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[The Vampire Armand] and [Yami], writing yet another.

Deep within the forest of a vast country set a wooden tavern where many gathered to eat, drink and take shelter from the elements. The tavern was lit up with an old shandiler wade from a wagon wheel and some candles that seemed to never burn out. The Barkeep was a thick, rough looking man with a thick beautiful wife, though he looked rough he was quite kind hearted. The usual collection of different types of people gathered in the tavern awaiting their food and drinks. But this night in particular there sat a handsome silver haired male. He sat at the bar, his arms folded and resting on the bar, his black boots tapped the barstool gently. His long black trench coat covered his back side. His long pale fingers wrapped around the base of a glass with a dark red liquid in it, slowly her brought it to his thick lips, slowly sipping from it. Savoring the taste he let out a soft sigh as he closed his silver eyes. The glass clicked gently as he set it back to the bar and waited, he seemed to be waiting for someone or was it something?

In the tavern came a man with shortish spiked blonde hair. He searched about with his green-greyish teal eyes and decided to sit down at the bar. He ordered a small drink and sighed. "Man, I have to find some work." He said, sipping his alcohol. He looked around for someone who might need a worker but saw no one that seemed to fit the profile he was looking for.

A tall black haired male burst into the tavern. "Pour me the strongest shit ya got Barkeep!" He grinned wickedly as walked to the bar. He spotted The blode and leaned over, his breath smelt of cigars and his fangs were noticable. "Hey hottie, what's going on?" Hie eyes were a wild yellow and his face had many peircings.

Nicholas rolled his eyes and carried his glass to another table, ignoring the other. "Stupid people. Rude." He muttered, trying again to collect his thoughts.

The black haired male frowned. "Hey, I'm talking to you!" He grabbed The blonde's wrist and pulled him back, his free hand knocked the glass from his hand.

Nicholas was a bit unnerved. "I beg your pardon! Where is the sense of decency around here! For hell! Let go of me this instant!" He shouted, ready to slap the other.

Suddenly the silver haired male, whom was once sitting at the bar, appeared behind Nicholas, gently wrapping his arms around his waist. "Here you are my dear, come, we have to go home and plan our honeymoon..." His voice was like silk, smooth and soft.

The black haired male growled and backed off. "Fuck, man...why are all the hotties taken...?" He walked away, but doubled back and punched the silver eyed male.

Once punched he paused, holding Nicholas still to himself. He glared at the other male. "You've man a grave mistake..." Suddenly the rude one gasped and choked as if a hand was around his throat. His hands bolted to his neck, trying to stop the thing squeezing his throat. He yelped and screamed best he could as he ran from the bar.

Nicholas looked at the man and had been blushing. "Who are you?" He asked, he was truly in awe, and he found the tactics used making him blush. He was surprised and confused and just wanted to go home suddenly.

"It doesn't matter..." The male answered, gently caressing Nicholas' stomach with his claws as he pulled his hands back. He made his way back to his seat and sat down, facing away from the other male.

Nicholas felt butterflies in his stomach. "Awe, come on, at least let me know your name. Do you know where I could find some work?"

The male's eyes darted back to look at Nicholas, they were so cold and lifeless, as if he'd never been loved or loved in his entire exsistance. "Yes I doesn't pay but it offers a free home, food and utilites..."

For a moment Nicholas was confused as to what job wouldn't pay. "What kid of job is it?" He asked, curious. He tried to ignore the man's eyes as they made him sad.

"An apprenticeship I suppose you would say...I need someone to help me do my bidding..." He looked at Nicholas, his cold, saddening eyes starring into his.

Nicholas thought a moment before nodding. "Yes, I do need a place to stay. I.. what kind of business are you running?"

"It's not a business, persay, I am after a certain male who is trying to distroy millions of people...I wish to stop him before he gets the chance to....I need an accomplice...I will teach you things, feed you, clothe you and shelter you in payment..." He replied, his eyes burning into Nicholas'

Though Nicholas thought this was weird he nodded. "Well, alright. I have nothing else anyhow. So when do I start?"

"Rigth now....Can you fight? Or do you weild any weapons?" The male looked at him, straight foreward. His silver eyes baring harder into Nicholas'.

Nicholas nodded."I am very handy with airborn things, arrows, spears, magic.."

"Good...Welcome aboard...Nicholas..." He turned his head away, looking at the mirror across the bar, it did not refelct his image at all.

Nicholas was only a little frightened. "What's your name?" He asked of the other, seeming as though they had met somewhere sometime before.

The male's head slowly rotated to look at nicholas, as if it were not attached. His eyes were closed but they flicked open. " name is Pandora..."

Nicholas blushed slightly for some unknown reason to him. "I am Nicholas." He said, smiling and holding out his hand to shake. "I am charmed."

