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Made By: [BlackTearsCry]


A small Table Of Contents/Questions You Might Be Wondering
[#oO Whats Up With The Wiki Name?]
[#Really! Who Are These People?!]
[#Pictures? Of Course There Are Pictures!]
[#Soo.. How Did You Two Meet?!]


Reasoning For The Wiki Name?
Alright well first of all your probably wondering.. Why is this wiki named PookBoperFluff(s)? Well there actually is a reason! It all started one weird day oO.. Jake and I were Instant Messaging(IMing) each other on yahoo when all of a sudden *gasp* myself[BlackTearsCry] randomly comes up with another nickname for Jake[Koiron].. and guess what the name is.. Your right wrong.. It's PookaBoperFluffs! Ok well hmm you have a somewhat idea why the wiki's named PookaBoperFluff(s) but why is there parentheses around the s? Well Me and Jake weren't IMing each other this time, we were actually at the mall.. If I'm correct oO (spank me if i'm wrong Jake). Jake, I don't know, just started calling me PookaBoperFluff(notice there isn't a s). And well that basically tells you why the wiki's named PookaBoperFluff(s). If you don't get it, it's just both of our nicknames combined in one.


Who PookaBoperFluff(s) is..

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PookaBoperFluffs[Koiron]     ♥     ♥     ♥     PookaBoperFluff[BlackTearsCry]

About Us..

Real Name(s): Jacob M. Tidwell
Nickname(s):Jake, Hunny, PookaBoperFluffs,
Pookems, Jakems, Jakie, Spiderman, The Amazing/
Spectacular/Sensational Spiderman, Duckie.
Elftown Username: [Koiron]
Birth Date: 12/31/88
Current location: Orlando, Florida
Eye Color: Brown/Gold/Green
Hair color: Dark Brown
Height: 6'

Real Name: Heather M. Hunsinger
Nickname(s): Da HeaDeR, Babe, Baby, Sweetie,
Pookems, PookaBoperFluff, Pookie, Penguinie.
Birth Date: 02/28/91
Elftown Username: [BlackTearsCry]
Current location: Orlando, Florida
Eye Color: Blue/Gray
Hair color: Dark Brown
Height: 5'6


Pictures of us? ^.^

To See Pictures Pictures of PookaBoperFluff(s) Together Visit Pictures Of Us@wiki.


The History Of How We Met..

This was when we first met ^.^ after he asked me to go out with him and I said yes.

Well I'll tell you now, I found this handsome man, yep yep ^.^ it was all me! Guess where I found him too?! ^.^ Elftown! Of course! When I found him I was really just looking for a friend. I typed in Orlando in the town section where you can search for people and well I just thought he looked pretty hot and looked at some things on his house then thought to myself "hmmm we could be friends." Ok well your probably wondering why I was searching for people in Orlando and well I wanted a friend I could ya know see other than just type to and maybe talk on the phone with. Anyway so I messaged him and we IMed each other on yahoo messenger for about a month. He kinda feel in love with me oO and well really I did too ^.^ but I didn't say I did. We made plans to meet at the mall down here with his friend Richard and my friends Tori, Mike, and also some other people present and well we met for the first time.. Really you should have seen me oO I hid.. >.< And I hardly talked.. Omg, wow.. But before he left and everything me and him were talking outside of the mall in front of one of the restraunts and well umm... we starting going out.. It was around 9:15pm I think, on September 30, 2006. We have been dating ever since and we will forever ^.^ hehe.


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