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Ignoring the cold dew on her fur, the huntress crouched further into the tall grass, her pink nose twitching as she followed the powerful scent of blood. The trapper's body she came across was smeared all over the clearing. A raccoon had already found it by the time she had arrived, and she ignored it, as it ignored her. The smell grew stronger as she continued, slinking down a well used trail. Her hackles were raised. What kind of creature would do this? The small cat blended in with the darkness, her eyes however reflecting the light from a lantern, hanging from the roof of a nearby house. More bodies, more blood. The smell would most likely make a human gag, but, Kylie was no human. She ate raw meat more often then cooked, the scent was bitter sweet.

She was curious, but extremely cautious at the same time. The whole village had been slaughtered apparently, but she knew whatever had done this was still here. The scent of a male was here, strong and very present. Almost instinctively she lowered her hindquarters and marked the post next to her, moving her loincloth out of the way, and continued into the village.

The sound of a human crying echoed from the last shack. Kylie slinked towards it, making sure that nothing would jump her before silently pushing the broken door open. The sight of what was there made her freeze in shock.

A large fox whipped its' head around, with his teeth bore and blood-stained, glowering feverishly at this new intruder. There was a human leg in his hand that had been partially chewed, and it's previous owner slumped against the wall, where a small pool of fresh blood pooling. The fox glanced at the cat in front of him both in anger and wonderment, as this was the first he'd seen of a woman, of what closely imitated his own race, not that he truthfully knew what woman of his race looked like.

The man whose legs were missing, grabbed hold of the ground and tried to worm his way away, but was greeted to a resounding kick to the head from what had been his foot. Turning his attention from the cat that was watching with a quiet curiosity, he turned to the human "You're not going anywhere little man, I'm not through with you." His head whipping about as he sensed movement from the cat, he scowled, "Do not move closer woman, I will not hesitate to initiate you into the ranks of the dead."

Kylie hissed, her large ears flat against her neck, "How dare you lower me to a human's level. I am female, but not one of their women." So this was the male. His 'hunting' was more then just for food. There was something beyond this, that she could sense, though she felt no remorse for his prey. She was a predator in her own right, to sympathize with potential food would be any animal's demise. He was twice her size, but she was not intimidated.

Her claws tnked! against the tile of the entry way, them being black and over two inches long, such were the warriors of her tribe. What they made up for in lack of size was their ferocity and durability of claws fused with smokey diamond. She doubted he knew of it by the flash of shock that had appeared briefly across his muzzle.

"You surely are a strange creature, willing to fight a man whose but 3 heads taller then you, and who just feverishly killed an entire village by himself." He watched as confirmation flicked in the eyes of his soon to be victim. "If you've come to gorge on another's kill like a common vulture, there are plenty to go around, but this one," nodding towards the man shaking on the ground "This one is mine. If you've come for a fight, I will happily cut you down t-." He paused for a moment on the word as an unfamiliar scent forced its way into his nostrils. He thought silently about how strong a scent was needed to overcome the iron in his gore-filled nostrils. His teeth bared harshly, and a low rumble shook the tiny shack. "DID YOU MARK THIS GROUND?" He barked at the cat. His own claws shot out of his forepaws, they were well sharpened and scarred from decades of usage. He bellowed, "How dare you woman!" As he started towards Kylie.

She raised her lip, baring her own fangs as she skittered backwards into the light of the villages main square. Light blinked off her long claws, flashing against the walls as she moved calmly more out into the open. With her tail lashing, Kylie did not retreat any further, but waited for him to approach her. The cat did not want to fight, but if she backed down he would think she was submissive and a coward. She growled. She was anything but that, but maybe she could reason with him. "I did not come here for food, I was merely investigating what had happened in my territory." She stressed the word 'my'. "You are intruding. Not that I care you slaughtered this pack of humans." The cat did not like it when her fellows dropped to the status of just animals, and killed each other, just like humans. They were better then that.

