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Playing with Knives

A roleplay between [The Vampire Armand] and [Vou].

The loud booming noise of chattering students could deafen the healthiest of ears due to the fact its volume seemed to double by it echoing in the hallway. Slicing away through the groups of students, a black-and-white haired Morgan sought to get to his next class. And it was this particular class that he hated being late to because he hated disappointing the person who taught it. The subject being English, one that he had always enjoyed himself. This seventeen-year-old managed to get through the students and reached the doorframe, leaning there to catch his breathe. Morgan felt like he had just hiked up Mount Everest with the way he was winded. Once he felt better and more able to walk, he moved to go to his seat which was situated near the front, by the window. And, of course, it was nearly parallel to the teacher's desk. Gaze drifted to that of the other students and what they were doing, all waiting for the bell to ring to announce the start of the day's lesson.

Sattienne was ashamedly late for the start of the new year. He huffed and carried his breif case close to his chest so that it would not spill out all over because he couldn't get the clasp shut with everything he had in it. He narrowed his eyes as he brushed through the students. "Brats.." he mumbled, putting on his glasses to seem more teacherly and a little less like he truly was. He finally got to his desk, setting the case down, watching in irritation as it sprung open. "Oh hell.." He stacked all of his papers neatly after having to pick them up off the floor and then situated his desk perfectly before he removed the dark green scarf from around his neck, his long white hair streaked in red and gold hung over one shoulder longly and his teal eyes gazed at his students owningly as he straightened out his collar on his black suit.

"Students, please settle down." He said as though he had never had the mishaps he was just in dealing with. His commanding presence echoed through every part of the class room, and with grace he began to walk in front of his desk to stand in front of them.

Morgan's classmates scrambled to get to their seats as soon as their teacher walked in, and tried to not laugh at the mishaps he had was experiencing already. And not even five minutes had passed since the bell tolled. Already familiar with who the teacher, Sattienne, was, Morgan could not help but keep his gaze settled onto his form. Even when he spoke in that commanding tone, Morgan could not keep from looking at the older man.

Sattienne pursed his lips at the laughter. "Now, some of you have had me before, and you will know that I will not take to laughter lightly. Your own humiliation waits just around the corner." He said, acidicly. "I will pass out the usual papers, take them to your parents and have them signed." He said, counting the number of papers he would need in each row and passing them out. When he got to Morgan's row he raised an eyebrow at his student. "Can I help you?" He asked, teal eyes reading his expressions carefully.

At being caught, Morgan's gaze shifted from his teacher's face to that of his desk, the papers in hand, he moved to put away. "I... I was just paying attention, sir," He replied, trying to hid his embaressment, which revealed itself in his features; a flushing face. "I do not want to miss anything..."

A somewhat cruel smile etched his thin white lips. "Even though you blush prettily and that would normally be a good excuse.. I don't believe you. I will not have anymore daydreaming in my class." He said, giving the other a smirk and turning on his heel back up to his desk. He looked out over the rest of his students. "I will assign your texts tomorrow. And as for today I want you to do this pre-test so I can figrue out where your levels are.. you know the drill. Any volunteers to help hand these out?"

At the comments made by the English teacher, he felt his blush turn into many shades darker than what they originally had been. He doesn't believe me, eh? he thought then, trying to focus on the second part of the Settiene's words. Morgan raised his hand, clearing his throat to enable him speech again. As he never had been one for stammering in the first place, anyways, he actually did recieve some stares from fellows behind him. "Sir, I will help if you do not mind it."

Sattienne nodded evenly, ushering his student forward, his eyes on him at all times. The young student was beautiful in his opinion, but he did not want to seem interested. He couldn't aford interest in one. He needed this job, needed to seem like he was worth something, and some love affair that wouldn't even last because he refused to turn the other would not stop him from leading a normal life. But then.. another whole part of him wanted the boy. Why? He was unsure. Maybe he was lonely enough to want the company of a probably confused teenage boy. He didn't allow the predatory smile to slip into his lips, instead it went to his eyes as he held the papers out for the other to take, lips in a thin line.

Getting up from his chair, he went to Sattienne's desk and carefully took the paper's from him. Morgan blushed faintly yet again at the prospect of their hands nearly touching when he had taken the tests from the teacher's grip. Moving to do as he had volunteered to do, he passed out the papers to all of his classmates. And then taking one for himself, he set what was left back onto the desk, glancing towards Sattienne one more time before retreating back to his desk once again. He couldn't help that he found himself obviously attracted to the older male. Everything about him Morgan found flawless. His movements were sensual, and even the way he spoke, it had a dignified tone to it. And even a tone that demanded respect from those around him. Morgan respected this certain quality and thus, he only wanted to learn more about him.

Sattienne smiled gently. "Thank you, Morgan." He said, moving behind his desk to do the role sheet before standing again. "Alright, now, all of you take this test and hand it into me before the bell rings." He said, sitting back down and propping his feet on his desk with a book in hand, ocassionally looking out over his students to be sure they were working still. He let his gaze drift to Morgan. "Cute.." He mumbled.

"You're welcome, sir." The teen replied back a bit too cherfully. However, he did not catch this and proceeded to do the assignment given. He had gotten this small feeling that he also was being watched, but did not press the feeling any further. Focusing as best he was able, he managed to finish within ten minutes left of the class period. Already others were finishing as well and turning in their tests, then returning to their seats to wait out the last of the class. Morgan used fellows' examples as his own and smiled faintly before moving to return to his seat.

Sattienne waited the bell patiently. He in the mean time looked at the papers as they were turned in, picking up Morgan's first. He smiled as the boy only missed one question. "Well. It seems I may have underestimated you, Mr. Lamont." He said to the other from his seat. "Would you mind staying after? I would like to speak to you about your daydreaming."

At being addressed, Morgan halted and turned a little to the desk's occupant. And, of course, at the mention of his daydreaming, his face went red again. He was quite easily embarressed and it was quite obvious now. "Yes sir, I will." And then he went back to his seat, waiting for the bell to ring.

The bell rang and all of the students piled out of the classroom, joining the rush once again, to attempt to make it to their next classes.

Sattienne knew no students would enter in any quick amount of time with ten minute changes because of the size of the school and how long it took to get from one class to the other so he motioned the boy forth, already starting his questions.

"I do hope my comments to you earlier were not embarassing. I merely wanted you to pay attention in my class. Is anything bothering you that you may like to talk about? I was going to leave you alone about it, but after seeing that you only missed one question on my pre-test you have proven to be a valuable student. I don't let my valuable little gems daydream, so all in all, everything is okay?" He asked, studying the obviously slightly shy boy carefully.

At the beckoning, Morgan stepped forwards to the large desk once again. With his hands shifting to dig themselves into his hip pockets, he tried to find the right words to answer Sattienne's questions carefully. "I did not mean to daydream... actually, I usually do not...." He sighed, finally realizing that he wasn't going to be able to hide this any longer. "I'm distracted, sir..." He finally said, voice rather low.

At this Sattienne was showing worry for the boy. "Distracted? What is going on?" He asked, hoping it was nothing doing with abusive parents or anything of the sort. Anyone to hurt a child such as this deserved to be shot.

"It's me. I have finally come to terms with..." He closed his eyes, unable to get himself to cough up the rest of his sentence. Morgan did not even know if he could come right out and say it, but he ended up doing it through verbal thought. "I have a crush on you, sir." His face turned many shades redder than what they had originally in class. Especially with the fact that he was waiting to get yelled at for having such ridiculous thoughts... especially it indicating that Morgan liked males, more than females.

Sattienne blinked a few times before realization slapped him in the face. "Oh... well.. don't let it interefere with class." He said, unsure what to say to the other, he suddenly just wanted the other out of his sight. "I can't have relations with you. Have a nice day." He couldn't think of any other way to put it and hoped he didn't sadden the boy. He stood and walked to his side office, slamming the door shut to ignore him.

Morgan knew that reaction could occur, however, he did not expect the English teacher to say it in such a nice manner. He hadn't raised his voice and Morgan was thankful for that. Silently, he grabbed his things and left the room to head to his next class before the bell would ring and make him late. Although he had been 'rejected', he still could not help but not like Sattienne. It was going to be a little while before he could really say that he would be over his crush.

Sattienne sighed when he was in his office. He really didn't want to hurt the boy, but what was he to care? There was nothing different from that one.. right? Even if he did already get high scores. If somehow magically the age permittance between teachers and students changed he may consider it. But onviously that wasn't happening. And how could he let the other deal with being what he was? A blood he wouldn't bring the child into that.

He sat in his next class rather boredly. Although he usually sat in the front, Morgan moved to the back instead so he could think. Or actually, he just did not want to be stared at again. His embarressment from English still had his nerves racked and the hue of his face justified his emotions. He just could not understand exactly why they couldn't even try once he graduated. It's not like he was a sophmore or something...

Sattienne hummed about as he gathered his things for his next class, teaching them boredly as he droned out the same speech he had given the class before. It was like this with all of his classes. He huffed. "So boring.." He mumbled. With his presence no one defied him or acted out, he almost wished he had the little boy from earlier in his room.

The class lecture did not interest him one bit, and it finally came down to the fact that he kept getting yelled at to pay attention. Until finally, the teacher, an older woman, got sick of yelling at him, that she sent him out into the hallway. Morgan wasn't supposed to go anywhere, but he ended up going off to wander around... aimlessly wandering. He ended up nearing his English class...

Sattienne was in the middle of reading his book. He decided to ignore his other students, thankful that this was the last class of the eve. He yawned. "Boring.." He muttered.

"Sattienne..." Morgan said the first name of the one he so admired deeply. But, he paused, trying to remember the other name, the one that fitted perfectly with the first. "It has slipped from me?" he asked himself quietly, brows knitting together as he thought about it. Morgan had never ever addressed Sattienne by last name. He usually referred to him as 'sir'.

Sattienne grinned in winning as the students all filed out at the chimming of the last bell. He gathered his papers together and straightened his desk, preparing to leave, looking for his keys.

Morgan already had his books with him, and before he moved away, he was slammed up against the wall due to the rush of students exiting the classroom. All of his notebooks and texts fell, papers spilling everywhere, too. He grimaced. "Damn." Once the feet were gone, he got onto the floor and started to gather his papers before they got overly destroyed.

Sattienne went out and saw the other. He sighed, having pitty on him. "Poor thing.." He said softly, kneeling down , grimacing as his brief case sprung open and his papers went about as well. "I really need to get a new one of those.." He said, laughing at their situation, one of the rare times he could find himself being pleasant.

Morgan glanced up at the sound of his teacher's voice and went to say something again, but the spilling of more papers made him stop. Instead, he also could not help but laugh at the predicament. "I got ran over by your students. And they made me drop all of my things... but, yes, I do think a new briefcase would be a less hassle for you..." Once nearly all of his things were picked up, he had them in a pile and proceeded to help gather the other papers that belonged to Sattienne.

Sattienne nodded and tried to ignore that his hands occasionally brushed those of his students. He finally had everything back in place. "If you don't hurry you will miss your bus."

When all papers were gathered and with their respective owners, Morgan stood up and had a good grip on his stuff this time. He had tried to also ignore the fact their hands had brushed more than once when they were picking up the papers just moments ago. "I don't take the bus..." A bold move on his part, he stepped towards the other and said quietly, "I'm not giving up on my feelings. There's only a few more months until I am eighteen, and graduated. Then we are no longer student and teacher..." And without waiting for an answer, he turned to go to his locker to retrieve his bag and coat.

Sattienne turned a light shade of red and scowled. The only way he would get this one to leave him alone was to show him. He walked up behind him, turned him around and shoved him against the lockers, pressing against him so he couldn't move. "Let me show you just why that even when you graduate I will not accept you." He said against the other's neck, biting it almost painfully with fangs that had lengthened a litttle. He was sure to draw just a little blood and pull away, letting the other see him lick it off his long eyeteeth. "Now that I have made myself clear.." He turned to go the other way, certain the other would keep the secret to himself.

When he was grabbed and shoved against the lockers, he almost dropped his books again, but held them firmly to his chest. Eyes widened at once when he heard the words drift from Sattienne's lips, as he then revealed his secret to him in a simple act of biting his neck. Morgan's face went red, however, and he emitted a painful noise when a pinprick of sharp teeth caught him off guard. When the teacher pulled away, he remained against the lockers, watching opposite walk away. "So what if you are different from the norm?" he asked, slightly angry that such a thing would keep Sattienne from even attempting a relation with him.

Sattienne turned back to the other, years of saddness slipping into his voice and etching his eyes as he spoke next. "I will not have you be what I am. And I will not get attached just for you to grow old and die." And with that he began walking down teh corridor to his car.

"That's still no excuse..." Morgan muttered childishly. He had been startled by the sadness underlying Sattienne's words and still could not help but want to be near him. Even with the knowledge that his English teacher was an Immortal (or it seemed so to properly call him that in Morgan's mind), the teen still couldn't pull away. He was already attached and there was nothing that could change that. Going to his locker, he shoved books into the bag and slipped on his coat. Slamming the locker door shut, he left the way his teacher had gone, since that was the only way out now.

Sattienne had waited out in front of the school. "You said you didn't ride the bus. Does that mean you walk? It is cold outside, you shouldn't get sick." he said, sitting on a pillar of sorts.

Engrossed in his own thoughts, Morgan nearly fell over at the sudden interruption. "Ah... sir.." He said, recovering his balance once again. "Yes, I do walk. It's not very far... only about fifteen minutes away..." Of course, what he failed to say was that it was fifteen minutes driving.

Sattienne read this through the boy's mind and rolled his eyes. "Come with me. And you will not be walking home anymore." He wasn't sure why he had the sudden change for the boy. Maybe he would find some kind of happiness with him. "You will meet me here, everyday after school, is that clear?" He asked, leading the other to his car.

Morgan was going to object, but got the impression that it was just best to shut up and agree. "Yes, sir. But... you don't have to be so kind to me. I am nothing special.." The teenager followed without another word of protest.

Sattienne sighed at the other's words. "Silly teenager." He said, opening his passanger door for the other. "If that were the case I would let you keep walking what takes one normally fifteen minutes to drive. Try to not lie to me, I can tell when you are."

Morgan got into the seat, glancing up at the older man. "I do not like to be a burden to those I care for... that's the only reason for my lying to you about a simple thing as that." He said quietly, red still gracing his face once more.

"Lying is bad." Sattienne said, shutting the door and getting into the driver's side. "Now, give me proper directions."

"It depends on the circumstances. Lying usually is bad, but, when I use it, it is for good reasons." Morgan retorted lightly, putting on his seatbelt. "Go down six streets, turn left and my house is right there on the right. A dark grey one. It's unmissable."

"Sounds depressing." Sattienne said, following the boy's instructions and sighing. "And just because I am giving you rides home dosen't mean you're allowed to daydream about me."

"It is a depressing house. I hate it there, actually. The same place I have lived for my entire life." He blushed faintly once more at the mention of his daydreaming. "I won't daydream about you if I can't help it... I space out easily."

Sattienne smiled. "Your parents.. they are nice people?" He asked, not truly caring about the dardreaming. With that he had been giving the younger male a hard time, laughing really. He was secretly flattered that they boy would obsess over him.

"They were nice people when I was younger..." He glanced out the window, seeing the house in perspective already. It was too soon. "My mother, I only live with, right now. She's at work a lot or out doing something else. She used to talk to me, but that was until I was thirteen, right up until my father's fall."

"Darling child, are they abusive?" Unsure why he was so caring. He wouldn't let the child go home to an abusive household. Though he had no bruises to be seen, how could one know?

"Of course not. I won't let her touch me. My father's gone." Morgan's shoulders rolled in a uncaring manner. He then watched Sattienne again. "What about you?"

"Obviously, darling child, I live alone." He said, pulling into the driveway. "If things.. get bad. You need someone to go to, and that is the only reason I am giving this to you." He said, writing his number on paper and handing it to him. "I know obsessed children like you don't lose things easily. Call if you ever need me." He said, wondering if he should walk the boy to the door.

Fingers slid to the handle, pulling it and unlocking the door. With his forearm, he pushed it open and removed his seatbelt. Before one leg could make it out of the vehicle, he stopped to take the piece of paper given. "Thank you, sir. And... I will attempt to keep myself from being so distracted in your class. I do want to learn still." Morgan said, putting the paper into his pants' pocket and getting out. "Have a good day, and thank you for the ride. I appreciate it very much."

Sattienne flashed him a kind smile and sat back, waiting for the other to be in his house safely before even thinking about pulling away. He didn't know why, but something felt left undone as the other left.

Morgan closed the door and made his way up to the front door of his home. As soon as he opened it, he waved to his teacher and slipped inside. Of course, once he got in, he shrieked at the sudden throwing of a glass vase nearly hitting his face. It smashed against the wall. Dropping his bag, he glared at his mother's latest boyfriend who stood at the kitchen doorway. "Idiot..." He hissed, glaring at the man as he leaned down to pick up the pieces.

Sattienne had left and was long without range of hearing the vase shatter. He turned on the radio in his car, boringly listening to the commercials as he made his way back to his manor.

Next day...

Morgan wasn't as chipper as he was usually, since yesterday's fight with his mother, who ended up defending her boyfriend, then took his side in the argument between the two, destroyed his mood. He had a bruise on the side of his neck as a result of his mother's boyfriend grabbing him. And then this morning, he slept in late because his alarm did not go off. So, he was late in getting to school, too. Also, he forgot to do his physics homework and so got lectured on the importance of doing homework by that woman. Ironically enough, Physics had been the first class of the day, and the one he was late to. She was a teacher who did not like tardiness and did not tolerate it... no matter what the circumstances. Now it was English time, and he hoped that his day could turn out to be a little better. Sitting in his desk, head laid on folded arms, eyes closed. He was dozing off a little.

Sattienne stared at his student sternly. "Ahem." He walked over to him, leaning over his desk. "Morgan, you are not to sleep in my class." He whispered loud enough that the other would have heard in sleep but not enough to embarrass him in front of the class. He ran a hand down the bruise that stained the other's neck. "And just how did this happen?" He wondered aloud. "Stay after class." Sattienne was suddenly very angry. He knew one of the boy's parents must have caused the injury, but what angered him more was that the boy did not call him and tell him about it. He didn't like people refusing his help. Nor did he like to have children come to his classes all beaten up, especially not when they were so pretty as this one.

At the whispered words, Morgan stirred. He sat up, rubbing his eyes to waken himself to where he could focus on the class and to be aware of everything going on around him. All he could really comprehend was the fact he was to stay after class again. He went to rub the sore spot on his neck, realizing that the bruise could probably be seen. And that made sense that he would be questioned about it.

Sattienne paced angrily about his classroom the rest of the morning. He waited for the other children to turn in their assignments before giving them an early dismissal, summoning Morgan to his desk. "You have some explaining to do."

When all the students were gone, Morgan went up the desk, stiffling a yawn in the process. "I got home, and my mother's latest boyfriend, who has been around the longest, threw a vase at me. I called him an idiot and then we started arguing. My mother got into the mix, she called me some horrible names, I finally rebelled. The guy didn't like that, so in defense of my mother, he grabbed me by the neck and threw me into the sofa. I kicked him in the stomach, and he let me go." Morgan took a breathe. "And, that's how I got the bruise. I went up to my room and locked the door, refusing to come out. I didn't want to see either of those faces. I just went to sleep shortly after... I figured you were busy, so I didn't call you."

Sattienne walked around, cupping the boy's face in his hands and looking into his eyes. "I don't care if you think I am busy. Either call me or move out of their home." He said, letting the other go. "I will not have my students unable to stay awake and come to school bruised and abused. It just wont happen. I thought I made this clear to you yesterday?"

"Yes, you did," He muttered, blushing faintly from their contact. "I can't move out until I'm 18. And I don't want to always depend on another... especially to be annoying in a way which I will surely achieve if I always call you for help." Morgan moved to sit back at his desk. Intentions of going to his next class were lost to him. "I'm just going to go home... they're at work... I don't have the drive for classwork today." He thought aloud.

Sattienne shook his head. "No, darling. If you are going to leave I am going to go take you somewhere, but it won't be your home." He said, grabbing his keys and standing. He called the front office so that they may send a substitute for his next class. "Come now, it has been taken care of." He said, motioning the boy to follow him.

Morgan looked at his teacher with a confusement. "Then where are am I going to go?" He asked, grabbing what things he had, but they were just random papers which were of no importance to him. As he passed the trashcan, into it were the papers deposited. "You are not taking the day off just because of me are you?"

"Maybe." Sattienne said, shrugging. "It dosen't matter either way. But yes, let us go and get some food. I am sure your growing teenaged-ness needs food."

