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      Royal Temptation

By [The Vampire Armand] and [DRAMATIC CHEESE NIP!!]

A trumpet sounded. Festivals carried on through the town. All smiles were worn. Except the face of one. One boy sat alone, tears falling from his cheeks as he hugged his knees to his chest. "Congratulations Mr. Calin Bell..." he muttered to himself, "all of this is for you... all of it... they only are here to make you happy, right?" he tried to convince himself, "right...?" His voice faltered and a new flow of tears came. He stood, attempting to brush his tears away. Turning, he faced his bedroom mirror. He was a handsome boy, just turned 5 years old. In fact, today was a celebration of his birthday. He ran shaking, timid fingers through his brown hair that had been freshly cut to his shoulders by a servant. He was adorned in beautiful gowns of red and purple. He was son of the King of England. Yet, he wasn't happy...

"Calin!" A voice rang from outside of his bedroom door, "the ceremony is about to begin! They're waiting for you to make your arrival!" A long sigh escaped Calin's parted lips. He made his way to his water basin and splashed his face to remove the signs of crying but to no avail. His eyes were still slightly red. Moments latter, he was standing upon the podium next to his beaming father who was currently making an announcement. "...My fair people!" he had been saying, "today on this day on November the 15th, my only son Calin the 4th has turned 5 years old! On this magnificent event, I shall also announce that Calin is also taking the title of next in succession to become prince!" Calin stared over the crowd of cheering people with dull eyes. He really wished...

 It was also at this time that Leise di Orien, aged eight was looking up at the boy he had known of since he was born. He had in fact run into him a few times and he smiled happily knowing it was his birthday. He squeaked happily having snuck into the castle and hung from the rafters, wondering when to pounce upon his prey.
 "Calin!"He whispered, trying to get his attention alone."Calin!!!"

  He didn't seem to be getting Calin's attention and pouted, but his heart lruched in fear as he started to slip forth from the rafter" Oh no..." He said, looking up and trying to re-grip but resulting only in slipping, falling directly on top of Calin"Uhhhh hi.." He said, grinning stupidly and poutng up at the king and hugging Calin" How are you doing buddy!?" He asked, hugging him posessively.

Calin blushed slightly and the king frowned down at them, "please," he said quietly to Calin, "take that boy out of here," he said, before turning back to his people. Calin nodded, "yes sir," he muttered, pulling himself from underneath the other and taking his hand, "come on," he said with a small smile for his friend, "we'll go play in my room!"

Leise grinnned "Happy Birthday!" he said, handing him a freshly-caught lizard that was squirming around in his grasp."Why was there soo many grown-ups out there? Sheesh, they act like your some kind of display at the zoo thingy with the cages.........."He said, shaking his head, sitting on the floor in a carefree posture, laying out and yawning" I like your floor.."

Calin carefully closed the door and reached for the lizard with careful fingers. Making his way back to his water basin, he poured some of the water into a small golden bowl, then let the creature slide from his hand and into its new home. He watched it a bit, then returned to Leise's side, sitting in front of him, legs tucked underneath himself, "thank you very much..." he said, "for everything."

Leise nodded and that blushed a little" Erm..hey there's another present I want to give to you..."He said, leaning foreward so that he was on his hands and knees"A birthday kiss!" He said cheerily, moving foreward fast and pressing his lips to Calin's." Happy happy happy birthday ! Ohhhh...hey you taste like sugar and strawberries...what did you have for breakfast?" Leise asked,licking more sugar off of his friend's lips.

Calin blushed crimson, eyes fluttering closed, "Leise.... why-what are you doing...?"

"Giving you a birthday kiss." He said, blushing."And cleaning you off. Your a messy eater for a prince..."

"Well then, why did you stop..?" Calin asked, gazing at him shyly, "I quite like this gift..."

Leise grinned" is your birthday..." He said before leaning over again and pressing his lips back to Calin's.

At that precise moment, a thud was heard of the bedroom door being pushed open. The king stood and looked at the specticle before himself, frowning. Calin had jumped at the sound and fell back, startled and embarrassed. "That is quite enough of this!" the king bellowed, thundering into the room. He grabbed Leise by the arm and pulled him to his feet, "no... more," he said through clenched teeth.

Leise pouted" I ..I don't understand sir! What is wrong!?"He asked sadly, no wanting to be pulled away from Calin.

"You are the problem," the king spat, "you and your family are scum, trash! I've put up with this long enough! I wont have my son growing up around with the likes of you!" Calin stepped foreward, shaking, "f-father... please! Stop! I-" his voice faltered as the glare of his father fell upon him.

Leise wanted to cry and he wrenched away from the king and kissed Calin once more."Don't worry I will come back one of these days okay?"He said desperately, kissing him again and running out past the king and out of the castle, tears streaming down his face, wondering how long it would be until he saw his prince again.

The night wore out, raw with his tears. He poured his soul out, his misery to his mother. "Mother, I-I love him! I want him to come back..." his mother frowned, "that's not possible..." she said, "don't worry... you'll grow out of it." Calin brushed away fresh tears as he considered her words. A part of him, deep within him highly doubted it.


Nineteen years later and Leise had worked out his best plan ever. He had gotten himself a small house and had gotten himself accquainted with the prince's schedule. He was serious when he said he would come back for took some time but now he had it down....the prince this day would have to be in the market because he was in need of fabric to make his clothing for the banquet that was to be held in honor of his twenty fourth birthday.

Leise secured a lizard in his pouch at his side, locked his house and was sure to have plenty of rope and everything needed to capture a prince. He just hoped his friend would not object to being kidnapped as he was about to do.

Leise scaled a wall into the city's main pass and waited behind a building for his friend to show himself.
' Come out come out now my dear friend...I have your brithday kiss to present you with...and a lizard...' Leise thought to himself, grinning as he saw the princes' gaurds"This is going to be fun.."

Calin bore a smile as he stepped outside the castle door. He had grown quite a bit. His deep brown hair now reached his mid-back in a loose ponytail and grey eyes shone. Weither they shone in happiness or saddness, nobody could tell any longer. A small change purse in hand, he wore what could be called a dress, but others preferred to call a robe of blood red, what appeared to be embrald green leaves adorned it, bringing out the lovely hue of his eyes.

Leise grinned happily and walked up to the 'gaurds' more or less 'gaurds' in being his own little friends that owned him a favor or two. They smiled and nodded and did not stop him as he walked up to Calin"So.....Happy Birthday...your royal Princey-ness..." Leise said somewhat in a sarcastic tone, handing him the pouch at his side, wondering if the prince remembered him.

