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A Tribe of Wraeththu, or hara, by [Aaylifah] for the
Wraeththu Online RPG at



In the beginning, before the city was destroyed, the very first gangs were beginning to grow into tribes but all this was blown apart when the military launched a nuclear attack upon the city CBD in the futile hope of wiping out the Wraeththu scourge. If only they had known what the radiation would do to the hara within the radiation’s reach.

Only weeks later hara began to crawl out of the rubble, up from the sewers and basements where they had sought protection from the blast. Something about these hara who had hidden directly beneath where the blast zone had changed, something was fundamentally off. Whatever had made these hara Wraeththu had shifted slightly, clearly affected by the radiation that had leaked down through concrete and steel.

Any humans found, sick and dying were immediately taken for inception. Many died but many lived as well, changed like their brethren so that hara from other tribes, less affected by the radiation, would know them on sight. Reporting back to their leaders, hara would mention something about the way these new Wraeththu moved, as if they were in tune with the sick earth.

And then it started. The new hara began to incept those that even the Fragmented turned away, the dangerously mentally ill and the socially deranged, the murderers and rapists, the amoral monsters who lurked in the darkness, ready to slit the throat of any hara that stumbled across them.

Indeed, these strange creatures of nightmare seemed to seek out the dregs of human society and whether the inception was forced upon the victim or accepted willingly all who survived came out the other side as viciously beautiful as their brethren and imbued with many of the same traits.

The Tura, a tribe of hara interested in the healing of body and mind, first discovered many of these strange mutations after stumbling across the wounded hara, left by their tribe mates after altercations with the military. Wounded and dying, the hara seemed disappointed to wake up in the strong hold of the Tura, healed and whole. Often they left with a grumbled thanks and a begrudging respect, only to wind up back in the hands of the Tura days, weeks or months later with raging infections or life threatening wounds, only now they were being brought in by their tribe mates.

One particular mutation that confused the Tura was that these hara processed pain in a completely unheard of way. For them, pain was no different from pleasure and just as eagerly sought after. This proved to be the reason for the infection and wound rates amongst their feral tribe. Tied in with this mutation was an almost mind numbing way of taking aruna.

Performed no differently, aruna with one of the ‘ferals’ – as they became known – was mind shatteringly agonising and yet, at the same time, so intensely pleasurable it often left those not of the ferals dazed for hours after. As a result, the Tura decided not to take aruna with these ferals for risk of losing one of their own to the seductive thrall of the strange hara.


The Rodrae, for the most part, have a sleek feral elegance about them, in stark contrast with the brutality of their inner beings. The peculiar beauty that the nuclear fallout has granted them also immediately marks them as other and as such, the Rodrae have rather a bit of trouble infiltrating the military ranks to get supplies.

Many tie small, bleached, bones into their hair and it is unclear whether they are human or other, because the Rodrae aren’t telling. The overall dress standard amongst the tribe is rather personalised to the individual, some hara preferring to dress immaculately while others wear nothing but rags. The general look, however, is somewhere between the two; a weird and ragged sort of Wraeththu street kitsch.


Very little is known about how the Rodrae actually formed as, unlike other tribes, they have no leader and say that not one of them bows down to anyhar else and are very, very vocal about this. It is theorised by the Tura and Vistari that the Rodrae do have a leader and are merely very secretive about it.

The most intriguing part of Rodrae background, however, isn’t how they formed but their magical beliefs and rituals. Known to be very practical when it comes to magic, the Rodrae eat their dead and have been known to get very, very upset when their dead have been disposed of by other tribes.


The organisation of the Rodrae seems very helter skelter to the outside har observing their practises as they tend towards extreme secrecy. If the outside har were Rodrae, he would know that nothing is chaotic within the ranks of the feral tribe as each and every har is joined together in a powerful psychic web upon inception. Each har is as important as the next within the Rodrae tribe and while hara of higher caste level are sometimes awarded more respect than those of lower caste, that is not always the case.

The web that joins them all together constantly vibrates with a low, psychic pain which may explain why the tribe has developed a distinctive sadomasochistic tilt. Each har is joined just as strongly to the next har, meaning that the Rodrae are always in communication with one another, much like a hive of bees. And like a hive of bees, if the hive is disturbed the Rodrae are very likely to attack with vicious fervor to protect the whole.


It is not common knowledge amongst outsiders that Rodrae are a cannibalistic tribe, eating their dead and dead of the military men and women that they regularly engage in fights with. The reasons for these eating habits vary greatly depending on if the ‘victim’ is harish or human.

When the dead is of harish nature, the body and all its parts are used, to keep the har within the tribe. To the Rodrae, to leave the tribe is unimaginable and while the hara of the Fragmented, Vistari and the Tura may leave to join other tribes, a Rodrae who is connected to the web will never leave.

It is believed that, by consuming the body of the dead har, his soul is being persevered within the web, to be reborn as a Wraeththu harling, when the Rodrae finally figure out how to conceive. Everything of the body is used, from the hair to the bones to the skin, which is turned into leather and used as clothing. The meat of the dead har is often cooked or turned into jerky to keep longer and only ever offered to an outsider of the tribe if the dead har considered him a friend.

When it comes to eating humans on the other hand, the Rodrae do it for the meat, which is scarce in the city centre. The meat of the humans is not treated with the same respect as that of hara but it is still believed that those military men and women killed in battle and eaten by Rodrae hara are pulled into the web, where they will be reborn into harish bodies.


The Rodrae take pride in all the skills that they possess, happily teaching one another in between the bouts of vicious fights followed by mind numbing aruna. They especially prize combative skills but are made up of such a diverse crew of hara that they also prize those skills that will help them survive. Hara with house keeping skills are adored, especially those who can cook!


Recently, the Rodrae encountered the Fragmented and discovered a tribe of kindred spirits. They’re rather friendly with them, but as both tribes are spectacularly territorial they are very wary of creating scuffles. After all, fighting with their friends may be fun, but they don’t want to lose those friends.

Often they can be found trading their unique brand of aruna for drugs or just company with hara that they are not connected to psychically.

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2006-01-10 [xido]: Wraeththu RPG

2006-02-01 [xido]: oh my goodness. I knew about the flesh-eating disposition a while ago, after Amy told me... but I did not know its methods went so deeply into detail. I am somewhat aghast... no wonder they have infection when they should not otherwise get sick... human flesh is toxic to the human body after only weeks of consumption... no idea what harrish meat would do to them... but yick! ;P

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