"Of course it matters..." Morgan argued. "Your job is important... more so than just one of your students." However, he trailed off, as his stomach growled at the mention of sustenance.

Sattienne rolled his eyes. "Shush." He said, calling in for a sub. After everything was taken care of he took the boy's hand in his own as he knew the hallways were probably uncrowded with people to see them and led him out into the parking lot.

He did shush then. When his hand was taken hold of by the other, he could not help but go red in the face yet again. Morgan followed through the hallways, to the parking lot beyond the exit.

Sattienne gripped the other's hand tighter as he led him to the car."So where would you like to go to eat? If we were going out where would you say to go? Not that we are, because we are not, but you may let your little mind play with that for a while."

At Sattienne's words, he took his hand away from his teacher's. His face was graced with a faint shade of pinkish-red, as he thought about where he would actually like to eat. "I just want breakfast. That sounds just fine to me..." He said quietly, going to get into the car. Now his teacher was teasing him it seemed, with the knowledge of Morgan's emotions towards him. "You're teasing me now, aren't you?"

"Yes. Now, you seem to forget what I am. Where would you eat if you could have breakfast?" He asked, getting into his own side of the car.

"What you are doesn't matter to me. It's your personality which has attracted me to you, sir," Morgan replied, putting his seatbelt on and glancing away. "But, anyways, I don't care. Anywhere is fine."

Sattienne twitched impatiently. "I brough that up because I don't know of any resturaunts..." He said, starting the car, waiting for the other's answer.

"Well, I don't know. I rarely ever go out to eat..." Morgan mumbled, still not looking at his teacher. He was too into his own thoughts to care for the moment if his actions and replies were irking Sattienne or not. "You still don't have to be nice."

Sattienne growled, rolling his eyes. "You are truly a teenager." He mumbled, pulling into the nearest resturant. "You better hope they have breakfast here." He said, getting out of the car and waiting for the other.

Getting out, Morgan replied again, this time a little more sharply, "I may be a teenager in your eyes, but I am only being honest." He shut the door to the car and headed for the doors, hands shoved into pants' pockets.

Sattienne turned and glared at him. "What's eating you?" He asked, opening the door to the resturant for the other. "I am irritated with you because you avoid my simple questions! It's not my fault I don't know much about this time period!"

"Why are you being so kind to me? I know it has to be more than just the simple fact I am your student and you feel it's your duty to keep me from harm since you are a teacher." Morgan finally said, halting in his tracks and staring at the older man. "You said you did not want relations with me... yet, you keep teasing me and say things that confuse me!" His eyes closed as he sighed.

Sattienne narrowed his eyes. "I feel nothing for you if that is what you are implying. I suppose it is wrong to have intentions only to befriend you? What I can only have you one way?" He asked, venomously.

"If that is all, then do not tease me anymore. As you can see, I easily get lead astray and assume things differently..." Morgan turned and left into the building before another word could stop him.

Sattienne rushed out after him, grabbing his arm and spinning him around so that they faced one another. "What is your problem? You wish for me to be your lover, but you wont give me time to even know you! What do you want from me? Why is my friendship alone not enough to keep you happy if you are so damned in love!?"

Morgan nearly fell back when his arm was snatched and he was spun around. To keep from falling, he latched onto the other's arm, regaining balance easily. "I get confused easily and assume certain things. I did not think that you would want even a friendship with me because of the way I feel about you! And I am happy to be near you... always it makes me happy." And as he thought, once more, about Sattienne's words, he could not help but think aloud. "And now it sounds as if you would now consider me to be worthy of your affections. It's statements such as those that confuse me...."

"You are worthy of my friendship. I do not love you, darling child. I am sorry if you mistaken that. If I ever start loving you, I will let you know." He said, sighing.

"And I am content with that..." Morgan could not help but lean forward and put his arms around the vampire in a quick hug. "Thank you... for having enough patience with me."

Sattienne smiled and embraced him in return. "Now, may we try breakfast again?" He asked, holding the boy to him.

He nodded as his stomach yowled it seemed. "Yes, I would like to eat now. I would much like to quiet my complaining stomach." Morgan smiled again, feeling much better now that everything was cleared up between them.

Sattienne smiled calmly and led the other back into the store. "Well you order and tell me how much it is." He said, pointing to a booth. "We can sit there."

Morgan nodded. "I think we sit down and they come to us. I am not sure how this one works. It's my first time visiting it..." He went to the booth, sliding into the seat, and glanced out the window. It wasn't a bad view, actually.

The boy turned out to be right as a waitor came to their table. Sattienne sat patiently. "Just whatever he wishes to have." He said, looking out the window.

At the word, he answered without hesitation or pause. "Waffles, please. And that is all." Morgan didn't smile when he talked to the waitor who was giving him a kind smile, just as he was supposed to for this kind of job. Morgan said nothing more to acknowledge him.

Sattienne turned to his young lover. "What ails you?" He asked, looking him in the eyes, grabbing one of his hands from across the table to comfort him.

Morgan tilted his head slightly, smiling faintly when his hand was taken. "Nothing. I am just enjoying myself now... really..."

Sattienne nodded and kept hold of the boy's hand as he went back to looking out the window. "I haven't ever snuck out of school with a student before.." He said, chuckling softly.

Eyes widened in suprise. He was taken aback by his English teacher's words. "Really? If not students, surely, you have gone with other teachers at least." Morgan followed where the other's gaze was focused on.

Sattienne shook his head, displaying a smile. "Not at all. I have nothing to do with the other teachers.. the science teacher has a crush on me though." He said, recalling suddenly that said teacher had given him a most lewd valentine the year before.

At the words of another liking Sattienne, Morgan's smile fell to that of a half-one. "I see. Well, I can understand why the science teacher does have a crush on you." He took his hand away when his waffles were brought and set down in front of him. "Thank you.." He said, mostly to Sattienne, but the waiter apparently thought it was said to him. As well as the smile that appeared on the teen's lips again.

"Ah well. At least you have nothing to fear from him" he said, laughing. He also shot a glare at their waitor. Why? Because the boy sitting in front of him was not to be oggled at.

The waiter pretended to not see the glare given to him. He turned and walked away, continuing to do his job. However, a few glances he gave to Morgan out of the corner of his eye were evident.

Of course, Morgan had started eating. He enjoyed this food very much. There wasn't too much syrup on it, so that's what made it better.

Sattienne smiled and took to watching the boy from time to time. "you have pretty hands." He said, admiring the way he held his fork in which to eat.

He paused to take a break from his food. Nearly a quarter was already gone, and he did not want to get sick. Wiping his mouth with a napkin, he looked at his hands. "You think so?"

Sattienne nodded. "Oh yes. They are thin fingered and delicate." He said, smiling. "You have pretty eyes too. And a pretty mouth.. a pretty face. It is a wonder you weren't born a woman."

"It is. I've always been underestimated because I am fragile in appearance. Believe it or not, I have had my share of fights with others. And the worst injury I've ever suffered from was a black eye." He laughed as he thought about that time. It was when he was ten.

Sattienne snorted at this. "Figures. You don't look much like a fighter. So what do you want to do after you eat?" He asked, looking at the ceiling. "And be sure to keep an eye on the time so I know when to take you home."

Taking a few more bites, Morgan's appetite was sated. Setting the fork down, shoulders rose in a shrug. "What do you like to do? And time won't matter. My mother most likely will not even return tonight to the house. She's always randomly going of to places."

"I would still like to not get you into trouble. Now, where would you like to go?" He asked again, setting money on the table to pay for the food, leaving of course a tip.

Morgan got up and went to say something, but was brushed against when their server came to retrieve the money set on their table. He glared slightly, "Excuse you." He went to Sattienne's side. "He just ran into me..." The teen was obviously somewhat clueless when it came to obvious flirting. "You don't have to worry about me. How about the park?"

Sattienne nodded, grabbing Morgan's hand. "Oh yes that sounds like a lovely idea, turning around and sticking his tongue out at their waitor. Then he smirked and slid his hand to Morgan's waist, fingers drifting to his behind, but still where it couldn't be considered technically groping. He did this to make the other angry, hoping his young student wouldn't catch on to his antics.

The behavior performed did, indeed, upset the waiter. He huffed and moved to continue his work.

Morgan's own arm slipped about the older man's waist, not thinking anything of it. It was a natural instinct after all. He smiled when they left to go to the car. "The park shouldn't be too busy either. Kids are at school and most adults are at work."

Sattienne nodded, smiling at how nice it felt to have contact again, but then remembered himself, removing his arm slowly from the other as they got into the car. "Well, the park it is." He said, wiating for the other to get in and buckle up.

He got into the car, missing the arm already, but had to remember they were just friends. That's all. Morgan buckled his seatbelt and stretched out a little more comfortably, glancing towards Sattienne.

Sattienne met his glance before turning slightly red for some unknown reason to him. He kept his eyes on the boy for a moment before returning them to the outside so that he may drive. And he did so, driving them to the park which was not so very far. "We're here." He said, smiling.

Student caught that faint flash of red on teacher's face. This made Morgan curious as to why he would turn red when looking at him. He didn't say anything else on the matter. When they arrived at the park, he removed the seatbelt and glanced around. "No one's around... just as I said." He was quite proud of himself for predicting such a thing pretty accurately.

Sattiene felt a spike of understanding catch up to him, making him not able to make contact with the other. They were at a deserted park. Alone. In a parked car. Together. He went over all this in his mind, feeling a little warm. He looked at the other. "Well you must be psychic." He said, opening his door and stepping out so that nothing could occour. He was pretty sure he was still blushing a little.

Getting out, he felt the faint breeze pass him by. Morgan could not help but have to put a hand up to shield the lantern's rather bright lights. He glanced to the other side of the car, staring at the older man. "I don't think I'm psychic. Maybe just a lucky guess..?"

Sattienne nodded. "Well then, should I let you go play on teh swings and pretend to be a parent?" He asked, laughing softly.

Morgan laughed at this comment. He moved around the vehicle and grabbed Sattienne's hand. "Why not come and play with me?" He asked, leading him to the swings anyways.

Sattienne squeezed the other's hand lovingly. "Sure, why not." He said, huffing as he walked with the other.

"You're pouting slightly." Morgan noted, laughing, "It's cute." He did not think his words would be considered inappropriate. Friends could call each other cute if they wanted, right? At the swings, he got on one, motioning for Sattienne to get on the other.

Sattienne sat in his assigned swing. "Yes well you're cuter than me so shush." He said, beginning to swing in the hanging seat. "These things have always preplexed me."

He blushed faintly. "If you say so. Although, it is not true." Morgan kicked off, beginning to also gain propulsion and speed. It had been some years since he last swung happily.

Sattienne laughed and met his swinging speed. "I have to admit, as childish as this is, it is freeing." He said, hoping his long multi-colored hair would not be too badly tangled.

"It is! I always wanted to keep going and hope to fly. That's what I used to dream about... and still, I occassionally do." Morgan admitted, throwing his head back and closing his eyes for a moment before continuing to swing again. "Where are you from, Sattienne?" he asked.

Sattienne let the swing go slower, thinking. "The outskirts of France...bordering Italy." He said, smiling. "What of you?"

He had gotten pretty high already, and did not feel like wasting energy slowing down. Besides, his shoes would have gotten dirtier than what they were now. Leaping off of the swing, he landed gracefully, until he lost balance. Morgan landed on his rearend. He answered his teacher. "I was born and raised here."

Sattienne stopped his swing, almost afraid as the other jumped. When he saw how he landed he errupted into musical laughter. "I see! It explains much!" He said, getting off the swing and holding his hand for the boy to aid himself in standing.

The laughter was indeed enchanting and musical to his ears. Taking the offered hand, he pulled himself up and attempted to brush his backside off in the process. However, he stepped forward slightly and leaned into Sattienne a bit too much. "Ahh... sorry... I have horrible balance.." He muttered.

Sattienne looked down at the other knowingly. "It's fine." He said, steadying him. "You came from sitting on the ground, balance takes a while to catch up." He added, not having let the other go yet.

Morgan glanced up at the taller figure, realizing he was being held. "You have such pretty eyes," He commented, studying them. "Different shades of blue are trapped within them." Such simple things he always noticed and commented on.

Sattienne found himself blushing a little and looking into the other's eyes. "And you as well." He said, smiling softly. "This.. is getting awkward, isn't it?"

"No. On the contrary, I am quite comfortable. What about you?" Morgan asked, watching him curiously. His face is turning red. Ah, how cute! <3

Sattienne huffed, turning a little darker in his shading of red. "I am neither comfortable nor uncomfortable. But your giving me this strange look.. and I am not sure what to think or do about it."

"I am just looking at you." Morgan replied, leaning towards him, but then pulled away. "Any longer, and I would have kissed you. I was tempted to do it..." He smiled then, going back to the swings and sitting on one.

Sattienne blinked, wondering why the other hadn't. "Why didn't you?" He asked, before realizing it was his own fault. "Oh yeah.." he said, suddenly feeling just how alone he was stab through his heart. He sighed and looked out over the water of the ocean that was near the park. He walked to the water's edge and looked out over the moon-highlighted sea, feeling more alone than ever.

Morgan was making sure he heard correctly and took a moment before he got up from the swings. He moved to go behind Sattienne and wrapped his arms around his waist loosely. However, feeling that a tad uncomfortable -- he could not see -- Morgan stood in front of beloved. "After those words, I don't think I can resist temptation anymore." Without another word, he leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss on Sattienne's mouth. He lingered for a second or two before pulling away a little, waiting for a reaction, his own face slightly red.

Sattienne blushed slightly and closed his eyes, trying to gain his courage. "I am going to pretend that did not happen. We can be nothing more than friends. I don't want to hurt you like I have others. I wont turn you ever. You have to be able to live with that. I couldn't watch something as pretty as you grow old." He said, cupping the other's cheek. "Perhaps your the type that would be satisfied with merely a kiss? Should I return it and then maybe you would forget about your liking for me?"

"I've fallen for others before... once or twice when I was younger. I feel different about you... My feelings will probably never go away..." Morgan admitted, "But, yes, I am the type satisfied by a mere kiss. I am satisfied that I get your friendship."

"Then I will kiss you one time. But you must realize that it can never happen again, understood?" He asked, looking seriously to the other.

"I understand..." He said, a bit of sadness etched into his voice but he hid this by smiling. "You will still allow this friendship, right?" Morgan asked.

Sattienne nodded. "Yes, but only as friends." He said, tilting the boy's face to his and kissing his lips soft.

Fingers gripped the material of Sattienne's sleeves for a moment as the kiss was planted. Morgan's grip on the material faltered and he smiled again. "If you do ever need someone to be around, just call me. Alright?"

Sattienne nodded though his lips tingled. "So, where should I take you now?" He asked, not having pulled away from the other. He liked having kissed the other. The other's lips were soft and pliant. Such a thing he hadn't felt in so long he almost found himself moving down to kiss the boy again.

Morgan went to reply, but thought of that kiss. He found himself wanting another, but had said that he would be satisfied with just one. And he always kept his word, no matter how much he wanted to break it. "I... how about a walk? I just really don't want to go home yet..."

Sattienne nodded with a smile, wrapping an arm around the boy's waist, leading him in no particular direction. "So what do you want to be in life?"

He shrugged lightly. "I'm not sure. Actually, I have not really given it much thought. I guess something with my hands... I like to create..." Morgan's gaze drifted to the trees, enjoying the view they made of the sky.

"An artist .. or a sculptor?" Sattienne asked, happy that the other was answering his questions. He wanted suddenly to just hold the boy, but he knew to keep it on a friend's only level that wouldn't be an option.

"From there, I really do not know." Morgan leaned against the other's form, letting head rest on the shoulder. "What about you? Why be a teacher for brats my age?"

"I like teaching brats your age. Your lot prove to always be a challange. It proves to make me more excited about everyday life."

"I see." He laughed, smiling as he did so. "I am glad that you are a teacher though. Seriously. I have always looked foreward to your lectures and classes. They don't prove to bore me unlike math and science. History isn't so bad, but not as great as English."

Sattienne grinned. "i didn't know anyone even listened when I was up there." He said, smiling more. "I always thought that you all fell asleep."

"Yes, well, that's them. And this is me. I am very different from the average 17-year-old." He paused, "At least, I have always been told." Morgan felt himself blush faintly again as he realized he'd completely begun to lean on Sattienne... to the point that if the man moved, he might just fall.

Sattienne chuckled his musical laugh. "Yes well you are different, most of the other boys don't have crushes on their teachers." He said in retort. He too was aware of how close they were but he didn't mind it so much as he should have. He just continued to hold the other close and walk with him.

Morgan closed his eyes for a moment, loving that laughter of his 'crush'. Tilting his head, he couldn't help but smile. "Yes, I suppose that is true. And, yes, that's another reason why I started loving your class... you were there.."

Sattienne smiled at the other's remark. "Well you most certainly know how to give compliments, don't you?" he asked, kissing the other's cheek.

"Do I?" He asked sheepishly, smiling because of the question and kiss. Morgan's other hand sought out Sattienne's, and he brought it up to where he could kiss it tenderly on the palm. "I've always wanted to do that... such a simple act that can show how much someone means to another... Don't you agree?"

Sattienne laughed. "Ah my student you are a strange one, but a very open and pure one." He said, kissing him gently.

Without a word, Morgan leaned up and returned that kiss again. His hand still held onto Sattienne's. Of course, he had no intention of letting that pale hand go. It was comforting.

Sattienne wasn't sure why he had kissed the other again. Should he let himself be led into a strange world of technically forbidden love for the younger boy? Would he allow himself that happiness? He decided he would have to think about it as he made to deepen their kiss, hoping to give the boy the best kiss he had ever had, running his tongue along his bottom lip in a question for deepening the intimate action.

Taken aback by the other's tongue tracing along his lower lip. Complying, lips parted slightly as a way to say yes to the question wordlessly asked. Morgan knew what it meant for Sattienne to be what he was. And, he did not mind. All he wanted was a chance to be with the one he had come to fall in love with. The chance to get to know Sattienne beyond the teacher image he has come to know.

Sattienne kissed him as well as he knew how, tongue exploring the other's mouth in a loving almost lusted way. He drew the boy up closer to him before he broke the kiss. "I suppose I can try this for a while... maybe we will make a good pair." He said softly, unbelieving at his own words.

Face flushed slightly from the fact his heart was beating faster than it normally did, Morgan drew in oxygen after the kiss was broken. Arms slipped around the older man's shoulders, as he listened in quiet amazement. "Really?" He asked, trying not to sound too disbelieving and excited. The boy could not speak to save his life in that moment. No matter how much he wanted to tell Sattienne how happy he was, he couldn't. Instead, he kissed him on the nose and hugged him, hoping that would do it.

Sattienne nodded. "Yes, but as I said we need to test one another for this. I had my worries but they may be calmed if we can do this right. You make me.. happy. And that alone is such a large feat to accomplish." He said, kissing his forhead. "Now come, where should we go next?"

Letting him go, he was content to be near him once again. "I understand. And I am glad that I make you happy.... that's the only thing I have ever wanted was to make you happy." He trailed off, realizing if he didn't stop, he would start rambling. Morgan often did such a thing in certain situations like these. "Hmm... I really do not know. Perhaps, it would be wise if I were to go home now..? No matter how much I do not want to go there..."

Sattienne's gaze turned slightly sad. "I do not want you to go where you do not wish to go." He said, sighing and hugging him tighter. "Promise me to call me if things get out of hand? I will fetch you immediately."

Leaning into the tight embrace, Morgan nodded, smiling slightly. "I will. Or, I just might call you because I want to talk to you. I enjoy our conversations very much." He admitted, blushing faintly. No matter what, he felt that his turning faintly red would never cease.

Sattienne nodded. "Alright. Let me get you home then." He said, kissing his cheek and leading him to the car by hand.

Letting himself be lead back up the trail they'd come, Morgan watched the man again. He really did love the Immortal's hair's colors and the length. It looked as though it was too pretty, that if you'd touch it, it would shatter. But, at the same time, it looked very soft.

Sattienne gave the boy a charming smile. "So, what are you planning to do when you are long last home?" He asked, holding the other close as they walked. At that moment he was very happy to have his student lover.

Morgan snuggled against the man's shoulder and put his arm tightly around his now 'lover'. The teen thought about it and his smile faded. "I'm not sure. Most likely sleep... mum's boyfriend John will be there, I am sure of. He's been mooching off of her and she's too idiotic to realize it."

"Well if you have any trouble just call me and I will come get you." Sattienne said, kissing his cheek as they got in the car. He began to drive to the boy's house.

"I will." Getting into the car, Morgan nodded. "I promise," he replied, glad that he had gotten to spend this time with Sattienne. And now they were together. He already loathed when he saw his house in his view.

