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Poisonous Kisses

Amori smiled to himself as he woke up for the morning chores, smiling and sighing softly.
"I hope today it is a good day..somthing is always bound to happen here." And what he reffered to with that sentence was the happenings of his faithful home town of Arutsh...not to mention visitors from the neighboring city , Discatia would be arriving soon. Amori sat up, brushed his hair and got dressed in his best attire before making his way outside to watch them arrive.

A certain Individual walked amongst the croud, drifting off slightly to the side. His curtain of dark, brown hair fell over his face, casting it in shaddow. As he turned it up towards the sky, his eyes, which were pale, and very alert, gazed past it, then wandered over to the buildings. His wave of vision then fell upon an individual whom he had never encountered before. His hands wandered into the pockets of his dark brown travelling coat and his smiled at the being. He truly was lovely. He wondered if he should pause and converse with him or continue on with his trek.

Amori stared at the individual and smiled. "A-are you from Discatia? What's it like over there?"Amori asked, pulling his long white hair back and smiling nervously at the man whom he made conversation with. He wondered vaguely if all Discatian's were so beautifull as this man.

"Yes.. I am from Discarytia," the man responded, speaking in a somewhat slurish yet sleek accent which was very different from the other, but as beautiful as he was. "My home... is wonderful I sink, but this town is lovely as well." he smiled at him, displaying gratitude from being in his presance.

Amori stared in awe"I have never been there before...what is it like?"He asked, tilting his head to the side in pure curiosity as all Soladen people were...and sometimes too curious. Often getting them into the worst situations.

"It-" The man stared at him, "It's nice enough.. .but I have been meaning to move to this place. I have nothing left ofr me at my home."

"Well...this may seem a bit odd, but my brother would not mind. If you want to stay a night or two at my home? Cheaper then the inn rooms here. One thing about Soladen..very expensive."Amori said, his eyes watching the man' reaction.

The man was taken aback, "you would let a stange man come and live with you?? I am honored..." he bowed low, taking the other's hand and kissing it, "might we exchange names?"

Amori blushed lightly"I am Amori di Miacci."He said, smiling, " don't seem like a bad man...and not only that but my brother would protect me."He said matter of factly, letting his hand slip out of the other's grasp.

The man stood up straight, "I am known as Murakai LeVoughn," he told the other, smiling, "your brother... may I meet him as well?"

"Of course!"Amori said after thinking to himself the man had a pretty name. He grabbed Murakai's hand and lead him to his home and walked in dragging him after."Elirian!!!"

A man much not very like Amori came down the starirs. So different was he from Ami that you could bearly see the resemblance."Back already? Who is this?"Elirian asked, looking the other man up and down, not quite liking him much.

Murakai smiled at the other, taking his appearence and personality in. He realized it would be hard to get past him... "Murakai LeVoughn," he told him, "just passing through if my presence is a trouble to you."

Amori glared at his brother, he knew he wasn't liking this man and yet Ami felt rather enthralled with him."Elirian can he just stay the night?"He asked, giving his brother a pouty face.

Elirian sighed upon seeing this expression and nodded"Fine. Show him to the guest room, I have work to do."He said, giving the man a glare before walking off back to his room and sitting there, thinking hard. He realy did not like him but Ami and his looks.

Murakai stood near Amori, glancing at where his brother had just dissapeared. "I... wish to thank you for taking me in." he told him, eyes showing earnest, "I'm not sure if I could amount enough as to thanking you..."

Amori smiled happily."Don't mention it!"He said, showing him to the guest room."If you need anything just come and get me, my room is right across the hall."He said smiling and bowing shortly"Oh and don't bother my brother right noew, he is irritated with his work."Amori said, coming up with an excuse to why his brother was acting so odd before bowing again and walking out to his own room, sighing happily, absentmindedly running his hand over the hand Murakai had kissed.

Murakai closed the door after entering his assigned room. He stood, hand on the doorknob for a while. He wanted him, he decided. That Amori kid... This smal flame inside him was slowly building in his lust for the other. He would need to hide it, however, until he could get him away from his brother...

