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SPD Poetry Contest 2010


the St. Patrick's Day Poetry competition!


Contest Open: until 2010-03-07

RULES can be read on: St. Patrick's Day Festival


How to post your entry:
Add your username and entry after the last one that has been already posted. Number your entries, and separate them with the <hr> tag:

1. [Breathe_Angel]
Leprechaun's Gold

People searched far and wide,
Looking for something they can't find.
“At the end of the rainbow!” They would say,
But trudged unhappily home at the end of the day.
People grew untrustworthy and greedy,
Trying to find something that was ugly and beady.
Things grew violent, malicious and angry,
Children grew sick, faded and hungry.
Wanting their parents love and support,
But they turned their back, cross their arms and snort.
So the children ran away,
A place where its safe to play.
A place where the angry people can't find,
A place where they can run and hide.
A place far away from the Leprechaun's Gold,
A place far away from the sinister cold.
A place in their head,
every time they pray and go to bed.

A Hand Full of Gold

I once Knew a man with a hand full of gold
who a mad man would have sold.
This man I knew was at the end of a rainbow,
my eyes as wide as a doe.
The man I knew was the size of my toe

I wanted that gold,
for I knew it would have sold,
but saddly I was told
I could not have that gold

So wait do I
for that man to yet again catch my eye.
Since he's more than he seems
for a Leprechaun should always be seen



St. Patrick's Day Festival

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2009-06-22 [nehirwen]: Nice poem! :)

2009-06-22 [Breathe_Angel]: Thanks...

2009-06-22 [nehirwen]: You're welcome.

2009-06-22 [Breathe_Angel]: ^-^

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