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Rienne looked around his room with an irritable glance. He was tired of being cooped up inside. He wanted like nothing else in the world to get out of his house. He stood from his bed and pulled on his boots, already been dressed in his leggings and vests. After checking his waist length black cherry hair in the mirror he put it in a long ponytail, running off to his brother's room. "Heyyy!!!! We should totally go somewhere." He said, pouting as he looked to the other.

Kegan looked up from his guitar which sat across his lap. He'd been mindlessly strumming the instrument for hours, playing tunes that were sweet to his ears. When his brother came bounding in, he was broken from his trance, his eyes wide as he stared at the other. He frowned, somewhat annoyed that he'd bothered him. "Why? There's nothing to do in this boring town anyway," he replied snidely, going back to his precious music.

Rienne felt a little hurt by his brother's words. "Well.. nevermind I think I'll just go for a walk.. you know you could lighten up. Ever since mom and dad died all you ever do is listen to your stupid guitar...I don't even exist around you." He said, walking out of the house, his hair swishing about him.

Kegan glared after his brother, shaking his head. So he was feeling a little down in the dumps about his parents' deaths? Was that really such a horrible thing? He tried to forget what the other had said to him, strumming away with his slender fingers, but the words just replayed over and over in his head. He glared at the doorway his brother had left through, frowning. "Damn you, Rienne..." he muttered as he set the instrument and headed outside, hoping he'd be able to catch up to his sibling.

Rienne sighed as he made his way to an open night ice cream store and bought himself a strawberry cone. "Mnn thank you!" He said to the keeper, taking a seat and licking away at the treat.

Thankfully for Kegan, Rienne hadn't gone far. He saw him a few blocks from their home, seated on a bench eating ice cream. He jogged over to him, sitting down. "Did you really mean what you said back there? About me changing after mom and dad died?" he asked, looking worried.

Rienne looked up at the other. "Yes.. ever since they died.. you take care of me but you pay more attention to your guitar than you do to me.. it makes me feel like I don't exist." He said, sighing. "Your my brother.. and I don't wnat you to forget about me."

Kegan shook his head, sighing. "I don't forget about you. I guess...I just haven't felt myself since they passed away. It's hard..." He ran a hand through his bright red hair, looking at his brother sadly. "It's just hard to deal with everything now that they're gone...."

"It's hard for me too.. even though.. you're all I have left big brother. I don't want to lose you too." He said, sighing softly. "I just want us to be closer.."

Kegan had never heard his brother speak in such a way and honestly, it touched him. He wrapped his arms around his younger sibling, pulling him close. "We will be. I'm sorry. I never realized that I was ignoring you. I love you, Rienne, and I always will. Know that..."

Rienne nuzzled into his brother's embrace, biting back tears."I wish we had someone..someone to help take care of us both when we get preoccupied with one another.." He said softly.

Kirien sat at the fire place, his sky blue eyes looked green when mixed with the orange of the flame. "I think we should go get some mortal company, aren't you bored?" He asked of his companion, looking to him for assurance. It wasn't that he cared he would be taking mortals from their families more than he cared if they should share one or find two.

Alexei's dark eyes glanced upward from the flames that danced before him. His eyes, which had been so calm only moments before, were filled to the brim with mischief now. A smile slowly spread across his thin pale lips. "Why, yes, I was growing quite bored just staring at the fire all eve," he responded, running a hand through his long, blonde locks. Staring across at Kirien, he wondered what type of play thing he would find tonight. "I'm all up for finding mortal toys but where would we find ones that are actually worth the bother? They always cause so much trouble."

"I think we can find a few.. let's go out and look hmn? I am tired of being in this stuffy house anyhow." He said, grabbing his coat all ready. "Besides, think of how much livelier it will be in here."

"Heh, that is true," he said as he rose from the antique chair he'd been relaxing in. Alexei went and grabbed his coat, though he didn't really need it. All of his clothes were just for show. His body temperature remained constant, no matter how many or how few lays of clothing he wore. But he put the long, black cape on over his custom tailored clothes. "So, shall we go?"

Kirien nodded, giving a dark chuckle of sorts. "Mnn let's just walk, where should be the best place you think?" He asked as they headed down a dark street. He and his companion could see perfect. But it was still dark.