Amori lay on his bed in thought.He never knew he could be so infatuated with another person before. Sure he had small crushed now and then. Maybe it was because this person was different from his usual Soladen crushes. Maybe he was so enthralled because Murakai was so different. Not to mention from his favorite city. He sighed and turned over in his bed , grabbing his diary from under his pillow and grabbed his pen from his little table and began to write about the day's events.

As the night wore on, Murakai sat at the foot of his bed, staring at the ground. He constantly glanced back at the door, wondering if he should just get it over with now... He got to his feet and went quickly to the door, pulling it open as he had made up his mind.

At that moment Amori had done the same thing, he was going to use the excuse of asking if he needed anything before he went to bed, but he didn't expect to see him out of his room."Uhh h-hi..Yes did you need anything before I went to sleep?"He asked, staring at him nervously.

"um... yes, actually.." Murakai said, surprized at this turn of events, "I.. have been restless, thinking... I-may I speak to you please... in private?" he asked urgently.

Amori nodded"Alright..."He said, opening the door to his room and stepping aside for him to enter."Are you quite alright sir?"He asked, closing the door behind him.

Murakai stepped into the room after him, standing quite near him, "no... I don't know... it's just-I can't stop thinking about you if you'll forgive my brashness," he stared at Amori intently, "it's keeping me up, and I mean to sort out my feelings.. it's not normal... for me to feel this way for one..."

Amori didn;t move, a bit curious."I can't stop thinking about you sudden it is....but why is this bothering you so?Are you alright?"He asked, pressing a hand to Murakai's forehead.

Murakai's eyes fluttered closed at the contact and he grasped the hand in his own, "now I am..." he muttered and placing yet another kiss to it, "thank you. Just being in your presance is soothing."

Amori blushed" can you be so...attatched when we have just met?"He asked curiously, testing to see if maybe this wasnt some joke. He looked into the other man's eyes lovingly.

"Love," he told him, returning the gaze, "works in mystereous ways. You have been so kind to me, so sweet that it is impossible not to feel so. Your beauty, both inside and out has betaken me."

" are...leaving though are you not?"Amori asked curiously, not wanting to have his heart broken, wanting to be sure he could be with this man if there was going to be a commitment made.

"I don't need to," Murakai told him, "I can stay here... Everything in my hometown was torn from me, everything I care for. There is nothing. No reason for me to return..."

Amori nodded"I know that sir are still going to leave this home..are you staying for sure here in Soladen?"He asked, taking a step back feeling they were maybe a bit too close.

"yes, perhaps..." he smiled, "I hope to go back to school.. learn to be an architect.. it has been my dream." his eyes shone when he spoke of it. This bit, at least, was true.

Amori nodded."Alright."he said simply not knowing what he was getting himself into."So...are you better now?"He asked softly.

"I suppose..." he said, "thank you, Amori..."

"For what?"Amori asked confused.

"For everything," Murakai told him simply, "now I shal leave you so you may resume your slumbers."

Amori reached out a hand not wanting him to go but he realized that might seem odd so he dropped his hand to his side and nodded"Alright."He said softly.

Murakai smiled, "good night then. And pleasant dreams..." he turned and left.

Amori nodded and went back to his bed."Why do I feel like this?"He asked himself as he changed into his night gown and crawled into bed, closing his eyes, trying to sleep.

Murakai went back into the next room, pleased with himself and his actions.

Amori drifted off finaly into an uneasy sleep, dreaming here and there about his visitor. Sometimes good dreams, sometimes not.

Murakai woke into the next morning with a start, he sat up in bed and stretched, groggy. He nearly forgot where he was until he realized he wasn't in his room.

Amori woke at the same time, sighing and getting up and knocking on Murakai's door"Hey, are you hungry?"He asked, wondering if his guest wanted food.

Elirian had been awake for the past few hours and he looked at Amori curiously."Are you okay Ami? You don't look like you got enough sleep.."

Murakai got to his feet and wandered to the door, opening it, "no I'm-oh, hello," he said to Elirian.

Amori smiled"Okay well if you change your mind I am making eggs."Amori said, still in his night gown, going out to the kitchen.

