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Pictures of hand

These photos are free for any kind of usage. That means that you can use them for reference, include them in your drawing tutorial, put them on your Reference pictures site or use them for photo manipulations.

All these photos are on a relaxed hand. It's [Hedda]'s hand and his photos.
Relaxed hand pointing forward.
Relaxed hand pointing forward turned with the inside up.
Same photo but from the other side.
And from another angle.
Relaxed hand. Arm point upwards.
Same, but the hand is relaxed backwards.
Same, but from another direction.
And from yet another direction.
Hand point forward relaxed, seen from front.
Hand hanging down.
Hand hanging down from another direction.
Hand hanging down from backhand.
And yet another hanging hand.
Relaxed hand pointing forward.
Relaxed hand pointing forward from front.
Relaxed hand from thumb-side.
Relaxed hand with the backhand up.
And the same, but from front.

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Foot photo reference is the same as this but with feet. Hand reference photos not free to use for anything else than reference.

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/ [Hedda]

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2007-02-02 [Chrysilla]: Ahh Mayor I just found this! Thank you thank you now drawing hands will be so much easier!

2007-02-02 [Hedda]: Just tell me if you need something more!

2007-12-12 cris: umm you need a hand from front not side pleazee i need it cuz

2007-12-13 [Hedda]: From front? Which direction is that? I think I got every angel covered here, including the images taken from the front.

2007-12-14 Unknown: Hey thank you so much for this. It's very helpful.

2010-08-16 @Not logged in user@: Oh my goodness! Thank you so much. I use this page all the time for hand references. ; u ;

2010-11-16 johnny: fantastic.

2011-02-28 kian: Thanks for ur hand images,
it really helpful to me.

2011-04-22 Bossi: Fantastic, thanks for sharing these refs, highly appreciate it.

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