"Don't catch on quickly do you, Nicholas? I've already spoken your name...have I not?" Pandora glanced down at his hand.

nicholas huffed while blushing darker. "Sorry... I was distracted.." He felt awkward holding his hand out so he dropped it to his side. "Well, when do we go?"

Pandora stared at him, his face constantly expressionless, and his voice monotoned. "Home correct?" He said blinking once.

Nicholas nodded. "Yes, but when?" He asked, sighing. "You confuse me!"

"I did nothing of the sort, you confused yourdelf...Come, let us go home..." Pandora slid from his seat, fliping a gold coin onto the bar

Nicholas nodded, though he was put off bhy the man that seemed somewhat cold to him he followed. But.. what right did he have to feel put off? They weren't like together. So the other could be as cold to him as he wanted.

Pandora walked towards the door, not looking back to see if the other hand followed him. His hsoulder length silver hair swayed as he walked.

Nicholas followed the other, carful to keep his eyes from him though it was difficult. "So uh.. how far is it?" He asked, wanting to make conversation.

Pandora was silent after walking a short distance, then answered him. "Not too far...Are you complaining already?"

Nicholas rolled his eyes. He was suddenly not sure if it would all work. "No, I was just asking."

Pandora whipped aropund, grabbing Nicholas, and holding him tightly. Suddenly gun shots were fired, Pandora jerked slightly after each bullet was sounded. He released Nicholas and turned twords the source of the fire and darted away. "Stay put!" He had bullet holes in his back.

Nicholas stared in horror. "Pandora! No!" He ran after the other even though he was told to stay put. He grabbed of all things, a wand of sorts, ready for it to cast his bidding, putting up a barrier and looking for the enemy. "Dammit! Where did you go!?"

Pandora stood with a man's face in his arms, he suddenly pulled the man's forehead and chin in opposite directions, snapping his neck. It was the rude male from earlier, he dropped to the ground. "I thought I told you to stay put..." Pandora looked at him.

Nicholas sighed. "I thought you were in trouble.. isn't this part of the job?" He looked at the person. "Is.. how did you do that?" He asked, not lowering yet his shields, casting one on Pandora as well.

"I will teach you that and more but when I tell you to stay put you do so." Pandora touched his back and looked at the blood on his fingers. "Damn it..."

Nicholas looked at the other. "Here, let me help you." He said, walking to the other. He winced. "I need you to remove your shirt.. I wont be able to work on these otherwise." He said, leading them to a street bench. He would be able to remove them easily as he reached into a tool kit that hung at his hips. He pulled out a few tools he would have to use. "I can heal them too."

Pandora stood up. "I am fine." He looked at Nicholas, his saddening eyes darting to stare into his. He began to walk away.

Nicholas didn't know if he was supposed to follow the other, but he felt that he needed time alone. He realized the man he was just around had some kind of powers. Obviously he had been shot but completely unaffected. He shrugged. He obviously only got in the way and wasn't needed. He ran up to him. "Hey, don't worry about employing me, I will find something else. You can take care of yourself it seems." Deeply he was slightly hurt by the other's refusal of his help. He turned abruptly and decided to walk into a small cafe where they had help wanted adds in a newspaper. He ordered a small coffee rather grogily and sighed as he read over the ads. "Damn.. people... come on.." He circled a few things here and there, but nothing really had peaked his interest yet.

Suddenly Pandora's voice came from over NIcholas' shoulder. "I am undead, being healed would have done more damage than the bullets did....You will not find a better offer than the one I am giving you..." However, PAndora was not over his shoulder he was sitting beside him.

Nicholas gasped and nearly jumped out of his skin. "Jesus christ! Well I figured that much.." He said, looking at him surprised. "You did just randomly appear beside me.. and...I left because to be quite frank you didn't seem to happy to have me along. I don't want to be a burden in any way... I am not good at staying put when told to. I can fend for myself." He stated almost coldly. "And I thought about it, though the offer is nice, I do need money too. I can't just stay in someone's house and not have any posessions of my own."

"Fine." Pandora closed his eyes. "How much do you want?" He opened his eyes, looking at Nicholas. He starred at him, waiting for an answer, his eyes like liquid silver.

Nicholas stared. "You're obviously not comfortable with paying, don't worry on it, there are plenty of jobs here in the paper, though there may not be many there are still a few." He said, wondering why the other was so insistent on him staying. "See? This one here is offering nine an hour.. though it involves lifting heavy things.. at least I will keep in shape." He said with a soft frown.

"Fine, if you do not wish for my imployment, then I will leave, I really have no problem with paying you any amount you ask. I will leave you my address in case you change your mind..." Pandora stood and placed his ahnd on the table. He kissed Nicholas' hair softly. "Take care of yourself..." HE whispered softly, when he picked up his hand there was a card there with his name and address on it. "If you need me, just call my name..." Then he was gone.

