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Ohh and I am very violent, if only I had a huge fan like Kaname, then a certain person at our lunch table would be gravely injureed by now
I was and still am a major MySpace addict, in fact I change Sara's profiles randomly, so you better look chica

Something I am very likely to do during a game if someone gets on my lst nerve. GO KANAME!!<img:> This is so me.

They laugh at us because we are idiots, we laugh at them because they just figured that out

Go ahead and tell your friends that I'm obsessive and crazy, thats fine I'll tell mine your gay Oh yes I actually did say that to my old team on the subject of my ex boyfriend, but not in a song. Thus the reason I love Taylor Swift

change password *types penis*, password not long enough

Some days it isn't worth chewing threw the restraints.

I am team klutz, and if I catch, I am then team dirtball. Way too much dirt ends up on my face durign any game.grr..

Attention Violent Passions Readers: Michael is going to die. Sorry.
The sequel shall be up soon, and it is going to be, well I am still thinking of the title, maybe Forbidden Pleasures, or Dark Hunger.

I believe in Vampires, Unicorns, Good Men and other mythical creatures.

Ohh where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods, where's the street wise hercules to fight the rising odds Ohh yes Bonne Tyler, where have they all gone?

I am the type of girl who will burst out laughing about somehting that happened yesturday.

Ohh and Sara and I are the best friends who walk down the hall screaming I love you to eachother, and to tina, adam, matt R, Matt G. Dexter, holler and kaite, allie, and everyone else we know

<img:> Sara and I, bffl's and probably will end up sitting on rocking chairs in the nursing home complaining about there being no hot guys, and saying perverted things to any hot young nurses. P.S. do not, I REPEAT DO NOT, give us multiple colored markers, your arm will not match the rest of you for the rest of the day. Ohh the fun we have with sharpies.

I am most likely the randomest person you will ever meet.

I love 80's music
and 90's
and today
but mainly anything

I may be naturally like five different hair colors( I started red, blonde, brunette and black) but for some reason brunette stayed and so did the blonde mentallity. Brunettes will always be better

and like always, when other girls wanted to be ballet dancers, I wanted to be a vampire. And even after nine years of ballet, I still wanna be a vampire.

Okay, I know I need a boyfriend and as the saying goes, you know you need a boyfriend when anime characters start looking amazingly hot.

Just some random Thoughts-

"Bombing for Peace, is like Fucking for virginity"-Very true

I hate ALGEBRA, Precalc however, rules

Why cant I do stupid math??? Give me something hardish, and I can do it fine, give me something easy, like money, and I will screw it up.

Why is it screwing or nailing?? Why do we call bodily functions programed for the survival of our species after two small pieces of hardware, that are so easy to break if either hit or turned wrong??

Okay I went bathing suit shopping this weekend, and I had a few issues, one is that my sister got the one I wanted. and the other is that there are none tht cover any more then a tiny triangle of my boobage. So instead of something that I wanted I had to go online for a specialty order.

BTW, bathing suit and bra shopping is the only time I hate my girls. I mean you want to wear something cute, not grannyish.

some songs will always rule-ex. Santana Smooth-give me your heart make it real, or else forget about it.

Softball is life, without softball there can be no life

I want my Jessie- I heart her
Grrr...-favorite saying right there

Softball Rules, best sport ever

Volleyball/golf in second

and lastly dodgeball!!- remember the d's-Dodge, duck,dip, dive, and dodge

As I'm staring through this fire,
its to late to make you mine,
so far from where we started so far from what we wanted
and as both our worlds fall down,
we get lost and we get found
so far from where we started so far from what we wanted.
Part of my newest favorite song. The one at my weding will be-(yes I have had this planned since a little girl, what girl hasnt envisioned their perfect wedding??) Falls on me by Fuel and Wherever you will Go by The calling.

My poor hubbie will have to deal with it >.<


matt- squirrel

Ian- Heart you  

be free, dance in your undies

people are like slinkies, basically useless but fun to pushdown the steps

dont reach for the stars, you'll look like an idiot whose stretching for no reason

Okay so... theres this thing called retardedness, and me and my girls have gone pro

I spent all my summer waiting for the koolaid man to burst through my wall

I love it when you call me wierd

\m/>.<\m/ Rock on

if its too loud, your too old

I'd hit that(with my car)

Lord Voldemort, the darkest wizard of all time, cant even kill a 1 year old, maks you think doent it

I didnt lose my mind, I sold it on eBay

who's gonna take us seriously if we dont have lazer pointers

I trip up the stairs

shut up voices, or I will poke you with a q-tip again

gwen stefani taught me how to spell bananas

reading. Is for awesome people

wierd? I call it normal

its not us its them, them and their stupid boy penis's

you call me a bitch like its a bad thing

everyone has a wild side, but me and my friends like to make it public

2+2=6 I rock at math

Well aren.t we a fucking ray of sunshine

No Trespassing, violators will be shot, survivors will be shot again

OMG the rain is wet. NO DUH

Gingerbread Men- CHildhood holiday treat, or early sedgeway into cannibalism, you decide

Er.. Yes I do have a Vampire Boyfriend, who sparkles in the sunlight, lifts up vans with his barehands, doesnt have to breathe, offered to buy me a car, and turns Abercrombie models/ roman gods to shame wihhis insanely goos looks

Smile, it scares people

stop being so stupid, its my turn now

omg, I'm a piece of toast

I'm not immature, I just know how to have fun

Username (or number or email):


2009-03-12 [~Spirit Fox~]: I'm not sure if it's in cleveland now...I ahve no clue since my source's reliability is shaky, oh and tell me what you think...


