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Please, make yourself feel right at home...


This page houses links to all of my writing/art stuff that I've created. When it comes to the writing, you can expect a LOT of random, unfinished cra- *coughs* I mean, stuff, and a lot of really short, finished-but-not-very-good stuff that has nowhere else to go. So I'm sticking it in the basement and forgetting about it.

When it comes to the art, though, don't be expecting really much of anything - I don't really expect myself to put any art up here, but I'll put up a link (and a wiki-page) just in case I decide to be weird and show off my horrible crap. <--and pardon my French lol XD

I might also put a few random diary entries or something up, so I'll make a "weird and miscellaneous" wiki for that kind of stuff (but don't get your hopes up). You'll know that if I ever put something up there, it will just be completely random, and you'll also know that I was feeling totally insane that day. :)


And now, for the wiki links...


SilverRaven's Poetry <---My poetry

SilverRaven's Stories <---My stories

SilverRaven's Short Stories <---My short stories

SilverRaven's Scripts <---My scripts (or plays, as some might call them)

SilverRaven's Weird and Misc. Stuff <---Whatever writing I create that doesn't fit in any of the above categories...

SilverRaven's Art Work <---My art work (or lack thereof)

SilverRaven's Photographs <---Photos I may (or rather, may NOT) take

Anything Else


And that would pretty much be it! So, wrap it up, and go home, peoples!!! >D

*everybody leaves*

(=_=) <[I ish bored now.]


(=_=) <[Ugh. Boredom is EVIL. E. V. I. L. And cruel.]

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2009-10-08 [Talos Cyrion]: key tip for writing a good song or peice of poetry; Works very well when it is somthing passionate going through your mind (hard time, love interest, event in life that impacts you, somthing you are trying to comunicate) I can gurentee you that you will be at your best when writing within above parameters.

~This has been a tip from yer pal Z

2009-10-08 [Yume Youki]: Thanks. ^^

Hope something like that happens soon...

My life is a boring and dull horror flick...

But I live in it all the same. XD

2009-10-08 [Talos Cyrion]: lol

2009-10-08 [Yume Youki]: :D

2009-10-08 [Talos Cyrion]: well if you need any pointers just ask. Also take a look at some of the stuff i've written in my diary an in the songs/poetry wiki i have up....if ya want (lol i've been trying to get opinions and pointers for some time now....that's why i suggested it haha)

2009-10-08 [Yume Youki]: Hey, don't mind it - I personally have done that exact same thing... :p

2009-10-08 [Talos Cyrion]: lol :)

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