Nicholas blushed and felt saddened gratly as the other left him. "Well.. that was strange.." He decided that out of the difficulty it would probably cause that he wouldn't call upon the other. He wondered why the other had kissed his hair, for he had felt it. He placed the card in his wallet and let the shop too. He would call the other job in the morning, for now he needed to get a cab to the nearest hotel, and that is what he waited for, sighing. He had never felt more alone in his life than when the other had left that night.

Pandora walked back into the tavern that he'd met Nicholas in, his eyes staring at tyhe reflectionless mirror as he sat at the bar. He closed his eyes and waited.

As Nicholas' cab traveled there was a hard thud on the roof of it. A fist burst through the roof of it.

Nicholas stared dumbly at the fist for a moment. "What the..." He thought quick. "Cinis!" He shouted, alighting flames along the fist.

The being growled and waved his hand around, gripping at Nicholas, trying to set him a blaze.

Nicholas broke out of the car, rolling onto the street. He looked at the car, hoping the being that had attempted to attack him would leave him. He realized suddenly that he was going to be on the look out. He needed Pandora's protection. Whether he was using in magic or other things, there was no true way to protect himself the way the other could. He sighed. "Pandora.." He whispered, wondering if the other would come. He couldn't spend his whole life having to look over his shoulder.

Pandora appeared just as the creature (looking much like a zombie) leapt for Nicholas. He grabbed it out of mid air and snapped it neck. He dropped it to the ground and stepped on it's head, shattering it. "Are you alright?" PAndora looked at him.

Nicholas nodded. "Yes, but....why are these things suddenly all after me? What have I done?" He wanted to know, sighing and moving out of the road.

"I don't know...I assume that is all you needed? I will take my leave..." Pandora turned and began to walk away, his silver hair catching the breeze.

Nicholas sighed. "No, take me with you, it is obvious I ca't defend myself as well as I had originially thoght." He said, running to the other, placing his hand on his arm.

Pandora stopped and looked at the hand on his arm, then to Nicholas. "Very well, home is this way, we can speak of your payment when we get you settled in..." He began to walk again.

"The only payment I want, is protection." Nicholas said,keeping up with the other. He didn't pay attention as he still rested his hand on the other's arm.

Pandora allowed the other male to hold onto his arm. "IS that all you desire?" He replied looking back at Nicholas as they walked.

Nicholas nodded. "Yes, if I need anything I will make you buy it for me." He said, holding onto the other. "And I am a clingy person."

"And I am a cold unloved person, I do not mind if you cling but do not expect me to return affections that I have never experianced..." Pandora replied looking down at him.

Nicholas smiled. "Don't worry I am not trying to be romantic, just loving in a 'you just saved my ass' sort of way."

"I see, I suppose I should not expect anything other than..." Pandora replied softly, looking foreward as walked.

"Only because you don't want them." Nicholas said, smiling a little.

"Oh really? How can you be so sure?" Pandora retorted softly as they approched the front gate of a large mansion.

Nicholas found hismelf blushing. "Because you would have found something or someone already if you had."

Pandora pulled a key out of the pocket of his pants and unlocked the gate. "What makes you think someone would want me?" He replied, opening the gate and walking in.

"Why wouldn't they? You're handsome.. hell damned attractive. You make even ME blush.. which is hard to do." Nicholas said with a shrug, still following the other closer than he probably should have.

Pandora stopped quickly, just quickly enough to make Nicholas run into him. His silver eyes darted back to the other male. "You surely jest..."

Nicholas blushed a little as the other looked at him. "Certainly not... I don't jest."

Those liquid eyes darted over Nicholas' face, a hint of a smile graced his thick, pale lips. He continued to walk.

Nicholas did his best to ignore the chill that shimmied its way down his spine. "So... Ummm can we keep pets?"

"What sort of pets?" Pandora asked, not looking at him as he walked up the stairs to the mansion.

Nicholas shruged. "I don't know actually I just asked because I didn't know what to talk about.."

"I do not mind pets as long as they are obediant...." Pandora replied, unlocking the door and pushing it open. "Welcome home..." He said, glancing back at Nicholas, as he walked into the large building. The main hall had four doors on each side, two sets of stairs, and a balcony that over looked the floor. The walls and staris were dark grey.

Nicholas blinked. "I wonder, why don't you have other colors? Grey is so.. grey.." He stated, raising an eyebrow.

"You can do with your room as you wish, but I will leave my rooms the way I wish, understood?" Pandora said, walking towards the stairs. "Come."

Nicholas nodded but a mischievious smile overcame him. "What if I wanted to share a room with you, then what?"

"Then you will deal with my grey color scheme because the room will still belong to me..." Pandora replied, walking down a hall as he reached the top.

Nicholas laughed. "How about some green though? Or lots of white? White's a shade of grey? Or some more black?" He asked, pouting. "We should share the room, come on it will make it happier."

