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Past Updates 01

WFR Renovations and Updates
Wiki Fantasy Roleplay
WFR Guild Pages, Mods, & GMs

Please see post #[332089 (Unknown or private posting)] in the forum, <forum:secret forum>, before adding suggestions. -[xido]

Organising the rpgs:
1. WFR Quests has been created, to show new and current games or stories, which will include a brief statement about the game or setting, if it has any pre-requisites or mood-elements, and all setting info will be expected to be kept on the RP page or info pages (if the setting is a large or detailed area). If the game is seeking new members, it is up to the GMs of the page to inform the Moderator of Quests, [Blood Raven].

"A list of active roleplays, listing what world/city whatever it's in, then through the link or somewhere, maybe a brief summary of the main plot or idea behind the storyline of the ongoing rp, and a link to the actuall rp wiki so members can read whats going on to help decide whether they should ask if theres a need for new characters."

I host half a dozen Drow RPGs at the moment, in which sarcastic comments, minor torture and intrigue are the main parts of the plot and story. I suppose such things should be specified aswell, as in: what is and what is not allowed in that particular rpg (as in: things different than in the general rpg rules)
[Linn Scarlett]

2. Each setting page will be outlined on the WFR Rules & Guidelines for formatting and content, including how to manage setting info and rp content.

"We need a page that denotes worlds,
Then pages in each world that denote areas,
A page that denotes campaigns, quests, taverns, etc.
In the world page we would have short bios of what type of species live there, climates, sociopolitical stuff (general plot), and other information just specific to that world.
In the area page we would just go more in depth with the plot, spieces and other such stuff.
The final page would give us what each rpg is actually doing since the last update. This might want to be updated weekly???"

"You don't want to scare people away with too much on the first page though. I personally don't think it's convientant to click through a bunch of pages before finding the rp."

"It is good to have the climate and types of flora and fauna and other races that live there... but i agree the front page is not the place for it. Having a seprate wiki for reference while rping, however, would be excelent in keeping everyone in the same land."

"What about using the pics of the worlds that was mentioned earlier with a brief plot summary for the world that Leara suggested?"

"Give a brief description of the world, chars, plot,etc. But create a set or protocals that all the GM's can follow. Try to make the descriptions similar I guess, but still allow indiviuality."

3. Quests should have some method of stating Game or Player skill level (beginner/new to ET or wiki, intermediate/wikier, advanced/styled) and Mood or style (dark, tragedy, adventure, spellcaster, divine/spiritual, modern, comedy, D&D, White Wolf, myth&legend, etc)

"I think that if we could somehow seperate these RPGs into groups and somehow list the latest add on in the RP as well as showing an RP skill level. This may somewhat help the newer RPG players in getting the necessary experience needed to move up into the more plot oriented and intricate RPGs."

4. All old games, worlds, stories, etc. must be archived. This will be outlined on the Rules & Guidelines page.

"I think each of the GM's for thier land could create a short
"history" that would get a new player enough information that they could jump in when the chance arrived. We need to weed out the dead ends that most of us came to when lexi left. I hate to say it but i fear that we really should just do a complete overhaul and throw the former roleplays out the window entirely, only keeping the lands and discriptions and starting fresh in the acual character to character interaction areas."

5. All world/story history will be deal with in archive or info page format, and will be the responsibility of the GM.

"I think we could make one overall history... and that show the Roleplay that has already been done before lexi left and such, then each land have IT's own history on a separate wiki. And as the roleplays continue in the other lands each GM gives a brief summary of what happened weekly. This would minimize confusion for GM's and give rookie players more of an idea of where they want to start out."

"Well i would suggest having the main page with the worlds of WFR (assuming there is more than just one) If there is only one world then have a link to it. Then have links to each of the countrys within that world..
each of those country's GM's will take all the RP's in his or her land and put them on the main page of thier country. Use some kind of indicator for which ones are active and which are not.. like a * for inactive and a - for active. At the top of the country's page there would be the "history" or brief summary of all the roleplays an any extra such history as the GM wishes to put in so that others can see the gist of that land and keep up to date on it."

"How to organize the WFR logically and for everybody understandable? organize by rpg or by country? or both?"
[Linn Scarlett]

"I really think there should be a page that should have all brand-new rpg's listed, just so nobody has to like, dig around for new ones!"

