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2008-02-07 17:22:03
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Drakengard Action. Playstation 2. 8/10: In a world gone stark raving mad, you hack, slash, burn and otherwise decimate everyone that gets in your way through a plethura of levels designed to test both your ability and your will to survive. The main character, Caim, and a red dragon which he makes a pact with are the main characters of the game, along with several sub characters who join in to battle the evil Empire. With literally dozens of weapons to acquire and power up (which also unlocks weapon histories, for those of you interested in how the weapon came to be!), the ability to carry multiple weapons into battle and freely switch between them, as well as 4 different levels for your dragon, Drakengard offers players a ton of versatility in comparison to most action games.
There are two different types of battle style, ground and aerial. Of course, aerial battles are only fought on the dragon, but in ground battle you can freely switch between Caim and the dragon to add an added layer of fun to any 1,000 man killing spree. The gigantic maps give you a ton of space to move around in, along with several hidden areas and treasure chests which you can always choose to get, or to ignore, if it's more your style.
Drakengard has an interesting storyline, full of hope, betrayal, and enough characters who look ten days sleep deprived to make it all worthwhile. It even has five different endings to unlock, meaning that there's hours of replay available to those of you who enjoy the game so much as it is.
The only drawbacks are the lack of 'happy' characters (Seriously. It's like emos gone wild, or something.), the inability to use the extra characters for much besides tiny blurbs of moments during ground battles, the simplistic control style (Square, square, square, sqaure, triangle. ZOMGCIRCLE! Square...) and the lack of a truly good ending (You'll see what I mean, even though I'm STILL hoping the 5th ending is worth it. Getting all of the weapons is HARD! >.<). Some would also consider the fact that the game isn't exactly 'easy' a drawback as well, but I personally enjoyed that it challenged me as a player to really need to try.
While some people may consider it too 'Dynasty Warriors' in the gameplay, Drakengard is highly entertaining, and offers a lot more blood than the other series. So, to anyone looking for a good 'kill everything in sight' game that offers a challenge and some serious fun, check out Drakengard! After all, what've you got to lose?
-[Tyr and Zao Hawk]
(P.S. To those of you wondering: Yes, the dragon does a name. But I can't just tell you it, it'd ruin the game.)


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