Calin's expression changed to one of curiosity as he excepted the gift, "I'm sorry," he said, smiling politely, "I'm afraid I cannot place your face... I thought for sure I knew all of the people of my.. kingdom..." he couldn't take his gaze off the other. Something about his eyes... reminded him of someone...

"Maybe this will help.."He said, emptying the lizard who perched ontop of the princes' hand like he owned it."I would give you a birthday kiss...but...not here...lest that father of yours take you from me.."

Calin searched the others face, hand going up, fingers tracing his lips, "you..." he attempted to regain his stunned composure, "my good friend," he said, "wont you please accompany me from this place? I wish to have a companion with me as I shop..." he offered him his arm.

Leise grinned" I would love too...but perhaps accompany me..."He said, grabbing the arm frimly but gently, nodding to the gaurds that released a big cloud of powder into the air, blinding everyone that would see them and he jumped up and pulled the prince with him, leaping over the city wall and running as fast as he could to a horse"Get on!"He yelled out, looking behind him, waiting for the gaurd's signal.

A bit overwhelmed, Calin climbed onto the back of the horse, arms wrapped tightly around the other, "I... what are you going to do...?" he asked, a bit confused, "are we riding to the marketplace...?"

"Nope..I am kid-napping you..." Leise said truthfully, grinning as the gaurds gave him their signal and he spurred the horse foreward, moving them to the woods where they slowed down to a trot" has been a while.."

"Leise..." he muttered, leaning against him, laying his head on the other's back as he clung to him, "I've missed you so... I just-are you sure that we should... that you should take me as so??"

"Mnn how else would I get to you? Go through your father? I think not.."He said, placing one of his hands over his friend's and picking the horses speed up a little until they arrived to his home."Here we are.."He said, hopping down, holding out his hand for Calin.

Calin took the hand and leapt off the horse. His feet got tangled in his skirts however, and he tripped, falling foreward against the other, "I-I'm sorry..." he muttered, face red.

Leise chuckled"Wow..I thought princes were supposed to be gracefull?"He asked, helping Calin up and leading him into the house before smiling"Now...for your birthday kiss..."He said, leaning in and pressing his lips to Calin's"There...Happy Birthday.."

Calin was pleased, yet dissapointed that he left his mouth so soon. "You know I'm, 24 now..." he said, "perhaps.. I should get a kiss for each year...?" he said hopefully, clutching Leise's shirt in his hands.

Leise smiled" Mnnnn...I suppose...but after..I suppose I have to find you more lizards to make up for old times.." He said, stepping close to Calin and tilting his face up to his, pressing his lips softly to his, wrapping his arms around his back.

Calin placed his hands on either cheek of the other and he stood on his toes to return each kiss. He soon lost himself in the kisses, and began pampering Leise's face with them. As he pressed his lips once again on his cheek, he pulled back, grinning sheepishly, "I'm sorry..." he said, "I lost count..."

Leise grinned"How realy big one ?"He asked, wanting to have so much more from his friend.

Calin nodded eagerly and threw his arms about the other's neck, kissing him deeply.

Leise kissed him back, drawing him close against him, deepening the kiss as well as he could.

Calin ran his hands down the other's back, and his tounge over Leise's lips, "mnn... Leise.." he moaned softly with a smile as he moved his mouth back enough to speak, "I think you've made me gay..."

"Good." Leise said, pulling Calin back to his room." Just how gay have I made you? Gay enough for me to take you?" He asked, pressing kisses now to Calin's neck.

Calin blushed deeply at the touch, a soft moan slipping from his parted lips, "oh.. I think so... please... let us try and test...?"

Leise grinned" Gladly." He said, kissing Calin again and drawing him forth unto the bed.

"...please... wait...." Calin said, moving back slightly, "you must allow me to prepare myself..."

"I was....going to do that for you...but okay...." Leise said, grinning and kissing Calin, letting him do what he wished.

Calin stood on his knees and loosened a band around his waist, letting it drop before pulling his robes up above his head so that he only wore his undergarments. Then he undid his hair so that if fanned about him. Calin smiled and lay on the bed, slightly on his side as he gazed up at his friend with a slight smile, "there now... you can ravish me as you please..."

Leise blushed a bit and shivered "You...are beautifull." He said, kissing his love, leaning him back until he was completely on his back on the bed.

Calin leaned foreward and bit teasingly at the other's neck, "then please don't make me wait...." he spoke softly, "I've waited years for you... for this..."

Leise smiled and nodded, stripping himself down and kissing down Calin's neck.

Calin moved his head to the side so the other could reach his neck. What was so sweet a memory was now slowly unravelling to become a reality.

Leise slickened his fingers and pressed one into his entrance."I realy hope this is what you prince..."He said in a whisper.

"I..." Calin breathed in a shuddered gasp.

Leise added another finger and moved them in and out of Calin."Are you alright?"

Calin's large eyes were upon him, face flushed red as he slowly shook his head.

Leise removed his fingers."Are you alright?"

"N-no..." he said, eyes suddenly filling with tears, "no.. I can't... I'm sorry..." he moved from him and pulled himself to his feet, looking for his clothes.

Leise grabbed him and held him against him"What has your so worried?"

Calin tried to move from him, but his body felt weak, "I'm so sorry Leise..." he said, a single tear falling, "I can't do this... I'm..."

"What?" Leise asked, holding Calin tight.

"I'm getting married..." Calin said, words spoken softly, tears running freely now.

Leise felt his blood run cold and as he spoke his voice sounded like ice"To who? Do you love them?"

"No... no..." Calin said, staring down at the ground, "It was arranged..."

"Then...let me take you from here." Leise said, holding onto Calin tightly, pressing kisses to him.

"no.. you cant..."

"And why not!?" Leise asked , tilting his love's face to his.

"My father.... is dying...." Calin explained, "I'm next in line to rule... they wont stop until they find me, and kill you."

"Not if they can't find you...we just hide out until he dies and then you marry me instead and.."Leise stopped here, blushing as he realized what he just said.

The flow of tears stopped. Calin stared up at him in awe and hope overflowing him, "you.. what did you say...?"

"N-nothing!" Leise said, gasping and clmaping a hand over his own mouth.

Calin's gaze fell, dissapointed, "oh... I had hoped..." he turned and began to pull his clothes back on slowly.

Leise grinned"Ohh I just..I said...I think we should wait until your dad dies, then go back and then you marry me!" Leise said, looking down."Marry me?"

Calin nearly fell again. He was shocked and pleased. Simply put, overwhelmed. "Are you... asking me to...?"

