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Love is the song that lifts the hearts

That wonderful feeling that can’t be torn apart

It’s the person that makes the butterflies flutter

The sensual and all too familiar pleasurable shudder

Causing the erratic pulse in your veins

Overbears the shadows and overtakes the pain

It is the adrenaline that makes your heart race

The intoxicating drug that puts your mind at ease

Love is a battlefield of many emotions

The electric waves that can cross oceans

It is a daring devotion so sweet to taste

Forever free across time and space

Soars on open skies, floats on angel’s wings

Makes your heart melt and soul sing

It brings tears of sadness, tears of joy

Whether to love a girl, or to love a boy

We learn the balance of love through hatred

Love will keep us together forever, never separated

It is the glue that keeps us all together

So let us celebrate this joyous holiday with hugs and laughter

For a bond and hope that with pure hearts and souls

Will never break, bend, or sever

I love you


What are candles?
Low and dim
Do they help you see
For in the darkness there's no light
But for the glowing candles

I was once a child lost and sad
Never could find my way
For in the darkness there's no light
But for the burning candles

The world is loosing
You have failed
No where to go or run
For in the darkness there's no light
But for the melting candles

A desperate escape
I have won
Is it really true?
For in the darkness there's no light
But for the fading candles

They always ask if I need help
I always turn away
For in the darkness there's no light
They ask why
I say "Because I just blew out the candles"

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