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uh oh...a little more self-indulgence. questions from the head of Dr. No, of the WRS:
1: How old are you? - 22
2: How old do you feel? - about the same
3: Last book you read? - Starship Troopers, it was sweet
4: Do you have stage fright? - I used to have it bad, but I've gotten over it
5: Are you coordinated? - oh yes, most definitely
6: Can you see in the dark? - really really badly, especially after the eye surgery
7: State preferred sushi. - y'know the kind that's cooked and isn't sushi? yeah, not even that, fish is gross.
8: Do long bus rides help you think? - they certainly don't help me masturbate.
9: Do you often tell the cashier to keep the change, if it's under 1$? - usually. If it's under a quarter, I can definitely let that shit go.
10: Big tipper? - Definitely, as long as I have the money.
11: Name the best martini. - who am I, Dean Martin?
12: What time do you wake up? - my brain clicks on like a damn clock radio at 8 every morning.
13: Coffee and cigarettes? - not a coffee friend has been pushing mocha frappaccinos on me. I think she just wants another junky to sit around and shoot coffee intravenously like all you crazy coffee people. Cigarettes? ohhhh yes.
14: Are you friends with any one of your ex boy/girlfriends? - yep, and one of them just had a baby. freakin weird.
15: Do you still hang out with a childhood friend on a regular basis? - not exactly a regular basis, but sometimes.
16: What's your problem? - how much time you got?
17: Are you a dreamer? - I would be absolutely nothing without my inner fantasies.
18: What's the main thing you look for in the opposite sex? - ability to form sentences, breathing, and a fuckin slammin ass.
19: Do you make your own morals? - Fuckin-A.
20: So, what's the plan? - Get rich, fuck some hot chicks, get married, have kids, teach kids how to get rich and fuck hot chicks (or dudes, whatever).
21: Do you have any white socks? - Yeah, I got a ton of them, and they all look different.
22: Do you belong in jail? - hmm...not yet.
23: Do you know who Art Vandelay is? - oh yes, my dad was obsessed with Seinfeld.
24: Wayne Barlowe? - nope, fraid not.
25: Are you an artist? - i'm a writer and a guitarist, i reckon that qualifies.
26: Are there any lame clothes in your wardrobe? - oh yes
27: Do you wear a watch? - yes.
28: Do you have all the time in the world? - all of it? I only have a two bedroom apartment...
29: Do you like your name? - yeah, it's fuckin awesome.
30: Does your phone number spell anything? - hmm...let me see...oh yeah, that's hard. i'll get back to you on that.
31: Do you ever cut things out of newspapers? - i guess i probably have at some point.
32: Do you always do what you say you are going to do? - i try to, but definitely not always
33: Is change good? - yes.
34: Do you "zone out" a lot? - what appears to be zoning out is in fact me controlling my remote android body. so...yes.
35: Big city chaos, or countryside sanctuary? - definitely need to go with the city. but the country escape is an eventual necessity.
36: Can you entertain yourself? - fool, that's what i do.
37: 3 best albums - i'm updating this a little since i've had the time to think about it, and i think i'd have to replace Vegas and Antichrist with The Fragile by NIN and Jimi Hendrix's Ultimate Experience (plus the song "Are You Experienced," which is my favorite song of his). and of course, i'm keeping Aquemini by Outkast.
38: Are you going to be cool when you are old? - i really hope so.
39: Do you laugh a lot? - when shit is funny.
40: Aint life grand? - yeah, it's not too bad.
41: Ever answer stupid questions? - only when the stupid question is actually whether or not i answer stupid questions. and since it is in this case, i would have to
42: 4:20? - oh yes
43: It's cozier on the inside when it's raining on the outside, isn't it? - yes, but rain always puts me in a good mood in general.
44: Do you pick up vibes? - yes, but i think sometimes it's just me trying to be smart and intuitive, and i get it all wrong and end up just being a judgemental asshole.
45: Can you use chopsticks? - for eating? no. for assassination? well, no, but it'd be really cool if i could.
46: Ever read someone else's diary? - yeah, and it was really lame too.
47: Do you play by the rules? - not if the rules are bullshit.
48: Have you ever seen someone who looks like you? - yes, almost exactly like me.
49: Do you believe in magic? - i believe in fake magic.
50: Yes? - Si.
51: Do you get lots of email? - probably 3-5 a day.
52: Do you think the tooth farie is a stupid concept? - makes sense, old lady with bug wings flies in and jacks your tooth, but she's a nice thief so she leaves you some money. fuck, man...why did i believe that shit when i was younger?
53: If you had a business card, what would your job title be? - Student of Life. no, wait, that sounds gay...Ass-Whoopins Inc.
54: Do candles kick ass for mood, or what? - for true.
55: If you could fight any celebrity, who would it be? - does the president count as a celebrity? shit...secret service, don't come kidnap me, i'm just kidding. no i'm not.
56: Do you spend money like water? - fuckin Nile Delta.
57: Ever got sweet, sweet revenge? - yes, and it was so very very sweet.
58: If you could give God a high-five, would you? - yeah, God gives me a high-five every time I give a woman a really good orgasm. and since several hundred women around the world are getting off just from the thought of me, yeah, me and God are good buddies.
59: Ever been fired? - fired and banned.
60: No regrets? - some, but life goes on.

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