"Well, I'm not sure. It depends on what type of kind of mortals we're looking for exactly. Are we looking for the sweet, innocent type or the conflicted type?" he asked, strolling along casually as if he owned the night. And he did in a strange sort of way.

"Mnn we'll have to see if there are even any out this time of night..hold that thought." He said, spotting Rienne and Kagen. "Mnn looky there.." He crawled up a tree to listen in to the converstion, motioning the other to join him.

Alexei eyed the boys that Kirien pointed out, his eyes darkening. "Hmm. They look like they might be fun..." he purred, paying special attention to the more feminine of the two. "Mm. Look at the one with the dark hair. He looks like he would be fun to play with..."

"Mnn I like the red haired one.. we don't see many of those.. and play nice with him.. they have lost their parents mn? Well all the more reason to be there for them." He gave a dark laugh. "Should we just go down and pick them up or what?"

"Hmm...." Alexei stared at the boys, watching their embrace. "I think we should be just a bit gentle. Besides, it's more fun when they think you're looking out for their best interests. " He looked at his friend with a smirk.

With this Kirien nodded, hopping from his tree and walking up to them. "Hello, I couldn't help but overhearing, you two have lost your parents?" He asked kindly, trying to not seem malicious or anything.

Kegan looked up, staring suspiciously at the two men that towered over them. They looked and acted like gentlemen, but you could never be too sure. Looks were deceiving. "I don't believe that's any of your business," he responded.

"It's just.. we lost our parents at one point.. we know what that's like.. and if you two.. needed someone to take care of you. My parents died in a house fire.. his was murdered by French officers who accused them wrongly of plot..." He said, easily comming up with a lie that wasn't completely a lie.. his own parents never died in a housefire.. but what should it matter? He really didn't want to have to use force on the boys.

Rienne blushed as he looked over to Alexei. He blushed because the man seemed to be seeing through him and for some reason he was emabrrassed. He liked them.. they seemed dangerous but kind.. he felt he could trust them, especially the one he looked at. He thought of him as handsome.

Alexei looked over at Rienne. Clearly he was the more gullible of the two, so he chose to focus his powers on him. Taking a bow, he said, "My name is Alexei, and this is Kirien. We do understand your pain would love it if the two of you would spend some time with us. Perhaps we can be of some help to you," he said cooly, his voice like a seductive purr.

Kegan glared as the man blatanly seduced his brother. He quickly got in the way, eyeing Alexei and Kirian catiously. "What a coincidence that we both have the same sort of predicament, hm?" he said suspiciously.

Rienne felt his eyes widen at the sound of the other's voice. It made him shiver then feel cool all over. "Uhhhhh...I... Kegan... we could.. all go get a snack somewhere..right?" He asked, wanting to test the waters himself. The men seemed fine to him. Especially the one that spoke to him... he felt.. strange but not unpleasant.

Kirien smiled. "And you have every right to be suspicious." He sighed. "Don't worry, we imposed and were too forward, we will leave you." He said, wondering if his plan to be called back would work.. he knew the younger brother was already pouting about their made decision. He wasn't about to leave without them, in a few seconds if the boy didn't call to him he was going to kidnap him.. he gave a nod to Alexei to signal as though to go but really to tell him the plan.

"Good riddance..." Kegan murmured as he looked back to his little brother. But when he did, he immediately regretted staring into his eyes. He was clearly hoping to spend time with these strangers...but something in Kegan's gut was telling him not to trust these two. But he really wanted to do something to make his brother happy, especially after what he'd said to him... "Rienne, I don't trust them," he said, trying to justify himself. "There's something...odd about them."

Alexei nodded in return and smiled to Rienne. "Twas a pleasure to meet the both of you." He was sure to make eye contact with the youngest of the brothers. Despite his innocent face, he clearly held power over the older sibling. He turned on his heel walked away, side by side with Kirien.

Rienne sighed. "Please? I ..don't have any friends.. I don't see anything wrong with them.." He said, blushing that the one ahd made eye contact. "Please brother?"

Kirien walked slowly as he listened for the other to speak. If he said no again he was going to simply appear behind him and kidnap him away.. life was easy.

