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Poems, I Post!

"A Poem Should not Mean, but Be..."


(Not Done/Blarg)

I've been waiting on you, girl,
For nigh on an age,
I've been waiting on you, girl,
To come turn this page,

I want to keep you primed
Like a live grenade, can't take my hand away
Like a live grenade, you take my breath away
I want to keep you primed, primed, primed.

Saria's Song-

I'll find you again
This life or another

I open my eyes
And find to no surprise
That you're not here anymore...
You're not here by my side
With your hair in the sky
You left a long time ago.
My dreams chase silver screens
I wake with no magical beans
No way to get to you.

Waiting here with bated breath
For the sound of your approaching footstep

She smells like jade
When the candles burn your eyes
Sometimes makes you feel like you're made
Of peanut-butter and lies.
You speak but words grasp no air
Falling on this poor deaf mans ears
All I can do is think and stare
And chew thoughts through blurred tears.

Don't tempt the Tempter
Devil's own prisoner

Winds don't blow the sand away
Like lights keeping the shadows at bay
Music changes, white mercury
Sparks fly, mixed circuitry

They Toilet Papered Me Again?!

The Monsters are coming out,
They're starting to sing and shout,
Out from the hallowed fells,
All speaking fearsome spells.
They're marching through the streets,
Begging for little treats-
The witches and princesses and queens,
They're making such god-awful scenes.
They're coming out to your homes,
Past all your protective gnomes...

Turn out the light.
Lock your door that night.
Pull close the drapes and blind.
They're an awful mess,
I must confess,
Standing at 3 foot nine.

They'll take what they can,
I'm not a big fan,
Just like the guy next door.
They'll take your stack,
Put it in a sack,
And leave you feeling sore.
I say put up a fight,
They don't have a right,
To suck candy like a sieve.
I'll stand by the hose,
And take that kid in the nose,
All on Hallows Eve.

Sketching Your Name

(Featured on Mainstreet)

You Are The Plastic
Beneath My Feet.
The Leather And Lace
And Rubber.
You Breathe And I Am
... Moved.
I Want Your Soul
You Have Two.
I Need Them Both.

If I Only Had Some Braains...

The noon bell sings
Off of old silver screens
Bringing you back
To that old Cadillac
-It ran down so many...

We used to have fun
Out in the bright sun
But now its not so
It was all just for show
-'Cause I look better at night.

If only we could be together
One more time, forever
We could get past differences
We could get past your senses
-And I then I could eat your braains.

But your body is not for me
Your heart is lost at sea
The one thing you could never tell
Head over heels, I hopelessly fell
-Only for your braains.

I Paint Grass

(Featured on Mainstreet)

Rainbows and silly string,
Kites caught in a cloud.
A piece of cool grass sings,
Flower petals screaming so loud.

Thoughts to bend bridges,
Spun across the sand-
Warm nights and well wishes,
And I hope to see where we land.

Liquid mercury streaks purple flare,
Before the midsummer night sky-
Slow wind touches your hair,
From where you calmly lie.

Silent the trees watch,
In cold symphony,
Dark steel carves a notch,
For all the stars to see.

You Left Me Here

I thought I would warm up
I thought it could burn
Many long years
Waiting for my turn
She felt right
I was taking it slow
Ease my way back
Into this show
Said she was going away
Far a long long time
Never could forget
What crossed my mind

She said she doesn't care
Said she doesn't care
Said the only thing that matters
Is doing her hair
Shes never coming home
Never coming home
Broke my heart
As she watched me stare
She said she doesn't care
Said she doesn't care
Offered an insincere apology
Then left me there
I wasted all my time
Wasted all my time
Thought she was different
This just isn't fair.

Canadian Dreams

Searching through the deadwood,
Runic lines drawn in timber.
Trying to find you if I could,
Meanings and thoughts I can't remember.

I reach for doors that lead me on,
Away from you I sense around.
Animals and plants, anti-dawn,
Tracks I follow on the ground.

Answering your call, costs a fee,
Of bone, blood, and sinew.
Blind to what you can see,
Everything that I wish I knew.

Strange words fill my head,
Confused I look about.
Understanding tastes like lead,
Overwhelmed by feelings of doubt.

Earthly anchors fade away,
In another place my thoughts burn.
Everything decides to turn ash-grey,
So much that I will never learn.

Something clicks- I will leave this place,
Clouds are pierced and I jolt awake.
Pressure on my eyes removes your face,
And I realize that it was all just a fake.

Legends of a Nobody

(Featured on Mainstreet)

Red rock screams out a silver deposit
Grass clinging to the edge waiting for someone to grab it
Sharp decline in Life expectancy
Death peers out only sex he can see
Wind rips the clothes stings the cheek
Earth expands and whispers meet
Legends of a Nobody no one knew
No Fortress in the sky to go to
Who will remember this matter
These remains all bent and tattered
Water slowly pours quietly past
Time makes it's move and reacts fast
Rumors fly and power shifts
Over the boy who spirits he lifts
Drowning out the shouts
Hearts brighten and stops the pouts
Everyone knows the Legend now too
Of the Nobody that no one knew

[Savior For Cayley]

I found this, poetry I wrote long ago- years ago. I wont let this die here in obscurity. This one's for you Cayley.
(Featured on Mainstreet)

When there's Nothing left inside,
When all Hope fails,
I'll always be by your side,
  I will be your Savior.

When Love has gone,
When the snows melt,
Know that there'll be a new dawn,
  That this isn't the End.

Maybe not in this life,
Maybe not tomorrow,
I'll take all your pain and strife,
  And bury them inside me.

Every Beginning has an Ending,
Every Ending has a Beginning,
I hope I'm not offending,
  But there's nothing left, but to start over.

