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If you are wondering why there weren't any updates, it was because I was redrawing half of part 1 and relettering the whole of part 1 in order to get it published! Expected at the end of September. In Dutch.


Confused? This is the latest page. What happened before can be found on my website:


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2013-07-15 [Dr.Mandarian]: Wow, yes, beautiful, I almost remember them all! Well your world is more similar to a region I think, looking at the map you once made... So you're right, major in terms of race is relative in that case... But they're all great! Lookin curiously forward already, when the races might be introduced, I haven't seen being told yet!

2013-07-15 [Yncke]: A region's more accurate, indeed. Eigen may have a Roman look, but it's really not the vast empire kind of country.

Heheh, that may take some time, though, I'm afraid. ;)

2013-07-16 [Dr.Mandarian]: Yeahs, I read you! ^_^ * wink wink * But thanks so much for making this for me. I already purloined a copy ^_^ ( wonder, how "Evermen", "Windmen" and Vannair" will be like! )

2013-07-22 [Dr.Mandarian]: I like the shadow patterns on the last panel ^_^

2013-07-26 [Yncke]: Thank you. :)

2013-07-26 [Dr.Mandarian]: Wow, yes, these black white shadowing rocks! Amazing landscapes on this one!

2013-07-30 [Yncke]: :)

2013-08-24 [Dr.Mandarian]: gets really exciting, again, now! And I love the intensity of Inspector Marcus' glance / face expression on the last panel!

2013-08-27 [Yncke]: Hm. Thanks for that remark, I just thought of something. :)

2013-11-01 [Dr.Mandarian]: So cool! And you're at such an amazing speed with Per'Bat for such a long time already! Great that you're so long-winded and dedicated!

2013-11-02 [Yncke]: That's mainly because I got lazy with the English translations and I'm catching up now. ;)

2013-12-18 [Dr.Mandarian]: So nice! And I love that Patro Klusp too! ^_^ Ooh, and will we meet the elves and windmen, now as well? *jumps up and down*

2013-12-23 [Yncke]: Thanks. :)

Well, not to disappoint you, but I'm wrapping up this part - it's going in the 60 A4 pages direction, that's good enough for one tome - so, um, don't hold your breath?

2013-12-23 [Dr.Mandarian]: *breathes out...* -lol Well, a tome's fair enough for the first. I take that for a teaser then ;)

2014-01-12 [Dr.Mandarian]: Is this the last page, now? Love the solemn, melancholic mood to the funeral pyre scene any case, caught greatly! And the sword sunken in the ashes feels a little bit like some mysterious hint left open at last... Think I still have to read the comic in whole at your private web site once again... But it's a great, almost epic story! And I love the style you developped over the time, with all the lovely details and nifty black and white contrasts... Chapeau, my friend! Has really become a little masterpiece!

2014-01-12 [Yncke]: Thank you! The sword is the murder weapon, I felt it would give it a bit of a 'full circle' feel.

And no, this is not the last page. There's still a little final but important scene to go. I was contemplating putting 'the end' here, but I just can't.

2014-01-23 [Dr.Mandarian]: Great! ^_^

2014-01-29 [Yncke]: Not done just yet... :P

2014-02-04 [Dr.Mandarian]: Don't worry, still following *wink* and a jolly parade of new, very cool creatures you have up there! <img:44166_1164144932.gif>

2014-02-05 [Yncke]: I'm very glad you do. :)

And now part two is completely done. I'll be using the rest of February to clean up - make a cover, fix some things, that kind of stuff.

2014-02-05 [Dr.Mandarian]: Aren't you, eh? ;)
Ah, see, how great! Think I'll read the second part again in whole once more, soon... But I still already find it became excellent! And makin a finishing polish for the overall comicbook sounds like a great activity for the rest of the month! Have much fun with that, dearie, and enjoy the completed work yourself! ( It's been a long way to go ) ~greetings

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