Kegan looked back at the two. They looked as if they were moving along, but there was still something about them he didn't trust... It was as if they knew that sooner or later, they would come beckoning. Sighing, Kegan ran a hand through his brother's long, dark hair. "...Fine, Rienne. But we're not bringing them home. I still don't trust them."

Alexei grinned, his pearl white fangs glinting in the moonlight. He looked over at Kirien knowingly. 'This is going to be fun...

Rienne huffed. "And why not?" He skipped off,running to Alexei and tugging his sleeve. "Won't you stay a while? I talked to him and he said he doesn't mind.. he just doesn't trust..." He said, looking down at the ground.

Kirien chuckled. "No no, it's okay little one. But why don't you listen to him? I am sure he knows what's best, we are strangers after all." He said with a strange glint in his eyes.

Kegan shook his head as he followed his brother, shoving his hands into his pockets. "Of course I have every right to be suspicous." He grabbed his brother's arm, pulling him closer and further away from the strangers.

"I can assure you, we're harmless. Though, in this day and age, I understand your concern," Alexei said with a cool, confident grin. He looked over to Kirien, winking at him. "We were just looking for a bit of fun, is all. Nothing devious or harmful at all."

Rienne growled and squirmed out of his brother's grasp. "Why do you always control me like that!?" He asked, angrily glaring at the other, standing besides Alexei. "They're offering us help, we kind of need it, the business isn't going as great as you let on you know. They seem nice to me..Why can't we just do something I want to do for once?"

Kirien watched the exchange closely, wondering when to pounce.. and how was it the little one was so trusting? He should be more like his brother....but such purity came with prices. He watched the older brother with a lusted interest, smiling as his expression changed in many ways from anger, sadness, embarrassment, and a few other things all into one.

Kegan shook his head. "I'm trying to look out for is all, Rienne. I don't know why you don't see that. Trusting complete strangers..." he growled in disgust, looking at his little brother angrily. "I want you to be safe."

"Oh, I can assure you that the both of you will be safe," Alexei purred, smiling at Kegan. "If it makes you feel better, we'll just walk around for a bit. We'll stay on the main streets where there are lights. We won't try anything funny, I promise," he said, the glint in his eyes nearly giving he and Kirien's plans away.

Rienne teared up. "Why are you always trying to control me!?" He shouted at the other, storming off away from the whole group. "YOU HAVE NEVER TRUSTED ME." He shouted when he was a ways off.

Kirien raised an eyebrow. "Oh my..." He nodded to Alexei to say to go after him and that it was time. And then he advanced on Kegan. "Now darling, why would you be so mean to him?"

Kegan took a step back, glaring at Kirien. "This is none of your concern. And I'm surely not your darling. So if you would be so kind, I need to go check on my brother." He started to move past Kirien, irritated with the presence of these straners. He wished that they'd never left the house.

Alexei followed Rienne quickly, resting a hand on his shoulder. "Are you alright?" he purred, slowly turning the boy. "Your brother is only looking out for your best interests, my dear. There's no need to get upset." He smiled sweetly at him.

Rienne huffed. "Yeah well.. that's all he ever does.. controll controll controll.. I am sick of it and I want to make my own choices for once."

Kirien laughed and appeared in front of the other. "Why don't you let Alexei go to him and you come with me.."

Alexei ruffled Rienne's dark hair, smiling. "I know, dear boy. Oh, I only know too well just how you feel." His eyes lowered deviously and a wide smile decorated his pale face. "It seems that your brother is quite caught up in conversation with my dear friend Kirien though," he said as he watched the other pair exchanging words. That boy, Kegan, seemed to be far more difficult to manage than this one. Resting a hand on Rienne's shoulder, he said in a low, seductive voice, "Why don't you come with me. Your brother seems to be having fun. It's only fair that you should be able to enjoy yourself as well."

Kegan growled. He was known for his short temper, and the fact that his brother was out of reach just made him all the more irritated. "Look, I would really prefer not to. I'm sure you're a nice guy and all but I'm not interested. Now if you'll excuse me..." He tried to get away again, about ready to use force with the other.

Rienne blushed at the sound of the other's voice. "Where do you wanna go?" He asked, holding onto the other's hand.

Kirien laughed and appeared in front of him again. "Now now love, don't be hasty. My friend wont hurt your brother, quite the opposite really."

