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Perfect Bounty

Dark alleyways are your bread and butter. Semi-automatics pay the rent. Magic is matter of course. Drugs, sex and violence is often how you communicate. The cops are underpaid, overworked, and disgruntled. And the Hunt is as real as it can get.

The Hunters. The Hunted. All part of this intricate game of the underworld. Where the Hunted hide in every shadow, and the Hunters are always on the lookout for the perfect bounty.

And what happens when all of that is threatened, nobody knows...

This is a world quite unlike the one you are used to. The technology is more advanced, for sure, but more importantly magic has not died out in this reality. Magical species abound, and different races walking down the streets is as common as Happy Hour at The Rusty Spoon.

Bounty hunting also a very viable option, one many take. Only a few are good at it, and very few out of those live past the ripe old age of 30. The bounties flow like water: the government has enough money to shell out rewards, and private bounties can also be posted through public facilities.

The rules for this game (look at previous versions to see additional rules, if you're submitting a late application):

-Movement is restricted to the large city known as Acco. In the city, about $1,000 will buy you living supplies for a week. Inflation is a bitch.

-No powerplaying (1 warning and then you're out, plus the powerplaying move deleted), I reserve the right to reject your character under any circumstances and not allow you to make adjustments, if you're gone (not posting) for more than 3 days TELL ME or your character is forfeit, meaning you leave them to the mercy of my imagination. And no bitching afterwards, you had your warning.

-If there are people who are not online, you cannot make more than 3 posts a day, so as to not risk leaving people behind.

-Don't be bitchy with me. I am bitchy right back, and I'm better at it.

-You are forbidden from having fun.

check it, bitches, profiles.

Among the Hunters

Among the Hunted

Acco Others

if you are new to the area, you have to send your profile/audition to me for approval first. since it's past the deadline, this means EVERYONE. bitches need some adult supervision.

Starting off at The Rusty Nail.

The City of Acco

(NOTE: I will be updating the days to keep everybody on the same page (for instance, I will do Day 1/Day 2. Time moves oddly in Acco sometimes. Please keep up with all the pages, because although I will try to distribute new information to all, I might not be able to.)

Downtown Acco - Shops, restaurants, cafe's, and the small centralized Brownietown. (Like Chinatown except with the willowy, brown-skinned, noseless/earless/huge-eyed ethnic group.)

Acco Police Station - Where you collect yon bounty.

Acco City Library - Supposedly boring, but it stores a wealth of information (if you know where to look in it intimidating labyrinth) and is also the home to a surprising number of shootouts.

Acco Underground - The ghetto.

4play - The strip joint.

Pierce United - The biggest corporation in the city, and it owns half of Acco.

owner, goddess, general collector of your various bitchings: [kay-chan]

Username (or number or email):


2009-09-25 [kay-chan]: Argh, okay. I'm sorry it's taking me so long, but there were issues with classes this week, there still are. And now I'm in an airport with 10 minutes 'til I need to shut my comp down and get on the flight. I'm trying to plan and set up and whatnot, it's just taking me longer than I thought. Boo. Be patient! :)

2009-09-26 [Slinky]: lol, no worries kay. it'd be worse for us if the game had already started and we were waiting to move the story along. with nothing started yet we have nothing to be really impatient about

2009-09-28 [Thallion]: ya, no worries Kay, take as much time as you need :)

2009-09-29 [Hiro Kitaki]: *nods*if you need, one of us can start it and be a temp boss...

2009-09-29 [kay-chan]: No.

2009-09-29 [Aeolynn]: lmao...

2009-09-29 [Hiro Kitaki]: just a suggestion.

2009-09-29 [kay-chan]: Well, there's gonna be secret plot hints early on, and I'm the only one who knows everything. So having *any*body else GM is like having a kid who just learned to count do your taxes. Small errors will be made and then next thing you know, you're running through the swamp with dogs chasing you. Or, er. You get what I mean.

2009-10-02 [Hiro Kitaki]: *vivid mental image*...brrr.*shudders*

2009-10-03 [kay-chan]: Okay, working on it, but. How does everybody think of a total startup on Monday?

2009-10-03 [Hiro Kitaki]: hmmm...sounds good. early or late in the day?

2009-10-03 [Crankychangeling]: Whenever is fine, Kay. ^_^

2009-10-03 [Slinky]: i'm down.

2009-10-03 [kay-chan]: Whichever. I'll probably set it up early, since I'll be awake, but nobody really gets on ET until afternoon nowadays anyway.

2009-10-04 [Slinky]: yeah, and oftentimes people are reluctant to be the first to post anyways, since there's more for your character to do if there's another character already there to interact with.

2009-10-06 [kay-chan]: Okay, gave a bit of exposition at The Rusty Nail, guys. I'd suggest you start there to get relationships started, so you are acquainted. Sorry it's still kinda late, I'm sick. Aaaaand go.

2009-10-19 [Slinky]: i'm over at 4play if anyone is interested.

2009-10-19 [Aeolynn]: I think Imma slink over to the library (no pun intended Slinky lol)

2009-10-19 [kay-chan]: Hehe, fun.

Okay, so, it's kinda open registration for anyone still interested. But you have to send it to me, even new characters.

2009-10-23 [kay-chan]: Some of you seem to have forgotten the rule: "[...]if you're gone (not posting) for more than 3 days TELL ME or your character is forfeit, meaning you leave them to the mercy of my imagination. And no bitching afterwards, you had your warning."

The last post on The Rusty Nail was on the 16th, and it's been 5 days since then with no word from a few people, not even to tell me of a planned absence. I'm posting this comment out of the kindness of my heart, which I think I buried in the backyard somewhere. But if you guys don't try and get involved by tomorrow then I'm gonna have a few people to use at my leisure to advance plot. The moment I take control you're not allowed back.

That was considered your second warning. If you come back, and this happens again in the future... yeah. No warning then.

2009-10-23 [Crankychangeling]: I'm sorry, Kay. Real life has me by the metaphorical balls right now, but that's not really a good excuse. It won't happen again.

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