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Random Moments in the Life of Mariah

For those few of you who may want to know me better, here, as the title says, are the archives of my random moments, along with descriptions for those moments. Enjoy, laugh, or whatever. :)

Random moment #1 : This was in 1994. I was trying to entertain my sister, mom, and Gram.

Random moment #2: Again, 1994. Me, making an obvious fashion statement as I reflectively munch a banana.


Random moment #3: 1984. Another fashion statement of mine. I used to enjoy mimicking my mom when she worked out, so they got me this little outfit for Christmas that year. Most of the time, her workout music of choice was Lionel Richie. :) I miss the eighties.


Random moment #4: 1984. My mother...she was very concerned with me staying warm while playing in the snow.


Random moment #5: 1985.


Random moment #6: 1985. My first Halloween :)


Random moment #7: 1991. Athena's first taste of lemon


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2007-05-14 [nathie]: hahahaha! they are all hilarious! i canĀ“t say which my fave is! :)

2007-05-14 [Rye]: I'm glad you like them :)

2007-05-15 [nathie]: first you pinch that poor guys nipple then you are shocking the neighbours with a sesame street guy! :P

2007-05-15 [Rye]: Yes, I was always quite naughty. XP Not really, but it does appear that way, huh? :\

2007-05-15 [nathie]: we have the proof with that pics!. :)

2007-05-15 [Rye]: *raises eyebrow* XP

2007-05-15 [Rye]: Damn it...perhaps this wiki wasn't a good idea....self-conviction....:|

2007-05-15 [nathie]: HAHAHAHAHA! :)

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