"I do not share my bed with anyone I do not deeply care for and you, I have only just met." Pandora walked to a door at the end of the hall and opens it.

"Well you should deeply care for me. " Nicholas said playfully. "What we can't just cuddle?"

Pandora lead him into an old fashioned room, of course platered in Greys. "This is your room. If you want it changed write down or draw how you wish it to be aand give it to the maid in the morning..."

Nicholas huffed and nodded, laying on his bed. "Fine, but.. I still want to cuddle.. and where's the restroom? I want to go pee and brush my teeth and shower..."

Pandora pointed to a door inside the room. "Through there...My room is down the hall and to the right, it's through the large, black double doors."

Nicholas smiled and kissed the other's cheek. "Goodnight then." He said, grabbing his things and running to the rest room, wondering why he had done that to the other. He brushed his teeth and then hopped in the shower.

Pandora shrugged off the kiss to his soft cheek. He turned and went to his room, instantly stripping slowly down to nothing. He stood in his room, gently caressing his shoulder gently, it hurt him.

Nicholas finished with his bathroom things and went to his room, stopping to knock on his companions door. "Goodnight." He said, laying in his own bed and closing his eyes, hoping for an okay bit of sleep for once.

"Goodnight...sleep well..." Pandora replied, a soft groan in his voice as he moved his pained shoulder. Slowly he made his way to his bed. He fell back on the black silk blankets and sheets, sighing softly.

Nicholas woke well rested the next eve. He walked into the room of his employer and smirked. The sun wasn't down yet. He would just have to make the best of that time. He decided he wanted to see the other's face of when he woke next to him. So, stealthily he climbed up on the other's bed, looking down at him.

Pandora's silver hair caressed his beautiful pale face, his fangs showed slightly, because his soft, lips were gently parted. He naturally wasn't breathing, but his arm rested over his strong chest. His face held the soft look of sadness. He was now covered to his hips with his blanket.

Nicholas blushed as he looked at the other, being bold enough to lightly touch the other's exposed stomach. He wondered what the other wore outside of the blanket. He leant down, knowing he could be in some trouble, and kissed the other softly on the lips.

Pandora nipped Nicholas' lower lip, not hard enought to harm him, but enoough for him to be startled. His silver eyes flicked open. "What do you think you're doing?" He did not sound angry, his voice was calm but it made it more frightening.

Even with himself Nicholas wasn' entirely sure, but to hide the fear that made itself known as the other asked he shrugged. "I.. really.. honestly, don't know. You looked.. inviting.." He said, kissing the other again, more chaste this time before leaving the room.

Pandora growled softly under his breath. "What was he thinking?" He muttered to himself.

Nicholas huffed before going back to the room. "And for your odd information, you may have everything about you in grey, but you're really a bright person.." He paused and licked his lips. "And you taste like mint.." He grinned sheepishly at the other.

Pandora appeared behind him, the blanket wrapped around his hips. He gently placed his hands on NIcholas' hips gently, pulling tenderly back, leaning in to his ear. "NIcholas..." He whispered.

Nicholas felt his eyes widen and his face darken in a blush. "Uhhh yes?" He asked, wondering if he was in trouble.

"I wish to make it crystal clear to you, I am not bright, I am grey, I am unloved and unloving, I have never taken another partner after mine was lost, and no one will take me. I hired you to do my bidding, not to wake me in such ways...Are we clear?" Pandora whispered.

Nicholas felt a stab of hurt at this. He snorted. "You are bright. You could be loving if you let it of yourself, and yes yes yes I am hired by you. But I can't help the random thoughts that have presented themselfs." With that he wrenched away from the other and went into his room, angry.

Pandora walked into his room and got into the shower. The other's words present in his thoughts as he washed himself. He winced slightly as he moved his pained shoulder.

Nicholas chuckled. "Hmn, I wonder.. I think I want him. All to myself." He whispered to the silence of his room. He wondered what happened to the last one that his testy companion had been with and why it had upset him enough to get angry with him. He decided he would ask him about it.

Pandora slid his clothes onto his slightly damp form; a pair of black leather jeans and a white silk peasent shirt. He walked down the satirs and sat at the table as breakfast was served; eggs, bacon, pancakes and a glass of blood for Pandora, but organge juice for Nicholas. Nicholas...Breakfast is served, come down the stairs and into the first door on the right... Pandora spoke into his mind.

Nicholas blinked a few times. "Must be a trick of his..kind." He got up and walked to the place spoken of and sat next to the other. "So.. errmm.. have a nice shower?" He asked, tyring to not pay too much attention to what the other was wearing. He grabbed his food in a polite manner, nibbling on the things. "Mnn this is very the way.. I think we should chat about that ex of yours.."

Pandora swallowed a bite of bacon, then took a small sip from his glass. "Why do you wish to discuss the subject?" He said softly, not looking at him.

