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2008-01-07 [Chrysilla]: red is a good colour ^^

2008-01-07 [Synsae]: Do you have a favorite meal? if so, what is it?

2008-01-07 [Merlin Mab]: " If you were to write a book On "How To Be A Man" what would the chapters be??"

2008-01-07 [Merlin Mab]: "Why Does Everyone Love You??<img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

2008-02-13 [Chrysilla]: This died again <img:44166_1164145087.gif>

2008-02-14 [playslashwrite]: well you also have to put some effort in to keeping it alive you know:p

2008-02-14 [playslashwrite]: nother question: why is your forum the bestest forum in the whooole world?:p

2008-02-14 [smakeupfx]: Well, in my humble opinion, any page would be invigorated by the addition of a section devoted to ... me.  You could try that ;-)

2008-02-14 [playslashwrite]: lol XD

2008-02-15 [Chrysilla]: I think putting naked pictures of me would work even better XD

2008-02-15 [playslashwrite]: possibly!

(or naked pictures of tim ^^)

2008-02-15 [Chrysilla]: I doubt about that for some reason XD

2008-02-15 [playslashwrite]: we have naked pics on the forum? o.O

2008-02-15 [Chrysilla]: we might... *makes angel face* "Maybe" is the key word XD

2008-02-15 [playslashwrite]: ooooh kinkeh!

2008-02-15 [Chrysilla]: Now people please edit the page and add the questions by yourself

2008-02-15 [Angel In Red]: *Poses*

2008-02-15 [Angel In Red]: The other player would be me! XD

2008-05-23 [Mordigen]: this is random, and probably out of place and I apologize, but I can't send you a message :: I just wanted to make a note to you that I have many many many Elven fonts if you need them -- you may not be looking for any lettering for your tattoo, but if you're interested I have a whole bunch if it's helpful.

2008-05-23 [smakeupfx]: If trennas talking about nakkiepants pics of ME isn't out of place, i'm not sure anything could be ;-)

2008-05-24 [Chrysilla]: Thanks Mordigen, but it's not a word tattoo that I'm looking for.

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