his favorite, tight, grey t-shirt decorated carefully with black splotches that looked almost like ink. When he was dressed, he caught a cab to Trier's apartment. Finding his apartment with surprising ease, he knocked on the door, waiting for him to answer.

Trier smiled as he answered the door, looking the other over. "You look nice. Do come in, I am almost ready." He said, unable to hide his smile.

Christian nodded, walking inside the apartment and taking a seat. He looked around. "Are you planning on decorating the place?" he asked.

Trier smiled. "I don't see why, I am not big into decorating." Trier said with a shrug. "Would you like a drink?" He asked, brushing his hair and moving to find hsi shoes.

"Hm? Oh, I guess I could use a glass of water, if you don't mind." He looked around the apartment, mind wandering. "With a little paint, this place could look really spectacular."

Trier grabbed a glass and poured ice water in it. "Umn.. yeah maybe, but I am the only one that has to see it so.. yeah."

Christian smirked, looking back playfully at Trier. "You don't know that. I might come to visit you more often. And I certainly don't want to spend my time looking at boring, white walls."

Trier laughed. "Alright alright.. hmm how about this.. how about we.. do something kind of couple-like and we make a project out of painting the walls?" He asked, leaning down to hand the other his water, lookingat him intently. The idea sounded very nice to him.

Christian took a sip of his water and nodded, smiling up at Trier. "That sounds nice. But I think we should save that for another day. I've been looking forward to clothes shopping since yesterday."

Trier smiled. "I know.."He stole a kiss from the other's lips. "Come on then." He said, grabbing the other's hand to lead him to the door.

Christian followed behind him, leaving his glass of water on the coffee table. He intertwined his fingers with Trier's, actually feeling like they were a real couple.

Trier smiled, opening the door for the other as they got to the car. "This will be fun." He said enthusiasticall, getting in on his side as well.

Christian nodded, as he got into the car. "So, back to the place where we were before?" he asked.

Trier nodded, smiling to the other. "Yes." He said,driving to the said shopping store as he had paied attention to where it was.

Christian just looked out the window, thinking of all the different outfits he would try on once he got to the store.

Trier smiled. "Here we are." He said going to the other's door to open it for him, offering him a hand to get out.

Christian climbed out of the car, grinning happily. "Thanks," he said, looking at the store front. "You're welcome to pick out things you'd like to see me wear," he said, winking playfully.

Trier smiled. "WHat if that means nothing?" He asked just as playfully, wrapping an arm around the other's waist.

Christian laughed, shaking his head. "Well, I don't know if I'm willing to go that far just yet. But you can pick out any cute clothes that you see. I like to model," he giggled, opening the door of the shop.

Trier laughed and kissed his cheek. "Hmnnnn.. what's your favorite thing to wear? I think I want to see you in different ranges of things.....something cute and school boyish and then.. well something maybe just completely slutty.. and then.. something in leathery feels..."

He walked inside the store, grinning broadly. "Well, they have a lot of things like that here. I have a lot of different styles so it's hard to say what type of things I like to wear. Um...pick something out and I'll tell you if I like it."

Trier's first item was a pair of tight black jeans and a small dark green shirt that would cling to the other's form. His next was a leather outfit, the pants clung to his hips and the shirt zipped in the front. The last one he chose was a sweatervest which he thought would look amazingly cute over some regular slacks. "Any of these?"

"Um..." He looked through the things Trier had picked out. "I like the leather thing. That's sexy. And...I like the jeans. I don't think I'm too fond of the vest though," he said.

Trier smiled, thinking he grasped what the other was wanting. He found a mesh shirt that matched the other's eyes and a pair of the same color pants but the mesh was a little stronger so it wasn't completely see through.. not that he would mind.

He looked at the outfit, laughing. It looked like something he would wear at work. But he saw no harm in trying it on. "You want me to put this on?" he said, already taking the clothes in his arms and heading towards the dressing room.

Trier smiled and followed after him, respectfully standing outside the door.

"I'll be back in a second," he said, winking as he walked into the room. Christian quickly put on the outfit, flinging the door open once he was finished and posed in a sexy way. "What do you think?" he asked with a smirk.

Trier smiled. "Sexy." He said, eyeing the other in an almost hungry fashion. "Are you sure comming here just to tease me was a good idea?"

Christian shrugged, laughing. "Maybe not but it's fun, isn't it?"

Trier smiled and looked him over again. "Here, how about you buy this and wear it for me around the house?"

"Hm... If you really want me to, I suppose it wouldn't hurt." Christian smiled, kissing Trier's lips softly.

Trier found himself surprised by the kiss and kissed him back. "Hmmm what else are you planning on teasing me with?" He asked, eyes on the other's face.