Sattienne sighed as he pulled into the other's driveway. He offered him a kind smile. "See you tomorrow." He said, kissing his lips.

Morgan leaned foreward into the kiss, tongue tracing lightly along opposite's lower lip in permission. He was not very nervous now, but he still didn't want to falter and end up hurting either one of them.

Sattienne allowed the boy his permission, opening his mouth to him, slipping his hands to cup his face as the other made to do so.

Leaning forward more, left hand moved to rest on the console, steadying him as he deepened the kiss. Tongue explored the cavern that was Sattienne's mouth, encoding to memory as he did all things. His right hand laid on the man's shoulder, gripping gently.

Sattienne was very pleased with the reciprocation and kissed him as the boy wished to be kissed. He slid one of his arms around the boy's wasit, pulling him against himself.

Nipping innocently on Sattienne's lower lip, Morgan's eyes had closed, but now partially opened. His grip tightened on the shoulder, dull nails embedding somewhat into material and flesh beneath. He did not protest when he was pulled closer, soon finding himself nearly out of his seat.

Sattienne didn't know if he could aford to lose himself in the other. He decided to not pull away just yet, busying himself with trailing kisses to the other's neck.

Shivers raced down spinal as his neck was kissed fondly. Morgan wasn't sure if it was Sattienne's lips or just the fact this was a missed sensation that made him shiver the way he did. Either way, he hoped it was Sattienne's touches that did it.

Sattienne nibbled the other's neck gently before he placed his hand on the side of the other's face. He smiled. "Hmm, we should be careful with you and your inexperience."

Face flushed slightly red, he nodded. "I suppose, but, I am a little experienced. I mean, I am not a virgin. It's just been a little while since I have had a relationship that went to that level." Morgan tilted his head into Sattienne's touch, eyes closed half-way again. "What about you, Sattienne? Just how experienced are you?"

"Experienced enough to give you all the pleasure you will ever need." He said huskily, kissing his lips.

The way that answer was said made the teen groan absent-mindedly. This sound was muted when his lips were invaded again. Morgan moved to where he was now sitting on his teacher's lap, straddling him in a way.

Sattienne moved the seat back so that his lover's back was not against the steering wheel. He kissed him harder, feeling the foreign, but far from unfamiliar feelings of arousal as he let himself go slightly, his hands drifting down his student's back.

Morgan relaxed as he was more comfortable now without having a hard round object pushing into his lower back which previously made him arch a little. His right hand moved up the shoulder, to neck, trailing to the collar of the black garments. When the hands fluttered down his back, he did arch again.

Sattienne groaned, suckling on the other's neck as he let his hands slide down further, groping the other's behind. He gave an appreciative moan as he gripped, liking the firmness of the other.

He gasped when he was groped, mostly because he wasn't expecting it. Morgan's head tilted to the side to permit better accessibility to his neck, eyelids closing. Left hand now slid past the jacket, seeking out sides in which to carress. His other hand continued to sneak past the layers of clothing to get to the neck beneath.

Sattienne remembered himself suddenly, kissing the boy chastely. "Sorry darling, but aren't we moving a bit fast?" He asked, his eyes glazed over in lust. "I do want you, you know I do, but is this wise?"

Morgan groaned at the loss of contact. "Perhaps, it is. But, even then, I still do want you just as bad. It won't go against my own personal morals. I love you and that's what matters to me most when becoming another's lover."

"Yes, but it is terribly early in the relation for this. And, we are in your parent's driveway. When we do this with one another I would like for it to be in a place of your choosing. Somewhere special to us both. I would like to be better prepared." He said, kissing the teen's cheek.

"Alright." Morgan said, "It was a good thing you stopped us a bit early on. I wouldn't be able to have contained myself if it had lasted a few more minutes." He hugged Sattienne then, kissing his nose cutely.

Sattienne smiled. "I want us to go out at least a month before we do anything farther than what we have." He said, smiling and kissing him. "Now run along and call me later if you want."

"I understand." Morgan smiled, too, moving to open the driver's door instead of climbing to the passenger seat to get out that way. Getting out, he stretched and leaned back down. "I had fun with you tonight. Goodnight."

Sattienne planted a kiss on his lips and lightly swatted his rear. "Goodnight dear." He said, smiling sadly as though he was alone now that the other was leaving.

Morgan squeaked in response to the hand lightly tapping him. "I'll call you later, most definitely. And then I shall sleep and will look foreward to the next class because I will get to see you." He grinned, kissing Sattienne once more before going towards his house's front door. "I love you!"

Sattienne grinned. "I love you too!" He shouted before he could stop himself. He pulled out of the driveway, blushing at his words. Did he love the boy? Not so soon. But why had he then said it? Maybe he was in love with the boy already and didn't know it.. yes that must have been it.

Morgan halted as he heard those three words. Eyes widened slightly, he was not sure if he just imagined it or if it really had been said. The boy hoped he did not imagine it and so blew a kiss to the man in response. Before turning back on his heel and going to the front door, opening it again. Screams already entered his hearing.

His mother was arguing with her boyfriend, Thomas. They were beginning to throw things and in the blow of it, Thomas saw that he could get out of trouble by pointing out how late her son was getting home.

"About damn time you get home, Morgan. It's already nearly three AM."

Morgan's eyes fell to a hateful glare when his mother whirled on him. All of her previous anger had been refocused. "Where the hell have you been?!"

He didn't answer her question. "It's none of your damn business!" Little did he realize that their arguing could be heard since he was still at the door. "You don't tell me what you're doing half the fucking time, so why should I tell you what I have been doing?!"

Sattienne heard this since he hadn't quite pulled away yet. He stopped his car, abruptly pulling into the driveway before he got out, walking up to the door, standing there. "This again?" He sighed. This was not at all a good thing for his lover to live in. He glared at the two supposed 'parents'. "Morgan...go wait in the car." He said softly and a little dangerously.

Morgan tilted his head at once when he saw Sattienne come up to the door. His mother and Thomas stopped what they were doing and stared at the long-tressed man with a hateful expression. The teen nodded, "Okay." Going to leave, his hand was grabbed his mother who wrenched him towards her. "You're not going anywhere," She hissed, mostly towards Sattienne though. "I gave birth to him and I have control of him until his eighteenth birthday. Who do you think you are just taking him?" Thomas was quiet.

"You have lost sight that he is your child. He is not property. This is no life for him to live. Are you so unhappy that you would do this to him? Don't you understand that if you let him come with me I can let him grow and be happy. This is no way to raise a child. Always fighting.. and even at times placing your hands on him." At that last sentence he placed his glare at the boyfriend. "You are ruining him, and yes technically you do own him until he is eighteen. But don't you understand that with every uncaring word he grows to hate you even more? That you are building resentment with him?" He asked, trying to get the two to see reason. "Now, please, release him and let him come with me."

Before either of the two could answer, Morgan removed his arm from the woman's grasp which actually had loosened. She seemed to have lost her anger and may have been on the verge of tears. Getting away from them, he spoke in a calm, but hateful manner. "You've changed ever since my father died five years ago. Self-centered whore is what you have become and I want nothing to do with you anymore. I'm done. And Thomas is only mooching off of you. He wants your money and that's all... I heard him say so..." Morgan looked up to Sattienne, taking his hand, "Can we go now? I feel sick suddenly."

Thomas growled, reaching foreward for the 18-year-old's collar and dragged him back by it. "Stupid brat..." He spat, grabbing his shoulder and pressing down. The man's hand was large compared to the teen's small shoulders. Morgan cried out in pain.

His mother did nothing... she left to her bedroom to cry and vent in private.

Sattienne slid his hand around the man's neck with no emotion on his face which made him seem all the more dangerous. "If you don't let him go, a small flick of my wrist will break this ungreatfull neck of yours. I suggest, if you want to live, to let him go." He said acidicly. He wasn't going to leave without the boy. He also wanted to go talk to the boy's mother. He had to have her see reason.

Thomas' eyes widened then as he felt something was off about this guy. Letting Morgan go, he said nothing. The danger that was eminating from Sattienne's form made the hair on his neck stand and suddenly become weak-kneed.

Morgan's hand drifted to his throbbing shoulder, glaring at Thomas before seeing the expression on his face. "Let's go now. I want to get out of here..." He reached for Sattienne's hand, squeezing it in a somewhat desperate manner. "His blood isn't worth seeing spill."

Sattienne looked at his young lover carefully. "Not yet, come with me." He said to the boy, leading him into the room where his mother resided. He at least wanted her permission. He sighed and sat next to her. "Will you give me permission to take him with me?" He asked, brushing the woman's hair from her face. Such a sad existence. "I can make things so much better for him. And you need to work on rebuilding your life without him for a while. I promise he can visit. I know you love him as your son."

Morgan grumbled in protest, but made no opposition to stop himself from being lead to his mother's room. When he saw her, his face fell. She seemed so pathetic and delicate. Her age was now apparent to him. He waited somewhat patiently whilst the two conversed.

His mother replied rather harshly to Sattienne's words. "You can take him. He is almost eighteen... he can do whatever he wants. He has always taken care of himself. My life died with Morgan's father. He reminds me of him and acts just like him..." Her eyes closed tightly. "I hate you Morgan. You remind me of him and I can't stand it..."

"You don't hate him." Sattienne replied softly. "You are just didn't want him to leave you too. But you brought this on yourself. You could do so much. Try to get a gather on things. Get a regular job. Find someone who loves you. You are not so old as to not find love again. I protect him, and when he is all grown up I will bring him back to you so that you may see I was right. Things will work out. I suggest you get rid of that man in the other room." He said, kissing the woman's cheek before he walked to Morgan. "You need to get some clothing.. and say goodbye to her." He said, smiling softly at the young boy.

Watching the woman, he could not help but smile faintly when he saw her lips twitch into a half one of her own. It was the first time in a long time she had made such a nice gesture towards him. Sattienne was right. Getting on his knees, he looked up at her. "I love you, Mother, but I do not like you right now. I do not know how long it will take for me to forgive your treatment of me these past years, but it will happen one day... I hope. Follow Sattienne's advice. Get rid of Thomas and make something out of this pathetic existence you've come to know. Good-bye." Leaning foreward he kissed her forehead and got up, not wanting to hear her replies. He moved out of the room to his and ended up grabbing an already packed bag. Morgan had planned on eventually getting out, and had made his bag just in case such a situation as this arose. "Ready..."

Sattienne nodded and lead the other toward the door. He stopped by Thomas. "You need to leave here. If you don't I will kill you." He said softly, leaving the house with Morgan in tow. "I knew I should have just taken you home." He said with a sigh. He grabbed the other's bag and placed it in the trunk before opening the door for the other to get in. "I say we go home and get some sleep." He smiled and kissed the other's cheek.

Thomas said nothing when the two walked by.

Morgan let out a heavy sigh when they were outside and the door was closed. "It would have occurred anyways. The arguing and yelling. So, it really didn't matter what time I got home." He was glad to be out of there, but under these circumstances, he never expected it to be so. Before getting back into the vehicle, he put his arms around Sattienne in a fond embrace. "But, thank you for not driving away so soon. If you hadn't shown up, I may have gotten hurt worse than I did before." He winced, pulling one arm and folding it against his chest. The shoulder hurt now.

Sattienne nodded knowingly, placing a loving hand on his leg and squeezing gently. "I hope you don't mind staying at my home..." He said as they pulled out of the driveway. "I wouldn't have you anywhere else."

"I am honored to be staying at your home." Morgan's hand drifted to rest atop the other's. He glanced out the window, taking one final glance at his childhood house. I'm very glad to be getting away from her finally...

After minutes of driving Sattienne pulled into a long patch of woods, a driveway covered on both sides by trees led the way to a large manor. He smiled gently. He was very glad to have the home for the other. He continued until he could park his car under the special port he had built for it and smiled. "We're here." He said, getting out and grabbing the other's luggage from the trunk.

Morgan's eyes widened at the sight of the large manor and the decor of the lawn itself. "Ah... so pretty!" He got out, still wide-eyed. It was the landscape that really drew his attention. The woods and nature always appealed to him the most. "And you live here by yourself?" he asked, going to Sattienne and taking his bag and slinging it over his shoulder.

Sattienne chuckled. "Yes, all alone. Not anymore of course, you will brighten it up alot." He said, kissing the boy's cheek and leading him in. He had to put a code through the front door and it opened, showing them into a brilliant hallway decorated in maroon and silver which lead into a large room with stone tiles and furniture in no particular place. There were several other hallways, the house's colors seemed to alternate from rooms in Red and silver to rooms in Green and silver.

The colors and decore just dazzled him as soon as they entered the manor. Morgan could not help but cling to Sattienne's arm. "This place is amazing.... that's the only word to describe it." He said giddily, grinning from ear to ear. Leaning forewards, he kissed the older man hard on the lips before pulling away slightly. "Thank you for letting me stay here.."

Sattienne nodded, kissing him back. "So, pick a room.." He said, moving to light a few random lights.

"I can't decide..." He said, glancing around. Morgan really did not want to be too far away from Sattienne's chambers. "Where are you usually at?"

Sattienne showed the other his room. "Right here. There is one across the hall and one right next to it. The one next to it connects to mine."

"Would it be okay if I took the one connected to your room? I'm kind of a sleepwalker... and I tend to like to wander outside. I fell down a tree because I climbed out of my bedroom window and tried climbing down... it happened when I twelve."

Sattienne chuckled warmly and nodded, leading him through the door that connected their rooms. "Here you are." He said,The room in Green , Silver and Blue. He sat on the bed. "There is the closet, connecting bathroom and a dresser. Use anything you need."

Setting his bag down, he moved to remove his uniform jacket. Smiling faintly, he slid the garment off and put it on a chair's back. His undershirt had been a simple cotton tanktop. "You really are too good to be true... you know that?" Morgan asked, removing shoes and going to sit beside the other on the bed.

Sattienne chuckled. "I see... well I hope I can stay like that for you." He said, smiling. "Come, let us put these up and then we can get you to bed."

"I think you will..." Morgan pounced atop the man, pinning him down to the bed by straddling his hips. "It's not that late... is it?"

Sattienne chuckled and nodded. "I'm afraid it is dear. I can't stay up so late. But, you seem to be resisting my sleeping."

"Awe." He sat back, crossing his arms in a small pouting manner. "Maybe, I could go to sleep... since it is a bit late... er rather.. early." Morgan shrugged lightly, leaning back down and kissing Sattienne's lips.

Sattienne grinned and kissed him back. "If you want me to work properly tomorrow eve.." He stated. "I should sleep now."

"Yes, I can't keep you from teaching me and the other students. But, they are not lucky. They don't have you... and, you know, the girls really are crazy about you in my class." Morgan laughed, lying down to the side and propping up on his elbow.

Sattienne gave a laugh. "Yes well, that's their problem, isn't it? I'm gay, and I already have a student lover, so I am off limits." He said, sitting up and removing himself from the bed. He leant down and kissed the other's lips. "Goodnight love. Sleep well."

"Goodnight." Morgan replied, sitting up slightly and hugging the English teacher again before releasing him and crawling to go to the headboard of the bed. He stiffled a yawn, sitting on legs and removing his shirt.

Sattienne smiled and went to his room, gently shutting the door that connected their rooms as he stripped his shirt and pants, putting on pajama pants instead, he laid his shoes at the foot of his bed before pulling the coverings back. He was glad that the next day was a weekend. Then he could spend some quality time with the boy that had quickly enamored him.

Climbing under the blankets, he snuggled down into the quite comfortable bed. Within moments, however, he was drifting off to a dreamless sleep. It was a deeper one than usual, since he was always on his guard at home.

Sattienne wondered why he simply didn't let the boy sleep in his bed with him. He figured it was maybe too soon. With that in mind he calmed his thoughts, slipping into dreamless sleep.

The day passed Morgan by who woke up just after the skyline broke into shades of orange, yellow and red. "Nnn..?" Sitting up, he stretched out, caught off guard by not recognizing his surroundings until he remembered what had happened. He laid back down, the covers resting just on hips.

Sattienne slept still, not about to waken until every ounce of possible light was gone from the sky.

He laid there with his eyes open, in the darkened room. Finally, unable to stand it, he removed himself from the comfort of the bed and dashed to the bathroom. His bladder was pulsing to the point it was beginning to hurt.

Sattienne only gave the smallest signs that he was even aware and alive. He merely turned over and yawned, falling back into his sleep.

Relieved, he washed his hands and dried them on the random towel hanging on the wall. Stiffling another yawn, he left the bathroom, back to his room. Seeing the doorway that connected their bedrooms, he wandered to it, lightly knocking on it. "Sattienne?" he asked quietly, not wanting to make his teacher angry by waking him. "Are you awake?"

Sattienne opened one eye, he was clearly still asleep but spoke anyhow. "I'm not here, leave a message.."

Morgan blinked in confusion and spoke again. "What? I'm confused. May I come in then? You answered me... so that means you are awake..?"

Sattienne subconciously moved over. "Sure..just..turn off the light."

"Okay." Turning the lights out, Morgan opened the door and quietly slipped inside. Managing to find his way to Sattienne's bed, he crawled onto it and laid right beside the sleeping man.

Sattienne snuggled against him. "S'the weekend.." He mumbled, still asleep.

Morgan smiled, trailing a hand along the mumbling teacher's face. "I know. And, it's also nearly time to get up.."

"You should go get breakfast.." He mumbled more, not even sure if he was making sense, but not caring either.

Somehow able to understand the mumblings, Morgan leaned down and kissed Sattienne on the nose. "I'm not hungry right now."

Sattienne woke up a little as the sun was finally down. He pushed himself to sit up and stretched, "Ah, that blasted star went away." He blinked. "When did you come in here?"

Morgan was confused again. "You said I could come in... so long as I turned off the lights. And then you said I should go get breakfast, but I am not hungry..."

Sattienne raised an eyebrow. "Ah, I must have talked without realizing it." He smiled and kissed the other's forhead. "So, what should we do now that we have the day to ourselfs?"

He laughed sleepily. Arms stretched out and then rested atop his head. "Hmm.. I'm not sure. You decide this time. I decided where we went yesterday..."

"Yes.. well.. we could just get you accustomed to being in my home." He said,smiling and holding him close.

"A lovely suggestion," Morgan grinned, arms slipping about Sattienne's neck to pull him down for another kiss.

Sattienne laughed before falling to the boy's kiss. "Hmn, well then, let me show you around. You will love the baths." He said, getting up, wrapping his robe around his frame.

Getting up, he did not have that hard of a time seeing in the dark. Although, he didn't want the lights to be turned on so suddenly. It would probably give him a headache. "Mmm... a bath sounds nice."

Sattienne yawned and turned the lights on a somewhat dim setting. "Yes, well let me show you them." He led the other out of the room and down the hall to a closed set of mahogany doors in which he pushed open with ease, yet again turning on lights. These he turned on fully, the lighted room magnificent in its size and mrable all around it. In the center of the room was a large stone basin, already filled with bubbling warm water.

Morgan shielded his eyes out of fear of the blinding light, but was surprised when it was only put on the dim setting. Following Sattienne out of the room, he put folded his hands behind his head. When he saw the bathroom, his eyes widened and jaw dropped. "Whoa."

Sattienne gave a soft chuckle. "You like it?" He asked in a whisper.

The boy could only nod in response. He glanced towards Sattienne before going towards the stone basin which he assumed was the tub. Letting hand glide through the water, he shivered from the warmth of it. "Can we bathe right now?"

"If you wish." He said, chuckling, going to a seperate room, grabbing them a couple of robes and towels. "Go ahead and get in." He said, slipping out of his own robe.

"YAY!" He squealed happily, setting to the removal of the rest of his apparel. Although, just after he undid the latch on his jeans, he glanced towards Sattienne, sudden shyness taking hold of him.

Sattienne chuckled to himself, stripping completely and stepping into the water. "Well now, this should be relaxing.." He said, motioning the other to come in.

Morgan got over the shyness enough to where he finished undressing and got into the basin-tub. The water engulfed his body, sending multiple shivers down his spine. "Ahh.."

Sattienne twitched at the sounds his young student made. "Nice?" He asked, pulling his long hair free of its tie.

The teen could only nod, watching as his teacher removed the tie from binding his hair. Moving towards him, Morgan smiled.

Sattienne ran his fingers through his white, red and gold hair, letting it dip into the water. He smiled. "I forget to have it down once in a while." He looked over to him with a smile. "On Monday, after school, I want to take you to see your mother again."

Morgan's smile faded as he sank down into the bubbling h2o. "Must I? I really don't want to see her right now..." He closed the rest of the small distance between he and Sattienne, slipping arms around the man's waist loosely. "I don't want to." He pouted.