"Your territory? I did not smell it as yours when I came into this den." Then again he could have missed it, as he had chased down a stray trapper into this village. He wasn't gonna let her know that. They slowly rotated in a circle around the village square. "It would be a shame to befoul a face as yours with my claws, though it would be simple. I do not seek more territory, I came into this den with a simpler purpose, which because of your sudden appearance is still left half-dead bleeding in that hut." He retracted his claws. "I am going to go in the hut, and finish my business, and when I come out, I expect you to be gone out of my new grounds." He finished his sentence, walked over to a tree, marked it and turned around. He smirked at her, turned tail and walked back into the hut, but kept his ears privy just in case she was going to attack him from behind.

Curiously enough Kylie scampered to his smell, sniffing it, then placed her own back on top. She wasn't going to just roll onto her back and let him take her land. Even if he had the smell of a dominant male. She might be able to bait him away, and get him lost in the forest. Growling, Kylie yowled, then launched herself through the doorway at the much larger fox. They slammed into the opposite wall facing, Kylie snarling as they grappled for leverage. She managed to flip him to the ground, but suddenly found herself overpowered as he jumped on top of her, holding her down. Kylie had never been in this situation before. All the males before him could not stand up to her speed, and all of a sudden her nose twitched, as her own scent washed over her. This male had somehow turned her on.

An interesting smell washed over the fox as he pinned the helpless cat under his massive frame. The look in her eyes as he pinned her, wasn't fear, nor was is defeat, it was excitement. The combination meant one thing, and he understood out of a primal rather then a learned instinct, she was enjoying this. He reached out his claw over her face, it's deadly tip edging closer to her eye, and another equally deadly tip started to twitch. He ran his claw down her face and to her shoulder, where the strap holding up her top was... and with a flick of his wrist sheared through the thick leather. He repeated the process with the other side and her top slowly flirted off, exposing the felines erect chest. He felt a swelling of anticipation, along with a rush of excitement, and another instance of swelling.

Her small chest heaved beneath him, her claws still out but limp above her head. She could feel his flesh growing, growing to touch her against her core. Kylie quivered. They were covered in blood from the human, a strip of it across the fox's face and cheek. Tentatively, Kylie watched his eyes and slowly, so as not to startle him and lifted her muzzle to his cheek. Her short tongue brushed the fur of his cheek, licking the blood from it. She smelled his scent from the source of his neck, her eyes rolling back into her skull as it caused her to shiver in pleasure.

He watched in wonderment as this cat seemed to be asking for what he had to offer. He looped a claw around the loincloth that was around her waist, and snapped it, letting it fall away, exposing all that was. He let his nose wander as he smelled every inch of her, and tasted the blood that was caked on her. As his head came back up towards hers he paused and unleashed his tongue on her very hard nipples. Enjoying the excitement, he untied his trousers, and let them fall to the dirt showing his manliness, which had swelled to show its support for his actions.

Silently she derided herself for letting him do this to her, but the blood, his scent, it was like a drug. Her pupils dilated in the darkness, nearly encompassing her iris as she gasped. His brief attentions to her made her open her thighs willing, her claws withdrawing into her paws as she stroked his chest, moving downwards to his malehood. Her fur was ungodly soft as she reached his most sensitive area, lightly caressing it.

Her paws were soft as he felt them slowly massage, one hand on his chest, one hand on his member. He grabbed her from the small of her back and turned her over, and when met with no objection, he grabbed her hips to pull her unto him as he slowly entered her from behind. When his sword was fully sheathed inside her he felt her body quiver with pleasure. He lost his restraint of himself, grabbing and taking control of her whole body from his vantage, driving himself into her, hard. He grabbed her body from the position it was in and lifted her off the ground as he thrust, so purposefully, and with such force he thought she would break in two, but she didn't. Even as he put her against the wall, her legs wrapped around his torso, the only look on her face was joy, it was, pleasure, it was fulfillment.

She moaned, pulsing around him. When he had entered her from behind he filled every inch of her, making her collapse under him and mewl in both pain and pleasure. The heat between them was almost unbearable. The combination of blood, sex, and violence had soaked her through her clothing and moistened the fur of his loins. He railed her into the ground forcibly, then abruptly pulled out, Kylie growling in anger at the loss of contact. Then he did something she had not expected. He gently lifted her into the air and positioned her against the plaster wall. She closed her eyes as she obediently opened her legs again, surrounding his hips and her mouth opened as he plunged into her again. Kylie's brown eyes looked into his slowly, her arms wrapping around his broad shoulders. She purred, deeply, bringing her tail around them both so he couldn't pull out this time.

