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I am up for adoption at the Adoption Agency!
[moonscale] - The dragon: I am a small, not baby, but small silvery dragon with large golden-brown eyes. I love chocolate and wiggling my eyebrows. If I like you I am fiercely protective and will shower you with burnt chocolate.

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A must see: Too much time


addicted to elftown

Common Sense Llama

the wscfbs


People...we don't care.

Take Elftown Back

For the Love of Reading


New Moon Inn
black arrow tavern
Blazen Inn

Take Elftown Back

Elftown Wiki Poetry Dueling Arena

Come Vote!



common sense llama

dictionary of iipo

<sometimes its worse if you care>
The Only escape

solemn lines

Safety Pin Lovers

House of Hugs


Something That Pisses Me Off...


elftown paranormal society

[#]- to the moon (or maybe not that far...)
[moonscale]- to my house

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