Sattienne looked sternly at him, the affect failed as a piece of his hair fell comically in front of his eyes and he had to flip it back, a somewhat girlish gesture. "Yes."

At this gesture, he could not help but laugh, destroying what effects Sattienne's words had on him. "I don't want to." He said again, more serious this time, although he could not help but smile big. "I will not see her so soon... it would only be two days. She wouldn't change in such a short amount of time.."

Sattienne raised an eyebrow. "Teenagers.." he muttered. "Fine, but next Monday then." He said, wetting his hair again to hold down the stray piece.

"Fine..." Morgan leaned over and kissed the man's lips quickly. A simple peck, nothing more.

Sattienne chuckled and kissed him back. "So, now that that is settled, what would you like when supper time rolls around for you?"

Ah, if only you knew... Morgan thought, a smile tugging at the corners of lips. Pulling himself closer to Sattienne, he shrugged lightly. "I am not sure..."

Sattienne began chewing on his lower lip when Morgan pressed against him. "Pizza? That soda stuff you kids drink?" He asked, trying to ignore how close they were.

"Pizza would be just fine." Morgan's arms then slipped around Sattienne's neck and shoulders. Face moved closer to the teacher's, watching him with half-lidded eyes. "Why are you biting on your lower lip?" he asked, bringing right hand close to his chest and using forefinger to trace along Sattienne's lip in a light manner. "Hm?"

Sattienned flicked his tongue out, drawing the finger into his mouth, giving it a gentle nip. "Because. Your affecting me a little much." He replied, looking into the other's eyes. He felt himself start to harden slightly.

"I'm just cuddling," He began, lightly moaning when his finger was taken into opposite's mouth and nipped. The sensation made him twitch in delight. Morgan shifted, pressing against Sattienne without realizing it.

"Cuddling, standing and pressed against me?" He asked, laughing very softly. He placed his hands on the other's hips. "As it is we are naked.."

"Ah.." Morgan felt the hands on his hips, making him quiver again... ever so slightly. "So we are...." Closing the distance between their lips once more, he pressed a kiss to opposite's.

Sattienne kissed the other back, trying to not let himself give over to the lust that was created in him at the contact. It wouldn't be too long before he would want to grind into the other. "We should get out." He said, not trusting himself.

Morgan reluctantly pulled away, going under the water to soak his hair before resurfacing. Pushing soaked strands from vision, he nodded. "We can if you want."

Sattienne felt bad at the sudden. "I am sorry. I just.. don't think it wise to do much to one another so early on. What do you want to do?" He asked, watching the other through love filled eyes. And therefore began questioning himself again as to whether or not he truly loved the other.

"I don't want to go to that level if you do not wish for it. Through my actions, I want to show how much I do love you. I like being close to you... that's all." Morgan smiled sweetly.

Sattienne grinned. "Good boy." He stated, kissing him and hugged him. "Now, we can sit here and relax later, for now, let me show you the rest of my home and get you some food."

Returning the hug, Morgan nodded, moving to grab his towel that had been brought. "Just how big is your home anyways?" he asked.

Sattienne pondered this a moment. "Big enough." He stated, smiling at the other. "Probably too big." He smiled and led the other to their room again. "You may change if you wish." He said, grabbing a white button up and a pair of black dress pants for himself, as well as a pair of black socks.

Morgan could not help but laught. When the reentered the bedroom, he left to the door and opened it to get to his things. Turning on the light, he crossed the floor's length to his bag which sat in the chair. Pulling out simple jeans and a dark green sweater, and underapparel, he proceeded to dress. First, the robe was removed from his form.

Sattienne smiled as he was dressed. "Do you have everything, dear?"

Pulling on his jeans, he nodded faintly at Sattiene's question. "Yes, I have everything." Then reaching for his shirt, he pulled that on over his head, and fixing it to where it covered all of his abdomen.

Sattienne smiled. "Alright then, come along."

Nodding, Morgan put the clothes that accidentally had fallen out back into his bag and moved to follow the older man. "Where to first?"

"I was thinking to perhaps show you the gardens. Umn, and another thing, when we are at school... you can't..really be affectionate with me.." He said guiltily.

"It will be hard, but I will behave as I normally would. I give you my word." Morgan said, understanding completely. But, he really did want to see the gardens which the Immortal spoke of. "What are your gardens like? How many are there?"

Sattienne chuckled. "It is just one big garden, but it is rather huge. All sorts of flowers live in it. I just don't know which ones." He laughed softly. "But yes, dress and follow me."

Finished dressing, Morgan slipped on his shoes and followed after Sattienne. "Ah, I could figure out which ones if you'd like. I'm pretty good at that sort of thing." He suggested.

Sattienne nodded. "Certainly, but it is unlikely I will bother to remember them."

Morgan moved and took the older man's hand into his own in a light grip. "I see. But, nonetheless, I will do it. It poses a challenge and I do enjoy challenges." He grinned.

Sattienne smiled almost sadistically at the other. "Well...I see. The challange here tonight is me keeping my hands to myself." He opened the double glass doors to the outside where they were immediately surrounded by large trees, but it was still somehow all inside. And by them were rose bushes of different colors.

Morgan's face turned red at the comment, as he couldn't help but look at the rose bush, whose colors had exploded and caught his attention almost immediately. He loved the various shades of rose petals and he couldn't help but go over and stare at them, chest inhaling the scent. "You desire me that much?" he asked, refering to Sattienne's comment.

Sattienne nodded and looked at him. "Somtimes. Othertimes you are the unbearable teenager." He nodded and walked over to him, picking a rose and handing it to him. "Now, there are others.." He showed him the whole garden which was sort of like an inside park, bushes of bright flowers adorned the place happily, benches where one could sit at peace, a small creek even ran through it.

Morgan could not help but frown a little bit. "I'm not an unbearable teenager. I am a young adult, mind you," he retorted in a low childlike voice. Getting up, he moved and continued to walk around, sniffing the flowers and even lightly touching the petals or leaves. They felt nice on the nevers of his fingerpads. He was always staying close to Sattienne's side though, not wanting to get lost because he knew that the possibility was likely for him.

Sattienne wondered if maybe he had angered the other. "I didn't mean anything by it.."

Glancing towards him for a moment, Morgan merely smiled lightly. "It's fine. I know you did not... I didn't mean to sound as if I was angry with you. I was just pointing out that I am not a child..."

Sattienne nodded his acceptance and sat on one of the benches in his little house-park. He smiled. He didn't know how he got himself into this mess, but it was a mess he seemed to be enjoying at the time.

Morgan took a seat beside the Immortal, watching him for a moment before leaning against the man's shoulder. "You don't realize what kind of impact you've made on my life..."

Sattienne stroked his cheek, turning into the other a little. "What kind of an impact have I made?" He asked, curious to see what the boy had to say.

"A great one." He replied. "A great one indeed. I am away from my mother, and I hope that she can return to whom she once was. The woman I remember as a child.. before my father's death. And you've made me very happy by giving me a chance..."

Sattienne smiled and kissed his lips. "And how could I deny you?" He asked in a soft whisper.

He marveled at the touch of opposite's soft lips pressed against his, no matter how cold the feel of Sattienne's skin was, he loved it. Morgan leaned towards him more, once again, watching with half-lidded eyes. "Is that a trick question?" he asked, laughing a little, "I am still nothing special. I am average... nothing more."

"Obviously you are special. I don't give into just anyone." He said soft, kissing his neck and his lips and back to his neck again, nibbling on the skin.

"Is that so?" he asked, giving in to the touches at once, lids falling shut as breathe caught lightly in the back of his throat in a sort of gasp. "I love your touches Sattienne..." he whispered under breathe.

Sattienne couldn't truly ignore the stirring in his groin as the other whispered this to him. He growled a little. "And I love giving them to you. It makes me quite pleased to hear you gasp and see you blush, all because of me. I find that I want you terribly, but how sad that we probably shouldn't do that yet."

"Not until the month is up. Yes?" Asked Morgan, a seductive smile tugging at his lips. He let his hands rest on Sattienne's shoulders. With the thumb of his left hand, he ran it down beloved's jawline in a feather-light manner. "I love you."

Sattienne's mind thought of so many things to do to his lover as he saw the smile. He chuckled with a sort of lustful and almost dark sound to it. "You had better hope I can keep waiting." He kissed the thumb that stroked his jaw, flicking his tongue out sensually along the skin. His eyes widened as he heard the words, but they only widened a moment before he smiled a little. "I love you too."

"You are the one who wished to wait." Morgan teased, shivering at the touches bestowed on his thumb. "I... hope that I can wait. You're so tempting and all I want is to be yours now..." The last part of his sentence went to a low voice, to that of just above a whisper.

Sattienne kissed the other's lips, wondering how far he could torture them both. The kiss was already so fiery. How much worse could things get?

He returned the kiss with equal vigor, moving once more to straddle the older man's lap. Morgan's arms snaked around opposite's shoulders and pulled him closer to the other's body.

Sattienne didn't plan on letting the other go any time soon. He slipped his arms about him as well, sliding them under the other's shirt and holding him close as his kiss deepened, ocassionaly pulling away to nibble at his lips or neck.

Morgan gasped against Sattienne's lips, arching lightly as hands found their way under his shirt. He let his dull nails press down in the flesh and shirt his lover was wearing. The shifting of kissing to taking a second's break, his face was flushed. His heart was beating rapidly as his desires surfaced more and more, dictating his actions.

Sattienne found himself biting on the other's neck a little harder than he should have. He hadn't yet fed for the night, but he would have to control the urge to bite into him. He slowly slid a hand to the boy's pants, undoing them with ease, kissing him hard to keep him distracted.

Morgan was distracted by the intimacy of their kiss. Hips bucked somewhat as he could feel the fingers touch the skin of his navel, but didn't think about what Sattienne was doing.

Sattienne kissed the other's cheek. He shivered and found himself wanting to remove the boy's shirt. His neglect on his needing to feed made him quite more lusted than he normally would have been.

Morgan smiled faintly, face flushed as he looked at the other. "I know you wanted to wait, but, please... can we..?" Putting one hand on beloved's face, he let his fingers carress half of Sattienne's face, pushing hair out of the way. Leaning close again, he kissed the vampire's mouth briefly. "I want to be your lover."

Sattienne fought an mental battle hard. The boy's words were positively exciting. His skin tingled and he could litterally smell the boy's blood under his skin. "You're certain you want this?" he asked.

Morgan nodded. "Yes, I am quite positive." The last word rolled off his tongue, in response his hips pushed upwards against the other. His body did this of its own accord of course, but it was only following his unconscious desires.

Sattienne groaned and nodded. "A-alright. Yes. I want you." He said breathily, picking the boy up and carrying him to the bedroom, kissing his neck hungrily. "Gods I want you. I want your body, your love, your very life's essence."

Those very words were divine in their own right. Morgan still had never believed that he would be in this point of time. Living with the man, his teacher, in his house and was now in his arms. Eyes fluttered shut as a soft moan escaped his lips at the kissing on his sensitive neck. "You have me..."

Sattienne felt himself give in slowly to his other nature of the blood lusting creature he had always known himself to be "I...can't hold back." He said through a helpless sigh, not moving one more inch except to clear the boy's neck of the hair that clung to it, biting into him harshly. He gave forth a deep moan of satisfaction as he took his first large swallow of Morgan's blood.

Morgan gasped, grip on Sattienne's clothes tightening in his hands. "Ahh.." It was a bit painful at first, but it oddly felt pleasurable. There was no doubt that he could feel the pull at his heart as it sought to pump blood, but it also caused shivers to run down his spine. It was delicious feeling and he could only groan in response to all of this.

Sattienne shuddered and drank deeper, subconciously being sure nothing was in the way of their coupling. He wanted only skin between them and he made sure it was that way before he didn't prepare the other, laying him on the floor as he was about to take him.

He arched slightly, limbs tightening their grip around the older man's shoulders and neck. Morgan's breathing hitched more, as slow and quick breathes escaped him. It was all due to the sensitivity of his body, the knowledge of what was to come, and the pleasureous shivers that continued to trail down spinal.

Sattienne began to remove the other's clothing before he abruptly stopped. "I..I can't."

Confused and dazed, Morgan stared at up Sattienne with wide eyes. His arms fell from around the other's shoulders and stretched out above his head. "I don't understand why..."

"If I continue I will drink from you and then I will have to turn you..and I couldn't deal with that."

"It's thirsting for blood, correct?" Asked Morgan, watching him and moving to sit up a little. "Go and feed, then we can continue..." He kissed Sattienne's mouth softly, whispering sweetly, "Please."

Sattienne shook his head. "If I leave I wont want to continue." He sighed. "Guard your neck from me" He said huskily as he climbed back atop of the other, stripping him and himself completely.

He helped remove their garments. "Ah... I'll try my best." The reply halted after the last word, immediately pulling beloved close so he could claim those lips once again. Morgan could never tire of this action... kissing. It was something he had always enjoyed ever since his first.

Sattienne groaned and kissed the other back to the best of his ability with centuries of practice under his skill. He gave him no warning of preperation as he began to push inside him, sitting between his legs.

At the sudden intrusion of his body, Morgan groaned and nibbled on lover's lower lip. His body did arch up against the one dominating him, legs spreading more. It was obvious that he was very aroused as it was visible and every inch of flesh was sensitive to the warmest breathe of air.

Sattienne was almost undone as he pushed fully inside the other. He moaned and held the other tight to him, kissing his shoulder and nibbling his skin as he slowly pulled out to only move back in.

"AH!" Morgan let out a loud moan, throwing his head back as he clung to the Immortal with all of his mortal strength.

Sattienne was impassioned by the other's moan and he began thrusting slow but hard inside the other, careful to keep from biting him, kissing him heatedly instead.

Moans were muffled by the fierce kiss Sattienne had caught his mouth in. Hips rolled to create more friction and pleasure for the two of them, backthrusting to meet the thrusts made by the other. Dull nails dug hard into the ivory, cold skin of the shoulders he clung to.

Sattienne groaned heatedly more as he continued his strong thrusts into the other. He had so much lust and pent up need that he was already so close, but he refused to come before the other, refused to let a one day to be fledgling over power him in this. He bit the other's lip lightly.

Morgan was already so close, closer than what Sattienne most likely was. Arching again, the biting into his lip combined with Sattienne's groan made him shudder. Nails pressed into flesh and entire spine arched, the boy felt completion wash over him. Beloved's name escaped his throat in a gasp like moan.

Sattienne groaned and called out again, his thrusts short and hard and no longer rythmatic. He gave a harsh cry as he came with a violent shudder. "Morgan! my love!" He whispered in pleasure, letting his seed fill the other.

"Nnnng.." Morgan could make no sound at what he now felt. It sent him into a euphoric state and he could only cling, moan and shudder again and again. Chest heaving rhythmically each time as his body relaxed a bit.

Sattienne held the other tight to him, laying with him on the floor, running his fingers through his hair. "Would you forgive me if I left you a moment. I need to finish feeding." He said, not wanting to hurt his lover whom he was close to pouncing on.

Morgan nodded warily, kissing beloved's chest fondly. "I do not mind at all. You need to live as well... I understand that." He was a bit worn out, but his breathing remained a bit abnormal.

Sattienne kissed his lover again, leaving him swiftly.

Two hours had gone by and a smallish boy by the name of Valeri had arrived at Sattienne's home. He knocked on the door lightly. He missed his master and decided it was time to pay him a visit.

While his teacher had gone to quench his Thirst, Morgan had gotten up and outfitted himself in simple cotton pants. From the hallway floor, the garments previously discarded had been picked up and taken to their proper place. It just so happened that Morgan was nearby when he heard the faint knocking sound. "Who could that be?" he asked himself as he went to the front door. Opening it, he said, "Hello?"

Valeri looked at the other with a small glare. "Who are you?" He asked, stepping in. "Where's Sattienne? Master said he would always be here when I needed him.. why isn't he here. I can't feel his presence, but I know he must have left not so long ago..."

Taken aback by Valeri's glare, Morgan stepped back completely to let the guest in as he had no choice. Eyebrows knitted together in an annoyed fashion "I am Morgan, and I live here with Sattienne because he has allowed me to do so. I had issues at home..." He paused, not sure why he was giving an explanation. "Anyways, Sattienne went out hunting. He will be back soon. Now, I'll ask you, who are you, and why do you call my Sattienne as 'Master'?" For some reason, he felt a surge jealousy well up inside him. This boy, he felt, was a special companion to his beloved.

Valeri looked the other boy over before rolling his eyes and taking a seat. "I am Valeri. Valeri Miroledi. I was Sattienne's lover around three hundred years ago. We were seperated and then met up again and now I am here to talk to him because.. well I miss him. He is my master afterall. I should be allowed to talk to him. And just who are you?"

It wasn't three sentences into this description that Sattienne had come home. He walked in and immediately caught the sense of the other. "Valeri?" He looked around and looked at the boy on the couch. "Ah, so it is you. What brings you here?"

Valeri looked up and a brilliant smile came over his features. He ran to Sattienne and held him. "Sattienne! I missed you!"

Sattienne raised an eyebrow and returned the hug a little. "Valeri. I love you dearly as my child and ex lover, but you obviously have reasons outside of missing me."

Valeri's face showed a flutter of pain and he pulled away from Sattienne, looking at the ground. "Please Sattienne, let me stay with you for a little. The man I was with. He was killed by the council because he stole something and.. and.. I have no one.. I wont stay long!"

Sattienne looked down at him and gave into the one look he could never refuse from the other. He sighed and hugged the boy close, kissing atop of his head in a friendly way before nodding. "Alright. But. And I say this because I know how you are, do not be rude with my Morgan. You chased the last one I had off. You will not do the same with this." He said caressing his child's hair.

Valeri nodded with a soft glare at Morgan which Sattienne quickly chastised with a glare of his own. "Can I have the usual room then?"

Sattienne nodded and watched the other leave. He smiled weakly at Morgan and grabbed him into his arms, kissing him. "He didn't upset you at all I hope?"

"Valeri..." He only had gotten to repeating the boy's name before Sattienne walked in. Morgan then had stayed quiet during the exchange of words. When he heard Sattienne mention that this newcomer was his ex-lover, a hint of jealousy sparked within again. But, of course, when Sattienne pulled him in for a hug, it went away. "His arrogance is what annoyed me. I didn't even say anything, nothing more than a damned greeting and he glared at me." He was complaing, it was obvious. "But, I do envy him a little..."

Sattienne smiled. "He.. has always been a bit of a brat. But why do you envy him?" Sattienne asked, looking at his lover.

"He's known you longer. And, in that, I feel a bit of envy." Morgan smiled lightly, "He knows you, and I do not. But, I hope to one day know you as he does."

Sattienne raised an eyebrow. "I don't see how he knows me any better than you do. He has known me longer...but that shouldn't be any different."

"I mean... your history. I know your birthplace and the modern day you, but that's all." Morgan trailed off a little before continuing, "You know all about me."

"I promise you will know all in time." Sattienne said to his young lover. He kissed him on the lips. "Now, I am going to sit here and stare at the ceiling and then I am going to love on you more."

Morgan giggled, "Let's go to the bed first. But, I may just pounce on you." He took Sattienne's hand into his own and lead him away, from the front door, to Sattienne's bedchamber.

Sattienne chuckled. "Is that so?" He asked, smiling brightly. "By the way, don't forget your homework." He said, remembering they were teacher and student.

"Yes," he replied quickly. Morgan then made a face, remembering he still had to do the assignments from his classes. Since it was the weekend, he had one more day to do it. "I'll do it tomorrow night."

"Just don't forget." Sattienne said, hugging his lover to him. "So, where would you like to go again?" He asked, wondering to go to bed with him or do something else with his beloved.

Pressing a kiss to older man's neck, he then followed with a small lick before laughing mischeviously. "Bed?" he suggested.

Sattienne nodded and kissed him. "Alright.. I forget that teenaged mortal boys have an everlasting stamina." He said, carrying his lover bridal style to his room. When he opened the door and plopped his lover on his bed it was to almost drop him on top of Valeri.

Valeri looked up. "Oi! Master what are you doing?"

Sattienne growled. "I think I should be asking that of you. Pest. This is my room, my bed and my lover..your room is across the hall."

Valeri grinned and clung to morgan. "He's cute enough, let's have a threesom."

Sattienne narrowed his eyes. "Last century what part of 'we're through' did you not understand!?"

Morgan shrieked when he landed atop another body, immediately trying to get up, but was hugged and prevented from doing so. When he heard Valeri's words, his eyes narrowed. "Let go of me!"

Valeri sighed miserably and let go of the other. "I'm sorry. I am just lonely. I wasn't going to try anything I just need someone to sleep by." He looked to Morgan. "I wont do anything, I understand you and him are together." He said, sighing again. "Can I at least seep on the floor or something?"

