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Player - [Leonox]
Name - Ramun Sohille
Race - Human/Planetarii
Sub-race - Lochmorian/Ignean
Class - Adept
Allegiance - None
Appearance - Ramun stands abruptly 6’3 and weighs around 210 lbs. He has a fit build and a sturdy frame. His hair is a deep red close to blood and holds natural blonde highlights; his eyes are red with hints of green in them. His skin is pure white, which makes the fact that his nails are black ever more apparent. He holds the air of certainty and power about him, and has a cold mask for a face. He still has a resemblance of youth upon his adult body, given to his part Planetarii heritage. 
Age – 18
Personality – The corruption of Ramun’s father was not passed onto him physically but mentally, Ramun is given to moments of extreme emotional outbursts. In battle Ramun often snaps and loses controls of his natural powers. Ramun often struggles to keep his sanity, unless he is around a comforting environment. Though he has improved upon the technique of calming himself, he is still known to have a few random fits. Generally very sedative and relaxing, Ramun is still a very cold individual. He often times tries to separate himself from others for their safety from him.
History – Ramun’s entrance into this life, was made by a horrible deed by his father. His father was a corrupt Ignean Planetarii; bloodthirsty and driven mad by the corruption of his body and mind. His father whose name he never knew came upon his mother, and raped and placed his seed inside of her. His mother was lucky to be alive after the encounter, and she died shortly after giving birth to Ramun. Ramun was placed inside a religious orphanage and was raised there through most of his childhood. At about the age of ten Ramun started having troubling dreams of death and war, and it soon started to manifest into nightmares both during sleep and while awake. The sisters of the orphanage grew weary of Ramun, and attempted to remove the evil spirits fromm the boy. Crying out during the exorcism something snapped in the back of the boys mind, and he blacked out. Upon waking Ramun was found in the remnants of the orphanage, the building had caught flame and burned down. Terrified and lost the boy ran, and became an outcast. After the encounter Ramun slowly learned he could cast magic at an exceptional skill having never been taught. It came to him with ease, and Ramun soon fell in love with magic and all its tidings. Ramun’s nightmare gradually became worse over time, and in the next couple years to follow Ramun does not remember much. He slowly got a grip on his sanity in hope that it would not destroy him or others. Ramun has lived on his own through his teenage years, reveling in his loneliness and searching for his place in life. Trying to figure out what he was and where he came from.
Element – None


Level - 1

Experience/To next level - 0/350

Equipment -
Staff (1 Atk, 1 Def, 2 Rng, 3 wgt)
Robes (1 Def, 1 Mag, 5 wgt)
Blue Crown (1 Def, 2 Cha, 1 Int, 1 Mag, Wgt 4)
350 GP

HP - 12/12
MP - 0/10
Str - 6
Con - 6
Dex - 4
Int - 5
Mag - 5
Cha - 4

CC – 12/36

Skills – Magic Resistance, Minor Fire Resistance, Lv 1 Astral Magic, Combine Magic, Handle Maces
Skill Points - 0

Level 1 Spells - Flame, Falling star

Special Skills
Non-element - Any character that follows the Adept profession automatically becomes non-elemental.

Status - Slave
Battles Fought - 0
Battles Won - 0
Battles Lost - 0

Kills - 0
Deaths - 0

Score - 1


Assassination quests: 0
Retrieval or monster killing quests: 0
Aid or rescue quests: 0
Persuade or investigate quests: 0

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2007-12-08 [Leonox]: so what would happen if I cast flame without any red magic training?

2007-12-08 [Veltzeh]: You cast Flame. It's a special thing for Planetarii, they're so attuned to their element that they just know things. Role-playing-wise, it should also make it easier for them to learn the magic of their own element.

2007-12-18 [Leonox]: so then do i even need to get red magic training?

2007-12-18 [Veltzeh]: Nope, unless you want to learn other red spells.

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