Leise nodded, blushing darkly.

"Leise, I-" Calin stopped trying to get dressed, and sat at the foot of the other's bed, leaning foreward, head resting in his hands as he thought.

Leise sighed and hugged Calin" you.

Calin gazed at him, "I love you too..." he said, "I've never stopped loving you. Which is why... which is why I will marry you-when this all is over I mean."

Leise grinned happily and hugged Calin tight, kissing him deeply."Good......"He said, thinking out the plan.

Calin clung to the other tightly, head on the other's chest.

Leise practicly petted his love.

"I.. want to know," Calin muttered, "what have you been doing since we parted?"

"Planning on how to get you back from your father.."

Calin smiled and leaned foreward, kissing his cheek, "wow... that makes me feel so special.."

Leise kissed him on the lips."I hope so..and see my plan worked!"

"Yeah..." he looked thoughtful, "but I still have many things to work out at home..."

"Not until your dad dies you dont."

"Maybe..." Calin thought aloud, tracing his finger over the other's chest, "we'll see.."

Leise smiled."Mhnnnn that we will darling."

Calin continued running his hands over Leise's chest, getting lost in staring at him.

Leise grinned and kissed his love.

Calin kissed him back, sliding his tounge into his mouth.

Leise moaned softly"Mnn I missed kissing you.."

Calin nodded understanding, "I couldn't avaoid thinking of you.. every night I drempt of you.. every eve' I thought of you... and every morning I marveled at when you should return.'

"And now I't recognize me at first did you?"

"I.. didn't know what to think..." he murmered, "I was afraid of believing that it was truly you, only to be prooven wrong."

"Well now you know.."Leise said, smiling, kissing his love on the forehead.

Calin smiled softly, "I'm glad.. I love you so much it hurts..."

"I know..I didn't think I was able to bear being away from you."

Calin thought aloud for a moment before declaring, "I know! Let's do something amazing! Something unforgettable to remember our metting!"

"Have something in mind?"

Calin's expression fell, "no..." he admitted, "but we can learn something new together, or-or.... yeah."

"Sounds good to me...but first..we have to sneak you completely out of this kingdom.."

Calin thought for a moment, "well... I trust you... so, ok!" he smiled, "carry out your kidnapping if you must."

Leise grinned and stood up, dressing completely."Okay...ummm please I hope you don't mind if we just get you new things at the next kingdom...."

"As long as I have you to protect me... I don't care where we go," Calin told him, watching him as he dressed, his own arm going through a sleeve.

"Good..then let me grab a few things and we shal be on our way...."Leise said, grabbing a sack and putting in a few changes of clothing and grabbing smoe food and a sword or two.

Calin wandered around the room as Leise moved, gazing about it and studying the furniture with mild intrest.

Leise smiled at him, threw the pack over his shoulder, brought it to the horse and secured it."Ready?"He asked, holding out his hand.

Calin took the hand and nodded.

Leise seated them properly on the horse and sped off out of that kingdom main city coming to the main gate...their one obsticale."Shit..gaurds..."He said, cursing.

Calin looked up, "do you want me to deal with them...?"

"If you think you can without being caught by your dad.."

"Yeah..." Calin slid off the horse, thinking, "of ocurse I can.. just go by at my signal... I should be able to manipulate them enough to distract them..."

"Okay..." Leise said, staring in confusion.

The gaurds looked Calin over."Might I help you?"

Calin walked slowly towards them, eyes on the ground. He seemed to be staggering, "I... need to get through..." he gazed up at them, eyes shinning with tears.

"Sir..if you are hurt we are going to have to ask you to go to the city doctor."One of the gaurds spoke, giving him a stern look.

Leise watched from afar, twitching'damn hes a good actor' He thought to himself.

Calin let out a long sigh, clutching at his chest slightly, "I understand you are a wonderful man and care much for my well-being, but I'm afraid I have to go..." he said, a single tear falling down his cheek which he let fall, "a dear friend of mine is near the end of his time.. I wish to see him through it...."

The first gaurd sighed" carefull out there, i am sorry for your loss.."

Leise smiled and sped up a bit closer.

Calin bowed his head, "yes..." he said, "thank you very much! I'll be careful!"

Leise followed after."Your...good at that.."He said, grinning after they passed through the gaurds."And that was too easy."

"Yes?" Calin grinned at him, "you think?"

Leise smiled and stopped his horse."Come on you need to be on here incase we have to take off.."

Calin pulled himself onto the hourse, holding fast to him, "yes... I hope we don't have to though... I don't wish to rush... I like to take my time and just.... enjoy the scenery."

Leise smiled and let the horse go at a slow and leisurely waslk.

Calin leaned against him, humming a soft tune, "you know what we should do...?" he asked Leise.

"What should we do?"

"We should get a flute...." he said, nuzzling him as best he could givin the position, "I had one at home and I love playing it in the mornings..."

Leise considered it." Yeah....when we settle down we will."

"hmm..." Calin said, "sounds nice... we there yet?"

"Afraid not lover.."Leise said, picking up the horses speed.

Calin pouted slightly, pulling himself up more so that he stood upon the horse on his knees, supporting himself by grasping the other's shoulders. Hair whipping in the wind.

"What are you doing?"Leise asked, looking up at his love.

Calin laughed softly, "I wanted to get a better view!" he told him, "you should try it some time..."

Leise chuckled"Oi! The next city is close .."

Calin gazed at it, then down at the one guiding their horse. He didn't say anything, afraid of what would tumble from his eager lips.

Lesie smiled and rode into the next city."Well..were here.."

Calin sat back down, eyes roaming over things unfamiliar.

Lesie smiled and hugged him as he stepped off the horse"How about we go find an inn?"

Calin followed suit, leaving the back of the horse to go to wrap his arms around Leise, "yeah... I guess that would be the first step..."

Leise kissed his forehead and did just that, but stopped"Hey....climb in through the winodw ok? They may recognize you.."

Calin nodded and moved around back to the window, easing it up.

Leise ran into the room and opened the window completely, letting him in"Here you are."

Calin paused on the inside of the window, glancing about them, "should I just wait here for you...?"

"No dear, just get in here."He said pulling him through the window.

Calin gave a small yelp which he attempted to stiffle as he made it through the window, silently vowing to learn how to wear pants.

Leise got him in ohhh three steps before tripping and falling over onto their bed with Calin on top of him"Woah.."

Calin blushed but did not move. He only stared down at the other, a soft laugh escaping him.

Leise looked up at him and grinned his own little grin"Well, I find I like this position rather much.."