He smirked. "I dunno. Why don't you go pick something else out for me."

Trier smiled and nodded comming up with an outfit made completely of leather straps. "This one."

Christian stared in surprise. "" He held it up with one hand. "I don't even know where my head is supposed to go..."

"Be creative." Trier whispered, looking at the other seductively, practically salivating at the image he got of the other in the item.

"Well...I'll try...." He went back inside the dressing room, this outfit taking quite a bit longer to put on. Once he was in the outfit, he opened the door slightly, peeking his head out. "Um...I dunno if it I have it on right but..." He stepped out of the room, showing himself off to Trier.

Trier blinked and gasped. "I.. beautifull." He said, trying to not be hardened at all at the sight.

He blushed, trying to cover himself up some by wrapping his arms around his chest. "I dunno. I mean...I don't wear a lot at work but this just... I don't know it makes me feel weird... Like I'm not wearing clothes at all but I am."

Trier smiled, "Then get something more comfortable on. but I do like that." He said, averting his gaze to look for something else for the other to wear.

He went back inside the dressing room, taking off the outfit. "Bring me something cute to wear!" he called.

Trier nodded, picking out pink shorts and a white shirt. "How is this?" He asked, slipping them under the dressing room door.

Christian looked at the outfit with a critical eye. He held it up to his body, imagining how it would look on him. He slipped the shorts back under the door. "If you can find me a pink plaid skirt, I think that would look better with it," he said.

Trier smiled and did as told, slipping a skirt under the door for the other. "Hmm I can't wait to see you in that."

Christian quickly put the skirt and top on, then opened the door, revealing himself to Trier. "So, what do you think?" he asked, smiling.

Trier laughed. "I like that better then the straps."

He smiled, winking. "So do I. It's a lot more comfortable." He twirled around on one foot.

"Now you are just teasing."Trier said in respond to the other's twirling.

He smiled widely. "That means you like it then?"

"I do.. I like it alot." He said, smiling. "So, now what should we do? Are you through shopping?"

"Well...I guess that's enough outfits for one day. I don't want to bore you to death."

"It isn't that I am bored.. just a bit turned on." He said, truthfully.

He giggled, shaking his head. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that. I'll get changed and then we can get out of here, kay?"

Trier nodded, sitting down and waiting for the other. Oh would he wouldn't have done to take the other back home and ravish him. "Honey.. what do you want to do after this?" He asked the other.

Christian closed the door to the dressing room and started putting on his regular clothes. "Um...I don't really know. We could grab something to eat?" he suggested.

"Of course, anywhere in particular you wish to eat?" He asked, glancing at the ceiling.

"Chinese sounds good right now," he said as he came out of the dressing room, carrying the new outfits in his arms.

Trier nodded with a smile. "Of course." He said, taking the outfits from the other and taking them to the counter to pay them.

"I thought I was paying," Christian pouted, watching Trier.

Trier glanced at him. "Do you want to pay? I thought the dom in the relationship was supposed to do everything for the sub?"

"Not all the time!" He reached into his pocket, pulling out his wallet to get some money. "Besides, who says I'm the sub? I don't recall ever deciding that," he said, smirking.

Trier smiled and kissed his cheek. "Let's try it out and see?"

He nodded, kissing him in return. He laid the clothes on the counter and handed the money to the cashier.

Trier kissed him and hugged him tightly."Are you happy?"

Christian took the change from the cashier and grabbed the bag with his newly-purchased clothes in it. "Yes, very!"

Trier smiled, getting in the car. "Hmn, you think we could drop by the house for me to get a jacket, the resturaunts are sometimes cold.."

He nodded, seeing no big problem with this. He climbed into the car beside him, taking Trier's hand in his.

Trier kissed the other's hand, driving to the house. He pulled into the driveway and smiled again. "Want to come in instead of waiting in the car? It may take me a minute to get one.."

He nodded, getting up. "I don't really want to be left alone anyway."

Trier nodded, kissing the other on the lips as he lead him into the house. "Make yourself comfortable." He said, grinning mischieviously.

Christian, still completely oblivious, sat down on the couch and waited for Trier to get his coat.

Trier smiled and sat with him after pretending to look about. "By the way.. I can't seem to find it.." He said, almost pouncing on the other, kissing his neck. "I hope that isn't too forward."

" do you want to do then?" he blushed, finding it hard to focus with the other on top of him.

"We could play a moment." He said, kissing him on the lips again. He layed himself atop of the other.

He blushed, shaking his head. He was very nervous about having the other touch him...about anyone touching him. But there wasn't any harm in just a little playing around...right? He kissed back gently, letting his eyes flutter shut.

