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2006-06-19 02:42:39
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I just wanna be a guard.

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2006-06-19 [Blaithin]: ...

2006-06-19 [Xeroh Kanoe]: ...Can I help you?

2006-06-19 [Stephen]: You're going to need a lot more then that to get anywhere...

2006-06-19 [Xeroh Kanoe]: Tell me what I need and its done.

2006-06-19 [Stephen]: Well, look at the applications in the high catagory... make yours like those. :)

2006-06-19 [Xeroh Kanoe]: Okay.

2006-06-19 [Stephen]: It's also good to list what you are good at. :)

2006-06-19 [Nite_Owl]: You won't get far just saying you want to be a guard. They'd already know that for the most part if you put you want to be crew on your House. Start by saying something about yourself, any wiki pages you've created/managed and people you've reported. At least then you'll have a chance. Look at the higher ranking ones and applicants already accepted to get some ideas.

2006-06-19 [Xeroh Kanoe]: I know I know give me a few days.

2006-06-19 [Stephen]: You have all the time you want.. ^^

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