"Really...?" Calin said deviously, running his tounge over his lips slightly and slidding his right knee up against the other's groin, "tell me how much..."

Leise groaned softly and cupped Calin's face and brought it down to his, kissing him softly.

Calin returned the kiss slightly, hands on the other's chest and running down it.

Leise shivered and slid his hands down his love's back, pressing them together.

Calin moaned out, sliding his hands now up Leise's shirt and over his head.

Leise Slipped a hand into his lover's pants and carressed him gently.

Calin continued to moan, inmistakably hard withing the other's hand. He couldn't explain these feelings as he had neve rbeen taken before.

Leise tightly moved his hand up and down on his legnth.

Bitting his lip, Caling moved up against the hand, watching the other and trying not to be aroused too quickly.

Leise smiled, moving his hand a little faster, loving the feel of his friend in his hand.

Calin's arms wove their way around Leise, grasping him as he softly called out his name, tight in his hold.

Leise smiled and suckled his friends neck hard, marking him as he stroked him.

"mnn..." Calin moaned out as he ran his hands now down the other's back, finding his grip loosened by pleasure.

Leise moved to kiss his friend's lips as he stroked him more.

Calin's breathing became ridged feeling himself climaxing. He let out a soft cry as he released into his hand.

Leise leaned down and kissed his friend softly.

Calin leaned into the kiss, relaxing against him.

"Umm Happy Birthday even more?" Leise said, unsure what to say.

Calin laughed softly in a tone that resembled the sweet song of birds in the morn'. He smiled, "I thank you even more my sweet knight..."

Leise smiled at being called knight." I am a knight now am I?"

Calin shook his head, still grinning, "you are my knight only..." he said, leaning foreward and placing a kiss on the tip of his nose.

Leise grinned and hugged him. "If you say so, my prince."

Calin hugged him back before slipping out of his grasp and crawling to the head of the bed where he pulled back the sheets and lay himself down, "won't you come join me?" he asked, "it's been a long journey I'd say..."

Leise nodded, reminding himseld desperately to keep his hands to himself, but as he slid in bed next to Calin he could not help them from wandering over his loved one's chest, holding him closely.

Calin smiled and lay his head upon the other's chest, "you know... it's times like these that I wish I had been able to allow you to rid me of my innocence..."

Leise blushed" I can't rid you of your innocence anymore?" He asked with a pout, nipping his friend's neck.

Calin gazed away from him, "that's... not what I mean... I always welcome you to do that, but-I aleady have lost it..." his voice lowered as he spoke.

Leise felt his heart grow cold at these words. "Who...?" Was all he could voice in the silent question.

Calin bit his lip and felt himself pull away from the other, sitting up in their bed and pulling his legs to himself, resting his chin on his knees and avoiding eye contact. "I... it wasn't intentional on my behalf..." Calin said, voice just above a whisper, "he took it withought permission and made me swear-well, I cant tell you who..."

"Please Calin.."Leise asked pleadingly, pulling his friend against him as he sat up on the bed.

Calin stared up at him, "I'm sorry Leise..." he said, "I'm sorry for being so... so weak," he took a shuddering sigh, "I couldn't get him off of me... he is a guard... my only personal guard..."

Leise huged his friend and kissed him. "Well then...he will come looking for you wont he?"

Calin smiled weakly, "most probably..." he said, moaning slightly at the thought and clinging to the other as painful memories hit him like ice.

"Well he can't have you." Leise said, kissing his love's neck.

"mmn... why not...?" calin asked jokingly, loving the feel of the other's lips on his neck. It was tantilizing.

"Because you are mine." Leise whispered into Calin's ear, pressing against him as he did so, lightly suckling his neck.

Calin's hands gropped him blindly, his head falling back to lay on the other's shoulders, "I love even the mere thought..." Calin breathed, taking in his scent.

Leise suckled a little more on his friend's neck, wrapping his arms around his middle and , darting his tounge out along his friend's ear.

Unable to take it any more, Calin took hold of Leise's shoulders and pinned him to the bed, legs resting on either side of him as he smiled down at him seductively, "I'm not going to let you have all the fun," he told him.

Leise felt heat rise to his cheeks and he blushed softly, smiling. "Oh realy?" He asked, raising an eyebrow slightly as if in challange, highly enjoying Calin were he was.

Calin nodded and lowered himself so he rested between his beloved's legs, pulling down Leise's pants so they rested about his knees as he went. He began to ravish his most tender flesh with his tounge.

Leise called out and thrust up slightly to Calin's mouth, moaning softly at an almost desperate sound.

Calin then took him into his mouth, suckling upon the organ in his mouth, lightly at first, just to get him aroused.

Leise roused rather quickly, shivering a little and slipping his hands unto the bed sheets rather then his loved one's hair so as to not hurt him as pleasure went all through him.

Calin began to suck hard upon him, hands behind him and squeezing him gently, finger prodding his entrance, but never completely entering it.

Leise moaned loudly, thrusting his hips up softly, shivering as he did so.

Calin finnaly allowed his finger's to push up into th eother's body as he continued sucking upon the tender flesh.

With this Leise gave out a loud cry as he spilt his seed in the other's mouth, not having the chance to warn him, moaning softly."Calin!"

Calin carefully took it all into his mouth, licking the tip of his errection before moving up to kiss his face.

Leise kissed him back, tasting himself upon him. "Your...good at that.."He said dazedly.

Calin smiled, laying atop him, "why thank you my dear..." he said, pleased that his efforts had made the other happy.

Leise smiled and pulled the other down close to him.

Calin pressed his head against Leise's, the corners of their lips touching as he sighed peacefully.

Leise kissed him and pulled the blanket up around them. "I am glad to have you back."

"glad to be back," Calin returned, nuzzling him before curling up in preperation for sleep.

Leise smiled and cuddled him close, doing his own bit of nuzzling before closing his eyes for sleep as well.

"I love you," Calin said quietly, feeling he hadn't reminded Leise enough and that he should.

"I love you too."leise said, slipping off to sleep.

calin soon joined him in slumber, never noticing that that were being watched. But no, their lives weren't in danger.. not at the moment.

Leise woke sometime after they slept, looking around and smilnig. He should get them drinks..and flowers...the flowers he needed to get from outside.He yawned and walked to the door, walking out to look for some.

A man advanced Leise as he came outside. He was clearly angry with his arm bent at a sharp angle and hand clapsed over the handle of a sword which hung from his waist. "May I help you?" he asked him, watching him with his glare.

