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Roleplay as been tried in channel. due to the hours spent editing usernames and such from the dialogue, this method will be discontinued and roleplay will carry on as normal in the page specified. apologies for inconveniences caused.

this is a BRAND SPANKING NEW rpg and i need characters! so message me [leola] with:

- house name
- rpg name and age
- character description inc. race
- a little history
- inventory (weapons, jewellery, etc)

in return for this, you will receive a password with which you can edit the roleplay, which takes place here:

the shadows of lumenai rp

click here to view the characters: (your profile will be posted here if you roleplay)

characters of Lumenai

click here to read some background on Lumenai.

setting and background

and the rules - continue to break and you will be banned.

rules of Lumenai

Username (or number or email):


2009-09-05 [Yume Youki]: Yello! ;)

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