A game designed to play minigames such as Hide and Seek, Capture the Flag, Tag, Death Matches, and Demolishion, but with weapons instead of justpeople. The game would be multiplayer and would have special upgrades to characters, weapons, and sometimes cars.

Outline of Multiplayer games

Hide and Seek- The it player carries the highest grade weapon in the game. The it player searches the level the other players, who have gotten two minuets to hide themselves. The hidden players cam hide behind, in, or under anything and everything in the level, providing they can move it or blow a hole in it. Also, if they obtain a rocket launcher, they can hollow out the walls tunneling to hide. It players can be killed by hidden players, but if a hidden player is killed by an it player the it player wins and the hidden player becomes the next it player. On the other hand, if a it player is killed 3 times, by hidden players or suicide, the hidden players win, and can chose whether the it player stays it, or if someone else is it (Of course the person being nominated from the winners has to consent first). All hidden players start with a handgun first, they can obtian other guns by blowing up things, finding them on the ground, or killing others to steal their gun. You must unlock the guns to use them.

Capture the Flag- Two to four teams pick a place in in the level to place their flags. After the team leader places their flag, the teams get one minuet to hide, note: hiding is optional, and it's just for sneak attacks. From there the team captians hide and the game begins, once again hidding is optional. Any weapon in the game can be used as long as it's already unlocked. Time limits, bullet limits, gun restrictions are all in play. Objective, obtain the enemy flag(s) and bring it(them) back to your base. When you have all of the flags your teams wins. Teams consist of 1 captain and 1-5 players.

Tag- Each of the 2-8 players gets a handgun, equipted with 20 bullets. The it player gets a handgun with 40 bullets, and a rocket launcher. The it player must kill one or more of the other players. Each time a player is shot they become it. The last player to be it wins, the game goes untill all players have been shot at least once. (Bullets for the handguns a avalible if you look for them, but a rocket launcher is only for the it player, and once they shoot another player they lose it, until they are it again.)

Death Match- An all out shoot out. last player alive wins. this is the only game that uses all weapons, unlocked or not. 2-10 players, teams optional.

Demolishion- Basically a 2-4 player game where each team, or individual destorys anything and everything in the area. When the object is destroied, it becomes the teams color, and it's dollar value is added to the teams score. The more expensive, the more points. The highest point value wins, guns must be unlocked to be used.

Note: The game would be played online, either through a game system, like the PS3 or the X-BOX 360, or online as a PC game.

Also: I haven't decided on a way to unlock guns. It has to be challenging, but not so challenging that everyone quits. I don't want cheat codes unless it's for really powerful weapons. I'm also unsure about putting in different modes, such as sword battles, or other types of weapons.

2009-03-13 [Aimi_Vollfied]: sounds like fun

2009-03-13 [LadyPenelope]: wow.

2009-03-13 [Aimi_Vollfied]: making a new drawing of constantine since Lara has been gonefor five years

2009-03-13 [~Spirit Fox~]: XDDD I just read that on the other wiki. ^.^

2009-07-06 [Aimi_Vollfied]: i miss yous kieta, sara gets to see me so i dont miss her yet

2009-07-07 [~Spirit Fox~]: I have benn busy lately. ^.^ Oh and I got my temps. friday.

2009-07-13 [Aimi_Vollfied]: yays

2009-07-13 [~Spirit Fox~]: yeah, but I hate driving....

2009-07-16 [Aimi_Vollfied]: yeah, I hated it too when I began, and now if I sit in the backseat with my mommy driving I freak out because I know everything she is doing wrong and when she swerves it scares me

oh and I have to tell you something so I will message you later

2009-07-16 [~Spirit Fox~]: Okay... just don't forget to....

2009-11-06 [Aimi_Vollfied]: its 4:03 and I cant sleep, without you next to me, I toss and turn like the sea, and If I drown tonight bring me back to life, breathe your breath in me, the only thing I still believe in is you

2009-11-06 [~Spirit Fox~]: XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

I so thought that pertained to me, untill I saw the "without you next to me"

2009-12-18 [Aimi_Vollfied]: figured I might post something up here to start a conversation

2009-12-18 [~Spirit Fox~]: XD how would that start a converstion?

2009-12-18 [Aimi_Vollfied]: It was random, I dont know how it would but it did didnt it?? You and I are speaking now arent we

2009-12-18 [~Spirit Fox~]: only because I asked XD

2009-12-18 [Aimi_Vollfied]: but you asked because i posted

2009-12-18 [~Spirit Fox~]: In a way XD

2009-12-20 [Aimi_Vollfied]: I miss RPing...

2009-12-21 [~Spirit Fox~]: then start an Rp.... ppl will join. ^.^

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