Kylie's purr increased in volume and she touched her lips to his muzzle, kissing him with so much passion that she cut her tongue on his teeth.

The familiar iron taste sent unfamiliar whispers of passion throughout his core, seeping into his very self, and at that moment, they were one. He thrust harder than before, and deeper, longing to feel every inch of this strange cat. His muzzle firmly engaged with hers, and their tongues not knowing to whom was their owner. He felt himself coming to and end sooner than expected for however many times he'd had sex it had never been consensual, nor for pleasure. This release was different, it had body, it had feeling. He did not bother to take his manhood out from the feline, rather left it in as both he and his partner climaxed and fell to a slump on the floor. Sticky from sweat and the blood from the man on the floor, they glanced at each other, looking into each other in acknowledgment of the act that was just committed. The fox's eyes drifted from hers, to the man with no arms and no legs, who had died with a look of sheer terror and confusion. Valolth chucked, "I think we scared that fellow."

Laying satisfied against him, Kylie snorted, then began to laugh. "I think that what just happened would scare any human." What had they just done? They had just performed a blood mating, something that only bonded pairs did. At least, in her society. Kylie looked away, a blush rising to her cheeks. She didn't even know his name. Did he even know what just happened? The cat stopped thinking about it, it was something that would be acknowledged in the morning. For now... She nuzzled into his neck, cleaning him of sweat and blood alike.

Valolth snickered to himself, "Yes, I believe it would." He pulled her closer to him, and started to clean the gore from her flesh. Amid swipes from his tongue he said, "We have just mated, and I-- I don't even know your name. I know you will be important to me, as hunting is to a hunter. But your name, it escapes me as I grapple with the implications of our act. Mine is Valolth, Alpha Brood of Kishir or the Nameless clan." He didn't bother to remind himself that he was naked as a cub, he didn't feel threatened, or as if it truly mattered.

Her eyes closed as she leaned into his lickings, taking a moment to gather her thoughts. "I was whelped in the mountains of Calethune, and I do not belong to any singular tribe." She opened her eyes, her caramel looking into his grey. "I am Kylie." His size, which seemed daunting when she first laid eyes on him was now comforting, as if he was a protector. Her protector. So were they now bound, even if he knew it or not. Something like a blood mating was irreversible. "Valolth..." She whispered his name, her paw stroking his muzzle.

"Kylie. A name to match a beautiful feline such as yourself, strength and gentleness." He grasped her hand which had been stroking his muzzle, and held it, studying it intently. "Come with me Kylie, I would like to show you something. You cannot deny that something has happened just now, as I felt your body assure me you sensed it to. We are bound to each other, and I would like to show you my den, as you are it's matron as of now."

He led her from the village, through the woods, to a small outcropping of rock next to an immense rock wall. The Watermoss gave away the outline of the fierce waterfall that was, and the dirt in the basin it created was a different colour from the surrounding ground. He led her into a gap in the the stone, down a long and complex route of tunnels, finally coming to a room, hollowed out of the very ground itself. Inside of it was a large linen bedroll, and several torches. "My den is far reaching, and has many exits, it might take a while for you to learn the layout, but once you do, I expect that you will be satisfied with using it for hunting purposes. Most of this Den was carved out but my Reynard, Kishir, long ago after his exile. The rest is slowly being dug for my purposes. This hovel here is where I sleep, and I assume you will be as well. There is another hovel farther down this same tunnel that has a firewell, as well as an escape route for the smoke so we don't choke to death while the prey of the day is cooked. Even farther down you'll find the tunnel splits, stay to the left. Always. What is down the right is forbidden, as it was to me until my Reynard died. Should you ever happen down there, it will have consequences. Besides that, you are free to roam about the tunnels and gather your senses."