Leise raised an eyebrow."I think the question is can I help you?" He grabbed a flower, ignored the man and began to walk back to the room.

The man growled as Leise walked and cursed himself for not having stopped him.

Calin was in their room, waiting for Leise. He was once again fully dressed and sat perched on the edge of their bed, combing through his waist-long hair. He glanced up as Leise entered and smiled.

Leise grinned and kisses him. "Good morning love."He said, handimg him his flower.

Calin's eyes lit up and he gave a cry of delight as he threw his arms around the other's neck, "Oh! It's beautiful! Thank you!!" he said, kissing him quickly before taking the flower tenderly in his slim fingers.

Leise smiled."I thought you would like that.."He said, putting it in Calin's hair.

Calin blushed in happiness and skipped over to the full-lenthed mirror in the side of the room, standing before it and twirling slightly to observe the effect it made.

Leise giggled to himself,thinking Calin reminded him a bit much like a girl.

Calin hurried back to Leise, hugging him before moving behind him and jumping on his back, "you should carry me down to breakfast," he said.

Leise grinned."Okay."He said, picking him up and carrying him carefully down the steps.

Calin smiled as well, arms around Leise's torso to support himself, so as not to fall.

Leise set him down and kissed him quick. "So, what are you wanting for breakfast?"

"Eggs..." he said, "that's usually what I only eat.. oh! And toast!" Calin smiled, "and you can get what you want..."

Leise smiled and ordered them both eggs and toast with some jelly on the side, smiling."It should be here soon."

Calin thanked him and wrapped his arms around him, leaning slightly against him. "I feel... strange..." he whispered so that only Leise heard him, "as though someone's watching me..." he pulled himself closer to Leise as a shiver ran down his spine.

Leise thought back to the man he had run into earlier. "Hnnn do you think we are being watched?" He asked kissing him.

"yes..." Calin responded before kissing him back, "I don't like that..."

"Well..there was this strange man I ran into earlier when I was retrieving your flower.."Leise stated, thinking back on it.

"Really?" Calin frowned, "what did he look like?"

Leise chuckled at this. "Well..he quite truly looked...scary..with his sword out and all....kind of seemed like a guard.."

Calin moved in front of Leise, taking ahold of the front of his shirt and standing on his toes to nip him on the ear, "well," he whispered, "let's carry out our role as the loving couple for a moment to disguise my looking to see who this guard is... I think I know who he is.." he then moved his lips to Leise's neck while his eyes scanned over the faces of the other customers, sheilded by his hair.

"Sounds good to me." He said, smiling, licking on his lover's neck, also looking around though not spotting anything.

Calin shid his hands down Leise's front, but stopped at the hem of his pants, giving off a small involuntary gasp, "it's him..." he muttered.

"Leise followed his lover's eyes"Him as in who you told me of?"

"Yes.." Calin said, growing scarlet as he met the eyes of the guard, "he saw me looking at him."

"Well to fix this??"Leise asked, slipping his hands into his priince's clothing and finding a dagger. "Mind if I use this a moment?"

"Go ahead," Calin said, drawing back from him slightly and watched the guard as he stood from his seat and made his way over to them.

Leise stood up, walked to the gaurd and placed a hand on his shoulder."Outside."He said simply in a whisper.

The guard frowned yet followed his orders. Calin hesitantly followed.

"What do you want here?" Leise asked, stepping a good deal away from him, on gaurd.

"I want my prince back," he said through clenced teeth," he's to good to be with the likes of you."

"He's obviously not your prince..."Lesie said with a smirk.

The guard, enfuriated moved closer to Leise, speaking in a low voice, "I noticed you two have gotten very intimate,' he snarled, "do you enjoy it? Taking him? Making him your own? He has the smooth skin of a woman, yet the pleasurable qualities of a man. Don't you love feeling yourself inside him...?" he grinned.

"Actually I haven't gotten that far..and I wont without his who is better now??" Leise said,staring the man down.

The man actually seemed to calm slightly, "why ask such an idiotic question? You know I shouldn't answer with you in the favor..."

"Your just jealous." Leise said smiling. "Calin lover, prepare to go again.."He said, daring the other man to make a move.

He did, in fact, makee a move for his sword, which he drew and pointed at Leise, "you.. aren't going anywhere yet..." he said, "I challenge you to a duel."

Leise's eye twitched and he drew his sword"Okay.." He said with a shrug.

Calin saw the drawing of the swords and moved foreward, alarmed, "No!" he said, grabbing Leise's free arm, "please don't fight!!'

Leise smiled and hugged Calin. "Don't worry I will try to not kill him, nothing bad will happen." He said kissing him.

Calin kissed him back softly, "just... don't hurt yourself..." he said.

Leise grinned" You don't have to worry about that."

Calin, slightly soothed by his words, moved back slightly from Leise, watching him carefuly.

His opponent moved slightly foreward, brandishing his sword, seeming even angrier than he had earlier. Perhaps it was the sight of their love for each other right before his eyes...

Leise stepped back and swung in managing a slash on the side before flipping back to his original stance.

The swing from Leise slightly grazed the other's side. He rarely noticed this, but continued on, swinging in a skilled fury.

Leise blocked off as many of the hits that he could, occassionaly getting a small slice. He stood his ground though and drove his sword to cut a deep gash into the gaurd's leg.

Harcourt, the guard, winced slightly in pain and drew back his leg in pain. Growl escaping his throat, he moved foreward swiftly to aim to catch Leise's fighting arm.

Leise pulled his arm out of blade's reach it hitting his chest instead but he had his sword ready, driving it into the stomach of the other. His eyes widening as he felt the blade slide into him. He had not meant to cause that much damage.

Harcourt gasped in surprize, doubling over slightly. His breathing heavy, he felt a sence of overwhelming pain come over him as his vision slowly blurred. He turned his vision to Calin and attempted a grim smile, "..well..." he said to Calin, "you get stuck with him... you always did have other people fight your battles for you..."

Calin watched him, a digdant fury building in him at these words. He moved over so that he stood before the dying man as Harcout muttered, "you never were your own man..." these words finalized Calin's anger. He took a dagger that had been strapped to his leg and held Harcout's head in one hand, the blade against his neck, "I.... wouldn't speak if I were in your position," Calin said quietly, anger edged in his voice, a blade of its own. The words spoken to him earlier had indeed affected him.

Leise gently took the blade away from his lover's hands and kissed him softly and kept it pressed against his throat."This is your end."He whispered, pressing the blade against the skin until it bit through and he pulled it across in one strong motion, cutting it open, and wiping the blade on Harcourt's clothing. He looked up and pulled Calin tight against him, hugging him and kissing his forehead.