Trier smiled and kissed his neck, nibbling lightly and holding the other close as he did so. He wasn't sure how much he would be able to get away with, but he felt that not only did the other need to unwind, but that he wanted the other.

Christian arched a bit into his touch, sighing. His fingers ran through Trier's hair, scratching the back of his head. It wasn't until then that he realized just how much he'd missed being touched this way.

Trier took this as reasoning to go further with the other, suckling the skin at his neck, grinding their lower halfs together. He would let the other's urges lead him so that he didn't appear to be going so fast. Maybe he was in love this time. Not like he had supposedly been with his ex. This seemed more real.

Christian's back arched off the couch, his hips thrusting harder against the other. His hands fumbled round to the front of Trier's shirt, unbuttoning the article of clothing and tossing it aside before kissing and biting his chest.

Trier smiled against the other's skin, helping him remove his shirt as well, kissing further down his new lover's chest. He didn't want to say anything for fear of ruining their moment, but how bad he wanted to tell the other how beautifull he was to him and how much he craved to posess him when given the opportunity.

He took the other's nipple into his mouth, biting it gently. He smiled at the way Trier's body was reacting to him. He knew he was good at getting this sort of attention, but outside of the club it was difficult for him to let loose. Trier had changed it seemed.

Trier groanded gently against the other's neck at the attention to his nipple. he slipped his hand down, sliding it between the other's leg, caressing in between to stroke over the length that was awaiting him.

Christian gasped, feeling the hand on him. He hadn't been touched in that place for such a long time aside from the times when he'd pleasured himself. It felt so have another body on top of him, touching him. Groaning, he thrust upwards into his hand, panting against his skin.

Trier undid the other's pants, slipping his hand inside so that it grazed over the bare skin of his new love like he had wanted it too.

"Trier..." he whispered, wrapping his arms around the other, pulling him close. His lips pressed against the man's neck, biting him gently. He encouraged him to move on, to touch him more, to bring him to climax.

Trier pushed the other's pants down, tightening his grip on the other, kissing his neck as he moved his hand along him faster. He would have kissed his lips but he wanted to hear the other moan.

Christian spread his legs further apart, his fingers tangling in Trier's hair. It felt so good to him that he didn't want it to stop. "Faster..." he whispered into his ear, thrusting his hips upwards.

Trier did as instructed, stroking his lover as fast and lovingly as he could, kissing and sucking his neck, biting it lightly as he captured skin between his teeth. He moved his fingers along his lover in as many ways and combinations he could think of, loving the feel of the silky and hardened length.

He tossed his head back, fingers digging into Trier's arms. It felt so good...almost too good. He could hardly stand it. He called out to Trier, groaning his name loudly. "So good..."

Trier smiled and kissed the other hard, trying his best to brign him to completion. "Give in to me." He whispered heatedly.

The words were enough to bring him to completion. Holding on tightly to Trier's arms, he screamed as he came all over his newly found lover's hands.

Trier smiled, holing the other to him as he teasingly licked some of the cum off of his hand. "Hmn, does it feel better?"

He blushed, nodding his head. "Y-yes... It feels a lot better..." he whispered.

Trier kissed the other gently."Hm, still want to eat?"

Christian snuggled up to him, shaking his head. "No... I just wanna stay here for a while... Hold me?" He looked up at him, his eyes filled with innocence.

Trier smiled and nodded. "of course." He held the other to him, marvelling at how much more he loved this boy that he held rather then his recent ex. Such a connection they already had. He kissed him on the cheek, caressing the other side of his face. "You seem like you have never been touched."

Christian blushed, feeling embarrassed by Trier's words. "It's not that... I just haven't a very long time..." he whispered.

Trier smield. "I understand." He said kissing the other. "So when your at work.. can I still hit on you?" He asked, kissing him.

He blushed even more, wondering what it would be like to have someone he considered a lover watching him dance for not only him but other men as well. "I...I don't know... It would be strange, wouldn't it?"

"I wont harm anyone unless they touch you." Trier said, smilin.

"Well...sometimes the customers get drunk and a little overzealous so they might touch me... I don't let them get away with much though."

Trier laughed. "You probably thought I was a drunk huh?"

He chuckled, shaking his head. "I don't know what I thought you were. A stalker maybe."

Trier grinned. "What do you think of me now?" He asked, hugging the other to him tightly.

He kissed the tip of Trier's nose. "I think you're sexy."

Trier smiled and kissed him on the lips. "I think the same of you. Even when your on that lovingly slick pole of yours." He added, grinning almost sadistically. "Speaking of which, when do you work next again?"

"I have work tomorrow unfortunately," he said, pouting slightly. "I really don't want to but I suppose if I want someplace to live then I have to."

Trier grinned. "Well you could always live here." Trier said, grinning as a small blush collected on his cheeks.