"I think this should be posted in two places: on the area/world page the new wiki located, and on the 'New Games/Player-run games' section (coming) on the WFR Games page. More?
Again, all these items are GM-sponsored and activated. It is ultimately the responsibility of the moderator of the story to add it or ask a WFR or Land Mod to add it to whichever specified page it is needed on."

Searching for new members/ New members searching for an active rpg

See above statements
"One would write whether their looking for new members or not, either way, new members to WFR may want to read some of the campaigns to get a feeling of the type of rp's played here, so I don't see anything great about keeping them hidden. If GM's are worried about others editting the wiki, they can password it, and give the pass to the players involved."

6. All advertisement or recruitment will be dealt with on Guild-moderated pages, such as Text Adventures, WFR Quests, WFR Games, ET Fantasy RP Guild, etc. It is the responsibility of the GMs.

"A page thats like a recruitment page for GM's, basically somewhere for when members want to get involved in a rp, they can post that their looking for one, and what character of theres they want to play(and even the type of rp they want to play in), then any GM's looking for characters can go pick out whoever seems suitable."

"after a couple of months without anyone playing, the GM can put an "inactive - looking for players/no yet dead" tag next to it, informing the players of the rp of course, then having a "dying" tag and finally putting it in the archive, so that there's as many chances as possible for other people to pick up the storyline ..."

Helping new players

7. All n00bs will be dealt with as they always have been.
First, all Guild members are expected to help anyone they can. If you don't know the answer, direct them to who you think does. After their WFR app is in, they are ready, and are on their own. They will have to network with others, look for RP wikis, etc.
Certain pages will be designated n00b-safe areas, such as Adventurer's Tavern, Elftown Open Marketplace, Elftown Water Fountain, Androntel Academy, etc.

"To just dump them in from the first, I feel would be a little neglectfull. What happens if they need to work into it not because they can't do the task, but because they have to find the hour or two they need to do it? I am saying what about a type of grace period that would allow them to get their feet wet without drowning them."

"To just 'guide them in' and learning them the rules of rpging before they get the chance to learn it the wrong way."
[Linn Scarlett]

"What about them having to have a mentor or something for a period that will show them the ropes"

"Say, if everybody gets a 'piece of map' (read: rpgland) to gouvern, then maybe they can mentor the rpgers that want to rpg in their location? that way stuff could be easily devided? and if a lot of players want to go to a certain part, then aditional mentors could be summoned off course."
[Linn Scarlett]

"Who is willing to one-on-one mentor a player somewhere else in the world in real-time, when they are on different schedules, and to what degree does that help, when some new person joins in looking for a group of well-rounded companions to rp with, who actually IS good enough to just jump right in...? And what guidelines do we have to make someone a 'good roleplayer'? Is there a rulebook?"

"So what we need is for more experienced, patient players to begin pages in open rp areas, then move newbie players to other lands and stories when they feel more experienced. I do this by one-on-one integration with new players in random, open rp areas or lands I GM actively update and watch, and I make it welcoming for them to test their writing skills while adequately portraying a persona that they feel comfortable being. Then, when I feel they are ready to truly roleplay on the wiki, I lead them somewhere that I actually have an active plot or concept for, and give them free range from there on in. No player is ever confined to any one given location, since any linked land or area to any other GM's control is within reach, given the creativity and writing skill of both groups. Sometimes I even get a group to rp in someone else's wiki by leading them into open territory, or giving the reins off to someone else to Mod the game."

[xido]'s summary :

The following suggestions will be put to use at our earliest convenience. These are things that can be expanded upon, but all final edits to WFR main pages are subject to my approval.

-WFR Games page renovation, with a more organized process of archiving new and old games, as well as a section for player-run or recent wiki storylines. These 'new' wikis will be added and taken down as needed, and all WFR guild wikis will be archived as necessary. Further advertisement will be the responsibility for wiki GMs. Renovated, Mod being, [Cougar] and [Nightshadow]

-A WFR wiki Outline and Guidline page, to help wiki-creators to make a page that is most efficient for information and story. This will most likely be a part of the following renocation. Under construction and renovation

-WFR Rules & Guidelines Page, stating guild-wide rules and GM/player rights and privileges, as well as suggestions for running a good story or wiki. This will require help or connection with the page Role Playing for Dummies, which I believe is currently the most informative page we have available to us. This will include the above renovation, so that player and GM will both have access to both pages from a similar link.

