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2007-04-07 02:08:52
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PhoenixVs pics

Whee, I smile!
Oh, my, is that...
Don't talk to me...go away.
Oh no, you caught me peeking!
Crazy wide-eye smile!
What's going on inside my mind...?
C'mon, you know you want me
Woot, smile again!
I know, lovely, right?
Gaze into my eyes...gaze into my soul...can you hear what it says to you?

/ [NukleaЯ EveЯgloW™]
I took all of these on April 6th on my webcam

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2007-04-14 [Aer-L]: aww these are so awsome ^^ oh and btw luv ur hair ^^

2007-04-26 [Nevermore Evermore]: Awr, yeah, your hair is adorable! -pets-

2007-04-26 [Thrice]: I like how it looks as if the pictures were taken in snapshots, as if you were caught Candidly.
Nicely taken.

2007-04-27 [beautiful passion]: gosh clayton,
i really didnt notice how cute you really were!!!! i guess its a good thing we go to the same school...i can look at you all i want,lol, see ya lata!!!

2007-05-07 [Rainbows And Scene Kids]: you are quite hot

2007-05-21 [Tragedy In Trend]: There's my seksah beast of a buddy!!!

Lol. I'm still contemplating on putting a pic up of me >_<


But I agree, hot hair!

2007-06-05 [Ryu-tenshi]: I agree to the 'hot hair comment' and the 'quite cute comment'

2007-07-05 [|St|ephie _x]: Awhh :), you look gawjuss

2007-08-02 [Black Dahlia Avenger]: it seems that everyone thinks your "hot" and have "hot hair".
i'm gonna compliment you for your eyes and smile.

2007-08-07 [goneawaynow]: Sweet!

2007-08-08 [ElizabethBathory]: ur cute

2007-09-04 [.:tasha; babiie..x]: ur cute :P lol

2007-10-01 []: love your hair.
i like the rawr and the wuzuuuup one :]]

2007-10-23 [vampiric tendencies]: hey ur fucking lush
i love the fact ur so photogenic
leanne xxx

2007-10-30 [xoxoSimply Toxicxoxo]: my favorites are the 4th, 9th, and 12th. but i think i like the 4th best.

Very Cute.

2007-10-31 [your exotic nightmare]: i like your hair. good pics

2007-12-17 [Lateshia!]: Your soul is saying your hilarious LOL!

2007-12-22 [carrot_queen]: Why don't i have sexy girls complimenting my pictures? :(

2008-01-18 [*_*RAINBOWS AND BUNNYS, BITCH!!! *_*]: aww... Clayton your hair looks so cute like that!

2009-01-27 [Tragedy In Trend]: Oh man these are so old - what happened to you being so cute and adorable? =P*

2009-01-30 [NukleaЯ EveЯgloW™]: Ummn...idk? =P I shaved jan 29th and uhh....imma get my hair straightened feb 30th...holy shit it's almost feb 2nd...

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