I want to know what happened that a mere kiss upset you." Nicholas said evenly.I want to know why you wouldn't give me a chance if I wanted it.."

"He died..." Pandora replied simply, still not looking at Nicholas, his eyes now closed as he sipped from his glass once more. His hand seemed to shake slightly.

Nicholas sighed. "I am sorry...." He aid, feeling terrible now. He stirred his food around, not entirely interested in it any longer.

"It was all my fualt...." Pandora added softly, opening his eyes and looking at Nicholas finally.

Nicholas layed a reassuring hand on the other's. "What do you mean?" He asked, eyes worried.

"We got into an arguement and I stormed out, when I did not return he came after me, through a cold thunderstorm, in serch of me. I found him first, ill and calling for me. I rushed him to the hospital, he'd caught pnemonia, and a few days later he died..." Pandora said, closing his eyes.

Nicholas sighed and kissed the hand that he held. "I didn't know. I wont bring it up again." He rose from the table, hugging the other before sadly walking back to his rooms.

"Now you know why I am the way I am, why I am unloved and unloving...." Pandora replied as he walked away.

Nicholas stopped and turned to look at him. "No.. I wanted to help you with that..."

"And you no longer do?" Pandora asked, meaning that Nicholas had said "Wanted"

Nicholas sighed. "I still do, but your story makes me wonder if.,. that is a good thing. Hell I was sitting there forcing myself on you and then .. I didn't even try to think. that maybe...." He trailed off and walked away again.

"That maybe what?" Pandora appeared infront of him, standing there, his liquid silver eyes staring at Nicholas.

Nicholas was surprised that the other had appeared in front of him. "That maybe you didn't want anyone.." He said, looking up at the other sadly.

"Those words never came from my mouth...I have shut myself off from others to avoid killing anyone else...So I suggest you not try, unless you want to end up dead too..." Pandora walked past him, sitting back down at the table.

"I think.. I don't really care... if it would make us both happy then I would love dying for you." He said, blowing him a kiss. "I'm going to walk for some fresh air."

Pandora gulped down his glass and rested his chin to his chest as he crossed his arms. "Enjoy yourself."

Nicholas nodded and walked outside, grabbing his cloak as he did so. He sighed as he breathed in the fresh air. As he spotted a pond he went and stood by it, slipping stones across the surface. "I wonder why I am so attracted though I have just met him."

Pandora crushed the galss in his hand, hissing softly from the pain. "Give it up Pandora, don't get into that mess again..." He growled at himself

Nicholas sat by the water's edge, looking out across the silvery reflection of the moon. "I should just.. kind of go on my own way... I need to leave that poor man alone.. certainly there will be others out there just as great?" Nicholas knew the answer to this question was a no. He sighed and looked out a little longer before making his way back up to the house, into his room to gather his things.. there wasn't much to gather. He had bearly even had time to unpack.

Pandora went to his room and rapped his knuckles on the door, his one hand wrapped in cloth. "Nicholas?" He asked softly

"Yes?" He asked, looking up innocently, a shirt in hand as he was putting it away.

Pandora phased through the door. "I was wondering if you would like to join me in-..." He seen that he was repacking. "You are leaveing?" He looked at Nicholas.

Nicholas sighed."Only because I wouldn't be ble to work with you unromantically.."

"I see..." Pandora's eyes grew sadder as he closed them, turning his head away. "I won't disturb your packing then..." He turned and walked away, headed for his room.

Nicholas felt tears in his eyes suddenly. "Why does everything have to be so difficult?" He sighed and laid back, exhaused from mental overuse. He was irritable and wanted to be loved by the other.. though for what reason? He had only met him! And as many times as he told himself this he was still 100 percent no 200 percent certain he had found the right one! So why was this all turning out to be so difficult? Why had the other looked upset? He sighed deeply, staring at the ceiling. "I think I am in bloody love with you..stupid vampire."

Pandora was on his hands and toes, doing push ups, his shoulder aching with each move, but he was trying to get his mind off of the other male. No.... he told himself. I will not put another at risk for harm...

Nicholas sighed and decided to find the other male. "So err... " He paused and blushed as he saw the other. "Can.. can we talk?"

Pandora leaned back onto his knees and looked at Nicholas. "What do you wish to talk about?"

"Uss... I think we could be a cute couple.." He said, softly, trying to ignore the fact that the other was very attractive to him in his position.

Pandora looked up at him, slowly rising to his feet, he walked over to Nicholas, gently placing his hands on his hips, he slowly pulled his hips to meet his own. He gazed into the other male's eyes. He tilted his head to one side, softly kissing him on the lips, a gently suction drew in the human's lower lips gently.

Nicholas wasted no time in closing his eyes and returning the kiss. He returned it tenderly so, slidin his arms around the other. He couldn't help but enjoy this rather sensational experience with a small moan.

Pandora's body was so cold and fridgid. He kissed slightly deeper.