-The League of Accepted Character will undergo a couple renovations, including a name change (Most likely the 'WFR Guild League@wiki'), as well as a better organizational method for new characters, player-run wikis, etc. Now the WFR Guild Members Page. Modded by [Leara] and [Blood Raven].

-The WFR's Jashnian-based Species Page is currently being transferred into a better organizational method on the WFR CHAR Race page. This will have more and sectioned pages on the typically player-oriented races available. Too many gods, immortals, and powerplayers were becoming a problem in the application process... So this will help.
The Rank Page will be transferred to the WFR CHAR Rank Page in a similar manner, but with less sectioning off. WFR Char Race Page and WFR Char Rank Page, being constructed currently by me and [Blood Raven] mostly...

-Artwork and designs will be made to be edited as dividers, titlebars, tags/banners, and scripted artwork for the WFR main pages, which will help to create more of a theme for guild members to utilize and inspire new members or GMs to develop their own pages' designs and layouts. [Leara], [Sunny Silverunicorn] and I are so far the main dig on the new badge/ WFR art project, and a WFR Art & Contests page under construction

-A GM and Moderator Page will be created and updated. WFR Guild Pages, Mods, & GMs, Modded by [Raerlas]

-Every WFR page will be monitored and modded by a designated guild member who is able and willing to commit a portion of time to working with that page as part of his/her wiki portfolio. If multiple or backup mods are required, we can work with that. as above

-the Lands of Jashnia will step back a bit and help other member pages to flourish, but this will be done with the intention of continuing with old games, as well as adding in new games. If your land does not link to Jashnia or any other member of the Selenar System, it is still a guild game, regardless, and is able to be posted on the WFR Games page, and advertised. All other advertisement is up to the GM of the given storyline or land.

-a page or forum specifically dedicated to new wikis will be added to help network newbies with already-working GMs and stories. Created.... <forum:secret forum>

- NEW -

Somehow incorporate and integrate the following pages: Text Adventures, or at least have someone involved in helping moderate it and its games/viewers. I would like to have a guild presence and help in writing the Open RP Elftown Market or Marketplace (both currently WFR wikis mainly unused and unadvertised), and I would also like to sponsor the opening of the OFFICIAL 'ELFTOWN WATER FOUNTAIN@wiki', which an official Elftown open rp page was accidentally mis-spelled 'Eltown Water Fountain'. I think that voluntary guild members can have participating characters active in those open rp places as both secret mentors for rpers and for guild recruitment when other random Elftown with real rp skills come and rp on these open-edit pages. I would like to do the same with the Market, since an open market is somewhere that most anyone can make up a random personality, even if it's really their own! I need guild members or mods for this job, and for these improvements. I will help guide their progression as I can.

See also [332090 (Unknown or private posting)]

ALL WFR Pages:

  Wiki Fantasy Roleplay - [xido], all mods

  Character Page and WFR Application Page - [Leara], [Blood Raven]

  WFR CHAR Race Page - so far just [xido], maybe more later. New pages: Alignment and Size, commonly themed on D&D 'orthodoxy' as some would say.... Currently, Species Page

  WFR CHAR Rank Page - needs a mod/creator, xido will add in/edit later after races page is finished, Currently, Rank Page

  Creature_List - [Angel Dreamer], [Linn Scarlett],

  WFR games - [Nightshadow], [Cougar],

  WFR Guild Pages, Mods, & GMs - [xido], still updating

  WFR Quests - [Blood Raven], [Cougar],

  WFR Renovations and Updates - [Kim_Lundin], [Blood Raven], [Pinkdonkey], [Nightshadow], [Leara], [xido], [Cougar]

  WFR Rules & Guidelines - [Kim_Lundin], [Pinkdonkey], needs more older comments on WFR pages, older msgs between guild members... I am guilty of this, but I honestly hate rooting through old things....

  WFR Guild Members - [Leara], [Blood Raven] Currently The League of Accepted Characters

  Wiki Sci-Fi Roleplay - [Nightshadow],
  WSFR Character Page - Emily
  WSFR Application Page - Emily
  Sci-Fi Races Page - Emily
  Sci-Fi Ranks Page - and yes, so far Emily... she's too damn busy, somebody help her, please! x.op

Asking for page moderation/help: (add your name here if I have forgotten it)
[Raerlas], [Cougar], [Juraviel],

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