Kegan snarled, pushing Kirien out of the way. "I tried to be polite, but it seems my message just isn't getting through to you! I don't want to "chat" or anything like that. I just want to get my brother and go home. Now stay the hell away from me!" he yelled, starting to run away.

"Hmm." Alexei smiled, seeing Rienne's brother heading towards them. He turned his back, leading the boy down the cobblestone street. "I don't know... You seem like you could go for some sweets, a slice of cake and some coffee perhaps? I know a wonderful cafe that stays open till late."

Kirien chuckled and pounced on Kegan, biting his neck and covering his mouth, he would have to sedate this one. When he had him weakened he released him, but grabbed his arm, putting him under his spell with a soft sopken word. "Dormire", and with that he walked up to Alexei and Rienne. "I am taking him to the house for a few... I will return him to you two later."

Rienne blinked, noticing his brother looked glassy eyes. He giggled. "Awe, got a crush big brother?" He asked, poking his brother in the side. When he got no response he shrugged and returned to clinging to Alexei. "Sure, cake and coffee sounds really good right now.." He said, laying his head on the other's chest.

Kegan's entire body was still. He wanted to scream out for help, tell his little brother that he indeed did not have a crush and was in trouble. But as busy as his body was, his body would not respond. His eyes moved, staring up at Kirien. He didn't know if he was actually doing it, but mentally he glared at the man who carried him. God only knew what he was going to do to him...

Alexei smiled and pressed a small kiss onto Rienne's forehead. Taking one last look at the boy in his friend's arms, he said, "Have fun, Kirien," and led Rienne away. "Actually, I was thinking... I have a chef back at my home. If you're not frightened by the thought, I'd love for you to come with me."

Kirien chuckled and carried the other to his home, dropping him on the bed and shutting the door. He released the spell on the boy, knowing that even if he got out of the house he wouldn't leave the yard due to magical barrier, and that barrier wouldn't go away until the boy was most his. He smiled and sat on the bed next to him. "Well now, see? I wont harm you..."

Rienne blushed at the kiss to his forehead. "Well..I don't know.. promise you wont hurt me?" He asked, peering into the other's eyes, wanting to trust him with all of his will.

"Stay the hell away from me," Kegan hissed in a voice that would've been very threatening to a mortal. But he didn't know what he was up against, not yet. The man next to him was not human and he didn't stand a chance against him. But until he found that out, he was going to put up a fight. "I don't know what the hell it is you want from me, but you keep your fucking hands off me, understand?"

Alexei smiled, shaking his head. "I would never. You're far too precious to harm," he said, running a hand gently down Rienne's cheek, then moving his fingers into hsi dark hair. "I give you my word. No harm shall come to you."

Kirien chuckled, darkly this time. "Your personality is just as firey as your hair.. I like it.." He said, pinning him to the bed by the wrists. "Shhh I suggest you be quiet, I don't want to have to put you under spell again.."He said, kissing him on the lips.

Rienne smiled and blushed darkly at the other. He leaned back into the touch. "Okay.. we can go.." He said, looking up at the other with something he couldn't place.. adoration? Like? Lust? Love? What was he feeling?

Kegan screamed against Kirien's mouth, struggling to get away. The other was strong though...inhumanly strong. No matter how much he fought, the man's hold did not budge. He stared up at him with fear in his eyes. What was this man? Because he certainly wasn't human.

Alexei smiled. 'I'm glad I didn't have to struggle with him like Kirien did with his brother.' He walked a couple more blocks to where their home was. He moved slowly, holding Rienne's hand as he opened the door to his "humble" abode which was anything but.

Kirien covered the other's mouth with a sigh, kissing along his neck. "Mn mn mn....your skin tastes delicious.. I wonder how your blood would taste..or the rest of you for that matter.." he said, slipping his hand down to grope the other through his pants.

Rienne gasped as he stepped inside. "It's..huge.." He said, looking around. "Wow.. what do you do with all of this?" He spun around and around, amazed by the large place.

Kegan's entire body froze. "Don't touch me..." he said, breathing heavily. He shook his head. Past trauma came flooding back and hit him in the face like a brick. It was just like that time so many years ago. "DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ME!" he screamed, kicking his legs furiously.

