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The Boy Next Door

I see you walking over there,
How did we get to I don’t care?
There once was a time you said you loved me,
I suppose it wasn’t meant to be,
We pass each other on the street.
How I pray for our eye’s to meet.
What ever happened to that loving gaze.
It seems as if are hearts have become a maze.
When I try to stay away,
You call the next day.
As I attempt to yell,
You pull me back under your spell.
How did we get to where we are?
Whatever happened to our shining stars?
We use to be each others everything.
Now I pray for the phone to ring.
Just friends is how it’s suppose to be.
You don’t even notice how it hurts me.
There are times when all I need is you,
Can you hold me like you use too?
We are drifting apart,
That breaks my heart.
I sit on my porch and you sit on yours,
Do you notice these invisible doors?
That’s the way we always where,
Now your slowly falling for her.
She’s in you arms now.
Even with these unspoken vows.
How can I move own,
When your right across the lawn?
As much we try to be just friends,
There’s only one way this story can end.

Time Passes

Time Passes and river's Flow,
Sun shine's and then it goes,
People change and there not the same,
Life goes on and you forget the pain,

Life is temporary,
Death is permanent,
Love is forever,

Let me never forget,
The laughs shared,
The memories had,
The one's who cared,

Dedicated to: Robert C, Wellington

I Am Merely A Woman

I am merely a woman,
I wonder if they’ll call,
I hear cries’ and laughter in my dreams,
I can almost see there smiling faces,
I want there love,
Yes I am merely a Woman,
I pretend to be happy as I should,
I feel the warmth of there hugs and then its gone again,
I touch my cheek,
I worry I am going to die,
I cry when the phone ring,
Its true I am merely a woman,
I try to understand life is hectic,
I tell you I love you don’t I,
I dream of your hug,
I reach out for your love,
I hope you do too,
Remember I am Merely a woman

Night Scares

I lay in my bed,
Darkness all around,
Not a sight,
Not a Sound,
The window,
All I see,
Glowing eye's,
Calling me,
Can't scream,
Can't Cry,
The Hand is coming,
I wait to die,

Rain Falls

Rain falls as I touch the ground,
Rain falls as my tears fall down,
Baby what am I suppose to do,
I'm sorry but I'm sick of crying over you,
Your touch feels like heaven on earth,
What is this life worth,
You live,
You die,
And all you wanna do is cry,
I do you know its true,
I'm sorry but I'm crazy over you,
Rain falls as I cry,
Rain falls as I fly to the sky,

A Walk at Night

Sitting here all alone,
No where to go,
No Place called home,
I roam and roam,
Till night is dawn,
Everyone is gone,
I'm on my own,
I hear the winds whisper,
The animals cry,
I see the moon and the stars alight in the sky,
I lay my head down,
Upon the green grass,
Who knows how long this one will last,
My eye's are heavy,
My body numb,
I take a breath,
knowing soon my time will come,

Who Do you want me to be

Why don't you want me,
Is it because I am who I am,
Do I not fit into that picture you see,
I merely am Sam,
Why does she have you,
Is it because she is not me,
You where once someone I knew,
Is it her you want me to be,
But I am I,
And you are you,
I will stay me or forever die,
I once loved someone like you,

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