"Ami before you cook would you please get dressed?"He asked, not saying a word to Murakai

Noticing that he was being ignored, Murakai's eyebrows rose, "I'm sorry sir... have I offended you?" he asked of Elirian.

Amori sighed and went to his room and started to get more dresed after rolling his eyes at his brother.

Elirian gave him a venemous glare that coul have actualy been a greeting."No."

"Well if I have not wronged you, may I ask why you treat me so?" he asked, "I have not hurt you or your brother, have I?'

Elirian raised an eyebrow and put on his poker face"I have no idea what you speak of."He said, reading.

Amori came back out, fully dressed and started on breakfast

"Well then.. see you," he said, "I wish to see if I may help around to repay my debt."

Elirian smiled a very seceritive smile"That wont be nessesary."He said, wanting to be rid of the man. He had some seriously bad vibes.

Murakai shrugged and smiled sweetly, "I can try," he said before heading off to meet Amori.

Amori smiled up at Murakai when he entered the kitchen"Your sure your not hungry?"

Elirian growled to himself as he watched Murakai walk off.

"Um.. not now..." he said, standing at the entryway, "need any help?'

Amori thought a moment"Yeah if you want to hand me the sugar bowl."

Murakai nodded and glanced about the kitchen, taking it in before going to carry out his task and handing him the bowl.

Amori smiled and took the bowl gently and mixed it with cinnamon."If you want after my brother and I eat and you if you change your mind we can go look for a house."

"Ah.. that'll work. But I'm fine with an apartment for now. I don't need all that room if I'm going to be living by myself you know." he said, watching him prepare food.

Amori nodded."Alright..well I am almost done here."He said, dishing out food for him and his brother"Your sure your not hungry?"

"Yes-uh... no," he said, as a load groal errupted from his stomach.

Amori smiled and fixed him a plate"Silly."he said, handing his brother his plate.

Murakai smiled sheepishly, "I'm sorry..." he appologized.

Ami nodded happily."ok."He said, patting Murakai on the head.

Elirian glared at the two.

Murakai smiled and ignored Elirian.

Amori sighed and ate his breakfast oblivious to the glare and to the tense atmosphere."Okay you ready to go?"Amori asked, getting up and putting hisplate in the sink.

"Where are you going?"Elirian asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I am showing him around town."

Elirian sighed"You better be back before dark."Elirian said, glaring. at the floor, taking care of his own plate.

Murakai thanked them both and cleared his own plate, "yes, I am ready."

Amori smiled and grabbed Murakai's hand and drug him outside and started pointing things out."Okay so there is the post office and there is the library and over there is the school.."He said, looking around for more to point out.

Murakai was a bit surprized at this friendly gesture, but tried to learn the apots as best as he could. It might come in useful later.

Amori smiled after a while" want to go to the park?"He asked, still holding on to Murakai's hand.

"The... park??" he asked, completely befuddled.

"Yeah knwo to rest and just sit there?"Amori asked eyebrows knotting in confusion.

"I've never heard of such a place... sounds interesting."

Amori nodded, dragging Serian across a few streets carefuly to the park"Here we are."He said cheerily, plopping on the ground.

Murakai glanced about him, uninterested, "ah... so it's outside." He sat beside the other.

Amori nodded"Yes..most parks are..."

Murakai stared off past the trees as though interested, but truly deep in thought. He had to move on... he was taking too long here.

Amori looked at him carefully"Are you ok?"

"mmn?? Oh, yeah... just thinking..."

Amori smiled and kissed the man's forehead."I ...was thinking about what you said last night.."

Murakai was startled and blushed lightly, "um... you were??"

Amori nodded dreamily"Yes.."

"So..." Murakai avoided eye contact, "what do you think...?"

Amori tilted his head"About what?"

"About what I told you last night... I supposed you were reffering to that, no?"

"I..Think...we would be good together.."Amori said, blushing a little.

"You.... do??" Murakai looked surprized, face flushed, "I..."

Amori smiled and nodded and kissed his cheek.

Murakai blushed slightly, but turned his head to catch a kiss on the other's lips.