Calin, relieved of the need to take another's life, yet frightened at the sight and smell of so much blood, burried his face in Leise's chest, body shivering. His eyes were clenched shut. "I'm... sorry..." Calin said, "you had to.. fight my battle..."

"Do not be sorry, it was mine just as much as it was yours. Now lets get out of here." Leise said, standing, drawing his love up with him and leading him back into the inn.

It took all of Calin's gathered strength to not glance back at the coarpse that had been left behind. His arms wrapped tightly around Leise.

Leise sat down with Calin on the bed, holding in an wince, kissing his love's cheek.

Calin kissed him back before asking, "Leise... am I a pampered prince...? Am I spoiled...?"

" yes..your my pampered prince...your my spolied pampered prince." Leise said, kissing him.

Calin moved away from the kiss and stood, troubbled, "I.. .don't wish to be spoiled," he said, arms at his sides.

"Darling you are not spoiled at all! I meant that you are mine and that I would spoil you."He said, hugging Calin from behind.

Calin relaxed under the embrace, leaning back against him slightly, "I believe you..." he said.

"Good." Leise said, turning Calin around in his arms and kissing him.

Calin kissed him back softly, hand carresing the other's chin slightly before sliding down his chest.

Leise kissed him deeper, licking Calin's lips asking for entrance.

Calin's lips parted, allowing entrance. He moaned softly, grasping his shirt in his hands.

Leise moaned at the kiss as well, placing his hands on Calin's hips and pulling him against him tightly, kissing his neck and grinding softly against him, moving him backwards to the bed.

Reaching the bed, Calin, arms around the other's waist, fell back onto the bed; pulling the other on top of him.

Leise kissed him even deeper, sliding his hands along his chest, undoing his clothing only to slide off Calin's shirt and start on his pants.

Calin fell back into the bed, long hair spread out about him as he gazed up at his lover.

Leise smiled and kissed his neck and tugged his love's pants the rest of the way off.

Calin shivered slightly as air reached his lower half.

Leise slipped kisses along his lover's stomach.

Calin murred slightly, a pleasurous noise escaped his throat as he was being pampered.

Leise kissed him again and stroked over his loved one's legnth.

Calin returned the kiss hungrily, he knew he was hard under the other's grasp. "mnn... Leise... I wish for you to take me..."

"You are sure?" Leise asked, stroking him more, kissing him with just as much passion.

"yes.." Calin said, "I want to feel you inside me... I want to rid myself of all thoughts of that man erased.

Leise nodded, kissing Calin and slipping his hand down his love's chest, further down his member and even further to his entrance, pressing in two fingers.

Calin moaned out, back arching at the touch.

Leise moved his fingers in and out of his lover, kissing him gently as he did so.

Calin accepted the ongoing wave of kisses as they came, mouth opened slightly and muscles tightening around the other's fingers.

Leise added a third before pulling them out and replacing them with his legnth, pressing against Calin's entrance.

Calin let out an inaudible gasp, back rising from the bed slightly and pale fingers clenching the bedsheets.

Leise pushed into him, holdin him against him as he pushed in farther, kissing kiss neck and anywhere else he could.

Calin called out louder, breathing ruggid and skin tingling at the contact of the other's lips.

"Calm darling."Leise said, pushing completely into Calin, trying to adjust to the tightness before pulling out almost completely and then pushing back in, starting to set a slow pace.

Soothed by the others words, Calin slowly lowered fully back to the bed. His body moved with the other's.

Leise groaned unable to believe how good he felt being in his lover's body. He set his pace to a faster one, a little harder as well, biting and kissing on his neck.

Calin continued to moan, body rocking back and forth, meeting the other's thrusts.

Leise moaned, thrusting into him harder-

Head tilted back against the bed, cries becomeing more passionate, Calin felt himself rising towards his climax.

Leise could tell Calin was close by a soft but noticeable tightening around him as he thrust in and out of him passionately, and he moaned softly, nearing his own with every thrust.

Calin called out Leise's name as he released, body flooded with passion.

At Calin's release he had tightened even more around Leise, making him come inside him, calling out to him, holding him close as he stilled and eventually collapsed bedsides him on the bed.

Calin gazed at him, a small smile 'cross his lips. He reached out a hand and daintilly placed it on his lover's cheek. He had so much to say to him, so much to thank him for... this action spoke for him, however, as he was tired.

Leise smiled gently back and placed a small but loving kiss on his cheek. "I love you."He whispered, hugging him tightly with the little stregnth he had.

"I love you too..." Calin smiled softly, "more than anyone." realization hit him as he said this on how true this was.

Leise smiled and kissed him. "I think that that was the sweetest thing you have ever said to me."

Calin was taken aback, "I-it was???" he asked, "perhaps I should say it more often then..."

"Yes you should because I love you too."Leise said, kissing him.

Calin smiled, kissing him softly, "mmn.. Leise... thank you for kidnapping me. You should do it more often."

"Hopefully I wont have to kidnap you again." Leise said, hugging Calin tightly.

Calin laughed slightly, "when should we move on from this town?" he asked, "or should we stay here until we are ready to confront my father?"

"What are you more comfortable with doing?" Leise asked. The moving away could be more safe but he did want to get back at the king for seperating them when they were younger.

"I... dont want to go too far.. my father's dying as we speak."

"I didn't know that."Leise replied, kissing him. "Alright,we will go to him then.

Calin grabbed Leise's arms suddenly, eyes filled with urgency, "not today, though... right?"

"No my dear, heavens no. Not until your ready." Leise said, hugging him closely.

Calin hugged him back, sighing slightly, "then can we do that unforgettable thing today?"

"Unforgettavle thing?" Leise asked, raising an eyebrow. He forgot what it was they had been referring to as unforgettable.

Laughing softly, Calin kissed him on the cheek, "don't worry about it darling," he said, "I just want to go back inside now..."

Leise smiled and kissed him back. "Come along then." He said, wrapping an arm about his waist.

Glancing back once at his ex-lover, Calin followed Leise. His mind wandered back to his kingdom... his father, on his deathbed... he shuddered and pulled closer to Leise.

Leise sensed his prince's unease and rubbed his arm lovingly. "What bothers your thoughts?" He asked as they were finally back in their room.

Calin eased himself back into the bed, not able to look him in the eyes, "I... have many responsibilities that I'm ignoring.... because of my selfish desires," he said.

"they are only selfish if you make them that way." Leise replied easily.