He smiled. "Not much, I have to admit. This is only a place to live in. What makes it special is the people within its walls." He carressed Rienne's cheek gently. "And I would love it if you came to stay with me, within these walls..."

Kirien read these thoughts from the other and stopped immediately. He kissed him soft on the forhead. "You will be willing to me when I do this..forget that past.." He kissed his lips and simply left, not locking the room door, jsut leaving.

Rienne blushed. "But.. what about your friend? What would he say? And my brother.. what about.. wel I don't know..." He huffed as he looked at the ground.

Kegan took a moment to calm himself, his chest heaving up and down. The man had left the door open... He could get away. He could escape... He jumped off the bed, running to find the door of the place. It took him a few moments, but when he finally found it he was shocked to his his little brother. "Rienne?!"

Alexei reached out to the other, tilting his head upward so he stared into his mesmerizing eyes. "Please. I think you could help me to make this house a home..." He worked his magic, making Rienne feel like the most important boy in the world... Until he heard a voice behind him. He turned, seeing Kirien's little breath looking quite disheveled. He sighed. His friend should've known better than to allow this boy to roam the house freely. "Kirien, your boy has gotten loose..." he murmured, shaking his head as if Kegan was nothing more than a small disturbance.

Kirien chuckled. "Mnnn well it isn't like he can escape the house.." he shrugged. "Don't frighten your brother." He said chastely.

Rienne blinked. "What's wrong with you Keg? They are nice people.. we should stay here..." He said, not even effected by the other's magic, but really wanting to be there.

"Are you kidding me? Nice people?! You don't know what that...that...pervert just tried to do to me!" he exclaimed, practically jumping out of his skin when he heard Kirien approach. He backed away, his brown eyes watching him carefully. "Don't you tell me what to do! Come on, Rienne, it's time to go."

Alexei frowned, putting a protective arm around Rienne. After he'd persuaded the boy into coming, he certainly wasn't about to let him get away. "Rienne likes it here. You can leave if you want, though I'm sure Kirien will be disappointed, but your brother is staying here."

Kirien chuckled and shrugged. "Try to step out of the house..." He insisted, wanting to see what the other would say when he realized he couldn't leave.

Rienne growled. "Kegan... let me do something I want to do for once.." He said, hugging onto Alexei.

"I'm not leaving without you, Rienne," Kegan said, walking over to take his brother from the immortal's grasp. "Rienne, he tried to...he tried to rape me. Can you stay in this house knowing that?" he said, his eyes shaky as he remembered the fear he felt beneath him.

"I believe your little brother has spoken for himself. If you really want to leave, you're free to leave...if you can." Alexei smirked, his vivid white teeth showing. It was time to give up their little charade and show the boys just what they really were.

Kirien chuckled darkly. "I didn't try to do anything. If I wanted to rape you I would have." He said, shrugging. "Go ahead, try to leave."

Rienne gasped in fear as he saw the fangs of Alexei. "I.. what..what are you?" He asked, his heart thumping harshly. He backed towards his brother...but at the same time he felt almost betrayed.. "You said you wouldn't harm us..."

"I told you not to trust them, Rienne," he snarled, grabbing onto his little brother as he started to lead him towards the door. "They're...they're demons or something. We need to get out of here."

"Demons isn't quite the right word," he said, smiling as he looked over at Kirien. "Vampires perhaps, but not demons. Now don't be foolish. There will be no escaping for either of you. There's a magical barrier around this place. You won't be able to get away, I'm afraid."

Kirien chuckled. "Ohh poor things.. I almost feel bad.." He sighed and yawned. "And no, we can't be killed by light, stakes, silver blah don't think on it."

Rienne felt himself calm a little. "Keg.. it's okay I think actually. they look scary but.." He approached Alexei and threw his arms around him in a tight hug. "Polease... tell me you will keep your word.. you wont harm us.. right?"

Kegan shook his head, unable to believe what he's hearing. "Rienne, you've got to be kidding! They're...they're vampires for God's sake! How can you trust them? Especially after the deceitful way that they lured us here! And I was taken by force!"

Alexei disregarded the words of Rienne's brother, keeping his eyes only on the one with his arms wrapped around him. He smiled, running a hand gently over his cheek. "My dear child, I would never dream of it."