Nicholas continued to follow the kiss, confused as to why the other was suddenly going against all of his morals and values. He pulled away. "Does this mean you agree with me?"

"This means I'm giving you your you can stay..." Pandora pulled back and went back to his push ups.

Nicholas grinned. "I think i love you..." He said, blowng a kiss to the other before running away to his room and unpacking.

Pandora nearly dropped himself on his face, his shoulder giving out at the sentence. He winced and sat up, rubbing his shoulder.

Nicholas hummed to himself as he put his things away, and then he pulled back his bed sheets to make them messy the way he liked them. He was very pleased that the other seemed to be warming up to the idea of them as an item.

Pandora let out a soft growl as the pain surged down his back. He stood up and went to see if he could find something to soothe it.

At hearing the other's footsteps Nicholas raced out. "Umm yes, are you okay?" He was going to praise the other with affection, but as he saw the look of grimacing pain upon his face he thought otherwise of it. "Can I help you with anything?"

"I just have a pin in my shoulder from fighting last night, I am fine..." Pandora continued down the stairs.

Nicholas followed. "Why don't you let me take a look? I do quallify as a doctor.."

Pandora sighed softly, stoping at the bottom of the stairs. "Will it make you stop bugging me about it?" He asked, looking back at him.

After a small pout he nodded."Yes." He said, running to his room to accquire his tools he would need.

Pandora walked back to his own room, leaving the door open as he stripped off his shirt, sitting on his bed.

Nicholas approached and looked at the shoulder with a small pout. "Hmn, You know I am going to have to cut into this?"

"Whatever floats your boat..." Pandora replies softly, closing his eyes then turning his head towards Nicholas and snapping them open.

Nicholas blushed at the brightness of the other's eyes and grabbed his scalple, cutting into the flesh of his lover with a steady hand. "Ewww.." He whispered, humming as he extracted tweezers from his bag and searched around for the offensive object. Upon finding it he grinned and grabbe donto it. "This mayhurt.."

"Oh...You've already cut through?" Pandora replied softly, glancing back at him, he seemed to have not felt the pain at all, or had he?

Nicholas nodded. "Yes... now hold on." He tugged on the object experimentally. "Oh yeah.. this is going to hurt." He tugged harder on it, trying to yank it out.

Pandora hissed softly through his fangs. "Are you trying to pull bone out?" He murmured.

"More like pull out of the bone." He countered, finally unlodging the object. "There we go, see?" He proudly held it in front of the other, bloddied and all.

Pandora nodded, without looking at Nicholas. Suddenly there was a gut wrenching sound as Pandora's skin and such began to heal, sucking it'self together. The blood lept from the object, back into Pandora's body.

Nicholas raised an eyebrow. "Oh my gods........" He was a bit shocked. "That was....neat."

"I'm a vampire after all, that's what we do..." Pandora left his shirt off as he turned to look at the object.

Nicholas laughed and kissed the other. "Ohh well it saved me from giving you stitches."

Pandora stood up, looking down at him. "Listen, it would be in your best interest not to fall for me, it will only end with you gettting hurt..." He walked from the room.

"But you kissed me." He said stupidly.

I'm warning you, it would not be wise... Pandora spoke into his mind, having made it to the kitchen and was pouring blood into a glass.

Nicholas grinned. "Idon'tcare. I want you."

"Why?" Pandora appeared behind him, with his glass of blood.

Nicholas shrugged. "I just..want to be a part of you. I don't know."

"What about me, makes you want me?" Pandora swirled his glass then sipped from it.

Nicholas shrugged. "Everything. Your strength, lost ness, your love.. I can tell you would love me rightly."

"What makes you think I can love at all?" Pandora replied after swallowing his sip

Nicholas shrugged. "I know you must be,you can't just ignore me... why else would you have kissed me and told me to stay?"

"Maybe I'm tired of living alone..." Pandora closed his eyes and took another sip from his glass.

"You said you had others here, how are you alon?" Nicholas asked, pouting slightly.

"Servants are different from companions..." Pandora replied

"But, I wanna be more than companions.." He replied, blushing a little.

"I'm telling you, falling for me would be a bad idea...." Pandora's silvery eyes darted to him.

"What if I already have fallen for you?" He asked, looking into the other's eyes, searching them.

"Then you should climb out..." Pandora blinked slowly, drinking down the last of his drink

"I can't... there is no way out."

Pandora ran his fingers through his hair. "Love me all you wish, but even if I begin to love you the same way I will not show it, for you will only be harmed if I do..."

Nicholas sighed. "Then I think I should leave.. and you should find someone who wont fall in love."

"You don't have to leave, I am only trying to protect you from being harmed..." The silver haired male replied, he wanted Nicholas to stay, he even wished that he could return the love the other was giving, but he couldn't bare hurting anyone else.