Sattienne felt a twinge of pitty. "If Morgan is alright with it."

Morgan felt no pity for the creature, showing just how careless he could truly be. His concern mattered only for a few close friends and his beloved. Sitting up, he crossed his arms, slightly fuming. "It's not my place to make the decision. I don't care..."

Sattienne growled and pointed to the couch. "You can sleep on that couch." He said. The said couch was in a little study off the room.

Valeri huffed but nodded, nuzzling Morgan and hugging Sattienne before going out to the said couch, pouting.

Morgan then stretched back out on the bed, sighing quietly. Although, he was glad that they would have their privacy still. It would have ruined their plans. "I love you.."

Sattienne smiled and kissed his darling love. "I love you too." He nibbled his lower lip. "Is your mood ruined? I know.. my flegling is rather..clinging and demanding, but hopefully that didn't stray your thoughts from their ever lustful state?" Sattienne's tone was light and playful.

Shaking his head, the teen pulled lover close and refused to let go. "Of course not." He grinned.

Sattienne chuckled. "I love you, Morgan.." He whispered. "I don't know why I do, for I have only really just met you, but I do."

This made him smile. Those words he had always longed to hear. "Thank you... that means so much of you saying that to me..."

Sattienne nodded and kissed him. "Come, let us sleep. I am not so much in the mood for making love as I am for merely cuddling." He said, shutting his eyes.

"Alright." Morgan yawned then, turning over onto his side, facing away from Sattienne and curling up somewhat. He scooted close to the other, however, liking the feel of his body against his own. It made him feel safer.

Sattiene smiled and fell into sleep, being sure to put a protective arm about his loved one.


When Sattienne woke the next night it was to Valeri poking him in the forhead. "What?"

Valeri grinned. "Just wanted to say good morn."

Morgan had not moved at all, and only shifted to be more comfortable against his beloved who had already stirred.

But, then, the doorbell rang once again. Outside, a young man stood with dark hair and a fair complexion. Upon his face, few light brown freckles scattered about his cheeks and the bridge of his nose in a neat manner. His hair was nearly to mid-back and waved out slightly when it neared the bottoms. He had bangs hiding his forehead and it also framed his face nicely in layers. Merely clad in simple street clothes, the youth appeared to be no more than around Morgan's age. When in fact, he was a student and childhood friend of the odd boy. He went by the name of Kabul.

Sattienne opened the door in his loosely tied robe. "Can I help you?" He asked, an eyebrow raised and his multicolored hair sticking on end in several places. A large love bite from Morgan stained the side of his neck while several smaller nips could be seen across the part of his chest that was exposed.

Valeri let his master answer the door, taking the opportunity to crawl in bed besides Morgan and play with his hair. "Awe, no wonder master loves you.. your so.. cute."

Kabul blinked at the sight of his English teacher looking so disheveled. "Ah, sir? I came to see Morgan. I heard from his mother that he was living with you now."

Morgan woke at once, standing and stumbling out of the bed, dragging blankets with him. "Don't touch me..." he spat, annoyed by the fact he had been awoke and touched in such a blunt manner. He held the blankets to cover him in a girly fashion. Hair was a mess, love bites visible on throat, and collarbone area.

Sattienne smiled as recognition dawned on him. "Yes, he's here. Morgan love! You have someone here to see you!" He said, grinning sheepishly and letting his student inside.

Valeri pouted and ran to Sattiene. "Master, your lover's mean to me." He whined, huffing. He clung to the other and looked suddenly at Kaul. He blinked and moved from Sattienne, a small blush staining his cheeks. He walked up and looked the other in the eyes. "Are you one of me?" He asked, referring to vampirism.

Sattienne gasped and silenced his flegling by covering his mouth. "Be silent pest!"

Valeri squirmed and got away. "Awe you never know.." He hung his head and poutedly walked to the living room where he sat on the chair and turned on the tv, watching cartoons feeling dejected.

Morgan, at his beloved's words, let go of the blankets and left, still in his pants from the previous night. Yawning, he rubbed his eyes as he entered the living room and at the sight of his best friend, Kabul, he felt quite happy again, forgetting the fact he had been awoken by a person whom he wasn't very fond of. "KABUL!" <3

Kabul, laughing at his teacher's sheepishness and Valeri's words, waved everything off. "I'm not going to tell anyone, sir, I know how much Morgan loves you. He would talk about you constantly at lunch and the like." At the sight of Morgan, he could only smile again, waving a little. "I thought I'd come see how you were doing, Morgan--" He was cut off by his friend tackling him in an affectionate way of hugging.

Valeri flipped uncaringly through the channels. He was feeling very unloved. His master was ignoring him and the pretty Morgan was loving on another and then the other that was being loved on was ignoring him too. He sighed and decided to ignore them.

Sattienne chuckled. "Let him breath, Morgan." He said, closing the door. "Make yourself at home, if you would like a soda or something I would easily be able to acquire it for you."

Morgan got off of his friend at once, whom easily got back up on his feet. "Ah, don't worry about that, I'll get it for him!" He squeaked, leading Kabul off towards the kitchen. During the previous night, whilst Sattienne had gone off to feed, he had done some exploring to know just where the important rooms were at.

Kabul ended up glancing over his shoulder to Valeri, whom had made an impression on him. He could not help but smile faintly when he saw how childlike the lad was.

Valeri felt the other was watching him. He froze but pouted, turning to look at him, sticking his tongue out before turning his attention back to the tv.

Sattienne gave a chastizing glare to the young boy on the couch before smiling and taking a seat in the armchair opposite from Valeri. "Be nice."

Kabul didn't see the tongue stuck out at him because he was dragged off by the arm by his friend into the kitchen.

A few moments passed and both boys were out of the kitchen and joining the two Immortal in the living room, each with a soda in hand. Morgan took a seat beside his beloved by sitting on the arm of the chair itself, with Kabul seating himself on the couch, some ways off from Valeri, but still close enough.

Valeri grinned secretly, scooting over to the boy that sat next to him, holding out a bowl of candies Sattienne sat on the table. "Candy?" He asked, being sure to lean up against him completely.

Sattienne raised an eyebrow and growled. "Valeri, if he wanted candy I am sure he would get it himself. You don't have to get in his face."

Valeri growled and set the bowl down, but didn't scoot away. "I was just being nice. Unlike you guys."

Morgan's own brow twitched at Valeri's comment about him not being nice. He didn't care that Valeri was hitting on his friend. Going to say something, he stopped, crossing his arms and silently yelling at Valeri.

Kabul smiled a little at the offer, unphased by the closeness of the other. "I don't eat sweets, but, thank you for the offer." He spoke, then glanced towards Sattienne, "It's alright, sir. He's not bothering me."

Sattienne chuckled. "You would be the first he didn't annoy and or anger." He pulled Morgan into his lap from the arm of the chair.

Valeri grinned and decided to scoot back closer to Kabul, practically laying on him as he watched tv.

"Ah, well, that's just because I've put up with Morgan for all of these years." Kabul said, his smile turning to a playful smirk.

At being pulled, he squeaked in surprise. Morgan ignored his friend's comment and focused instead on their teacher. "Kabul is quite the opposite of me."

Sattienne smiled. "Yes.. and it seems that oppositeness of him is attracting the other." He whispered to Morgan as Valeri demanded to use Kabul's lap as a pillow.

Valeri hadn't cared if the other would see fault in his actions. He removed anything blocking him as he laid his head in the other's lap, watching tv from there. He much lked his new found lap bearer and nuzzled him.

"It seems so.." Morgan whispered back, leaning forwards and kissing his teacher's ear lightly. "I think Kabul is getting into Valeri as well.." Another giggle was released.

Kabul laughed again, but quietly, and could not help but shift weight so that both of them were comfortable. Glancing at the television, he attempted to pay attention to the show, but he watched Valeri out of the corner of his eye.

Sattienne smiled. "Well maybe they will be good for one another. "Kabul, are you hungry or anything? I am certain that we could all have lunch.."

Valeri felt a soft blush come to his cheeks as he thought about exactly what he could have for lunch.. and it involved the man he lay upon.

"Lunch sounds lovely, Sir," Kabul answered in his usual polite voice. Noticing the color gracing Valeri's cheeks lightly, he could not help but wonder what the man was thinking about. It was at that moment his own mind began to wander.

"Eh.. I'm not really all that hungry, but I am willing to join you all anyways..." Morgan rested his head on Sattienne's shoulder, fingers trailing through the long tresses of white, gold and red.

Sattienne chuckled. "Come, I will make you some sandwhiches."

Valeri almost protested that it meant his master would make the other leave him for a moment even if it was just to get nourishment. He pouted and stole one of his master's bags of blood, pouring it into a cup and sipping it from a bendy straw.

Getting up, Kabul stretched his limbs, waiting for the others to get up.

Morgan did so, but still not wanting to because he really loved being on Sattienne's lap and snuggling close to him. "What kind of sandwiches?" he asked.

Sattienne shrugged. "There's peanutbutter and jelly, lunch meat,....whatever you are wanting and there is cheese too." He said, pulling random things out of the refrigerator.

Valeri's eyes drifted to Kabul as he saw him stretch, his eyes watched his body move, making him blush a little. He wasn't sure what made him so randomly attracted to the other.

Kabul glanced towards Valeri before giving him another smile and following the other two into the kitchen. "Are you going to come Valeri?" he asked, realizing that the other wasn't moving to follow him as well.

Morgan, when they were in the privacy of the kitchen, practically pounced on Sattienne by hugging him from behind when he didn't have any food items in his hands. "I love you. <3<3"

Sattienne chuckled at his lover, turning in his grasp and kissing him loving on the lips. "I love you too." He said, kissing his cheeks and his forehead before kissing his lips again.

Valeri smiled back a little ."No no, I have all I need right here." He said, holding up his glass and watching the other, being sure to let the other know he was checking him out by letting his eyes wander slowly up and down his body.

Grinning at the response made, Morgan returned the kisses with one of his own. But, when Sattienne kissed his lips the second time, he nipped the older man's bottom lip in a teasing gesture. He couldn't resist.

Kabul did get the message and it made him blush faintly once more, images coming back to his mind. Shaking his head a little, he smiled slightly. "Okay..."

Sattienne groaned as his lover's teeth grazed his lower lip." You should be careful, I have no qualms on taking you right here in the kitchen."

Valeri grinned at Kabul. "Your cute."

He blushed faintly at the thought if such were to happen. It was rather exciting for the nearly eighteen-year-old. Morgan decided to see just how long it would be before Sattienne had him pinned or something. He sighed pleasurably at the thought and kissed Sattienne again, nipping his lower lip once more.

"Is that what you think of me?" Kabul asked, not interested in leaving to the kitchen at the moment. He sat back down on the couch, facing Valeri. "As well are you..."

Sattienne growled softly in a posessive manner and pressed the other against the refrigerator, kissing him hard but gently, running his hands down his chest to his rear, grabbing the desired covered flesh and pulling the other against him, their hips together deliciously.

Valeri smiled and blushed a little. "So, how long have you been freinds with what's his name in there?" He asked, sipping his drink in an almost suggestive manner.

Morgan gasped lightly, fully enjoying the actions made by the other. His tongue ran over his bottom lip in a sensual manner as he stared up at his beloved with a half-lidded eyes.

Kabul smiled. "Ever since we were small children. Our mothers were friends once." He asnwered.

Sattienne groaned and began kissing the other's neck, lifting his legs so they wrapped around his wasit while he ground them together.

Valeri smiled. "Why don't you have a seat?"

Locking legs around Sattienne's waist, he used it as leverage when he arched completely, unable to hold back a shudder and loud moan. Head tilted to the side as well to permit more access to neck which was recieving the most atttention at the moment.

Kabul did so, sitting back and crossing one leg over the other. It was a habit and actually made him a bit more comfortable in a new house. "What about you? How do you know our teacher?"

Sattienne couldn't take it any longer, he bit his lover's neck hard enough to feed a little from him, removing his pants while setting him down for a moment only to remove his own enough to free his errection and lift the boy back up, prepared to enter him at any moment, groaning.

Valeri wasn't one to lie. "I used to be his lover. He's my master.." At the loud moan from Morgan heard form the kitchen Valeri twitched. "And maybe we should take this conversation outside.."

"Really?" But, the noises of his friend interrupted him. Kabul nodded, blushing faintly. "Yes, I think that would be wise..." Getting up, he made to move towards the door.

Morgan's body shivered again at the pinprick of fang teeth on his flesh. Getting comfortable again, his arms slipped about Sattienne's neck and he pulled himself close. "Now..." he muttered, "... inside me..?" He couldn't make proper sentences...

Valeri huffed and led the other to the garden, sitting on the bench there. "Yes, you do know Sattienne and I are vampires... right?"

Sattienne nodded, kissing the other hard as he thrust inside him once all the way to the hilt, stopping to let the other adjust.

Kabul sat down beside Valeri once they were outside in the garden, fully enjoying the fresh air. Listening to the words, he merely smiled. "Well, I do now."

Morgan groaned, arching again, adjusting easily, until desire within caused him to shift every milisecond. It made his body twtich really. "Ahh... Sattienne..." he murmured against the other's cheek, kissing him fondly.

Valeri blinked. "That doesn't bother you? No argument? No questions?"

Sattienne set a slow place for he and his loved one, shuddering as he felt the delicious warm silken heat of his lover's tightness. "Morgan.." His lover's name came out as a huff while he moved inside him.

Kabul thought about it and he shook his head. "Actually, no. I have always believed such things were possible. There's no limit to what can occur.. you just have to think outside the box. That's what my grandfather would always say." He smiled again. "My reaction is pleasing, is it not?"

Morgan's entire body shuddered and clenched down at various moments when he was moved against. Every inch of his skin was heated and he could not help but roll his hips in attempts to meet thrusts made by his older lover. Dull nails dug into the fine shoulders, clawing somewhat in attempts to keep himself as close as possible to the other's body; wanting nothing more than skin-on-skin contact.

Valeri smiled. "Very pleasing. So, wonder how long they'll be in there?"

Sattienne could feel his lover's body heat and it drove him insane in the best way possible. He kissed the other's slender neckline, moving harder as he thrust into him none too gently. He knew his lover would only crave it more.

"Ah, knowing Morgan's sex-drive... it won't be for a while." Kabul said, watching Valeri with a gentle fondness. He was already beginning to really enjoy this individual's company.

How correct Sattienne was in his thoughts; Morgan did crave more and his actions showed. More clawing at the vampire's back, the eighteen-year-old's breathing pattern became rough and ragged, pants and moans escaping in between at random moments between each breathe drawn.

Valeri twitched. "Just how would you know his sex drive?"

Sattienne pleasuredly angled his thrusts to better hit the other's pleasure spot inside him. He shuddered and grasped him tighter, biting his neck as he lost himself in him.

Alarmed by the expression on the lovely Valeri's face, Kabul immediately shook his head. "No! Not like that. I don't know Morgan like that. We used to have contests of who could take the longest to orgasm when we were younger. It took Morgan longer than I... And he was able to go a few rounds per game."

Once that spot was hit, he felt himself draw very close to the brink of climax. Morgan let out another groan as his neck was bitten into once again. The delicious pull at his heart, he could feel it beating rapidly, only added to his pleasure. It was odd and he could hardly think about why such occurred. All he could do was arch and scratch as he was impaled, prostate being struck and bringing him ever closer to orgasm. One more time... and that was probably all he could take. "Almost..." he mumbled.

Valeri giggled. "Ohhhh must have been fun." He said, wishing someone would have done that with him when he was mortal. "I never had a close enough friend to do something like that with."

Sattienne was already cumming inside the other as he thrust into that spot as hard and fast as he could, knowing that both he and his lover were at their utmost pleasure. He pulled away from his neck, just now tihkning about the possibility of being too loud and sealing their lips together in a most passionately heated kiss.

Kabul nodded. "It was fun, that is, until we got older and no longer found amusement in it. Morgan wasn't interested in it when he started getting involved with other people. We grew up." He smiled faintly, "I'm glad we grew up. We have much more fun now."

At the feeling of being filled completely, Morgan cried out very loudly, but of course, it was muffled by his teacher's kiss. Nails dug hard into the flesh of shoulders as he clung and pulled himself as close to the older one's body as possible. His body went rigid as he had then climaxed, just as his cry was released.

Valeri nodded. "So, are you going to come over more often?"

Sattienne panted and held his lover there a moment before he decided to let him down. When he did he kissed him lovingly. "That.. was certainly delicious." He said, leaning his head on his shoulder.

"If Sattienne does not mind. I do not want to intrude, of course." Kabul replied.

When he was set down, Morgan still clung to his teacher, attempting to regain his senses. Running fingers through the somewhat perspiration soaked locks of red, white and gold, he nodded his head slightly. "Yes, that most certainly was. And I enjoyed every last second of it."

Valeri nodded. "He wont. Your my new friend and we need to play together once in a while.. soo your allowed because Sattienne doesn't know but I am soo moving in."

Sattienne kissed his lover. "Let us get cleaned and finish making those sandwhiches hmn?" He asked, chuckling gently.

Kabul laughed. "Alright."

Morgan groaned as he did not want to move. In fact, all he wanted to do was go right to bed. He was rather... exhausted. "Mmm... do we have to yet? I don't want to move... unless we go back to bed.."

Valeri smiled and hugged Kabul.

Sattienne chuckled. "Do you want me to put you in bed, make their sandwiches and then come join you?"

Taken aback by the sudden embrace, Kabul went red in the face and smiled faintly. "This makes you happy?"

Morgan nodded 'yes' to Sattienne's question, but added, "Or you can just stay with me. Kabul can make his own sandwiches. I'm sure he will be over more now..."

Valeri nodded and looked up to the other. "Doesn't it make you happy?"

"Yes, but I haven't yet informed him that would be okay for him to do." Sattienne said, smiling.

"Yes, of course it does. I get to spend time with Morgan again and now have the chance to know you better, as well as my English teacher." Kabul grinned.

Morgan thought about it and smiled weakly. "You're right. Then I will go with you and then we can go back to the bedroom?"

Valeri smiled and refused to release his hold on the other. "Soooooooo since their obviously still either busy.. well no they stopped, I don't hear anything else... do you want to get your sandwhiches?"

Sattienne nodded. "Follow then." He lead the other to the gardens which he found them through Valeri's scent. "You may help yourself to food.. we were.. distracted."

Kabul went to answer Valeri about his sandwiches, but went silent at his teacher's words. Noticing Morgan's current inability to walk properly, Kabul couldn't help but give Morgan that kind of 'grin'. "Thank you sir," Kabul replied.

Morgan followed, although it was rather hard to stand still due to their... previous activity. And noticing that grin given by his best friend, he went red in the face and turned away.

Valeri giggled and pouted whle he clung to his master. "Sir, I'm hungry.."

Sattienne snorted. "You're going to use up my supplies." He sighed. "Go get some."

Valeri smiled happily. "Kabul.. are you staying a while or are you going home?" He wanted the other to stay.

Sattienne smiled. "You may stay if you wish, but uhhh, Morgan and I need some rest."

"Since it isn't a bother to Sattienne, I will stay if you wish it. I would like to spend more time with you, Valeri." Kabul answered.

Morgan waved farewell to the other two and promptly turned on his heel back to going to the hallway, to head back to their bedroom.

Valeri smiled. "Okay I will take you to my room. Maybe we can play video games."

Sattienne chuckled. "Just keep it down." He said, having more than one meaning to his words as he stalked off to his lover. "Are you alright love?"

Kabul went red again, knowing the double meaning to his teacher's words. "I am good at videogames... well, fighting games anyways."

"Just a little weak-kneed is all, Sattienne." Morgan answered, smiling to reassure the other. "You really did exhaust me... and I loved it." <3

Valeri smiled and grabbed Kabul's hand. "Then follow me." He said, holding onto the other's hand a little longer than necessary when he arrived.

Sattienne grinned sheepishly. "Ah let us hope you can still sit down right." He laid on the bed with the other.

Kabul followed, noticing the other's grip on his hand went longer than it probably would have normally gone. Although he normally would have said something, he did not mind this time. He liked Valeri.

Morgan snuggled against his immortal lover as soon as Sattienne had laid down beside him. Back cracked to where it left the teen feeling less cramped. "I just remembered... I still have homework to do." He grumbled.

Valeri smiled and pulled out a playstation 2 and hooked it up, humming. "Will you look under the bed for the controllers?" He asked, bending to make sure he got the cables connected rightly.

Sattienne smiled. "Do it when you waken dear, you need rest."

"Sure." Kabul got down onto his hands and knees. Crawling onto his stomach, he pulled up the covers and searched underneath the confines of the bed.