"Live here? With you?" Christian stared up at Trier in surprise. "A-are you serious? I mean, we just started going out..."

"So? It dosen't mean we can't live with one another. People live with eachother all the time. I think it would give us more time to get used to eachother as well." He stated.

"I don't know... It's just so sudden. I mean, I...I never lived with any of my boyfriends in the past..." he murmured, looking down shyly.

Trier smiled. "Well.. just think about it. You don't have to. If you really wanted it isn't like we would have to share a room.." He said, smiling. "And you could decorate."

Christian laughed, looking around at the bare white walls. "And you are in desperate need of an interior designer, love."

Trier grinned, "Sad isn't it?" He asked, kissing the other. "Just think about it. I am going to jump in the shower or something." He said, standing and yawning.

"Oh, um..." He blushed, looking down at ground shyly. "You wouldn't mind if I helped you?" he asked, looking up at him questioningly.

Trier smiled and looked at him. "Help me with what exactly?" He asked, looking back at the other as he removed his shirt.

"I...I mean, help you redecorate the house...when I move in?" he said, looking down shyly.

Trier smiled and nodded."Of course." He walked back over and kissed him. "When do you want to go get your things?"

He shrugged. "I'm not sure... Soon though..." He giggled shyly. "Um...can I join you in the shower?"

Trier nodded, kissing the other and motioning him to follow. "I would be very pleased if you did."

He smiled broadly, following behind Trier happily. "I'm sorry if I'm really shy. I just haven't been with anyone in so long..."

Trier laughed easily. "Don't worry about it." He said, hugging the other gently as they entered the bathroom. "I wont hurt you." He said, kissing the other's cheek as he began to undress.

He smiled, moving away and starting to undress as well. "I know." He started to remove his pants, looking at Trier hesitantly.

Trier smiled. "Never fear anything of me." He said, starting the water.

He pulled his pants the rest of the way down, then took off his shirt. He looked back at Trier, waiting for him.

Trier smiled and stepped into the water. "Hmn, this is nice."

Christian followed him into the shower, smiling as he stepped under the spray of the water. "Yeah, it does."

Trier grinned and hugged him. "Hmn, we should do this.. after this time." He said, kissing his cheek and suddenly cheerily washing his lover up with his body wash.

The boy giggled at the hands touching his bare skin. He jumped away from Trier, smiling widely. "That tickles!"

Trier laughed, kissing the other. "Oh but your so cute when you squirm." He said, hugging him.

He smiled, resting his head against Trier's shoulder and giggling. "Mm. You should say that I'm cute all the time."

"You are cute all the time, just even cuter when I am making you squirm about is all." He said, running his hands down to rub his lover's back.

He sighed contentedly, arching into Trier's touch. He kissed his lips, eyes fluttering shut. "Heh. Okay then."

"Hm, I think you are warming up a bit." He stated, kissing the other back, pulling him against himself.

Christian looked up at him, smiling slightly. "What do you mean?"

"Hmn, becoming wanting of my touch." He said simply. "Want me to take you in here?"

He smiled at the thought, thinking of how much he would truly enjoy that. Christian looked down at the ground shyly, speaking softly, "...Yes."

Trier smiled softly, tilting the other's face to his own before kissing him. He pulled him close as he did so, wondering how he had gotten so lucky in life to have this as his own.

He leaned into his kiss, tongue sliding into the other's mouth. Christian smiled against his lips, thinking about how happy he was to have this man with him. Everything seemed so perfect now...

Trier's thoughts were not so different from the man's that he was planning to make his own. And since when had he ever been this happy? Never. Not even when he and his ex had first gotten together had he been this happy. He sighed into the kiss, delighting in not only the taste of the other's lips but the softness of them, what he loved most was knowing that the other could only love him back or else he would not be allowed to be kissing him right now. He pulled him close, wondering if he shouldn't be on his knees right now, worshiping the very flesh that was now his.

As they drew closer, their mouths working together, Christian's hands ventured down his chest to his torso and then even lower. He took Trier's hardening cock into his hand, stroking it ever so slowly to please his newfound lover.

Trier moaned heatedly into the kiss, pressing the other against the wettened bathroom wall, shivering and moving the kiss to his lover's neck, sucking on the skin.

He giggled happily, moving his hand faster. He wrapped his other arm around Trier and pulled him closer, pulling away to kiss his neck.

Trier didn't know what to do next to please the other, he slid down his lover's body and licked his sking as he went.

Christian sighed contentedly as Trier's tongue swept across his flesh. His back arched, hips thrusting forward to show exactly what he wanted.

Trier licked along the heatened length, doing what he could to find different tongue strokes to please the other. He suckled and breathed on it as he slid it in and out of his mouth.

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