Calin seemed to agree with him a moment, then shook his head. "I love you," he said, "more than anyone in the world. But I cant leave my people without a leader... I can't. And with you as my Queen..." he stopped and giggled suddenly realizing how odd it sounded being worded.

Leise laughed softly. "Listen.. what if you go back and he isnt dead yet? And maybe the guards take you away? Then they kill me? What would you do then?"

Bitting his lower lip, Calin thought a bit, "I'll... tell them I ran away with you," he said, "think that'll work?"

Leise nodded. "It might.." he said, kissing the other.

Calin smiled, relieved and took Leise's head in his hands, kissing him deeply. "Then we leave at once," he said.

Leise kissed him back and held him close."Right now?"

Looking into his eyes, Calin found that he didn't want to leave, but just stay there. He sat in his lap, smiling weakly.

Leise kissed him again."How abotu we take a bit of a nap first?" He asked, actually wouldn't mind ravishing the other.

"mmn... yes..." Calin found himself fantisizing, but wasnt going to ask of anything from the other.

Leise smiled gently and kissed him on the lips.

Calin kissed him back, arms slipping around his waist.

Leise kissed him again, moving the kiss to the other's neck, moving to be atop of him.

Sliding his arms around Leise's neck, Calin held his lips to his own neck. He then wrapped his legs skillfilly around Leise's waist, pulling him towards himself.

Leise made slow and sensual gridning movements against the other, breathing heavily against the other's ear.

Calin leaned towards him, bitting along Leise's neck before whispering to him, hot with passion, "take me..." his eyes were glazed over and a look of trust washed over his petite form.

Leise could only comply with the request, tugging the other's lower clothings down, lickign along his collar bone with strategic loving.

Letting out a sigh, Calin helped rid himself of the clothing that kept him from his needs.

Leise let his hand drift in, stroking the other lovingly.

Moaning out, Calin thrust into his lover's hand, finding himself needing more.

Leise kissed him with a moan, happy to feel his lover's arousal and know he was only causing him pleasure.

Returning the kiss deeply, Calin found a sensation feel him from every touch that Leise bestowed upon him that he hadn't felt in too long.

Leise moved own Calin's chest, pressing kisses as he went.

"Mmn... Leise.." if Calin had been hesitant earlier for letting his lover take him, now he was giving him his all. His body screamed for attention, but he gave in to what was given to him.

Leise only wanted to taste his lover, licking along his length once before moving back up to kiss the other, pressing a finger into him.

Calin's body arched at the penetration. He bit down on Leise's lower lip as a reaction, drawing a small trickle of blood from it.

Leise shivered at the drawing of blood, adding another finger, slipping his tongue along the other's lips.

Moaning at the feel of the other within him, Calin took the tounge into his mouth, suckling lightly upon it.

Leise decided to not enter his love yet , instead he used his fingers on him, moving them in and out slowly, trying to find that apot insdie him that would make him cry out in pleasure.

Calin did indeed cry out Leise's name as his fingers brushed against his prostrate. He moved in rhythem against the moving fingers so as to cause them to come back harder into him each time.

Lesie felt hot as the other was acting in such a way. He removed his fingers, no longer able to take not being inside the other and pressed into him, wanting to cause him pleasure with his member rather then just his fingers. More satisfying for them both. He kissed the other's neck, wanting to hear his moans as he himself let pass a few soft mewls from his throat.

Letting out a passionate moan, Calin continued moving against Leise as he had on his fingers a moment ago. But this time was a bit slower as his muscles were tightening around the other's manhood as it was a bit larger than the combined fingers which only made Calin moan louder.

Leise moved into the other more, pulling almost out before snapping back in, thrusting with hard but slow thrusts, intent on causing himself and the other pleasure.

Head tilted back, Calin knew as he clung fast to the white bedsheets below him that he would come soon. He mouthed this to his lover, but no words came.

Leise slowed down, it being too early for either of them in his opinion. He shivered at the slowing down, it felt so sweet, but at the same time he was frustrated with himself for doing it.

"Leise..." Calin didn't know how long he could hold on at this pace, but attempted to , only managing to tighten his body around Leise's member.

Leise called out at the tightening and sped up again as he became close to the end. "Calin.." He called out softly, his breath deep as he kissed the other, finishing inside him, stroking Clain's length to help him along.

Unable to hold back any longer, Calin released, calling out.

Leise smiled and kissed Calin, staying in hm while he lay besides him.

Calin smiled at him, reaching out t ocaress his face with his hand lovingly, "thank you..." he said softly.

Leise nodded and kissed him gently, cuddling up to the other.

Calin leaned against him as he closed his eyes peacefully. No longer caring for anything else in the world at that moment.

Leise held him close, feeling nothing but the calm peace as it washed over them both. "I love you." He whispered.

"I... love you too," Calin said truthfully.


The time between that moment of peace and when the two headed back to the palace seemed eternal. But in truth, it was a mere few hours. Calin sat behind Leise on the horse, holding fast to him in his usual attire. His face, grave.

Leise actually felt a form of excitement build up in him at the thougth of finally taking care of what should have been taken care of so long agao. He grinned, speeding his horse on faster.

At the sight of the castle in the distance, Calin pouted. "I don't see how you can be excited," he groaned, "I detest the thought of seeing my father," he said, unable to hold back a small triumphant smile at his use of vocabulary.

"It is exciting for me, finally able to prove that I am a man of my word." He said, kissing the other as the hore stopped. A few guards surrounded them.

"My prince! Where have you been!?"

Calin slid off the horse and walked swiftly past them towards the gates of the palace, "where I was is my buisiness, but rest assure that it was all in my origional plan," he didn't look at them, "how is my father, the king?"

"On his death bed, he has but a few minutes." The guard replied, narrowing his eyes.

Leise smiled and lead Calin in. "Thank you my good sirs."

Calin indicated that Leise should follow him. He led him up a winding staircase and Calin paused at his room to grab his sword and a robe to place over his own first, "I need to look presentable," he explained, putting them both on.

Leise stayed back, kissing the other on the cheek and was ready to support him in any way needed.

Once his sword was securely about his waist, Calin gave Leise a small smile and led him from the room to his father's chambers. He could see his mother hurriying from the room with a basin of water in her hands, distressed look on her face.

Calin's mother, Eliza worked to calm her dying husband's temperature, she bearly even looked up at Calin as she tried to cool him.

Leise stayed behind Calin respectfully, not daring to look to much at the dying king for fear he might speed his death.