Morgan grumbled again, but could not help but smile faintly. "It's just math. And it won't take me that long so..." Leaning up, he kissed his lover on the nose. "Love you."

Valeri smiled as he got the gameing counsole hooked up and he grinned as the other was still down looking for the controller. He grinned. "Nice...." He said, not wanting the other to be aware of just what he was looking at.

Sattienne kissed his lover on the mouth and curled up next to him. "Sleep well."

Kabul went to get up and ended up smashing his head up against the top of the bed. "Ow... I found the controllers..." He mumbled, pushing the controllers out from under the bed and then scooting out himself. Sitting back on knees, he rubbed the tender part of his head.

"I will.." Morgan buried his face against Sattienne's chest, inhaling his scent and closed his eyes. He had his arms folded up against his chest as he slowly dozed off.

Valeri kissed atop of Kabul's head where he hurt himself after giving a small musical laugh and hooked up the controllers. "You pick a game."

Sattienne not long after found himself drifting to sleep as well.

Kabul's eyes drew shut out of habit when he was kissed so kindly. "What games do you have?"

Valeri shrugged. "I haven't played this thing in forever,I kind of forgotten.."

"Well, where are the games? I'm sure we can pick something from whatever you have." Kabul suggested.

Valeri jumped on his bed and leaned over the other side after pulling it out and reached under while retrieving a box. "Here you go." He opened it to a whole bunch of games.

Kabul got up and sat on the bed, one leg folded, the other stretched out and to the side. Seeing this box, he eyed it curiously. "So many games..." he said when the box was opened and its contents revealed to him. Fingering through them, he spoke again. "What do you want to play?"

He fingered through the games once again, pulling out a fighting game. It seemed simple enough, but one he was not familiar with. Setting the box back down and closing the lid, he got off of the bed and went back to the game console. Sitting down, he had legs bent as he put the game in. "There."

Valeri smiled and took hold of his controller. He sat beside the other, eager to do this with him. Something so childish and yet bonding at the same time.

Picking up his own controller, stil sitting with legs up against his chest, he set the game setting to where they would face off in a three-round battle. Picking his character, he waited for Valeri. "I'm good at these kinds of games, by the way." He grinned.

Valeri smiled happily. "Ohhhhh well my fingers move faster than yours. Prepare to be owned!" He said with a sly grin. He may have been a few centuries older, but that didn't mean he didn't know the language of 'owned' and how to be a teen.

"Owned? Haha. Sure, you'll get owned when I'm done with you." Kabul retorted playfully, already unleashing an attack once the announcer guy said, 'GO!'

Valeri giggled and pressed his buttons as fast as he could, huffing as he appeared to not really be making much progress.

His smirk had stayed, but then faded when he saw that he had been owned. His character's HP was gone before he could even batt an eyelash. Kabul stared at Valeri, pouting a little. He hated to lose.

Valeri smiled. "Awe, round two!" He said, grinning. He was going to let the other win this time, he felt bad for winning the last when he saw the pout on the other's face.

"I shall beat you!" He mumbled, at once attacking again, carefully watching Valeri's movements. Kabul wasn't going to be beaten again.

Valeri hummed as he skillfully let the other beat him. "Yay you won!"

Grinning, Kabul looked proudly over at Valeri. "Yes, I won! And I'll do it again in the third round!" <3

Valeri decided to lose as well the third round. "Yay you won again! What should your prize be?"

Kabul set the controller down and flashed a smile at Valeri. "How about you choose my prize for me? I don't care what it is either."

Valeri smiled. "How about a kiss?" He didn't wait for an answer, just reached and kissed the other.

Eyes widened and a blush crept onto the bridge of his nose and expanding rapidly when lips touched. Kabul, after a second of shock, kissed the other back in a shy manner.

Valeri giggled when he pulled away. "Your cute..." He said, referring to the other's blushing. "I hope that wasn't weird.." He suddenly remembered that he wasn't truly supposed to be kissing on strangers.

Shaking his head, he smiled faintly, feeling his lips tingling. It was a nice feeling. "I don't mind..."

Valeri grinned. "So.. you single?" He asked, poking the other in the forehead.

"Quite single." Kabul replied. His face was no longer as red it had been before. "Why do you ask--?"

"Ahem." A voice interjected in the conversation. Leaning against the doorway, arms loosely folded across chest, Morgan had witnessed the last five minutes of his friend and Valeri's game. And then at the prize, Morgan could only smile. "Did you win, Kabul?"

Valeri blushed and stared at the other. "How long have you been standing there?" He asked, inching his hand to Kabul's to hold it.

"Long enough..." Morgan said, enjoying this immensely.

Kabul took Valeri's hand when he felt it touch his and held it. He was blushing again, but it wasn't as bad as previously. "You're up too soon, aren't you? You usually sleep a lot longer after certain activities."

Morgan shrugged. "Eh, I'm fine. I need to get my homework done. Bye-bye." Waving his hand, he left the doorway, going to his room, stretching out as he did so. He went into his room, pulled out his books and sat at the desk. In the chair, one leg was folded, the other outstretched. He started with math... his most hated subject.

Kabul laughed. "He's always the procrastinator. I already did mine."

Valeri huffed. "So, back to my question, are you single?"

He laughed. "I already answered your question and shall not answer it again. But, that is for future questions. Yes, I am single, Valeri." Kabul watched him with a curious gaze. "Why do you ask?"

Morgan groaned as he finished half the problems he was expected to do. It was simple quadratic equations that took a few minutes to solve simply because of the steps. And then there was the graphing. "My god, that woman gives too much math work. I'm sick of numbers, I could bloody scream." He threw his pencil down and ran his fingers through his hair.

Valeri shrugged. "I dunno.. I thought maybe we could.. you know.." He blushed and looked away.

Sattienne had been standing behind the other for a while. He chuckled softly and leant over him while grabbing the pencil and finishing the rest of the problems. "See? Finished." He said, kissing his lover's cheek.

Kabul raised an elegant brow. "Are you asking me out on a date or something, Valeri?" He thought it was adorable how the vampire could not finish his sentence.

Morgan was about to throw his homework out the window when Sattienne's voice caught his attention. Looking up and then following his hand to what he was doing, he smiled, laughing a little. "You didn't have to finish it. I would have... eventually gotten it done." Morgan did like the kiss applied to his cheek, however, and was not about to complain. "Valeri and Kabul have kissed."

Valeri nodded with a small blush. "Yes.." He said, whispering, looking up into the other eyes hopefully. "Please?"

Sattienne chuckled. "And was Kabul willing or was Valeri whoring himself out again?" He asked, looking at the other.

"I would be delighted, Valeri," replied Kabul who leaned over and kissed the other on the cheek.

Morgan shrugged, not sure on how to really answer that question, but stretched out his arms. "Valeri kissed Kabul first, so, I'm not sure. Kabul's not the kind to let others kiss him so easily... he is actually picky about who he dates and the like. Always has been that way since we were kids."

Valeri smiled and hugged the older boy. "So, for our first date I say.... we go see some romantic movie.." He said, placing himself in the other's lap.

Sattienne snorted. "Maybe with Valeri he should have been more picky.. he's a handful."

Morgan laughed, leaning back and resting his head on the back of the swiveling chair. "Do not underestimate Kabul. If he can stand being my friend for most of our lives, then he can handle Valeri. From the short time I have spent with him, I hate to admit it, but we are similar a bit in personality."

Kabul put an arm around Valeri's waist and let his other hand settle to being on the vampire's leg in a non-suggestive manner. "How about going now? The night is still young. It's only 11:30."

Sattienne snorted. "You and Valeri are nothing alike.. what gave you that assumption?"

Valeri nodded. "Okay, let's go! I have to tell Sattienne we are leaving though."

Morgan giggled sweetly. Oh how his teacher looked adorable right then. He wanted to pounce on him, hence he wasn't still a tad sore from their previous activity in the kitchen. "You are so cute," He teased cutely, "Valeri and I are stubborn and we both fell for you. That, in itself, shows we are alike in personality. Does it not?"

Kabul also nodded, agreeing. "Yes, I would like to say good-bye to Morgan and see how his homework is going. He struggles with math the most, and knowing him, he will rip his hair out before finishing that which he does not understand."

Sattienne smiled. "Yes well, he's full of himself, you're not."

Valeri trotted into the kitchen. "Hey guys, we're going to go see a sappy romance movie. See ya later!"

"Perhaps," Morgan started before he was interrupted by Valeri and Kabul's voices. He turned his head away at the statement made by Valeri. Waving a hand, he heard a laugh.

Kabul had laughed at his friend's action. "Oh, stop it, and be nice. You're too impatient, Morgan. How goes the math homework?"

"Just fine," Morgan stated flatly, irritated with the tone of his friend's voice. It was a reprimanding tone and he did not like it.

Valeri glared at Morgan. "You know.. things would go alot smoother if you wouldn't act like I just killed your puppy or something. What the hell did i ever do to you? You act like I am scum." He said, not liking the way the other boy acted around him. He stormed out of the house at that.

Sattienne stared. "Oh my..."

Kabul glared at Morgan then, all hint of amusement left his features. "You have gone too far this time, Morgan. Valeri's right, you have some sort of attitude and it's annoying. I suggest you do learn patience and grow up." Before he turned to follow after Valeri, Morgan's response kept him from achieving this goal.

"Listen here, Kabul, I don't know who you are to speak when it was you who has used a reprimanding tone as if I was some child. I am not a child and you will treat me with the respect you have always given me, but lack these past few moments." He got up from his chair, glaring at his best friend who continued to also glare. "I was talking to Sattienne and he interrupted, but, no matter. I also don't want him making any moves on my lover, thank you. Acting indifferent and cold is the best way to keep him at bay." Morgan turned on his heel and left the study, going back to the room that occupied his things, silently fuming.

Kabul continued to glare at his friend's retreating backside. "God, he gets on my nerves at times with his childish antics," The male muttered, nearly forgetting that his teacher was there, "Please, excuse me, sir." With a small bow of the head, he dismissed himself and left the house, going after a pissed off Valeri. "Valeri, wait!"

Valeri stopped as he heard the other. "Yes dear?" He asked, looking around angrily.

Sattienne sighed and walked to his lover's room. "Darling, I don't want to side with either of them over you, but you did kind of.. act off."

Morgan said or did nothing to acknolwedge his lover's presence or words. He sat on the bed with legs crossed, and arms folded across his chest. However, after a moment, he sighed lightly. "Perhaps, but Valeri did interrupt. That's what has annoyed me the most... I don't like being interrupted like that. And earlier events still make me wary with Valeri and dislike of him only a bit great. Even if he's now dating Kabul, I don't want him going after you. I don't care what your past history was..." He had been jealous, and it was causing him to act out of character.

Kabul took Valeri's hand and squeezed it lightly in his hand. "Ignore Morgan. He didn't mean any disrespect to your person... it's not like him to do that. Let's go and have a good time, so forget what happened, okay?" He asked.

Sattienne sighed. "Morgan.... he isn't comming after me. I know him. He wouldn't do that. The only reason he interrupted us was because he wished to tell us that he was leaving.. he didn't even know we were talking."

Valeri looked up at the other but finally agreed, holding tight to the other. "He was still a meany-butt."

Kabul nodded in agreement, hugging the smaller, yet older male close to him. "Now, let's go?"

Morgan shook his head a little, tilting it to the side, as he laid back on the bed. "Perhaps, I should apologize when they get back then..?"

Sattienne nodded. "Yes. He is with your friend now.He wants nothing to do with me. He even said you were cute.. he told me once that so long as I was with someone cute he wouldn't molest me. Which is good that you are cute."

Valeri nodded. "Okay which movie? And I think I wanna get Mr. Grumpy boy a bit of chocolate. Does he like chocolate? I just wanna do something nice for him." He said, kissing the other on the cheek as they entered the movie.

Kabul knew Morgan's weakness for chocolate. "He would enjoy that very much. It's his weakness." He laughed, seeing the movies, and seeing one, he suggested it. "How about The Hulk 2? It's a romance, but actiony at the same time."

Morgan sat up again, reaching for his teacher's hand and pulling him down to lie with him. "Hn. Well, if I was to somehow become grotesquely disfigured in some sort of accident, then I would no longer be cute. And well, either way, you're not getting molested by anyone..." The last words escaped as a purrlike sound.

Valeri grinned and nodded. "So long as I am in some dark cozy place with you!!!"

Sattienne chuckled and kissed his lover. "No one except you though, right?"

Kabul blushed faintly, thoughts of what could occur entering his mind. They mostly wandered back to the feel of Val's soft, pliant lips against his own. "Fine by me." He sounded eager, when he had attempted to hide it, of course. "Let's go get in line then." He lead him to the line.

"Of course," Morgan purred again, enjoying the response he had gotten from his beloved. Keeping Sattienne's mouth close to his own, he playfully nipped the older male's lower lip.

Valeri hummed as they got into line. "Are you paying or am I?"

Sattienne chuckled. "You're about ready to go again aren't you?"

"I'll pay." Kabul replied, getting out a twenty. It would cover both tickets, and he needed to break it anyways.

Morgan shrugged. "I could, but I just feel like being playful again. I mean, look where it went to last time in the kitchen.." He smiled.

Valeri blushed and chose their seats, kind of in the back, but not too far to seem suspicious. He smiled at the other, sipping a little on a drink he had bought, not that he was suposed to have it.

Sattienne smiled at Morgan. "Play away my dove, for I am your puppet."

Morgan shook his head. "A puppet is unable to feel, but you are able to feel. So, in that my teacher, you are not a puppet." He moved to his teacher's lap, straddling him and pressing lips to the hollow of Sattienne's neck. "I still love you..."

Kabul said nothing as he let Valeri lead the way. Once their seats were found, he sat beside his date, and pushing the middle arm up to allow them room to cuddle, found himself thinking of that kiss once again. "I'm glad we played videogames."

Sattienne chuckled. "you are right....unless the master wants the puppet to feel..." he said kissing the other.

Valeri lay strewn across the others lap with a smile. "So am I. They haven't ever been so rewarding before."

Morgan reveled in the kiss bestowed upon him. He still felt very lucky and could not help but lean down and snuggle into Sattienne's chest. He still had homework to finish.

Kabul smiled. "I agree with you there. Let me repay you for that kiss.." Leaning down, his face mere inches from Val's lovely one, he covered Valeri's mouth with his own. Hair fell down in his face, which he pushed out of the way with a hand.

Sattienne smiled. "Finish your work and I will molest you when you return to bed." He said softly, kissing the other's neck and nibbling upon his ear.

Valeri blushed and kissed him back, tangling his hands in the other's hair. "You're a good kisser.." He said quietly, wishing for so much more.

Morgan gasped a little at the nibbling upon ear and the gentle press of lips to neckline. "I will be back in a little while. I still have your assignments and an essay to start for my composition class." He was reluctant to leave though. His body was shivering faintly.

Kabul blushed faintly. "I'm not that good... in fact, I'm out of practice..."

Sattinne nodded. "Are you okay?" He asked, putting his coat around the other.

Valeri blushed. "Well.. you should get back in practice." He said, kissing him again.

Morgan nodded. "I'm just trembling a little from what feel like bolts of electricity running through my body whenever you kiss my neck or nibble on my ear. It's taking a lot of self control to not continue... and just blow off my homework."

Kabul returned this kiss, tongue tracing along the other's bottom lip, asking for entrance to the sweet cavern that was Valeri's mouth.

Valeri moaned into the kiss, the other tasted absolutely delicious.

Sattienne chuckled. "Well,I am going to the pool." He kissed the other before going to his bedroom where he put on his swim trunks and went out to the pool where he knew he would be seen by the other and he stretched rather provocatively before jumping in.

Morgan watched his teacher and twitched, knowing what he was doing. Grumbling to himself, he turned and left back to the study to finish his work. The entire time, however, he was distracted.

Kabul, slightly surprised by the noise moan, deepened the kiss a bit. His right hand began to wander a bit, without him realizing it.

Sattienne surfaced in the water, humming to himself before standing for a moment and losing his swim shorts. "Mnn this water is very nice." He said ecstaticly.

Valeri blushed wondering where the hand was going to stay. He didn't say anything, he merely returned the kiss, nibbling the other's lips and suckling his tongue.

Morgan finished in record time with all of his homework, figuring he just needed to do an outline for his essay. And since he had gotten a head start on it in class that Friday to do so, he was able to finish that quickly. Putting his things away into his bag, he got up from the chair and flew out of the study. Going to his own room, he changed into swimwear and left to go to the pool. Standing at the pool's edge, he had both arms on his hips. "I'm done."

Kabul's hand stopped at Val's hip area, treading lightly there in small circles. He wasn't even fully aware yet... He was too engrossed in kissing the other.

Sattienne grinned and drug the other in. "Hello. That was rather fast." He said, kissing him. "I should tease you more often, it seems you work well under pressure."

Valeri kissed the other hungrily, his teeth lightly grazing the other's tongue, producing a small amount of blood which he licked up indulgingly, secretly willing the hand to go farther.

Morgan's arms slipped about Sattienne's slender neck, as he accepted the kiss. "I have no qualms over that, but one of these days, I'm going to forget about my homework and just pounce on you so that I would be able to have my way with you." Tongue ran over his lower lip suggestively.

"Ahh..." Kabul moaned quietly into the dance of tongues, as his hand traveled lower again, passing over Val's groin. It brushed over jean-clad thighs and hips, memorizing each curve, to every miniscule detail. Nothing went amiss.

Sattienne smiled. "Yes, well it would be lovely, I just don't wnt you to fall behind." He said, kissing the other harder. "Hmn, why don't you pounce on me now?"

Valeri gasped and gave a softly heated moan into the kiss, breathing a little harder, wantng friction he had just felt as the other brushed his hands over his groin. He slipped his arm about the other's neck, wanting to bring him closer.

Morgan moved to the pool's edge and lifted himself up out of the water. Sitting on the edge, with legs still in the warm h2o, he smiled. "I'm glad you won't allow me to fall behind, sir. And I am not going to pounce on you because you want and expect it." He gave a mischevious grin, knowing fully well that his teacher's signs of arousal were perefectly clear thanks to the water. Although, he, himself, wasn't in any better condition. The youthful individual wanted nothing more than to pounce on his teacher just as he had suggested. "Besides, you're in the water and I don't want to go down under without expecting it."

Although it wasn't usually his way to achieve this level on a first date, Kabul felt something different. He didn't feel as if this was a first date for him and Valeri. There was a connection between them, and he liked it a lot. And at Val's reaction, he gave a breathy moan of approval, pulling him closer, but then had an idea. "Why don't you sit in my lap?" he whispered in the Immortal's ear, giving the shell of it a lick with his tongue.

Sattienne smiled. "Mnnn what if.. I want you now? You are my student.." Sattienne asked with soft pleading.

Valeri nodded and climbed upon the other's lap. "facing you right?" He asked, already kissing the other's neck without waiting for an answer.

Morgan groaned lightly, finally unable to resist. Figuring it would be best to strip off what little articles of clothing he had on, he slipped back into the warm water. It made him shiver as he waded over to the other.

"Yeah.." Kabul muttered, unable to finish his sentence as his neck was being attacked by a warm set of lips. He couldn't help but nearly moan aloud, but bit his tongue to keep from drawing unwanted attention.

Sattienne smiled seductively. He wondered how he went from not pleasing his student to practically being the boy's slave. He shuddered. "Mnnn I love you in the water, by the way." He said softly, more to himself.

Valeri nibbled and kissed the other's neck lustedly, slipping one hand through the other's hair, ahd the other travelling down the other's chest.

The teenger could not help but let his face retain a dark shade of red, as he always found himself the least bit appealing. On his neck, the bruise from previous could faintly be seen. The skin was yellowish and sickly light green, all signs that it was healing. Morgan watched his beloved with half-lidded eyes, before going under once to wet down his hair. Coming back up, hair stuck to his neck and forehead, which he pushed out of the way in a somewhat shy manner.

Kabul's eyes fluttered shut as his hips bucked foreward instinictively, finding his pants unusually tight. Hands roamed down Val's hips and up his back, to his shoulders, tracing in hair... they explored, trying to find a spot that sent Valeri in a frenzy.

Sattienne shuddered. "Come here.." He commanded softly. He wanted his young student, terribly.

Valeri couldnt hold back the softest moan that escaped him while he kissed the others neck. Kabuls' fingers had traced over a rather sensitive spot along his neckline and he was moving his hips forward in needs to feel friction.

"Sattienne?" he asked, not understanding how bad his current condition was. Now the teen was concerned. "Are you alright?" Morgan stood right in front of his teacher then, watching him.

