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2011-07-29 11:38:36
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2006-06-03 [Keii]: Yesh! It's up! Good thinking [Blaithin]. ^^

2006-06-03 [Blaithin]: Thanks :)

2006-07-01 [dew_farie]: This is kinda cool, but I don't quite understand the idea, can you explain a little more?

2006-07-01 [Blaithin]: Other heddate communities like WritersCo and MusMak have been set up for people who write or make music. We think there should also be a separate community for photographers. [Hedda] would just like some idea's brought forth that would make one more photography community on the net worthwhile so that's what we're trying to do :)

2006-07-01 [dew_farie]: oohh, ok, gotcha. I think.

2006-07-04 [~Lady Morgana~]: Very nice [Blaithin]! ^^

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