"You don't understand." Nicholas said softly. " I wont stay if you wont love me back."

Pandora flicked his glass, making it disappear. He moved to NIcholas and leaned in, his lips barely touching the tohers, he didn't kiss, but he spoke, softly. "It is not that I will not love you in return, it is that I should not. I do not want to put you in harm's way."

Nicholas blushed. "And what if.. I care not whether I am in harms way? What if I want to be, all because I want you?" He asked, closing the distance between them.

"And what if I do not want to put you in harms way? What if I already care enough for you, that I would rather you leave then see you get hurt? What if I would rather rot here alone than hurt you?" Pandora replied.

"I appreciate the offering kindness, but I can take care of myself." He said gently."Now accept me with a kiss.."

Pandora hesitated. "Do not say that I did not warn you..." He whispered before kissing the other deeply and passionately.

Nicholas blushed and kissed him back hotly. "Warning noted."

Pandora nodded and pulled away. "Let's go eat..." He murmured, looking at the bedroom door as if someone was there.

Nicholas grabbed Pandora's hand. "Is everything alright?"

Pandora's liquid silver eyes looked down at Nicholas. "Yes, why?"

Nicholas shrugged. "Nothing really.. you just.. looked like you were seeing things. So, I say we go do whatever it is we were going to and have a make out session."

Pandora looked at him. "A makeout session....?" He cocked an eyebrow, looking down at him as if asking if he were serious about what he'd just said.

Nicholas nodded mischiviously. "Yeah babe, watch this.." He pinned the other to the wall and kissed him.

Pandora gasped softly and pulled away, quite surprised by what he'd done, no one had ever done such a thing to him. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy it, it just caught him off guard.

Nicholas smiled as he realized the other wasn't going to push him away. He bit on his neck and kissed him again, this time not pullng away for anything, wondering if the other would open his mouth to him.

Pandora tensed up, not sure how to react to the treatment that the other was giving him, the nip to the neck made his shudder. His body quivered slightly.

"What should I do with you?" Nicholas asked sensually as he 'molested' the other.

Pandora snapped out of his shock and kissed Nicholas deeply, and a bit roughly, gripping his butt and pulling their hips to meet.

Nicholas was now surprised at the kiss, but he overcame the surprise enough to slide his hands into the other's hair and kiss him back with just as much. He began a slow grinding movement with the other.

Pandora pulled his lips back a bit, just enough to speak but still have his lips on the other's. "Do you think you can love a vampire? We are rough, murderers...Anything we have a passion for is a rough passion...from our hunting to our mating..." He whispered.

"What do I care for those you kill? I like roughness, you may do what you will, so long as it affects me not as in you wont randomly kill me one day." Nicholas said softly.

Pandora gasped softly at this, remembering his ex and how he'd killed him. He pulled away. "I can't do this...I won't hurt another person I care for..." He muttered, placing his face in his hands.

Nicholas was somewhat enraged. "What happened last time!? Who did you hurt????" He plead to know, not letting the other go, drawing him back into his arms.

Pandora looked at him, tears had formed in his eyes. "I told you! It's was my fualt my previous lover died!" He bared his fangs as if in pain and lowered his head back to his hands.

"But what did you do that you wont allow yourself to be with me?" Nicholas asked, tilting the other's face to look at him.

Pandora closed his eyes and tried to turn his face away. "The arguement started because of me, I wanted him to become a vampire so we could live together forever...he said no so I stormed out...when he went to find me he got sick and died...It was all my fualt...if he wasn't with me, he'd still be alive..."

"How is it your fault he got sick? Just because he was foolish enough to run after you? Look, I think I am in love with you. So when you can let your past go and love me back without worrying then come find me, I am going to get an apartment in town somewhere. I wont be able to leave you alone in this house."

Pandora lowered his head sadly. "Then go, you'll live longer if you do..." It broke his undead heart to tell Nicholas to leave but it would hurt more if he killed him too, he hated himself for what had happened and he could never forgive himself.

Nicholas sighed miserably and kissed the other hard before going miserably to his room where he packed his things again. After that he looked to the other. "I'm leaving now... anything final you wish to say?"

Pandora sat in his room, miserible. He stood up and kissed Nicholas passionately and lovingly. "I don't wish for you to go...but I don't wish for you to end up dead because of me either...I care for you enough that I would rather suffer alone than see you get hurt...forgive me, I'm not doing this to be cruel...."

Nicolas held back many tears as he kissed the other back. "One night I hope you can forgive yourself enough to be with me." He sighed sadly and held the other tight one last time before he left.

Pandora held him there for a few minutes, his face burried in his neck. Don't let him go.... His heart told him. Don't let him slip through your fingers... But Pandora released him, biting his lip hard, breaking skin and causing it to bleed. "Good bye." He muttered before quickly retreating back into his room. He curled up on his bed and allowed himself to break, his lip bleeding an dhis eyes gushing tears.