Oh god... Kabul thought, knowing he wouldn't be able to continue where they were now. Or at least, they needed a more of a secluded and private spot. Putting a stop to his hips movement, he whispered to Valeri. "Can we go somewhere more private..?" Every word was laced in lust and desire.

Sattienne nodded. "Yes but.. feel this." he said, grabbing his lover's hand and showing him his hardened length. "That might explain me."

Valeri blushed. "Yes, please, lead the way.." He answered seductively, wondering where the other was going to take him.

Morgan, still genuinely concerned for his lover's well-being, blushed at once when he felt the source of Satttienne's 'discomfort'. "Ahh..." He could not help but smile slyly. "I can help you with that." Letting go of the other's fingers, his own thin digits wrapped languidly around the tip of said hardened organ. He waited for his teacher's response before continuing.

"Gladly." Pushing Valeri off of him, he got up, adjusted himself from being obvious in his state of arousal to others' view. Kabul took the shorter male's hand and lead him to the emergency exit, in the back, going through it. "Ah, just as I suspected." Kabul smiled, "There's a corner in this hallway. It is unseen from cameras and private enough for us to fully enjoy ourselves. And with it being an emergency hallway, it's not as watched as the main hallways, and we won't be bothered. As well as the fact there's a movie playing, the walls are sound-proof and our verbal pleasures won't be heard to give us away." Upon explaining his reasoning to Val, he was leading him to the slightly dark corner that was an indent in the wall. It was be enough to manuever. "What do you say?"

Sattienne smiled. "Ohhh that would be lovely." He said, urging his student pleasure him. "Please darling."

"H-how did you know it was there?" Valeri asked, backing up against the wall. He wanted the other terribly, but suddenly he wondered how many the other had been with. He couldn't be a bad guy, right? He was a friend of his lover's lover.. so he had to be alright. He smiled and kissed the other passionately.

Morgan's fingers fully wrapped around the heated length, moving down, against the current, before coming back up on it. He repeated this in a slow, agonizing rythym, not showing to speed up or stopping. Honestly, the teenager wanted to see how badly he could get his lover turned on before he was to lose control.

Kabul's eyes had hinted of hurt in them, as he did not want to recall just how he had known of this place. "I'll tell you another time..." He said, following Valeri and immediately pressing up against him, deepening the kiss as easily as he could.

Sattienne shuddered and held tight to the other by the shoulders. "Oh.... my..." He closed his eyes and absorbed the slow rythm.

Valeri wrapped his legs about the other's waist. He was really wanting to know what the matter with the other was, but he knew he would be told in time, so he stopped worrying and let the other continue with his kiss and press him to the wall even more. "Uhn!" He said in pleasured mumblings, kissing him harder.

Fingers continued to fondle along the organ's base, moving back up along the underside and top. Until, finally, he picked up the rythym, half-lidded eyes staring up at the older male, watching his expressions. He then kissed on Sattienne's chest and the part of the neck area that he could reach. Enjoying himself, he began to nibble along various spots, not any particular trail being set.

Reassured by the smaller vampire's sounds, he let his hand slide down his side and to the hem of shirt, sliding underneath and digging dull nails into the flesh located at the hip. Other hand, his right one, ran along the right leg that wrapped around him languidly.

Sattienne shivered and closed his eyes in ecstasy. "Could you go again?" he asked the other, wanting to be relieved.

Valeri groaned as he bit on the other's neck. He then slipped his other leg about the other's waist and practically bared himself to the other.

"I could go however many times you wanted to go," Morgan replied, stopping his minstrations and waiting for Sattienne's next move. Of which, he was quite sure he knew what to be expected. His entire frame shuddered with anticipation at the feelings he would soon be feeling.

"I can't wait much longer..." Kabul whispered against the heated, light-toned flesh of his newly found beloved. His eyes lolled at the biting, shivering from the pinprick of eyeteeth.

Sattienne smirked and picked the other up, litterally hopping onto the dry pavement of the pool's edge and carrying the other to the nearest soft surface, which in this case was a chair. He sat in it and pulled the other onto his lap. "Ride me?"

"I can't either...." Valeri said enrapturously. He shuddered against the other. "I want you.. so bad..."

"With pleasure, Sattienne," Morgan purred lustfully, immediately impaling himself with his lover's length, as the water had left him without need of prepping or anything of that sort that would cause him less pain. Lips pressed together as he shivered with the pleasure this penetration was causing him. He held fast to Sattienne's shoulders.

Kabul nodded, at once going down to undo Valeri's lower garment, wanting them off of him. "You are going to have to shed your pants if you want your request fulfilled." Meanwhile, all he had to do was unbutton his own jeans and pull the zipper down enough to release himself. Which, his own jeans had become unbearably tight in the past few moments.

Sattienne groaned and kissed him heatedly. "Oh... quick.. and pleasureful." He muttered as a pace-setter to his lover. He didn't want to be at it for too long, because he knew his flegling would be home soon and he didn't want to be seen in this intimate place. But, he did want himself and the boy on his lap to enjoy it. He groaned and kissed him harder.

[Valeri shed the pants quicker than he had ever shed anything in his life. He didn't care that he was half naked in an ally somewhere with some boy he had just met, he just knew that he wanted the other like he hadnt wanted anyone in so terribly long. He kissed his neck and bit into it.]

Before kissing back, Morgan replied, "I'm not going to be able to last long either. My body feels like its on fire right now.." And he did not lie. Every touch sent rivulets of pleasure down his spine and straight to nether regions. In doing so, his hips rolled and shifted in attempts to create more friction for the both of them.

[Kabul groaned and neared Valeri once again, picking him up with ease and pushing him against the wall. "Ahhh..." His eyes drew shut at the bite, enjoying it immensely. Before, however, he drew two fingers to his mouth and sucked on them. No matter how badly they wanted each other, the neccessary precautions had to be made in Kabul's eyes. He knew what it was like to be taken without such... it hurt like Hell if not used to it.]

Sattienne shifted with the other, moving against him, already panting as things seemed warmer. "I want you." He whispered over and over.

[Valeri looked hotly at the other and began pressing feverish kisses to his lips and cheeks. while he knew what the other was nearing him to do. "Please, take me.."]

"You have me." Morgan replied between gasps and throaty moans, keeping up his hip movements as he rode beloved.

["Are you sure..?" Kabul couldn't wait any longer. He could not help his next actions. In two swift movements, he had his arm around Valeri's form, holding him to his own body and achieved penetration. The heat meeting him made his mind reel and an inaudible gasp escaped feverish lips.]

Sattienne groaned. "Would you believe.. that.. im already so close?" He asked, gasping between movewments.

[Valeri cried out in pained pleasure but he loved every moment of it, besides anything that was damaged healed and tingled with his vampirian blood. "Uhn!"]

Morgan felt his own release inching near. "I know the feeling.." Suddenly, however, he put his arms around his lover's neck and cried out his name in the crook of his neck. He orgasmed at that exact moment. "Sattiennne..." he mumbled.

[Clinging to Valeri's hips and form, he began a set pace, already feeling how painful it was to be as arouse as he was already. "Oh Kami.." He groaned.]

Sattienne had already started finishing before the other."Mn! Morgan!" He said in a cloud of lust and pleasure as he released. "Gods.."

[Valeri shuddered. "W-who's Kami?" He asked as he clung tightly to the other, meeting his thrusts.]

Morgan went silent as he felt the afterglow of release wash over him. His entire body was still trembling somewhat. "Nnn..."

[Kabul understood the meaning behind that question. "'God' in Japanese..." He replied softly, leaning down and pressing lips to Valeri's own soft, pliant ones.]

Sattienne smiled. "Mn, this is a record for us.. how many times has this been tonight? Two?"

[Valeri kissed the other hard, urging the other deeper as he was nearing his completion so fast already. "Oh!"]

Morgan nodded, leaning back, but then found it was better to just snuggle against his lover's chest. "It has been... and I'm tired.. completely worn..." He mumbled. "Tomorrow's school.." The idea of being in a classroom and hiding their relationship made him sort of annoyed, but he wasn't going to complain.

[Kabul continued his thrusting, easily nearing his own completion. It had been so long... "Uhn..." he groaned into the kiss.]

Sattienne smiled. "I read your mind easilly.. don't be annoyed with the school, it is not so long until you are old enough that we can be intimate there"

[Valeri called out as he came, accidently getting the liquid along the other's chest, blushing brightly as he did so.]

"You're right. But, I'll behave in your class." He returned the smile and kissed his teacher's cheek.

[At the tightening of walls upon his length, he could not help but reach completion. He felt his entire body go rigid as he pressed tightly against the smaller, but older male. And at the sight of Val's essence on him, he could not help but groan loudly.]

"Mhn, besides all those hopefull students, all jealous.. it would be a mess." He said grinnging as he kissed his lover. "I love you."

[Valeri rest his head on the other, inhaling deeply. "I.. haven't done that so quickly with anyone before..."]

"Yes! Especially that science teacher whom has the hots for you. He talks about you at times..." Morgan remembered suddenly, the incoherent babble his teacher would go into when the subject of Sattienne would arise somehow.

["I've had quicker, but that was pent-up passion and desire, I would think." Kabul said, smiling and kissing Valeri's sweaty forehead affectionately.]

Sattienne raised an eyebrow."What did he say exactly?"

Valeri nodded."Best movie I have ever seen."

"Just talking about your accomplishments, demeanor and how alluring all of your movements were." Morgan said, knowing how true all of that way. "Your movements are alluring..."

"A very good movie. Are you alright to stand up and get dressed?" He asked

Sattienne chuckled. "Mn well too bad he can't have me." He said with a laugh. "Does he know of you and I?"

Valeri nodded, unwrapping himself from the other. "Well, should we go home after we get dressed?"

"I don't think so, but it would not be wise to let him figure it out that we have a relationship. He may attempt to fail me... he seems like the type of person to do such a thing out of jealousy." Morgan said a bit too seriously for his own liking.

Kabul fixed himself, glad that his shirt was able to be hidden as he had a zip-up jacket on. He zipped it up, smiling towards Val. Fingers ran through brown locks. "Yes, that would be wise. I don't want Sattienne worrying."

Sattienne chuckled. "Not if he knows the paint that I will cause him if that happens. "

Valeri grinned. "Wow, all ready hit the four bases on
the first night.."

"What?!" Morgan squeaked, not at all amused, "No! I won't let you compromise your job for the likes of me. I'm not worth it..." He crossed his arms across his chest.

Kabul laughed. "Yes, and we hit a home-run. Let's go now?" He reached for Valeri's hand.

Sattienne chuckled. "He wouldn't dare tell.. I know things."He said mysteriously.

Valeri nodded and hugged hte other. "Gladly. I need sleep."

Morgan was curious by the tone his lover had adopted, but didn't pursue it any further. "Fine. But, still, don't do anything rash... I don't want you losing your job." He put his arms around Sattienne's neck again and hugged him.

Kabul returned the hug and put his arm around Valeri's waist, leading them out of the hallway place and out to the street. "Would Sattienne mind if I stayed the night tonight?" he asked.

Sattienne grinned. "Don't worry I wont." He said, kissing the other. "Besides even if I did we'd be in good shape."

Valeri shook his head. "No I don't tink he would. I was about to ask if you wanted to stay actually." He said gently, kissing the other's cheek. He wondered where they would go from there.

Morgan smiled, watching Sattienne for a moment. He shivered. "Let's go take a bath?" he suggested, "I know the two lovebirds are going to be back soon."

"I hope so. Besides, I would have to walk home... I don't have any other form of transportation at this time of night." Kabul lead them towards his english teacher's manor, unable to keep his eyes and thoughts off of Valeri.

Sattienne nodded. "Sounds like a plan.. we are.. covered with one another." He said with a chuckle.

Valeri nodded. "Well even if you did.. you wouldn't leave me after that..right?"

Morgan purred and kissed his beloved's cheek affectionately. "Of course.. not that I don't mind. I love you... you know. I really do..." He smiled, getting off his lover's lap and stretching his entire body. Spinal cracked at once, he pushed drying hair behind his shoulders.

Slightly taken-aback by the questioning of his intentions, Kabul stopped and stared at the other. "No. I would never leave you after doing something like that. If I had no intentions of dating you, then I wouldn't have agreed to going out with you or even kissing you previously."

Sattienne grinned and walked to the bath with the other. "And I love you" He said, lightly slapping his lover's behind.

Valeri smiled and kissed the other's lips. "I asked because it just seemed so sudden. I haven't done that before.."

Morgan shrieked out of surprise, completely unexpecting his rearend to be tapped. Glaring at him slightly, he was red with embarressment. "Oooo! I'm going to get you back for that!" He warned.

Kabul agreed. "I haven't either, but I'm glad I did."

Sattienne chuckled and grinned. "Oh really? I'd like to see you try."

Valeri smiled. "Sooo what side of the bed you want?"

"Hmph." Morgan walked past Sattienne, protecting his rear with both hands and had a bounce in his step. His face was still flushed. "You'll see." He yelled behind him.

Kabul shrugged. "You pick. I can sleep on any side."

Sattienne grinned. "It makes me smile to know I have gotten to you." He said with a soft laugh. "Mnn but I can't help but wonder what I have in store for me."

Valeri nodded. "I call the wall!!!!" He said as they neared the home.

Morgan said nothing else as he did not hear the last words. He was already in the house and at the bathroom, getting ready to get in. Leaning over the side of the object, he had a hand in it testing the water for its temperature. And he was still waiting for Sattienne of course.

Kabul laughed. "Alright, that's fine." He pulled Valeri close once more and kissed him on the cheek, enjoying the warmth he felt... even if his skin was somewhat cold to the touch. He enjoyed it because it was Valeri.

Sattienne made it to the tub, smiling at his lover as he began to strip. "Well, your rear by the way, looks nice with my handprint."

Valeri smiled and kissed him back. "I can't wait to get into bed though, that movie tired me out."

Morgan jumped up at the voice, immediately turning around. "There's a handprint?!" He squeaked, surprised.

Kabul saw they were in front of the house. "Hm. We're back now. That wasn't very long, was it?" He asked, laughing. "But, I do have school tomorrow night." He frowned. "I'll have to borrow a uniform from Morgan then."

"Well more of a red spot really." Sattienne said, chuckling as he came up behind and held the other.

Valeri blinked. "But aren't you....bigger than Morgan? I want to go to school with you people! Sattienne is going too to teach and I will be left here all alone!"

Morgan frowned again, but it turned into a smirk when he was hugged from behind. "I'll leave red marks on you.."

Kabul laughed. "Yes, I am. But, we have always stayed the night at each other's houses on schoolnights... and we gave each other uniforms in our sizes... in case the need arose... like now. A perfect example." He explained, hoping it made sense. "And I think he wouldn't mind... the school is rather lenient on such things... last I checked."

Sattienne chuckled. "Yes well, they will heal on me, so goodluck." He said, getting into the bath first.

Valeri smiled. "Do you think.. I could go with you?" He asked, looking up at him. "I don't know if I could pass as a student though, I don't have a uniform."

"Hn." Morgan scoffed as he got into the tub, not about to admit that his threat had been terminated and pointless.

Kabul nodded. "I would like that. We can say that you are shadowing me."

Sattienne smiled at his lover. "Mnnn I win." He grinned. "Why did slapping your ass make you so...fiesty?" He asked curiously.

Valeri giggled. "What's shaddowing?"

Morgan couldn't help but blush at the question. Quietly, he said, "It for some reason... excites me.... badly..." He dunked into the water and then came back up. Pushing wet strands out of he way, he glanced over to await his beloved's response.

"Shadowing is simply where a person, mostly a student from another school, is interested in attending our school. They follow the person and their schedule, getting a feel of school life... it helps them make the right choice. A lot of schools do it." Kabul explained.

Sattienne smiled. "Ohhh really? I guess next session of ours your getting spanked..." He said, smirking evily.

Valeri nodded. "Sure! I'll do that, but what if someone asks what school I am from? What should I say?"

Morgan blushed again. "What about you?"

Kabul smiled. "I would just say a school in another country?"

Sattienne snorted. "You wont be doing that to me love, it isn't my thing."

Valeri giggled. "Okay! It will be fun!"

"Ah. I didn't mean that exactly... I meant any sort of odd turn-on?" Morgan asked, beginning to wash himself up.

Kabul hugged Valeri and then lead them to the front door, and inside. "It will be... but you do have to be quiet during classes..."

Sattienne smiled. "No, I haven't really thought about it." He said, grinning. "It will be interesting to try and figure it out." He didn't mention that he secretly liked wearing collars.

Valeri nodded, kicking his shoes off and placing them by the door. "I will be, don't worry." He smiled at the other, "Sleep time?"

Morgan eyed him suspiciously, not exactly believing him. There was always something that a person liked... even if they weren't willing to admit it. "Are you sure about that?"

Kabul followed his companion's example of the removal of shoes and setting them by the door in a neat fashion. "I would like that."

Sattienne grinned. "If you can guess it I will tell you. It involves the neck."

Valeri giggled. "Okay, let's get ready." He said, humming to himself, undressing on their way to his room. "WE'RE HOMMMMEEEE." He called out.

Morgan heard Valeri's voice. He said nothing to respond, but did focus his attention on Sattienne again. "The neck? Hm. Biting?" He would have found that ironic... if he did. A small giggle escaped him at the thought of this irony if his guess was confirmed to be true.

Kabul could not help but look away, knowing how much Valeri's body affected him already...

Sattienne chuckled. "Alright VALERI." He called out to his child before looking to his lover. "Ohh that's one yes, but not the one I meant."

Valeri was only in his boxers as he crawled under his bed coverings. "Mnn comfy.."

"A necklace or something? A neck holder... thingie..." Morgan was thinking aloud. He was on the right track, but it was getting to him. Until, he got it. "Collar."

Kabul stripped out of his own clothes and sat them down on a chair, before turning and pulling his hair back. It prevented it from getting too tangled. He got into the bed beside Valeri. "I agree."

Sattienne grinned. "Good job love." He said, smirking.

Valeri snuggled to the other. "I am sooo tired."

"really?" Morgan, slightly shocked. But, the image of Sattienne in a collar was downright... breathetaking. His body reacted and he had to distract himself. Finishing washing, he said, "why don't we go to bed?"

Kabul held Valeri close as he would allow to get comfortable. He let his eyes draw shut. "I am, too. That movie wore me out."

Sattienne nodded. "Yes, there is school tomorrow, did you finish all your work?"

Valeri gave a small giggle and kissed the other on the cheek. "Goodnight."

Morgan nodded, finished with his bathing. Rising out of the water, he stretched his now uncramped muscles and got out of the tub. Reaching for a towel, he proceeded to dry himself, turning and waiting for his lover to follow suit.... as he assumed that the Immortal was also done. His bed called him and he wanted nothing more than to sleep securely beside the one who captured his heart some months ago.

Kabul returned the gesture and pulled Valeri close to him again before nestling his face into the pillow and his newly-made lover's hair, inhaling the scent deeply. It was put to memory. "Goodnight, Val."

Sattienne followed his lover. "How do you think the other love birds date went?" He asked, peering in his child's room to check on them. At seeing them so close he smiled. "They...must have gone to a level.."

Valeri snuggled closer to him and nodded, not noticing Sattienne look in. He kissed his cheek and was swept to sleep.

Morgan, stopping at the doorway as well, took notice of how close his best friend was with the Immortal who was his beloved's former lover, and Child. "It seems that they did it. Kabul is one for affection, but I am surprised myself. He usually takes caution in dating. But, he must feel strongly already for Valeri. That would be the only explanation..." He smiled happily, knowing that there was no one around now to attempt to steal his beloved from him. Going up to Sattienne, he embraced him by the waist, the smile still on his face. "I wish them both happiness."

Kabul smiled as he finally succumbed to a long awaited rest.

Sattienne smiled and lifted his lover off of his feet, carrying him to their room. He laid him on the bed. "Are you feeling better towards him?" He asked, referring to Valeri.

Although he never would have admitted it, he nodded. Morgan's eyes widened for a moment. "Which reminds me, I owe him an apology for my words earlier. And one for Kabul as well. I will take better caution as to control my emotions and use better words when relaying them to others." He said all this more of as a new goal to himself, more than to his lover. Getting under the covers, he removed the towel from his form and didn't care if he was bare. The coolness of the sheets was pleasant to him and he reached for Sattienne, tugging gently on his arm. "Join me now and let's sleep."

Sattienne joined his lover eagerly."Yes you do have school tomorrow." he said, closing his eyes.

"That we do.." Morgan replied softly before snuggling against his beloved teacher and drifted to sleep.