Amori smiled and kissed him lightly back, starting to deepen the kiss.

Murakai turned his body to face him fully, grasping his shoulders.

Aomri wraped his arms around the other's neck.

Murakai's tounge lightly grazed the lips of the other as he held him closer.

Amori deepened the kiss and started actualy advancing on him.

Murakai was a bit taken aback at his boldness, but accepted and allowed him, suckling now upon his lip.

Amori kissed him harder, not realy sure how much farther to go besides kissing because he was inexperienced.

Murakai moaned around the kiss, tugging at the fabric of Amori's shirt as though to be rid of it.

Amori smiled and pulled away"Umm...we're in public."He said with a shy blush.

"I'm, sorry..." Murakai told him, "must've gotten carried away."

Amori laughed softly." not exactly experienced anyways.

"That's... ok..." Murakai told him, pulling his legs to his chest and wrapping his arms around them. He rested his chin on his knees and smiled at him.

Amori sighed"Ermm..will you teach me? I know..a place...I am the only one that ever goes there.."

"Of course," he said, laughing softly, "I'll teach you everything there is to know..."

Amori smiled softly"Okay..follow me."He said, getting up and leading him off to the woods,looking for the trail that lead to his waterfall.

Murakai followed soon after, watching him, trying to hide the lust in his eyes.

Amori finaly reached the spot."Here we are!"He said , smiling nervously.

"Ah... nice..." Murakai said, focusing the least on the area around him and most on Amori, "thank you... Amori..." he slowly advanced him.

Amori smiled nervously"Please be gentle."He said, standing still.

"I promise," he told him, leaning down over him, pulling him into his arms and placing soft kisses to his neck.

Amori sighed into the kisses and returned them

Murakai's grip on him tightened, continuing down the neck to his shoulder.

Amori didn't quite like the tightness of the grip but dealt with it, smiling softly to hide his discomfort.

Murakai moved his arms up under the other;s shirt to began to slowly lift it up over his head.

Amori went along and did the same, unsure of exactly what to do.

The other then leaned Amori back a bit, holding him loosely in his arms as he suckled upon a nipple.

Amori arched his back, threading his finger's into his lover's hair and moaned softly.

Turned on by the moan of the other, Murakai lowered his hands to rub against the bulge of his pants.

Amori moaned out, wrapping his arms around his lover's neck.

Slipping his hands inside of the fabric to touch skin, Murakai continued this task, delighted by the other's moans.

Amori growled softly, nipping on his love's neck and tracing his tounge along the edge of his lover's ear.

Feeling a sudden need for more of the other, Murakai moaned at the contact before he dropped to his knees, bringing down the other's pants so that he may bring the organ in front of him into his mouth.

Amori bucked his hips and maoned loudly, basicly a whimper as Murakai brought him into his mouth.

Murakai ran his hands along the inward curve of Amori's hips as he sucked hard upon him.

Amori cried out, cluthing eagerly at the ground."UHN! I ..mnnn more!"

Releasing him, Murakai stood, unzipping his own pants and reaching into them to take out his own member. He then took it and pressed it against the entrance of the other, pushing himself into the younger male.

Amori called out, wincing a little in pain, tears gently streaming down his cheeks as it became better."Mnn.."

Barely pausing to glance at the tears, Murakai began to rock in and out of his body, taking on asteady pace and gradually picking up speed. He had needed this... ever since he had layed eyes on him...

Amori moaned louder and moved his hips with Murakai's caling out to him,wrapping his arms around him.

Each time his hips crashed against Ami's, Murakai was filled with pleasure. He continued on, comming harder into his body.

Amori cried out as he suddenly came,clutching on to Murakai tightly.

Murakai finnaly stopped, breathing hard and leaning against him.

Amori sighed"Mnn I love you Murakai.."

Murakai only smiled weakly, hoping the other would accept his non-responce as a sign of being tired.

Amori curled up on the ground, next to Murakai, hoping his new lover would be his always.

Fire having been extinguished, Murakai no longer felt the need to be near the other. He stood and began to butten his pants before reaching for his shirt.

"Where are you going?"Amori asked curiously, eyebrows knotting in confusion.

