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Sabaku no Naruto
by [Yume Youki]
(aka Yume Youki on Fanfiction.Net)
A Naruto Fanfiction

This is the index page for a fanfiction story that I'm currently writing. It is a Naruto fanfiction, and I am writing it to give myself a break from my other stories.

This page is for information about the story and other details and such things.

I hope you enjoy yourselves. :)

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.

Inspiration: This fic was inspired by two pics created by Orin over on DeviantArt. The pics were called Naruto – Weathered and Ichibi no Shukaku, and you can find them on Deviant Art, which I would highly suggest doing. They're amazing, along with most of Orin's other works.

Pairing: This is going to be a Naruto/Temari pairing, and for the record, the romance will develop quickly, and most likely the build-up will be limited to the first few chapters. This is because I don't really want to do a romance centered fic, but I still want romance to be present in it. I just don't want it to be about just the romance. There will be action, there will be adventure, and there will be a little bit of fluff. That's how it's going to work in this fic.

Premise: Naruto has been wandering the edges of Wind country for five years now, after an accident with the Kyuubi's chakra in which he almost killed his master, Jiraiya. The Fourth Great Shinobi World War has ended, Madara is dead, and the biju (minus Kyuubi) are free to roam the world. Now Naruto, age 25, is preparing to return home to Konoha, his seal having finished its purpose.

But does he really want to?

And there are things that are stirring... a manifestation of the world that should never have come into being...

The biju are disappearing, and only Shukaku, eldest of them, seems to know why. Only problem is... Shukaku is clinically insane.

Can Naruto save the world from, of all things, itself?

The world wants to start over from the beginning...

Question is, will Naruto save it... or let the world burn in a fire of its own creation?

Notes: This story is also being posted on Fanfiction.Net. I will be updating there first, before anywhere else, and so if you want the latest, I'd suggest you head over to that website.

There are currently four chapters of this story written, as of 9/12/12, and I'm working on the fifth one, but this place won't have all those chapter immediately. Like I said, FF.Net has my most updated Fanfiction, so head over there if you just can't wait to read more.

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