Following Day

Morgan had awoken easily, detangling himself from the blankets and Sattienne's embrace before moving to dress for school. It was actual the usual time he woked up, and he also realized that today he would most likely be visiting his mother if Sattienne still remembered his command of his student. The teen still wanted naught to do with the woman, as it had only been three days, but he wasn't about to make his beloved angry. Morgan would do what was asked of him... but only if it was requested by the two-toned haired man he glanced over to on the bed. Going to the door, he opened it and went to his bedchamber, going to wardrobe and pulling out a uniform. He proceeded to dress.

Kabul was still sound asleep, shifting slightly, but nothing more than that.

Sattienne rose shortly after his lover, yawning and brushing out his long hair, putting it back as was his custom for teaching. He slipped into his suit and gathered hsi things. "Are you almost ready?" He asked, looking at his lover with adoration.

Valeri woke excitedly. "Kabul!!! Wake! It's time!" He said, shaking his lover, pressing kisses to his face.

Kabul woke up at the shaking, surprised by it. He shrieked at first, but once he remembered where he was, it ripped to a halt. "Already?" He mumbled, not ever being a morning person. "Nnn... fine... I'm up. Let's go Val. We have to get uniforms from Morgan..."

Morgan, knowing that Kabul was going to ask, he was dressed already himself. Combing his hair out, he took a larger uniform set from the wardbrobe, and one of his own, figuring Valeri may end up wanting to tag along with Kabul. He knew that the vampire wouldn't want to stay at home by himself all night. It would have been boring. "Yeah, I'm ready. I'll be right back." He called to Sattienne, going to the room that Val occupied and knocked. "Here. I brought uniforms for you two. Sattienne and I are ready, so you need to hurry or else you have to walk to school." He set the uniforms down on the chair and smiled. "And Valeri, I'm sorry for my words last night. I wasn't exactly myself. And I owe you an apology Kabul... can you both forgive me?"

Kabul nodded at everything his best friend said. Until, the apology caught him off guard. Morgan never apologized so easily. "I forgive you, Morgan. What about you Valeri?" He asked, getting up from the bed and walking over to retrieve his given clothes.

Valeri smiled. "It's okay. I think I gave you the wrong impression of me." He said, smiling at the other. "But don't worry, I have my own." He said, slipping into his uniform.

Sattienne smiled as he overheard the conversation. "So, everythig is settled?"

Morgan turned around to give the two privacy to change. He nodded to Sattienne. "All is well again, I believe." He then left past them to go and get his messenger bag, "I call shotgun, by the way!" He yelled to the people behind him. The spaciness of the hallway enhanced his words to where anyone could hear what he said with ease.

Kabul, finished dressing, raked fingers through his hair before pulling it back into a braid, knowing that the headmistress would have his hair cut if she had seen it was down and flowing.... something that she deemed unprofessional and therefore against school dress code. As long as hair was kept in a neat fashion, it was fine being long. Hearing Morgan's words, he could not help but laugh. "He is in a good mood this morning." And as he said this, he glanced towards his teacher. "Perhaps, Sir, you know why?"

Sattienne chuckled. "I may." He said mysteriously, filling his briefcase with his papers. He had a flashback to it breaking open and his lover helping him to pick up the papers. The image made him blush before he gathered himself to go to the car.

Valeri had put his hair up half way, letting a few strips of his bangs hang in his face. He smiled. "Well, i think I am ready." He said, applying small bit of lipgloss.

Morgan was already in the car, in the front, with messenger bag in between his legs. He had the seatbelt on and his arms crossed, attempting to truly waken up.

Kabul could not help but blush. It was something he really didn't need to know when concerning Morgan. "Ah, I see." He glanced towards Valeri. He looked their age and it made him smile. Today was going to go by smoothly. "Let's go then?" He asked, going to the door.

Sattienne smiled to himself. "Come along you two." he said, ushering Valeri and Kabul out of the house. He smiled at them, glad his ex lover and fledgling found someone.

Valeri giggled and hopped into the backseat, waiting for his lover.

Morgan glanced to Valeri whom climbed into his beloved's vehicle.

"Yes Sir," Kabul replied to his teacher, following Valeri's example of clambering into the vehicle's backseat. He got in beside his waiting lover.

Sattienne drove them all to school, sighing as he wished to simply spend the day at home with Morgan.

Valeri hummed to himself as he waited to arrive at school, resting his head on his lover's shoulder, wanting to go back to sleep.

Morgan glanced at his beloved, guessing on how he was feeling. The younger didn't want to go to school. He wanted to stay at the manor... it was a  place that he felt content at, but he knew that was impossible. He did have his schooling to finish. And he was worried about if he couldn't control himself. Morgan knew that Sattienne got stares at by both genders and a slight jealousy formed in him. "You're going to have to retain your mood during class, Sir," He reminded his lover.

Kabul noticed that Valeri was wanting to go back to sleep and he shook him gently. "Don't go back to sleep, Val. It would not be a good idea." He smiled.

Sattienne glanced at his lover as they pulled into the school parking lot. "What do you mean?"

Valeri smiles and kissed the other on the lips. "Awe, I wont!"

Unlatching his seatbelt, he grabbed his messenger bag and opened the car door. "I mean the one you adopted from the first day. It's the one that the students are used to seeing and I am, as well. But, we don't want people to know, yet, correct?" Morgan asked in a low voice, not wanting anyone to overhear them.

Kabul got out of the car, stretching limbs and closing the door before going to the sidewalk. He waited for Valeri, so they could head inside. His schedule was somewhat different from Morgan's schedule, as they had different morning classes. "I'll make sure you stay awake."

"What did I adopt exactly?" Sattienne asked, not about to make himself uncomfortable just to please everyone in the room. He looked to is lover, not understanding.

Valeri smiled and caught onto the other's side, linking arms with him. "Are there rules?"

"I mean acting indifferent... intimidating." Morgan said, trying to explain the meaning. He was beginning to confuse himself.

Kabul lead them to the main entrance way. "Yes, sadly, there are. You can't speak without raising your hand and it cannot be out of turn. It is disrespectful to the teacher and the other students. Alright?"

"So you want me to act intimidating or no? I have to keep come control of my classroom..." Sattienne said, further confused.

Valeri huffed. "Well, can we kiss?"

"Act like how you normally do at school... to me, you are an intimidating person who demands respect." Morgan said.

Kabul nodded. "Yes, that's fine, but not during class, I'm afraid."

Sattienne chuckled. "Ihad no plans on acting different. Even though you are there." He said, smiling and kissing the other on the cheek.

Valeri twitched. "Okay, what about in Sattienne's class?" He asked, wanting to shower his love with affection

Morgan smiled at the kiss. "I'm glad. I love you, Sattienne." And then he got out of the car, slinging his bag over his chest. "I'll see you later in class." Waving, he started off to his homeroom.

Kabul nodded. "The same rules apply in Sattienne's classroom as well. He is a teacher and deserves the respect as such."

Sattienne smiled and went about his teaching day normally. He acted the same as always, frightening some of his students.

Valeri nodded. "Okay." he pouted and clung to his lover's arm. "This should be fun."

"Yes, I believe it will. You learn to never think that class is going to be boring." Kabul smiled, leading him off to their classes.

The first few periods floated by until it was finally time for English. Morgan entered the room, talking to a friend of his whom was not Kabul. In fact, it was a new student to the place. Seeing Sattienne, he flashed him a smile. "Good evening, Sir." None of the students, he was quite sure, had seen him get out of their teacher's car so he was greeting Sattienne for the first time today. And then he took his seat at the front row, leg crossing over another. He watched as Kabul brought Valeri in.

Kabul had enjoyed the evening classes. They were more interesting with Valeri around. And he even saw that the teachers welcomed him as if he really was a student and it pleased him. "Perhaps you can do this again tomorrow, Valeri," he suggested to his lover, smiling as he lead them to two open desks.

Sattienne merely nodded to Morgan before getting out his roster. "Right, everyone I want you to all open your books and answer the review questions from last chapter." He said, handing Valeri a copy of the book.

Valeri giggled. "I will. This is fun."

Morgan, sadly, found himself distracted somewhat. To know other things that his classmates (with the exclusion of Kabul and Valeri) knew about their English teacher, it made him feel... very special. And with that final thought, he dove into the assignment given. It was rather simple. He remembered everything when simply reading it once.

Kabul also proceeded to do the assignment.

Sattienne watched over the trio, smilng as he saw Kabul and Morgan blasting through it. Valeri on the other hand.. was not doing so well. He frowned. This should have been easy for him.

Valeri peered down on the page, but nothing was making sense to him.

Morgan glanced up from his work for a brief moment before resuming.

Kabul, pausing in his work, noticed that Valeri was... struggling? Getting up, he went to his side. "What's wrong?" He whispered, not wanting to disturb the class.

Sattienne kept his eyes on Morgan as he saw Kabul help his child.

Valeir pouted. "Well.. none of this really makes sense.. I haven't ever gone to this school before.."

Kabul nodded in understanding. "Read the text if you must. The pages are right before the questions.. it really isn't that hard. The questions are simply review about what occurred in the text."

Valeri nodded, getting the hang of it at last. "I dno't think I will finish this.."

Ignoring the urge to kiss his boyfriend, he smiled. "It doesn't matter if you do or not." Getting back to his seat, he moved to finish the last few questions.

Morgan, however, was done and closed his textbook. Leaning back in his chair, he stretched out and let his gaze drift out the window.

Sattienne yawned. "Alright, turn your assignments in and read the last three pages of chapter four and after that you can have the rest of the class to free time. Try to take notes, there is a test on Wednesday."

Valeri giggled. "Thank you for your help." He wrote a small note to Sattienne on the paper that he didn't understand the material and he was sorry and then turned it in with the other papers and speed read the chapter, eager to talk to his lover.

Morgan's paper was gathered by another student who had gotten up to collect all of the papers. He didn't notice, nor did he hear Sattienne's instructions. Blinking, he realized he had gone and stared off, deep in his own thoughts. A lot of the last few days' events were replaying in his mind, and finally really asserting itself as his reality and not a dream that he would suddenly waken up from due to a vase being flung at his head or something. Glancing towards his lover, he saw that he was board and found it amusing. At home, he was much more... entertained. A faint blush graced his face as he thought of the things they could be doing instead of being here in class.

Kabul noticed his friend had gone into space, and then came back before he had the chance to throw a pencil at him... which was customary. Then the glance he gave their teacher and then the blush on his face. Ah, he knew that look. And if he wasn't Morgan's best friend, he would be wrong as he guessed the kinds of thoughts that were running through that boy's mind. "Perv.." He muttered under his breathe as he opened the textbook to read the assigned pages. He, like Valeri, was also eager to talk.

Sattienne yawned and caught his lover's eyes, trying to not laugh as he knew what went on in his mind. He muttered under his breath about teenager's and stamina.

Valeri giggled as they could finally talk. He looked to Morgan and blushed because he could read the thoughts from the other. "Oh.. errmm. Morg could you block your thoughts?"

Morgan heard Kabul's uttered word and then that look from Sattienne. Finally, Valeri's words he understood that he had been caught in his thoughts. "I don't know what you're talking about..." He muttered, face a stark red in embarressment.

His classmates glanced towards him in curiousity.

Kabul laughed under breathe. "I think he's going to block his thoughts now, Valeri.." He glanced towards him. "So, what do you think of school so far?"

Valeri giggled at Morgan and turned to Kabul. "I like it enough I guess. Not as much as I's boring but I like being next to you." He said, humming.

Sattienne yawned, pleading with his own creation to let school end quickly.

Morgan watched Sattienne for a moment before glancing towards the clock.

"Yes, school has the ability to make you bored. You get used to it after a while.." He laughed.

After classes

Morgan leaned against the doorframe to Sattienne's classroom, messenger bag on shoulder, arms crossed as he patiently waited for his lover to get done. He was ready to go home.

Kabul was near Morgan, and he glanced towards Valeri. "I'm going to go home for the night. I need to get changed and take a shower and whatnot. You're welcome to come with, Valeri." he smiled.

Sattienne gathered his things, smiling at Morgan. He waited for the students to be out of class. He spotted the science teacher. "Oh dear.." He mumbled, trying to not make eye contact with the other.

Valeri nodded. "I would love to! Let's find Sattienne though and tell him we are going.."

Garrett V. Ansley, a loved Science teacher, made his way over to the students gathered around his Sattienne's door. Pushing back brown hair, he could not help but smile. He was of average height and build. "Hello Kabul, Valeri. Morgan." He nodded, acknowledging them before going into the classroom. As he passed Morgan, he could of swore the boy glared at him. It was known that he had a thing for Sattienne.

Kabul smiled to their teacher. "Mr. Ansley." He replied, before glancing over to Morgan.

Morgan glared daggers at Mr. Ansley's back, disliking him intensely, as he had the feeling the man was going to ask his lover of something that should not be asked. And he was going to intervene, but he knew that he could not. Sattienne was single. That's what they wanted to make it seem like... that he wasn't dating a student. Him. Sighing, he mumbled, "I'll be in the car waiting." If I stay, I know that I will do something both of us will regret. With hands shoved into pockets, he walked away.

"Okay Morgan." Kabul glanced to Valeri. "He's jealous."

"Well, what do I owe the pleasure of having you in my classroom?" Sattienne asked the science teacher, a hint of irritation in his voice. He just wanted to leave and go home with his lover.

Valeri blinked. "Ohhhh no.. poor Morgan..."

Garret smiled. "I just wanted to see if you would like to go out some time in the near future?" He was blunt and honest. It was how he was raised to be.

Kabul heard his science teacher ask out his engliish teacher. "And it was a good thing Morgan left. He would have lashed out right about now... as he has every right to do so." He explained to Valeri, but more to himself. "Come, let's go see Morgan. I think Sattienne can take care of Mr. Ansley once and for all." He took Valeri's hand and lead him away in the direction Morgan went.

"No. To be perfectly clear I already have a lover and am not interested in another. And though your request flatters me, I must decline. Thank you for your time." And with that he shortly shut his briefcase and left the room, following after his students.

Valeri giggled and went to morgan. "Awe Morg.. don't be upset buddy, you know Satti loves you."

Garret was taken aback by Sattienne's words. "O-okay... good night then..." He muttered, leaving the classroom and going back to his to retrieve his things. I'm still not giving up... I get what I want... he thought annoyedly. Mr. Nice Guy was done with now.

Morgan turned his head away, still gazing down at the ground. "Did Mr. Ansley ask him out?" Voice was barely audible.

Kabul shook his head. "You're pathetic. Yes, Mr. Ansley did ask out Sattienne, but I don't think he will go out with him. He is with you and Sattienne, I am quite sure, does not lead others along nor does he cheat. You should think better of him." He scolded his friend gently.

Morgan sighed. "I know, but still, I am insecure. Wouldn't you be insecure knowing your lover was a beautiful teacher? His piercing gaze keeps others at bay, but one can still get lost in them. A labyrinth that he or she would never want to get out of..."

Sattienne when he made it to the car, cupped Morgan's face in his hands and kissed him hard. He didn't care who saw. He knew that if it was Garret the other would probably fume but not tell on him for it. "That moron asked me out.. can you guess my answer?"

Valeri giggled. "Awe you two love each other soo much." And as he said this he inched towards his own lover, grasping his hand, giggling as Sattienne kissed Morgan.

Morgan's eyes widened at the kiss, surprised and blushing from the fact it was in front of others. Hugging his beloved by the waist, he could not help but smile and reply, "You said no..."

And Garret did see. He was irritated with the fact he was outbested by a child. Storming off to his car, he got in and sped out of the parking lot, into the night and to his home. Already he was divising a plan to break apart the couple and claim Sattienne for himself.

Kabul smiled and put an arm around Valeri's waist. "Sir. Valeri is coming with me to my house for the night. I need new clothes and to let my Grandmother know I am alright."

Sattienne grinned. "Well he asked me out and I told him I was taken.. he's not a threat, and just be safe you two."

Valeri nodded. "We will be!"

Morgan hugged his lover tighter, burying his face against him. "I don't want anyone to take you away from me. I know that I would not like seeing you with anyone else," he said in a slightly muffled voice.

Kabul nodded in agreement with Valeri. "I promise we'll be fine. I'll call Morgan's cellphone to let you know we are at my house safe and sound. Come on Valeri." Taking the other's hand, he lead him away in the direction of his house.

"And just who? Who the hell would do that to you? I belong to you." Sattienne said, holding his lover extra tight and kissing him. "Don't worry I am yours only."

Valeri giggled and followed after him. "Can I meet your parental then?"

Morgan looked up at the other. "It's happened before. I'm younger and in a lot of ways, still a child. There's others out there who would come seek your attention... like Mr. Ansley. Your feelings could change..."

"Of course you can." Kabul smiled, hugging Valeri's waist and pulling him close as they walked along.

Sattienne sighed. "Morgan, what part of you belong to me and I am not leaving you don't you understand?" He asked the other, looking down at him. "And call me a pedophile but I like how young you are."

Valeri smiled and hugged him. "Will they be mad you're dating a guy?"

"I understand... sorry... I want to go home now." He smiled a half-smile at the taller male.

Kabul shook his head. "I don't think so. My grandmother is one of the few open-minded of her generation."

Sattienne smiled and hugged him tightly. "There see? Now we can go on home and I can molest you like my type does to young children." He said, slipping his fingers through the other's hair.

Valeri smiled. "How much longer till we get there? I am excited."

Morgan blushed faintly. "But there's a difference. Unlike most children, I like it." He smirked deviously before getting into the vehicle.

"We're here. It's that house right there.." He pointed towards a brown one. "It's not huge, but it is home."

Sattienne grinned. "Well I haven't given you a reason not to." He said, laughing as he started the car to drive to their home. "You may as well get any other belongings you have at your house..."

Valeri grinned. "Sooo what you wanna do when we get there?"

"Fine." Morgan reluctantly agreed.

"Dunno." Kabul replied. He was honest, too. "I'll probably have mail.."

Sattienne chuckled. "It wont be so bad. in fact, let's go get your things now." He said, starting his car.

Valeri giggled and kissed Kabul. "Okay.. thank you by the way.. for being my boyfriend.."

"Alright." Morgan said, "The sooner the better. I want to have no more excuses for you to drag me back to that house." He pouted slightly.

"I am delighted by it Valeri. I like you a lot, ya know," He smiled and kissed him back as they approached the porch.

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2008-12-07 [The Vampire Armand]: And you didn't even ask me if I wanted to yet! Dammit! I don't mind working with changes, but you took a lot of it away! Please, just the next time you want to take THAT much of a story out you should probably let me know exactly what your intentions are!

2008-12-07 [The Vampire Armand]: -sighs- Nevermind I was able to go back a couple of versions and copy and paste the information to a word document where it would continue to at least be safe and read once in a while, but please, the next time you wish to make a change that big at least run it through me first!

2008-12-07 [Vou]: D: I'm sorry...

2008-12-07 [The Vampire Armand]: -sighs- It's fine.

2008-12-07 [Vou]: I'm half-awake and sick... D:

2008-12-07 [The Vampire Armand]: -tickles your sides- That's no reason to not think that maybe I wanted to talk about the changs first! pest!

2008-12-07 [Vou]: -giggles- NUUUU! Stop tickling me!

2008-12-07 [The Vampire Armand]: -laughs and continues- Will you ever change another thing without running it through to me again?

2008-12-07 [Vou]: I have learned my lesson! -squirms and continues to laugh-

2008-12-07 [The Vampire Armand]: Aha! That isn't the right answer miss! -doesn't let up-

2008-12-07 [Vou]: I won't change the roleplay unless I consult you first!

2008-12-07 [The Vampire Armand]: Good child. -pats your head-

2008-12-07 [Vou]: -pouts and bites hand-

2008-12-07 [The Vampire Armand]: -stares-

2008-12-07 [The Vampire Armand]: -sighs- I need to have time to get back into Sattienne's character, this deletion of ohhh 54 pages worth that you did has really set me back and I don't like the tone the story has taken. We should have instead wrote a side story.

2008-12-07 [The Vampire Armand]: Actually.. I don't even think I can work on it. I am probably going to restore it to what it was, re-pass it to where you dn't know what that password is and we can do a new one. This is infuriating, I thought I could get over it, but why would you want to throw that much of it away?

2008-12-07 [Vou]: That's fine... I thought maybe it could go different. I thought we could let more time lapse between the two before they actually got together..

2008-12-07 [The Vampire Armand]: Mnn I understand that but honestly! You didn't even run it through how much you were going to be going back through. Couldn't you have started it on a different page? I loved the story how it was. And now I can't even get into character with him.

2008-12-07 [The Vampire Armand]: -raises an eyebrow-

2008-12-07 [Vou]: I got it back.

2008-12-07 [The Vampire Armand]: -sighs- And as I said you may start the new version on a separate page.

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