Calin knelt at his father by his bedside. The king was barely consious, but recognized his son and sat up immediatly. "Calin?!" he exclaimed. Calin nodded and smiled softly, gently pushing his father back into the bed, "yes, father..." he said, "I came back for you." He took one of his father's hands in his own and kissed it, feeling the wrinkles beneith his lips, telling of his ripe age.

"Yes..." the king smiled, a tear rolling down his cheek, "I could recognize that sweet face anywhere..." His gaze fell upon Leise and he froze.

Leise narrowed his eyes. "Sir." he said with a nod and a short bow.

Eliza glanced about and gasped in recognition. "Calin isn't that the boy you used to play with?"

"Yes," Calin said, then added quickly before his father could explode in rage, "I love him. Would you ask for your only son to be with anyone other than the one he loves?" It took a long moment, but finally, his father's face relaxed.

"No..." he said quietly, "but you know how your people would react. No body will respect you if you have a gay relationship."

"With all due respect," Calin cut in with a grin, "people will follow anyone if they show them they have good leadership qualities and that it doesn't matter weither or not their Queen is man or woman as long as they both, king and queen, are good, and caring, wise, and fair."

Eliza sighed. "I hope you know what your doing, Calin."

Leise glared at the king. "I promise to only care for your son, I will serve him and love him always."

The dying man closed his eyes, holding up a hand for silence. He lay withought saying anything for so long and he was so still, Calin was afraid he had died already. But finally he spoke, saying, "who am I to judge weither you would make him a better queen than the woman we had origionally assigned to the task? I am glad that my son was able to find somebody he cares for. Now, I have no fear for my country... They will have rulers that care for both them and each other. What more could I ask for. I'm... proud of you, my son."

Tears filled Calin's eyes. He had never heard such caring words from his father before. Never had such a tender and loving expression crossed his face for him. He had never once before told him he was proud of him, so Calin, blinking away his tears, stooped over to kiss his father. "Thank you!" he said, "I love you father, so much...!"

The King turned his head to Leise, "come here, son," he instructed. He found it took a lot of effort for him to even breath now, so he had to hurry with what he had t osya.

Leise watched and did as he was told, kneeling besides the king.

Eliza felt the tears well in her eyes.

"There is a sword, on the wall on the other end of my bed," he told Leise, "It's yours now. You both need to rule the country under a strict thumb. We all depend on it. We all-" he winced in pain and his back rose from the bed slightly in pain and Calin held fast to him, terrified and no longer able to hold back tears. They flooded his face and fell to drench his father's robe. "We'll take care of everything father," Calin promised.

At these words, the king smiled slightly and became very still as he drew his last breath. He looked very peaceful as he lay there, no longer troubled by his pain.

Leise immediately held his lover tight to him, he as well shed a few tears for the king.

Eliza broke into sobs, not willing to believe her husband had died.

Calin burried his face in Leise's chest, letting himself sit for a moment, tears silently running down his cheeks. He stood after a moment, brushing the tears away and turning to his mother, "send out an announcement for the people to gather at the podium," he told her, voice unwavering. He briskly left the room and approached the nearest guard, "set up the king's casket on the podium, arrange it with few flowers and put his sheild and sword on the wall behind him," he instructed before turning to Leise, "you, come with me."

Lesie nodded, following after his lover, noticing that he would make a very good ruler with only these few orders.

Calin led him back to his bedroom and leafed through his closet, pulling out an outfit of regal green and handing it to Leise, "you... need to go up their with me," he told him.

Leise raised an eyebrow. "Wow." But he understood. "Umm will you help me with it?I don't know the first thing about this outfit."He said, looking at it almost afraid.

"Yes..." Calin's face was set into an expression of gentle simplicity. He moved to Leise and pulled him towards himself, fingers gingerly moving to remove the older man's clothing.

Leise kept himself focoused, putting on the things that he knew where they went, letting Calin do the rest.

Once Leise was prepared, Calin took his hand and led him up to the podium where both his parents already stood and lay waiting for him. Calin took a deep breath and took his place, gazing over the immence croud below him.

leise stood next to him lovingly, swearing only protection for his lover as he kissd his cheek and held his hand comfortingly.

Calin raised his other hand to silence the audience. "My fair people," he said to them at large, "today, we lost someone very dear to all of our hearts. Our king passed away not too long ago. When this happened, I lost not only a leader and role model, but a father, and a mentor. I regret that I had not been as close to him as I now desire. But we shant not look at the past with regrets. Instead, we look at the future with the hopes of a new begining.

"As my father is no longer able to walk, I shal contine to walk in his footsteps as well as create my own as I take upon me the title of your new King. Some of you may ask how this is possible. And I answer by saying that I am indeed getting married. Not to the fair woman you all suspected, but to the man now by my side. I know this shal be a strange change for you all, but in time, you will all realize that it matters not who makes the bond of marriage, but how strong that bond is." He paused to see their reaction.

Leise was a bit scared at their reactions. "I.. think they're taking it,.. okay." he said, fearing what would happen.

A murmer spread through the croud and they looked at one another. Calin glanced at Leise and adressed them once more, "I will let you all realize over time that my father made no mistake in appointing us both to the throne. You will see, my people. But for now, let us prepare for the funeral of our lost leader. Thank you." He moved back from the podium quickly.

Leise was unsure what to do but he walked with Calin protectively, wanting to be there for him every second of the way.

"Leise... did I... say the right things?" Calin asked, having stopped walking and gazed at the floor, "I'm afraid I'm not a very good speech maker I suppose..."

Leise grabbed the other into a hug and kissed him. "You did perfect and you will make a great ruler." He said,looking into his eyes.

Gazing back into Leise's eyes, Calin's expression softened into one of graditude. A small smile crept over his face and his eyes teared up again. "I was afraid-I was afr-" he already smallish voice chocked up and he was unable to speak. He rose a hand to rub away his tears.

Leise leant down and kissed the other's tears away. "You have nothing to be afraid of. All that is here you can do." He said comfortingly.

Calin nodded at his words, leaning against his chest as he heaved a sigh. "I don't know how I'm going to get through all this..." he said softly.

Leise kissed him gently. "You will and if you ever need help I am here for you."

Calin smiled softly, eyes closed and kissed him back. "what would I do withought you...?" he murmered, realizing how much Leise meant to him in that moment.

Leise smiled. "Probably waste away as I would without you." He said, holding the other close.

As Calin stood there with his lover, he smiled fondly at the thought that this one man, his future Queen, would help guide him through the rest of his life. He was content at just that. And even though almost nobody else would support them in the long run, as long as Leise was by his side, it didn't matter to him.


Continued in Royal Temptation II

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