She glanced around herself curiously, smelling everything. "I should be able to find my way back by following my own scent." Kylie dismissed the forbidden information, knowing if she dwelt on it she would get curious, and go against his wishes. "Besides." On all fours she rubbed up against him, "I don't think I will let you out of my sight any time soon." Her purr was very audible. She was glad he had an understanding of what happened between them, even if it had been violent, bloody, partially forceful. Her ears, previously fully raised now lowered to her neck, making her natural mane more prominent. Still on all fours, the cat moved forward on her stomach, such a display almost unnatural to one of her statue. She wanted to make sure he knew she accepted him as her alpha. Kylie's scent, now fully mixed with his and his seed wafted through the air as she turned onto her back, showing her cream belly.

Valolth watched closely as his new partner lay on her back, exposing her soft underside to whatever tortures his claws could do, and understood the trust and fealty it took to take up such a position. He strode over to where she laying, and lowered his muzzle into her stomach, letting the softer fur of her underbelly caress his consciousness. Putting his maw on hers, he engaged her in a passionate kiss as he lowered himself unto her. A devilish smile fluttered across his face; he looked into her brilliant caramel eyes as they dilated in anticipation. "I was hoping you wouldn't leave my side."

"I can't now." She replied softly, not that she wanted to. This was so strange for her, but it felt natural, he felt natural. Kylie believed in fate and she accepted it. Her stomach growled pitifully, as she had yet to eat before she had come across her mate's rage.

He thought of the deer laying next to the firewell and said, "We could gorge on fresh deer, but I'd rather gorge on you, and my body agrees." He playfully nipped her slender ear as he slowly slid inside of her once more. This time it was different, rather then exploring he found himself enjoying the now familiar feel of her muscles wrapping around him. He let her scent storm through his mind, and felt her claws grasping his back firmly as he thrust deeper then he had before.

Kylie's eyes rolled back into her head, being totally encompassed by his flesh above her. He had been very rough before, lost in the blood scent. Now he was tender, slow, and gentle. Her tail like before wrapped around them both, pulsing with every thrust, her hips angling upwards to meet him.

After they were finished, they both curled up with each other on the linen bed. Valolth could feel Kylie's heart beating as if it were his own, and could feel the pulse of the day swimming through his head. As a firm believer in fate and destiny, he knew that the finding of this female would have implications beyond his own thinking. He thought of the town he had just sacked, and the men and woman he'd angered, but wasn't afraid of them hunting himself, rather finding Kylie. Which was new, because he'd never felt protective of anything but his family. At least now, he thought, I can protect her if the humans come.

Kylie on the other hand was curled into a ball at his chest, making her look a lot smaller then she was. Her purr was soft, but never faded, even as she was partially asleep. She nuzzled into the thick fur of his chest. Although hungry, she had decided to wait until morning, so loathe to separate herself from him. The cat could feel he was still awake and pulled at his arm. She couldn't move it by herself, but he got the hint and wrapped it around her. Her thoughts strayed to the humans briefly. She didn't know why he hated them so much, but she knew, or rather, he should tell her in time. This... bond. She couldn't help but hold an undying love for him, so was the magic binding behind a blood mating.

The next morning, Valolth stirred before the sun was woke from it's own slumber. He leaned over to Kylie and licked her gentle on the muzzle. "Come with me I want to show you something." He whispered as he grabbed her by the hand. He led her through the forest, across a small creek, and then started climbing a small rock face, and ushered her to do the same. as they were climbing up the hill Valolth had the strange feeling something was wrong. Smoke bellowed up along the treeline, mixing with the pale red and pinks of the sunrise; it created an image as if the horizon was on fire. Valolth ran to the top of the crest as fast as he could and looked out over the valley. There, about four hundred yards away, a large crowd of men sat around their campfires. Valolth flew into a rage, like that he's never known, they were intruding on his territory, and deadly close to his den. Valolth could make out weapons next to the tents, and deemed that this wasn't an ordinary trapper party, this was a hunt.

Kylie cam up behind him, and spotted the group as well. She stepped next to Valolth, her eyes glancing from the humans to her new mate. Carefully, she nudged her body behind his elbow and put an arm over his shoulders. He was bent, almost as if he was going to jump off the cliff and attack them head on. She was scared. That many humans, this close, she could only connect it to what he had done last night. With a great force of will she remained calm. Kylie did not want to lose her mate the first day they were together.

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