Kirien laughed. "Come now have we given you any serious harm yet? i didn't think so."

Rienne burried his face in Alexei's chest. "No.. Keg.. everything happens for a reason.. you told me that even.. obviously we are meant to be this.." He said, looking up at Alexei. "I think.. we were given to you.. he doesn't realize it yet.." He said softly.

"This is...ridiculous..." he muttered, not knowing what to do. He couldn't, wouldn't abandon his brother... He shuttered, but he knew he had no choice... He had to stay here until he could convince his brother to leave... Shaking his head, he stormed off, not even sure where he was going.

"Hm. Clearly he doesn't know how to take this." Alexei smiled down at his sweet, compliant little lover. "But I hope you are right and that he comes to except this with time. Perhaps you should go console him, Kirien?" His dark eyes glanced upward at his friend.

Kirien nodded and followed after him. "I promise that.. under our house hold you wont be hurt. You wont be forced into anything except staying here...please, calm down a little."

Rienne smiled up at him and sighed, inhaling his scent. "I.. feel safe even knowing what you are." He said softly. "What exactly.. am I for?"

Kegan turned and looked at the other, silent. He wanted him to go away, to go back to the way things were. He knew they never should've left the house that night. "Why did you bring us here?" he asked, anger still in his voice.

Alexei sighed, resting a hand on Rienne's waist. "We've grown...quite lonely, Kirien and I. Though we are friends, we are no closer than that. There has never been any emotion other than friendship between us. We are searching, my dear, for companionship mere platonic friendship. In short, we want lovers."

"We... brought you here because Alexei and myself are lonely. We needed to have company again.. we decided to chose two mortals that would be good candidates, you and your brother being our chosen. We chose you both because.. well let's face it, you belong to eachother to keep the other strong.. we didn't want to part you, be thankful for that."

Rienne nodded. "I.. don't know how to be a lover.." he said softly. "I don't know how good I will be at what you want me to be." He sighed and kissed him on the chest where he had his head burried.

"Thankful? Thankful?! You want me to be thankful for abducting me and my brother? What the hell is wrong with you? Of course I'm not thankful." Kegan turned from the othre. He just wanted to go home.

Alexei smiled, running a hand through Rienne's dark hair. He was going to enjoy having this boy around. 'I just hope that Kirien has as good a time as I am...' He kissed the top of his head and smiled. "You're doing fine being just the way you are."

Kirien sighed. "We are giving you a better life.. we offer you protection, love, care, guidance, we have you with one another..please, respect us.. if we feel we can trust you then we will lt you have freedom outside this house eventually.."

Rienne smiled and kissed his cheek. "Okay.. so what do you want to do?" He asked after finishing his sandwich. He wanted to learn about the other and wanted to become comfortable in their new home.

"I shouldn't be here at all..." Kirien snarled, turning away from Kirien in anger. "Better life, my ass... We were fine before you came along."

"We honestly do have cake if you'd like some," Alexei said with a laugh. He took his hand and led him back to their kitchen.

Kirien grew angry. "you know what,, fine, leave. See if I give a damn. We offer you so much if you want to toss it out the window you may." He grabbed the other's hand tightly, roughly leading him out the front door, practically tossing him out. "Just don't forget your brother is here, and don't forget you just lost the best opportunity of your life. And don't bother telling anybody, they wont believe you."

Rienne hummed and shook his head. "Nooo I am fine! I am full now! Sooo what.." He stopped as he saw his brother get tossed out of the house. "Woah.. what's going on?"

Kegan glared at Kirien from the doorway. "I'd be perfectly happy with leaving behind the both of you, but I can't leave here without my brother! He is...he is the only one that I have and I'm not leaving without him! Throw me out here if you want, but I won't leave the grounds until my little brother leaves with me!"

Alexei turned, seeing the redhead being pushed out the front door. He sighed. "I see your brother's uncooperative nature got the better of Kirien..." he said, worrying how this might effect Rienne's willingness to stay here.

Kirien laughed and shrugged. "Then don't disrespect me in my own house.." He said, growling at the other.He pulled him back inside.

Rienne huffed. "He's always getting me into trouble.." He shrugged and hugged his vampire. "Mine."

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