After a while of laying there miseribly, hating himself all over again Pandora got up from his bed, cleaned himself up and went looking for Nicholas. He followed his scent into the night, comming to an apartment and gently rapping on the door.

Nicholas was rather confused at who would be at his door. He opened it and when he saw the other he blinked. "To what do I owe this pleasure?" He asked, eyes red from having cried almost the whole time since he left.

Pandora rushed foreward, embracing the other tightly, pressing his lips firmly to the other's. His entire body shook.

Nicholas was surprised, but he embraced the other tightly, kissing him back, the tears from earlier falling anew.

Pandora pulled his lips back. "Come back home...please." He whispered, kissing Nicholas' tears away.

"I can't, not unless you are willing to be with me." Nicholas said bitterly.

"I am...Azreal would not have wanted me to dweal on his death, he would have wanted me to be happy..." Pandora got down on one knee, holding Nicholas' hand. "Please, will you be mine?"

Nicholas enclosed his hands on the other's. "Yes! I want that more than anything." He said, kissing the other, pulling him up to do so.

Pandora kissed Nicholas deeper and slightly roughly. His arms wrapped around him tightly.

Nicholas returned the kiss heatedly, wrapping around the other and holding him desperately.

Pandora pulled his lips back enough to speak. "Should we continue this at home?" He whispered.

"But there is a bed right through this door." He said, pointing.

"I would feel more comfortable on my own bed." Pandora explained softly.

"Well if you can get us there quick enough." He insisted. He wanted his lover.

"I can teleport us there, the question is how fast you can pack." Pandora replied softly

nicholas smiled. "I hadn't really unpacked." He grabbed his things "Shall we?"

Pandora took a hold of Nicholas' arm, being sure he had his things before closing his eyes and concentrating. The room seemed to melt away and Pandora's room seemed to melt into view. Before Nicholas could react to returning to the Mansion the vampire pinned him to the nearest wall, kissing him deeply and roughly.

Nicholas gasped and moaned into the kiss with such a passion he had yet to feel in all of his short life as a mortal. He kissed him back with just as much roughness, pulling the other tight against him, goraning and breaking the kiss to bite the other's neck somewhat hardly.

Pandora let out a soft hiss, sucking air through his teeth followed by a soft moan. The vampire's fingers laced into Nicholas' hair and bgan a gentle tugging at it. His hips pressed against the other's firmly and rubbed just a tiny bit.

Nicholas groaned as he bit the other still, cukling the skin between his teeth, groaning and trying his best to undress the other through his cloudy mind. He was successfull with the other's shirt, but the rest of the clothing his fingers stumbled on.

Pandora's fingers wandered down to Nicholas' pants, he knew that he couldn't remove his shirt with Nicholas attached to his neck. He unbuttoned the other's jeans with one hand slowloy, then pushed down his zipper.

Nicholas huffed and let go of the other's neck, finally able to remove his own shirt and then worked on the other's pants, removing them in record time. "Oh gods.. I need you."

Pandora pushed down Nicholas' pants, bending down to do so and planting a kiss on the other's chest. "Then shall we progess to the bed?" He murmured sexily now that they were both down to their underwear.

Nicholas nodded, shivering and kicking his pants away and tuggins his undergarments down and away as well. "Yes, please.." He plead, kissing the other hard again.

Pandora peeled off his own underwear as well, kissing Nicholas back, moving them both to the bed. Slowly he pushed the other back onto the bed, kissing him deeper and more passionately.

Nicholas wrapped his legs around the other and kissed him lovingly, his passion overtaking him as he gave himself to the other, his heart racing dramatically.

Pandora pulled his lips from Nicholas' placing them to his neck, giving him gentle kisses and suction on his neck. His shaft rubbed gently to the other's as he moved his hips to make such happen.

"Take me.." Nicholas plead, grabbing tightly onto the other, he kissed him roughly. He wanted him with a fierce fire. "Mnn need you."

Pandora kissed him back, just as roughly, before pulling back to speak. "Have you ever done this before?" He began to pump his own pale shaft to harden it quicker.

nicholas nodded. "Actually yes.. boyfriend when I was...nineteen.."He said between breaths. He kissed the other hard and bit his neck again.

Pandora moaned out softly as he was bit. He brought his fingers to his mouth, licking them to get them wet then slid them under the other, wetting his tight hole. "Should I be gentle with you or should I be rough?" He whispered to the other.

"Rough.. be gentle later." He said, wanting to couple with the other almost desperately.

Pandora pushed his middle finger into the other with no warning. He instantly began to move his finger in and out quickly.

Nicholas tried his best to ride the other's finger, groaning heatedly and clutching tightly at his back.

Pandora Pushed in a second finger openeing his mouth and sucking on Nicholas' neck. He licked at his neck as he sucked, moving his finger faster.

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