"I..." Murakai pulled the shirt on and glanced at him, "I need to hurry or I'll miss the next train."

"WHAT!? I thought you were staying!"Amori asked, his heart begginning to break ever so slowly as his lover spoke.

"I was going to stay," Murakai admitted, "just long enough for me to rid of that longing I felt for you. I couldn't stop thinking of you... I couldn't stand it! But now... my mind is at ease. Sorry kid, I just don't feel that strongly for you."

Amori looked up shocked but nodded numbly, the initial shock breaking in. "Bye.."He said, tears starting to drip out of his eyes.

"You really shouldn't cry," Murakai told him, "it's not becomming." He blew a kiss to Amori before walking off away from him.

Amori stayed curled up into a ball, feeling dirty and used , he must have stayed liek that for hours, crying and wanting to die suddenly. He got up slowly after waking up, and drunkenly got dressed again, running back home and collapsing on his bed.

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2008-12-16 [xX-Sarahanne-Xx]: theres a typo in this.

2008-12-16 [xX-Sarahanne-Xx]: its 35 lines from the bottom it says
"Murakai moved his arms up under the other;s shirt to began to slowly lift it up over his head."
It should be
"Murakai moved his arms up under the other's shirt to began to slowly lift it up over his head."

And another typo is on the 2nd line from the bottom
"Amori stayed curled up into a ball, feeling dirty and used , he must have stayed liek that for hours, crying and wanting to die suddenly. He got"
Like is misspelled

2008-12-16 [The Vampire Armand]: I didn't know we needed someone to edit them. Do me a favor and shush. Of course there are errors. Do well to hold your tongue, we have yet to actually go through and correct anything. They are for fun and for reading, get over it or do not read it.

2008-12-16 [xX-Sarahanne-Xx]: My goodness! I wasn't aware that you were so rude!
and Im sorry, It isn't my fault that Im autistic and that sort of thing sticks out to me.
U should be glad that anyone reads this,

2008-12-16 [The Vampire Armand]: I am not being rude, I am merely irritated that you wouldn't simply hold your tongue. I know the errors are there, you spoke as though I was clueless to the fact, and you expect me to not act harshly out of it.

And I should be glad? Glad? What does the story not hold flavour to you? Does it, how do you children put it? Suck? Do me a favor, keep your attitude elsewhere.

2008-12-16 [xX-Sarahanne-Xx]: You are very impudent. And If this was in my case I would have politely, said "Thank you very much, though I am aware that there are many errors. Thanks for reading."
My goodness. and I would NEVER expect someone to act harshly.
Most people have manners. and So I do apologize for saying
"U should be glad that anyone reads this," ( I didn't say 'lucky' as you stated. please dont put words in my mouth.) I was stating a fact earlier, and not giving an attitude, Have a wonderful day.

2008-12-16 [The Vampire Armand]: This isn't in your case though and I am not impudent. I acted harshly because I am tired of little children going around thinking they are complete whizes at everything.

I do have manners. I just don't tolerate. (I changed those, so shush). -laughs- I shouldn't be glad such a brat read it really. You shouldn't be getting irritated with me, you haven't even tried to understand my frustration with this.

2008-12-16 [xX-Sarahanne-Xx]: I merely don't understand why someone would have frustrations with someone else trying to help.  'Brat' is not at all polite, I don't like to be called that. I do not think that I am an whiz at everything, nor did I try to imply that I thought I was, I even stated that I have autism, which in turn, gives my reasoning for telling you what your errors were. It is quite hard to read when errors are distracting me. 

2008-12-16 [The Vampire Armand]: -smiles- I didn't know you were trying to help. I have this terrible habit of assuming the worst. I figured you were being rude, and if you re read what you have written I am sure you will find highly that it could be taken as rude remark.

I apologize for calling you a brat. I don't think , and forgive me, that you should use your disability as an excuse. Sure it may make you go, 'oh my that's not right' but it was your own will to type it out that my mistakes were etc. And then you made a rather rude insult about I should be glad that others even read it.

I understand, generally I am very distracted when reading something with errors, but I overcome it and move to the next line.

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