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Pictures of my Lady-bug!




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2011-03-05 [クロナ]: A cat.

2011-03-06 [July 47]: is it lonely i dont see it's pics anywhere?i will cry for it waaa<img:stuff/mood7-gif.gif>

2011-03-06 [クロナ]: I've had pictures of him up here before and there are all kinds of pictures of him elsewhere. This is just a wiki for my dog. And not all the animals I have. Plus, it's a lot harder to get pictures of cats then it is of dogs.

2011-03-07 [July 47]: With my cat all i have to get my violin out and play it.It comes running

2011-05-04 [Kbird]: yah or just call it stuiped and see were box it throw came from.

2011-05-05 [July 47]: she is a good cat.stop being mean to my cat.i will shield her from you

2012-05-15 [XxTsomexX]: :O She's adorable!

2012-05-15 [クロナ]: Aww!! Thank you! She's my life. ^.^

2012-05-16 [July 47]: most of these pics show a fluffy dog that seems a bit lazzy

2012-05-16 [July 47]: most of these pics show a fluffy
dog that seems a bit lazzy

2012-05-16 [クロナ]: How is that lazy?

2012-05-16 [Druid Fables]: So... Either you're saying the dog is lazy, or you're saying Rika is lazy because she's fluffy. Which one is it? I'm assuming you're talking about the dog because she's laying down or whatnot in most of them.

2012-05-17 [クロナ]: OH! The Onee-sama (To the rescue!). >.> But, just to be clear. Most of them aren't actually of her laying down. The ones in the brown chair are her sitting..she's just laying her head on the arm rest. AND in the ones that she's laying down's a command lay. I told her to. Plus, I take pictures of her when I CAN. And when she looks cute. I have tons others, but as someone who takes 16 hours of classes a semester, it's hard to stay on top of uploading them all.

I don't mean to sound mean or anything, but my dog literally is my life. (You can ask anyone who knows me and/or my dog) So calling her lazy or me for that matter insults me a great deal. Granted, I know that you didn't mean to, it still hurts just a little.

2012-05-17 [Druid Fables]: Cats are another story. Our cats are terribly lazy. I mean TERRIBLY. Unless you are feeding them, playing with them with the laser light that we have, or getting treats, our cats sleep almost non-stop... Of course, that are cats. Cats are lazy in general. Dogs on the other hand, not so much. Unless they're the type of dog that doesn't like to play, or they're old... Those are the only times I've seen lazy dogs.

Otherwise, Rika, she looks precious. XD I wish I could meet her. I don't really care for cocker spaniels, but she just looks too precious. And sorry, xD she just looks like she's laying down in a lot of them, but it's probably the angle.

2012-05-18 [クロナ]: Well, I know that no one here is a science major. And this will bore most people to tears. But, in short. The reason cats and dogs seems so lazy is because they're sleeping or resting a lot of the time. BUT, if they had the same size bodys humans do then they would rest as much as we do. (Of course this is all on average). Because the smaller the body the most energy that is used. So, playing with a toy or laser light for a few minutes runs their energy down fast. It's the same with babies. Just to clarify...and defend the seemingly lazy animals.

And, I never did either. Until she stole my heart. That's all it takes. Is a bond with an animal for them to change the way you look at them all. Lady also naturally lays in funny positing. She sleeps like a snail. (I think I've sent you a lot of her pictures...if not just look on facebook. There are a ton of them) But, she is precious. And beautiful. But, I'm biased. I'm her mom. I think everyone should think she's the best thing in the world. >.>

2012-05-18 [Druid Fables]: I know they rest a lot. xD I'm not saying they're "Lazy" as in they don't want to do anything. I do know they are actually resting.

xD She is precious, I'll give you thaaat much. But since I don't know her I can't say all the details. I'm hoping I may be able to meet her sometime in the future. :) I don't know how well I could handle having a dog, though. I'm actually partially afraid of them, depending on what kind they are. She wouldn't really scare me, unless she barked so much that it made me go crazy. (annoying repetitive sounds make me freak out really bad). I'm sure she's not that barky though.

2012-05-18 [クロナ]: She's only really barky when people come to the door. Or when they walk by, but it's not that bad. And she stops when I tell her to or we answer the door. She's a freindly dog so she does it for attention. She does have a tendency to snap. But, that's when she's afraid and I'm not there. So, there aren't many circumstances when that happens. Usually just her grooming. (Most of the time for her vet vists I stay with her....our vet gives the option to do a sit in appointment.) And, hell, most of the time I groom her now. Since it's so expensive. So, there's pretty much nothing now that puts her in that position. The last time she snapped it was a Sky because she had just moved up here, I was out with Laura, and Sky ran over her with the chair he was sitting in. So, yeah. The most that people have to worry about it her "happy/nervous pee" if she gets too excited or nervous then she will. But with new people it's usually a small pee and then she's over on her back wanting people to rub her tummy. It would be nice for her to meet you....everyone really. She loves people. And she really liked Shy when she came to visit. But, because of this dog, I will have a cocker spaniel for the rest of my life. (not that I won't have other animals. because I can't say no to a stray. You've been to my house.....And I want a great dane so bad. They're freaking horse dogs, but they're more scardy cat than....well, look at scooby doo....he's a great dane. >.>

2012-05-18 [Druid Fables]: LOL. Is he really? o.o He's small for a great dane... I remember one of my childhood friends had a blind one, biggest baby and most loyal, protective and sweetest dog I've ever met.

It's good that she's not so barky except when people come to the the door and such. I'm also sure it's not a loud, echoing bark like a sheparding dog... Those are the ones I'm afraid of... I had to watch joshua's mom's dog once, and that dog scared the shit out of me. To the point where I would start having panic attacks. Luckily I didn't have to go over there anymore. I haven't been back to that house since...xD' I would love to meet her. If I can find a way, I will.

2012-05-18 [クロナ]: Nope. She's not in the herding dog group. She's a sporting with the setters and retrievers. Like the other dogs she was bread to flush out birds and such. Which is why youtube has so many cockers that jump through the grass. And I'm sure you will/would. If I weren't saving up for Japan and possibly the Wizarding World then I would go..But, Japan's going to be a lot of money. And this summer I don't have a job or any money so it's shot. And, yes, he is. But, he's also a cartoon so...but he's a giant compared to the other dogs that are always on there.

2012-05-30 [July 47]: i love the light in that dog eyes in most of these shots
almost seem like a fire there if you look close to it

2012-10-26 [Kbird]: July's such a dog person same here though!

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