Look into my eyes,
Look beyond what I'm saying,
We all have to say our goodbyes,
  Someday we have to wake up.

Life is just a Dream,
Life is nothing more,
We'll keep on falling till we scream,
  Until we fight back up.

Live till you can't live no more,
Live till you prove something,
And even though you're sore,
  Know that I'll be your Savior.

End of the Beginning

(Featured on Mainstreet)

Dreams of cascading stars
And sleepless bars
Over dizzying heights
On neon lit nights
Songs slowly drift by
Drowning what's become a lie
That's rolling on past my lips
Speeding by at several kips
Anything to stop the fiend
Bright dots that begin to keen
Pink scorpions and white snow
Cut with what I need to know
Cotton and plastic caps
That go down so very fast
I reel back with that look in my eye
As they glaze and I feel like a sigh
Escaping around the corner of my mind
Following the legs, tails and their kind
Sweat pinpricks envelope my hands
As the room temp defies the fans
In walks perfect with looks only for me
Singled out through the crowded sea
Watching each step that she would take
Planing out each breath she would make
Sudden pain- my eyes go overload
White my chest, it threatens to explode
Waking to falling stars
In restless bars
At spinning heights
On neon washed nights

Ylno Dna Eno

Sing me a song of an age long past,
Add a guitar and drumbeats blast,
Sing me a song of misery and woe,
Something catchy, that I can't say no.
Sing me a song of love undying,
A creature so beautiful as to catch me sighing,
Dream me a dream of far meadows,
Of horses with horns who have no toes.
Dream me a dream of oceans wide,
And birds who say they've never lied,
Dream me a dream of a flower so bold,
Thoughts of outshining you, thoughts spun in gold.
Run with me to chase the moon,
Hold your breath, don't let it go too soon,
Run with me to a far away plain,
We'll seek and hide, no one to know your name,
Run with me across silver bridges sold,
So thin they seem to forever fold.

When we quiet our steps and wake from this dream,
When the music dies and no songbirds sing,
My last sight I draw, my last breath I breathe,
Will you be there or will you leave?
Never was a time that choked your life,
Or wrinkled your pretty forehead with strife,
Time never touched you, that I'm sure of,
Not meant for this place; Heaven's Dove,
My bones turn to ash, your tears dry,
The trees waste away, the world does die,

Always I know you're here for me,
As I am, near to you as I can be.

Sweet Talking

Eyes of Gold,
Lips I've never Seen.
Girl I'd like to Hold,
She makes me want to Scream.
Don't run from me, Bay-bah,
Let your mind find the Peace.
Shake your hands free of the Lay-bah,
Find a heart that's for Lease...

Cant Look Astride

It seems I can never win,
Things keep coming up under my chin.
I look far and I look wide,
I come up with nothing - No big surprise.
I see you, you're up to something,
I ask, but you say nothing.
I sneak behind and up and down,
To find what's under your crown.
Fantasies of lights and cats?
Dreams of paper and wind perhaps?
Aspirations of grandeur?
Thoughts covered in fur?
I'm so confused - No big surprise.
Even though I've looked far and wide.
Things keep coming up under my chin,
It seems I just cant ever win.

A Beautiful Lie

Fighting invisible foes,
Only the heavens above knows,
Parrying the starry skies, In your mind are only lies.
These hopes and bright and new,
Replacing the lies - You believe they're true.
Facing the sword, with the song,
One will win, but be forever wrong.
Thunder strikes and the heavens fall
While I fight furiously beneath them all.
The ominous clouds clear,
And the streaking angels tear,
You run and hide your heart,
As I chase - these chains I part.
You don't seem to see,
Who I'm supposed to be,
So take off your mask,
And let me finish my task,
For the rains will come,
To wash my body numb.

As you lead me aside,
The path that had tied,
       My soul to this world.


The great negotiator,
Proud propagator.
Running people's lives,
Walking on sharp knifes,
The rain slicks your hair,
You don't seem to care.
Obstructing problems with ease,
'Cause you've got the keys,
To everyone's hearts,
Even if you fill them with darts.
Everything compromised,
You realize your demise.
Fighting to stay,
She's got nothing to say.
Just shut your mouth,
Let the words come out,
Silenced thoughts shot,
All's come to naught.
Letters you can't send,
You're just a terrible boyfriend.

Terrible boyfriend,
Terrible boyfriend,

Terrible boy.

I Don't Want a Perfect Drug

Sweet poison touching my lips,
Nothing more that just a kiss,
To keep me from slowly dying,
So strong as if to stop your lying.

Flying high against my will,
I'm trying to get close enough to kill,
You are my flawed drug, the best,
Not perfect, just didn't pass the test.

Almost too straight-edged, I thought you'd see,
It's madness that only I can be,
Addicted as I may be to you,
I don't want this to ever be through.

How do you stop this feeling inside,
Regardless I try to stop the tide,
I just can't take much more of this,
Sweet poison touching my lips.

Lost Love That Can Never Be

I'm dreaming of a song,
It was lost was not for long....
In the mountains, in the air,
Somewhere below, without a care....
Under the rocks and behind the trees,
Beside the ocean and across the breeze...
Elusive and subtle it is,
There and gone like a first kiss...
Gone before the winds my ears do hear,
It was far, but now draws near...
The song I know, I can feel,
But now I weep, collapse and kneel....
For the sorrow of the song,
It was just a dream and now its gone.

Dead Inside

The Tree of Life,
Dead as it may seem.
You may still despair,
In a midsummer night's dream.
Moonlight glints off,
Its dark lifeless eves,
Sorrowful branches weep,
As if it grieves.
Deep inside,
Is life still there?
Buried somewhere within,
Does it still breathe life's air?

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